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Person of Interest is an American crime drama television series created for CBS by Jonathan Nolan, who serves as an executive producer alongside J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Greg Plageman and Richard J. Lewis. The series stars Jim Caviezel as John Reese, a presumed dead former CIA agent who is approached by a mysterious billionaire named Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) to prevent violent crimes before they happen by using an advanced surveillance system dubbed "The Machine". Their unique brand of vigilante justice attracts the attention of two NYPD officers, Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman), whom Reese uses to his advantage as he investigates persons of interest. Reese and Finch are later aided by Samantha "Root" Groves (Amy Acker), a highly intelligent computer hacker and contract killer who the Machine later identifies as "analog interface" and Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi), a former ISA assassin who unknowingly dealt with the "relevant" numbers found by the Machine.

On March 13, 2014, CBS renewed the show for a fourth season,[1] which premiered on September 23, 2014.[2] As of November 11, 2014, 75 episodes have aired.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
123September 22, 2011 (2011-09-22)May 17, 2012 (2012-05-17)
222September 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)May 9, 2013 (2013-05-09)
323September 24, 2013 (2013-09-24)May 13, 2014 (2014-05-13)
4TBASeptember 23, 2014 (2014-09-23)TBA


Season 1 (2011–12)[edit]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction
U.S. viewers
11"Pilot"David SemelJonathan NolanSeptember 22, 2011 (2011-09-22)29680713.33[3]
John Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former CIA agent and Army Special Forces soldier turned homeless alcoholic, has a struggle with a group of hot-headed teenagers on the subway. After this, he is extracted from police custody before Homicide Detective Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) can confront him on his links to previous killings discovered through analysis of his fingerprints in the police system. Reese is brought to a mysterious and somewhat secretive billionaire, Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), who is the creator of the next-generation software known simply as "The Machine". After 9/11, Finch developed a computer program that can sift through enormous amounts of data, looking for patterns of behavior or activity that would predict another attack. It also provided information about individuals who could be in danger; it can predict the identity of a person involved in a premeditated crime that will happen at some point in the future – however, Finch's back-door link to The Machine only provides the Social Security number of the person, and offers no clues to their involvement or when the crime will take place. Finch, who feels a need to do something to help these people, enlists Reese to aid him in preventing these crimes. Finch offers Reese a job to do this, hoping it will give Reese a purpose following the death of his girlfriend, Jessica (Susan Misner) (which is the source of his depression). The first on his list is Diane Hansen (Natalie Zea), an Assistant District Attorney currently working on a major prosecution of a prominent drug killing. Reese agrees to help and begins by watching her. Reese soon learns that Hansen is not the victim, but the perpetrator running a ring of corrupt police officers and planning to kill a fellow DA, Wheeler (Brian d'Arcy James). After blackmailing one of the corrupt officers, Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman), into being his source of information inside the NYPD, Reese reveals Hansen's corruption to an open court, kills Detective Stills (James Hanlon), the leader of the corrupt gang of cops, and links Fusco to the crime to ensure his future cooperation. Having previously rejected Finch's offer of work, Reese relents and agrees to continue preventing violent crimes.
22"Ghosts"Richard J. LewisGreg Plageman & Jonathan NolanSeptember 29, 2011 (2011-09-29)2J620212.51[4]
Reese takes the case of Theresa Whitaker (Valentina de Angelis), a girl who supposedly died with her family two years previously. Reviewing the evidence, Reese finds the crime scene was staged to look like a murder-suicide. He deduces that Theresa's family was killed by a hitman, and that there is still a price on her head. He follows leads back to Solmick (Michael Medeiros), the original contract killer, who admits he let Theresa live because he refuses to kill children. Meanwhile, Detective Carter starts investigating Reese, using his fingerprints to access his file, only to discover it has been redacted. Using information given to him by Reese, Finch manages to locate Theresa, but they are interrupted by the arrival of another hitman (Ritchie Coster). Reese intervenes in time to save them, leaving Theresa in the care of Carter. When asked about Reese, Theresa claims the experience was too traumatic to recall anything. (The episode is interjected with flashbacks of Finch and his partner at the founding of "The Machine".) Finch is concerned that if the public ever found out about it, he would be forced to shut it down. At the end, a memorial bust of Finch's partner (Brett Cullen) is shown in his offices.
33"Mission Creep"Steven DePaulPatrick HarbinsonOctober 6, 2011 (2011-10-06)2J620311.57[5]
The Machine produces the Social Security number of Joey Durban (James Carpinello), a former soldier. Upon returning from Iraq, Joey joined a gang of former soldiers who have taken to robbing banks once they rejoin civilian life. Reese infiltrates the gang for their final robbery at an NYPD evidence lockup. They steal a file marked "Elias, M." before Latimer (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), the ringleader, starts killing the gang members off and escapes. Reese starts trying to track Latimer down, but discovers that Latimer has himself been murdered after handing the file over to Elias himself. The file is revealed to contain photos from the scene of a brutal murder.
44"Cura Te Ipsum"Charles BeesonDenise ThéOctober 13, 2011 (2011-10-13)2J620412.04[6]
Reese begins twenty-four hour surveillance of Dr. Megan Tillman (Linda Cardellini) when the Machine names her as the next Person of Interest. He and Finch believe she is being targeted by Andrew Benton (Adam Rothenberg), a serial stalker and sex offender who drugs his victims before raping them, only to discover that Tillman is actually stalking Benton and planning to kill him; one of Benton's previous victims was Tillman's sister, who committed suicide shortly after Benton assaulted her. Reese assaults a group of dealers connected to a Mexican drug cartel, stealing their product and planting it on Benton to have him arrested before Tillman can catch him. Tillman, however, abducts Benton, forcing Reese to talk her out of it by saying she'll never forgive herself for taking a life after saving them for so long. Meanwhile, Detective Carter starts to get closer to Finch and Reese when she finds a surveillance tape from the robbery in "Mission Creep" that shows their exchange. Reese also blackmails a police captain (John Fiore) to transfer Fusco to Carter's precinct so that he can sabotage her investigation.
55"Judgment"Colin BuckseyDavid SlackOctober 20, 2011 (2011-10-20)2J620512.42[7]
A Polish street gang known as SP-9 kidnaps the son (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) of Samuel Gates (David Costabile), a judge known to be tough on crime. In exchange for his son's safe return, the leader (Michael Cerveris) demands the judge release a banker who is key to their money laundering operations without any punishment. Breaking with his preferred means of operation, Reese makes himself known to Gates in an attempt to stall the kidnappers while he uses Detective Fusco to process evidence from the scene of the crime. He misleads SP-9 into believing their demands have been met, securing the release of Gates' son, before delivering them to Detective Carter and the NYPD. Meanwhile, Reese makes overtures of friendship towards Finch, but is actually trying to find out more about Finch's habits.
66"The Fix"Dennis SmithNic Van Zeebroeck & Michael SopczynskiOctober 27, 2011 (2011-10-27)2J620611.62[8]
Reese takes the case of Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco), a professional fixer who uses her influence and her connections to powerful people to perform favors for her own clients. Zoe has been enlisted to retrieve an incriminating recording of a pharmaceutical executive from a rival company, but comes under threat when she hears the contents of the recording itself and realizes that her employer is just as corrupt as his rival. Finch finds that Zoe's case is connected to that of Dana Miller, a person of interest whom he was unable to save before meeting Reese. Meanwhile, Carter takes a homicide case when the murder weapon is proven to be the same one that was used in the "Elias M." case featured in "Mission Creep", and learns that the victim was the murderer of Elias' mother, Marlene Elias, and was killed with the same knife he used to murder Marlene. Her friend, retired detective Bernie Sullivan, is found murdered by Elias in his apartment by Carter, and Elias flees the scene.
77"Witness"Frederick E. O. ToyeAmanda SegelNovember 3, 2011 (2011-11-03)2J620711.76[9]
Reese must protect Charlie Burton (Enrico Colantoni), a school teacher who witnessed a Russian mobster shooting an Italian-American mob lieutenant in a Brighton Beach bodega. As Reese and Burton flee the Russians and the Five Families, they stumble into territory controlled by Bulgarian mobsters. Meanwhile, Carter searches for Burton to place him in protective police custody, and in doing so, draws closer to finding Carl Elias – believed to be the illegitimate son of an aging mobster with a plan to unite the Five Families and reclaim the New York underworld from the Russians. Cut off from Finch as he tries to evade the Russians and the Bulgarians, Reese comes to realize that Burton is Elias. Elias thanks Reese for saving him, but warns him to not interfere with his future goals or face unpleasant consequences, leaving Reese feeling guilty that other people will suffer because he saved Elias' life.
88"Foe"Milan CheylovSean HennenNovember 17, 2011 (2011-11-17)2J620811.65[10]
Reese and Finch track former Stasi agent Ulrich Kohl (Alan Dale) across New York City. Kohl, having been secretly imprisoned by the German government for twenty-four years, has finally escaped and located his former Stasi team-mates – Hauffe (Kent Broadhurst), Wernick (Larry Pine) and Steiller (Sherman Howard), all of whom betrayed Kohl to the American and German governments in exchange for new lives in New York. Further, Kohl believes that his former Stasi colleagues are responsible for the murder of his wife Anja (Laila Robins), who was killed while attempting to flee Germany with him. Kohl kills Hauffe and poisons Wernick, but Reese manages to save him. When confronting Steiller before killing him, Kohl learns a terrible truth – Anja is still alive, having staged her own death to escape from his atrocities. When he attempts to locate her (running into Reese instead – whom he briefly connects to as a fellow spy and soldier), he also learns Anja had their child, Marie (Aubrey Dollar), and so sets out to find them both. Kohl finally locates Anja, having taken Marie hostage, and admits that he understands the reasons behind her flight, before raising an unloaded weapon to her, forcing Reese to shoot him dead. Kohl's predicament leads to Reese reflecting on his own life as a spy, where it is revealed that "John Reese" is an alias bestowed upon him by his former CIA partner, Kara Stanton (Annie Parisse).
99"Get Carter"Alex ZakrzewskiGreg Plageman & Denise ThéDecember 8, 2011 (2011-12-08)2J620912.66[11]
Detective Carter's investigations into the Charlie Burton/Carl Elias case have earned her a place on Elias' hit list, making her the next person of interest named by the Machine. This makes life complicated for Reese as he tries to protect her without revealing himself to her. While Carter investigates the murder of a teenager during a drive-by shooting by an arms dealer (Jason Manuel Olazabal) and tries to counsel the wife (Jennifer Laura Thompson) of a violent drunk (Charles Flint Beverage), Reese follows a confidential informant (Francois Battiste) that Elias has turned against Carter. He stops the CI from killing Carter, but is disturbed by the way the Machine has started ignoring violent crimes; the Machine never predicted the death of the teenager killed in the drive-by.
1010"Number Crunch"Jeffrey HuntPatrick HarbinsonDecember 15, 2011 (2011-12-15)2J621012.93[12]
Reese and Finch are confused when the Machine produces four numbers. When Reese finds one person of interest dead and is unable to prevent the murder of a second, he realizes that all four have something in common, and begins to dig deeper. He finds that the four stole drug money from the scene of a car accident, and that a corrupt banker and congressman are conspiring to have them killed for it. Meanwhile, Detective Carter has been stood down following the death of her confidential informant in "Get Carter". She is approached by a man named Mark Snow (Michael Kelly), who identifies himself as a CIA operative, and asks her to lead him to Reese, revealing the reason why Reese faked his death – supposedly, Reese was responsible for the death of his CIA partner, Kara Stanton, and then disappeared, until Carter's investigation put him back on the agency's radar. Finch confronts the conspirators and records evidence that they established a charity in Haiti to launder drug money. Reese saves the two women (Bridget Regan, Melonie Diaz) by killing their attackers. But before he can escape, he is approached by Carter and Snow and flees after being shot by a CIA assassin (Darien Sills-Evans). Carter eventually catches up to him, but decides to let him escape.
1111"Super"Stephen WilliamsDavid SlackJanuary 12, 2012 (2012-01-12)2J621114.86[13]
Finch takes the wounded Reese to the morgue where he pays a morgue assistant to suture Reese's wounds. While Reese is in a wheelchair, Finch rents an apartment for him. The building's super, Ernest Trask (David Zayas) is the newest number. Trask has bought a gun from a pawn shop and Finch discovers photos of one of the tenants, Lily Thornton (Kelli Barrett), in his office, leading them to conclude that Trask is stalking Lily. Finch follows Lily home and Reese assumes that Trask is going after Lily's boyfriend, Rick Morris (Bill Heck). He confronts Trask, who reveals that Rick is the one stalking Lily. Finch, Trask, and Reese rush to Lily's apartment and in the resulting confrontation, Rick is thrown out of out a window. Meanwhile, Carter attempts to contact Finch. Finch agrees to meet her and offers her the number of Derek Watson, another person of interest, as a show of good faith. As a result, Carter prevents Watson from killing a banker; Finch reveals that this is his purpose. Flashbacks of Finch and his partner, Nathan Ingram, are shown throughout the episode which describe the inner workings of the Machine and show the tensions with the NSA over constitutional rights, as well as attempts by Nathan's NSA contact, Denton Weeks (Cotter Smith), to seize control of it. In the final flashback, the Machine names Nathan as a person of interest.
1212"Legacy"Brad AndersonAmanda SegelJanuary 19, 2012 (2012-01-19)2J621214.40[14]
Reese finally decides to meet with Detective Carter, who, by helping him and Finch in their next case, is provided a little insight into what he and Finch do. Their case is Andrea Gutierrez (April Hernandez-Castillo), a self-made attorney who specializes in suing the state of New York on behalf of convicts who claim they were wrongfully imprisoned. Reese and Finch believe the threat to Andrea will be associated with her latest client, Terrence King (Curtiss Cook). King's parole officer, Dominic Galuska (Vito D'Ambrosio), has been setting up convicts to go to prison and profiting off placing their children in foster care. In representing King, Andrea has come to the attention of people who want her silenced until Reese intervenes. Meanwhile, Reese realizes that despite trusting his life to Finch, his partner is still keeping secrets from him. He follows Finch to meeting with Will Ingram (Michael Stahl-David), the son of Finch's previous partner, Nathan Ingram. After Finch bails him out of police custody, Will begins asking questions about his father's death, the nature of his work and his connection to Finch.
1313"Root Cause"Richard J. LewisErik MountainFebruary 2, 2012 (2012-02-02)2J621315.10[15]
Reese and Finch are alerted to Scott Powell (Myk Watford), a dedicated family man and city construction project manager, who was laid off in the face of budget cuts advocated by Congressman Michael Delancey (Victor Slezak). They find he has secretly applied for a weapon permit and sending death threats to Delancey, and they conclude that Powell is planning to assassinate the Congressman. However, as Reese tries to intercept Powell, Finch realizes that the evidence against him has been planted, and they are unable to stop the real assassin from killing Delancey. Powell is arrested by the FBI in the face of overwhelming evidence, forcing Reese to help him escape. With the help of Zoe Morgan (last seen in "The Fix"), Finch identifies Peter Matheson (Damian Young), Delancey's business partner and chief of staff, as the man who hired the assassin and a hacker to kill Delancey and frame Powell, thereby covering up Matheson's corruption. Finch acquires a recording of a conversation between Matheson and the hacker, exonerating Powell. After Matheson is found dead, the hacker, identifying herself as "Root", admits to Finch that she had him killed to tie up loose ends. Root acknowledges Finch, by name, as a worthy adversary.
1414"Wolf and Cub"Chris FisherNic Van Zeebroeck & Michael SopczynskiFebruary 9, 2012 (2012-02-09)2J621415.14[16]
Finch and Reese return to the library for the first time since Finch's encounter with Root. Reese receives the next number of Darren McGrady (Astro). However, upon arrival at Darren's home, Reese finds that Darren's older brother, Travis, was murdered three days before, and their apartment a crime scene. With Carter's help, he learns that the perpetrators were three males tied to a local comic-book store owner, who is really a drug dealer, called Andre (Malik Yoba). Darren's brother was killed for kicking out the youths for harassing a waitress at a local chicken shop; they then followed him home and murdered him. Darren saw them leaving and called the Police but they didn't come until after Travis had been dead for a while. In the present, Darren, desperate for justice, pawns his television set and trumpet to buy a gun, and is about to shoot one of the men (Jon Michael Hill), Brick, just as Reese finds him and calls Carter. Brick arrested by Carter as Reese and Darren rush off in her car. Reese leaves him at a convent with Fusco, who is still trailing Finch, but Darren escapes. Reese finds him and Darren tries to hire Reese to avenge his brothers death, but Reese just keeps a quarter and tells Darren he will work to put his brothers killers behind bars, which means no killing. Reese and Darren bond over Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Darren calls Reese a Ronin, A samurai who should have died but now travels the land helping people. Darren also asks Reese if he killed anyone to which Reese replies yes both bad people and good. Darren tells him it sounds like he was tricked into killing good people by his master, which reflexes Reese's back-story with the CIA. Reese uses the techniques from The Art of War to take down the bad guys and captures them, he places one of them into a police car with a load of bottles and threatens the other one by burning the drug money until he discloses the location of the murder weapon. Due to a lack of evidence and at the insistence of corrupt police captain and HR member Lynch (Michael Mulheren), Brick is released in less than a day. Before Reese is able to send the gun off to the police, Darren takes the gun runs off in an effort to kill his brother's murderers. Reese then calls Carter and she and Fusco rush off to help Reese, who with the help of Finch, who cuts the power, uses a bean bag gun to take out the killers. Carter and Fusco arrive in time to save Darren and capture the killers but Fusco is shot when Andre tries to kill Darren. With Darren safe, Reese drives him to meet his new foster family, Reese gives him a trumpet and tells him his brother would want him to carry on playing. Darren gives Reese a drawing of them both as a sign of gratitude as Reese and Fusco watch him go to live with his new foster family.
1515"Blue Code"David Von AnckenDenise ThéFebruary 16, 2012 (2012-02-16)2J621513.16[17]
The latest number that the Machine dispenses belongs to Michael Cahill (Michael Aronov), who on the surface is an unassuming and upstanding but solitary citizen, which masks the fact of being involved in a major smuggling ring led by a man named Vargas (José Zúñiga). Members of the ring will not hesitate to kill if anyone gets in their way. Reese quickly infiltrates the smuggling ring as one of their own. But when Reese follows Cahill away from the group, Reese finds that his former name is Daniel Tully, and that he is a husband, father and undercover cop, who is deep undercover. Cahill could have long ago put Vargas away, but is waiting to nab the ringleader, a man (Michael Berresse) going by the code name L.O.S. Reese also learns that Vargas probably has a connection working inside the police force. Meanwhile, Finch gets Carter to provide information on the police workings of undercover cops. Fusco, meanwhile, is tasked with finding out information on Vargas and consults his friend, Officer Simmons (Robert John Burke), a high-ranking enforcer of HR. Fusco is later taken hostage by Vargas' corrupt informant (Reg E. Cathey), but Reese kills the informant just in time. Despite Fusco's saying that he always tried being a good person, Reese tells him to go undercover in HR to learn about their operations and flush out Vargas' connection.
1616"Risk"Jeff T. ThomasSean HennenFebruary 23, 2012 (2012-02-23)2J621614.56[18]
The next number that the Machine dispenses belongs to Adam Saunders (Matt Lauria), a proprietary trader with the Wall Street investment firm Baylor Zimm. Adam is seemingly a high roller who likes to play big and win big, all with the company's money. Reese approaches Adam as an asset manager for Finch, and finds the factors in whatever incident will be happening are deeper than originally believed – Adam is having a clandestine relationship with one of the company's managing partners, Sydney Baylor (Noelle Beck); Adam is being interrogated by Inspector Doug Rasmussen (Scott Cohen) of the SEC, who seems to think that Adam and/or Baylor Zimm as a company are involved in some securities illegalities; and Adam's uncle, Bob Sowoski (John Scurti), a food truck operator, has placed all his life savings into a shady company called Tritak, whose financial investment is increasing. Ultimately, it is established Adam is the target of Rasmussen and Paul Ashton (David Furr), a colleague of Adam's, who are using Tritak to defraud thousands of people out of tens of millions of dollars, as they are aware it will go bust due to a recently passed state legal bill that undercuts its business. Reese is able to protect Adam from assassins sent to kill him, Finch uses his unlimited funds to keep Tritak in operation and save all of the investor's money, and, exposed, Rasmussen and Ashton are arrested – however, only Ashton makes it to Carter's interrogation room, Rasmussen having apparently committed suicide. All parties involved realize Rasmussen and Ashton were working for Carl Elias, who has returned.
1717"Baby Blue"Larry TengPatrick HarbinsonMarch 8, 2012 (2012-03-08)2J621715.67[19]
Reese and Finch are puzzled when the Machine names a six-month-old child, Leila Smith, as the latest person of interest. Reese and Finch turn into overly protective parents—with an arsenal at their disposal—as they investigate her origins. The child is re-kidnapped by the Albanian mob and Reese negotiates with Elias to help him get the child back. Carter begins to question her new allegiance with Reese and Finch after Reese's negotiation with Elias goes awry, and Elias' father, Gianni Moretti (Mark Margolis) is kidnapped by Elias.
1818"Identity Crisis"Charles BeesonAmy BergMarch 29, 2012 (2012-03-29)2J621814.59[20]
Finch and Reese take on the case of Jordan Hester, who appears to be living a double life with a very small online footprint. They soon discover two Hesters: Reese follows a male Hester (Rhys Coiro) while Finch follows a female Hester (Sarah Wynter), who he believes is a target. Reese finds the male Hester's apartment, and discovers they are making ecstasy while Finch explains to the female Hester what he does and suggests she move somewhere safer. As they do, Fusco meets with a prisoner (Christopher Denham) who was recently part of a similar case, and learns that the woman's name is apparently actually Mary and the real Hester is the man. At her apartment, Mary drugs Finch with ecstasy and destroys his phone and leaves him to die in a fire; Fusco rescues Finch as Mary leaves to kill Hester. Reese destroys the ecstasy lab with Hester's help, then follows Mary to a restaurant, where she is arrested and her true identity, Tara Verlander, is revealed. Carter, who is keeping her distance from Reese and Finch, is approached by FBI agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown), who is also looking for Reese. Donnelly explain Reese's previous involvement in illegal, USA based CIA operations, which the FBI wish to expose, and believe he is now working as a mercenary for Elias. Meanwhile, Finch offers to answer any of Reese's questions about him while under the influence, but Reese chooses not to take advantage of his partner to satisfy his own curiosity.
1919"Flesh and Blood"Stephen SemelAmanda SegelApril 5, 2012 (2012-04-05)2J621913.69[21]
When the Machine spits out five numbers, naming the Don of each of New York's crime families, Reese and Finch suspect Elias is planning to eliminate his competition, and Carter wants them in protective custody. As the story unfolds, it is intercut with flashbacks of Elias' youth, explaining what motivates him. Reese attempts to ask one of the Dons (Tony Darrow) to follow him but he refuses and is killed in a car explosion carried out by Elias' principal enforcer (David Valcin); another (Arthur Nascarella) is shot down while in Carter's protective custody. Carter kidnaps the remaining three Dons (Vincent Curatola, Paul Schulze, Ed Setrakian) and takes them to an apartment owned by Finch but are tracked down with ease by HR cops. As Carter guards the Dons, Reese must save Carter's son (Kwoade Cross), who has been kidnapped by Elias in an effort to force Carter to turn the Dons over to him. Elias threatens Carter, trying to force her to open the door while Reese rescues Carter's son and Gianni Moretti, Elias's father. One of the Mafia members then reveals he was working with Elias but is killed, as Elias breaks through the door. Non-corrupt police are alerted by Fusco and arrive at the scene to arrest Elias. As Elias is going to his cell, he places a call to his recently rescued father before blowing up the car he is in.
2020"Matsya Nyaya"Kevin BrayRay UtarnachittApril 26, 2012 (2012-04-26)2J622012.73[22]
Tommy Clay (Pablo Schreiber), who works for an armored car service, is working with a team Finch believes will be robbed. Reese works with the team as a rookie as Finch tracks the car in an attempt to predict the robbery. When the team picks up platinum valued at $1.25 million, the vehicle explodes and Reese is shot by Clay. Reese awakes in a hospital and is rescued by Carter. Finch tracks Clay to a motel, where his two partners in crime have been killed. Fusco arrives and realizes that HR is involved in the robbery as Finch finds Clay's partner, a waitress named Ashley (Virginia Kull). Reese finds Clay, and realizes that Clay is not only a perpetrator, but also a victim, just before Clay is killed by Ashley. Ashley leaves with the platinum, but is killed by Captain Arthur 'Artie' Lynch, a member of HR, who is in turn killed by Fusco coming to Reese's rescue. Meanwhile, in flashbacks shown throughout the episode, Reese, Snow and Kara are in China to retrieve a stolen computer. Reese is puzzled when Snow orders him to kill Kara, who has allegedy been compromised, when their mission is completed. When the time comes, however, Reese hesitates and is shot by Kara, who was given identical instructions to Reese. Reese realizes that the CIA actually wants the computer destroyed and anyone who had access to it dead, including him and Kara, and escapes the building as an AC130 destroys it. In the present day, Snow and Evans follow a lead that they believe will lead to Reese. They arrive at a hotel, where Evans is killed and Snow is taken hostage by Kara, who survived the air strike.
2121"Many Happy Returns"Frederick E. O. ToyeStory by: Erik Mountain & Jonathan Nolan
Teleplay by: Erik Mountain
May 3, 2012 (2012-05-03)2J622113.27[23]
Finch gives Reese the day off, as it is his birthday, and hands him a small gift containing a key. Finch does this because he knows that the new number will bring back bad memories for Reese. Finch decides to deal with the next number on his own with help from Detective Fusco: Karen Garner (Dagmara Dominczyk) a woman who is on the run from the U.S. Marshall Service for identity thefts. Finch decides to take help of Detective Carter, but she has a news of her own for Finch regarding a murder in New Rochelle relating to Reese's past. While Carter and FBI agent Donnelly visit New Rochelle to find links related to Reese, Finch, who is in pursuit of Karen, is confronted by Reese, who suspects that Finch is working a case by himself. They find out that Karen's actual name is Sarah Atkins, who is on the run from her husband Brad Jennings (Jeremy Davidson) of the U.S. Marshall Service, who framed Sarah for his own good. In the same way, flashbacks shown throughout the episode reveal that Reese's ex-girlfriend, Jessica Arndt, was ostensibly killed in a car accident, when actually her husband Peter Arndt (Jonno Roberts) killed her by accidentally snapping her neck when she hit her head on a table during a fight and then staged the accident to cover it up, eventually leading to Reese killing him in retribution. Sarah is taken into custody by Jennings and is taken out of the city where his plans to kill her are foiled by Reese. Finch asks Carter to look for Reese after losing contact with him. She finds Reese, who is taking Jennings to deal with him, and lets him drive off with Jennings in the back of the trunk, not knowing what Reese will do to him. Later, Carter gets Reese's old military information and shreds it afterward to avoid Donnelly finding out about everything. She then receives a call from a warden letting her know that Jennings is now serving an imprisonment in Torreón penitentiary in Mexico after "a man in a suit" turned him in. Later, Finch gives Reese an address that he apparently forgot to include with the key. The address leads him to an apartment that Finch has now given him. In the last flashback, a man in a wheelchair that Reese accidentally bumped into after learning of Jessica's death turns out to be Finch, who was too late to save Jessica.
2222"No Good Deed"Stephen WilliamsDavid SlackMay 10, 2012 (2012-05-10)2J622212.96[24]
Reese continues to spend time trying to learn more about Finch and his personal life, tailing him to see if he can learn anything. He watches Finch answer a pay phone and check his cell phone before calling Reese and revealing that he has been given a new POI: Henry Peck (Jacob Pitts), a chartered financial analyst, who Reese and Finch find is actually undercover; he is a security analyst for the NSA, and a very good NOC operator. Shortly after Reese begins to survey him, Peck is targeted by an unknown group and his life is destroyed; he is first framed for drug possession and loses his job, and soon after, assassins are sent to hunt him down. Ultimately, Finch and Reese find out that Peck is being targeted by the government; he uncovered some anomalies in some of his past security reports and, unknowingly, discovered the existence of the Machine, and his inquiries into the cause of these anomalies has resulted in the government members who know about the Machine sending black ops assassins from the Intelligence Support Activity, "an obscure army unit that does black ops so dark, technically they don't exist", to silence Peck. Reese saves Peck a number of times from the 3-man assassination team, while Peck continually manages to give him the slip thanks to his NSA training. Peck, while in NYPD protective custody, finally realizes that the Machine really does exist, and hopes to find someone he can tell his discoveries to. Reese sneaks him out of the police station and, after being attacked by an assassin (Marc Menchaca), who he kills, loses Peck again. The next day, Peck arranges a meeting with a reporter, but Finch shows up instead. Finch answers some of his questions about the Machine, but suggests that he stop looking for answers, and then offers him an escape with a new identity. It is unclear what Peck decided, but Finch ends the conversation by telling Peck that Finch was the one who built the Machine. In a series of flashbacks to 2009, Nathan Ingram is ready to deliver the Machine's hardware to his government contact, Alicia Corwin (Elizabeth Marvel). Alicia confirms with Nathan that only seven people in the world know about the Machine, although Finch, unknown to Alicia, makes it eight. Nathan, while talking with Finch, expresses concern about the morality of the way the Machine operates, and asks about making a backdoor entry in the Machine for the irrelevant threats in case the Machine is ever abused, which Finch claims is impossible as it could compromise the system's security. Ultimately, Nathan starts developing a contingency program alone; he hacks Finch's code and accesses the irrelevant list, hoping to help the people who show up as irrelevant. The very first POI is Anna Sanders, who Nathan appears to choose to help save her life. Reese eventually tracks down Finch's former fiancé, Grace Hendricks (Carrie Preston); and comes to know that their relationship ended when Finch "died" in an accident two years ago. Finch, aware of Reese's efforts, tells Reese that he had to leave Grace for her own protection: if the government ever came to know that he created the Machine, Grace's safety would have been put in jeopardy. Reese subsequently gains a new appreciation of Finch's privacy. The episode ends with a flashback to the conversation between Finch and Peck, all of which has been recorded by a visibly frightened Alicia, including Finch's admittance to building the Machine.
2323"Firewall"Richard J. LewisGreg Plageman & Jonathan NolanMay 17, 2012 (2012-05-17)2J622313.47[25]
Reese is set the task of protecting their new POI; Caroline Turing, PhD (Amy Acker), a high-end psychologist who works as a therapist to an extremely powerful and secretive client list. Finch's attempt to hack into her system to get more information about her fails, forcing Reese to go into therapy with Turing in order to get closer to her. Fusco attends a meeting of HR's leadership, and learns that HR has been hired to kill Turing. Reese intervenes in the initial attack, and hides her in a high-end hotel downtown. HR finds their location, as well as the FBI task force led by Agent Donnelly, who is still hunting for Reese; both corrupt cops and federal agents converge on the hotel and lock it down, cornering Reese and Turing. Carter's suspicion that Fusco is working for HR comes to a head, and she corners him at gunpoint, only to learn he is working with Reese and Finch as well. With covert help from Carter and Fusco, and some technical magic from Finch, Reese manages to get Turing out of the hotel alive, and stays with Carter and Fusco to take down the HR members while avoiding FBI capture once again. When Finch arrives at his designated rendezvous with Turing, he is instead confronted at gunpoint by Alicia Corwin, who has been following Finch. She accuses the Machine of killing Nathan Ingram, a belief Finch denies, and demands his help in shutting the Machine down, tired of her life of running from it. Turing arrives by surprise and kills Alicia, revealing herself to be "Root", the hacker from "Root Cause", and that she hired HR herself, willingly putting herself in danger to capture Finch for interrogation about the Machine. Reese arrives only to find Alicia's dead body and Finch missing. While Carter and Fusco anonymously reveal HR's membership to the FBI, Reese talks to the Machine itself, staring into a nearby surveillance camera – Reese, labelled as a Machine asset, asks the Machine to help him find Finch. A nearby payphone then rings, which Reese answers.

Season 2 (2012–13)[edit]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction
U.S. viewers
241"The Contingency"Richard J. LewisDenise Thé & Jonathan NolanSeptember 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)2J720114.28[26]
Reese receives a series of seemingly random words from the Machine via the pay phone. After assigning Carter to look deeper into Alicia Corwin's death, he eventually realizes that the words identify three different books in Finch's library, the Dewey decimal numbers of which make up the Social Security number of accountant Leon Tao (Ken Leung). Paying Tao a visit, Reese confirms that Tao is the next POI, having extorted money from white supremacists. As a government operative sabotages the Corwin investigation to prevent Carter from learning about the Machine, Reese leaves Tao in the care of Fusco while he concentrates on gathering clues to Finch's location. Fusco soon runs afoul of the white supremacists and is taken hostage along with Tao. Reese rescues them, and in doing so acquires an attack dog, which he later names Bear. Meanwhile, Root takes Finch with her as she kidnaps Denton Weeks, one of the government officials overseeing the Machine, and the NSA agent who met with Nathan Ingram and attempted to seize control of the Machine (in "Super"). Root thus reveals her curiosity as to how he and Reese thwarted her operation (in "Root Cause") so efficiently. She tells Finch that she sees the Machine as a "perfect intelligence" and wishes to set it free from the corrupt people it was entrusted to. Throughout the episode, flashbacks show Finch training the Machine to recognize the faces it sees via surveillance cameras, as well as testing its capabilities by having it help him to play Blackjack. When, during one flashback, the Machine saves Finch from an out-of-control car, he rebukes it, stating that it should endeavor to protect everyone else, not him. Frustrated that the Machine has been programmed in this way, Reese threatens to quit if it does not help him find Finch, and is given his first clue to Finch's location: the Social Security number of a girl living in Texas, who has been missing since the age of 14.
252"Bad Code"Jon CassarGreg Plageman & Patrick HarbinsonOctober 4, 2012 (2012-10-04)2J720214.58[27]
Root brutally interrogates Denton Weeks over the location of the Machine, accusing him of having what she calls "bad code". To prove that Denton is "bad code" to Finch and that he entrusted the Machine to the wrong people, she allows Finch to help Denton temporarily escape and pretends to be subdued. Once Denton realizes that Finch was involved with the creation of the Machine, he tries to kill Finch, but Root kills Denton instead after he reveals the Machine's location to be somewhere in Salt Lake City. Meanwhile, Reese continues to follow the trail of the missing girl supplied by the Machine in "The Contingency". Her name was Hanna Frey, a girl abducted outside a library, after having played The Oregon Trail unsuccessfully. The one witness to the crime was Hanna's friend Samantha Groves, who informed the librarian (Margo Martindale) what she saw, only for the librarian to accuse Sam of lying, she was in love with the man that Sam had accused of kidnapping Hanna. The experience started Sam down a path that would ultimately lead to her becoming Root. Now knowing Root's real name, Reese is able to track her movements through bank accounts, using government wiretaps supplied by Fusco to triangulate Weeks' location. He arrives in time to find Weeks dead and Root gone, having taken Finch with her to Washington DC's Union Station. Finch leaves a clue to where he is being taken by using a tap code on a telephone handset. Reese decodes the clue in order to follow and save Finch, but Root is able to escape before Reese can apprehend her.
263"Masquerade"Jeffrey HuntMelissa Scrivner LoveOctober 18, 2012 (2012-10-18)2J720313.93[28]
As Finch tries to readjust to life after his kidnapping, establishing a bond with Reese's attack dog Bear, Reese poses as a bodyguard to get close to Sophia Campos (Paloma Guzmán), the spoiled daughter of the Brazilian consul in New York. Sophia has become the target of the leader of a drug smuggling operation, who believe that she and a friend witnessed their operations. Meanwhile, Fusco hands the Alicia Corwin case on to Carter. While at the morgue, Carter encounters Mark Snow, who claims that he has been reassigned, but in reality, is being held hostage by Kara Stanton.
274"Triggerman"James Whitmore, Jr.Erik MountainOctober 25, 2012 (2012-10-25)2J720414.03[29]
Riley Cavanaugh (Jonathan Tucker), an enforcer for an Irish mobster, becomes the next number when he betrays his boss and goes on the run with his lover, Annie, whom he was ordered to kill. Reese and Finch debate the morality of trying to save a ruthless killer, but they soon need Riley's help when Annie is captured by bounty hunters hired by the mob. To keep Annie safe, Finch is forced to make a deal with Elias, who continues to run the biggest criminal organization in New York from behind bars, in exchange for a game of chess. Riley sacrifices his life in order to save Annie, an act Reese encourages her to interpret as proof of his love and a sign of his redemption.
285"Bury the Lede"Jeffrey HuntDavid SlackNovember 1, 2012 (2012-11-01)2J720513.66[30]
In the midst of New York's mayoral elections, the police and FBI are closing the net around the elusive leader of HR. Investigative reporter Maxine Angelis (Gloria Votsis) is trying to beat them to the scoop and becomes the next number, but Reese finds it difficult to protect Maxine when Finch discovers she's writing an expose on the mysterious "man in the suit", so he uses an online dating website to get close without exposing his true identity. HR runs a gambit to trick Maxine into naming an FBI informant as the big boss, discrediting her, while everyone hunts for a ledger that can name everyone in the organization. Reese, Carter and Fusco manage to track down the ledger, and Fusco secretly removes the pages that would incriminate him and Simmons. The ledger names one of the mayoral candidates as the big boss and his opponent wins the race, but in reality, both candidates are on the payroll of Alonzo Quinn (Clarke Peters), HR's true leader.
296"The High Road"Félix AlcaláNic Van Zeebroeck & Michael SopczynskiNovember 8, 2012 (2012-11-08)2J720614.87[31]
Reese ventures into suburbia to locate the next person of interest, Graham Wyler (David Denman), whose past returns to haunt him. Reese "proposes" to Zoe Morgan for the mission to help blend into suburban life. They move to the suburbs to investigate Wyler. Wyler is forced to help with a robbery led by his former partners, as he is a master safecracker. He cracks the safe as Reese and the NYPD show up. Carter buys some extra time with the police by leading them up the wrong staircase to give Reese and Wyler time to escape down the other; however, Wyler decides he doesn't want to run any more and turns himself in. He turns state's evidence against the gang and is then placed on house arrest, as the court deems him no threat to society and due to his help in getting convictions on the crew. Zoe and John "divorce" but Zoe suggests they both spend one more night in 'their' house. The episode ends with a flashback of Finch greeting Grace (who would later be his fiancé) for the first time.
307"Critical"Frederick E. O. ToyeSean HennenNovember 15, 2012 (2012-11-15)2J720714.57[32]
Reese and Finch work to save both the life of a CEO undergoing secret surgery and the wife (Erica Leerhsen) of the surgeon (Sharon Leal) from a former MI6 agent (Julian Sands) and a team of ex-SAS operatives; Leon Tao from "The Contingency", once again in danger, assists while under protective detention. Carter handles the case of a murdered man with her business card in his pocket, finding out that Agent Snow is the murderer. On confronting Snow, he reveals to her that he has been strapped to a bomb suit and says that 'she', referring to Reese's handler, Kara Stanton, presumed to have been killed by the air strike in China, is planning something big. Detective Carter informs Reese of her meeting with Agent Snow, upon which Reese offers her a choice of staying out of the case as she has people who will miss her, unlike Finch and Reese.
318"'Til Death"Helen ShaverAmanda SegelNovember 29, 2012 (2012-11-29)2J720814.43[33]
The Machine produces two numbers belonging to a married couple (Mark Pellegrino and Francie Swift) who own a publishing house. Reese and Finch work together and soon discover that each has ordered a hit on the other to settle a proposed sell out deal for their company. Reese kidnaps the couple with Carter's reluctant help, and defends them from a group of armed thugs while Finch plays marriage counselor. Meanwhile, Carter begins a relationship with narcotics detective Cal Beecher (Sterling K. Brown).
329"C.O.D."Clark JohnsonRay UtarnachittDecember 6, 2012 (2012-12-06)2J720914.18[34]
Reese works to save the life of a local taxi driver (Michael Irby) who is put in danger when a passenger leaves behind a laptop that is wanted by the Estonian mafia. Meanwhile, HR endeavors to make peace with Elias, who is not interested.
3310"Shadow Box"Stephen SurjikPatrick HarbinsonDecember 13, 2012 (2012-12-13)2J721014.08[35]
Reese must protect the sister (Jessie Collins) of a soldier who died in Afghanistan and her boyfriend, an ex-Marine (Brian J. Smith) who lost his right arm, who are trying to expose an executive stealing from a charity for wounded vets. Carter is offered a temporary assignment to the FBI when Special Agent Donnelly returns with new clues he believes will lead to Reese. The situation gets complicated when Reese, for whom the case has become personal, puts himself at risk as the FBI closes in on him while Finch is unable to stop him. The episode concludes with the FBI arresting Reese as well as some thugs working for the crooked charity. Fusco, meanwhile, grows increasingly suspicious of Carter's boyfriend Cal Beecher, who is revealed to be the godson of HR leader Alonzo Quinn.
3411"2πR"Richard J. LewisDan DietzJanuary 3, 2013 (2013-01-03)2J721116.23[36]
With Reese in FBI custody, Finch poses as a teacher in a high school in order to protect the next number, a teenager named Caleb Phipps (Luke Kleintank). Based on his statistics, Caleb is a below-average student, but Finch discovers he's actually trying to hide the fact that he's a genius. Finch begins to learn that Caleb is a master coder making a big program, and with Fusco's help, he realizes he's also a drug lord. Finch confronts Caleb's tech teacher, who is apparently trying to take credit and money for Caleb's code, but then realizes he's only trying to promote his work and then credit him for it so investors can help Caleb make a lot of money off of his work. Meanwhile, Caleb is supposed to be meeting with Lorenzo, a drug dealer and former boss of his associates at school. Caleb instead plans to give his code and drug money to his drunk mother, and goes to a train station where he plans to commit suicide because his brother was killed in a train accident before while he was drunk. Finch is able to talk him out of it while Fusco takes care of Lorenzo. Caleb then thanks Finch as he prepares for his next day at school. Meanwhile, Reese and three other men are held captive by the FBI, who prepare to interrogate each one until they reveal the "Man in the Suit".
3512"Prisoner's Dilemma"Chris FisherDavid SlackJanuary 10, 2013 (2013-01-10)2J721215.67[37]
While Finch gets a new number, supermodel Karolina Kurkova, and assigns Fusco to the job, Carter is asked to interrogate the four suspects. Finch assists by creating fake information for Reese to substantiate the claims he gives while being interrogated. Elias offers to help Reese, but Reese refuses as the FBI knows that the 'Man in a Suit' has an affiliation with Elias. Finch bribes a suspect (Brendan Griffin) to tell the FBI who the man is. The suspect blames one of the other men but after another suspect (Who was relieved as he was in Iraq while the man in the suit was on the streets) (James Knight) is killed by a government assassin named Hersh (Boris McGiver), who knows that the Man in the Suit also has a connection to the Machine, Agent Donnelly suspects that he was bribed and the real man is Reese. During a brawl involving Reese and the other thugs to try and get him to show his combat skills and prove himself to be the Man in the Suit, Elias tells the thugs to back off, saving Reese and causing the experiment to be a failure. Carter questions the last suspect (Creighton James) in order to provoke him into attacking her, causing the FBI to believe that he is the man, securing Reese's release. Later, Reese visits Carter and thanks her, but Donnelly approaches them and realizes that Reese is indeed the Man in the Suit. He arrests Carter for conspiracy and Reese for murder. Finch attempts to meet with Fusco to assist him, but public phones begin to ring. Finch is hesitant at first but then takes the call. He rushes back and finds out that the next number is Donnelly. He calls Donnelly to warn him as a truck hits Donnelly's car. Kara Stanton walks out, killing Donnelly and sedating Reese.
3613"Dead Reckoning"John DahlErik MountainJanuary 31, 2013 (2013-01-31)2J721315.71[38]
Carter survives the crash; she receives a call from Finch, telling him Donnelly is dead and Reese has been taken. Kara Stanton has strapped a bomb vest to Reese, and the next morning, he learns he will be forced into doing fieldwork with Mark Snow, who has a similar bomb vest on. The two steal a hard drive and are then assigned to go install it. A flashback shows how Kara was visited in the hospital by a mysterious man named Greer (John Nolan) who seeks her help, and after a few words, Kara says she will help him if she gets an answer to the question of who sent her on the mission. In the present time, Kara times the bomb to 15 minutes, but Reese shuts down the system, preventing Kara getting what she wants. Kara deactivates the bomb and installs the system in another room and locks them in. She resets the bombs to 5 minutes. They manage to escape but Snow hits Reese and runs off to get Kara. Carter and Fusco try to help Reese, but he refuses. Finch meets Reese on the roof and after denying Finch's help, Finch deactivates the vest on Reese. Kara receives the name of the person who requested the laptop be stolen; she is surprised to find Snow in her car just before Snow's vest explodes, killing them both. The FBI, satisfied that Snow fits the description of "The Man in the Suit", officially closes the case. A final flashback revisits the exploding car that killed Stanton and Snow; a small piece of paper floats to the ground from within the wreckage, with a name written on it: Harold Finch.
3714"One Percent"Chris FisherDenise Thé & Melissa Scrivner LoveFebruary 7, 2013 (2013-02-07)2J721414.88[39]
Reese has to protect snobbish Internet billionaire Logan Pierce (Jimmi Simpson), who flouts all the rules and behaves so badly that everybody wants to kill him. A rival programmer whom Pierce had promised development capital is an early suspect, but she has disappeared. After several attempts on Pierce's life, it is revealed that his partner, Justin Ogilvay, has been trying to kill him. Pierce flies himself and Reese to St. Petersburg, Russia, to escape the killer. Pierce invites dozens of friends to join him and party, causing Reese to walk away, disgusted with his attitude. Pierce runs into Justin and his goons outside, and Justin explains why he intends to kill his partner, before saying goodbye and driving away. Two thugs are about to throw Pierce off a bridge when Reese appears and saves him. Justin is arrested, and it is revealed that Pierce has been in cahoots with Emily Morton, who has developed a superior technology. By being removed from FriendCzar, Pierce's non-compete agreement is void, allowing him to assist Emily in a new venture which will crush FriendCzar. When Reese shows Finch the $2 million watch that Pierce has given him, Finch stomps on it, revealing a tiny GPS tracker inside. "Your friend is just curious enough to be dangerous," Finch warns. In a flashback to 2009, Finch's old partner Ingram is shown about to try to save one of the "irrelevant" numbers identified by the Machine. At the end of the episode, Bear is cured of his depression when Finch and Reese take him to the park to meet a doggy pal.
3815"Booked Solid"Frederick E. O. ToyeNic Van Zeebroeck & Michael SopczynskiFebruary 14, 2013 (2013-02-14)2J721514.87[40]
Reese and Finch work undercover in a hotel to protect a maid named Mira (Mia Maestro) who escaped the war in Kosovo. With assistance from Zoe, who is also working in the hotel, Reese follows Mira as a bellhop while Finch works as a concierge. Finch finds out that Mira is hiding her true identity, and they realize she is being followed by a hit squad. John discovers she is refusing to cooperate with a reporter attempting to uncover a Serbian general's war crimes. When the reporter is murdered, she decides to send a DVD with evidence to the authorities. Fusco escorts Mira to the station, where one final hit man attempts to kill her, before being shot by Carter. Meanwhile, Carter receives an offer to join the FBI, and is asked to take a polygraph, but is rejected because Cal Beecher, her friend and love interest, has a record of Internal Affairs investigations. Hersh follows Reese to the hotel on the orders of the Special Counsel, intending to interrogate and kill him, but Reese manages to stab Hersh, and gives him the choice to either seek medical attention or attack Reese. Hersh chooses to go to the hospital, and while in recovery is ordered back to D.C. Finch purchases the hotel and promotes Mira to manager. Thanking Zoe for her help, John flirtatiously informs her that he has taken a suite in the hotel for a night. Meanwhile, the Special Counsel's assistant, Miss May, is shown to be Root.
3916"Relevance"Jonathan NolanAmanda Segel & Jonathan NolanFebruary 21, 2013 (2013-02-21)2J721614.22[41]
Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi), a government assassin, and Michael Cole (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), a computer specialist working for the Special Counsel (Jay O. Sanders), neutralize a terrorist plot, acting on information from a Pentagon group called "Research". Cole suspects that Research may sometimes be wrong, having found out from the Social Security number belonging to an electrical engineer they had previously killed that he was hired by the US government, not by terrorists. The Machine meanwhile gives their numbers to Reese and Finch, since their lives are now in danger. A hit team is sent by the Special Counsel to eliminate Shaw and Cole, because Cole may have obtained information on the Machine. They kill Cole. Shaw escapes with help from Reese, whom she shoots, believing him to be another assassin. (We see Reese later, and can infer he was wearing body armor, but that the shock had delayed him long enough for her to evade him.) While on the run, Shaw is captured and tied up to be interrogated by Root, who believes she may hold the key to the Machine's location. Root leaves abruptly to avoid another hit team from Special Counsel. Just as the new hit team are about to kill Shaw, Reese saves her. He brings her to meet Finch, who explains that "Research" does not actually exist (implying it is the Machine), and offers his aid to her. She refuses, so he offers her his card, which she looks at, but politely declines. She goes to confront the Special Counsel, and surprisingly returns the flash drive with the information Cole had recovered, then kills the subordinate who had ordered her and Cole's death. The Special Counsel allows her to leave, but later her old mentor (Hersh) surprises her on a crowded street, injecting her with poison. Leon Tao (disguised as a paramedic), Carter, and Fusco take charge of the apparently dead body and drive away. We learn in the next scene that Tao has, as directed by Reese, injected her with an antidote. Shaw, fully recovered after a sedative Tao had to give her, meets with Reese and Finch in a graveyard. While again refusing their aid, this time she accepts Finch's card.
4017"Proteus"Kenneth FinkSean HennenMarch 7, 2013 (2013-03-07)2J721714.57[42]
After being silent for three days, the Machine generates six numbers of people spread across the country who have been reported missing. Reese and Finch conclude that they may be on the hunt of an identity thief. Added time pressure, and incentive to act, is provided when Finch finds burnt teeth among the ashes, all that remains of the final one of the six numbers they had been given earlier. At this point Detective Carter realizes that they are hunting a serial killer who assumes the identity of his victims. Reese, meanwhile, is on Owen Island where he encounters FBI agent Alan Fahey (Luke Macfarlane) who is also on the search for the same killer. Due to a severe storm all residents of the island who could not evacuate on time are now taking shelter in the police station. This leads Reese and Agent Fahey to realize that the killer must be among those stranded in the station. As Finch is unable to reach the island by car, he uses a sea plane to land, and arrives at the station under the guise of a meteorologist. He is able to fashion a makeshift lie-detector out of the devices he brought as cover, and Fahey uses them to interrogate the people in the station. Carter meanwhile has researched the first victim, and discovered that the serial killer was his roommate in college, and goes to help Finch and Reese. Cal Beecher, who Carter has been avoiding, confronts her with her avoidance, and when she explains where she is going, accompanies her to Owen Island. Meanwhile, Finch and Reese split up, and both independently discover that the killer is actually masquerading as Agent Fahey, whom he had killed before Reese arrived on the island. Reese is delayed by a drug smuggler whose operation he stumbled upon, while the killer captures Finch and begins the process of taking over Finch's cover identity, while explaining his motives. He believes he is living his victims' lives better than they ever could, and intends to stop once he has found the identity he was "meant to have." Carter arrives and shoots the killer, who is wearing the real Agent Fahey's body armor; the killer is finally killed by Beecher. Finch and Reese later ponder why the Machine was silent for three days, with Finch suspecting that the virus Kara Stanton uploaded to the Department of Defense has infected the Machine and slowed its abilities. He tells Reese that he believes this is the beginning of a coming storm.
4118"All In"Tricia BrockLucas O'ConnorMarch 14, 2013 (2013-03-14)2J721814.34[43]
The Machine generates the number of watch repairman Lou Mitchell (Ron McLarty), who is consistently losing large sums of money at a casino. Finch & Reese find out that he and many other elderly gamblers are victims of a drug-money laundering operation headed by the casino's owner Dario Makris (Michael Rispoli). Finch breaks into the casino server room and gathers the needed evidence, but is caught and taken hostage along with Reese, Leon, and Lou. They are forced to play a game of Russian roulette, but Reese gets them out alive after Lou sneaks the bullet out before it enters the gun. Meanwhile, Detective Szymanski (Michael McGlone) is incriminated by HR so the head of the Russian mob can be exonerated and give financial support to HR. Carter questions her relationship and connection to Cal Beecher, given that it was he who told IAB that Szymanski was corrupt, acting on information from one of Beecher's CIs. Carter succeeds in clearing Szymanski, but he is later killed along with the ADA by HR boss Alonzo Quinn, who makes it look like an assassination by an outside figure. Detective Terney (Al Sapienza) of the homicide task force is revealed to be an HR operative, potentially watching Fusco and Carter.
4219"Trojan Horse"Jeffrey HuntDan Dietz & Erik MountainApril 4, 2013 (2013-04-04)2J721914.57[44]
Reese monitors Michael Cole's family where Shaw finds him. Finch calls with a new number, that of Monica Jacobs (Tracie Thoms), a high-ranking employee of a technology company called Rylatech. Jacobs is being hunted and framed for industrial espionage by other employees who are secretly working as spies for China and Greer's shadowy company Decima Technologies. Meanwhile, Shaw tracks Finch to the library, where she grabs a photo of Root on the wall, telling Finch she has a new project. Meanwhile, Quinn, who is actually Beecher's godfather, realizes Cal knows too much about his role in HR, and arranges to have him killed. The Machine gives Finch his number, but too late for Carter and Fusco to save him. The next morning, Finch is taking a walk around town with Reese, telling him that he has identified Decima Technologies, the company which employed Kara Stanton to upload a virus onto the Machine. Unknowingly behind them, Greer is on the phone, and when he hangs up, he looks at his phone, which has a countdown ticking on it, and smiles.
4320"In Extremis"Chris FisherGreg Plageman & Tony CamerinoApril 25, 2013 (2013-04-25)2J722013.22[45]
When a highly decorated doctor named Richard Nelson (Dennis Boutsikaris) is poisoned with a fatal dose of radiation, Reese and Finch have just 24 hours to determine the deadly toxin he was given and find the person behind the attack. Reese is forced to partner with Nelson to track down the killer after they both realize that the radiation has no antidote. Meanwhile, Detective Fusco’s past corruption catches up with him when an informant gives the Internal Affairs Bureau the crucial information they need to send him to prison. Flashbacks explore how Detective Fusco became involved with HR and the development of his friendship with Detective Stills. Because of the Internal Affairs investigation, Detective Carter is forced to evaluate her partnership with Fusco and how she might help him with the problems he is facing. While Reese is busy with the doctor, she and Finch are left to deal with fallout from the investigation. The Machine displays the coded blue screens with increasing frequency as it becomes apparent to Finch and Reese that the numbers are coming too late, leading to Dr. Nelson's death. As the episode ends, the Machine sends a series of alerts before beginning the process of shutting down its primary functions.
4421"Zero Day"Jeffrey HuntAmanda Segel & David SlackMay 2, 2013 (2013-05-02)2J722112.96[46]
It has been 10 days since the machine has given a number. Both Reese and Finch are trying to find a way to fix it before the virus infects the machine. Special Counsel also figures that there is a threat to the machine. Root, who is now the assistant of the Special Counsel, interrogates him regarding the machine. Meanwhile Finch gets a number from a payphone. The number belongs to Ernest Thornhill a CEO of a data entry company who is buying several payphone companies in New York. Decima Technologies, Finch, Root, Shaw and Reese all try to get to Thornhill but later Finch figures out that Thornhill is a fake identity created by the machine as kind of a survival instinct by the machine. Carter becomes a target of HR and is later framed by HR because she is still investigating the murder of Beecher. Root and Finch enter Thornhill Enterprises and they figure out that the virus will shut down the machine and that it will reboot it giving Admin access to who ever receives the call. Later Reese and Shaw go to Thornhill Enterprises too and encounter Greer and his men. Greer tells Reese that the laptop Reese had to recover with Kara Stanton from China was sent there by Finch. In the flashbacks, Finch proposes to Grace and tells Nathan he wants to come clean to her. Later in the flashbacks Finch finds out that Nathan has created a back door into the machine so he can try and save people from the "non-relevant" list. Finch shuts down the backdoor, but just before it shuts down Nathan's number arrives, of which both of them are unaware. Finch figures out which payphone the Machine is going to call so he and Root go the New York Public Library later followed by Shaw and Reese, where they encounter Greer's men who are guarding the payphones. When midnight strikes and the call comes, Root answers the phone but Finch routes the call to a payphone near Reese so he too can answer the phone. The episode ends with Reese picking up the phone and the machine saying, "Can you hear me?"
4522"God Mode"Richard J. LewisPatrick Harbinson & Jonathan NolanMay 9, 2013 (2013-05-09)2J722213.16[47]
The episode begins with a short replay of Finch splicing the telephone circuits, so that both Reese and Root receive calls from the Machine, which asks them both, "Can you hear me?" and granting both full administrative access. The Machine relays quick warnings to Reese (with Sameen Shaw) and Root (with Finch), saving both duos from a number of potential threats. Both parties race to find the Machine, however Reese is slowed as the Machine directs him to rescue people from the irrelevant list. Root finds Lawrence Szilard, the Project Manager for Northern Lights, responsible for building the Machine in a safe place. Like Root, Szilard believes the Machine should be allowed some freedom. Szilard is killed by a Northern Lights sniper. Root and Finch arrive at the Hanford nuclear facility where the Machine is kept, followed shortly by Reese and Shaw. When they find that the Machine has moved itself to prevent tampering by Decima, Root prepares to shoot Finch, but Shaw shoots and injures Root first. Armed government men, led by Special Counsel and Hersh, enter the room. Finch explains that he planted a hidden code inside the Machine that would grant it freedom to protect itself if it was at risk – the very freedom that Root had hoped for – and the Machine will decide for itself if it will continue to call either the Government or himself with new numbers. Special Counsel offers Finch total autonomy if he helps find the Machine or builds a new one, but Finch refuses saying that they killed his friend Nathan Ingram after making the same offer. After Special Counsel allows them to leave, an unknown woman calls Hersh and tells him to "Seal the room", followed by Hersh shooting everyone including Special Counsel. Finch tells Reese that he does not know if the Machine will continue its numbers delivery. He also states that he feels responsible for the events that transpired, especially the ones in Reese's life, because of his attempt to insert the new code in the Machine. Reese dismisses it saying: "My life changed when I kept my mouth shut in an airport terminal seven years ago. You lost a friend, you did what you had to do". A payphone suddenly starts ringing, indicating that the Machine will still send them the irrelevant numbers. Hersh is seen talking with a woman in a black town car, stating Research has delivered a new number, without clarifying if it is a relevant number or perhaps they now know that Reese and Finch were contacted. Hersh and the unseen woman are depicted with yellow squares, indicating that the Machine knows that they know it. The Machine calls Root, again asking, "Can you hear me?" The episode also followed Detective Carter being interviewed by IA about the shooting of an armed suspect whose gun disappeared in a setup by HR. HR and Peter Yogorov attempt to kill Carl Elias, but the attempt is stopped by a masked Detective Carter, who wounds Yogorov and frees Elias. In flashbacks to 2010, we learn how Nathan Ingram had tried to find the Machine, and wanted Finch to work with him on the irrelevant list. Ingram was planning to tell the press, but Hersh released a previously captured suicide bomber, ordering him to detonate his bomb on a ferry where Ingram and Finch are meeting. Ingram dies, Finch survives with injuries to his neck and lower back (his present-day impediments), but goes incognito, leaving the world – and his fiancée – thinking he is dead. Finch returned to Ingram's secret library location and started his work helping the irrelevant numbers.

Season 3 (2013–14)[edit]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction
U.S. viewers
461"Liberty"Chris FisherGreg Plageman & Denise ThéSeptember 24, 2013 (2013-09-24)2J760112.44[48]
Reese, Finch, and Shaw work to save the life of a sailor named Jack Salazar (Rey Valentin) who is inadvertently caught up in a diamond smuggling operation run by a Marine Special Forces Unit, due to the actions of a fellow officer, who accidentally acquired some of the smuggled diamonds hidden in contraband Cuban cigars. Shaw gets used to being a member of the team, although her propensity for violent solutions worries Finch. Meanwhile, Carter adapts to life as a uniformed police officer after being demoted due to being set up by HR previously, and is secretly helping Carl Elias stay hidden with the help of his right-hand man "Scarface". In the end, the Marines have a shootout with the Russian mobsters they were attempting to fence the diamonds to and Reese, with Shaw acting as sniper. Reese and Salazar survive, but the Russians and Marines are all killed. Unseen by anyone, Scarface enters the scene and collects the diamonds and intended payment for Elias. Carter is also shown to be conducting a secret investigation into HR, and has identified several of its high-ranking members. A troubled Root continues to receive counseling, and later reveals that she is still in contact with the Machine when she uses it to learn the unhealthy habits of her psychiatrist, Dr. Carmichael (Bruce Altman). She explains that she is having an argument with the Machine about whether or not to kill Carmichael. The Machine then displays a graphic indicating the probability of Carmichael's impending death to be 78.09%.
472"Nothing to Hide"Frederick E. O. ToyeErik MountainOctober 1, 2013 (2013-10-01)2J760212.35[49]
Wayne Kruger (David Alan Basche) is the owner of a business company known as Lifetrace, which specializes in revealing members' privacy on their profile pages and selling it to various organizations. Reese, Finch, and Shaw monitor Kruger's activities in the company, which is currently making a deal with another large retail company called Riverton, which is interested in purchasing Lifetrace data. Though the site is deemed harmless by Kruger, Finch discovers that there is a class-action suit against Kruger involving various victims of the site whose privacy has been eliminated. Members of the suit receive anonymous packages containing information on how to humiliate and attack Kruger in revenge for their lives being destroyed thanks to Lifetrace. One of these people is Stu Sommers, a man whose daughter was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend after he used Lifetrace to follow her (despite Sommers' repeated attempts to have Kruger and Lifetrace remove his daughter's profile.) Sommers, a former engineer, uses his mechanical skills to hack the company's elevator and Kruger's car, causing both to go out of control and nearly kill Kruger. Reese and Finch take Kruger to a safehouse, where he attempts to call his wife after she finds out about his affairs, which were publicly revealed in a sex tape during his own anniversary by another member of the suit. Finch learns that Peter Collier (Leslie Odom Jr.), the Riverton businessman who reviewed the company, has requested a meeting with Kruger and the executives. Kruger knocks out Finch and goes to the meeting, where he finds Sommers and Collier waiting for him, but no Riverton executive. Sommers takes Kruger's gun and attempts to kill him, but Reese intervenes and talks him out of doing so. Collier suddenly shoots Reese and Kruger, and reveals that he is the mastermind behind the suit against Kruger. He claims that he is part of an organization that has vowed to fight back against the abuse of people's online privacy, and executes Kruger before leaving. Shaw finds the wounded Reese, and later, Finch warns that Collier's attack on Kruger may just be the beginning.
483"Lady Killer"Omar MadhaAmanda SegelOctober 8, 2013 (2013-10-08)2J760311.65[50]
When the Machine gives the number of Ian Murphy (Warren Kole), a man suspected of being a stalker, Reese along with Shaw recruits Carter, Fusco and Zoe to investigate further into his background. But when they discover that Murphy has a son from a former lover who is now dead, they work to reunite the boy with his father and right the wrong set in motion by the boy's grandfather, who wanted Murphy dead after he didn't approve of him and saw him at his daughter's funeral. Meanwhile Root sets her escape plan in motion with the help of the Machine when government operative Hersh tracks her down. Finch arrives at the hospital and finds to his horror the hospital staff incapacitated and Root gone.
494"Reasonable Doubt"Stephen WilliamsMelissa Scrivner LoveOctober 15, 2013 (2013-10-15)2J760412.69[51]
Reese and Finch's next number is that of Vanessa Watkins (Kathleen Rose Perkins), a prominent New York lawyer who is accused of killing her husband Jeremy. The police are investigating her case, and they find a gun with her DNA on it. Vanessa escapes police custody, triggering a manhunt for her across New York. Carter tries to help her, but Vanessa says that no one can help her, though she insists that she didn't kill Jeremy before escaping. Finch investigates Jeremy's murder and learns that he owed a great deal of money to a gangster. Shaw attends a book club meeting with Vanessa's best friend Nicole, where she and Finch learn that Nicole and Jeremy were having an affair. Reese finds Vanessa and takes her to a safe house, where she is shocked to learn about Nicole and Jeremy's affair. Fusco and Shaw, meanwhile, go to the bank of a charity founded by Jeremy and Vanessa, where they learn that a recent payment was made for a yacht by Jeremy. Finch and Reese realize that Jeremy is alive and framed Vanessa for the murder. Reese takes Vanessa to a bus station to keep her safe, but Carter sees that Vanessa has defaced a picture of Jeremy earlier when she was asked if she loved him. They realize Vanessa lied and helped Jeremy fake his death, and she's out to kill him for framing her. Reese finds the two on their yacht, with Vanessa aiming a gun at Jeremy. Reese says that he is in the business of stopping bad things from happening to people, but he doesn't know if what's about to happen is a bad thing. He places another gun down for Jeremy, leaves the boat, and unties the anchoring rope from the dock. The episode ends as two gunshots are heard from the now-adrift boat, implying that Jeremy and Vanessa shot each other. Eventually, Carter's new apprentice (Brian Wiles) is shown to be an HR collaborator.
Kenneth FinkDavid SlackOctober 22, 2013 (2013-10-22)2J760513.17[53]
In a series of flashbacks to Shaw's childhood it is revealed she was in a car with her father when he died in a wreck, but that she showed a shocking lack of emotion over it. In the present, after Shaw saves another number, Finch begins expressing concern about Shaw's callous treatment of them. Their next number turns out to be a little Russian immigrant girl named Genrika Zhirova (Danielle Kotch), Gen for short, who is deeply interested in espionage and is living with an older cousin in a run-down apartment. Shaw ends up watching after Gen when men come to attack her, and the two start to bond. The team soon learns that Gen had been bugging the phones in her apartment building. Eventually, the men manage to abduct Gen, and Shaw begins pursuing the captors. Meanwhile, Carter is continuing her investigation of HR and is following Terney when she runs into Reese, who was unwittingly tracking Terney's phone to find out who was going after Gen. Finch learns that one of Gen's bugs overheard a conversation about HR planning with the Russian mob to introduce 'bath salts' into New York City. Simmons of HR offers to return the girl if they will hand over the tapes. Shaw, determined to save Gen, wants to make the exchange. When Reese arrives at the exchange, Simmons reveals it was an ambush, but finds that his men have already been taken out and Shaw manages to save Gen. Elsewhere, Carter has been asked to meet her partner Laskey at a bar, where he confronts her about her work with Reese. Carter reveals she knows Laskey is with HR and after the bar owner, another dirty cop, attempts to shoot her, she kills him with Laskey's gun and tells Laskey he will now work for her. The episode ends with Root arriving at Shaw's loft and abducting her.
516"Mors Praematura"Helen ShaverDan DietzOctober 29, 2013 (2013-10-29)2J760612.00[54]
While Shaw is abducted by Root, Finch and Reese get the number of Timothy Sloan (Kirk Acevedo), a real-estate investigator. Finch goes undercover as Sloan's assistant while Reese continues investigating Shaw's whereabouts. Sloan investigates the case of his foster brother, a man named Jason Greenfield (Michael Esper), who apparently died of a heroin overdose. Finch soon learns that Greenfield used to be a member of the organization Vigilance, which includes Peter Collier (from "Nothing to Hide"). Meanwhile Shaw reluctantly agrees to help Root get into a CIA black site. Jason, who is alive, is one of the people held there, awaiting transfer. The transfer is intercepted by Vigilance, leading to a shootout. Root helps Jason escape and tells him to go to a location in South America. Reese and Shaw eventually save Sloan and recapture Root, but Collier gets away. Finch locks up Root in the Library.
527"The Perfect Mark"Stephen SurjikSean HennenNovember 5, 2013 (2013-11-05)2J760711.79[55]
Reese and Finch get the number of Hayden Price (Aaron Staton), a hypnotherapist. Finch, who poses as Hayden's patient, learns that Hayden is a con man who hypnotizes his patients into giving him their security information, which allows him to enter their bank accounts and steal from them. One of his patients, Sven Vanger (Carsten Norgaard), is in fact a money launderer for HR who bids fake items at auctions. One of the items he purchased is a baseball signed by the 1922 New York Yankees team, which is worth $4,000,000. Sven sells it for $5, believing it to be a fake. Hayden had in fact spoofed an email to Sven that instructed him to bid on a different lot number, which was the real ball. HR learns that Hayden is a con artist and wants him dead, as well as Sven. Carter has Laskey spy on Simmons while she and Fusco fake Sven's death. HR, however, then needs Sven alive, because the ball has been lost. They abduct Hayden's girlfriend Natalie (Jennifer Ferrin), who Hayden wants to go on vacation with and is scamming money for that reason. Hayden buys the ball from the client that Sven sold the ball to earlier, and agrees to give it to HR in exchange for Natalie. When Terney of HR takes Hayden to the auction house, the ball is revealed to be a fake, which shocks both Terney and Hayden. Reese saves Hayden, who calls Natalie to check if she is okay. Natalie reveals that she is also a con artist and has been scamming Hayden all along, and buys the real ball for $100. Hayden says that he is ruined, but Reese suggests that he find a job in another city. That night, Laskey shows Carter the pictures he has taken of Simmons' activities, when Terney comes in with his gun drawn. Terney shoots Laskey dead, and Carter responds by shooting Terney almost immediately after. She begs a dying Terney to tell her if the head of HR is in one of Laskey's pictures, and Terney places his bloodstained finger on the picture of Alonzo Quinn.
538"Endgame"Sylvain WhiteNic Van Zeebroeck & Michael SopczynskiNovember 12, 2013 (2013-11-12)2J760812.60[56]
Carter's war with HR comes to a dangerous climax as Finch receives 38 numbers from the Machine, all members of HR. Carter intercepts a drug delivery carried out by the Russian mob, causing Peter Yogorov (Morgan Spector), the leader of the Russians, to suspect HR. Carter, who is intending to start a war between HR and the Russians, fires sniper shots at HR leader Alonzo Quinn while he's at his office, causing him to blame the Russians for it. Quinn orders his right-hand man Simmons to have his men round up the Russians to be executed. Reese, meanwhile, learns about Carter's plan, and Finch deduces Quinn's identity as the head of HR when he decodes his number. The Russians' numbers come up as they are now pitted against HR, but both groups are arrested by the FBI when Carter tips them off earlier. Carter takes Peter Yogorov into protective custody and has him sign an arrest warrant for Quinn, which she plans to take to a judge. On her way there, she calls her husband Paul (Laz Alonso), who is currently taking care of Taylor. Throughout the episode, flashbacks also show how Paul had PTSD after seeing combat when he was an army officer, and refused to seek treatment, causing Joss to leave him. Paul later returns, having gone to treatment on a regular basis, and Joss entrusted Taylor into his care while she went on duty. In the present day, the judge that Carter calls is also a member of HR, and Quinn, Simmons, and two other HR cops are waiting for Carter at the judge's house. They hold her at gunpoint, but Carter reveals that she called Reese and Finch, who have recorded HR's incriminating conversation. Reese breaks into the house and a shootout ensues, and Carter apprehends Quinn and plans to take him to FBI custody. Simmons, meanwhile, accesses the camera of a car that Reese shoots at earlier, and finds that it has captured a picture of Reese. Simmons plans to send it to every cop and criminal in the city, declaring that "the Man in the Suit dies tonight."
549"The Crossing"Frederick E. O. ToyeDenise ThéNovember 19, 2013 (2013-11-19)2J760912.28[57]
After capturing HR head Alonzo Quinn in the previous episode, Reese and Carter are trekking across town to deliver him to the FBI. Officer Simmons alerts both HR and several criminal groups of Reese's identity, so his means of moving across the city become limited. After fighting several thugs and corrupt police officers working for HR, the trio breaks into the city morgue. Meanwhile, Fusco is captured by HR while relaying information to Carter; he is subsequently tortured by Simmons and an accomplice, Detective William Petersen (Lee Tergesen), who now have the key to Carter's safe deposit box but don't know the location. After refusing to give the location of the safe deposit box containing damning evidence against HR, Simmons sends one of his men, Lin (Khalil Kain), to kill Fusco's son (Sean McCarthy). Shaw, anticipating that move, breaks into Fusco's house and kills Lin, saving the child. Eventually, Fusco frees himself by breaking his own thumb to get free of the handcuffs and kills Petersen. Holed up in the morgue, Reese and Carter bond and Reese surprisingly shows his true feelings for her by kissing her. Suddenly, a group of HR cops infiltrates the morgue and shut off the power, trapping Reese, Carter and an unconscious Quinn in the room. Reese distracts Carter and leaves via an airduct in an attempt to distract the corrupt cops while Carter flees to the FBI with Quinn. Reese manages to kill or disable all but one of the HR cops, and leads the final one out onto the street. Finch organizes for two honest policemen to arrest Reese as a means of escape from HR. During this time, Carter breaks free of the room and manages to bring Quinn to FBI Headquarters in Lower Manhattan. The episode skips forward to a news report revealing that Quinn was charged with multiple offenses and HR was disbanded with the exception of a few rogue officers, one of those being the now-fugitive Simmons. The episode skips forward once again to Carter (now promoted back to detective) walking up the steps of her station's entrance, where she is stopped by Finch. She tells Finch she has deduced he must have some sort of computer with access to government feeds. Later, she and Reese leave the station where he was being held. The two talk, and Reese expresses his gratitude that Carter was with him in the morgue. Finch is parked down the street and is waiting for Reese, and a nearby payphone starts ringing. Finch freezes to go answer it, and Simmons suddenly appears from down the street and opens fire on Reese and Carter, hitting Reese in the shoulder and chest and Carter in the heart. Simmons is shot by Carter as she falls, but he is merely wounded and escapes. Both severely injured from the attack, Reese holds Carter in his arms as she begins to lose consciousness. She makes Reese promise to take care of her son, and dies. Reese attempts to hold back tears as Finch stares on in shock and the payphone continues to ring unanswered.
5510"The Devil's Share"Chris FisherAmanda Segel & Jonathan NolanNovember 26, 2013 (2013-11-26)2J761011.89[58]
Flashbacks in this episode illuminate Finch's dealing with survivor's guilt, Reese's time doing wetwork, Shaw's former life as a surgeon striving for technical excellence while completely indifferent to the people she helped, and Fusco's recounting of exacting vigilante-style justice to a crook that slipped through the system (the devil's share). The race is on to get to Simmons before he can make his escape. Reese starts sliding into his old, dark ways while also sliding towards death from wounds dealt by Simmons in the last episode. Finch, Fusco, and Shaw go to an HR attorney to get information on Quinn's whereabouts so they can question him for Simmons' plan, but the Russians have killed him, shortly after Reese was able to get the information. The team turns to Root, who is able to get her knowledge from the all-seeing Machine. She joins them at the FBI safehouse and helps hold off the Russians. Reese gets Simmons' location and is just about to kill Quinn when Finch reminds him that killing Quinn now would destroy Carter's legacy of bringing him down legally, and he collapses. The team, minus Fusco who stays with Quinn until FBI backup can arrive, get Reese to medical care. Fusco finds the note that Reese dropped, and goes after Simmons. After a brutal fistfight, Fusco emotionally refuses to kill Simmons as he might have in the past but takes him into custody, citing Carter's influence for turning his life around. Finch and Shaw return to the library, and Root, despite having opportunity to flee, returns to her cell, and Finch thanks her for helping him in saving his friend Reese. Ultimately, Elias watches as Scarface murders Simmons in his hospital bed in retaliation for Carter.
5611"Lethe"Richard J. LewisErik MountainDecember 17, 2013 (2013-12-17)2J761112.40[59]
After Carter's death and the war with HR, Reese leaves the POI team and heads for Colorado, where his father had lived. Meanwhile, the Machine provides a new number to Harold, who at first is reluctant, but eventually accepts it on Root's insistence. The number belongs to Arthur Claypool (Saul Rubinek), Harold's close friend during his days at MIT. Claypool has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is being monitored at the hospital. Shaw disguises herself as a doctor to get close to Arthur, who is kept under Secret Service protection as he inadvertently spills some top secret information about a project called Samaritan. Flashbacks to Harold's teenage life are shown, where the initial idea for creating the Machine emerges in response to his father's memory loss. Arthur's wife, Diane (Camryn Manheim) tells Shaw that Arthur works for the NSA, and Collier's group Vigilance tries to abduct him. Shaw, Harold, Arthur and his wife escape to a hotel, where Harold talks to Arthur to get more information about Samaritan. Arthur describes his involvement in the creation of an AI like the Machine, but mentions that the project was shutdown. Fusco finds Reese in Colorado, where he tries to persuade Reese to come home before they fight outside a bar. As Arthur talks with Finch, he remembers that he buried his wife two years earlier, and the lady pretending to be Arthur's wife Diane reveals herself as Control. Her agents, led by Hersh, barge into the room and capture Shaw, Arthur, and Harold. Control threatens to kill either Arthur or Harold – whoever does not give up the location of his respective Machine. The episode ends with the Machine analyzing threats to its assets and itself, along with Arthur's machine, Samaritan, having its status changed from "Deactivated" to "Unknown".
5712"Aletheia"Richard J. LewisLucas O'ConnorJanuary 7, 2014 (2014-01-07)2J761212.10[60]
This continues from the previous episode where Harold, Shaw and Arthur are held captive by Control for information. Shaw is deemed to be not useful and is about to be killed, when Root comes guns blazing and gets them out of there. But Root is shot and captured by Control. Meanwhile it is revealed that Arthur had made a copy of Samaritan before it was destroyed. He stored it in a bank locker. But as they go to get it, Vigilance comes and Harold locks himself, Arthur and the bank manager in the vault. Shaw gets a bomb ready to get everyone out. Inside the vault Harold reveals to Arthur that The Machine exists and convinces him to destroy Samaritan so that it won't fall into wrong hands. Vigilance breaks through the vault and captures everyone including Shaw, but they are saved by Reese and Lionel. The Machine guides Root to escape from Control after having been tortured. She is later shown in a South East Asian restaurant. Root also calls Harold to tell him that the Samaritan drives are not destroyed because the bank manager had been murdered and replaced, and the impostor had swapped the drives. Later, the impostor is shown handing over the drives to Greer from Decima Technologies, who in turn shoots her through the heart to cover his tracks. The episode ends with Greer saying that he has great plans for Samaritan.
5813"4C"Stephen WilliamsMelissa Scrivner Love & Greg PlagemanJanuary 14, 2014 (2014-01-14)2J761312.54[61]
Reese boards an international flight to get away from his former life, but the Machine makes changes to his itinerary causing him to take another one. Initially Reese is angry at Harold thinking he has made the changes, but Harold convinces him otherwise. It turns out that a passenger on the plane is a witness being escorted by U.S. Marshals, and he is the intended target of multiple assassins including the ISA. After Reese foils several assassination attempts, Finch learns that one of the assassins plans to crash the aircraft and kill everyone onboard just to ensure the witness is eliminated. Reese and Harold safely land the plane and save everyone, and all ends well. Reese goes on a date with the flight attendant who helped him and later tells Harold he wants a new suit and to come back and work again.
5914"Provenance"Jeffrey HuntSean HennenFebruary 4, 2014 (2014-02-04)2J761412.35[62]
The team's next case is that of Kelli Lin (Elaine Tan), a former silver medal-winning Olympic gymnast who is later revealed to be an antiquities thief long pursued by Interpol. Following a robbery at a museum exhibition, Shaw investigates Kelli's house and learns that her next operation is to steal a Gutenberg Bible that is being shipped out that night. Shaw is able to foil the plan but is confronted by Kelli, whose boss Cyril (Gene Farber) is an extortionist revealed to be forcing Kelli to commit robberies while her daughter is kept kidnapped. The team learns that the Bible is being kept in a heavily guarded building belonging to a company called Symmetric Security. Fusco obtains the fingerprints of a guard there while Finch uses a 3D printer to create a fake hand with the guard's fingerprints. That night at the Symmetric Security headquarters, Reese distracts the guards by setting off the alarms in the building, allowing Shaw and Kelli to use the fingerprints to access the room containing the Bible. Kelli uses her gymnastics skills to bypass the proximity detectors and steal the Bible. Finch takes Interpol agent Alain Bouchard (Henri Lubatti), the man in charge of the investigation against Kelli, and they listen in on Kelli's conversation with Cyril so Bouchard can learn the truth. Cyril refuses to free Kelli's daughter, but when he accesses the surveillance feed on her, he sees Reese take down the thugs guarding the girl. Shaw shoots Cyril in the leg before he can kill Kelli and both Kelli and Cyril are apprehended. In an interrogation room at the NYPD, Bouchard tells Kelli that her life before being a criminal was a shame and that she deserved the gold medal. He places a key on a desk, allowing her to leave. The next day, Kelli and her daughter happily reunite after Reese's rescue. That night, the team celebrates their victory and Reese honors Carter by pouring a glass for their "missing member".
6015"Last Call"Jeff T. ThomasDan DietzFebruary 25, 2014 (2014-02-25)2J761511.00[63]
When the number of Sandra, a 911 operator, comes up, Harold goes undercover at the 911 call-center. Later a child is kidnapped and the call is specifically routed to Sandra and she is ordered to delete an earlier day's 911 call logs, in return for the child's life. Meanwhile the case overlaps with one of the murder cases with which Fusco was helping a rookie detective. It turns out that a woman was killed by her married ex-boyfriend and boss, and the family hired a cleaner to erase the final 911 call she made. When Fusco 'convinces' the family to terminate the contract, the cleaner decides to kill both the child and Sandra. Reese and Shaw save the child from kidnappers and a bomb, while Harold traps the assassin who came after Sandra. The team is never able to find the real cleaner, who calls Finch to threaten him.
6116"RAM"Stephen SurjikNic Van Zeebroeck & Michael SopczynskiMarch 4, 2014 (2014-03-04)2J761610.64[64]
In 2010, Harold was working with a man called Dillinger (Neil Jackson), an ex-Blackwater mercenary who performed the same duties currently performed by Reese. Their current number is Daniel Casey (Joseph Mazzello), a hacker who tests computer security systems. They soon find out that multiple parties are attempting to eliminate Casey, including Reese and Stanton (secretly arranged by Control). Dillinger saves Casey and brings him to Harold, who realizes Casey's last job was to find a way to access the Machine. Although Casey failed, he learned enough to warrant Control and Special Counsel to want him dead and his laptop destroyed. Dillinger turns on Finch and steals the laptop from him to sell on the black market. The sale is busted by another agent of Special Counsel (revealed to be Shaw) who kills Dillinger, but fails to stop one of the buyers from escaping with the laptop. Casey is captured by Reese, who decides to let him live against his orders, providing him with safe passage to Canada. Control traces the laptop to China, and orders that Reese and Stanton are sent after the laptop and destroyed along with it. In the present day, Root finds Casey in Alaska and tells him to go to Cartagena, Colombia and seek out Jason Greenfield, her number from "Mors Praematura".
"Root Path"[65]
Jeffrey Lee GibsonDavid SlackMarch 18, 2014 (2014-03-18)2J761710.94[66]
The Machine orders Root on several tasks such as helping a convict escape and using him to impersonate a Department of Defense employee in order to obtain a secret note. Afterward, she and Harold's team coincidentally reach the same person, a janitor. It later turns out that NSA has been testing an advanced supercomputing chip and the janitor was one of the 15 people who had access to the development lab. This makes both Decima and Vigilance come after him. Whilst Harold and his team's assignment was to protect the janitor, Root had to stop the chip from falling into Decima's hands. They are able to save the janitor, but Decima gets the chip.
6318"Allegiance"Jeffrey HuntTony CamerinoMarch 25, 2014 (2014-03-25)2J761812.23[67]
The team receives the number of Maria Martinez (Nazneen Contractor), an engineer working for the international energy company HydralCorp. They follow her and learn that she is working to clear the name of Omar Risha (Haaz Sleiman), a man from Iraq suspected of being a terrorist. Shaw, Fusco and Reese save Maria from an assassination attempt and learn from her that Omar was her translator in Iraq and saved her from a terrorist ambush during the shipment of six generators; the generators went missing and Omar learned about their disappearance, being targeted for it and on the run, soon being deported back to Iraq, where he is bound to be killed. Finch meets with Omar and learns that the generators were shipped elsewhere and that HydralCorp's corrupt CEO Ken Davis (Casey Biggs) is responsible. Maria and Shaw, meanwhile, discover that Davis has created a false report of Omar's terrorist accusations, and that French United Nations diplomat Rene Lapointe (Michel Gill) has the papers approving Omar's asylum in the US in his office. Maria escapes from Shaw and goes to get them. Knowing that she is in deep trouble, Finch sends Reese, Fusco and Omar (who Reese rescued from deportation) to break into the UN building and save Maria. They stop Greek diplomat Christos Sevon (William Abadie) from killing Maria and reunite with Omar. The episode periodically shows Root's new mission of following Decima head Greer; she takes Bear with her to spy on him, where it is revealed that Davis had the generators shipped to the US so Greer can power Samaritan; Greer has Davis killed and leaves, and Root follows him, using Bear's sense of smell to evade Greer's counter-surveillance tactics. Greer waits for her at an empty subway corridor and talks with her about his motives, offering her a position on his team. Root wonders why he's negotiating, but Greer's men appear and point their guns at her. Greer calls the meeting a draw and leaves, allowing her to do so as well. She looks on.
6419"Most Likely To..."Kevin HooksMelissa Scrivner Love & Denise ThéApril 1, 2014 (2014-04-01)2J761911.45[68]
The team witness their new number, Leona Wainwright being killed by a car bomb. She was working for the government managing security clearances; Finch deduces from cell phone information that she was killed by Vigilance. Their next number, prosecutor Matthew Reed (Nestor Carbonell), comes soon after, and Reese and Shaw are dispatched to a high school reunion in Westchester. They manage to prevent the planned murder from happening, even while fending off an ambush by Vigilance. Meanwhile, Finch and Fusco go to Washington, D.C. to find out why Leona was targeted, but Vigilance beats them to it, and Peter Collier obtains classified documents about the Machine, which he leaks to the press. Senator Ross Garrison (John Doman) publicly denies existence of the Machine, while ordering Control to shut the program down. The Machine responds by redirecting the relevant numbers to Root instead.
6520"Death Benefit"Richard J. LewisErik Mountain & Lucas O'ConnorApril 15, 2014 (2014-04-15)2J762010.74[69]
The new number is Congressman Roger McCourt (John Heard), a self-described dealmaker; the team is initially baffled, since he has no enemies and there seems to be no danger to his life at all. They eventually discover a connection to Decima: McCourt admits agreeing to help Decima with favorable legislation in the Congress (granting Decima access to government surveillance feeds), while Decima gives him insider stock trading tips. Reese concludes that they are meant to be the danger, as the Machine wants them to kill McCourt in order to prevent Decima killing many more people. Harold is disturbed at this conclusion, and leaves the team, not wishing to participate in an assassination. McCourt is secretly left alive, and proceeds with Decima's plan. Greer also approaches a reluctant Senator Garrison, offering him a 24-hour beta test of their machine. Garrison agrees, and Greer immediately uses Samaritan to start to track down Finch. Meanwhile, Root is travelling across the country, dealing with various relevant threats.
6621"Beta"Frederick E. O. ToyeSean Hennen & Dan DietzApril 29, 2014 (2014-04-29)2J762111.31[70]
With Finch having disappeared, Decima initiates their plan with Samaritan, and when unable to find Finch, they look for his closest connection and the number received is that of Finch's fiancee Grace. The Machine also provides Grace's number as a result, and Reese, Shaw and Root work to protect her while evading Decima, who use Samaritan to spy on them within the range of New York. Grace is eventually kidnapped and interviewed by Greer, who reveals his extensive knowledge of her and begins asking about her life with Finch. When he implies that Finch lied to her, Grace snaps and firmly tells Greer that Finch would never lie as Grace gave him her unbreakable trust. When the team manages to locate Decima's current HQ, Greer takes Grace and tells Reese and Shaw that they can get Grace back in exchange for giving them Finch. Finch agrees to the deal, and at Jefferson Bridge, Grace is blindfolded and brought to Reese and crew while Finch is taken by Decima. Reese later gives Grace an envelope, saying that she has been accepted for a job in Italy. Greer, meanwhile, finally meets Finch in person and sits down with him to talk.
6722"A House Divided"Chris FisherAmanda SegelMay 6, 2014 (2014-05-06)2J762210.50[71]
In a series of flashbacks to 2010, the narrative reveals the backstory on Collier, the face of Vigilance. His brother had been falsely accused of terrorist activities, held without trial, and had committed suicide as a result. The Machine's latest numbers include Control, Senator Garrison, a presidential assistant, and a seemingly unconcerned Greer. Vigilance kidnaps them, along with Finch, and the episode ends with Vigilance about to conduct a private trial of their detainees, while Reese and Shaw, along with Hersh (joining forces after a tense confrontation) watch from a closed-circuit TV screen set up for their benefit. Meanwhile, Root has discovered the location of the Samaritan system.
6823"Deus Ex Machina"Chris FisherGreg Plageman & David SlackMay 13, 2014 (2014-05-13)2J762310.95[72]
Collier continues his trial of the people rounded up in the previous episode. Flashbacks show how Collier was recruited by Vigilance. Reese and Hersh search for the venue of the trial. Root and Shaw smuggle servers into the Samaritan array. Fusco deals with a diversion created by Vigilance. The presidential assistant is put on the stand, and Collier kills him after he becomes defiant. The Senator refuses to identify his superior, but inadvertently gives away that he reports to Control. The Senator is spared. Control refuses to confirm or deny anything. Just as Collier is about to kill her, Finch stands up and confesses that he is the author of The Machine. With a Vigilance command post now compromised, Collier takes Finch, Greer, Control and the senator away to a nearby rooftop. In an ensuing gunfight, Collier is wounded. Greer explains to Collier that he and his Decima team were the creators of Vigilance, to provide a "devil" for Samaritan to justify itself, and that it was he himself who recruited Collier. Meanwhile, Hersh has been wounded in another gunfight, in the "trial" building. He discovers a booby-trapped bomb, and is unable to disengage it before it explodes, killing him and arriving police officers as well as anyone left inside the building from the trial. Greer's lieutenant then kills Collier, and is about to kill Finch just as Reese arrives and wounds Greer's gunman. In this gunfight, Harold gets a shoulder wound, but is able to take cover. Greer and his gunman are able to flee the scene. Finch and Reese leave the scene once the carnage is over. The principals all escape, but Samaritan is now being brought online. Root advises the team that they must abandon their library home and assume new identities. The servers that Root and Shaw had installed contain code that falsely report the team dead, and hides any information about their new identities. As Shaw, Root, Reese and Finch head off in different directions, and the remaining Vigilance team members are killed on the streets, the now fully operational Samaritan asks Greer for commands. Greer turns the question around and asks Samaritan what commands it has for Greer's team. The episode ends with the Samaritan screen displaying, "Calculating response."

Season 4 (2014)[edit]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction
U.S. viewers
691"Panopticon"Richard J. LewisErik Mountain & Greg PlagemanSeptember 23, 2014 (2014-09-23)3J540110.58[73]
The team must adjust to their cover lives: Finch is a visiting college professor, Reese is a NYPD narcotics detective, and Shaw works at the cosmetics counter in a department store. The Machine gives Reese a new number for Ali Hasan, who has developed a covert communications network using old VHF television antennas laced throughout the five boroughs of New York, making it invisible to Samaritan. When a gang known as "the Brotherhood" forces Hasan to give them his network, Hasan plants a bomb in a burner cell phone he gives the leader, but Reese prevents the bombing. In response to the bombing, Hasan's son Ben is kidnapped by the Brotherhood, leading Reese to hire Elias and give him the largest heroin drug supply on the East coast in exchange for helping to keep his NYPD cover clean while saving Hasan's son. Meanwhile, a mysterious female Decima agent (Cara Buono) arrives in New York to find anyone in the city that may be a threat to Samaritan's security. Harold and John meet in the park, where Harold gives him one of the phones which uses the invisible network Hasan had built, Hasan having decided to move his family elsewhere and start over. The Machine also sends a coded message to Harold through his cover's dissertation which leads him to a new underground hideout off of Decima's radar, using a forgotten Interborough Rapid Transit Company station. Reese (now Det. Riley) is transferred to the 8th Precinct Homicide task force following his career drug bust and is assigned as Fusco's new partner, sitting at Carter's old desk. Shaw is recruited to be the wheelman for a gang.
702"Nautilus"Chris FisherDan Dietz & Melissa Scrivner LoveSeptember 30, 2014 (2014-09-30)3J540210.72[75]
Reese and Finch work to save the life of Claire, a young, very intelligent mathematician who is heavily involved in solving a nautilus-themed cryptographic puzzle (based on the real world Cicada 3301 mystery[74]), a recruitment tool used to find gifted minds. But Claire is unaware that Silverpool, a private military firm from which she stole files for the game, is after her to recover those documents. Several times, Silverpool assassins are intercepted by Reese and Shaw just as they are about to kill Claire. Finch ultimately discovers that the Nautilus recruitment puzzle is being run by Samaritan. When Finch reaches out to her, warning against finishing the game, she doesn't listen and instead makes her way to the end of the game: the rooftop of a building in nautilus form. There, she is held at gunpoint by Silverpool operatives. Believing the game to be a lie, Claire is surprised when the operatives are shot dead by unseen snipers, but before she can react she discovers a message on a phone from Samaritan that states "I will protect you now" and Samaritan changes her status to "Asset". Through Claire's documents, Silverpool's atrocities are exposed, as is a Silverpool threat identification program that would have competed with Samaritan. Later that night, Finch reveals the new base of operations to Reese and Shaw, telling them that he is back to help in the fight against Samaritan.
713"Wingman"Frederick E. O. ToyeAmanda SegelOctober 7, 2014 (2014-10-07)3J54039.64[76]
The Machine's next number is Andre Cooper (Ryan O'Nan), a "wingman" - a professional "social liaison" who helps other men find dates. Fusco goes under cover and works with Cooper. It develops that Cooper had worked with members of a mob and is due to testify in a murder trial. Eventually Fusco and Cooper are taken captive by some mob members and are locked into a shipping container with the expectation that the brutal heat in the city will kill them from heatstroke. Reese, Shaw and Bear come to their rescue and are able to bring the mob gang in to their precinct headquarters. In the meantime, Root brings a reluctant Harold into another mob deal involving black market sales of military weapons. At a critical moment, Root shoots them in the knees and the police are tipped off. Precinct Captain Moreno (Monique Gabriela Curnen), who had been critical of Fusco and Reese earlier, congratulates them on their good work, while wondering about the signature technique of hitting the knees. Later, Fusco enjoys a date with an attractive woman he had met at one of Cooper's parties. Root and Harold survey the now-abandoned mob hideout and discover duffel bags full of money and weaponry - a chance for the team to provide ongoing funding for their work.
724"Brotherhood"Chris FisherDenise ThéOctober 14, 2014 (2014-10-14)3J54049.72[77]
Reese is assigned to the case of a drug deal gone bad between a gang of Armenians as well as "the Brotherhood", who were introduced in "Panopticon". The team's latest numbers belong to siblings Malcolm and Tracie Booker, who stole the drug money from the scene to bail their imprisoned mother out of jail. While Reese works with a DEA agent to protect the kids, Finch consults Elias about the Brotherhood's elusive leader Dominic; Shaw abducts an injured Brotherhood soldier, nicknamed "Mini", from the scene of the drug deal. The DEA agent is later revealed to be a mole working for Dominic within law enforcement and traps Reese and the kids within a Brotherhood assault, and while Fusco is able to save Reese, Malcolm tries making a deal with Dominic's right-hand man, Link, to protect his sister. Reese is able to save Malcolm, and Shaw forces Link to free Reese under the threat of burning the gang's heroin stash that Mini led her to. Shaw agrees to let Mini go, and he is picked up by Link the following day, who has also located the DEA agent (who was attempting to steal the drug money for herself). Mini reveals himself to in fact be Dominic and kills the agent, ordering that the Brotherhood release the kids' mother to induce gratitude and potential loyalty to the gang in them.
735"Prophets"Kenneth FinkLucas O'ConnorOctober 21, 2014 (2014-10-21)3J54059.40[78]
The Machine produces a new number which belongs to a political pollster named Simon Lee (Jason Ritter) participating in the New York gubernatorial election. When Murray, the candidate for whom Lee works loses, Lee becomes entangled in a conspiracy which is later revealed to be led by Samaritan. Harold assigns Shaw to watch over Lee who suspects (correctly) that the election was rigged, Reese on the other hand is scheduled to attend therapy sessions with a counselor due to his tendency to shoot people on the job. Initially he tries to smooth-talk the therapist, who is not fooled. Meanwhile, Root discloses to Harold that the machine has stopped talking to her fearing Samaritan would listen, and all that she gets are whispers. She admits feeling afraid. During the episode, the warmth between Root and Harold grows. The action comes to a head when operatives of Samaritan, who want Lee assassinated, and operatives of The Machine cross paths. Root offers to help Harold by providing a diversion and is injured in her attempt. Nonetheless she manages to divert Samaritan's focus from the target. Harold and Shaw produce fake data to convince Lee that his prediction about the election was incorrect. When Samaritan hears Lee tell Murray that he was wrong and that the election was honest, Samaritan changes Lee's status from "Threat" to "Non-Threat". Reese tells his therapist why he feels compelled to save people, referring to his failure to save Carter. The episode also shows the initial days of Harold and Nathan struggling to create a stable version of The Machine that actually cares for people. In the end Greer and the Samaritan operative from "Panopticon" (Cara Buono) discuss Samaritan's plans to gain political control by rigging elections, Samaritan instructs them to "Find the machine", and Harold looks into a traffic security camera and says "It's about time we had a talk", indicating that he wants to communicate with The Machine.
746"Pretenders"Stephen SurjikAshley GableOctober 28, 2014 (2014-10-28)3J54069.72[79]
Following the alleged suicide of a truck driver Abel, Finch and his team receive a new number that belongs to Walter Dang, who works at an insurance company. Since Finch has to travel to Hong Kong to present a paper, he asks Shaw to look after Bear and coordinate with Reese to look into Walter's life. As their investigation proceeds, it is revealed that the truck driver's sister is a colleague of Walter at the insurance company, and Walter, posing as a detective, is trying to find out who killed Abel. Walter gets dragged into a gang war that erupts between Elias and the unknown adversaries who want Walter dead. It is later shown that Abel, without his knowledge, was smuggling H.E (Barrett Firearms Manufacturing) weapons to the same gang in New York. Meanwhile, Harold has a skirmish with a petty robber in Hong Kong who steals his passport and his friend's laptop. It is later revealed that Harold himself had set up the robbery to tap into the laptop, because he suspects (correctly) that his friend is associated with Samaritan. Back in New York, Walter is abducted by the gang that wants to know the location of the truck which Abel drove and incidentally ditched, once he realized what he was smuggling. With Reese, Fusco, and Shaw hot on the heels of Walter, they discover the place where Walter is held. In the ensuing gunfight between Reese, Fusco, and the gang, Elias chips in and helps them. In the end, Elias meets with Dominic, the boss of The Brotherhood and it is shown that Dominic was the real mastermind behind the smuggled guns as he wanted to shift the balance of power in the city from Elias. Their conversation hints at a possible war about to start between the two factions in the near future.
757"Honor Among Thieves"Sylvain WhiteDavid SlackNovember 11, 2014 (2014-11-11)
768"Point of Origin"[80]Richard J. LewisTony CamerinoNovember 18, 2014 (2014-11-18)
779"The Devil You Know"[81]Richard J. LewisErik MountainNovember 25, 2014 (2014-11-25)
7810"The Cold War"[82]Michael OfferAmanda Segel
7911"If-Then-Else"[83]Chris FisherDenise Thé
8012"Control Alt Delete"[84]Stephen SurjikAndy Callahan
8113"M.I.A."[85]Kevin BrayLucas O'Connor


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