List of Pennsylvania railroads

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The following railroads operate in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.

Common freight carriers[edit]

Private freight carriers[edit]

Passenger carriers[edit]

Museums and historic sites[edit]

Defunct railroads[edit]

NameMarkSystem[nb 1]FromToSuccessorNotes
Addison and Pennsylvania RailwayB&O18871898Susquehanna and New York Railroad
Addison and Northern Pennsylvania RailwayB&O18821887Addison and Pennsylvania Railway
Aliquippa and Southern RailroadALQS19062002Aliquippa and Ohio River Railroad
Allegheny RailroadALY19851992Allegheny and Eastern Railroad
Allegheny and Bald Eagle Railroad, Coal and Iron CompanyPRR18391859Bellefonte and Snowshoe Railroad
Allegheny and Eastern RailroadALY1992Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad
Allegheny Junction Railroad18981907N/A
Allegheny and South Side RailwayAYSS1892
Allegheny Southern RailwayASRW19821985Everett Railroad
Allegheny Terminal Company1899
Allegheny Valley RailroadPRR18521891Allegheny Valley Railway
Allegheny Valley RailwayPRR18921910Pennsylvania Railroad
Allegheny and Western RailwayB&O1896Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
Allentown RailroadRDG18531945Reading Company
Allentown Terminal RailroadCNJ/ RDG18881976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Altoona and Beech Creek Railroad18971910Altoona, Juniata and Northern Railway
Altoona, Clearfield and Northern Railroad18911897Altoona and Beech Creek Railroad
Altoona, Juniata and Northern Railway19101913Altoona Northern Railroad
Altoona Northern Railroad19121919N/A
Altoona and Philipsburg Connecting Railroad18921906New York and Pittsburgh Air Line Railroad
Anthracite RailwayATRW19831989Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad
Arnot and Pine Creek RailroadERIE18811937Tioga Railroad
Atlantic and Great Western RailroadERIE18711880New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad
Atlantic and Great Western RailroadERIE18581865Atlantic and Great Western Railway
Atlantic and Great Western RailwayERIE18651871Atlantic and Great Western Railroad
Auburn and Port Clinton RailroadRDG18541857Allentown Railroad
Altoona and Wopsononock Railroad18901891Altoona, Clearfield and Northern Railroad
Bachman Valley RailroadWM18711886Baltimore and Harrisburg Railway
Bald Eagle Valley RailroadPRR18611908Pennsylvania Railroad
Baltimore Coal and Union Railroad CompanyD&H18681871Northern Coal and Iron Company
Baltimore and Cumberland Valley RailroadWM18781917Western Maryland Railway
Baltimore and Cumberland Valley Railroad Extension CompanyWM1880Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
Baltimore and Hanover RailroadWM18771886Baltimore and Harrisburg Railway
Baltimore and Harrisburg RailwayWM18861917Western Maryland Railway
Baltimore and Harrisburg Railway (Eastern Extension)WM18881917Western Maryland Railway
Baltimore and Harrisburg Railway (Western Extension)WM18881917Western Maryland Railway
Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad18911894York Southern Railroad
Baltimore and Ohio RailroadB&O, BOB&O18761987Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in PennsylvaniaB&O19121980Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Baltimore and Ohio Short Line RailroadB&O18851887Wheeling, Pittsburgh and Baltimore Railroad
Baltimore and Philadelphia RailroadB&O18831989CSX Transportation
Baltimore and Philadelphia RailwayB&O18831883Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad
Bangor and Bath RailroadDL&W18801880Bangor and Portland Railway
Bangor and Portland RailwayDL&W18791909Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Barclay RailroadLV18911902Susquehanna and New York Railroad
Barclay Coal CompanyLV18621891Barclay Railroad
Barclay Railroad and Coal CompanyLV18541862Barclay Coal Company
Bare Rock Railroad1892
Bear Creek RailroadB&LE18651867Shenango and Allegheny Railroad
Beaver Connecting Railroad
Beaver and Ellwood RailroadPLE18901916Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Beaver Meadow Railroad and Coal CompanyLV18301864Lehigh Valley Railroad
Beaver Meadow, Tresckow and New Boston RailroadCNJ1894N/A
Beaver Valley RailroadPLE/ PRR18991941Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad, Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Bedford Railroad18591864Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad and Coal Company
Bedford and Blair County RailroadPRR18931894Pennsylvania Midland Railroad
Bedford and Bridgeport RailroadPRR18681891Bedford and Bridgeport Railway
Bedford and Bridgeport RailwayPRR18911911Hollidaysburg, Bedford and Cumberland Railroad
Bedford and Hollidaysburg RailroadPRR19021911Hollidaysburg, Bedford and Cumberland Railroad
Beech Creek RailroadNYC18861976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Beech Creek, Clearfield and Southwestern RailroadNYC18831886Beech Creek Railroad
Beech Creek Extension RailroadNYC19011961New York Central Railroad
Bellefonte and Buffalo Run Railroad18821882Buffalo Run, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Railroad
Bellefonte Central RailroadBFC18921985Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad
Bellefonte, Nittany and Lemont RailroadPRR18831889Bald Eagle Valley Railroad
Bellefonte and Snowshoe RailroadPRR18591881Bald Eagle Valley Railroad
Bell's Gap RailroadPRR18711889Pennsylvania and North Western Railroad
Bells Run Railroad1903
Belvidere Delaware RailroadPRR18961958United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company
Berks and Chester RailroadRDG18641866Wilmington and Reading Railroad
Berks County RailroadRDG18711874Reading and Lehigh Railroad
Berlin RailroadB&O18791912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Berlin Branch Railroad18761903East Berlin Railway
Bethlehem RailroadLNE18611864Lehigh and Lackawanna Railroad
Big Level and Bradford RailroadB&O18811883Pittsburgh, Bradford and Buffalo Railway
Big Level and Kinzua RailroadB&O18811911Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Binghamton, Towanda and Western RailwayLV19021902Susquehanna and New York Railroad
Blacklick and Yellow Creek Railroad19041911Cambria and Indiana Railroad
Blacksville and Western RailwayMGA19171917Morgantown and Wheeling Railway
Bloom Run Railroad1902
Bloomsburg and Sullivan RailroadBBSRDG18831928Reading Company
Blue Mountain and Reading RailroadBMRG19831995East Penn Railways
Bradford RailroadPRR19111932Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Bradford RailwayPRR18811911Bradford Railroad
Bradford, Bordell and Kinzua Railroad18801892Bradford, Bordell and Kinzua Railway
Bradford, Bordell and Kinzua Railway18921903Buffalo, Bradford and Kane Railroad
Bradford, Bordell and Smethport Railroad18801892Bradford, Bordell and Kinzua Railway
Bradford and Foster Brook Railway18771879N/A
Bradford Industrial RailBR19932004Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad
Bradford and State Line RailroadB&O18811881Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad
Bradford and Western Pennsylvania Railroad1891
Bridgeport and Widemire RailwayB&O18961913Clearfield and Mahoning Railway
Bristol Industrial Terminal RailwayBITY19921997Penn Eastern Rail Lines
Brock Railroad1903
Brockport and Shawmut RailroadERIE18861940New York, Lake Erie and Western Coal and Railroad Company
Brockwayville and Punxsutawney RailroadB&O18821891Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Brooks Mills and Altoona RailroadPRR18941894Pennsylvania Midland Railroad
Brookville Railway1896
Brookville and Mahoning RailroadPS&N19031909Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad
Brownstone and Middletown Railroad1892N/A
Brownsville RailwayPRR18751880Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway
Brownsville and New Haven RailwayB&O18761882Ohio and Baltimore Short Line Railway
Brownsville and State Line RailroadPRR18931894Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway
Bruce and Clairton RailroadP&WV19011902West Side Belt Railroad
Buffalo and Bradford RailroadERIE18561859Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh Railroad
Buffalo, Bradford and Kane Railroad19041931N/AOperated by Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad
Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh RailroadERIE18591941Erie Railroad
Buffalo, Chautauqua Lake and Pittsburgh RailwayPRR18791880Pittsburgh, Titusville and Buffalo Railway
Buffalo, Corry and Pittsburgh RailroadPRR18671872Corry and State Line Railroad
Buffalo, Cleveland and Chicago RailwayNKP18811881New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railway
Buffalo Coal and Iron CompanyDL&W18561860Continental Coal Company
Buffalo and Erie RailroadNYC18671869Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia RailroadPRR18831887Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway of Pennsylvania
Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia RailwayPRR18711883Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railroad
Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Western RailroadPRR18811883Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railroad
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RailwayBR&PB&O1887Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
Buffalo Run, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Railroad18821891Bellefonte Central Railroad
Buffalo and St. Marys RailroadPS&N18951897Buffalo, St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad
Buffalo, St. Marys and Southwestern RailroadPS&N18971899Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad
Buffalo and Susquehanna RailroadB&SB&O18911954Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Buffalo and Susquehanna RailwayB&O19071910N/ALeased the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Buffalo Valley RailroadB&O18681879Berlin Railroad
Buffalo and Washington RailwayPRR18661871Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railway
Bustleton RailroadPRR18911902Connecting Railway
Bustleton and Eastern RailroadPRR18931893Philadelphia, Bustleton and Trenton Railroad
Butler and Pittsburgh RailroadB&LE18961897Pittsburg, Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
Caledonia Iron, Land and Railroad CompanyPRR18671869Southern Pennsylvania Iron and Railroad Company
Cambria and Clearfield RailroadPRR18871903Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Cambria and Clearfield RailwayPRR19031913Pennsylvania Railroad
Cambria County RailroadNYC18961898Beech Creek Railroad
Cambria and Indiana RailroadCI19111994N/A
Cammal and Black Forest Railway1894
Canoe Creek RailroadNYC19001901Beech Creek Extension Railroad
Carbon Limestone RailroadPLE18941894Mahoning State Line Railroad
Catasauqua and Fogelsville RailroadRDG18541944Reading Company
Catawissa RailroadRDG18601953Reading Company
Catawissa, Williamsport and Erie RailroadRDG18491860Catawissa Railroad
Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania RailwayCQPA20012004Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad
Central Railroad of New JerseyCNJCNJ19521976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Central Railroad of New JerseyCNJCNJ18711946Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
Central Railroad of PennsylvaniaCRPCNJ19441976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Central Railroad of Pennsylvania18911918N/A
Central Pennsylvania Railroad18891891Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
Central Pennsylvania Railroad (Eastern Extension)18901891Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
Central Pennsylvania and Western RailroadPRR18931902Susquehanna, Bloomsburg, and Berwick Railroad
Central Trunk RailwayNYC18681909Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield Railroad
Chambersburg and Gettysburg Railroad1890
Chambersburg, Greencastle and Hagerstown RailroadPRR18531859Franklin Railroad
Chapman and Lehigh RailwayDL&W18811882Bangor and Portland Railway
Chartiers RailwayPRR18671907Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway
Chartiers Connecting RailroadPRR18811899Chartiers Railway
Chartiers and Mansfield Valley RailwayPLE/ PRR18801881Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway
Chartiers Southern RailwayMGA19061929Monongahela Railway
Chartiers Valley RailroadPRR18531866Chartiers Railway
Cheat Haven RailroadB&O19021907Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburg Railroad
Cheat Haven and Bruceton RailroadB&O19111965N/A
Cheat River RailroadB&O18961907Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburg Railroad
Cherry Grove Railroad18841894Tionesta Valley Railway
Cherry Springs RailroadB&O18931893Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Cherry Tree and Dixonville RailroadNYC/ PRR19031970Penn Central Transportation Company
Chesapeake and Ohio RailwayCO19871987CSX Transportation
Chester Creek RailroadPRR18661917Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Chester and Delaware River RailroadRDG18711923Reading Company
Chester Valley RailroadRDG18501888Philadelphia and Chester Valley Railroad
Chester Valley RailwayCHTS19961997Penn Eastern Rail Lines
Chestnut Hill RailroadRDG18481948Reading Company
Chestnut Ridge Railroad of Pennsylvania18981902Chestnut Ridge Railway
Chestnut Ridge RailwayCHR19022003Chestnut Ridge RailroadOwned by New Jersey Zinc and successors from 1907
Cheswick and Harmar RailroadCHH19011972N/AFormerly owned by Duquesne Light
Clarion and Jefferson Railroad19041904Pittsburgh, Summerville and Clarion Railroad
Clarion River Railway18891948N/A
Clarion and Summerville Railroad19001901Clarion, Summerville and Pittsburgh Railroad
Clarion, Summerville and Pittsburgh Railroad19011903
Clearfield and Jefferson RailwayPRR18851889Bell's Gap Railroad
Clearfield and Mahoning RailwayB&O1892Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of R.J. Corman Railroad/Pennsylvania Lines
Clearfield Southern RailroadNYC18981905Beech Creek Extension Railroad
Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula RailroadNYC18541868Lake Shore Railway
Cleveland and Pittsburgh RailroadPRR18501976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Coal Glen Railroad1889
Colebrook Valley RailroadPRR18811886Cornwall and Lebanon Railroad
Colebrookdale RailroadRDG18651945Reading Company
Columbia BankPRR18521864Columbia Bridge Company
Columbia Bank and Bridge CompanyPRR18371852Columbia Bank
Columbia Bridge CompanyPRR18641871Pennsylvania Railroad
Columbia Bridge CompanyPRR18351837Columbia Bank and Bridge Company
Columbia and Maryland Line RailroadPRR18601864Columbia and Port Deposit Railroad
Columbia and Port Deposit RailroadPRR18641890Columbia and Port Deposit Railway
Columbia and Port Deposit RailwayPRR18901916Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Columbus and Erie RailroadERIE19051941Erie Railroad
Conemaugh and Black Lick RailroadCBL1923Lehigh Valley Rail Management
Conewango Valley RailroadNYC18701870Dunkirk, Warren and Pittsburgh Railway
Confluence and Oakland RailroadB&O18901941N/A
Confluence and State Line RailroadB&O18891890Confluence and Oakland Railroad
Connecting RailwayPRR18631976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Connection RailroadNYC18701871Junction Railroad
Connellsville Central RailroadMGA19021905Connellsville and Monongahela Railway
Connellsville and Monongahela RailwayMGA1905N/A
Connellsville and State Line RailwayWM19101917Western Maryland Railway
Connequenessing Valley RailroadB&LE18811882West Penn and Shenango Connecting Railroad
Consolidated Rail CorporationCR19761999CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern Railway
Continental Coal CompanyDL&W18601865Keyser Valley Railroad
Corning, Cowanesque and Antrim RailwayNYC18731892Fall Brook Railway
Cornwall RailroadCWLRDG18701968Reading Company
Cornwall and Lebanon RailroadC&LPRR18821918Pennsylvania Railroad
Cornwall and Mount Hope RailroadRDG18831886Cornwall Railroad
Corry and State Line RailroadPRR18791879Buffalo, Chautauqua Lake and Pittsburgh Railway
Coudersport and Pine Creek Railroad18891895Coudersport and Port Allegany Railroad
Coudersport and Port Allegany RailroadCPA18821970N/AOwned by Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad
Coudersport and Wellsboro RailroadB&O18921894Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Cowanesque Valley RailroadNYC18691874Corning, Cowanesque and Antrim Railway
Crane RailroadLNE19051914Lehigh and New England Railroad
Cresson RailroadPRR18911891Cambria and Clearfield Railroad
Cresson and Clearfield County and New York Short Route RailroadPRR18821894Cresson and Irvona Railroad
Cresson and Irvona RailroadPRR18941903Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Cross Cut RailroadPRR18641867Buffalo, Corry and Pittsburgh Railroad
Cross Fork RailroadB&O18931893Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Cumberland Valley RailroadPRR18311919Pennsylvania Railroad
Cumberland Valley and Waynesboro RailroadPRR19011906Cumberland Valley Railroad
Curwensville and Bower RailroadNYC19031905Beech Creek Extension Railroad
Dahoga and Highland Railroad
Dallastown Railroad18981902Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad
Danville, Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre RailroadPRR18671878Sunbury, Hazleton and Wilkesbarre Railway
Danville and Pottsville RailroadPRR18261851Philadelphia and Sunbury Railroad
Darlington Cannel Coal RailroadPLE/ PRR18521855Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western Railroad, Pittsburgh, Marion and Chicago Railway
Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal CompanyRDG18381859Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad
Dawson, Broadford and Mount Pleasant RailroadPLE18811882Pittsburgh, McKeesport and Youghiogheny Railroad
Delaware and Chester County RailroadB&O18671869Wilmington and Western Railroad
Delaware and Cobb's Gap RailroadDL&W18491853Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Delaware and Hudson CompanyD&H18991930Delaware and Hudson Railroad
Delaware and Hudson RailroadD&HD&H19301968Delaware and Hudson Railway
Delaware and Hudson Canal CompanyD&H18261899Delaware and Hudson Company
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western RailroadDL&W, DLWDL&W18531960Erie–Lackawanna Railroad
Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna RailroadLV18461853Lehigh Valley Railroad
Delaware River Railroad and Bridge CompanyPRR18961954Penndel Company
Delaware River and Lancaster Railroad18681893N/A
Delaware River and Union RailroadDR&U19021941N/AOwned by Sunoco
Delaware and Slatington RailroadLNE18811882Pennsylvania, Slatington and New England Railroad
Delaware, Susquehanna and Schuylkill RailroadLV18901949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Delaware Valley Railroad18991903Delaware Valley Railway
Delaware Valley RailwayDV19941999Brandywine Valley Railroad
Delaware Valley Railway19041937N/A
Delaware Valley Railway1899Delaware Valley, Hudson and Lehigh Railroad
Delaware Valley, Hudson and Lehigh Railroad18981899Delaware Valley Railroad
Delaware Western RailroadB&O18771883Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad
Dent's Run Railroad1903N/A
Dillsburg and Mechanicsburg RailroadPRR18711906Cumberland Valley Railroad
Doe Run and White Clay Creek RailroadPRR18681870Pennsylvania and Delaware Railroad
Donora Southern RailroadDSO1902N/A
Downingtown and Lancaster RailroadPRR18881903Pennsylvania Railroad
Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh RailroadNYC18731914New York Central Railroad
Dunkirk, Warren and Pittsburgh RailwayNYC18701873Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad
Eagles Mere Railroad18911922Eagles Mere Railway
Eagles Mere Railway19221927N/A
East Berlin RailroadEB19141939N/A
East Berlin Railway19031914East Berlin Railroad
East Brandywine RailroadPRR18541860East Brandywine and Waynesburg Railroad
East Brandywine and Waynesburg RailroadPRR18601888Downingtown and Lancaster Railroad
East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company18561956N/AContinued as a tourist railroad
East Mahanoy RailroadRDG18541951Reading Company
East Mahanoy and Hazleton RailroadEMHR19921996Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad
East Penn RailwaysEPRY19952007East Penn Railroad
East Pennsylvania RailroadRDG18571976Consolidated Rail Corporation
East Stroudsburg and Matamoras Railroad1899Delaware Valley, Hudson and Lehigh Railroad
Eastern Railroad19011925Monongahela Connecting Railroad
Easton and Northern RailroadLV18891949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Easton and Western RailroadCNJ19141944Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
Ebensburg and Black Lick RailroadPRR18931903Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Ebensburg and Cresson RailroadPRR18591891Cresson Railroad
Eddystone and Delaware River RailroadPRR18991918Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Elk and Highland Railroad18981913Elk and Highland Railway
Elk and Highland Railway19131913Tionesta Valley Railway
Elk Lick Coal, Lumber and Iron CompanyB&O18681871Salisbury and Baltimore Railroad and Coal Company
Ellwood Connecting RailroadPLE18921911Beaver and Ellwood Railroad
Ellwood Short Line RailroadB&O18901912Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Ellwood Southern RailroadPLE18991899Beaver and Ellwood Railroad
Elmira and Williamsport RailroadPRR18601969Penndel Company
Emlenton and Shippenville RailroadB&O18751877Emlenton, Shippenville and Clarion Railway
Emlenton, Shippenville and Clarion RailwayB&O18771881Pittsburgh, Bradford and Buffalo Railway
Emporium and Mount Jewett RailroadPS&N18951897Mount Jewett, Clermont and Northern Railroad
Emporium and Rich Valley Railroad1891
Engelside RailroadPRR18921902Connecting Railway
Enterprise RailroadRDG18651870Mahanoy and Shamokin Railroad
Erie RailroadERIEERIE18951960Erie–Lackawanna Railroad
Erie RailwayERIE18611878New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad
Erie–Lackawanna RailroadEL19601968Erie Lackawanna Railway
Erie Lackawanna RailwayEL19681976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Erie and North East RailroadNYC, PRR18421867Buffalo and Erie Railroad, Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad
Erie and Ohio Rail RoadNYC18491854Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula RailroadBuilt by the Franklin Canal Company
Erie and Pittsburgh RailroadPRR18581976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Erie, Shenango and Pittsburgh RailwayB&LE18861888Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie Railroad
Erie and State Line RailroadNKP18871887New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad
Erie Terminal RailroadB&LE18911893Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie Railroad
Erie and Wyoming Valley RailroadERIE18821941Erie Railroad
Eriton RailroadERIE19061933N/A
Etna and Montrose Railroad18961961N/A
Fair Hill RailroadPRR18921902Connecting Railway
Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburg RailroadB&O18931989CSX Transportation
Fall Brook RailwayNYC18921909Geneva, Corning and Southern Railroad
Falls Creek Railroad18891897Reynoldsville and Falls Creek Railroad
Farmers' RailroadPRR18621868Warren and Franklin Railway
Fayette County RailroadB&O18571912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Forest City and State Line RailroadO&W18891889Ontario, Carbondale and Scranton Railway
Foxburg, Kane and Bradford RailroadB&O18791881Pittsburgh, Bradford and Buffalo Railway
Foxburg, St. Petersburg and Clarion RailroadB&O18771881Pittsburgh, Bradford and Buffalo Railway
Frankford Creek RailroadPRR18901891Kensington and Tacony Railroad
Frankford and Holmesburg RailroadPRR18631890Bustleton Railroad
Franklin RailroadPRR18591865Cumberland Valley Railroad
Franklin RailroadPRR18321850Chambersburg, Greencastle and Hagerstown Railroad
Franklin Canal CompanyNYC18491854Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula Railroad
Franklin and Clearfield RailroadNYC19021909Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield Railroad
Gaffney and James City RailroadB&O19131940N/A
Gaines and State Line RailroadPRR18751876Geneva, Hornellsville and Pine Creek Railway
Galeton and Eastern RailroadB&O18981901Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Galeton, South Branch and Germania Railroad
Garfield and Cherry Grove Railroad18821884Cherry Grove Railroad
Geneva, Corning and Southern RailroadNYC19091914New York Central Railroad
Geneva, Hornellsville and Pine Creek RailwayPRR18761879Lake Ontario Southern Railway
Gettysburg Railroad (1976-1996)GETY19761996Gettysburg Railway
Gettysburg RailroadWM18531870Susquehanna, Gettysburg and Potomac Railway
Gettysburg RailwayGBRY19962001Gettysburg and Northern Railroad
Gettysburg and Harrisburg RailroadRDG18821891Gettysburg and Harrisburg Railway
Gettysburg and Harrisburg RailwayRDG18911945Reading Company
Girardville RailroadPRR18921893Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad
Glen Hazel and Shawmut Railroad1893Ketner, St. Mary's and Shawmut Railroad
Glenwood RailroadB&O18961912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Good Spring RailroadRDG18631871Lebanon and Tremont Railroad
Grassy Island RailroadERIE18871936Moosic Mountain and Carbondale Railroad
Grays Run RailwayLV19031903Susquehanna and New York Railroad
Greenlick Railway1892N/A
Greenlick Narrow Gauge Railway18741892Greenlick Railway
Hanover Branch RailroadWM18491874Hanover Junction, Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad
Hanover Junction, Hanover and Gettysburg RailroadWM18741886Baltimore and Harrisburg Railway
Hanover Junction and Susquehanna RailroadRDG18761881Reading, Marietta and Hanover Railroad
Hanover and Newport RailroadDL&W18941909Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Hanover and York RailroadPRR18731897York, Hanover and Frederick Railroad
Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mountjoy and Lancaster RailroadPRR18351917Pennsylvania Railroad
Harrisburg and Potomac RailroadRDG18711890Harrisburg and Shippensburg Railroad
Harrisburg and Shippensburg RailroadRDG18901890Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh Railroad
Harrisburg Terminal RailroadRDG18891890Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh Railroad
Hazleton RailroadLV18651868Lehigh Valley Railroad
Hazleton Coal CompanyLV18361865Hazleton Railroad
Hempfield RailroadB&O18501871Wheeling, Pittsburgh and Baltimore Railroad
Hickory Valley Railroad18871938N/A
Hicks Run Railroad1905
Hollidaysburg, Bedford and Cumberland RailroadPRR19111914Pennsylvania Railroad
Hooverhurst and South Western RailroadNYC19021913Beech Creek Extension Railroad
Howard Coal and Iron CompanyD&H18641867Union Coal Company
Hunter's Run and Slate Belt RailroadRDG18911910Gettysburg and Harrisburg Railway
Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad and Coal CompanyH&BT18521954Everett Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad
Indian Creek Valley RailwayB&O19021972N/A
Ironton RailroadIRNLV/ RDG18591976Consolidated Rail Corporation
ISS Rail, Inc.ISSR1993New Castle Industrial Railroad
Jackson Coal RailroadNYC18831909Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield Railroad
Jamestown and Franklin RailroadNYC18621909Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield Railroad
Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield RailroadNYC19091915New York Central Railroad
Jeddo and Carbon County RailroadLV18541856Lehigh and Luzerne Railroad
Jefferson RailroadERIE18511941Erie Railroad
Jefferson and Allegheny RailwayB&O18941898Allegheny and Western Railway
Jersey Shore and Antes Fort Railroad1904
Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buffalo RailwayNYC18701884Pine Creek Railway
Johnsonburg RailroadPRR18871928Pennsylvania Railroad
Johnsonburgh RailroadB&O18871888Johnsonburgh and Bradford Railroad
Johnsonburgh and Bradford RailroadB&O18881907Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Johnsonburg, Kane, Warren and Irvine RailroadJKWI19821985Allegheny Railroad
Johnstown and Stony Creek RailroadJ&SC, JSC18881983N/A
Jones Lake RailroadERIE18871894Erie and Wyoming Valley Railroad
Junction RailroadPRR18601908Pennsylvania Railroad
Junction RailroadNYC18701871Jamestown and Franklin Railroad
Juniata and Southern Railroad19131917N/A
Kane Railroad18991931N/AOperated by Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad
Kane and Elk Railroad18951946N/A
Karns City and Butler RailroadB&O18731881Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Keating and Smethport Railroad18991931N/AOperated by Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad
Kendall and Eldred Railroad18771893N/AOperated by Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad
Kensington and Tacony RailroadPRR18841902Connecting Railway
Kersey RailroadPS&N19001947N/A
Ketner, Elbon and Shawmut Railroad18921893Ketner, St. Mary's and Shawmut Railroad
Ketner and Kay Fork Railway1901
Ketner, St. Mary's and Shawmut Railroad1893
Keyser Valley RailroadDL&W18651865Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Kinzua RailroadPRR19111911Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Kinzua RailwayPRR18811911Kinzua Railroad
Kinzua Hemlock Railroad18901936N/AOperated by Valley Railroad
Kinzua and Tiona Railroad1897
Kinzua Valley RailroadPRR18891911Kinzua Railroad
Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad18921940N/A
Kittanning Run Railroad1905
Knox and Kane RailroadKKRR19822006N/A
Kushequa RailroadB&O18981931Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad
Lackawanna RailwayLRWY19911993Delaware–Lackawanna Railroad
Lackawanna and Bloomsburg RailroadDL&W18521873Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Lackawanna and Montrose RailroadDL&W18891928Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Lackawanna Valley RailroadLVAL19851993Delaware–Lackawanna Railroad
Lackawanna and Western RailroadDL&W18511853Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RailroadL&WVDL&W19011960Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RailwayElectric until 1953
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RailwayL&WV, LWVDL&W19591976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Lackawaxen and Stourbridge RailroadLASB19761989Stourbridge Railroad
Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion RailroadLEF19131992N/A
Lake Ontario Southern RailwayPRR18791882Sodus Bay and Southern Railway (NY)Sold at foreclosure; no property in Pennsylvania
Lake Shore RailwayNYC18681869Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern RailwayNYC18691914New York Central Railroad
Lancaster and Northern Railroad1906Never operated revenue service.
Lancaster Northern RailwayLANO19951997Penn Eastern Rail Lines
Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railroad18901912Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railway
Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railway19121918N/A
Lancaster and Quarryville RailroadPRR19041915Pennsylvania Railroad
Lancaster and Reading Narrow Gauge RailroadPRR18711904Lancaster and Quarryville Railroad
Latrobe and Ligonier Railroad18531871Ligonier Valley Railroad
Lawrence RailroadPRR18651887Youngstown, Lawrence and Pittsburgh Railroad
Lawrence Railroad and Transportation CompanyPRR18641865Lawrence Railroad
Lebanon Belt RailwayPRR18891891Cornwall and Lebanon Railroad
Lebanon and Tremont RailroadRDG18711871Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Lebanon Valley RailroadRDG18501858Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Leetonia Railway1899
Lehigh and Delaware RailroadLNE19041904Lehigh and New England Railroad
Lehigh and Delaware Gap RailroadCNJ18571867Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
Lehigh and Hudson River RailwayL&HR, LHR18891976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Lehigh and Lackawanna RailroadLNE18641904Lehigh and Delaware Railroad
Lehigh Luzerne RailroadLV18571868Lehigh Valley Railroad
Lehigh and Luzerne RailroadLV18561857Lehigh Luzerne Railroad
Lehigh and Mahanoy RailroadLV18621866Lehigh Valley Railroad
Lehigh and New England RailroadLNELNE18951961Lehigh and New England Railway
Lehigh and New England RailwayLNECNJ19611976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Lehigh Coal and Navigation CompanyCNJ18371978Consolidated Rail Corporation
Lehigh Valley RailroadLVLV18531976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Lewisburg and Buffalo Valley Railroad18971906N/A
Lewisburg, Centre and Spruce Creek RailroadPRR18531879Lewisburg and Tyrone Railroad
Lewisburg and Tyrone RailroadPRR18801913Lewisburg and Tyrone Railway
Lewisburg and Tyrone RailwayPRR19131915Pennsylvania Railroad
Liggett's Gap RailroadDL&W18321851Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Ligonier Valley RailroadLGV18711952N/A
Little Saw Mill Run RailroadP&WV18501897West Side Belt Railroad
Little Schuylkill Navigation, Railroad and Coal CompanyRDG18291952Reading Company
Little Schuylkill and Susquehanna RailroadRDG18351849Catawissa, Williamsport and Erie Railroad
Littlestown RailroadPRR18541892Hanover and York Railroad
Locust Gap Improvement CompanyRDG18541864Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Lorberry Creek RailroadRDG18431871Lebanon and Tremont Railroad
Loyalhanna and Youghiogheny RailroadNYC18941895Pittsburgh and Eastern Railroad
Loyalsock RailroadLV18841949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Lykens Valley Railroad and Coal CompanyPRR18301956Penndel Company
Mahanoy and Broad Mountain RailroadRDG18601870Mahanoy and Shamokin Railroad
Mahanoy and Shamokin Improvement CompanyRDG18501856Trevorton Coal and Railroad Company
Mahanoy and Shamokin RailroadRDG18701871Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Mahanoy Valley RailroadRDG18681870Mahanoy and Shamokin Railroad
Mahoning and Shenango Valley RailwayNYC19631976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Mahoning State Line RailroadPLE1894Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
Mahoning Valley RailroadB&O18901967Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Main Line of Public WorksPRR18281857Pennsylvania Railroad
Manns Choice and Hyndman RailroadPRR18941894Pennsylvania Midland Railroad
Manufacturers RailroadRDG18701873Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Manufacturers Terminal Railway
Mapleton and Rocky Ridge Railway1891
Marginal Railroad18801890Pennsylvania Company
Martins Creek RailroadPRR18851896Belvidere Delaware Railroad
Maryland Central Railway18881891Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad
Maryland and Pennsylvania RailroadM&PA, MPA1901Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of the York Railway
Masontown and New Salem RailroadMGA18991905Connellsville and Monongahela Railway
Mauch Chunk Railroad18261872Continued as a tourist railroad
McKean and Buffalo RailroadPRR18741911Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway
McKees Rocks Railroad18991899Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad
McKeesport and Belle Vernon RailroadPLE18861890Pittsburgh, McKeesport and Youghiogheny Railroad
McKeesport and Bessemer RailroadPRR18881894Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway
McKeesport Terminal Railroad1896
McLaughlin Line RailroadMCLR1985N/A
McLaughlin's and Saw Mill Run RailwayPLE/ PRR18811881Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway
Mead Run Railroad18971931N/AOperated by Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad
Meadow Lands and Zediker RailroadPRR19031907Chartiers Railway
Meadville RailroadERIE18571858Atlantic and Great Western Railroad
Meadville RailwayB&LE18801884Meadville and Linesville Railway
Meadville, Conneaut Lake and Linesville RailroadB&LE18911948Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
Meadville and Linesville RailwayB&LE18841891Meadville, Conneaut Lake and Linesville Railroad
Medix Run RailroadB&O18861905Susquehanna and Southern Railroad
Mercer Valley Railroad1900
Mercersburg RailwayMERW19781980Consolidated Rail Corporation
Middle Creek RailroadPRR18651870Sunbury and Lewistown Railroad
Middletown and Hummelstown RailroadRDG18881923Reading Company
Midland Pennsylvania Railroad1910
Midland Terminal CompanyMDLR19832003Pennsylvania Southwestern Railroad
Midway and Oakdale RailwayPRR19001909Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway
Mifflin and Centre County RailroadPRR18601896Sunbury and Lewistown Railroad
Mill Creek RailroadPRR18651865Reno, Oil Creek and Pithole Railway
Mill Creek and Mine Hill Navigation and Railroad CompanyRDG18281950Reading Company
Mill Creek Valley RailroadPS&N18991899Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad
Millersburg RailroadPRR18991903Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Millville and North Mountain RailroadPRR18861887Wilkesbarre and Western Railway
Milton and North Mountain RailroadPRR18851887Wilkesbarre and Western Railway
Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven RailroadRDG18291951Reading Company
Miramar Iron CompanyRDG18701871Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad
Mocanaqua and Eastern Railroad
Monessen Southwestern Railway1912
Monongahela RailroadMGA19001915Monongahela Railway
Monongahela RailwayMGAMGA19151993Consolidated Rail Corporation
Monongahela Connecting RailroadMGAC, MCRR18852002Allegheny Valley Railroad
Monongahela and Ohio RailroadMGA19121933Monongahela Railway
Monongahela River and Streets Run RailroadPRR18921894Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway
Monongahela Southern Railroad18971937Union Railroad
Monongahela Valley RailroadPRR18671870Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway
Monongahela and Washington RailroadPRR18991904Pennsylvania Railroad
Mont Alto RailroadPRR18711901Cumberland Valley and Waynesboro Railroad
Montour RailroadM, MTRMTR18771983N/A
Montrose RailroadLV19051949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Montrose RailwayLV18691905Montrose Railroad
Moosic Mountain and Carbondale RailroadERIE18871941Erie Railroad
Morgantown and Wheeling RailwayM&WMGA19171923Scotts Run Railway
Moshannon RailroadPRR18631881Bald Eagle Valley Railroad
Moshannon and Clearfield RailroadPRR18801884Tyrone and Clearfield Railway
Mount Carmel RailroadRDG19071952N/A
Mount Carmel and Natalie RailroadRDG18911906Mount Carmel Railroad
Mount Carbon RailroadRDG18291872Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Mount Carbon and Port Carbon RailroadRDG18421949Reading Company
Mount Eagle and Tremont RailroadRDG18531862Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven Railroad
Mount Jewett, Clermont and Northern RailroadPS&N18971899Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad
Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville RailroadB&O18891942N/A
Mount Jewett and Smethport RailroadPS&N18921897Mount Jewett, Clermont and Northern Railroad
Mount Penn Gravity Railroad1889
Mount Pleasant and Broad Ford RailroadB&O18701912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Mount Pleasant and Latrobe Railroad1881
Mountain Laurel RailroadMNL19911996Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad
Muncy Creek Railway18641882Williamsport and North Branch Railroad
Nanticoke RailroadCNJ18601867Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
Nazareth and Lehigh RailwayDL&W18991899Bangor and Portland Railway
Nescopec RailroadPRR18861900Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad
Nesquehoning Valley RailroadCNJ18611963Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
New Berlin and Winfield Railroad19041916N/A
New Brighton and New Castle RailroadPRR18811887Youngstown, Lawrence and Pittsburgh Railroad
New Castle and Beaver Valley RailroadPRR18621906Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Railway
New Castle and Butler Railroad1881
New Castle and Darlington RailroadPRR18561857Pittsburgh, New Castle and Cleveland Railroad
New Castle and Franklin RailroadPRR18641881New Castle and Oil City Railroad
New Castle and Oil City RailroadPRR18811882Oil City and Chicago Railroad
New Castle, Plain Grove and Butler Railroad18821882Oil City and Chicago Railroad
New Castle Northern RailwayERIE18831887New Castle and Shenango Valley Railroad
New Castle and Shenango Valley RailroadERIE18871900Sharon Railway
New Haven and Dunbar Railroad18921955N/A
New Park and Fawn Grove Railroad19051935N/AOperated by Stewartstown Railroad
New York Central RailroadNYCNYC19141968Penn Central Transportation Company
New York Central and Hudson River RailroadNYC18901914New York Central Railroad
New York, Chicago and St. Louis RailroadNKPNKP18871964Norfolk and Western Railway
New York, Chicago and St. Louis RailwayNKP18811887Erie and State Line Railroad
New York and Erie RailroadERIE18411861Erie Railway
New York, Lackawanna and Western RailwayDL&W18801945Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
New York, Lake Erie and Western RailroadERIE18781895Erie Railroad
New York, Lake Erie and Western Coal and Railroad CompanyERIE18811941Erie Railroad
New York and North Pennsylvania RailroadB&O18831898Galeton and Eastern Railroad
New York, Ontario and Western RailwayO&W, OWO&W18901957N/A
New York and Pennsylvania Railroad18961902New York and Pennsylvania Railway
New York and Pennsylvania Railway19041935N/A
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio RailroadERIE18801896Nypano Railroad
New York and Pittsburgh Air Line Railroad19061907Philipsburg Railroad
New York and Pittsburg Central Railroad19031906N/ALeased the Altoona and Philipsburg Connecting Railroad
New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago RailwayPLE/ PRR18811885Wampum and State Line Railway
New York Short Line RailroadRDG19031923Reading Company
New York, Susquehanna and Western RailroadS&W, NYSWERIE18811958N/A
Newport and Shermans Valley Railroad18901920Susquehanna River and Western Railroad
Nicholson Run and Pine Swamp Railroad and Coal CompanyPRR18531856New Castle and Darlington Railroad
Nittany Valley Railroad18871914N/A
Nittany Valley and Southwestern Railroad18821882Buffalo Run, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Railroad
Norfolk and Western RailwayN&W, NW19641998Norfolk Southern Railway
Norristown and Allentown RailroadRDG18541865Perkiomen Railroad
Norristown and Freemansburg RailroadRDG18521854Norristown and Allentown Railroad
Norristown Junction RailroadRDG18791923Reading Company
Norristown and Main Line Connecting RailroadRDG19011923Reading Company
Norristown and Valley RailroadRDG18351850Chester Valley Railroad
North Bend and Kettle Creek Railroad1893
North Fayette RailroadMTR18791879Montour Railroad
North Lebanon RailroadRDG18501870Cornwall Railroad
North Pennsylvania RailroadRDG18531976Consolidated Rail Corporation
North Shore Railroad1908
North Shore Terminal Railroad18981899Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad
North Star and Mifflin RailroadMTR19121913Montour Railroad
North and West Branch RailroadPRR18711881North and West Branch Railway
North and West Branch RailwayPRR18811900Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad
Northampton RailroadLNE19011903Lehigh and New England Railroad
Northampton and Bath RailroadNB19021979N/A
North East Pennsylvania RailroadRDG18701945Reading Company
Northern Central RailwayPRR18541976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Northern Coal and Iron CompanyD&H1864
Northern Liberties Railway1896
Northern Liberties and Penn Township RailroadRDG18291871Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Northern Railroad and Navigation Company18671873Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania Railroad
Northern Susquehanna RailroadB&O19001901Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
North Western RailroadPRR18531859Western Pennsylvania Railroad
North Western Coal and Iron CompanyDL&W18561856Buffalo Coal and Iron Company
Northwestern Pennsylvania RailwayPRR18951895Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Nypano RailroadERIE18961941Erie Railroad
Octoraro RailroadOCTR20032004East Penn Railways
Octoraro RailwayOCTR19771994Delaware Valley Railway
Ohio and Baltimore Short Line RailwayB&O18731912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Ohio Connecting RailwayPRR18861954Penndel Company
Ohio and Pennsylvania RailroadOHPA20042006Eastern States Railroad
Ohio and Pennsylvania RailroadOHPA19951996Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway
Ohio and Pennsylvania RailroadPRR18481856Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad
Ohio River Junction Railroad19081908North Shore Railroad
Ohio River and Lake Erie RailroadB&LE18811886Erie, Shenango and Pittsburgh Railway
Oil City and Chicago RailroadPRR18821882Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railroad
Oil Creek RailroadPRR18601868Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway
Oil Creek and Allegheny River RailwayPRR18681875Pittsburgh, Titusville and Buffalo Railway
Oil Creek Junction RailroadNYC18701871Junction Railroad
Oil Creek and Titusville Mining and Transportation CompanyPRR18651866Union and Titusville Railroad
Olean, Bradford and Warren RailwayPRR18771911Bradford Railroad
Olean, Oswayo and Eastern Railroad18921896New York and Pennsylvania Railroad
Oleona Railroad1901
Oleona and Germania Railroad1902
Ontario, Carbondale and Scranton RailwayO&W18891957N/A
Orangeville and Lehigh RailroadPRR18921893Central Pennsylvania and Western Railroad
Oswayo Valley Railroad19181920New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Pan Handle RailwayPRR18611868Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railway
Panther Creek RailroadLNE19131913Lehigh and New England Railroad
Panther Valley RailroadPVAL19831990C&S Railroad
Parker and Karns City RailroadB&O18731881Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Path Valley Railroad18931900Perry Lumber Company
Peach Bottom Railroad18811890Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railroad
Peach Bottom Railway18681881Peach Bottom Railroad, York and Peach Bottom Railway
Pencoyd and Philadelphia Railroad18991929N/AOwned by the American Bridge Company
Penn Central Transportation CompanyPC19681976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Penn Eastern Rail LinesPRL19972007East Penn Railroad
Penn Jersey Rail LinesPJRL19972002SMS Rail Service, Inc.
Penn Haven and White Haven RailroadLV18571864Lehigh Valley Railroad
Penndel CompanyPRR19541976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Pennsylvania CompanyPRR18711918Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania RailroadPRRPRR18461968Penn Central Transportation Company
Pennsylvania and Delaware RailroadPRR18701873Pennsylvania and Delaware Railway
Pennsylvania and Delaware RailwayPRR18731879Pomeroy and State Line Railroad
Pennsylvania Midland RailroadPRR18941902Bedford and Hollidaysburg Railroad
Pennsylvania Midland RailwayERIE18811881New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad
Pennsylvania, Monongahela and Southern RailroadPRR19021915Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania and New Jersey RailroadPRR18941896Delaware River Railroad and Bridge Company
Pennsylvania and New York Canal and Railroad CompanyLV18651949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Pennsylvania Northern Railroad19111913Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad
Pennsylvania and North Western RailroadPRR18891903Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston RailroadLNE18871895Lehigh and New England Railroad
Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley RailroadPRR18831900Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad
Pennsylvania, Slatington and New England RailroadLNE18821887Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad
Pennsylvania Southern Railroad19101913Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad
Pennsylvania and West Virginia RailroadPRR18891893Bedford and Blair County Railroad
Pennsylvania Western and Ohio River Connecting Railway1901
Pequea Railroad and Improvement CompanyRDG18491851Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Company
Perkiomen RailroadRDG18651945Reading Company
Perry County Railroad18871903Susquehanna River and Western Railroad
Philadelphia and Baltimore Central RailroadPRR18531916Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Philadelphia and Columbia RailroadPRR18341857Pennsylvania Railroad
Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington RailroadPRR19021976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England RailroadPBNE19102003Lehigh Valley Rail ManagementOwned by Bethlehem Steel
Philadelphia and Bustleton RailwayPRR18921893Philadelphia, Bustleton and Trenton Railroad
Philadelphia, Bustleton and Trenton RailroadPRR18931902Connecting Railway
Philadelphia and Chester County RailroadPRR18721885Philadelphia Midland Railroad
Philadelphia and Chester Valley RailroadRDG18881945Reading Company
Philadelphia, Delaware and Chester Central RailroadPRR18711872Philadelphia and Chester County Railroad
Philadelphia and Delaware County RailroadPRR18901913Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad
Philadelphia and Delaware County RailroadPRR18311836Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad
Philadelphia, Easton and Water Gap RailroadRDG18521853North Pennsylvania Railroad
Philadelphia and Erie RailroadPRR18611907Pennsylvania Railroad
Philadelphia and Frankford RailroadRDG18921923Reading Company
Philadelphia, Germantown and Chestnut Hill RailroadPRR18831902Connecting Railway
Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown RailroadRDG18311976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh RailroadRDG18901923Reading Company
Philadelphia Midland RailroadPRR18851890Philadelphia and Delaware County Railroad
Philadelphia and Montgomery County RailroadRDG18601872Philadelphia and Newtown Railroad
Philadelphia and Newtown RailroadRDG18721873Philadelphia, Newtown and New York Railroad
Philadelphia and Newtown Connecting RailroadRDG18921892Philadelphia, Newtown and New York Railroad
Philadelphia, Newtown and New York RailroadRDG18731945Reading Company
Philadelphia, Newtown Square and Chester RailroadB&O18861886Schuylkill River East Side Railroad
Philadelphia, Norristown and Phoenixville RailroadPRR18821883Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh RailroadNYC18931895Pittsburgh and Eastern Railroad
Philadelphia and Reading RailroadRDG18331896Philadelphia and Reading Railway
Philadelphia and Reading RailwayP&RRDG18961924Reading Company
Philadelphia and Reading Terminal RailroadRDG18881944Reading Company
Philadelphia and Sunbury RailroadPRR18511858Shamokin Valley and Pottsville Railroad
Philadelphia and Trenton RailroadPRR18321976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore RailroadPRR18361902Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Philipsburg Railroad19071909Philipsburg and Susquehanna Valley Railroad
Philipsburg Coal, Iron and Oil CompanyPRR18651867Tyrone and Clearfield Railway
Philipsburg and Susquehanna Valley Railroad19091910Pittsburgh and Susquehanna Railroad
Phoenixville, Pottstown and Reading RailroadPRR18821883Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad
Phoenixville and West Chester RailroadPRR18821883Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad
Pickering Valley RailroadRDG18691948Reading Company
Pine Creek RailwayNYC18841909Geneva, Corning and Southern Railroad
Pine Grove and Lebanon RailroadRDG18681871Lebanon and Tremont Railroad
Pine Run RailroadPRR19061912Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Pittsburgh RailroadB&O18791879Pittsburgh Southern Railway
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Railroad18991899Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad
Pittsburgh and Allegheny River Railroad1898
Pittsburgh and Beck's Run RailroadPLE18771880Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburg, Bessemer and Lake Erie RailroadB&LE18971948Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh, Bradford and Buffalo RailwayB&O18811883Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh, Butler and Shenango RailroadB&LE18891890Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh and Carnegie RailroadP&WV19011901Pittsburgh, Carnegie and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh, Carnegie and Western RailroadP&WV19011904Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway
Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad18711909N/A
Pittsburgh, Castle Shannon and Washington RailroadB&O18771878Pittsburgh Southern Railroad
Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny RailwayPCYPLE/ PRR18811996Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad
Pittsburgh and Chicago RailwayB&O, PLE/ PRR18781881New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago Railway, Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis RailwayPRR18681890Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis RailroadPRR19171956Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis RailwayPRR18901917Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad
Pittsburgh, Clarion and Franklin Railroad19121913Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad
Pittsburg, Cleveland and Toledo RailroadB&O18821915Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh and Connellsville RailroadB&O18371912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh East and West RailroadB&O18811881Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh and Eastern RailroadNYC18941905Beech Creek Extension Railroad
Pittsburgh and Erie RailroadERIE, PRR18461857Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad, Meadville Railroad
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago RailroadPRR18561861Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago RailwayPRR18601976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Pittsburgh Industrial RailroadPIR19962001Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad
Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Ebensburg and Eastern Railroad18971903New York and Pittsburg Central Railroad
Pittsburgh Junction RailroadB&O18811943Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburg, Kittanning and Warren RailroadPRR18371852Allegheny Valley Railroad
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RailroadPLEPLE18751992Three Rivers Railway
Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western RailroadPL&W, PLWPLE/ PRR19021945Youngstown and Southern Railway
Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western RailwayPLE/ PRR18961902Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh Local RailroadB&O18801881Pittsburgh Junction Railroad
Pittsburgh and Mansfield RailroadP&WV18931901Pittsburgh, Carnegie and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh, Marion and Chicago RailwayPLE/ PRR18861896Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western Railway
Pittsburgh, McKeesport and Youghiogheny RailroadPLE18811965Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh and Moon Run RailroadMTR18911913Montour Railroad
Pittsburgh, New Castle and Cleveland RailroadPRR18571861New Castle and Beaver Valley Railroad
Pittsburgh, New Castle and Lake Erie RailroadB&O18771881Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh and Northeastern Railroad
Pittsburgh and Northeastern Terminal Railroad1916Pittsburgh and Northern Terminal Railroad
Pittsburgh and Northern Railroad1881
Pittsburgh and Northern Terminal Railroad1916
Pittsburgh and Northwestern RailroadB&O18751877Pittsburgh, New Castle and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley RailwayP&OV, POV18991993Three Rivers Railway
Pittsburg and Shawmut RailroadPS, PSRPS&N1909Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad
Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern RailroadPS&N18991947N/A
Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie RailroadB&LE18881897Pittsburg, Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh Southern RailroadB&O18781879Pittsburgh Southern Railway
Pittsburgh Southern RailwayB&O18791884Baltimore and Ohio Short Line Railroad
Pittsburgh and State Line RailroadB&O18851887Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Pittsburg and Steubenville RailroadPRR18491867Pan Handle Railway
Pittsburgh, Summerville and Clarion Railroad19031912Pittsburgh, Clarion and Franklin Railroad
Pittsburgh and Susquehanna Railroad19101931N/A
Pittsburgh, Titusville and Buffalo RailwayPRR18761881Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston RailwayPRR18701905Pennsylvania Railroad
Pittsburgh, Washington and Baltimore Railroad[2]
Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railroad1967Still exists as a lessor of the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway
Pittsburgh and West Virginia RailwayP&WVP&WV19161967Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railroad
Pittsburgh and Western RailroadB&O1902
Pittsburgh and Western RailroadB&O18791887Pittsburgh and Western Railway
Pittsburgh and Western RailwayB&O18871902Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Pittsburgh, Westmoreland and Somerset Railroad18991916N/A
Pittsburgh and Whitehall RailroadPRR18821888Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway
Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula RailroadPRR18871906Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Railway
Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula RailwayPRR19061976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Pittsburg, Youngstown and Chicago RailroadB&O18801882Pittsburg, Cleveland and Toledo Railroad
Plumville RailroadB&O19051907Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
PL&W RailroadPLW19931995Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad
Plymouth RailroadRDG18361976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Plymouth and Wilkes-Barre Road and Bridge CompanyD&H18591873Northern Coal and Iron Company
Pocono Northeast RailwayPNER19821993Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway
Pomeroy and Newark RailroadPRR18811917Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Pomeroy and State Line RailroadPRR18801881Pomeroy and Newark Railroad
Port Kennedy RailroadRDG18601872Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Portland and Northern Railway1901
Portsmouth and Lancaster RailroadPRR18321835Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mountjoy and Lancaster Railroad
Potato Creek Railroad19071927N/A
Pottsville and Mahanoy RailroadPRR18831886Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad
Pottsville and New York RailroadLV18821887Schuylkill and Lehigh Valley Railroad
Quakake RailroadLV18571862Lehigh and Mahanoy Railroad
Quakertown and Bethlehem Railroad19161937N/A
Quakertown and Delaware River Railroad19111916Quakertown and Bethlehem Railroad
Quakertown and Eastern Railroad18961911Quakertown and Delaware River Railroad
Quemahoning Branch Railroad1901
Railroad Ventures, Inc.19962001Columbiana County Port Authority
Reading CompanyRDGRDG19241976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Reading Belt RailroadRDG19001923Reading Company
Reading and Columbia RailroadRDG18591945Reading Company
Reading and Lehigh RailroadRDG18751879Schuylkill and Lehigh Railroad
Reading and Lehigh RailroadRDG18561857East Pennsylvania Railroad
Reading, Marietta and Hanover RailroadRDG18821930N/A
Reading and Pottsville RailroadPRR18841885Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad
Red Bank RailroadRBKX19901996Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad
Red Bank and Youngstown RailroadB&O18811882Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Redstone Central RailroadMGA1902N/A
Reno, Oil Creek and Pithole RailwayPRR18651867Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway
Reynoldsville and Falls Creek Railroad18831934N/A
Ridgway and Clearfield RailroadPRR18821911Pennsylvania Railroad
River Front RailroadPRR18761903Pennsylvania Railroad
Rochester, Beaver Falls and Western RailwayPRR18891890Pennsylvania Company
Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania Railroad18731877Sold at foreclosure; no property in Pennsylvania
Rochester and Pittsburgh RailroadB&O18811885Pittsburgh and State Line Railroad
Rockwood and Bakersville RailwayB&O19071911Indian Creek Valley Railway
Rocky Ridge Railroad19071913East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company
Rogers Railroad1902
Rupert and Bloomsburg RailroadRDG18881923Reading Company
Rural Valley RailroadB&O19001925Allegheny and Western Railway
St. Clair Terminal Railroad19011937Union Railroad
St. Marys and Western Railroad1904
St. Marys and Southwestern RailroadPS&N18931897Buffalo, St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad
Salamanca, Bradford and Allegheny River RailroadPRR18801881Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Salisbury RailroadB&O18751912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Salisbury and Baltimore Railroad and Coal CompanyB&O18711875Salisbury Railroad
Scalp Level RailroadPRR18971902South Fork Railroad
Schuylkill East Branch Navigation CompanyRDG18281829Little Schuylkill Navigation, Railroad and Coal Company
Schuylkill Haven and Lehigh River RailroadRDG18621863Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven Railroad
Schuylkill and Juniata RailroadPRR19001902Pennsylvania Railroad
Schuylkill and Lehigh RailroadRDG18801923Reading Company
Schuylkill and Lehigh Valley RailroadLV18861949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Schuylkill River East Side RailroadB&O1883
Schuylkill and Susquehanna RailroadRDG18591872Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Schuylkill Valley Navigation CompanyRDG18281829Schuylkill Valley Navigation and Railroad Company
Schuylkill Valley Navigation and Railroad CompanyRDG18291950Reading Company
Scootac Railway1901
Scotland and Mont Alto RailroadPRR18641871Mont Alto Railroad
Scottdale Connecting Railroad1897
Scotts Run RailwayMGA19231933Monongahela Railway
Scranton and Forest City RailroadO&W18861889Ontario, Carbondale and Scranton Railway
Scranton and Spring Brook Railroad1897
Shade Gap Railroad18841913East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company
Shamokin, Sunbury and Lewisburg RailroadRDG18821923Reading Company
Shamokin and Trevorton RailroadRDG18681870Mahanoy and Shamokin Railroad
Shamokin Valley and Pottsville RailroadPRR18581976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Sharon RailwayERIE18731953Erie Railroad
Sharon and Ceres Railroad19011904New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Sharon Connecting Railroad
Sharpsville RailroadPRR18761931Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad, Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Sharpsville and Oakland RailroadPRR18661876Sharpsville Railroad
Sharpsville, Wheatland, Sharon and Greenfield RailroadERIE18701875Sharon Railway
Shawmut Connecting RailroadPS&N19001905Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad
Sheffield and Spring Creek Railroad18841894Tionesta Valley Railway
Sheffield and Tionesta RailwayS&T19001943N/A
Shenango and Allegheny RailroadB&LE18671888Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie Railroad
Shenango and Beaver Valley RailwayPLE/ PRR19021902Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western Railroad
Shenango Valley RailroadNYC18861963Mahoning and Shenango Valley Railway
Sinnemahoning Portage RailroadPRR18651866Buffalo and Washington Railway
Sinnemahoning Valley RailroadB&O18851893Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Slackwater Connecting Railroad1892
Slate Ridge and Delta Railway18791888Maryland Central Railway
Slate Run Railroad1884
Slate Valley RailroadLNE18861891Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad
Smethport Railroad18991931N/AOperated by Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad
Smethport and Olean RailroadPS&N18951899Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad
Smithfield and Masontown RailroadB&O18991915Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburg Railroad
Somerset and Bedford RailroadPRR18941894Pennsylvania Midland Railroad
Somerset and Cambria RailroadB&O18791912Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pennsylvania
Somerset Coal RailwayWM19151950Western Maryland Railway
Somerset and Mineral Point RailroadB&O18681879Somerset and Cambria Railroad
South Branch Railroad
South Chester RailroadPRR18911906Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad
South Easton and Phillipsburg Railroad18991912Lehigh and Hudson River Railway
South Fork RailroadPRR18901903Pennsylvania Railroad
South Mountain Iron CompanyRDG18691877South Mountain Railway and Mining Company
South Mountain Railway and Mining CompanyRDG18771891Gettysburg and Harrisburg Railway
South Shore Railroad1892
Southern Pennsylvania Iron and Railroad CompanyPRR18691872Southern Pennsylvania Railway and Mining Company
Southern Pennsylvania Railway and Mining CompanyPRR18731954Penndel Company
Southwark RailroadPRR18311877Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad
South West Connecting RailwayPRR18971908Pennsylvania Railroad
South-West Pennsylvania RailwayPRR18711906Pennsylvania Railroad
Southwestern Du Bois RailroadB&O19051907Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Spring Brook Railroad18711890Scranton and Spring Brook Railroad
Spring Brook Horse Railway18691871Spring Brook Railroad
Spring Creek Railway19021904Tionesta Valley Railway
State Line RailroadB&O18901895Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
State Line RailroadB&O18841893Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburg Railroad
State Line and Sullivan RailroadLV18741949Lehigh Valley Railroad
Stewart RailroadNYC18871963Mahoning and Shenango Valley Railway
Stewartstown RailroadSTRT18841992Continued as a tourist railroad
Stony Creek RailroadRDG18681945Reading Company
Sullivan and Erie Coal and Railroad CompanyLV18651874State Line and Sullivan Railroad
Summit Branch Railroad18461897Summit Branch Coal Company
Sunbury and Erie RailroadPRR18371861Philadelphia and Erie Railroad
Sunbury, Hazleton and Wilkesbarre RailwayPRR18781900Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad
Sunbury and Lewistown RailroadPRR18701900Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad
Susquehanna RailroadB&O18911893Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Susquehanna RailroadPRR18511854Northern Central Railway
Susquehanna, Bloomsburg, and Berwick RailroadPRR19021918Pennsylvania Railroad
Susquehanna and Buffalo Railroad1891
Susquehanna and Clearfield RailroadPRR/NYC18791901Beech Creek Extension RailroadSold by the Pennsylvania Railroad to the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad in 1901
Susquehanna Connecting RailroadERIE1896
Susquehanna and Eagles Mere Railroad
Susquehanna, Gettysburg and Potomac RailwayWM18711874Hanover Junction, Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad
Susquehanna and New York RailroadS&NYLV19021942Lehigh Valley Railroad
Susquehanna and New York RailroadB&O18981901Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Susquehanna River and Western Railroad19031939N/A
Susquehanna and Southern RailroadB&O19021906Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad
Susquehanna and Southwestern RailroadNYC18821883Beech Creek, Clearfield and Southwestern Railroad
Susquehanna and Union Bridge CompanyRDG18501854Trevorton and Susquehanna Railroad
Swatara RailroadRDG18411863Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Swatara and Good Spring RailroadRDG18401841Swatara Railroad
Tamaqua, Hazleton and Northern RailroadRDG18911923Reading Company
Thomas RailroadLV/ RDG19061917Ironton Railroad
Three Rivers Railway1992Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
Tiadaghton and Fahnastalk Railway1892
Tioga RailroadERIE18501941Erie Railroad
Tioga Navigation CompanyERIE18281852Tioga Railroad
Tionesta Valley Railroad18791894Tionesta Valley Railway
Tionesta Valley Railway18941941N/A
Tionesta Valley and Hickory Railway18921911Sheffield and Tionesta Railway
Tionesta Valley and Salmon Creek Railway18931901Sheffield and Tionesta Railway
Tipton RailroadPRR18851927N/A
Titusville and Oil City RailwayPRR18781881Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Western Railroad
Titusville and Petroleum Centre RailroadPRR18701878Titusville and Oil City Railway
Towanda and Franklin RailroadLV18531854Barclay Railroad and Coal Company
Trenton Cut-off RailroadPRR18891902Pennsylvania Railroad
Trenton Delaware Bridge CompanyPRR18351903N/A
Tresckow RailroadCNJ18701963Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
Trevorton Coal CompanyRDG18611867Zerbe Valley Railroad
Trevorton Coal and Railroad CompanyRDG18561860Trevorton Coal Company
Trevorton, Mahanoy and Susquehanna RailroadRDG18501854Trevorton and Susquehanna Railroad
Trevorton and Susquehanna RailroadRDG18541856Trevorton Coal and Railroad Company
Turbotville and Williamsport RailroadPRR18921893Central Pennsylvania and Western Railroad
Turtle Creek and Allegheny River Railroad
Turtle Creek Valley RailroadPRR18861903Pennsylvania Railroad
Tuscarora Valley Railroad18911934N/A
Tylerdale Connecting RailroadTYCB&O/ PRR1899Still exists as a nonoperating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
Tyrone and Clearfield RailroadPRR18541866Pennsylvania Railroad, Tyrone and Clearfield Railway
Tyrone and Clearfield RailwayPRR18671903Cambria and Clearfield Railway
Tyrone and Lock Haven RailroadPRR18571861Bald Eagle Valley Railroad
Union Canal Company of PennsylvaniaRDG18261866Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Union Coal CompanyD&H18641868Baltimore Coal and Union Railroad Company
Union and Titusville RailroadPRR18661871Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway
Uniontown RailwayPRR18791879Brownsville Railway
Uniontown and West Virginia RailroadPRR18681877South-West Pennsylvania Railway
United New Jersey Railroad and Canal CompanyPRR19581976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Unity RailwaysUNI19151990N/A
Ursina and North Fork Railroad18711882Ursina and North Fork Railway
Ursina and North Fork Railway18821936N/A
Valley Railroad18931936N/A
Valley Connecting Railroad1898
Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal RailwayP&WV19041916Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway
Wampum and State Line RailwayPLE/ PRR18861886Pittsburgh, Marion and Chicago Railway
Warren and Farnsworth Railroad18851894Tionesta Valley Railway
Warren and Farnsworth Valley Railroad18821885Warren and Farnsworth Railroad
Warren and Franklin RailwayPRR18641868Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway
Warren and Tidioute RailroadPRR18611864Warren and Franklin Railway
Warren and Venango RailroadNYC18711873Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad
Washington RailroadB&O18791879Pittsburgh Southern Railway
Washington County RailroadP&WV19001901Pittsburgh, Carnegie and Western Railroad
Washington and Franklin RailroadWM18981899Washington and Franklin Railway
Washington and Franklin RailwayWM1899Owned by the Reading Company and leased to the Western Maryland Railway; still exists as a lessor of CSX Transportation, owned by Reading International, Inc.
Washington and Maryland Line RailroadPRR18571860Columbia and Maryland Line Railroad
Washington Run RailroadWRN18951931N/A
Water Gap RailroadERIE18801881New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad
Waynesburg Southern RailroadWASMGA19661976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Waynesburg and Washington RailroadWAWPRR18751976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Wellsboro and Lawrenceville RailroadNYC18671873Corning, Cowanesque and Antrim Railway
Wellsville, Addison and Galeton RailroadWAG19541979N/A
West Branch Valley RailroadNYC18981901Beech Creek Extension Railroad
West Chester RailroadPRR18311903Pennsylvania Railroad
West Chester and Philadelphia RailroadPRR18481881Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad
West Clarion RailroadERIE18971941Erie Railroad
West Penn and Shenango Connecting RailroadB&LE18821889Pittsburgh, Butler and Shenango Railroad
West Pittston – Exeter RailroadLV1925
West Reading RailroadRDG18601873Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
West Side Belt RailroadWSBP&WV18951928Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway
Westerman Coal and Iron RailroadERIE1941Nypano Railroad
Western Allegheny RailroadWALB&LE19021967Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
Western Maryland RailroadWM18791909Western Maryland Railway
Western Maryland RailwayWMWM19091989CSX Transportation
Western New York and Pennsylvania RailroadPRR18871895Northwestern Pennsylvania Railway
Western New York and Pennsylvania RailwayPRR18951955Penndel Company
Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway of PennsylvaniaPRR18871887Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad
Western Pennsylvania RailroadPRR18601903Pennsylvania Railroad
Western Washington RailroadPRR19001907Chartiers Railway
Westinghouse Inter-Works Railway1902
White Deer and Logantown Railway1906
Wheeling, Pittsburgh and Baltimore RailroadB&O1872
Wilcox and Howard Hill Improvement CompanyERIE18701881New York, Lake Erie and Western Coal and Railroad Company
Wilkes-Barre Connecting RailroadWBCD&H/ PRR1912
Wilkes-Barre and Eastern RailroadERIE18921941Moosic Mountain and Carbondale Railroad
Wilkes-Barre and Harvey's Lake RailroadLV18851904Loyalsock Railroad
Wilkesbarre and Pittston RailroadPRR18591867Danville, Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre Railroad
Wilkes-Barre and Scranton RailroadCNJ18511860Nanticoke Railroad
Wilkes-Barre and Scranton RailwayCNJ18861963Central Railroad of New Jersey
Wilkesbarre and Western RailwayPRR18861893Central Pennsylvania and Western Railroad
Williams Valley RailroadRDG18911947Reading Company
Williamsport and Elmira RailroadPRR18321860Elmira and Williamsport Railroad
Williamsport and North Branch RailroadW&NB18821921Williamsport and North Branch Railway
Williamsport and North Branch RailwayW&NB19211937N/A
Wilmington and Northern RailroadRDG18771976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Wilmington and Reading RailroadRDG18661876Wilmington and Northern Railroad
Wilmington and Western RailroadB&O18691877Delaware Western Railroad
Wind Gap and Delaware RailroadLNE18801904Lehigh and New England Railroad
Winfield Railroad19001979N/A
Wrightsville and Gettysburg RailroadPRR18361837Wrightsville, York and Gettysburg Railroad
Wrightsville and York RailroadPRR18351837Wrightsville, York and Gettysburg Railroad
Wrightsville, York and Gettysburg RailroadPRR18371870Pennsylvania Railroad
Wyoming and Pond Creek Railroad1897
York and Cumberland RailroadPRR18461854Northern Central Railway
York, Hanover and Frederick RailroadPRR18971914York, Hanover and Frederick Railway
York, Hanover and Frederick RailwayPRR19141954Penndel Company
York Haven and Rowenna RailroadPRR19021906Pennsylvania Railroad
York and Maryland Line RailroadPRR18321854Northern Central Railway
York and Peach Bottom Railway18821891Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad
York Southern Railroad18941901Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad
York Terminal Railway1913
Youghiogheny and Ligonier Valley RailroadB&O19061906Indian Creek Valley Railway
Youghiogheny Northern RailwayPLE18811945N/A
Youghiogheny and Wick Haven Railroad1893
Youngstown, Lawrence and Pittsburgh RailroadPRR18871887Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Railroad
Youngstown and Southern RailwayYSPLE/ PRR19451996Railroad Ventures, Inc.
Zerbe Valley RailroadRDG18671870Mahanoy and Shamokin Railroad
Private carriers
Passenger carriers
Not completed


  1. ^ This is one or more of the Class I railroads that the railroad became part of, if any.


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