List of Pakistani family names

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Pakistani surnames are basically divided in three categories: Arab naming convention, tribal names and ancestral names.

Tribal names[edit]

The following are some of the tribal names in Pakistan.

Gilgit tribes Tribal Names[edit]

Baloch tribal names[edit]

Brahui tribal names[edit]

Kashmiri tribal names[edit]


Pashtun tribal names[edit]

PUNJAB tribal names[edit]

Punjabi tribal names[edit]

Arab ancestral names[edit]

Iranian ancestral names[edit]

Turkish ancestral names[edit]



family Name Chief Sardar Haji Nabi Bux Khan Dhukkar (Rate)

 Chief Sardar Haji Jindwada Khan Dhukkar (Rate) 

Chief Sadar Haji Nabi Bux Khan Dhukkar (Rate)

Chief Sardar Haji Saeed Ahmad Khan Dhukkar Prestent