List of Oklahoma Sooners head basketball coaches

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A man with short hair wearing a blue suit jacket and white shirt
Jeff Capel, the head coach of the men's basketball program from 2006–07 to 2010–11.

The Oklahoma Sooners men's basketball and women's basketball programs are college basketball teams that represents the University of Oklahoma. Both teams play at the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA).[1]

The men's team has had 12 head coaches—excluding a coach who died before ever coaching a game.[A 1] Oklahoma started organized basketball with the nickname Sooners in 1908. The men's program has played in more than 2,400 games in a total of 102 seasons. In those seasons, five coaches have led the Sooners to at least one postseason tournament: Bruce Drake, Dave Bliss, Billy Tubbs, Kelvin Sampson and Jeff Capel. Five coaches have won conference championships with the Sooners: Hugh McDermott, Drake, Bliss, Tubbs and Sampson. McDermott and Drake both have had the longest tenure at Oklahoma. Tubbs is the all-time leader in games coached and wins. Sampson is the all-time leader in winning percentage. Statistically, Bob Stevens has been the least successful coach of the Sooner men, with a winning percentage of .368. Drake is the only Oklahoma coach who has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The most recent men's coach was Jeff Capel, who was hired in 2006 and served until 2011.[2]

The women's program has had eight head coaches. Oklahoma started an organized women's basketball program in 1974. The women have played in more than 1,000 games in a total of 25 seasons. In those seasons, three coaches have led the Sooners to at least one postseason tournament: Maura McHugh, Burl Plunkett, and Sherri Coale. Coale, the current coach, is the only coach who has won conference championships with the Sooners. Hired in April 1996,[3] Coale is the all-time leader in games coached, wins and winning percentage. Statistically, Amy Dahl has been the worst coach of the Lady Sooners, with a winning percentage of .125.



Statistics are correct as of the end of the 2009–10 men's and women's college basketball season.


A man wearing a gray shirt with a clipboard in hand surrounded by basketball players all wearing red jerseys with "USA" on the chest.
Former coach Kelvin Sampson
#NameTermGCOWOLO%CWCLC%PWPLCCsNational awards
1Hall, D. C.D. C. Hall1908743.571
2Owen, BennieBennie Owen1909–192115210448.684816.333
3McDermott, HughHugh McDermott1922–1938291185106.63613082.6132 – 1928^, 1929^
4Drake, BruceBruce Drake1939–1955382200182.52410680.570636 – 1939^, 1940^, 1942^, 1944^, 1947^, 1949^
5Parrack, DoyleDoyle Parrack1956–19621687197.4233458.370
6Stevens, BobBob Stevens1963–19671254679.3682644.371
7MacLeod, JohnJohn MacLeod1968–19731599069.5664440.524
8Ramsey, JoeJoe Ramsey1974–1975523121.5961513.536
9Bliss, DaveDave Bliss1976–19801287652.5943832.543111 – 1979*^
10Tubbs, BillyBilly Tubbs1981–1994465333132.71612670.6431595 – 1984^, 1985*^, 1988*^, 1989^, 1990*
11Sampson, KelvinKelvin Sampson1995–2006388279109.71912860.68111114 – 2001*, 2002*, 2003*, 2005^

Henry Iba Award (1995)[4]
AP Coach of the Year (1995)[5]
NABC Coach of the Year (2002)[5]

12Capel, JeffJeff Capel2006–20111338251.6173232.50042
13Kruger, LonLon Kruger2012–present754629.6131620.44401


1Dahl, AmyAmy Dahl197416214.125
2Schweitzer, CathieCathie Schweitzer1975–1978732746.370
3Parrack, DoyleDoyle Parrack1978–1980623032.484
4McHugh, MauraMaura McHugh1980–198721214270.6704128.59433
5Goodwin-Colbert, ValerieValerie Goodwin-Colbert1987–1990833251.3861329.310
6Hudson, GaryGary Hudson1990–1993843945.4641724.415
7Plunkett, BurlBurl Plunkett1993–1996885236.5912220.52441
8Coale, SherriSherri Coale1996–present419286133.68314577.65320115 – 2000^, 2001^, 2002*^, 2004*, 2006*^, 2007*^, 2009^[6]


  1. ^ Les Lane was hired to coach the men's basketball team in April 1973 but he died on September 5, 1973, before the start of the 1973–74 season.
  2. ^ A running total of the number of coaches of the Sooners. Thus, any coach who has two or more separate terms as head coach is counted only once.


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