List of Oklahoma Sooners football All-Americans

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This is a list of Oklahoma Sooners college football players who were named first team All-Americans. The selecting organizations for football All-Americans that the NCAA recognizes include the Associated Press, American Football Coaches Association, Football Writers Association of America, The Sporting News, and the Walter Camp Football Foundation. The NCAA defines consensus All-Americans as players who were accorded a majority of votes at their positions by these selectors. Unanimous All-Americans are players who were selected by all five selectors.[1]

Oklahoma has had 154 All-Americans in its history. 75 of these were consensus, and 31 were unanimous. OU has more consensus All-Americans than any other school since World War II, and the second most unanimous All-Americans in the history of college football.[2][3][4]


1913Reeds, ClaudeClaude ReedsFullback
1915Geyer, ForestForest GeyerFullback
1920White, PhilPhil WhiteHalfback
1920Smoot, RoyRoy SmootTackle
1927Norris, GranvilleGranville NorrisFullback
1934Gentry, CassiusCassius GentryTackle
1935Wheeler, J.W. "Dub"J.W. "Dub" WheelerTackle
1937Smith, PetePete SmithEnd
1938Young, RolandRoland YoungEndYes
1939Ivy, Frank "Pop"Frank "Pop" IvyEnd
1939Duggan, GilfordGilford DugganTackle
1946Burris, BuddyBuddy BurrisGuard
1946Andros, PlatoPlato AndrosGuard
1946Rapacz, JohnJohn RapaczCenter
1947Burris, BuddyBuddy BurrisGuard
1948Burris, BuddyBuddy BurrisGuardYes
1948Mitchell, JackJack MitchellQuarterback
1949Walker, WadeWade WalkerTackle
1949West, StanleyStanley WestGuard
1949Royal, DarrellDarrell RoyalQuarterback
1949Owens, JimJim OwensEnd
1949Thomas, GeorgeGeorge ThomasHalfback
1950Heath, LeonLeon HeathFullbackYes
1950Weatherall, JimJim WeatherallTackleYes
1950Jones, BuddyBuddy JonesSafety
1950Anderson, FrankieFrankie AndersonEnd
1951Weatherall, JimJim WeatherallTackleYesYes
1951Catlin, TomTom CatlinCenter
1952Catlin, TomTom CatlinCenter
1952Crowder, EddieEddie CrowderQuarterback
1952Vessels, BillyBilly VesselsHalfbackYes
1952McPhail, BuckBuck McPhailFullback
1953Roberts, J. D.J. D. RobertsGuardYes
1954Burris, KurtKurt BurrisCenterYes
1954Boydston, MaxMax BoydstonEndYes
1955Bolinger, BoBo BolingerGuardYes
1955McDonald, TommyTommy McDonaldHalfback
1956Tubbs, JerryJerry TubbsCenterYesYes
1956Krisher, BillBill KrisherGuard
1956McDonald, TommyTommy McDonaldHalfbackYes
1956Gray, EdEd GrayGuard
1957Thomas, ClendonClendon ThomasHalfbackYes
1957Krisher, BillBill KrisherGuardYes
1958Harrison, BobBob HarrisonCenterYes
1959Thompson, JerryJerry ThompsonGuard
1962Cross, LeonLeon CrossGuard
1962Lee, WayneWayne LeeCenter
1962Looney, Joe DonJoe Don LooneyHalfback
1963Grisham, JimJim GrishamFullbackYes
1963Neely, RalphRalph NeelyTackle
1964McAdams, CarlCarl McAdamsLinebacker
1964Neely, RalphRalph NeelyTackleYes
1965McAdams, CarlCarl McAdamsLinebackerYes
1966Liggins, GranvilleGranville LigginsNose guard
1967Liggins, GranvilleGranville LigginsNose guardYesYes
1967Kalsu, BobBob KalsuTackle
1968Owens, SteveSteve OwensHalfback
1969Zabel, SteveSteve ZabelTight end
1969Owens, SteveSteve OwensHalfbackYesYes
1969Mendenhall, KenKen MendenhallCenter
1971Mildren, JackJack MildrenQuarterback
1971Brahaney, TomTom BrahaneyCenterYes
1971Pruitt, GregGreg PruittHalfbackYesYes
1972Brahaney, TomTom BrahaneyCenterYes
1972Shoate, RodRod ShoateLinebacker
1972Pruitt, GregGreg PruittHalfbackYesYes
1972Moore, DerlandDerland MooreTackle
1973Shoate, RodRod ShoateLinebackerYes
1973Foster, EddieEddie FosterTackle
1973Selmon, LuciousLucious SelmonNose guardYesYes
1974Shoate, RodRod ShoateLinebackerYesYes
1974Selmon, Lee RoyLee Roy SelmonDefensive tackle
1974Selmon, DeweyDewey SelmonNose guard
1974Owens, TinkerTinker OwensSplit end
1974Roush, JohnJohn RoushGuardYes
1974Hughes, RandyRandy HughesDefensive back
1974Davis, KyleKyle DavisCenter
1974Washington, JoeJoe WashingtonHalfbackYesYes
1975Selmon, Lee RoyLee Roy SelmonDefensive tackleYesYes
1975Selmon, DeweyDewey SelmonNose guardYes
1975Webb, TerryTerry WebbGuard
1975Vaughan, MikeMike VaughanTackle
1975Brooks, BillyBilly BrooksSplit end
1975Elrod, JimboJimbo ElrodDefensive endYes
1975Owens, TinkerTinker OwensSplit end
1975Washington, JoeJoe WashingtonHalfback
1976Vaughan, MikeMike VaughanTackleYesYes
1976Henderson, ZacZac HendersonDefensive back
1977Henderson, ZacZac HendersonDefensive backYesYes
1977Cumby, GeorgeGeorge CumbyLinebacker
1977Hunt, DarylDaryl HuntLinebacker
1977Roberts, GregGreg RobertsGuard
1977Kinlaw, ReggieReggie KinlawNose guard
1978Roberts, GregGreg RobertsGuardYesYes
1978Sims, BillyBilly SimsHalfbackYesYes
1978Kinlaw, ReggieReggie KinlawNose guard
1978Hunt, DarylDaryl HuntLinebacker
1979Cumby, GeorgeGeorge CumbyLinebackerYesYes
1979Sims, BillyBilly SimsHalfbackYesYes
1980Crouch, TerryTerry CrouchGuard
1980Oubre, LouisLouis OubreTackleYes
1981Crouch, TerryTerry CrouchGuardYes
1982Bryan, RickRick BryanDefensive tackleYes
1983Bryan, RickRick BryanDefensive tackleYesYes
1984Casillas, TonyTony CasillasNose guardYes
1985Casillas, TonyTony CasillasNose guardYes
1985Bosworth, BrianBrian BosworthLinebackerYesYes
1985Murphy, KevinKevin MurphyDefensive end
1986Bosworth, BrianBrian BosworthLinebackerYesYes
1986Hutson, MarkMark HutsonOffensive guard
1986Jackson, KeithKeith JacksonTight endYesYes
1986Phillips, AnthonyAnthony PhillipsOffensive guard
1987Jackson, KeithKeith JacksonTight endYesYes
1987Hutson, MarkMark HutsonOffensive guardYesYes
1987Dixon, RickeyRickey DixonDefensive backYes
1987Jones, DanteDante JonesLinebackerYes
1987Reed, DarrellDarrell ReedDefensive end
1988Phillips, AnthonyAnthony PhillipsOffensive guardYesYes
1991Bowden, JoeJoe BowdenLinebacker
1995Jones, CedricCedric JonesDefensive end
2000Calmus, RockyRocky CalmusLinebackerYes
2000Heupel, JoshJosh HeupelQuarterbackYes
2000Thatcher, J. T.J. T. ThatcherFree safetyYes
2001Calmus, RockyRocky CalmusLinebackerYes
2001Ferguson, JeffJeff FergusonPunter
2001Williams, RoyRoy WilliamsSafetyYesYes
2002Everage, BrandonBrandon EverageFree safety
2002Harris, TommieTommie HarrisDefensive tackleYes
2002Lehman, TeddyTeddy LehmanLinebackerYes
2003Brown, JammalJammal BrownOffensive tackle
2003Clayton, MarkMark ClaytonWide receiver
2003Harris, TommieTommie HarrisDefensive tackleYesYes
2003Lehman, TeddyTeddy LehmanLinebackerYesYes
2003Perkins, AntonioAntonio PerkinsReturn specialistYesYes
2003Strait, DerrickDerrick StraitCornerbackYesYes
2003White, JasonJason WhiteQuarterbackYesYes
2004Brown, JammalJammal BrownOffensive tackleYesYes
2004Clayton, MarkMark ClaytonWide receiver
2004Carter, VinceVince CarterCenter
2004Cody, DanDan CodyDefensive end
2004Peterson, AdrianAdrian PetersonRunning backYesYes
2006Alexander, RufusRufus AlexanderLinebacker
2007Robinson, DukeDuke RobinsonOffensive lineYes
2007Lofton, CurtisCurtis LoftonLinebackerYes
2008Robinson, DukeDuke RobinsonOffensive lineYes
2008Bradford, SamSam BradfordQuarterbackYes
2008Gresham, JermaineJermaine GreshamTight end
2008McCoy, GeraldGerald McCoyDefensive tackle
2009Williams, TrentTrent WilliamsOffensive lineYes
2009McCoy, GeraldGerald McCoyDefensive tackleYes
2010Carter, QuintonQuinton CarterFree safetyYes
2010Broyles, RyanRyan BroylesWide receiverYes
2011Broyles, RyanRyan BroylesWide receiverYes
2013Ikard, GabeGabe IkardCenter


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