List of Ohio area codes

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517734226 / 519260765812859606304 / 681814724419 / 567440216440234 / 330937513614740Area codes OH.svg
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This is a list of area codes in the State of Ohio, with date of establishment in parentheses:


When the first area code plan was introduced in 1947, the state was given area codes 216, 419, 513, and 614. In 1996, 330 and 937 were added as splits. In 1998, 440 and 740 were added as splits. Most recently, in 2000, 234 and 567 were added as overlays. There are currently ten area codes serving Ohio.

An eleventh area code, 380, will cover the Columbus/Central Ohio area.[1] A twelfth area code, 283, will cover the Cincinnati region when 513 is depleted.[2]


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