List of New Hampshire railroads

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The following railroads operate in the U.S. state of New Hampshire.

Common freight carriers[edit]

Passenger carriers[edit]

Defunct railroads[edit]

NameMarkSystem[nb 1]FromToSuccessorNotes
Ashuelot RailroadB&M18441890Connecticut River Railroad
Atlantic and St. Lawrence RailroadCN18471960Canadian National Railway
Berlin Mills RailwayBMS1999St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
Boston, Concord and Montreal RailroadB&M18441890Concord and Montreal Railroad
Boston and Lowell RailroadB&M18801919Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston and Maine CorporationBMB&M1963Still exists as a lessor of Pan Am Railways operating subsidiary Springfield Terminal Railway
Boston and Maine RailroadB&M, BMB&M18351964Boston and Maine Corporation
Brookline RailroadB&M18911895Fitchburg Railroad
Brookline and Milford RailroadB&M18931895Fitchburg Railroad
Canadian National RailwayCNCN19231998St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
Central Vermont RailroadCN18731899Central Vermont Railway
Central Vermont RailwayCVCN18991995New England Central Railroad
Cheshire RailroadB&M18441890Fitchburg Railroad
Claremont and Concord RailwayCLCO19541988Claremont Concord Railroad
Cocheco RailroadB&M18471863Dover and Winnipiseogee Railroad
Concord RailroadB&M18351890Concord and Montreal Railroad
Concord and Claremont RailroadB&M18731945Boston and Maine Railroad
Concord and Claremont RailroadB&M18481853Merrimack and Connecticut River Railroad
Concord and Montreal RailroadB&M18901919Boston and Maine Railroad
Concord and Portsmouth RailroadB&M18551944Boston and Maine Railroad
Connecticut River RailroadB&M18491919Boston and Maine Railroad
Contoocook River RailroadB&M18561873Concord and Claremont Railroad
Contoocook Valley RailroadB&M18481857Contoocook River Railroad
Dover and Winnipiseogee RailroadB&M18621892Boston and Maine Railroad
Dover and Winnipisiogee RailroadB&M18391841Boston and Maine Railroad
Eastern RailroadB&M18391890Boston and Maine Railroad
Eastern Railroad in New HampshireB&M18361899Boston and Maine Railroad
Fitchburg RailroadB&M18471919Boston and Maine Railroad
Franklin and Bristol RailroadB&M18481849Northern Railroad
Franklin and Tilton RailroadB&M18891943Boston and Maine Railroad
Glen Junction Transfer Company1897
Goodwin RailroadGWIN19761981North Stratford Railroad
Grafton RailroadB&M1847Northern Railroad
Grand Trunk RailwayGTCN18531923Canadian National Railway
Great Falls and Conway RailroadB&M18441865Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad
Groton and Nashua RailroadB&M18441846Worcester and Nashua Railroad
Lake Shore RailroadB&M18831901Concord and Montreal Railroad
Maine Central RailroadMECMEC18882003New Hampshire Central Railroad
Manchester and Keene RailroadB&M18641881Boston and Lowell Railroad/ Concord Railroad
Manchester and Lawrence RailroadB&M18471919Boston and Maine Railroad
Manchester and North Weare RailroadB&M18581899Concord and Montreal Railroad
Merrimack and Connecticut River RailroadB&M18531873Concord and Claremont Railroad
Monadnock RailroadB&M18481892Fitchburg Railroad
Nashua and Acton RailroadB&M19071925N/A
Nashua, Acton and Boston RailroadB&M18721906Nashua and Acton Railroad
Nashua and Epping RailroadB&M18481868Nashua and Rochester Railroad
Nashua and Lowell RailroadB&M18351944Boston and Maine Railroad
Nashua and Rochester RailroadB&M18681883Worcester, Nashua and Rochester Railroad
New Boston RailroadB&M18911934N/A
New Hampshire Central RailroadB&M18481853Merrimack and Connecticut River Railroad
New Hampshire and Vermont RailroadNHVT19892000New Hampshire Central Railroad
North Stratford RailroadNSRC19771989New Hampshire Central Railroad
Northern RailroadB&M1844
Pemigewasset Valley RailroadB&M18741947Boston and Maine Railroad
Peterborough RailroadB&M18661944Boston and Maine Railroad
Peterborough and Hillsborough RailroadB&M18691945Boston and Maine Railroad
Peterborough and Shirley RailroadB&M18461860Fitchburg Railroad
Portland and Ogdensburg RailroadMEC18691887Portland and Ogdensburg Railway
Portland and Ogdensburg RailwayMEC18861943Maine Central Railroad
Portland, White Mountains and Ogdensburg RailroadMEC18671869Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad
Portsmouth and Concord RailroadB&M18451857Concord and Portsmouth Railroad
Portsmouth and Dover RailroadB&M18661900Boston and Maine Railroad
Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway RailroadB&M18651890Boston and Maine Railroad
Portsmouth, New Market and Concord RailroadB&M18451845Portsmouth and Concord Railroad
Portsmouth, New Market and Exeter RailroadB&M18451845Portsmouth and Concord Railroad
Portland and Rochester RailroadB&M18661900Boston and Maine Railroad
Profile and Franconia Notch RailroadB&M18781901Concord and Montreal Railroad
Sugar River RailroadB&M18661873Concord and Claremont Railroad
Sullivan RailroadB&M18461866Sullivan County Railroad
Sullivan County RailroadSCB&M18661949Boston and Maine Railroad
Suncook Valley RailroadB&M18701952N/ABecame independent from B&M in 1924.
Suncook Valley Extension RailroadB&M18891947Concord and Montreal RailroadAcquired by Suncook Valley Railroad in 1925.
Tilton and Belmont RailroadB&M18831901Concord and Montreal Railroad
Twin State RailroadTSRD19841999New Hampshire Central Railroad
Upper Coos RailroadMEC18831982Maine Central Railroad
Vermont Central RailroadCN18711873Central Vermont Railroad
West Amesbury Branch RailroadB&M18681893Boston and Maine Railroad
White Mountains RailroadB&M18481873Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad
Whitefield and Jefferson RailroadB&M18781904Concord and Montreal Railroad
Wilton RailroadB&M18441944Boston and Maine Railroad
Wolfeboro RailroadWLFB19751976Goodwin Railroad
Wolfeborough RailroadB&M18621892Boston and Maine Railroad
Worcester and Nashua RailroadB&M18451883Worcester, Nashua and Rochester Railroad
Worcester, Nashua and Rochester RailroadB&M18831911Boston and Maine Railroad
Private carriers
Not completed


  1. ^ This is one or more of the Class I railroads that the railroad became part of, if any.