List of Nevada railroads

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The following railroads operate in the U.S. state of Nevada.

Current railroads[edit]

Common freight carriers[edit]

Private freight carriers[edit]

Passenger carriers[edit]

Railroad Contractors[edit]

Defunct railroads[edit]

NameMarkSystem[nb 1]FromToSuccessorNotes
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RailwayATSF19061923N/A
Barnwell and Searchlight RailwayATSF19061911California, Arizona and Santa Fe Railway
Battle Mountain and Lewis Railway18811885N/A
BHP Nevada RailroadBHP19961999N/A
Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad19051928N/A
Caliente and Pioche RailroadUP19061909San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
California, Arizona and Santa Fe RailwayATSF19111923N/A
Carson and Colorado RailroadSP18801892Carson and Colorado Railway
Carson and Colorado RailwaySP18921905Nevada and California Railway
Central Pacific RailroadSP18621899Central Pacific Railway
Central Pacific RailwaySP18991959Southern Pacific Company
Deep Creek RailroadWP19161939N/A
Eagle Salt Works RailroadSP19031910Southern Pacific Company
Eureka Nevada Railway19121938N/A
Eureka and Palisade Railroad18731902Eureka and Palisade Railway
Eureka and Palisade Railway19021910Eureka Nevada Railway
Fernley and Lassen RailwaySP19091912Central Pacific Railway
Goldfield Railroad19041905Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad
Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad19051918N/A
Los Angeles and Salt Lake RailroadSLRUP19161987Union Pacific Railroad
Nevada Railway18781879Nevada Central Railway
Nevada and California RailroadSP18841893Nevada–California–Oregon Railway
Nevada and California RailwaySP19051912Central Pacific Railway
Nevada–California–Oregon RailwaySP18981917Western Pacific Railroad
Nevada Central Railroad18881938N/A
Nevada Central Railway18791888Nevada Central Railroad
Nevada Copper Belt RailroadNCB19091947N/A
Nevada Northern RailwayNN19051983Northern Nevada Railroad
Nevada and Oregon RailroadSP18801884Nevada and California Railroad
Nevada Pacific RailwayUP18891889Oregon Short Line and Utah Northern Railway
Nevada Short Line Railway19131918N/A
Nevada Transportation Company19121938N/A
Northern Nevada RailroadNN19911996BHP Nevada Railroad
Oregon Short Line RailroadUP19241973N/A
Oregon Short Line RailroadUP18971903San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Oregon Short Line and Utah Northern RailwayUP18891897Oregon Short Line Railroad
Pioche and Bullionville Railroad18721881N/A
Pioche Pacific Railroad19131947N/A
Pioche Pacific Transportation Company18911913Pioche Pacific Railroad
Ruby Hill Railroad1893N/A
San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake RailroadUP19031916Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Silver Peak Railroad19061918N/A
Southern Pacific CompanySPSP18851969Southern Pacific Transportation Company
Southern Pacific Transportation CompanySPSP19691998Union Pacific Railroad
Tonopah Railroad19031905Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad
Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad19051946N/A
Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad19041940N/A
Utah, Nevada and California RailroadUP18991903San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Virginia and Truckee Railroad18681905Virginia and Truckee Railway
Virginia and Truckee RailwayV&T19051950N/A
Western Nevada RailroadSP18791880Nevada and Oregon Railroad
Western Pacific RailroadWPWP19161987Union Pacific Railroad
Western Pacific RailwayWP19031916Western Pacific Railroad



  1. ^ This is one or more of the Class I railroads that the railroad became part of, if any.