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This is a list of episodes in the Negima! anime series, its spin-off, Negima!?, and the live-action adaptation Negima!!.

Negima! episodes[edit]

To fit with the magical theme of the first Negima! series, the official names for the episodes are Latin phrases, with the episode numbers written in Roman numerals.

#TitleOriginal airdate
1"Asinus in cathedra"
"The Blockhead in the Professor's Chair"  
5 January 2005
Class 2-A meets its new homeroom teacher, who turns out to be a 10-year-old boy from Wales. 
2"Omne initium est difficile"
"Every Beginning is Difficult"  
12 January 2005
While the rest of 2-A welcome Negi to their class, Asuna and Negi try to put up with one another now that she knows that Negi is a mage in training. 
3"Amantes, amentes"
"Lovers, Lunatics"  
19 January 2005
Realizing how little Asuna gets in respect, Negi creates a love potion that goes horribly wrong, while Nodoka begins to develop feeling for her new teacher. When Nodoka is about to kiss Negi, Asuna barges in by kicking a locked door with brute force. In the preview for the next episode Negi ironically comments that Asuna is "not too polished at geography" before telling her Wales is in England. 
4"Nullus est instar dimus"
"No Place is Like Home"  
26 January 2005
Negi continues to attempt (and fails) to help Asuna get higher grades, first by tutoring her as part of a study group, then attempting to "improve her physique" during a stand-off in the bath. 
5"Fama volat"
"Rumor Flies"  
2 February 2005
Chamo arrives at Mahora Academy to personally bring a letter to Negi. But this ermine's visit is for more than an errand: Chamo's real intention was to find Negi a Pactio partner. 
6"A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi"
"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"  
9 February 2005
Evangeline starts her rampage against Negi as she victimizes several of her classmates. 
7"Fallaces sunt rerum species"
"The Appearances of Things are Deceptive"  
16 February 2005
Negi learns ninja skills from Kaede. Upon his return, he forms a Probationary Contract with Asuna and the two set off to stalk and face Chachamaru. 
8"Omnes una manet nox"
"One Night Befalls All of Us"  
23 February 2005
Negi finally faces Evangeline using his newfound skills. Chachamaru prevents Negi from winning. Chamo, knowing that Negi can't win on his own, brings Asuna to teh sight of the fight. However, Asuna's Probationary Contract has run out, so they kiss and make a permanent partner contract. With Asuna on his side, Negi defeats Evangeline. 
9"Te capiam, cunicule sceleste!"
"I'll Get You, Wascally Wabbit!"  
2 March 2005
On an errand towards the Tatsumiya Shrine, Negi is guided by the Narutaki twins (Walking Club). 
10"Ubi concordia, ibi victoria"
"Where There is Harmony, There is Victory"  
9 March 2005
Class 2-A battles in a dodgeball match against some high school girls who are also smitten by Negi's looks. 
11"Cum tacent clamant"
"When They Are Silent, They Are Shouting"  
16 March 2005
Negi receives a laptop computer from the Academy, but neither he nor most of the class know what to do with it. Upon Chamo's suggestion, he urges the class to help him build a homepage. The class's new site then competes against that of a net idol who turns out to be one of their own. 
12"Aut disce aut discede"
"Either Learn or Leave"  
23 March 2005
With his stint in Mahora on the line, Negi and the Baka Rangers (Asuna, Yue, Kaede, Kū Fei, and Makie) explore Library Island's basements for a magical book that will make his five class dunces smarter for the exams. 
13"Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas"
"We Live and Learn"  
30 March 2005
Stuck for three days in one of Library Island's basements, Negi and the Baka Rangers manage to escape. When Negi is about to leave the school, it turns out that 2-A got the second-highest score in the exams. 
14"Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore"
"I Hope the Memory of Our Friendship Will Be Eternal"  
6 April 2005
Konoka causes a ruckus with Negi, in the process making a mess and breaking Asuna's alarm clock. Negi and Konoka venture to Harajuku to buy a new clock for Asuna, not knowing they are being stalked by the Cheerleaders (Misa, Sakurako, and Madoka). 
15"Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur"
"a Reliable Friend Is Perceived in an Uncertain Situation"  
13 April 2005
Home in the family estate for the summer break, Ayaka gets a visit, to her delight, from Negi and, to her horror, the rest of the class. Ayaka's childhood memories with Asuna are also brought up, mentioning how Asuna made Ayaka smile and laugh again after she was saddened by her little brother's death. 
16"Amor tussisque non celantur"
"Love and a Cough, Are Not Kept Secret"  
20 April 2005
To celebrate the end of the summer break, several of Negi's students hold a pillow fight in Mahora's old elementary school building, with Negi in the middle of everything. 
17"Nihil difficile amanti"
"Nothing is Difficult for a Lover"  
27 April 2005
To help Nodoka confess her feelings to Negi, Yue gives amusement park tickets to the pair so they can have a date. Yue and Asuna follow to support the two of them. 
18"Amor ordinem nescit"
"Love Does Not Recognize Rank"  
4 May 2005
Stunned by Nodoka's confession at the amusement park, Negi ponders on how to answer it. Meanwhile, inspired by Nodoka, Asuna bakes a cake for Takamichi's birthday. 
19"Verba volant, scripta manent"
"Words Fly Away, Those Written Remain"  
11 May 2005
Kazumi starts investigating about a classmate named Sayo Aisaka, whom everybody seems to not notice she is present, not even Kazumi herself. It turns out Sayo was a student of Mahora Academy during the 1940s — and is now a ghost. 
20"Nisi credidentis, non intelligentis"
"Unless You Have Believed, You Will Not Understand"  
18 May 2005
Class 2-A finally make their trip to Kyoto, but a sinister group of mages sets its sights on Konoka. 
21"Nil desperandum!"
"It Must Not at All be Despaired!"  
25 May 2005
With Konoka's safety already in danger, Negi, Asuna, and Setsuna, along with several other students, do all they can to save her. 
22"Difficile est tristi fingere mente jocum"
"It is Difficult to Make a Joke with a Sad Mind"  
1 June 2005
Negi asks Evangeline to teach him magic. Asuna is saddened when she sees Takahata together with Mahora's counselor. 
23"Memento mori"
"Remember to Die"  
1 June 2005
Asuna starts to recall her past, seeing flames in her dreams, and remembering the 10 year contract with the devil. Tragedy befalls Class 2-A. 
24"Et arma et verba vulnerant"
"Both Weapons and Words Wound"  
9 June 2005
Negi and the rest of Class 2-A are devastated by Asuna's death. Setsuna feels she has failed in her duty as bodyguard so she decides to leave Konoka and protect her from afar. Meanwhile, Negi is taking Asuna's death hard and tries to get Evangeline to bring Asuna back from the dead. Evangeline tells Negi there's no such magic in existence, and Negi breaks down and runs away. Yue finds him and can't keep her feelings back anymore, and tells Negi she loves him. Nodoka overhears and to teach her a lesson about love Yue kisses Negi right in front of her. 
25"Mors certa, hora incerta"
"Death is Certain, the Time is Uncertain"  
15 June 2005
With the help of Chao and Satomi's time machine, Negi transports himself and Chamo to 1993 Germany to know more about Asuna's magic cancelling power and discover ways to bring her back in the present. In the process, he unknowingly takes along the rest of 2-A. 
26"Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis"
"Not for Me, Not for You, But For Us"  
22 June 2005
Negi forms a Probationary Contract with the rest of Class 2-A so they will help him fight the demons and break the contract between Asuna and the Demon King. 

Negima!? episodes[edit]

This section contains a list describing the episodes of the anime series Negima!? All of the episode titles in this series are treated as a quote (or set of quotes) by one or more of the characters in the series.

The main English episode titles given below are the official ones as they were released. Some of the episode minor titles, however, are approximate translations of their literal titles.

#TitleOriginal airdate
1"'What? 31 students right off the bat!' by Negi"
"'E~h, Ikinari 31-nin tte Iwarete mo!' by Negi" (「え〜っ、いきなり31人って言われても!」 by ネギ) 
4 October 2006
Negi arrives at Mahora Academy with the duty of being a teacher there, just as a vampire (or a chupacabra) begins to attack the students of his new class. 
2"'No way! That's what you do for a probationary contract!?' by Asuna"
"'Usso, Karikeiyaku tte Sonna Koto su n no!?' by Asuna" (「うっそ、仮契約ってそんなことすんの!?」 by 明日菜) 
11 October 2006
Negi discovers that Evangeline is the vampire who is targeting his other students. 
3"'Oh-ho, so that's how a probationary contract card is used.' by Evangeline"
"'Hoo, Karikeiyaku Kaado wa Sou Yatte Tsukau no ka' by Eva" (「ほー、仮契約カードはそうやって使うのか」 by エヴァ) 
18 October 2006
Evangeline battles for Negi's blood, and Asuna agrees to make a provisional contract to stand against her. 
4"'Teacher...... It's my first time......' by Nodoka"
"'Sensei...... Watashi Hajimete nan desu......' by Nodoka" (「先生……私初めてなんです……」 by のどか) 
25 October 2006
Negi discovers the disappearance of the mysterious Star Crystal as two bizarre emissaries arrive to take control of the matter. Nodoka becomes Negi's second partner after the two and Asuna are attacked by a perpetrator. 
5"'Security deposits and key fees are expensive in Tokyo. Wait, that's not what the probationary contract's about?' by Konoka"
"'Tōkyō wa Shikikin Reikin Takai naa, yūte Karikeiyaku tte Sou iu Imi Chigaun?' by Konoka" (「東京は敷金礼金高いなぁ、ゆーて仮契約ってそういう意味ちがうん?」 by 木乃香) 
1 November 2006
Nodoka experiments with her new magic book which can read the minds of others. Konoka establishes a provisional contract with Negi. An evil force takes control of three of Negi's students. 
6"'Pardon me....... Might I not be excused with either the forehead or the cheek?' by Setsuna"
"'Sumimasen...... Odeko ka Hoppe de Yurushite Moraenai deshou ka?' by Setsuna" (「すみません……おでこかほっぺで許してもらえないでしょうか?」 by 刹那) 
8 November 2006
Negi and his 3 new partners must face off against Kaede, Yuuna, and Chisame, who are being controlled by the same evil being who has been attacking the school. After initial failure against them, Setsuna gets a provisional contract to release them and Yue becomes suspicious. 
7"'Um... I think there are some good things about not being seen, but I do think there are times when it's better to be seen.' by Sayo"
"'Anoo...Mienakute mo ii Koto ga Aru to Omou n desu kedo, Mieta Hou ga ii Koto tte iu no mo Aru to Omou n desu' by Sayo" (「あのー…見えなくてもいいことがあると思うんですけど、見えた方がいいことっていうのもあると思うんです」 by さよ) 
15 November 2006
Sayo, Class 3-A's resident ghost is finally noticed by Negi and is befriended by him. Wanting to make more friends in the class, she unintentionally causes havoc among the girls. 
8"'Professor; please make us adults.' by Fuka, Fumika"
"'Sensei, Watashi-tachi o Otona ni shite kudasai♥' by Fuuka, Fumika" (「先生、私たちをオトナにしてください♥」 by 風香·史伽) 
22 November 2006
To learn more about the Star Crystals and who might be after them, Negi and his partners travel deep into the mysterious Mahora Library Island while Fuuka, Fumika and Kaede also explore the vast book repository. The twins become Negi's newest contracts. 
9"'Going Camping' by Motsu"
"'Kyanpu dasou desu' by Motsu" (「キャンプだそうです」 by モツ)
29 November 2006
"'Why?' by Shichimi"
"'Nande?' by Shichimi" (「なんで?」 by シチミ)
"'You hide the "heart" with a "sword" and read it as ninja. It is a little different than how you write "serious" and read it as "for real."' by Kaede"
"'"Kokoro" o "Yaiba" de Kakushite "Shinobi" to Yomu. "Honki" to Kaite "Maji" to Yomu no to wa Chotto Chigau de Gozaru' by Kaede" (「“心”を“刃”で隠して“忍”と読む.“本気”と書いて“マジ”と読むのとはチョット違うでござる」 by 楓)

During the spring break, Negi and his partners go on a camping trip. Negi demonstrates his magic while a certain ninja trainee makes a contract with him.

10"'Professor Negi went behind my back?! I shall never condone such a thing!' by Ayaka"
"'Watakushi ni Kakurete Negi-sensei to? Sonna koto Zettai ni Mitomemasen wa!' by Ayaka" (「私に隠れてネギ先生と?そんなこと絶対に認めませんわ!」 by あやか) 
6 December 2006
Class President Ayaka is suspicious of certain classmates who are always with Negi and begins to spy on them. Negi and his partners must deal with another enemy and four more possessed students as Kaede and the Twins' contracts are invoked. 
11"'Huh, so the Baron is a kind of rose. I thought it was a kind of potato.' by Haruna"
"'Hee Danshaku tte Bara no Shurui datta n da. O-imo ka to Omotteta yo' by Haruna" (「へー男爵って薔薇の種類だったんだ。おイモかと思ってたよ」 by ハルナ) 
13 December 2006
Asuna shifts the focus of the Chupacabra Research Club to find and capture the Black Rose Baron. Haruna and Yue witness Negi using his magic and persuade Nodoka to reveal on Negi's secret. Haruna then makes her provisional contract. 
12"'After much quibbling, in the end it all comes down to is how you feel.' by Yue"
"'Maa, Iroiro to Rikutsu o Koneta Tokoro de, Todo no Tsumari wa Kimochi Hitotsu na Wake desu ga' by Yue" (「まあ、いろいろと理屈をこねたところで、とどのつまりは気持ちひとつなわけですが」 by 夕映) 
20 December 2006
Negi and his Ministra Magi search for Yue, who tries to avoid them and making a provisional contract. Yue eventually makes the contract with Negi. Many from Negi's homeroom, Motsu and Shichimi, witness the kiss, and Negi is turned into a Chupacabra. 
13"'Rather than a question of you being the enemy, the issue is really whether or not you are a nuisance to the Master.' by Chachamaru"
"'Teki ka Dou ka to iu yori mo Masutaa no Jama ka Dou ka ga Mondai na no desu' by Chachamaru" (「敵かどうかというよりもマスターの邪魔かどうかが問題なのです」 by 茶々丸)
27 December 2006
"'Well, sure, being cute and cheerful may be all I have going for me, but you didn't have to be so harsh... (tears)' by Makie"
"'Sorya Watashi tte Akarusa kurai shika Torie wa nai kedo Soko made Iwanakutatte sa... (Namida)' by Makie" (「そりゃ私って明るさくらいしか取り柄はないけどそこまで言わなくたってさ…(涙)」 by まき絵)
"'Bathed in Flames, The Phoenix is Reborn!' by Ku-Fei"
"'Fushichō wa Honō o Abite Yomigaeru Aru!' by Ku-Fei" (「不死鳥は炎を浴びて蘇るアル!」 by 古菲)

While stuck in a Welsh castle, the entire class learns of Negi's secret and a fairy attacks the class. With no other options, the class runs and are split into groups. Meanwhile, Negi is confronted by images of Nekane and Anya.

14"'Frankly speaking, in the face of magic, scientific theory might as well be nonexistent.' by Hakase"
"'Kagaku Riron mo, Mahou Aite ja Atte nai you na mono desu, Hakkiri Itte' by Hakase" (「科学理論も、魔法相手じゃあってないようなものです、はっきり言って」 by 葉加瀬) 
4 January 2007
Restoration of Negi's human form is made possible after pactios with the remainder of the class. The group finds a way to escape the Welsh castle only to end up at a ruined Mahora Academy. 
15"'The class is growing disquiet at the unexpected turn of events.' by Mana"
"'Yokisenu Tenkai de Kurasu ni Dōyō ga Hirogatteru na' by Mana" (「予期せぬ展開で暮らすに動揺が広がってるな」 by 真名)
10 January 2007
"'So they're getting louder?' by Zazie"
"'Sore tte, dōyō?' by Zazie" (「それって、どーよー?」 by ザジ)
"'15 points.' by Mana"
"'Jūgoten' by Mana" (「15点」 by 真名)

Negi's students divide into three teams in order to live in the ruined Mahora Academy, find out more information about the Star Crystals, and find a way out of the ruined world.

16"'Yesterday's foe is today's friend.' by Misa"
"'Kinō no Teki wa Kyō no Tomo' by Misa" (「昨日の敵は今日の友」 by 美砂)
17 January 2007
"'Good enough friends to have fights.' by Madoka"
"'Kenkasuru hodo Naka ga Ii' by Madoka" (「喧嘩するほど仲がいい」 by 円)
"'No doesn't always mean no.' by Sakurako"
"'Iya yo Iya yo mo Suki no Uchi' by Sakurako" (「いやよいやよも好きのうち!」 by 桜子)

An argument between Asuna and Ayaka results in competition in a series of challenges. However, when a Dark Seed magic appears, Ayaka recalls her friendship with Asuna and uses her Armor form to rescue her.

17"'Natsumi, family will always be the home run king of bonds. Don't you agree?' by Chizuru"
"'Natsumi, Kazoku wa Yappari Kizuna no Hōmuran-ō ne' by Chizuru" (「夏美、家族はやっぱり絆のホームラン王ね」 by 千鶴)
24 January 2007
"'I don't understand what you meant at all, Chizuru.' by Natsumi"
"'Zenzen wakannai yo, Chizu-nē (Namida)' by Natsumi" (「全然わかんないよ、ちづ姉(涙)」 by 夏美)

Nekane, Negi's sister, is discovered in the Mahora campus bath by Asuna and Konoka. And after much suspicion, by Konoka and Setsuna, it is revealed that the Black Rose Baron is in fact, Nekane. Kū invokes her Pactio form...with unexpected results.

18"'There's a bastard who gets all happy with secrets, then reveals them, and it really pisses me off.' by Chisame"
"'Himitsu Datttsū to Yorokonde Barashitagaru Yatsu ga irushi!' by Chisame" (「秘密だっつーと喜んでバラしたがるやつがいるし!」 by 千雨)
31 January 2007
"'Chiu-Chiu is going to get angry too! Really mad!' by Chiu"
"'Chiu Chiu mo Okocchau zō〜♪ Pun pū〜n♪' by Chiu" (「ちうちうも怒っちゃうぞ〜♪ ぷんぷ〜ん♪」 by ちう)

Despite her Black Rose baron identity revealed, Nekane continues to live among class 3-A.

19"'It's great to go back to being a kid again and having fun. Although, I can have fun without going back to being a kid, too.' by Kazumi"
"'Dōshin ni Kaette Asobu tte Ii yo nē. Dōshin ni Kaennakute mo Asobu kedo nē.' by Kazumi" (「童心に返って遊ぶっていいよねー。童心に返んなくても遊ぶけどねー」 by 和美) 
7 February 2007
With almost all of class 3-A in Suka form with child-like behavior, Negi becomes a babysitter. His staff is broken in the process. Nekane advises Negi to have fun and repairs the staff. 
20"'They say, bigger the blander; but that's not necessarily true in actuality.' by Satsuki"
"'Ōkii to Ōaji da tte Iu kedo Jitsu wa Sou de mo nai n da yo' by Satsuki" (「大きいと大味だって言うけど実はそうでもないんだよ」 by 五月) 
14 February 2007
Due to a series of mishaps, Eva becomes gigantic. Negi and the gang must endure the attack of the 50-Foot Doll Master. 
21"'A man silently eats his Ramen Takamichi.' by Takahata"
"'Otoko wa Damatte Raamen Takamichi' by Takahata" (「漢(おとこ)はだまってラーメンたかみち」 by 高畑)
21 February 2007
"'What the hell does that even mean?' by Chamo"
"'Nanda Sorya!?' by Kamo" (「なんだそりゃ!?」 by カモ)

Yue becomes distraught over her feelings towards Negi and how it may affect her friendship with Nodoka. Powerless, Chachamaru and Evangeline remain stranded at their house surrounded by water.

22"'Aiya! Something strange is beginning to happen! This must surely be the end of the world!' by Lingshen"
"'Aiya, Nanyara Myou na koto Okorihajimeta ne! Kore, Kitto Sekai no Owari yo!' by Lingshen" (「あいや、何やら妙なコト起こり始めたネ!コレ、きっと世界の終わりヨ!」 by 鈴音) 
28 February 2007
The evil power harassing the group suddenly increases activity just when a valuable tip from Chizuru reveals the mastermind behind the Star Crystals. Lingshen Chao's Armor Card power is revealed, while Eva falls prey to the Star Crystals. 
23"'Wait, you can't do that, Negi!' by Yuna"
"'Chotto Sore wa nai yo, Negi-ku~n' by Yuna" (「ちょっとそれはないよ、ネギく〜ん」 by 裕奈)
7 March 2007
"'That's right, because we're your partners!' by Ako"
"'So ya de, Uchira Paatonaa yan ka!' by Ako" (「そやで、うちらパートナーやんか!」 by 亜子)

Anya, possessing Evangeline through the Star Crystal, turns Asuna against Negi and many of his allies into stone. But with the help of his remaining students, he's able to defeat her by making a Pactio with the vampire, which, alongside Chachamaru, completes his Pactio collection but does not get them out of trouble.

24"'Professor Negi, it appears this is the climax.' by Akira"
"'Negi-sensei, Douyara Kuraimakkusu desu' by Akira" (「ネギ先生、どうやらクライマックスです」 by アキラ)
14 March 2007
"'Let's all go home together, Negi!' by Misora"
"'Minna de Issho ni Kaerou ne, Negi-kun!' by Misora" (「みんなで一緒に帰ろうね、ネギくん!」 by 美空)

Negi, trapped in a magical dimension, is confronted by the controlled Anya. With the assistance of all of his students, he is finally able to save her and allows everyone to escape from the magical wasteland.

25"'And with that, the case is closed!?' by the Narrator"
"'Kore nite, Ikken Rakuchaku!?' by Kataribe" (「これにて、一件落着!?」 by 語りべ)
21 March 2007
"'To Get Along is a Thing of Beauty' by the Dean"
"'Naka Yoki Koto wa Utsukushiki kana' by Gakuen-Chō" (「仲良きことは美しき哉」 by 学園長)

Life for class 3-A and company return to normal as they prepare a party for Anya. Yet remnants of a dark power still remain. Anya, Negi, and three Pactio summons put the power away.

26"'I will not say that I am lonely! Because, I have faith that we will surely meet again!' by Negi"
"'Sabishii nante Iimasen! Datte, Kitto Mata Aeru to Shinjitemasu kara!' by Negi" (「寂しいなんて言いません!だって、きっとまた会えると信じてますから!」 by ネギ)
28 March 2007
"'Hmph, What Will You Do?' by Eva"
"'Fun, yatterareruka' by Eva" (「フン、やってられるか」 by エヴァ)
"'O~K, Good Luck~' by Asuna (Suka)"
"'Yooshi ganbaruzo' by Asuna (Suka)" (「よ〜し がんばるぞ〜」 by あすな(スカ))

When a mysterious black rose appears, Negi becomes convinced that his father Nagi is still out there. Upon the urging of the class to let them help him find Nagi, he gives them permission by transforming the class into their Pactio forms.

Magister Negi Magi: Mahō Sensei Negima!! episodes[edit]

This section lists the episode titles of the live action series version Magister Negi Magi: Mahō Sensei Negima!!

#TitleOriginal airdate
4 October 2007
Negi arrives at Mahora Academy to begin his duty as a teacher. While trying to save a dog from an oncoming bus, Negi inadvertently reveals his magical powers to Asuna, one of his students. 
11 October 2007
A class 3-A dodgeball game turns into a one-on-one duel between Asuna and Ayaka. The other members of the class gradually lose interest and pursue their own activities. As the match concludes, it is revealed that Asuna purposely started the feud to keep Ayaka from depression on the anniversary of her little brother's death. 
18 October 2007
Moody student Chisame laments what her class has become. Back in her room, Negi discovers Chisame's secret identity - mega-popular net idol Chiu! Distraught by this discovery, Chisame packages Negi up and sends him off on a shipping trip. When the girls of 3-A attempt to hold an idol competition, Chisame is disgusted at their lack of experience and decides to show them how it's done. 
25 October 2007
Konoka is set up for an arranged marriage, an omiai. Setsuna accompanies Konoka, and attempts to fight back the feelings she holds for her. Konoka decides not to take up the arranged marriage. 
1 November 2007
Kazumi accidentally witnesses Negi's magic, and follows him around attempting to get her "scoop". After Negi saves her from injury, Kazumi decides to keep Negi's secret. 
6"Yu-Rari-Yura Yura"
8 November 2007
Ghost student Sayo accidentally reveals herself to the class. In her attempts to calm them, she merely ends up terrifying them, and becomes the victim of 3-A's ghostbusting team, led by Mana. Kazumi's camera captures an image of Sayo crying, and the girls realise that she is a friendly spirit after all. 
15 November 2007
Kaede and the Narutaki twins participate in the walking club, and explore the academy grounds. Kaede teaches the twins to tune into the earth, and through this they are able to rescue some distressed objects. The twins discuss their fear of growing up and being separated, but Kaede assures them they will always be together. 
22 November 2007
While in the library, Nodoka finally confesses her feelings to Negi, witnessed by Yue, Haruna and Asuna. Nodoka rushes off in tears without waiting for a response. 
29 November 2007
A rumour spreads that Negi will be fired if 3-A's test scores are not improved. Problem students Asuna, Yue, Fei Ku, Makie and Kaede gather for a cram session. Meanwhile, the Dean is sorely tempted by a pair of Shizuna's underwear. When the tests are marked, the group discovers that the rumour was false after all. 
6 December 2007
Konoka and Negi venture out into the city together. They are followed and watched by Setsuna and Asuna, who believe they are on a date. When confronted, Konoka confesses that they had been looking for a birthday present for Setsuna: a sword sheath, with hand-made dolls of Konoka and Setsuna sewn on. 
13 December 2007
A vampire is stalking the halls of Mahora, claiming first Makie and then Nodoka. Negi confronts the vampiress, who reveals herself to be Evangeline of 3-A. She and Chachamaru warn Negi that they will resume their attack on the next solar eclipse. The Dean explains to Negi that Evangeline is after his blood to free herself of a curse cast by Negi's father. 
20 December 2007
Negi uses his magic to explore Evangeline's memories, discovering that she was in love with his father, and imprisoned by him in Mahora. When Evangeline challenges Negi on the day of the solar eclipse, he forms a probationary contract with Asuna. Evangeline is defeated when her magic-restorative potion runs out, and she is saved from falling by Negi. 
27 December 2007
Shizuna-sensei takes the viewers back old memory lane as she recaps past episodes. 
10 January 2008
The girls hold a beauty contest to measure Negi's attraction to them. Hosted by Ayaka, the event features Negi strapped to a chair and the girls in their swimwear. When Asuna inadvertently enters the competition, she wins by a landslide, much to Ayaka's chagrin. Elsewhere in the school, the cheerleaders Misa, Madoka and Sakurako vanish, along with all memory of them. 
17 January 2008
When the Chao Bao Xi is attacked by an ex-professional wrestler, Konoka and Asuna visit him to bring him food. Asuna challenges the wrestler to a series of endurance tests, to help him get back into shape. Seeing each other as equals, they decide to call the contest a draw. Misora and Zazie fall victim to the same fate that befell the cheerleaders, vanishing from memory. 
24 January 2008
Chachamaru malfunctions, and when she "wakes up", she discovers she is a normal, living human. She enjoys being human, particularly the ability to change her hairstyle. However, when she wakes up for real, she discovers it was merely a dream. Meanwhile, Fei Ku and Satsuki become the latest to disappear. 
31 January 2008
Makie becomes depressed that she is always seen to be childish. However, her friends reassure her that it doesn't matter, because that's just who she is. Meanwhile Yuna, Ako, Akira and Makie becomes the next to disappear, and Negi senses that there is something amiss at Mahora Academy. 
7 February 2008
Outside the academy, Chizuru and Natsumi discover that the building is surrounded by an invisible, impenetrable barrier. As Chizuru and Natsumi run back inside, they vanish. Negi senses that this has happened, but cannot recall who he is thinking about. 
14 February 2008
Fuka and Fumika venture into the woods to fetch water, as the supplies are beginning to run low. They enter a dimensional loop from which they cannot escape, and are saved from Kaede. Before vanishing, Kaede presents the twins with a letter, which they are told to deliver to Negi. Kaede has now disappeared without a trace in the Mahora forest. 
21 February 2008
Professor Takahata becomes seriously worried about the welfare of Class 3-A now that he cannot contact them. The dean of Negi's magic school in Wales vists Mahora to investigate the class's disappearance. Sayo appears in the counselling room, and offers her assistance. The Mahora staff agree that Sayo should be sent over to the other dimension to make contact with 3-A. 
28 February 2008
Negi makes a Probationary Contract with Nodoka as her friends Haruna and Yue, along with Sayo, become the latest victims of the sinister force. 
6 March 2008
After slowly discovering that she has healing powers, Konoka makes a Pactio with Negi and uses her newfound powers to heal Fuka, who has been jolted by the magical barrier while sleepwalking. Negi leaves to get to the bottom of the strange events. 
13 March 2008
Chao finally reveals her evil plan to her classmates, especially her Cassiopeia clock. 
20 March 2008
Negi is headed to the Mahora Forest alone and all of a sudden, he becomes a statue. 
27 March 2008
Asuna faces Chao before crystallized Negi becomes shattered into pieces. Asuna defeats Chao and Chao's Cassiopeia clock. After everything comes to normal, Negi and the rest of class 3-A say "Thank you" for Chao. 
26"Show-Mast-Go On"
16 April 2008 (Magamega)
Negi manages to break the magical barrier and heads for the concert prepared by his class.