List of National Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania

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This article provides a List of National Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania. There are 165 in the state. Listed in a tables below are the 98 NHLs outside Philadelphia. For the 67 within Philadelphia, see List of National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia.

Three of these sites are shared with other states and are credited by the National Park Service as being located in those other states: the Delaware and Hudson Canal (centered in New York but extending into Pennsylvania); the Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey (on the OhioPennsylvania border); and the Minisink Archeological Site, on the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border.

National Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania (excluding Philadelphia)[edit]

Following are National Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania, but outside Philadelphia. For consistency, the National Historic Landmark name is used to label each one.

[1]Landmark name[2]ImageDate designated[2]Locality[2][3]County[2]Description[4]
11762 WaterworksBethlehem Waterworks Oct 11.JPGMay 29, 1981Bethlehem
40°37′09″N 75°23′00″W / 40.619167°N 75.383333°W / 40.619167; -75.383333 (1762 Waterworks)
2Edward G. Acheson HouseEdward G. Acheson HouseMay 11, 1976Monongahela
40°12′20″N 79°56′02″W / 40.205638°N 79.933776°W / 40.205638; -79.933776 (Acheson, Edward G., House)
908 Main St.
WashingtonHome of self-taught inventor-engineer Edward G. Acheson, where in 1891 he invented carborundum.
3Allegheny County Courthouse and JailAlleghenyCtyCourthouse-082904.jpgMay 11, 1976Pittsburgh
436 Grant Street
40°26′18″N 79°59′46″W / 40.4384°N 79.9961°W / 40.4384; -79.9961 (Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail)
AlleghenySpectacular jail and courthouse designed by architect Henry Hobson Richardson in a Romanesque style.
4Allegheny Portage Railroad of the Pennsylvania CanalAlpo-incline-trail.jpgDecember 29, 1962Johnstown
40°27′15″N 78°32′25″W / 40.454167°N 78.540278°W / 40.454167; -78.540278 (Allegheny Portage Railroad of the Pennsylvania Canal)
BlairRailroad that transported canalboats over the Allegheny Mountains, between the eastern and western sections of the Pennsylvania Canal; regarded as a technological marvel.
5Andalusia1976 HABS photoNovember 13, 1966Andalusia
40°03′43″N 74°57′30″W / 40.061944°N 74.958333°W / 40.061944; -74.958333 (Andalusia)
BucksGreek Revival residence of Nicholas Biddle, head of the Second Bank of the United States.
6Henry Antes HouseAntes House Montco PA.jpgApril 27, 1992Pottstown
40°17′25″N 75°32′26″W / 40.290321°N 75.540558°W / 40.290321; -75.540558 (Antes, Henry, House)
7Augustus Lutheran ChurchHABS photoDecember 24, 1967Trappe
40°12′03″N 75°28′50″W / 40.200781°N 75.480545°W / 40.200781; -75.480545 (Augustus Lutheran Church)
8Bedford Springs Hotel Historic DistrictBedford Springs Hotel HABS 1.jpgJuly 17, 1991Bedford
39°59′47″N 78°30′28″W / 39.996389°N 78.507778°W / 39.996389; -78.507778 (Bedford Springs Hotel Historic District)
9Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land SurveyFront of the monumentJune 23, 1965Ohioville, PA and East Liverpool, OH
40°38′26″N 80°31′10″W / 40.640487°N 80.519377°W / 40.640487; -80.519377 (Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey)
Beaver, PA and Columbiana, OH
10Beth Sholom SynagogueBethsholom.JPGMarch 29, 2007Elkins Park
40°04′56″N 75°07′36″W / 40.082222°N 75.126667°W / 40.082222; -75.126667 (Beth Sholom Synagogue)
8231 Old York Road
MontgomeryFrank Lloyd Wright designed it. The American Institute of Architects and National Trust for Historic Preservation commented upon it.
11Bomberger's DistilleryBombergers LebCo PA 1.jpgJanuary 16, 1980Newmanstown
40°16′30″N 76°19′13″W / 40.275034°N 76.320199°W / 40.275034; -76.320199 (Bomberger's Distillery)
12Bost BuildingBost Building.jpgJanuary 20, 1999Homestead
621–623 East 8th Avenue
40°24′32.83″N 79°54′15.7″W / 40.4091194°N 79.904361°W / 40.4091194; -79.904361 (Bost Building)
AlleghenyHeadquarters of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers during the Homestead Strike.
13Braddock Carnegie LibraryCarnegieFreeLibraryofBraddock.jpgMarch 2, 2012Braddock
40°24′07″N 79°51′56″W / 40.401869°N 79.865425°W / 40.401869; -79.865425 (Carnegie Free Library of Braddock)
AlleghenyFirst Carnegie library built in the United States.
14David Bradford HouseDavid Bradford HouseJuly 28, 1983Washington
40°10′06″N 80°14′41″W / 40.168201°N 80.244776°W / 40.168201; -80.244776 (Bradford, David, House)
175 S. Main St.
WashingtonA home of David Bradford.
15Brandywine BattlefieldBrandywine Battlefield.jpgJanuary 20, 1961Chadds Ford
39°52′31″N 75°34′31″W / 39.875278°N 75.575278°W / 39.875278; -75.575278 (Brandywine Battlefield)
DelawareSite of the 1777 Battle of Brandywine.
16William Brinton 1704 House1958 HABS photoDecember 24, 1967Dilworthtown
39°53′40″N 75°33′40″W / 39.894424°N 75.560993°W / 39.894424; -75.560993 (William Brinton 1704 House)
17Bryn Athyn Historic DistrictBryn Athyn CathedralOctober 6, 2008Bryn Athyn
40°08′04″N 75°03′48″W / 40.134444°N 75.063333°W / 40.134444; -75.063333 (Bryn Athyn Historic District)
18James Buchanan House (Wheatland)James Buchanan HouseJuly 4, 1961Lancaster
40°02′37″N 76°19′45″W / 40.043584°N 76.329183°W / 40.043584; -76.329183 (Buchanan, James, House)
LancasterHome of James Buchanan while he was President and in his final years.
19Pearl S. Buck HouseGreen Hills w additions BucksCo PA.jpgJanuary 16, 1980Perkasie
40°21′36″N 75°13′11″W / 40.36°N 75.219722°W / 40.36; -75.219722 (Green Hills Farm)
520 Dublin Rd.
BucksA home of author Pearl S. Buck.
20Buckingham Friends Meeting HouseBuckingham Friends BucksCo PA from NW.jpgJuly 31, 2003Buckingham Township
40°20′56″N 75°02′27″W / 40.348889°N 75.040833°W / 40.348889; -75.040833 (Buckingham Friends Meeting House)
5684 Lower York Road
BucksAssociated with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
21Bushy Run BattlefieldBushy Run monument.JPGOctober 9, 1960Harrison City
40°21′19″N 79°37′12″W / 40.355278°N 79.62°W / 40.355278; -79.62 (Bushy Run Battlefield)
2 miles E. of Harrison City on Pa. Rte. 993
WestmorelandSite of the Battle of Bushy Run during Pontiac's Rebellion.
22Cambria Iron Company1958 HEAR photoJune 22, 1989Johnstown
40°20′10″N 78°55′23″W / 40.336°N 78.923°W / 40.336; -78.923 (Cambria Iron Company)
23Simon Cameron HouseJohn Harris-Simon Cameron House Nov 10.JPGMay 15, 1975Harrisburg
40°15′23″N 76°52′45″W / 40.256523°N 76.879108°W / 40.256523; -76.879108 (Harris, John, Mansion)
219 S. Front St.
DauphinA home of Simon Cameron who had some association under Abraham Lincoln.
24Carlisle Indian SchoolCarlisle pupils.jpgJuly 4, 1961Carlisle
40°12′32″N 77°10′41″W / 40.209°N 77.178°W / 40.209; -77.178 (Carlisle Indian School)
CumberlandAssociated with Native American education. Athlete Jim Thorpe attended.
25Carrie Blast Furnaces 6 and 7Carrie Furnace No. 7, U.S. Steel Homestead Works, Blast Furnace Plant, Along Monongahela River, Homestead (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania).jpgSeptember 20, 2006Rankin, Munhall, and Swissvale boroughs
Northern side of the Monongahela River, 0.5 miles (0.80 km) west of the Rankin Bridge
40°24′47.09″N 79°53′24.28″W / 40.4130806°N 79.8900778°W / 40.4130806; -79.8900778 (Carrie Blast Furnace Number 6 and 7)
AlleghenyThe only 2 surviving pre-World War II blast furnaces in the Pittsburgh area.
26CedarcroftHABS photoNovember 11, 1971Kennett Square
39°51′28″N 75°43′09″W / 39.857827°N 75.719175°W / 39.857827; -75.719175 (Cedarcroft)
27Chatham VillageChathamVillage1.jpgApril 5, 2005Pittsburgh
Roughly bounded by Virginia Avenue, Bigham Street, Woodruff Street, Saw Mill Run Boulevard, and Olympia Road
40°25′52″N 80°1′1″W / 40.43111°N 80.01694°W / 40.43111; -80.01694 (Chatham Village Historic District)
28Cornwall Iron FurnaceCornwallFurnacePA.jpgNovember 3, 1966Cornwall
40°16′14″N 76°24′22″W / 40.270556°N 76.406111°W / 40.270556; -76.406111 (Cornwall Iron Furnace)
Rexmont Rd. & Boyd St.
29Delaware CanalDelaware Canal w dog.JPGDecember 8, 1976Easton to Bristol
40°05′36″N 74°51′41″W / 40.093283°N 74.861456°W / 40.093283; -74.861456 (Delaware Canal)
Easton to Bristol along the Delaware River
Bucks and
Transported anthracite coal.
30Delaware and Hudson CanalDelaware and Hudson Canal near Summitville, NY.jpgOctober 18, 1968Lackawaxen, PA, Honesdale, PA, Kingston, NY, Rosendale, NY, Ellenville, NY, and Port Jervis, NY
41°36′26″N 74°26′53″W / 41.607222°N 74.448056°W / 41.607222; -74.448056 (Delaware and Hudson Canal)
Pike, PA, Wayne, PA, Orange, NY, Sullivan, NY, and Ulster, NY
31Drake Oil WellDrake Well, August 2006.jpgNovember 13, 1966Titusville
41°36′39″N 79°39′27.7″W / 41.61083°N 79.657694°W / 41.61083; -79.657694 (Drake Oil Well)
VenangoEdwin L. Drake struck oil here, the site of the world's first successful oil well.
32East Broad Top RailroadEast Broad Top 15.jpgJanuary 28, 1964Rockhill
40°14′29″N 77°53′56″W / 40.241389°N 77.898889°W / 40.241389; -77.898889 (East Broad Top Railroad)
33Dwight D. Eisenhower FarmsteadIkehouse.jpgMay 23, 1966Gettysburg
39°47′36″N 77°15′48″W / 39.793333°N 77.263333°W / 39.793333; -77.263333 (Eisenhower National Historic Site)
AdamsA home of Dwight Eisenhower.
34Emmanuel Episcopal ChurchHABS photoFebruary 16, 2000Pittsburgh
North and Allegheny Avenues
40°27′11″N 80°1′9.28″W / 40.45306°N 80.0192444°W / 40.45306; -80.0192444 (Emmanuel Episcopal Church)
35Ephrata CloisterEphrata cloister.jpgDecember 24, 1967Ephrata
40°10′59″N 76°11′21″W / 40.183056°N 76.189167°W / 40.183056; -76.189167 (Ephrata Cloister)
36Wharton Esherick House and StudioThe Wharton Esherick Museum January 2013.jpgApril 19, 1993Malvern
40°05′02″N 75°29′38″W / 40.083808°N 75.493943°W / 40.083808; -75.493943 (Esherick, Wharton, Studio)
1520 Horseshoe Trail
ChesterA studio of Wharton Esherick who participated in the Arts and Crafts Movement.
37David Espy HouseEspy House Bedford Pennsylvania.jpgJuly 28, 1983Bedford
40°01′03″N 78°30′11″W / 40.017551°N 78.503063°W / 40.017551; -78.503063 (Espy House)
BedfordAssociated with Whiskey Rebellion and David Espy.
38FallingwaterWrightfallingwater.jpgMay 11, 1976Mill Run
39°54′17″N 79°28′05″W / 39.904808°N 79.468120°W / 39.904808; -79.468120 (Fallingwater)
FayetteDesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright.
39Fonthill, Mercer Museum and Moravian Pottery and Tile WorksFonthill.jpg
February 4, 1985Doylestown
40°19′23″N 75°07′25″W / 40.323056°N 75.123611°W / 40.323056; -75.123611 (Fonthill, Mercer Museum and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works)
BucksThree sites associated with Henry Chapman Mercer.
40Forks of the OhioPoint State Park fountain.jpgOctober 9, 1960Pittsburgh
Point Park
40°26′27″N 80°0′37″W / 40.44083°N 80.01028°W / 40.44083; -80.01028 (Forks of the Ohio)
AlleghenyAssociated with French and Indian War.
41Fulton Opera HouseFulton Opera House street view.jpgJanuary 29, 1964Lancaster
40°02′17″N 76°18′28″W / 40.038156°N 76.307877°W / 40.038156; -76.307877 (Fulton Opera House)
12–14 N. Prince St.
LancasterAssociated with Robert Fulton.
42Robert Fulton BirthplaceRobert Fulton Birthplace.jpgJanuary 29, 1964Quarryville
39°48′17″N 76°09′37″W / 39.804722°N 76.160278°W / 39.804722; -76.160278 (Robert Fulton Birthplace)
8 mi. south of Quarryville on U.S. Route 22
LancasterAlso associated with Robert Fulton.
43Albert Gallatin HouseAlbertGallatinHouse.jpgJanuary 12, 1965Point Marion
39°46′40″N 79°55′45″W / 39.777778°N 79.929168°W / 39.777778; -79.929168 (Albert Gallatin House; Friendship Hill National Historic Site)
FayetteA home of Albert Gallatin.
44Gemeinhaus-Lewis David de Schweinitz ResidenceEditing Gemeinhaus-Lewis David de Schweinitz Residence Oct 11.JPGMay 15, 1975Bethlehem
40°37′00″N 75°22′52″W / 40.616805°N 75.381147°W / 40.616805; -75.381147 (Gemeinhaus-lewis David De Schweinitz Residence)
NorthamptonA home of botanist Lewis David de Schweinitz.
45Graeme ParkGraeme Park.jpgOctober 9, 1960Horsham
40°13′00″N 75°09′00″W / 40.216667°N 75.15°W / 40.216667; -75.15 (Graeme Park)
46Grey TowersHABS photoFebruary 4, 1985Glenside
40°04′46″N 75°09′54″W / 40.079554°N 75.165082°W / 40.079554; -75.165082 (Grey Towers)
MontgomeryDesigned by Horace Trumbauer. Now part of Arcadia University.
47Gruber Wagon Works1973 HABS photoDecember 22, 1977Reading
40°22′14″N 75°58′47″W / 40.3706°N 75.9796°W / 40.3706; -75.9796 (Gruber Wagon Works)
BerksLocated in what is now Tulpehocken Creek Park.
48I. N. and Bernardine Hagan HouseWestern PA 6-06 028.jpgMay 16, 2000Chalk Hill
39°52′09″N 79°31′11″W / 39.869167°N 79.519722°W / 39.869167; -79.519722 (Isaac Newton and Bernardine Hagan House)
FayetteA higher end Usonian house of those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
49Harmony Historic DistrictHarmonyPAmuseum.jpgMay 30, 1974Harmony
40°48′11″N 80°07′42″W / 40.803056°N 80.128333°W / 40.803056; -80.128333 (Isaac Newton and Bernardine Hagan House)
ButlerAssociated with Harmony Society and George Rapp.
50Harrisburg Station and TrainshedHTC Exterior.jpgDecember 8, 1976Harrisburg
40°15′36″N 76°52′40″W / 40.260120°N 76.877761°W / 40.260120; -76.877761 (Harrisburg Central Railroad Station And Trainshed)
DauphinPennsylvania Railroad station with sheds using truss system patented by Albert Fink.
51Milton S. Hershey MansionHigh Point Hershey PA.jpgMay 4, 1983Hershey
40°17′18″N 76°38′39″W / 40.288271°N 76.644087°W / 40.288271; -76.644087 (Hershey, Milton S., Mansion)
Mansion Road
DauphinA home of Milton Snavely Hershey.
52Honey Hollow WatershedHoney Hollow.jpgAugust 4, 1969New Hope
40°22′26″N 75°00′27″W / 40.373889°N 75.0075°W / 40.373889; -75.0075 (Honey Hollow Watershed)
53Horseshoe CurveHorseshoe Curve aerial photo, March 2006.jpgNovember 13, 1966Altoona
40°29′45″N 78°28′54″W / 40.495753°N 78.481696°W / 40.495753; -78.481696 (Horseshoe Curve)
BlairA horseshoe-shaped railroad track
54Kennywood ParkNewGates.jpgFebruary 27, 1987West Mifflin
4800 Kennywood Boulevard
40°23′15″N 79°51′48″W / 40.38750°N 79.86333°W / 40.38750; -79.86333 (Kennywood Park)
AlleghenyFrom trolley park era, One of America's first amusement parks.
55Kuerner FarmKuerner Farm Barn.jpgJune 23, 2011Chadds Ford Township
39°52′09″N 75°34′32″W / 39.8692°N 75.5756°W / 39.8692; -75.5756 (Kuerner Farm)
DelawareThe Kuerner Farm was the inspiration for more than 1,000 Wyeth paintings over a 64-year period.
56Leap-The-DipsLeap The Dips (Lakemont Park).jpgJune 19, 1996Altoona
40°28′15″N 78°23′48″W / 40.470833°N 78.396667°W / 40.470833; -78.396667 (Leap-The-Dips)
700 Park Ave.
BlairThe first rollercoaster still standing in the United States.
57F. Julius Lemoyne HouseJulius Lemoyne HouseSeptember 25, 1997Washington
40°10′05″N 80°14′35″W / 40.168064°N 80.243168°W / 40.168064; -80.243168 (Lemoyne, F. Julius, House)
49 E. Maiden St.
WashingtonA home of F. Julius LeMoyne, involved with the Underground Railroad
58Lightfoot MillAnselma Mill 1.jpgApril 5, 2005Chester Springs
40°04′53″N 75°38′40″W / 40.081389°N 75.644444°W / 40.081389; -75.644444 (Lightfoot Mill)
ChesterSee also Oliver Evans.
59Lukens Historic DistrictTerracina.JPGApril 19, 1994Coatesville
39°58′52″N 75°49′21″W / 39.981111°N 75.8225°W / 39.981111; -75.8225 (Lukens Historic District)
50, 53, 76 & 102 S. First St.
ChesterAssociated with Rebecca Lukens and Brandywine Ironworks (later Lukens Steel Company).
60Humphry Marshall House1958 HABS photoDecember 23, 1987Marshallton
39°56′52″N 75°40′53″W / 39.947747°N 75.681474°W / 39.947747; -75.681474 (Marshall, Humphry, House)
1407 S. Strasburg Rd./PA Rte. 162
ChesterA home of Humphry Marshall.
61Meadowcroft RockshelterMeadowcroftRockshelter.jpgApril 5, 2005West of Avella
40°17′11″N 80°29′30″W / 40.286389°N 80.491667°W / 40.286389; -80.491667 (Meadowcroft Rockshelter)
WashingtonArchaeological site associated with Native Americans.
62Isaac Meason HouseIsaac Meason House.jpgJune 21, 1990Mount Braddock
39°56′24″N 79°38′55″W / 39.939981°N 79.648576°W / 39.939981; -79.648576 (Meason, Isaac, House)
FayetteA home of Isaac Meason.
63Merion Cricket ClubMerionCricket.jpgFebruary 27, 1987Haverford
40°00′56″N 75°18′01″W / 40.015596°N 75.300360°W / 40.015596; -75.300360 (Merion Cricket Club)
MontgomeryFrom when cricket competed with baseball for American attention.
64Merion Friends Meeting HouseHABS photoAugust 5, 1998Merion Station
40°00′32″N 75°15′11″W / 40.008786°N 75.252977°W / 40.008786; -75.252977 (Merion Friends Meeting House)
65Merion Golf ClubMerion 1.jpgApril 27, 1992Ardmore
39°59′36″N 75°19′35″W / 39.993333°N 75.326389°W / 39.993333; -75.326389 (Merion Golf Club, East and West Courses)
DelawareAssociated with Bobby Jones, who won the Grand Slam of Golf here in 1930. Host of many U.S. Opens.
66Mill GroveHABS photoMay 5, 1989Audubon
40°07′23″N 75°26′39″W / 40.123056°N 75.444167°W / 40.123056; -75.444167 (Mill Grove)
MontgomeryA home of John James Audubon.
67Minisink Archeological SiteManna site cut bank 1.jpgApril 19, 1993Bushkill
41°17′26″N 74°49′44″W / 41.2906°N 74.829°W / 41.2906; -74.829 (Minisink Site)
PikePrehistoric native site; extends into New Jersey.
68Oakmont Country ClubOakmontCountryClub.jpgJune 30, 1987Oakmont
Hulton Road
40°31′32.73″N 79°49′36.35″W / 40.5257583°N 79.8267639°W / 40.5257583; -79.8267639 (Oakmont Country Club Historic District)
AlleghenyHost to many U.S. Opens.
69Old EconomyRappHouseOldEconomyPA.jpgJune 23, 1965Ambridge
40°35′46″N 80°13′59″W / 40.596158°N 80.233001°W / 40.596158; -80.233001 (Old Economy)
BeaverAssociated with Harmony Society and George Rapp.
70Old West, Dickinson CollegeWestcollege1810.jpgJune 13, 1962Carlisle
40°12′10″N 77°11′42″W / 40.2029°N 77.1951°W / 40.2029; -77.1951 (Old West, Dickinson College)
CumberlandDesigned by Benjamin H. Latrobe, part of Dickinson College which was founded by Benjamin Rush. James Buchanan, later president, lived here.
71Asa Packer MansionPacker Mansion001.jpgFebruary 4, 1985Jim Thorpe
40°51′43″N 75°44′16″W / 40.862046°N 75.737865°W / 40.862046; -75.737865 (Packer, Asa, Mansion)
CarbonDesigned by Samuel Sloan, home of Asa Packer, founder of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh University.
72Pennsylvania State Capitol ComplexPennsylvania State Capitol 4.JPGSeptember 20, 2006Harrisburg
Bounded by 3rd and 7th, North and Walnut Streets
40°15′52″N 76°53′01″W / 40.264441°N 76.883624°W / 40.264441; -76.883624 (Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex)
DauphinIncludes the Pennsylvania State Capitol, North and South Office Buildings, Finance Building, Forum Building, State Street Bridge and Ryan Legislative Office Building. Originally listed with only the capitol, expanded in 2013 to encompass surrounding buildings.
73Gifford Pinchot HouseGrey Towers National Historic Site.jpgMay 23, 1963Milford
41°19′39″N 74°49′15″W / 41.3275°N 74.820833°W / 41.3275; -74.820833 (Gifford Pinchot House)
PikeHome of Gifford Pinchot, first head of the U.S. Forest Service and two-time state governor.
74Terence V. Powderly HouseTerence Powderly House.jpgMay 23, 1966Scranton
41°23′22″N 75°41′58″W / 41.389519°N 75.699460°W / 41.389519; -75.699460 (Powderly, Terence V., House)
LackawannaLongtime home of Terence Vincent Powderly, a Knights of Labor leader.
75Joseph Priestley HouseJoseph Priestley House.JPGJanuary 12, 1965Northumberland
40°53′17″N 76°47′25″W / 40.888028°N 76.790359°W / 40.888028; -76.790359 (Priestley, Joseph, House)
NorthumberlandStately home of chemist Joseph Priestley, who, disenchanted with England moved here in 1794 and continued his ground-breaking research.
76The PrintzhofPrintz.JPGNovember 5, 1961Essington
39°51′33″N 75°18′11″W / 39.859164°N 75.303151°W / 39.859164; -75.303151 (Printzhof, The)
DelawareA home of Johan Printz.
77Pulpit RocksPulpit Rocks.jpgNovember 4, 1993Huntingdon
40°31′09″N 78°02′43″W / 40.519167°N 78.045278°W / 40.519167; -78.045278 (Pulpit Rocks)
78Matthew S. Quay HouseMatthew S. Quay House.jpgMay 15, 1975Beaver
40°41′38″N 80°18′12″W / 40.693766°N 80.303372°W / 40.693766; -80.303372 (Quay, Matthew S., House)
BeaverA home of Matthew Stanley Quay, a Republican National Chairman who was campaign manager for Benjamin Harrison's successful presidential campaign.
79St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Jim Thorpe)1979 HABS photoDecember 23, 1987Jim Thorpe
40°51′47″N 75°44′18″W / 40.863018°N 75.738209°W / 40.863018; -75.738209 (St. Mark's Episcopal Church)
80Searights Tollhouse, National RoadSearights Tollhouse, western front.jpgJanuary 29, 1964Uniontown
39°56′43″N 79°47′40″W / 39.945285°N 79.794553°W / 39.945285; -79.794553 (Searights Tollhouse, National Road)
FayetteTollhouses built in 1835 as part of the National Road.
81Schaeffer HouseSchaeffers LebCo PA.jpgJuly 25, 2011Schaefferstown
40°17′57″N 76°17′42″W / 40.2992°N 76.2950°W / 40.2992; -76.2950 (Schaeffer House)
LebanonPossibly the only remaining German Weinbauernhaus in America, combining a residence with the production of alcohol.[5]
82Smithfield Street BridgeSmithfield Street Bridge.jpgMay 11, 1976Pittsburgh
Smithfield Street at the Monongahela River
40°26′5″N 80°0′8″W / 40.43472°N 80.00222°W / 40.43472; -80.00222 (Smithfield Street Bridge)
AlleghenyA truss bridge built between 1881 and 1883.
83Staple Bend TunnelStaplebendtunnel.jpgApril 19, 1994Conemaugh Township
40°21′26″N 78°51′19″W / 40.357273°N 78.855303°W / 40.357273; -78.855303 (Staple Bend Tunnel)
CambriaThe first railroad tunnel in the United States. Regarded as an engineering marvel.
84Stiegel-Coleman HouseStiegel Coleman House LanCo PA.jpgNovember 13, 1966Brickerville
40°14′16″N 76°17′48″W / 40.2378°N 76.2968°W / 40.2378; -76.2968 (Stiegel-Coleman House)
LancasterHouse built in parts by owner William Stiegel and then by Robert Coleman.
85SummerseatHABS photoJuly 17, 1965Morrisville
40°12′27″N 74°46′44″W / 40.207449°N 74.778895°W / 40.207449; -74.778895 (Summerseat)
BucksA home of George Clymer, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
86George Taylor HouseGeorge Taylor House (2).jpgJuly 17, 1971Catasauqua
40°38′45″N 75°27′59″W / 40.64587°N 75.466398°W / 40.64587; -75.466398 (Taylor, George, House)
Lehigh & Poplar Sts.
LehighA home of George Taylor, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
87M. Carey Thomas LibraryCarey Thomas from S.jpgJuly 17, 1991Bryn Mawr
40°01′29″N 75°18′52″W / 40.024645°N 75.314547°W / 40.024645; -75.314547 (Thomas, M. Carey, Library, Bryn Mawr College)
MontgomeryAn architecturally significant building on Bryn Mawr College campus.
88Union Canal TunnelUnion Canal Tunnel LebCo PA 2.jpgApril 19, 1994Lebanon
40°20′58″N 76°27′42″W / 40.349444°N 76.461667°W / 40.349444; -76.461667 (Union Canal Tunnel)
Tunnel Hill Road
89Valley ForgeValley Forge cabin.jpgJanuary 20, 1961Valley Forge
40°05′49″N 75°26′20″W / 40.096944°N 75.438889°W / 40.096944; -75.438889 (Valley Forge)
Chester and Montgomery
90Gen. Friedrich Von Steuben HeadquartersSteubens HQ so called.JPGNovember 28, 1972Valley Forge National Historical Park
40°05′49″N 75°28′13″W / 40.096988°N 75.470278°W / 40.096988; -75.470278 (Von Steuben, Gen. Frederick, Headquarters)
ChesterHeadquarters of drillmaster Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben who had served Frederick the Great. Now part of Valley Forge National Historical Park.
91Washington's CrossingWashington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC, 1851.jpgJanuary 20, 1961Yardley, PA and Titusville, NJ
40°18′00″N 74°52′24″W / 40.3°N 74.8734°W / 40.3; -74.8734 (Washington's Crossing)
Bucks, PA and Mercer County, NJWhere George Washington crossed the Delaware River to surprise-attack the British at Trenton in 1776.
92Washington's HeadquartersWashingtonHeadquarters-ValleyForge.JPGNovember 28, 1972Valley Forge National Historical Park
40°05′58″N 75°27′43″W / 40.099490°N 75.461954°W / 40.099490; -75.461954 (Washington's Headquarters)
Valley Creek Rd., near junction of PA 252 & 23
MontgomeryPart of Valley Forge National Historical Park.
93Waynesborough1960 HABS photoNovember 28, 1972Paoli
40°01′55″N 75°28′23″W / 40.031988°N 75.473145°W / 40.031988; -75.473145 (Waynesborough)
ChesterHome of General Anthony Wayne.
94Conrad Weiser HouseConrad Weiser Homestead.jpgOctober 9, 1960Womelsdorf
40°21′33″N 76°10′26″W / 40.359167°N 76.173889°W / 40.359167; -76.173889 (Conrad Weiser House)
BerksA home of Johann Conrad Weiser, who enlisted the Iroquois on the British side of the French and Indian War.
95Benjamin West BirthplaceBWestBplace.JPGDecember 21, 1965Swarthmore
39°54′11″N 75°21′06″W / 39.9031°N 75.3518°W / 39.9031; -75.3518 (West, Benjamin, Birthplace)
DelawareBirthplace of Benjamin West who supported artists including Gilbert Stuart and Charles Willson Peale. On campus of Swarthmore College.
96WoodmontWoodmont Moses King 1902.jpgAugust 5, 1998Gladwyne
40°03′48″N 75°17′29″W / 40.0634°N 75.2915°W / 40.0634; -75.2915 (Woodmont)
1622 Spring Mill Rd.
MontgomeryDesigned by William Lightfoot Price for industrialist Alan Wood, Jr.. Father Divine also lived here.
97WoodvilleWoodville plantation house, Heidelberg, PA.jpgJuly 28, 1983Heidelberg
South of Heidelberg on Pennsylvania Route 50
40°22′47″N 80°5′47″W / 40.37972°N 80.09639°W / 40.37972; -80.09639 (Woodville)
AlleghenyHome of John Neville, tax collector during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.
98N. C. Wyeth House and StudioWyeth House.pngDecember 9, 1997Chadds Ford Township
39°51′59″N 75°35′09″W / 39.866342°N 75.585785°W / 39.866342; -75.585785 (Wyeth, N.C., House and Studio)
DelawareHome and studio of painter N.C. Wyeth and family. Managed by the Brandywine River Museum.

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