List of National Football League passing yardage leaders

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This is a list of National Football League quarterbacks by total career passing yards. This list includes all quarterbacks who have thrown for at least 30,000 career passing yards.

Players with 30,000 passing yards or more[edit]

Rank[1]PlayerSeasons by teamTotal passing yards[2]Year of induction into
Pro Football Hall of Fame
1Brett FavreAtlanta Falcons (1991)
Green Bay Packers (19922007)
New York Jets (2008)[3]
Minnesota Vikings (20092010)
71,838Eligible in 2016[4]
2Peyton ManningIndianapolis Colts (19982011)
Denver Broncos (2012–Present)
64,964Not applicable[4]
3Dan MarinoMiami Dolphins (19831999)61,3612005
4John ElwayDenver Broncos (19831998)51,4752004
5Drew BreesSan Diego Chargers (20012005)
New Orleans Saints (2006–Present)
51,081Not applicable[4]
6Warren MoonHouston Oilers (19841993)
Minnesota Vikings (19941996)
Seattle Seahawks (19971998)
Kansas City Chiefs (19992000)
7Tom BradyNew England Patriots (2000–Present)49,149Not applicable[4]
8Fran TarkentonMinnesota Vikings (19611966)
New York Giants (19671971)
Minnesota Vikings (19721978)
9Vinny TestaverdeTampa Bay Buccaneers (19871992)
Cleveland Browns (19931995)
Baltimore Ravens (19961997)
New York Jets (19982003, 2005)
Dallas Cowboys (2004)
New England Patriots (2006)
Carolina Panthers (2007)[3]
10Drew BledsoeNew England Patriots (19932001)
Buffalo Bills (20022004)
Dallas Cowboys (20052006)
11Dan FoutsSan Diego Chargers (19731987)43,0401993
12Kerry CollinsCarolina Panthers (19951998[5])
New Orleans Saints (1998)
New York Giants (19992003)
Oakland Raiders (20042005)
Tennessee Titans (20062010)[3]
Indianapolis Colts (2011)
40,922Eligible in 2017[4]
13Joe MontanaSan Francisco 49ers (19791992)
Kansas City Chiefs (19931994)
14Johnny UnitasBaltimore Colts (19561972)
San Diego Chargers (1973)
15Dave KriegSeattle Seahawks (19801991)
Kansas City Chiefs (19921993)
Detroit Lions (1994)
Arizona Cardinals (1995)
Chicago Bears (1996)
Tennessee Oilers (19971998)
16Boomer EsiasonCincinnati Bengals (19841992)
New York Jets (19931995)
Arizona Cardinals (1996)
Cincinnati Bengals (1997)
17Donovan McNabbPhiladelphia Eagles (19992009)
Washington Redskins (2010)
Minnesota Vikings (2011)
37,276Eligible in 2017[4]
18Jim KellyBuffalo Bills (19861996)35,4672002
19Eli ManningNew York Giants (2004–Present)35,345Not applicable[4]
20Jim EverettLos Angeles Rams (19861993)
New Orleans Saints (19941996)
San Diego Chargers (1997)
21Jim HartSt. Louis Cardinals (19661983)
Washington Redskins (1984)
22Matt HasselbeckGreen Bay Packers (19982000)
Seattle Seahawks (20012010)
Tennessee Titans (20112012)
Indianapolis Colts (2013–Present)
34,647Not applicable[4]
23Steve DeBergSan Francisco 49ers (19781980)
Denver Broncos (19811983)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19841987, 19921993[6])
Kansas City Chiefs (19881991)
Miami Dolphins (1993)
Atlanta Falcons (1998)
24Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh Steelers (2004–Present)34,105Not applicable[4]
25Carson PalmerCincinnati Bengals (20032010)
Oakland Raiders (20112012)
Arizona Cardinals (2013–Present)
33,739Not applicable[4]
26John HadlSan Diego Chargers (19621972)
Los Angeles Rams (19731974[7])
Green Bay Packers (19741975)
Houston Oilers (19761977)
27Phil SimmsNew York Giants (19791993)33,462None
28Steve YoungTampa Bay Buccaneers (19851986)
San Francisco 49ers (19871999)
29Y. A. TittleBaltimore Colts (19481950)
San Francisco 49ers (19511960)
New York Giants (19611964)
30Troy AikmanDallas Cowboys (19892000)32,9422006
31Ken AndersonCincinnati Bengals (19711986)32,838None
32Philip RiversSan Diego Chargers (2004–Present)32,369Not applicable[4]
33Kurt WarnerSt. Louis Rams (19982003)
New York Giants (2004)
Arizona Cardinals (20052009)
32,344Eligible in 2015[4]
34Sonny JurgensenPhiladelphia Eagles (19571963)
Washington Redskins (19641974)
35Mark BrunellGreen Bay Packers (19931994)
Jacksonville Jaguars (19952003)
Washington Redskins (20042006)
New Orleans Saints (20082009)
New York Jets (20102011)
32,072Eligible in 2017[4]
36John BrodieSan Francisco 49ers (19571973)
37Steve McNairHouston Oilers / Tennessee Oilers / Tennessee Titans (19952005)

Baltimore Ravens (20062007)

38Norm SneadWashington Redskins (19611963)
Philadelphia Eagles (19641970)
Minnesota Vikings (1971)
New York Giants (19721974, 1976)
San Francisco 49ers (19741975)

Active players with 25,000 yards or more[edit]

As of the end of the 2013 season.


Fran Tarkenton was the first quarterback of the expansion Minnesota Vikings in 1961, and Kerry Collins was the first quarterback of the expansion Carolina Panthers in 1995. Both got the first starts of their NFL careers with these teams, and these are the only quarterbacks to get their first starts with an expansion team that went on to pass for 40,000 plus yards.

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  1. ^ Rank is as of the end of the 2013 season.
  2. ^ Total is through the end of the 2013 season.
  3. ^ a b c Player was on an active roster during the 2008 season
  4. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m A player is not eligible for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame until he has been fully retired for five calendar years or is deceased; player was not eligible for induction upon the commencement of the 2013 season.
  5. ^ Collins was traded during the pendency of the 1998 season; he played four games for the Panthers and seven for the Saints.
  6. ^ DeBerg was traded during the pendency of the 1993 season; he played three games for the Buccaneers and eight for the Dolphins.
  7. ^ Hadl was traded during the pendency of the 1974 season; he played six games for the Rams and eight for the Packers.

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