List of NBA teams by single season win percentage

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This is a list of the all-time best regular season winning percentages in the NBA.

Win%Winning percentage
WGames won
LGames lost
HHome record
RRoad record
NNeutral record
DiffAverage point differential[a]

Above .750[edit]

Regular seasonPostseason
.878721039–233–80–012.2Chicago Bulls1995–96Won NBA Championship15310-05-3Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson
.841691336–531–72–112.3Los Angeles Lakers1971–72Won NBA Championship1236-26-1Sharman, BillBill Sharman
.841691339–230–110–010.8Chicago Bulls1996–97Won NBA Championship15410-15-3Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson
.840681328–226–814–39.4Philadelphia 76ers1966–67Won NBA Championship1146-25-2Hannum, AlexAlex Hannum
.829681433–632–83–08.2Boston Celtics1972–73Lost Eastern Conference Finals764-33-3
  • Second most road wins in NBA history
Heinsohn, TomTom Heinsohn
.817671540–127–140–09.4Boston Celtics1985–86Won NBA Championship15310-05-3Jones, K. C.K. C. Jones
.817671536–531–100–010.4Chicago Bulls1991–92Won NBA Championship1579-36-4
  • Winning streaks of 14 and 13 games[7]
Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson
.817671536–531–100–08.5Los Angeles Lakers1999–00Won NBA Championship15811–24–6
  • Winning streaks of 19, 16, and 11 games
Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson
.817671536–531–100–07.2Dallas Mavericks2006–07Lost Western Conference 1st Round242–10–3Johnson, AveryAvery Johnson
.817491129–120–100–09.9Washington Capitols1946–47Lost Semi-Finals240–32–1Auerbach, RedRed Auerbach
.805661634–228–134–112.3Milwaukee Bucks1970–71Won NBA Championship1228-04-2Costello, LarryLarry Costello
.805661635–631–100–010.3Boston Celtics2007–08Won NBA Championship161013-13-9Rivers, DocDoc Rivers
.805661639–227–140–08.9Cleveland Cavaliers2008–09Lost Eastern Conference Finals1046–14–3Brown, MikeMike Brown
.805661637–429–120–07.9Miami Heat2012–13Won NBA Championship16710–36–4Spoelstra, ErikErik Spoelstra
.797511331–115–125–08.2Syracuse Nationals1949–50Lost NBA Finals655–11–4Cervi, AlAl Cervi
.793651735–630–110–07.7Philadelphia 76ers1982–83Won NBA Championship1217-05-1Cunningham, BillyBilly Cunningham
.793651737–428–130–09.3Los Angeles Lakers1986–87Won NBA Championship15310–05–3Riley, PatPat Riley
.793651736–529–120–07.7Los Angeles Lakers2008–09Won NBA Championship16710–26–5Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson
.787591625–223–911–58.3Boston Celtics1959–60Won NBA Championship855–23–3Auerbach, RedRed Auerbach
.780641838–326–150–07.8Seattle SuperSonics1995–96Lost NBA Finals1388–35–5Karl, GeorgeGeorge Karl
.780641838–326–150–08.8Utah Jazz1996–97Lost NBA Finals13710–13–6Sloan, JerryJerry Sloan
.780641837–427–140–06.7Detroit Pistons2005–06Lost Eastern Conference Finals108Saunders, FlipFlip Saunders
.775621827–327–118–48.4Boston Celtics1964–65Won NBA Championship847-01-4
  • 16 game winning streak[16]
Auerbach, RedRed Auerbach
.768631931–527–125–211.2Milwaukee Bucks1971–72Lost Western Conference Finals65
  • Started 17–1
Costello, LarryLarry Costello
.768631935–628–130–06.4Boston Celtics1981–82Lost Eastern Conference Finals75
  • 18 game winning streak[17]
Fitch, BillBill Fitch
.768631935–628–130–06.6Boston Celtics1984–85Lost NBA Finals138
  • Lost to 62-20 Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Finals
Jones, K. C.K. C. Jones
.768631937–426–150–05.8Detroit Pistons1988–89Won NBA Championship152Daly, ChuckChuck Daly
.768631937–426–150–06.8Los Angeles Lakers1989–90Lost Western Conference Semi-Finals45Riley, PatPat Riley
.768631936–527–140–08.7Portland Trail Blazers1990–91Lost Western Conference Finals97Adelman, RickRick Adelman
.768631937–426–150–09.1Seattle SuperSonics1993–94Lost Western Conference 1st Round23Karl, GeorgeGeorge Karl
.768631934–729–120–06.8San Antonio Spurs2005–06Lost Western Conference Semi-Finals76Popovich, GreggGregg Popovich
.758501626–724–90–08.2Chicago Bulls2011–12Lost Eastern Conference 1st Round242–10–3
  • Held tie-breaker over San Antonio Spurs
Thibodeau, TomTom Thibodeau
.758501628–522–110–07.2San Antonio Spurs2011–12Lost Western Conference Finals1046–14–3
  • Won last ten games of the regular season and first ten games of the playoffs
Popovich, GreggGregg Popovich
.756622027–825–1210–08.6Philadelphia 76ers1967–68Lost Eastern Division Finals76Hannum, AlexAlex Hannum
.756622035–627–140–05.9Boston Celtics1980–81Won NBA Championship1257–25–3
  • Winning streaks of 13 and 12 games
Fitch, BillBill Fitch
.756622037–425–160–07.9Philadelphia 76ers1980–81Lost Eastern Conference Finals97
  • 12 game winning streak and two additional streaks of 10 games
Cunningham, BillyBilly Cunningham
.756622033–829–120–06.6Boston Celtics1983–84Won NBA Championship158Jones, K. C.K. C. Jones
.756622036–526–150–07.4Los Angeles Lakers1984–85Won NBA Championship1548–27–2
  • Defeated 63-19 Boston Celtics in NBA Finals
Riley, PatPat Riley
.756622035–627–140–07.7Los Angeles Lakers1985–86Lost Western Conference Finals86Riley, PatPat Riley
.756622036–526–150–05.8Los Angeles Lakers1987–88Won NBA Championship15912–23–6
  • 15 game winning streak[19]
Riley, PatPat Riley
.756622035–627–140–06.7Phoenix Suns1992–93Lost NBA Finals1311Westphal, PaulPaul Westphal
.756622033–829–120–06.0San Antonio Spurs1994–95Lost Western Conference Finals96Hill, BobBob Hill
.756622037–425–160–07.1Chicago Bulls1997–98Won NBA Championship15610-25-4Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson
.756622036–526–150–06.5Utah Jazz1997–98Lost NBA Finals1378-35-4
  • Lost to 62-20 Chicago Bulls in NBA Finals
Sloan, JerryJerry Sloan
.756622031–1031–100–07.1Phoenix Suns2004–05Lost Western Conference Finals96
  • Followed a series of going 18-1 with a 6 game losing streak[22]
D'Antoni, MikeMike D'Antoni
.756622035–627–140–07.5Boston Celtics2008–09Lost Eastern Conference Semifinals775-32-4Rivers, DocDoc Rivers
.756622036–526–150–07.3Chicago Bulls2010–11Lost Eastern Conference Finals976-33-4
  • Won Central Division by 25 games over 2nd place Indiana Pacers
Thibodeau, TomTom Thibodeau
.756622032–930–110–07.7San Antonio Spurs2013–14Won NBA Championship16711-25-5Popovich, GreggGregg Popovich


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