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The following is a list of NASCAR drivers, who are currently competing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, and Camping World Truck Series.

Sprint Cup drivers[edit]

= Chase contender
= Ineligible for 2014 Sprint Cup points

All statistics used in these tables are as of the end of the 2014 Kobalt Tools 400. (Race 3/36)

Full-time drivers[edit]

DriverCarRookie YearStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPolesBest Points Finish
Justin AllgaierUnited States5120147000063rd (2013)
A. J. AllmendingerUnited States4720071940530215th (2011)
Aric AlmirolaUnited States4320081100312118th (2013)
Marcos AmbroseAustralia9200819421539318th (2009, 2012)
Michael AnnettUnited States7201430000N/A
Dave BlaneyUnited States7720004660428219th (2002)
Greg BiffleUnited States1620034051985158122nd (2005)
Alex BowmanUnited States23201430000N/A
Clint BowyerUnited States15200629285113722nd (2012)
Kurt BuschUnited States41200147424100190161st (2004)
Kyle BuschUnited States18200533228109164134th (2013)
Landon CassillUnited States402010118000031st (2012)
Austin DillonUnited States3201416001162nd (2011)
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.United States88200050820118207133rd (2003)
Carl EdwardsUnited States99200434021102175132nd (2008, 2011)
David GillilandUnited States382006261048226th (2013)
Jeff GordonUnited States24199372888308434741st (1995, 1997–1998, 2001)
Denny HamlinUnited States1120062942385137172nd (2010)
Kevin HarvickUnited States420014692410121063rd (2010, 2011, 2013)
Jimmie JohnsonUnited States48200243866183275321st (2006–2010, 2013)
Kasey KahneUnited States520043631680136264th (2012)
Matt KensethUnited States20200051131138250111st (2003)
Brad KeselowskiUnited States2200916411366241st (2012)
Parker KligermanUnited States3020145000077th (2013)
Kyle LarsonUnited States4220147000058th (2013)
Joey LoganoUnited States2220081863296288th (2013)
Jamie McMurrayUnited States12003405745109911th (2004)
Casey MearsUnited States13200338311248314th (2006)
Paul MenardUnited States27200725811135116th (2012)
Joe NemechekUnited States661994652418621015th (2000)
Ryan NewmanUnited States3120024431793186516th (2002, 2003, 2005)
Danica PatrickUnited States10201349001127th (2013)
David RaganUnited States34200725721434213th (2008)
Reed SorensonUnited States3620061920515122nd (2007)
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.United States17201344014119th (2013)
Tony StewartUnited States14199952448179290141st (2002, 2005, 2011)
Ryan TruexUnited States8320145000068th (2013)
Martin Truex, Jr.United States78200630023190711th (2007, 2012)
Brian VickersUnited States552004283326681112th (2009)
Cole WhittUnited States26201417000060th (2011)
Josh WiseUnited States98201271000039th (2012)

Part-time drivers[edit]

DriverCarRookie YearStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPolesBest Points Finish
Trevor BayneUnited States21N/A48113053rd (2011)
Ryan BlaneyUnited States12N/A00000N/A
Jeff BurtonUnited States6619946922113425463rd (2000)
Timmy HillUnited States33201325000038th (2013)
Brian KeselowskiUnited States92N/A3000049th (2013)
Blake KochUnited States35N/A2000074th (2013)
Travis KvapilUnited States322005249007123rd (2008)
Bobby LabonteUnited States52199371921115203261st (2000)
Terry LabonteUnited States32197988722182361271st (1984, 1996)
Eric McClureUnited States35N/A3000067th (2006)
Michael McDowellUnited States952008149001036th (2011)
Brian ScottUnited States33N/A4000066th (2013)
Morgan ShepherdUnited States87198151646316875th (1990)
Michael WaltripUnited States661986775441132412th (1994-1995)
J.J. YeleyUnited States442006202028121st (2007)

Nationwide Series drivers[edit]

= Currently Top 10 in points.
= Ineligible for 2014 Nationwide points.

All statistics used in these tables are as of the end of the 2014 Boyd Gaming 300. (Race 3/33)

Full-time drivers[edit]

NameCarRookie YearStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPolesBest Points Finish
Dakoda ArmstrongUnited States43201410000081st (2012)
Trevor BayneUnited States620091212205466th (2013)
Tanner BerryhillUnited States17N/A13000053rd (2012)
Mike BlissUnited States1919983152297535th (2004, 2008, 2009)
Chris BuescherUnited States60N/A11003034th (2013)
James BuescherUnited States992010591414236th (2010)
Landon CassillUnited States01200859017124th (2013)
Jeremy ClementsUnited States512009137005014th (2012)
Derrike CopeUnited States701994205128120th (2011)
Jamie DickUnited States55201237000024th (2012)
Ty DillonUnited States32014150161105th (2013)
Jeffrey EarnhardtUnited States4201330000027th (2013)
Chase ElliottUnited States9201430120N/A
Joey GaseUnited States52201246000030th (2012)
Brendan GaughanUnited States62200987092319th (2009)
Blake KochUnited States44201189000018th (2011)
Dylan KwasniewskiUnited States31201430011N/A
Tommy Joe MartinsUnited States76201420000N/A
Ryan ReedUnited States1620149001037th (2013)
Elliott SadlerUnited States111996233956108152nd (2011, 2012)
Brian ScottUnited States22010145083727th (2013)
Regan SmithUnited States720031394132913rd (2013)
Mike WallaceUnited States2819924854226508th (2008)

Part-time drivers[edit]

DriverCarRookie YearStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPolesBest Points Finish
Willie AllenUnited States67201029002030th (2010)
Ryan BlaneyUnited States22N/A161210095th (2013)
Chad BoatUnited States84201410000N/A
Kyle BuschUnited States54200427364153188361st (2009)
Matt CarterUnited States93200942000037th (2011)
Cale ConleyUnited States33N/A00000N/A
Carlos ContrerasMexico23N/A17000069th (2006)
Matt CraftonUnited States33N/A40230102nd (2013)
Matt DiBenedettoUnited States46N/A22002064th (2012)
Maryeve DufaultCanada79N/A2000077th (2011)
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.United States881997129236283101st (1998, 1999)
Ryan EllisUnited States24N/A8000055th (2013)
Ruben Garcia, Jr.Mexico24N/A10000N/A
Bobby GerhartUnited States85N/A12000069th (2001)
Jeff GreenUnited States1419913741687127231st (2000)
Mike HarmonUnited States742001157000023rd (2003)
Daryl HarrCanada87201220000040th (2012)
Kevin HarvickUnited States5200030240159222241st (2001, 2006)
Drew HerringUnited States20N/A15015135th (2011)
Sam Hornish, Jr.United States542007992285352nd (2013)
Kasey KahneUnited States520022027397997th (2003)
Matt KensethUnited States20199726728126184162nd (1998)
Brad KeselowskiUnited States2220072082897130141st (2010)
Will KimmelUnited States44N/A2000085th (2011)
Scott Lagasse, Jr.United States29200956005021st (2009)
Kyle LarsonUnited States422013360112008th (2013)
Kevin LepageUnited States7419943372195148th (1996)
Joey LoganoUnited States222008125216198238th (2010)
Carl LongUnited States93201164000031st (2011)
Eric McClureUnited States142005229001016th (2012)
Joe NemechekUnited States8719904201674125181st (1992)
Danica PatrickUnited States30201061017110th (2012)
Ryan PreeceUnited States36N/A1000072nd (2013)
David RaganUnited States9820071002164624th (2008)
Robert Richardson, Jr.United States232007124001024th (2011)
Martin RoyCanada90N/A10000N/A
Johnny SauterUnited States8020022033214948th (2003, 2006)
Morgan ShepherdUnited States89N/A351154467611th (1982)
Ryan SiegUnited States39N/A70010116th (2013)
Jonathan SmithUnited States?201400000N/A
Dexter StaceyCanada92201324000030th (2013)
David StarrUnited States10N/A28000065th (2010)
Derek WhiteUnited States13N/A6000052nd (2012)
Jason WhiteUnited States00200350001029th (2003)
Josh WiseUnited States402008128026016th (2011)
J. J. YeleyUnited States9320041560133935th (2006)

Camping World Truck Series drivers[edit]

= Currently Top 10 in points.
= Ineligible for 2014 Truck points.

All statistics used in these tables are as of the end of the 2014 NextEra Energy Resources 250. (Race 1/22)

Full-time drivers[edit]

DriverCarRookie YearStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPolesBest Points Finish
Norm BenningUnited States572008116000018th (2010)
Ryan BlaneyUnited States292013322101926th (2013)
Jennifer Jo CobbUnited States10201073001017th (2010)
Joey CoulterUnited States212011701163333rd (2012)
Matt CraftonUnited States88200131736317571st (2013)
Brian IcklerUnited States72009230610124th (2009)
Ben KennedyUnited States3120146011133rd (2013)
Mason MingusUnited States3520144000046th (2013)
Timothy PetersUnited States1720051637327462nd (2012)
Germán QuirogaMexico77201330027113th (2013)
Johnny SauterUnited States9820091319497152nd (2011)
Ryan SiegUnited States392009103007015th (2010, 2012)
John Wes TownleyUnited States5201251007011th (2013)
Darrell Wallace, Jr.United States54201323151218th (2013)
Tyler YoungUnited States02N/A9000045th (2012)

Part-time drivers[edit]

DriverCarRookie YearStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPolesBest Points Finish
Jeff AgnewUnited States27201229000023rd (2013)
Chase AustinUnited States4220143000063rd (2009)
Jeb BurtonUnited States13201328151375th (2013)
Kyle BuschUnited States5120051163671911214th (2008, 2010)
Ross ChastainUnited States922012420512217th (2012)
Chris CockrumUnited States74N/A10000040th (2013)
Sean CorrUnited States82N/A4000058th (2013)
Jake CrumUnited States01N/A13000037th (2012)
Cole CusterUnited States00N/A00000N/A
Michel DisdierFrance07N/A10000N/A
Ryan EllisUnited States28N/A10000N/A
Chris FontaineUnited States84200948001025th (2012)
Spencer GallagherUnited States22N/A3000042nd (2013)
Gray GauldingUnited States20N/A00000N/A
Clay GreenfieldUnited States68201028001034th (2012)
Mike HarmonUnited States84201049000034th (2010)
Caleb HolmanUnited States75201316000030th (2012)
Ron HornadayUnited States30N/A34551154225271st (1996, 1998, 2007, 2009)
Justin JenningsUnited States63N/A11000031st (2013)
Brandon JonesUnited States33N/A3000041st (2013)
Chris JonesUnited States93200977000030th (2013)
Erik JonesUnited States51N/A5125029th (2013)
Brad KeselowskiUnited States192004590611121st (2005)
John KingUnited States20N/A16112033rd (2012)
Parker KligermanUnited States582011501132525th (2012)
Travis KvapilUnited States5020011459518541st (2003)
Charles LewandoskiUnited States60N/A10000116th (2009)
Joey LoganoUnited States19N/A4022088th (2013)
Kyle MartelUnited States59N/A3000096th (2012)
Nate MonteithUnited States45N/A3000081st (2013)
Joe NemechekUnited States8N/A8015053rd (2006)
John Hunter NemechekUnited States8N/A2000045th (2013)
Brennan NewberryUnited States24201332001119th (2013)
Todd PeckUnited States07N/A7000056th (2012)
Josh ReaumeUnited States07N/A1000068th (2013)
Tyler ReddickUnited States1920142000077th (2013)
Scott RiggsUnited States922000535162555th (2001)
Ken SchraderUnited States52N/A10011136219th (2007)
Bryan SilasUnited States99201261000018th (2012)
Scott StenzelUnited States63N/A2000057th (2012)
Ryan TruexUnited States32N/A4012073rd (2013)
Jimmy WellerUnited States08N/A20010N/A
Jason WhiteUnited States9320071530921110th (2010)

Free agents[edit]

= Former Champion in Top 3 Series

Drivers with over 50 Combined Starts[edit]

DriverCup StartsCup WinsNationwide StartsNationwide WinsTruck StartsTruck WinsNotes
John AndrettiUnited States393237060Ran 2012 24 Hours of Daytona
Tim AndrewsUnited States0046070Crew member for Dexter Stacey's Nationwide team
Stanton BarrettUnited States220190000Occasionally drives for Rick Ware Racing
T. J. BellUnited States100480810Made a few starts for The Motorsports Group in 2014
Kelly BiresUnited States3088080Working on Ross Kenseth's late model team
Todd BodineUnited States24103251522022Lost his ride with ThorSport Racing
Ricky CarmichaelUnited States0080680Analyst for Supercross on SPEED
Johnny ChapmanUnited States101170600Makes occasional starts for smaller teams
Brad ColemanUnited States1057000Previously drove for Joe Gibbs Racing
Kevin ConwayUnited States31034010Hinted a return to NASCAR in 2013
Rick CrawfordUnited States00203365Track operator at Mobile International Speedway
Erik DarnellUnited States90520762Ran a full schedule for The Motorsports Group in 2012
Kertus DavisUnited States00117000Competition director for JD Motorsports
Wayne EdwardsUnited States0020740Ran one Truck race in 2012
Danny EflandUnited States00630100Drove for various Nationwide and Truck teams in 2013
Cale GaleUnited States00250351Working as a crew chief for Turner Scott Motorsports
Mario GosselinCanada2030470Occasionally drives for his Truck team
Mark GreenUnited States00318020Attempted one Cup race in 2012
Bobby Hamilton, Jr.United States6402514370Ran one race for Rick Ware Racing in 2011
Timmy HillUnited States24063020Previously drove for FAS Lane Racing and Rick Ware Racing
Ron HornadayUnited States450184434451Released by NTS Motorsports
Jason KellerUnited States205191000Drove for TriStar Motorsports in 2010
Burney LamarUnited States0059020Released from Braun Racing
Stephen LeichtUnited States170761402012 Sprint Cup Series Rookie of the Year
Kevin LepageUnited States2010336270Drove for various Nationwide teams in 2013
Johanna LongUnited States00410240Rumored to a partial schedule with JR Motorsports in 2014
Tayler MalsamUnited States00370390Released from TriStar Motorsports
Chad McCumbeeUnited States100401050Ran the Truck season finale in 2013
Chase MillerUnited States00960130Left The Motorsports Group during 2013 season
Donnie NeuenbergerUnited States00390230Usually attempts restrictor plate races
Miguel PaludoBrazil0020730Says he won't be returning to Turner Scott Motorsports in 2014
Nelson Piquet, Jr.Brazil00371542Lack of sponsorship could end his NASCAR career
Tony RainesUnited States18002820544Drove for Circle Sport in 2013
David ReutimannUnited States23221271791Decided not to return to BK Racing in 2014
Dennis SetzerUnited States80159231418Ran a partial schedule for RSS Racing in 2012
Mike SkinnerUnited States286052123128Start-and-parked a few Cup races in 2012
Scott SpeedUnited States1180290161Left Leavine Family Racing during the 2013 season
Jack SpragueUnited States240108129728Deal with Randy Moss Motorsports fell through
David StremmeUnited States1900146040Co-owner and former driver for Swan Racing
Kenny WallaceUnited States34405439130Drove a partial Nationwide schedule for RAB Racing in 2013
Jason WhiteUnited States204901520Began the 2013 season driving for SR² Motorsports
Brandon WhittUnited States10310581Released from Specialty Racing
Scott WimmerUnited States1110226630Working to get back into the Nationwide Series

Drivers with fewer than 50 Combined Starts[edit]

DriverCup StartsCup WinsNationwide StartsNationwide WinsTruck StartsTruck WinsNotes
Nur AliPakistan001000Might drive nine races for Rick Ware Racing in 2013
Steve ArpinCanada009050Made a couple starts for Turner Motorsports
Justin AshburnUnited States0030000Has driven for Day Enterprises in the past
Brad BakerUnited States0045000Drove for Day Enterprises in 2009
Chad BeahrUnited States001000Crew chief for Herd Racing
Dexter BeanUnited States101030Has been out of racing since 2009.
Blake BjorklundUnited States0030150Released from Haas CNC Racing in 2007
John BlankenshipUnited States004000Drove a few Nationwide races for Tommy Baldwin Racing
Chad BlountUnited States4026010Drove one race for Braun Racing in 2010
Juan Carlos BlumMexico0013000Lost Nationwide ride partway through 2013 season
Jason BowlesUnited States0040040Test driver for Richard Childress Racing
Wes BurtonUnited States0000120Recently drove part-time for FDNY Racing
Brett ButlerUnited States0030250Drove for SR² Motorsports in 2013
Ken Butler IIIUnited States0025030Drove for SR² Motorsports in 2013
Joey ClantonUnited States00180190Teamed with Roush Fenway Racing but was fired.
Amber CopeUnited States002010Ran some races for SR2 Motorsports
Angela CopeUnited States007010Ran some races for SR2 Motorsports
Scotty CrockettUnited States000020Ran Trucks part-time in 2008
Dusty DavisUnited States001080Made one Truck start in 2013
Gabi DiCarloUnited States000030No longer drives for Doug Stringer
Noel DowlerCanada001000Ran one race for Rick Ware Racing
Russ DuggerUnited States000040Most recently drove for Chris Fontaine's Truck team
Adam EdwardsUnited States000010Made one Truck start in 2012
Ricky EhrgottUnited States001010Made NASCAR debut in 2013
C. J. FaisonUnited States000020Made Truck debut in 2013
Blake FeeseUnited States00130120Drove for Turner Motorsports in 2011
Kyle FowlerUnited States0014000Drove for Go Green Racing in 2013
A. J. Foyt IVUnited States0011000Released from IRL ride
Matt FrahmUnited States009000Drove for a few Nationwide teams in 2012
Grant GallowayUnited States000010Made one Truck start in 2013
Tim George, Jr.United States0040240Released by Wauters Motorsports
Benny GordonUnited States0018020Will serve as crew chief for SR² Motorsports
Max GreshamUnited States0000380Truck team shut down after 2013
Chad HackenbrachtUnited States007040Drove for TriStar Motorsports in 2013
Paulie HarrakaUnited States1040110Drove for Go Green Racing in 2013
John JacksonScotland0060100Has made occasional Nationwide starts in the past
Brian Johnson, Jr.United States000050Supposedly was going to drive for Tagsby Racing in 2012
John KingUnited States0000151Made one Truck start in 2013
Chris LaffertyUnited States0000290Start-and-parked several Truck races in 2013
Corey LaJoieUnited States001000Under developmental contract with Richard Petty Motorsports
Charles LewandoskiUnited States0026010May run some Nationwide Series races in 2013
Ryan LynchUnited States000030Made two Truck starts in 2012
Scott LynchUnited States0030230Team shut down in early 2008
Hal MartinUnited States0015010Drove for TriStar Motorsports in 2013
Mark McFarlandUnited States00310110Working as crew chief for Matt DiBenedetto
Phillip McGiltonUnited States000040Released from Bill Davis Racing in 2008
B. J. McLeodUnited States0000120Ran a limited schedule for various Truck teams in 2012
Brandon MillerUnited States00140120Driving coach for Brennan Newberry
Brent RaymerUnited States0000500Made one Truck start in 2012
Benjamin ReynoldsUnited States000010Made one Truck start in 2012
Bradley RiethmeyerUnited States000040Won the All American Driver Challenge in 2006
Caleb RoarkUnited States000040Made one Truck start in 2012
Casey RoderickUnited States0011010Made a few starts for SR2 Motorsports in 2012
Brian RoseUnited States0000410Drove for Rick Ware Racing in 2010
Peyton SellersUnited States0070120Made one Truck start in 2012
Todd ShaferUnited States000020Made one Truck start in 2012
Fain SkinnerUnited States006000Ran a few races for Rick Ware Racing
Charles VestUnited States000020Ran a few Truck and ARCA races in 2011

Unemployed/former drivers who currently race in another series[edit]

= Former Champion in Top 3 Series

Drivers in these lists are as July 25, 2013.

DriverSprint Cup StartsSprint Cup WinsNationwide StartsNationwide WinsTruck StartsTruck WinsCurrent Series and Ride
Gene AlbertUnited States001000Short track racing in Tennessee
Jerry Allec, Jr.United States000020#50 FLASCO SRL Southwest Tour Series
Rusty AltonUnited States000010Local short tracks in Maryland
Wayne AndersonUnited States1000230#84 - Super Late Models
Joe AramendiaUnited States003030#5 - Whelen All-American Series
Tommy ArcherUnited States000050Road racing
Dave AshleyUnited States000010Endurance racing
Casey AtwoodUnited States750158240Short track racing at Fairgrounds Speedway
Tony AveUnited States204000#4 - Trans-Am Series
Jeff BabcockUnited States000010#1 - World of Outlaws Late Model Series
Danny BagwellUnited States000030#10 - ISCARS
Jack BaileyUnited States000060#2 - Late Models
Tim Bainey, Jr.United States001080Short track racing in the Northeast
Jack BaldwinUnited States004000Sports cars
Darrell BashamUnited States100000#34 - ARCA Racing Series
Jeff BeckUnited States000050Spec racing - Sports Car Club of America
Lowell BennettUnited States007000#2 - Super Late Models in Wisconsin
Johnny BensonUnited States274191313814#74 - Supermodified racing
Olivier BerettaMonaco000010#3 - American Le Mans Series
Rich BickleUnited States850540793#45 - ARCA Midwest Tour
Billy BigleyUnited States0000240#28 - ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour
Scott BloomquistUnited States000010#18 - Dirt late models
Mike BorkowskiUnited States009010Endurance racing
Pierre BourqueCanada000020#00 - NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
Wheeler BoysCanada003030Short track racing in Canada
Babe BranscombeUnited States002000Short track racing in New England
Colin BraunUnited States00310531#05 - American Le Mans Series
Robb BrentUnited States001030#2 - ARCA Racing Series
Pete BrittainUnited States000010#66 - Whelen Modified Series
Tim BrownUnited States000010#02 - Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Hal BrowningUnited States002000Local racing in Delaware
Joe BufordUnited States0018030Local racing at Nashville Fairgrounds
Joe BushUnited States003010Short track races in the Midwest
Brandon ButlerUnited States005040#29 - South Boston Speedway
Randy ButnerUnited States003000#5 - Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Austin CameronUnited States203030#12 - NASCAR K&N Pro Series West
Jamey CaudillUnited States001040#34 - UARA
Jeff ChoquetteUnited States000030#29 - Super late models
Steve ChristmanUnited States2000000ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series
Ted ChristopherUnited States6021020#36 - Whelen Modified Tour
Dion CiccarelliUnited States0010000#84 - NASCAR Camping World East Series
Adam ClarkeAustralia000020Midget racing in Australia
Bryan ClausonUnited States0026000#7 - USAC National Midget Car Series
Joe CobbUnited States000000Dirt track racing in Kansas
Carlos ContrerasMexico00140710#22 - NASCAR Mexico Corona Series
Chris CookUnited States1011000Team Mopar - Drifting
Joe CookseyUnited States003010#15 ARCA Racing Series
Jimmy CopeUnited States001000
Tim CowenUnited States000040#85 - ARCA Racing Series
Todd CrayUnited States004000Short tracks in New Jersey
George CrenshawUnited States005000Short track racing
Erin CrockerUnited States00100290World of Outlaws
Robbie CrouchUnited States0010010#48 - American Canadian Tour Series
Clay DaleUnited States002000Short track racing
Travis DassowUnited States000020ASA Late Models
Wade DayUnited States002000#96 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Frank Deiny, Jr.United States000010Regional races at South Boston Speedway
Dennis DemersUnited States001000Regional racing in Vermont
Cameron DodsonUnited States000040#2 - ASA Midwest Tour
Tomy DrissiUnited States103000#89 - American Le Mans Series
T. J. DukeUnited States003020#85 - FASCAR Pro Truck and Sportsman Series
Bobby EastUnited States00110310United States Auto Club
Grant EnfingerUnited States000060#09 - ARCA Racing Series
C. E. FalkUnited States000050Late model racing in Virginia
Adrián FernándezMexico0010000#009 - American Le Mans Series
Aaron FikeUnited States00520120USAC National Midget Series
A. J. FikeUnited States007020#10 - ARCA Racing Series
Christian FittipaldiBrazil1603000#9 - American Le Mans Series
J.R. FitzpatrickCanada00140160#84 - NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
Frank FlemingUnited States0010000#40 - Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Jay FoglemanUnited States0019000#4 - USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series
Dario FranchittiUnited Kingdom10018010#10 - IndyCar Series
A. J. FrankUnited States004000#6 - CARS Pro Cup Series
Hideo FukuyamaJapan400000GT Championship
Jeff FultzUnited States007000#67 - Ford Super Late Model
Mike GarveyUnited States130210380#1 - Super late models around the Southeast
Scott GaylordUnited States4017000#33 - Legends car racing
Bobby GerhartUnited States2409030#5 - ARCA Racing Series
Ryan GiffordUnited States001000#2 - K&N Pro Series East
Bobby GillUnited States0000160#06 - USAR Hooters Pr Cup Series
Craig GoessUnited States0000110#81 - PASS South Super Late Models
Jorge GoetersMexico1010000#31 - NASCAR Toyota Series
Robby GordonUnited States396354140#77 - Off-road desert racing
Klaus GrafGermany100000#6 - American Le Mans Series
John GrahamUnited Kingdom  0010000Various sports car and ARCA teams
Augie GrillUnited States000010#112 - Late model racing in Florida
Michael GuerityUnited States002000Short track racing in the midwest
Ryan HackettUnited States0010120#76 - World of Outlaws Late Model Series
Shane HallUnited States10190000#14 - USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series
Nathan HaseleuUnited States0000120#87 - ARCA Midwest Tour
J. R. HeffnerUnited States000000#74 - Super DIRTcar Series
Ryan HemphillUnited States0011090#38 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Tom Hessert IIIUnited States000020#77 - ARCA Racing Series
Bobby HillisUnited States000020#27 - Camping World West Series
Tracy HinesUnited States00170520#22 - USAC
Justin HobgoodUnited States00150110#22 - UARA
Larry HollenbeckUnited States005000#62 - ARCA Racing Series
Lance HooperUnited States90220800Races along the West Coast of the United States
Chuck HossfeldUnited States0000100#72 - Whelen Modified Tour
James HyltonUnited States60123000#48 - ARCA Racing Series
Jim InglebrightUnited States2000170#1 - NASCAR K&N Pro Series West
Eric JonesUnited States0090270Midwest Sprint Series
D. J. KenningtonCanada0045000#17 - Canadian Tire Series
Mikey KileUnited States006060#1 - ARCA Racing Series
Frank KimmelUnited States7010140#44 - ARCA Racing Series
Kraig KinserUnited States0000310#20 - USAC
Steve KinserUnited States500000#11 - World of Outlaws
Jimmy KiteUnited States000040Indy Racing League
Brandon KnuppUnited States0000270Midget car racing
Jerry KobzaUnited States000010USAC, CRSA
Frank KreyerUnited States004020#199 - ASA Midwest Tour
Cory KrusemanUnited States000010Various sprint car Series
Justin LabonteUnited States0076110#44 - Dirt Late Models
Andy LallyUnited States38030140#44 - Rolex Sports Car Series
Jared LandersUnited States000010#5 - Dirt Super Late Model division
Mike Laughlin, Jr.United States005000#14 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Jody LavenderUnited States0010230#115 PASS South Series
Ryan LawlerUnited States000080#74 PASS South Series
Chris LawsonUnited States004010#61 - UARA
Bill LesterUnited States20101420#88 - Rolex Sports Car Series
Justin LoftonUnited States0040801#6 - Stadium Super Trucks
Matt LoftonUnited States000030#16 - ARCA Racing Series
Patrick LongUnited States101000#045 - American Le Mans Series
Eddie MacDonaldUnited States002010#71 - K&N Pro Series East
Jan MagnussenDenmark100000#4 - American Le Mans Series
Rick MarkleUnited States0013010#60 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Luis Martínez, Jr.United States003000#6 - K&N Pro Series West
Deac McCaskillUnited States001000#08 NASCAR All American LMSC Series
Tim McCreadieUnited States007000#39 - Late Models
Brandon McReynoldsUnited States001010Developmental driver for Turner Motorsports
L. W. MillerUnited States0013060#36 - Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Travis MillerUnited States000040Short track racing in Virginia
Brett MoffittUnited States001000#11 - K&N Pro Series East
Juan Pablo MontoyaColombia253223100#2 - IndyCar Series
Ryan MooreUnited States0040110#74 - Racing super late models in the South
Jamie MosleyUnited States0013010Short track racing in the south
Sean MurphyNew Zealand0030260#5 - Illini Racing Series
Burt MyersUnited States000010#1 - Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Jeff OakleyUnited States001000#7 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Danny O'QuinnUnited States00106020#02 - UARA
Steve ParkUnited States1832563651#20 - Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Travis PastranaUnited States0042010Won't return to NASCAR in 2014
Antonio PérezMexico007000#1 - NASCAR Toyota Series
Andy PonsteinUnited States0026070CRA Super Series
Coleman PressleyUnited States0012000#59 - UARA
Scott PruettUnited States40011000#01 - Rolex Sports Car Series
Greg PursleyUnited States000040#26 - K&N Pro Series West
Kimi RäikkönenFinland001010Formula One
Andrew RangerCanada1017000#27 - Canadian Tire Series
Bryan ReffnerUnited States00301261#80 - ASA Midwest Tour
Josh RichardsUnited States0014090#1 - World of Outlaws Late Model Series
Michael RitchUnited States1039070#28 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Clay RogersUnited States000010#16 - CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series
Brian RoseUnited States0000410#19 - ARCA Racing Series
Brian RossUnited States203020#42 - USAR ProCup Series
Johnny RumleyUnited States0051200#8 - USAR ProCup Series
Lonnie Rush, Jr.United States00110550#71 - USAR ProCup Series
Boris SaidUnited States430231651#31 - Rolex Sports Car Series
Bobby Santos IIIUnited States005010#44 - Whelen Modified Tour
Natalie SatherUnited States000000Development driver for MAKE Motorsports
Scott SaundersAustralia003000Short track races on the East coast
Jay SauterUnited States201300904#5 - ASA Midwest Tour
Tim SauterUnited States201110280#99 - ASA Midwest Tour
Travis SauterUnited States001000#5 - ARCA Midwest Tour
Tim SchendelUnited States0021030#21 - Super Late Models
Patrick SheltraUnited States006010#12 - ARCA Racing Series
Peter ShepherdCanada000070#7 - NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
Brent ShermanUnited States6061000Panther Racing - Indy Pro Series
Gary St. AmantUnited States000050#7 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Scott StecklyCanada001000#22 - NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
Dave SteeleUnited States002000#91 - USAC National Midget Series
Mike StefanikUnited States00260260#16 - Whelen Modified Tour
Brad SweetUnited States00360180#49 - Sprint car racing
Kevin SwindellUnited States1020000#39 - Midget car racing
Sammy SwindellUnited States20100200#1 - World of Outlaws
Todd SzegedyUnited States003000#2 - Whelen Modified Tour
Alex TaglianiCanada004000#98 - IndyCar Series
Michelle TheriaultUnited States000060#45 - K&N Pro Series East
Brett ThompsonUnited States000070#61 - K&N Pro Series West
Don Thomson, Jr.Canada001000#8 - NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
Paul TracyCanada006010#77 - Rolex Sports Car Series
Brian TylerUnited States009010United States Auto Club
Tyler WalkerUnited States0019090USAC Sprint Car Series
Steve WallaceUnited States10193070#66 - Late models
Dana WhiteUnited States00110270#3 - USAR Hooters ProCup Series
Chris WimmerUnited States0040210#52 - ASA Midwest Tour Series
Craig WoodUnited States000010#43 - Late Models
Ron YoungUnited States0037000Short track racing

Semi-retired drivers[edit]

= Former Champion in Top 3 Series

Drivers in these lists are as of June 23, 2013.

DriverSprint Cup StartsSprint Cup WinsNationwide StartsNationwide WinsTruck StartsTruck WinsNotes
Ward BurtonUnited States3755161410Helping son Jeb with his racing career
Patrick CarpentierCanada40015010Ran the Nationwide race at Montreal
Stacy ComptonUnited States89017301582Owns and operates Turn One Racing
Terry CookUnited States302703146Competition director for Red Horse Racing
Bill ElliottUnited States8274443120Will test for JR Motorsports at Daytona
David GreenUnited States7804039110Spotter and driving coach for Johanna Long
Richard JohnsUnited States0015020Serving as crew chief for Sean Corr in ARCA
Terry LabonteUnited States881221241131Runs the restrictor plate races for FAS Lane Racing
Dwayne LeikUnited States0014000Ran five Nationwide races in 2008
Mark MartinUnited States8824023649257Currently a test driver for Stewart-Haas Racing
Butch MillerUnited States4109321491Crew chief for Henderson Motorsports
Mike OlsenUnited States1011030Hinted that his Sprint Cup debut may be his last race
Greg SacksUnited States263133110Used to sponsor JR Motorsports with Grand Touring Vodka
Hermie SadlerUnited States6402592150Makes occasional short track starts
Brad TeagueUnited States440240190Usually attempts Nationwide short track races
Michael WaltripUnited States77042791191Runs the restrictor plate races for his own team

Road course ringers[edit]

A "ringer" is a driver who does not normally run the oval race tracks, but attends (and often competes well at) the road courses.

DriverSprint Cup StartsSprint Cup WinsNationwide StartsNationwide WinsTruck StartsTruck WinsNotes
Brandon AshUnited States500000Attempted Sonoma and Phoenix in 2010
Tony AveUnited States204000Attempted Sonoma in 2011
Matt BellUnited States001000Drove for Go Green Racing at Watkins Glen in 2012
Patrick CarpentierCanada40016010Drove for RAB Racing at Montreal in 2012
Tim ConnollyUnited States001000Drove for SR² Motorsports at Watkins Glen in 2012
Chris CookUnited States4014000Road course ringer for Rick Ware Racing in 2012
Eric CurranUnited States002000Made Nationwide debut at Watkins Glen International in 2012
Tomy DrissiUnited States303000Drove for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2012

Drove for NEMCO Motorsports in 2013

Jean-François DumoulinCanada00100Attempted Montreal in 2011
Louis-Philippe DumoulinCanada002000Drove for Randy Hill Racing at Montreal
Ron FellowsCanada250244152Drove for Circle Sport in 2013
Victor Gonzalez, Jr.Puerto Rico107000Made Sprint Cup debut at Sonoma for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2013
Kenny HabulUnited States004000Will attempt the three Nationwide road courses in 2013
Tom HubertUnited States110140150Ran two Nationwide races in 2009
Billy JohnsonUnited States004000Road course ringer for Roush Fenway Racing
P. J. JonesUnited States330320180Drove for Robby Gordon Motorsports in 2011
Kyle KelleyUnited States009000Driving for NEMCO Motorsports at Road America
Owen KellyUnited States102000Road course ringer for Joe Gibbs Racing, drove for Phoenix Racing at Watkins Glen International in 2013
Alex KennedyUnited States2014000Made Sprint Cup debut at Sonoma for Humphrey Smith Racing in 2013
Patrick LongUnited States101000Made Cup debut at Watkins Glen in 2012
Justin MarksUnited States1080350Made Sprint Cup debut at Sonoma for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2013
Johnny O'ConnellUnited States001000Road course ringer for JR Motorsports
Kevin O'ConnellUnited States003000Driving for Mike Harmon's Nationwide team at Road America
Max PapisItaly360130440Road course ringer for Richard Childress Racing/Stewart-Haas Racing
Andy PilgrimUnited States102000Drove for Whitney Motorsports at Infineon 2011
Alex PopowVenezuela001000Drove in place of Tayler Malsam at Watkins Glen in 2012
Bill PrietzelUnited States001000Drove for R3 Motorsports at Road America in 2012
Andrew RangerCanada1014000Will attempt the three Nationwide road courses in 2013
Boris SaidUnited States470231651Road course ringer for FAS Lane Racing
Brian SimoUnited States706000Attempted Sonoma race for Inception Motorsports in 2012
Alex TaglianiCanada004000Drove for Turner Scott Motorsports at Montreal in 2012
Jacques VilleneuveCanada409070Drove for Phoenix Racing at Sonoma in 2013
John YoungUnited States003000Driving in Nationwide race at Road America in 2013

Suspended/Injured drivers[edit]

DriverTypeStart of InactivityReasonNotes
Shane HmielUnited StatesLifetime ban06-02-05Three failed drug testsDrove Sprint cars before near-fatal crash; currently rehabbing injuries
Jeremy MayfieldUnited StatesSuspension07-06-09Failed two drug testsHas contemplated entering "Road to Recovery" program
Shane SiegUnited StatesSuspension08-22-11Violated substance abuse policyWorking to get reinstated
Jack SmithUnited StatesSuspension11-22-112nd substance abuse violationSuspended
Tyler WalkerUnited StatesSuspension05-18-07Violated substance abuse policyHas no plans to return to NASCAR

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