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The following is a list compiling the total number of career victories in NASCAR Cup Series competition. The list recognizes "Cup" victories under the following auspices:

Rule changes in 1972 establishing a minimum distance (250 miles / 400 km, later reduced to 186.4 miles / 300 km after the energy crisis) led to the elimination of shorter races (typically between 50–150 miles, or 80–240 km) from the schedule. Any season since 1972 is referenced as a "modern era" because of the schedule changes, similar to basketball records often referenced as pre and post shot clock eras. Years since 2004 are regarded as the "Chase Era." Only championship races count towards the total.

Note that the Budweiser Duel prior to 1971 was a full championship race despite being between 100–125 miles (160–200 km) during the time. Duels won until 1971 count, but after the rule changes, wins in the Duel, Sprint Unlimited, Sprint All-Star Race, or international exhibitions at Calder Park Raceway, Suzuka Circuit, or Twin Ring Motegi do not count.

Win table[edit]

All figures correct as of the 2014 STP 500.

Driver is competing part-time in the 2014 season
Driver is competing full-time in the 2014 season
Driver has been inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame
Strictly Stock
Grand National
Chase Era
Modern Era
Petty, RichardRichard Petty11981060200
Pearson, DavidDavid Pearson5847045105
Gordon, JeffJeff Gordon064248888
Allison, BobbyBobby Allison186605584
Waltrip, DarrellDarrell Waltrip08408484
Yarborough, CaleCale Yarborough146906983
Earnhardt, DaleDale Earnhardt07607676
Johnson, JimmieJimmie Johnson06606666
Wallace, RustyRusty Wallace05415555
Petty, LeeLee Petty5400054
Jarrett, NedNed Jarrett5000050
Johnson, JuniorJunior Johnson5000050
Stewart, TonyTony Stewart017314848
Thomas, HerbHerb Thomas4800048
Baker, BuckBuck Baker4600046
Elliott, BillBill Elliott04404444
Martin, MarkMark Martin03374040
Flock, TimTim Flock3900039
Isaac, BobbyBobby Isaac3250137
Roberts, FireballFireball Roberts3300033
Jarrett, DaleDale Jarrett03113232
Kenseth, MattMatt Kenseth07243131
Busch, KyleKyle Busch00292929
White, RexRex White2800028
Lorenzen, FredFred Lorenzen2600026
Busch, KurtKurt Busch08172525
Paschal, JimJim Paschal2500025
Weatherly, JoeJoe Weatherly2500025
Harvick, KevinKevin Harvick04202424
Hamlin, DennyDenny Hamlin00232323
Rudd, RickyRicky Rudd02302323
Edwards, CarlCarl Edwards00222222
Labonte, TerryTerry Labonte02202222
Burton, JeffJeff Burton01742121
Labonte, BobbyBobby Labonte02102121
Parsons, BennyBenny Parsons02102121
Smith, JackJack Smith2100021
Earnhardt, Jr., DaleDale Earnhardt, Jr.09112020
Thompson, SpeedySpeedy Thompson2000020
Baker, BuddyBuddy Baker31601519
Flock, FontyFonty Flock1900019
Allison, DaveyDavey Allison01901919
Biffle, GregGreg Biffle01181919
Bodine, GeoffreyGeoffrey Bodine01801818
Bonnett, NeilNeil Bonnett01801818
Gant, HarryHarry Gant01801818
Newman, RyanRyan Newman0981717
Panch, MarvinMarvin Panch1700017
Turner, CurtisCurtis Turner1700017
Kahne, KaseyKasey Kahne00161616
Irvan, ErnieErnie Irvan01501515
Hutcherson, DickDick Hutcherson1400014
Yarbrough, LeeRoyLeeRoy Yarbrough1400014
Rathmann, DickDick Rathmann1300013
Richmond, TimTim Richmond01301313
Keselowski, BradBrad Keselowski00111111
Allison, DonnieDonnie Allison550410
Marlin, SterlingSterling Marlin01001010
Goldsmith, PaulPaul Goldsmith90009
Owens, CottonCotton Owens90009
Welborn, BobBob Welborn90009
Bowyer, ClintClint Bowyer00888
Petty, KyleKyle Petty08088
Dieringer, DarelDarel Dieringer70007
Foyt, A. J.A. J. Foyt34027
McMurray, JamieJamie McMurray01677
Reed, JimJim Reed70007
Teague, MarshallMarshall Teague70007
Burton, WardWard Burton05055
Gurney, DanDan Gurney50005
Kulwicki, AlanAlan Kulwicki05055
Lund, TinyTiny Lund50005
Marcis, DaveDave Marcis05055
Mayfield, JeremyJeremy Mayfield03255
Moody, RalphRalph Moody50005
Dane, LloydLloyd Dane40004
Flock, BobBob Flock31014
Glotzbach, CharlieCharlie Glotzbach31004
Gray, EddieEddie Gray40004
Hamilton, BobbyBobby Hamilton04044
Hamilton, PetePete Hamilton31004
Jones, ParnelliParnelli Jones40004
McGriff, HershelHershel McGriff40004
Nemechek, JoeJoe Nemechek03144
Pagan, EddieEddie Pagan40004
Schrader, KenKen Schrader04044
Shepherd, MorganMorgan Shepherd04044
Stacy, NelsonNelson Stacy40004
Wade, BillyBilly Wade40004
Waltrip, MichaelMichael Waltrip04044
Wood, GlenGlen Wood40004
Blair, BillBill Blair30003
Gordon, RobbyRobby Gordon03033
Linder, DickDick Linder30003
Logano, JoeyJoey Logano00333
Mundy, FrankFrank Mundy30003
Sadler, ElliottElliott Sadler01233
Staley, GwynGwyn Staley30003
Vickers, BrianBrian Vickers00333
Ambrose, MarcosMarcos Ambrose00222
Andretti, JohnJohn Andretti02022
Beauchamp, JohnnyJohnny Beauchamp20002
Byron, RedRed Byron20002
Cope, DerrikeDerrike Cope02022
Craven, RickyRicky Craven02022
Elder, RayRay Elder02012
Hylton, JamesJames Hylton11012
Johns, BobbyBobby Johns20002
Johnson, Joe LeeJoe Lee Johnson20002
Keller, AlAl Keller20002
Langley, ElmoElmo Langley20002
Letner, DannyDanny Letner20002
Montoya, Juan PabloJuan Pablo Montoya00222
Myers, BillyBilly Myers20002
Pardue, JimmyJimmy Pardue20002
Park, SteveSteve Park02022
Pistone, TomTom Pistone20002
Porter, MarvinMarvin Porter20002
Ragan, DavidDavid Ragan00222
Reutimann, DavidDavid Reutimann00222
Sosebee, GoberGober Sosebee20002
Spencer, JimmyJimmy Spencer02022
Truex, Jr., MartinMartin Truex, Jr.00222
Zervakis, EmanuelEmanuel Zervakis20002
Allen, JohnnyJohnny Allen10001
Amick, BillBill Amick10001
Andretti, MarioMario Andretti10001
Balmer, EarlEarl Balmer10001
Bayne, TrevorTrevor Bayne00111
Benson, JohnnyJohnny Benson01011
Bodine, BrettBrett Bodine01011
Bouchard, RonRon Bouchard01011
Brickhouse, RichardRichard Brickhouse10001
Brooks, DickDick Brooks01011
Burdick, BobBob Burdick10001
Burke, MarvinMarvin Burke10001
Cole, NeilNeil Cole10001
Cook, JimJim Cook10001
Donohue, MarkMark Donohue01011
Eubanks, JoeJoe Eubanks10001
Figaro, LouLou Figaro10001
Florian, JimmyJimmy Florian10001
Frank, LarryLarry Frank10001
Graves, DannyDanny Graves10001
Haggerty, RoyceRoyce Haggerty10001
Hillin Jr., BobbyBobby Hillin Jr.01011
Hurtubise, JimJim Hurtubise10001
Kieper, JohnJohn Kieper10001
Kite, HaroldHarold Kite10001
Lewis, PaulPaul Lewis10001
Mantz, JohnnyJohnny Mantz10001
McQuagg, SamSam McQuagg10001
Mears, CaseyCasey Mears00111
Menard, PaulPaul Menard00111
Moore, LloydLloyd Moore10001
Nadeau, JerryJerry Nadeau01011
Nelson, NormNorm Nelson10001
Morton, BillBill Morton10001
Parsons, PhilPhil Parsons01011
Passwater, DickDick Passwater10001
Pond, LennieLennie Pond01011
Rexford, BillBill Rexford10001
Ridley, JodyJody Ridley01011
Rollins, ShortyShorty Rollins10001
Roper, JimJim Roper01011
Ross, EarlEarl Ross01011
Rostek, JohnJohn Rostek10001
Rutherford, JohnnyJohnny Rutherford10001
Sacks, GregGreg Sacks01011
Sales, LeonLeon Sales10001
Schneider, FrankieFrankie Schneider10001
Scott, WendellWendell Scott10001
Shuman, BuddyBuddy Shuman10001
Smith, ReganRegan Smith00111
Soares, JohnJohn Soares10001
Speed, LakeLake Speed01011
Stevenson, ChuckChuck Stevenson10001
Thomas, DonaldDonald Thomas10001
Thompson, TommyTommy Thompson10001
Watts, ArtArt Watts10001
Weinberg, DannyDanny Weinberg10001
White, JackJack White10001

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