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The My Little Pony franchise debuted in 1982, the creation of American illustrator and designer Bonnie Zacherle. Together with sculptor Charles Muenchinger and manager Steve D'Aguanno, Bonnie submitted a design patent in August 1981 for "an ornamental design for a toy animal". She was then working for Hasbro. The patent was granted in August 1983.

Main pony line[edit]

Related pony types[edit]

Flutter Ponies[edit]

Flutter Ponies are ponies with tiny bodies, curly hair, longer legs than regular ponies and fairy-like wings. They were first released in 1986. The Flutter Ponies may appear delicate, but in truth, they possess a powerful ability called the Utter Flutter, which allows them to blow away everything in their path by flapping their wings in a rapid speed. They are rarely seen, preferring to live in seclusion, usually in Flutter Valley. Honeysuckle, Morning Glory and Rosedust were the only notable ones in the first My Little Pony series.

NameGenderBody ColorHair ColorEye ColorCutie MarkDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice ActorGeneration(s)
Forget-Me-NotFemalePurpleWhiteBlue (Toy version)
Green (Animation)
Forget-me-not Flowers1986My Little Pony (TV series)Betty Jean Ward1
Forget-Me-Not is a clever Flutter Pony, who is usually smart. She is very knowledgeable on things, especially on the appearance of Tambelon. According to her US Backcard story, Forget-Me-Not gathered all the ponies in the meadow for a surprise birthday party. There were balloons, presents, and a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Megan." Then she placed a candle made of glittering stardust on the cake. When Megan arrived, a beautiful sprinkling of stardust showered the air. Everyone laughed as the stardust whirled around them. Megan's wish to share her birthday with all her friends had come true. In the UK comic, she told Baby Lucky of the Misty Mountain, which urged him to go there and led to the discovery of the Mountain Boy Ponies.
HoneysuckleFemalePink'Fading' pinkBlue (Toy version)
Pink (Animation)
Honeysuckle Flowers1986My Little Pony (TV series)Nancy Cartwright1
Honeysuckle is shown to be argumentative to the other Flutter Ponies but sometimes respective to Rosedust. According to her US Backcard story, The colorful leaves fell to the ground one by one. It was time for Honeysuckle to change the season from Autumn to Winter. She gathered snow crystals from a secret ice cave and flew into the sky, sprinkling the crystals into the clouds and ponds. Snowflakes began to dance down from the clouds as the ponds iced over. Honeysuckle watched from above as children donned their mittens and scarves, ready to build snowmen and slide down snow covered hills. She only has one appearance in the UK comic.
LilyFemalePinkPurpleGreen (Toy version)
Purple (Animation)
Green and pink lily plant and one lily on her forehead (Toy version)
Red Lillies (Animation)
1986My Little Pony (TV series)Tabitha St. Germain1
Lily appeared in the My Little Pony & Friends TV series episode, "The End of Flutter Valley". According to her US Backcard story, The baby ponies were anxiously awaiting Lily's visit to the Lullabye Nursery and today was the day. Lily brought lots of presents, played games and sang songs with the baby ponies. At bedtime, Lily told them how Flutter Ponies spread good luck by flapping their magical wings. Then she gave each one a goodnight kiss and flew off into the sky. High above the clouds, Lily watched over her little friends, filling their heads with sweet dreams. She was already planning her next visit that was sure to be full of happy surprises. There are Generation 4 ponies with the name of Lily but have yet to have official differences to tell them apart. Her only UK comic appearance is where she finds a bell in a snowdrop and discovers the Pearly N' Pretty Baby Sea Ponies.
Morning GloryFemaleGreen (Generation 1)
Pink (Generation 2)
Yellow (Generation 3)
Yellow (Generation 1)
Purple (Generation 2)
Light pink, pale pink and orange (Generation 3)
Purple (Generation 1 toy)
Blue (Generation 1 animation and Generation 2 toy)
Green (Generation 3)
Morning glory Flowers (Generation 1)
Four flowers and three leaves (Generarion 2)
Singing yellow bird on a branch over a rainbow with musical notes (Generation 3)
1986 (Generation 1)
1997 (Generarion 2)
2007(Generation 3)
My Little Pony: The Movie (Debut)
My Little Pony (TV series)
Russi Taylor1, 2, 3
Morning Glory is a sweet and naive Flutter Pony, who helped Sting to fly as well to get Megan in the Human World by flying through the Rainbow. Morning Glory reappeared in the Second Generation of the My Little Pony Toyline released in 1997. In the second generation, Morning Glory is the imaginative one. She thinks up special ways to brighten the day, like picking bouquets of flowers and wrapping them in magical rainbows. She again got released in the Generation 3 toyline as one of the Cutie Cascade Ponies. She appears in two comics.
Peach BlossomFemaleAqua (Generation 1) Yellow (Generation 3)Turquoises (Generation 1)
Pink, yellow and peach (mane) pink (tail) (Generation 3)
Purple (Generation 1)
Blue (Generation 3)
Peach flowers (Generation 1)
Raised Flower with fabric petals (Generation 3)
1986 (G1)
2007 (G3)
My Little Pony: The Movie (Debut)
My Little Pony (TV series)
Betty Jean Ward1, 3
Peach Blossom is smart and logical Flutter Pony who is very proper and intelligent. She speaks in a way incomprehensible to most of the others. She uses her small size to her advantage, at one point acting as a spy. Peach Blossom gains an immense vocabulary in The Return of Tambelon. She again got released in the 3rd Generation as a crystal design pony.
RosedustFemaleYellowLight PinkPinkThree pink roses and seven pink and green rosebuds1986My Little Pony: The Movie (Debut)
My Little Pony (TV series)
Russi Taylor1
Rosedust first appeared in 1986 during the fourth year of the Generation 1 Toyline. Rosedust is the Queen and leader of the Flutter Ponies, who always speaks with an odd British accent. She usually wears a dark pink feather on her head. She was in charge of protecting the Sunstone, a giant magical jewel that allows Flutter Valley to flourish.

Seaponies/Baby Seaponies[edit]

The Seaponies are brightly colored seahorse-like creatures who dwell in the rivers and lakes of Dream Valley. They love underwater polo and can perform elaborate songs and dance numbers. They were first released in 1983 and only appeared in the two Generation 1 Specials. The Seaponies are based on the Hippocamp, a mythological creature shared by Phoenician and Greek mythology. A sub-line of the Seaponies called Baby Seaponies debuted later in 1985 and later in My Little Pony: The Movie.

NameGenderBody ColorHair ColorEye ColorFin ColorCutie MarkDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice ActorGeneration(s)
Backstroke/Baby BackstrokeFemalePinkOrangeAquaOrangeN/A1984Escape from CatrinaPaco Shakespeare1
According to Backstroke's Backcard story, Splasher was playing with her turtle float on the shore when she heard splashing coming from the cove by the rocks. Quietly, she hid behind a rock to watch. Another baby sea pony was in the shallow water, bobbing its fins and flippers up and down. She was so graceful, gliding about in the water, just like they learned in swimming class. "What a wonderful swimmer!" Splasher said out loud. The baby sea pony looked up in response to Splasher's voice. "Can you teach me to swim like that?" Splasher asked, joining her in the water. The two baby sea ponies swam and played together until it was time to go home. "You swim so well that I'm going to call you Backstroke," Splasher laughed. From then on, Backstroke the baby sea pony, was known as the best swimmer in the sea and taught all the other sea ponies how to do the backstroke. Baby Backstroke is the only Baby Seapony that appears in Escape from Catrina. She is seen playing with Baby Moondancer.
BeachcomberFemaleBlue (As a Seapony)
Pink (As an Earth Pony)
Blue (As a Seapony)
Dark Pink (As an Earth Pony)
Purple (As a Seapony)
Blue (As an Earth Pony)
Blue (As a Seapony)Pink Hibiscus flower (Generation 3)1985 (Seapony Debut)
2005 (Earth Pony Debut)
My Little Pony (TV series)N/A1, 3
Beachcomber is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. She only has a brief appearance in some episodes without any speaking roles. Beachcomber is then re-released in the Generation 3 toyline, this time as an Earth Pony. She likes to spend the time in the beach and hopes on finding a buried treasure.
RippleFemaleWhitePinkTurquoisePinkN/A1985My Little Pony (TV series)Nancy Cartwright1
Ripple is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. She's the fastest swimmer of all the baby Seaponies.
Sand DollarFemalePinkYellow (G1 Toy version)
Chartreuse Green (G1 Animation)
Purple (G3, Earth Pony)
Teal (G1)
Purple (G3, Earth Pony)
AquaRaised yellow sand dollar surrounded by purple dots (G3, Earth Pony)1984(G1)
2005 (G3, Earth Pony)
Escape From CatrinaTasha Sallia1, 3
Sand Dollar is among one of the Seaponies that appears in Escape from Catrina. She, Whitecap, and Sea Mist were playing volleyball with Lickety-Split, Posey, and Sundance. As a toy she is also accompanied by, High Tide, Sea Breeze, and Wave Jumper.
SealightFemaleLavenderPinkBluePinkN/A1983Rescue from Midnight CastleNancy Cartwright1
Sealight is a playful Seapony, who alongside the other seaponies, saved Megan and Applejack from drowning. They gave Megan a shell that allow them to summon the Seaponies.
Sea MistFemaleWhiteRed with light pink stripeMaroonPinkN/A1984Escape From CatrinaClaire Cleena1
Sea Mist is among one of the Seaponies that appears in Escape from Catrina. She, Whitecap, and Sand Dollar were playing volleyball with Lickety-Split, Posey, and Sundance.
Sea ShimmerFemalePale green-yellowBlueBlue (Toy version)
Green (Animation)
BlueN/A1985My Little Pony (TV series)Katie Leigh1
Sea Shimmer is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Sea Shimmer is an expert water hockey player and loves to play with her friends.
SeawinkleFemaleBluePurpleTealPurpleN/A1983Rescue from Midnight CastleIvy Austin1
Seawinkle is a playful Seapony, who alongside the other seaponies, saved Megan and Applejack from drowning. They gave Megan a shell that allow them to summon the Seaponies.
Surf RiderFemaleLavenderPale PinkBluePale PinkN/A1985My Little Pony (TV series)Russi Taylor1
Surf Rider is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Surf Rider's song can invoke sleep to anyone who hears her song.
Sun ShowerFemaleYellowGoldBlueOrangeN/A1985My Little Pony (TV series)Katie Leigh1
Sun Shower is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Sun Shower cares about her appearance highly and is very vain sometimes.
Water LilyFemalePinkTurquoisePurpleTurquoiseN/A1985My Little Pony (TV series)Sherry Lynn1
Water Lily is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Water Lily has the best voice of all the baby Seaponies.
WavedancerFemalePinkBluePurpleBlueN/A1983Rescue from Midnight CastleJeannie Elias1
Wavedancer is a playful Seapony, who alongside the other seaponies, saved Megan and Applejack from drowning. They gave Megan a shell that allow them to summon the Seaponies.
WhitecapFemaleWhitePurple with Blue streakBluePinkN/A1984Escape From CatrinaMoornyung1
Whitecap is among one of the Seaponies that appears in Escape from Catrina. She, Sea Mist, and Sand Dollar were playing volleyball with Lickety-Split, Posey, and Sundance.


The Breezies are small fairy ponies living in Breezy Blossom. These ponies usually have butterfly-like wings and antennae on their heads. Notable ones in the franchise were Tiddly Wink, Tra La La and Zipzee. They were first released in 2006. In G4, they've been also mentioned by Fluttershy in the episode called Three's A Crowd and they are featured in episode It Ain't Easy Being Breezies where they are shown to have their own language.

NameGenderBody ColorHair ColorEye ColorCutie MarkDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice ActorGeneration(s)
BreezetteFemaleLight bluePurplePurpleN/A2014My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicCathy Weseluck4
Breezette is one of the Breezies who come to Equestria. She is the only one to wear a mushroom cap on her head.
SeabreezeMaleBluePinkPinkN/A2014My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicBrian Drummond4
Seabreeze is the leader of a small group of Breezies who stay in Ponyville. He is able to speak both Breezy and communicate with the ponies. He speaks with a Norwegian accent.[citation needed]
Tiddly WinkFemalePurplePurple with a Light Pink StreakPurplePurple Flower2006My Little Pony (G3 Specials)Chantal Strand3
Tiddly Wink is usually supportive towards the ponies and the other Breezies. Usually, she and her friends agree with each other to lead the way.
Tra La LaFemaleLight PinkPinkPurple and Pink (Toy version)
Blue (Animation)
Pink Flower2006My Little Pony (G3 Specials)Britt McKillip3
Tra La La is usually supportive towards the ponies and the other Breezies. Usually, she and her friends agree with each other to lead the way.
TwirlyFemaleLight yellowDark and light turquoiseDark tealN/A2014My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicAshleigh Ball4
Twirly is one of the Breezies who come to Equestria.
ZipzeeFemaleYellowOrange with a yellow streakBlueTwo orange and white flowers2006My Little Pony (G3 Specials)Andrea Libman3
Zipzee is usually supportive towards the ponies and the other Breezies. Usually, she and her friends agree with each other to lead the way. Zipzee also has Allergic rhinitis; she usually sneezes a lot when she is near flowers, despite being born in Breezy Blossom.

Crystal Ponies[edit]

Crystal Ponies are inhabitants of the Crystal Empire in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. They appear as Earth Ponies with a few distinctive features. Their form changes depending on their mood. When they're in a sad, depressed mood, their manes and tails are flat and unstyled, their ears are always folded down, and their coats have a greyish hue. When they're in a happy mood (without the Crystal Heart), their manes and tails revert to different styles, their ears are up as normal, and their coats have a brighter hue. Additionally, mares get their decorations on their heads/hair. When in a more jubilant mood (with the Crystal Heart fully powered), all the Crystal Ponies retain their "happy mood" form and their bodies magically transform into a translucent crystallized form. The Crystal Heart also crystallizes the Mane Six, Spike, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance as well, albeit briefly (possibly reverting them back to their original forms as they exit the Crystal Empire).

NameGenderCoat ColorMane ColorEye ColorCutie MarkEpisode debutVoice Actor
AgathaFemalePurple-greyCrystal-PinkDark PurpleScrollThe Crystal EmpireCathy Weseluck
The librarian of the Crystal Empire. Initially as seen, she wears glasses, but as she turns jolly, she puts on her crystal hat adorned with gems on it.
AmberlocksFemaleOrangeRedPurpleA grain of wheatThe Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
Amber WavesFemaleIndigoYellowLight PurpleA grain of wheatThe Crystal Empire
Games Ponies Play
Magical Mystery Cure
Tabitha St. Germain
Arctic LilyFemaleBluePurpleAquaFleur-de-lisThe Crystal EmpireNone
ArdentMaleGreenBlueBlueA crenelated TowerThe Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
Autumn GemFemaleBluePurpleBlueA grain of wheatThe Crystal Empire
Just for Sidekicks
Games Ponies Play
Magical Mystery Cure
Nicole Oliver
Berry SplashFemaleBluePinkBlueUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
CastleMaleIce BlueYellowYellowCrenelated TowerThe Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
Andrew Francis
Check MateMaleIndigoYellowYellowA crenelated towerThe Crystal EmpireNone
Crystal ArrowMaleClear whiteAquaFuchsiaAn archer's bow and arrowThe Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
Andrew Francis
Dandy BrushFemalePurpleLavenderGreyBrushGames Ponies PlayN/A
EsmeraldaFemaleGreenDark greenLight greenFleur-de-lisThe Crystal EmpireN/A
Fleur de VerreFemaleWhitePinkPinkish-GreyMagenta Fleur-de-lisThe Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
Tabitha St. Germain
One of the citizens of the Crystal Empire. She first made her debut in season 3 and she appears again in season 4.
Golden GlitterFemaleGoldGoldGoldCrownGames Ponies PlayN/A
GoldilocksFemaleWhiteGoldPurpleA grain of wheatGames Ponies PlayN/A
Honey ToneFemalePinkYellowGreyish-blueTwo flowers and a bowGames Ponies PlayN/A
HoneycombFemaleCrystal whitePink and greenBlueA pair of combsGames Ponies PlayTabitha St. Germain
IvoryMaleYellowBlueLight blueA crenelated towerThe Crystal Empire
Games Ponies Play
Magical Mystery Cure
JadeFemaleDark greenPinkPurpleFleur-de-lisThe Crystal EmpireNone
Long JumpMaleWhiteBluePurpleUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
One of the athlete Crystal Ponies.
Night KnightMaleBlueIce blueYellowAn archer's bow and arrowThe Crystal Empire
Just for Sidekicks
Andrew Francis
A blue Crystal Pony. He has a brief speaking role.
ParadiseFemalePinkPurpleLavenderFleur-de-lis (some shots), a palm tree on an island (one shot)The Crystal Empire
Games Ponies Play
Magical Mystery Cure
Cathy Weseluck
Paradise appears to have multiple cutie marks. She has a brief speaking role.
Purple PolishFemalePurplePurpleUnknown, but it seems to be purpleUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
One of the cleaning Crystal Ponies. She shares her design with Amberlocks, Amber Waves,
QuicksilverFemaleYellowBluePurpleUnknownGames Ponies PlayCathy Weseluck
A messenger Crystal Pony. She has a brief speaking role.
Rapid RushFemalePurpleBluePinkUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
One of the athlete Crystal Ponies.
Rose QuartzFemalePinkWhiteWhiteUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
One of the spa Crystal Ponies.
RubinsteinMaleIndigoBlueIndigoA crenelated towerThe Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
He is one of the crystal stallions to appear in The Crystal Empire, along with Ardent, Castle, Check Mate, Crystal Arrow, Ivory, Night Knight, and Zirconic.
Sapphire RoseFemalePinkBlueGreenUnknown-possibly a grain of wheatThe Crystal EmpireNone
One of the Crystal Ponies only to appear in The Crystal Empire. She shares her design with Amberlocks, Amber Waves, Autumn Gem, Dandy Brush, Goldilocks, and Purple Polish.
Sugar GlassMaleYellowOrangePurpleUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
A food stand Crystal Pony.
Sunshine SplashFemaleYellowBlue and yellowBlueUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
One of the athlete Crystal Ponies.
ToastieFemalePale whiteGreen and yellowElectric limeUnknownGames Ponies PlayN/A
One of the athlete Crystal Ponies.
Winnow WindFemaleYellowPurpleUnknown, but seems to be blueA grain of wheatThe Crystal EmpireNone
One of the Crystal Ponies only to appear in The Crystal Empire.
ZirconicMaleBluePurpleBlueUnknownThe Crystal EmpireNone
One of the Crystal Ponies only to appear in The Crystal Empire.

Other related pony types[edit]

Pony Friends

The Pony Friends is a sub-line of My Little Pony, first released in 1986. They are composed of animals bearing the same brushable hair and cutie marks as the ponies, such as a giraffe, lion, camel, kangaroo, llama and other animals. Each of the Pony Friends never made an appearance in the animated series, until My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The first one in the show was a zebra.

Fairy Tails

The Fairy Tails is a short-lived sub-line, consisting of My Little Pony-esque birds, which are the titular Fairy Tails. The line was in stores from 1986 to 1987, corresponding with Year Five of Generation 1. This Year saw the release of the Pony Friends in the My Little Pony line, making it a distinct possibility that they and Fairy Tails were part of the same investigation into an expansion of My Little Pony that offered more than only ponies. Neither concept went very far, but the Fairy Tails toys have become a popular extra to the collections of My Little Pony enthusiasts.

Dream Beauties

Dream Beauties is another sub-line of My Little Pony, released in 1988. These were Hasbro's attempt at a more realistic version of My Little Pony.

Takara variants

In 1984, Takara (Later merged with Tomy to form Takara Tomy) released a line of My Little Pony toys, which were released in two types: Osharena Pony (おしゃれなポニー Osharena ponī?) and Kawaii Pony (かわいいポニー Kawaī ponī?). Only released in Japan, this is a more anthropomorphic take on the toyline and considered as the most rarest of the G1 collection due to how they were released. Bushiroad would eventually acquire the property from Takara Tomy 27 years later.

Other related types[edit]


As of Generation 4, there are three dragon characters who appeared in the whole franchise. Spike, however, is the most notable.

NameGenderBody ColorScale ColorEye ColorHair ColorDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice ActorGeneration(s)
CrackleFemaleGreenLime greenRedNone2012My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicShinobu Matsumoto (Japanese)4
One of the dragons featured in Dragon Quest.
Garble[1]MaleRedGoldYellowOrange2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicVincent Tong4
Garble is a red, winged male dragon and is the apparent leader of the gang that Spike encounters. He only appeared in the episode, Dragon Quest.
SpikeMalePink (Generation 1)
Blue (Generation 3)
Purple (Generation 4)
Green (Generation 1)
Yellow (Generation 3)
Lime Green (Generation 4)
Green (Generations 1 & 4)
Blue (Generation 3)
None (Generations 1 & 4)
Pink (Generation 3)
1984 (Generation 1)
2006 (Generation 3)
2010 (Generation 4)
Rescue from Midnight Castle (Generation 1)
My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade (Generation 3)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Generation 4)
Charlie Adler (Rescue from Midnight Castle to My Little Pony TV Series)
Brian Drummond (G3 Specials)
Cathy Weseluck (G4)
1, 3, 4
Spike is a male baby dragon with green and pink scales who is adopted by Megan and the ponies after they defeated Tirek. He's the only character to appear throughout the whole Generation 1 series, from the original pilot episode to The Prince and the Ponies. In the UK comic book series, he has 2 teeth and is the pet dragon of Majesty. In the G3 Specials, he is shown to be knowledgeable on things and gives the ponies some advice. In Friendship is Magic, he's been redesigned again, now closely resembling his Generation 1 counterpart except in this version, he has purple skin and lime green scales. Spike also handles communications between Twilight and Princess Celestia, burning Twilight's written messages with his fire breath to send them and then burping up the scrolls Celestia sends back. He frequently displays a sarcastic streak and laughs at others' misfortune, but can be counted on to help Twilight and her friends when they need him. He also eats gemstones and it is shown that he has a major crush on Rarity. In the season 2 episode "Secret of my Excess" he admits his crush to her which she accepts.
Whimsey WeatherbeFemaleOrangeYellowBlackBrown2009My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish AdventureKeegan Connor Tracy3
Whimsey Weatherbe is a female winged dragon, described to live in Willy Nilly Mountain at the outskirts of Ponyville. She speaks with a New Jersey accent and likes to have friends. Whimsey's abilities are shown to manipulate the weather using her dragon breath, which explains the changing weather on the mountain. She "kidnaps" Twinkle Wish, the wishing star in Ponyville after Scootaloo accidentally opens its box, leading to the ponies going to the mountain to retrieve it from her. After the ponies failed to convince her, she decides to give it back with a changed heart at the night of the Winter Wishes Festival. She is one of the Generation 3 characters without a toy appearance alongside Storybelle.


Williams family[edit]

Since the first generation of My Little Pony, human characters were present the franchise. The Williams Siblings were the first set of human characters created for the entire series, and appeared in Generation 1.

NameGenderAge (in years)Hair ColorEye ColorDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice Actor
Danny WilliamsMale10Reddish BrownBlue1986My Little Pony: The MovieScott Menville
Danny Williams is Megan's younger brother and a rambunctious redhead. He is sometimes found leading the charge when a situation calls for reckless action.
Megan WilliamsFemale13[2]BlondeBlue1984 (Alongside Sundance)Rescue From Midnight CastleTammy Amerson (movie)
Bettina Bush (series 1)[3]
Ginny McSwain (series 2)
Megan Williams is an adolescent American girl, and the eldest of three children. She became the main character of the first My Little Pony series. She and her siblings live on a ranch where she keeps a horse, TJ, and a bull, Tauro. Gentle and motherly, but also mature and resourceful, she acts as the Little Ponies' leader, and in times of crisis the ponies often fly across the rainbow to find her. She keeps the Rainbow of Light, a special locket which contains a powerful rainbow to defeat anything that is evil threatening the ponies.
Molly WilliamsFemale7BlondeBlue1986My Little Pony: The MovieKeri Houlihan
Molly Williams is Megan and Danny's youngest sister. She's often scared around monsters, but never too scared to fight with Danny. Her hair is in pigtails.

Equestria Girls[edit]

The Equestria Girls are the second set of human characters that were created for the franchise, which are featured in Generation 4. They appear in the film series of the same name as their respective ponies' human counterparts.

The Dazzlings[edit]

During Rainbow Rocks, Twilight Sparkle learned through research that the Dazzlings were sirens from Equestria who used their music to cause disharmony. They were banished to the human world by Star Swirl the Bearded. In the final battle against the Rainbooms, the band was defeated, causing the ruby gem pendants with which they controlled the students to shatter and explode. As a result, their inability to sing led to them being chased off in disgrace.

NameGenderSkin ColorHair ColorEye ColorDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice Actor
Adagio DazzleFemaleBeigeOrange with gold highlightsRaspberry2014Rainbow RocksKazumi Evans
Adagio Dazzle is the main antagonist of Rainbow Rocks. She is the lead singer of "The Dazzlings".
Aria BlazeFemaleLight PurplePurple with teal green highlightsPurple2014Rainbow RocksDiana Kaarina (speaking)
Shylo Sharity (singing)
Aria Blaze is the secondary antagonist of Rainbow Rocks. Her hair is tied in pigtails and she is one of the two backup singers of "The Dazzlings".
Sonata DuskFemaleLight BlueCyan/Dark BlueModerate Raspberry2014Rainbow RocksMaryke Hendrikse (speaking)
Madeline Merlo (singing)
Sonata Dusk is the tertiary antagonist of Rainbow Rocks. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and she is one of the two backup singers of "The Dazzlings".


NameSpeciesGenderBody ColorHair ColorEye ColorCutie MarkDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice Actor
AngelRabbitMaleWhiteNoneBlackNone2010My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Angel is Fluttershy's pet white Rabbit. Angel can be seen as a cunning and mischievous bunny despite his cute and seemingly innocent name. He has a strong influence over Fluttershy's decisions in the series, as he is far more assertive than the timid pegasus. However, he does seem to genuinely care for Fluttershy, as several of his actions toward her are usually just a little push to get her to do something he knows she wants.
GummyAlligatorMaleGreenNonePale VioletNone2011My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicNone
Gummy is Pinkie Pie's pet Alligator. Gummy appears to be usually calm, showing little interest to whatever happens around him. However, he also has a tendency to try biting various things and to hide in the water. When he's first introduced in Feeling Pinkie Keen, he shows rather aggressive behavior for a pet, because after Pinkie sets him on the floor, he proceeds to try to bite the pink Earth Pony repeatedly; as he has no teeth, this does no damage and Pinkie doesn't even seem to notice. The episode Party of One shows that his behavior is usually more peaceful, although he still tends to bite whatever happens to be near him. Most of the time, Gummy is docile to the point of absurdity, and in direct contrast with Pinkie Pie's crazed antics; he shows little to no awareness of his surroundings, often just sitting and staring into space with the same unchanging expression on his face at all times. No matter what is happening, Gummy usually just sits in place and stares at nothing, although he will occasionally attempt to bite nearby objects or even ponies. He's also able to "dance" to the music with his tail to be the only part of his body actually moving. He also seems to favor a ball of wool as his favorite toy, happily pushing it along with his nose or riding it as it rolls along. Pinkie seems convinced that Gummy is much more complex and lively than he appears to be. At the end of Party of One, for example, she said that Gummy was "pretty upset" about his party being unattended, despite the fact that Gummy had shown no change in his behavior or mood whatsoever.
OpalescencePersian CatFemaleWhiteNoneLight LimeNone2011My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Opalescence is Rarity's pet Persian Cat. Opalescence is a white cat with a purple bow on top of her head. She wears a purple collar studded with opals. Although Rarity has expressed that Opal often swipes at her when she attempts to groom her, Rarity seems to have a deep caring for her cat – instantly forgetting her woes when she saw Opal apparently stuck in a tree. Opal also seems to have a sarcastic sense of humor, chopping off some of Sweetie Belle's hair and offering a smug look afterwards when Sweetie Belle suggested she might be good with animals. She shares her owner's tastes in fashion and begrudgingly assists her with her work. Most of the time, however, she prefers to sleep on the various fabrics about the studio.
OwlowisciousHorned OwlMaleBrownNoneDark Grayish AmberNone2011My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Owlowiscious is Twilight Sparkle's pet Horned Owl. Although incapable of speech, Owlowiscious is highly intelligent. Also shows to be brave and willing to help the others. Not much is known of his personality at the time, as he seems to be collected and inexpressive.
PeeweePhoenixMaleRed and YellowNoneBrilliant AmberNone2012My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Peewee is a baby Phoenix Spike takes in at the end of Dragon Quest after he hatches.
PhilomenaPhoenixFemaleRed and Yellow (Revived)
Pale Pink (Sickened State)
NoneBrilliant Amber (Revived)
Light Blue (Sickened State)
None2011My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicTabitha St. Germain (animal noises)
Philomena is Princess Celestia's pet Phoenix. Fluttershy takes from Princess Celestia without permission to heal the bird when the pegasus believed that she was sick. Later on in the episode Philomena is seen messing around with Fluttershy by refusing the medicine she gives to her just for the fun of it. According to Princess Celestia, Philomena, like all phoenixes, molts all her feathers and burns into ashes at the end of her life cycle, only to rise from the ashes and renew herself as good as new. Philomena means "Strong Friend" in Greek.
TankTortoiseMaleGreenNoneBlackNone2011My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicNone
Tank is Rainbow Dash's pet Tortoise, first seen persistently wanting Rainbow Dash to choose him as her new pet, but Rainbow Dash refuses, seeing him as a useless, slow pet that will keep her grounded. When Rainbow Dash's wing is caught under a rock, Tank comes to her rescue and shows loyalty by lifting the rock and rescuing her in the process. She chooses him as her new pet when the other animals leave her behind, caught up in the frenzy of winning the race. Afterward, he is given a magic propeller that enables him to fly.
WinonaBorder CollieFemaleBrown and WhiteNoneBlackNone2010My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Winona is Applejack's pet Border Collie. She is first seen with Applejack, where they round up a stampeding herd of cattle (and later does the same with a large number of baby rabbits). Also in another later episode seen herding in a huge mass of Pinkie Pies that the real Pinkie made. She is very affectionate and Appplejack is shown rubbing her stomach.


NameSpeciesGenderBody ColorHair ColorEye ColorCutie MarkDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice Actor
Captain CrabnastyCrabnastyMaleRedNoneBlackNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Peter Cullen
Captain Crabnasty is a male Crabnasty, giant crabs with powerful pincers. Despite his appearance, he is a creature with a sense of justice and is very friendly with the ponies. He alomgside with his two subordinates were finding some escape criminals known as "the Flores", even if they tear down the trees in Dream Valley. However, due to the Flores's lies, Megan and ponies defeated them and shuts the Crabnasties in a stone prison away from Paradise Estates. After they realized that the Crabnasties were telling the truth, they then helped them capture the Flores. Posey apologies for their wrongful arrest and the Crabnasties respond by plowing her garden, making it ready for replanting.
Chief ThunderhoovesBuffaloMaleGrayish BrownNoneBlackNone2011My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicScott McNeil
Chief Thunderhooves is the leader of the buffalo herd. Chief Thunderhooves seems to be rather long-winded, judging by how many fathers he listed, and is very traditional. He is also very determined and strong, with a fierce sense of honor. He has a powerful temper and is seen losing control of himself several times. Still he warned the Appleloosans of his intentions before leading his tribe to fight them and was at least willing to negotiate. He only appeared in Over a Barrel.
Cranky Doodle DonkeyDonkeyMaleBrownBlack wigLight BlueNone2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicRichard Newman
Cranky Doodle Donkey is a donkey who first appeared in the episode "A Friend in Deed". Cranky is initially easily angered and upset, and maintains this frown even after Pinkie Pie tries to cheer him up, and tries to become his friend, through various methods such as a party cart and greeting song, and obtaining a new wig for him. It is revealed, in the time that Pinkie Pie spends trying to cheer him up, that he has arrived in Ponyville to settle down and live in. Once he and Pinkie Pie arrive at his new, secluded residence, he reveals that he has travelled far and wide across Equestria, to places such as Fillydelphia and Manehattan, to search for a special friend of his. Cranky shows his anger when he becomes very mad at Pinkie Pie once she accidentally destroys a photo album endeared to him, containing the only memories of his special friend. He does his best to keep Pinkie Pie at bay, going as far as to chain and board up his door. Once Pinkie Pie shows up at his door with Cranky's special friend, who turns out to be Matilda from earlier on in the episode, whom Cranky immediately notices the voice of, he becomes extremely joyful and shows genuine thanks to Pinkie Pie and offers her his friendship. Once he gets a kiss from Matilda, he finally feels it in him to smile, revealing his friendly inside character. He made a cameo in Dragon Quest.
DrogTroggleMaleBrownBrownBlackNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)N/A
Drog is a male Troggle and a servant of Grogar, the ruler of the fabled city of Tambelon. He is usually loyal to him and ordered his people to capture everyone in Ponyland after the Unicorns vanished. However, he and his people were forced to obey his orders as Drog himself wanted freedom and so does his people. After the destruction of Tambelon due to Megan and the Ponies's help, he and his people decide to live a new life in Ponyland.
DrudgeRatFemaleYellow-BrownBrownBlueNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Claire Cleena
Drudge is the slave of the Gizmonks. They send her to Dream Valley with a message concerning Danny and Surprise. Drudge tells Megan that the Gizmonks will hold them as prisoners until she turns over the Rainbow of Light to them. But Megan doesn't give in and sends he back, with Wind Whistler following. But Danny and Surprise are already planning their escape. They begin complimenting the Gizmonks on their great inventions, and when Glouda tells Drudge to let them out to look around, Danny and Surprise touch everything. As the place starts to self-destruct, Drudge decides to escape with them. By the time Megan, Wind Whistler, and North Star arrive, the Gizmonks have already surrendered, begging Megan to take Danny and Surprise home. Drudge thanks Danny and Surprise and says she will call them if the Gizmonks come back.
GrundlesGrundle3 Males and 1 FemaleGrayUnknownNoneNone1986My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony (TV series)
The Grundles are a small race of troll like creatures. They used to live in Grundleland before Hydia smoozed it and now reside in the remains of Dream Castle. They may look like monsters, but they are the friendly type.
G'nashIce OrcMaleWhiteUnknownWhiteNone1987My Little Pony (TV series)Paco Shakespeare
G'nash is an Ice Orc who along with Lava Demons, had a feud against their kind. G'nash first met Spike and the Bushwoolies after they escaped Lavan, though seeing him as a dragon, they believed that he's a Lava Demon until he found out he's isn't. He is very supportive to Spike, and knows a lot of secret tunnels inside Lavan's cave. After Lavan is been destroyed, he and the Lava Demons settled a truce with their kinds.
Gustave Le GrandGriffonMaleLight and Dark GrayLight GrayBrilliant GoldNone2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicMark Oliver
Gustave only appeared in the episode called "MMMystery On The Friendship Express" with his Exquisite Éclairs. He is shown to wear a toque on his head and a red bandana around his neck. He also has a French accent.
HabbitRabbitMaleLight BrownNoneBlackNone1984Rescue from Midnight Castle
My Little Pony: The Movie
Habbit is the bunny friend of The Moochick. He first appeared in Rescue from Midnight Castle when he reminded the Moochick where he placed the Rainbow of Light. He appears again reminding the Moochick to tell them to seek out the Flutter Ponies, the only ones who can stop the Smooze.
King HugoGrundleMaleGrayUnknownBlackNone1986My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony (TV series)
Danny DeVito
King Hugo (Also referred as The Grundle King) is the leader of the Grundles. He seems to be rather ugly but sweet, sometimes speaks in rhymes, and is not very smart, but has a kind heart. He and the rest of the grundles used to live in Grundleland before Hydia smoozed it and now reside in the remains of Dream Castle. Unlike most Grundles, he goes barefoot.
KyrieSongbirdFemaleYellowUnknownBlueNone1987My Little Pony (TV series)B. J. Ward
Kyrie is a female songbird, who's held captive by the Evil Witch Somnambula. Kyrie's sweet song has a powerful magical property, that can lure anyone hearing it into an endless illusion while Somnambula drains away their youth. She usually doesn't want to sing for Somnambula's evil plans, but she is sometimes forced into it.
Little StrongheartBuffaloFemaleAmberOrangeBlackNone2011My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicErin Mathews
Little Strongheart is Chief Thunderhoove's right hand. She has a brash personality and is shown to have a good athletic ability, even dodging Rainbow Dash during the train heist. Just before the battle, she almost got him to order his tribe to stand down, and might have succeeded if not for Pinkie Pie. She only appeared in Over a Barrel.
MatildaDonkeyFemaleBrownDark BrownLight CeruleanNone2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicBrenda Crichlow
Matilda is a brown donkey with a curly brown mane who only appears in the episode A Friend in Deed. Matilda is first seen walking through Ponyville. Pinkie Pie wishes her a "happy birthday", 132 days in advance. Matilda is pleasantly surprised that Pinkie would know the birthdays of herself and everyone in Ponyville so well. Pinkie just smiles and walks on. Pinkie later brings Matilda to Cranky Doodle Donkey's home, having deduced that she was the "special friend" Cranky had earlier spoken of. Through flashbacks, Matilda and Cranky had met and fallen in love at the Grand Galloping Gala, many years ago. The morning after the Gala, Matilda left to move to Ponyville, leaving a note explaining this for Cranky. Unfortunately, Cranky never found the note, though Matilda says she always hoped he'd one day find her. In the present, Matilda kisses Cranky (Whom she affectionately calls "Doodle", which prompts Cranky to tell Pinkie Matilda's the only one allowed to) as they have a touching reunion, and thank Pinkie for bringing them back together. They then enter Cranky's house, almost kissing again until Pinkie interrupts with a song, causing them to reprimand her.
Mulia MildDonkeyFemaleGrayish AmberDark GrayArctic BlueNone2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicJan Rabson
Mulia Mild is a mule and a baker who only appears in MMMystery on the Friendship Express. Her name and appearance are references to real-life chef Julia Child. Mulia is first seen aboard the train to Canterlot. She boasts about her "mousse moose", claiming it will win first prize at the National Dessert Contest. The next morning, Mulia comes under suspicion when the Cakes' cake is damaged. Pinkie Pie accuses Mulia of sabotage, creating a vivid fantasy of Mulia (clad as a ninja) knocking Pinkie out and slicing up the cake, which reduces Mulia to a quivering wreck. After Pinkie's theories are disproved, the rest of the bakers' confectioneries are mysteriously eaten. Pinkie eventually discovers that the bakers had eaten each other's work, pointing out donut sprinkles in Mulia's wrinkles. Mulia apologizes to Donut Joe, the donut dish's baker, saying that Pinkie had made them sound so good earlier. At Pinkie's suggestion, Mulia and her fellow bakers combine what remains of their work into a single cake, which wins first prize. Mulia comes off as somewhat pompous, but is easily scared, as seen by her reaction to Pinkie's accusations.
PlumaPennaFemaleWhiteLight BlueBlueNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Susan Blu
Pluma is a female Penna, a shape shifting Bird and the granddaughter of Ruff, who once lived in Dream Valley before the ponies moved in. She has a mischievous personality, but sometimes nice. Also she has special skills on changing shape, even disguising herself as a ghost to scare away the residents of Paradise Estates. She is also a troubled girl, as she explains to Megan and the others that the reason she scared off everyone in Paradise Estates is that her grandfather is been hold hostage by Squirk, a tyrant octopus and forced her to get the half of the Flash Stone. After she got the other half, Megan and the Ponies agreed to help her get the other half while stopping Squirk for flooding Dream Valley.
RuffPennaMaleWhite (Young)
Gray with green moss (Old)
Lavender (Young)
None (Old)
BlackNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Frank Welker
Ruff is a male penna and grandfather of Pluma. He and his people moved into Dream Valley. Squirk, who ruled Dream Valley with cruelty, refused to allow the Pennas to live there, and tries to fight them off. But Ruff stole the flashstone and broke it in two. He threw one half into the water and the other into the now-dry land which became Dream Valley. He knew Squirk could never retrieve the second half, making the first half useless. After centuries of waiting, Squirk had finally captured Ruff, who was now old and weak. Using him as a hostage, Squirk is forcing Pluma to work for him. Underwater, Fizzy and the others find and free Ruff. But before they can escape, Squirk returns and captures them as well. He holds them all in giant skull, bound with seaweed. The top jaw is held open by seaweed strands that is quickly being eaten away by turtles. They would be crushed by the skull's teeth once all the strands were gnawed through. At the same time, Squirk finally finds the other half of the amulet and uses the whole flashstone to flood Dream Valley. When Buttons and the Pennas free themselves and the others, they are too late to stop Squirk. When they make it to land, they return to Paradise Estate, Danny devises a plan to catch Squirk and Crank. They lure and trap him, and take the flashstone. Megan and Wind Whistler use it to stop the flood and banish Squirk underwater. They also restore the land and Paradise Estate, and then destroy the flashstone. Ruff and Pluma thank the ponies and return home.
StingBeeMaleYellow and BlackOrangeBlackNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Michael Bell
Sting is one of Bumble's royal servants who resides in Bumbleland, which resides somewhere in Flutter Valley. Despite being a loyal bee to Bumble, Sting sided with the ponies after he felt betrayed by his own kind due to them leaving Bumbleland. After he captured Morning Glory and placed in a cage, she tries to explain the situation with the Sunstone and Flutter Valley to him, but he doesn't care. But when Morning Glory asks Sting if he would rather be flying and playing instead of working for Bumble, he starts to cry. He admits that he can't fly and that he never learned because he was never good at it. Morning Glory encourages him to try again, and when he learns, he becomes friends with her. But he still keeps her in the cage. Later on, she frees her and both of them go to the Human World to get help from Megan. After the ponies reclaimed the Sunstone, Sting himself stopped Bumble and the others from reclaiming it, saying that if Bumble leaves the Flutter Ponies alone, she can come to Flutter Valley and take flowers anytime. She agrees, and Sting returns to Bumbleland with her and the other bees.
The BushwooliesBushwooliesVariousVariousNoneVariousNone1985Escape from CatrinaAlice Playten
Sheryl Bernstein
Susan Blu
Nancy Cartwright
Russi Taylor
Charlie Adler
Frank Welker
The Bushwoolies are a group of adorable, brightly coloured furry creatures. They seem incapable of independent thought, thinking, speaking and acting as a group. They rarely use their individual names, which include Chumster, Hugster and Wishful.
The MoochickGnomeMaleNoneGrayBlackNone1986Rescue from Midnight Castle
My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony (TV series)
Tony Randall
The Moochick is a wise but eccentric gnome. The Moochick is very knowledgeable and provides answers to more unusual problems; when he's able to remember them. He lives in a secluded place in Dream Valley with his assistant Habbit and is shown to have temporary amnesia.
Twinkle WishWishing StarFemaleYellowNoneBlueNone2009My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish AdventureTabitha St. Germain
Twinkle Wish is a wishing star. She is described in the legends of the Winter Wishes Festival as the one who grant every pony one special wish. She usually sleeps inside a box to get enough energy for the festival so she can grant everyone's wishes. She was "kidnapped" by Whimsey, leaving the ponies to get her back before the night of the festival.
ZecoraZebraFemaleBlack and WhiteBlack and WhiteTurquoiseSpiral Sun2010My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicBrenda Crichlow[4]
Zecora is a Zebra who wears gold hoops in her ears and around her right or left foreleg (the animation is inconsistent) and neck, who lives in the middle of the Everfree Forest, in a hut with natural herbs, a cauldron, and various masks from her homeland. The ponies in Ponyville had never seen a unique creature as her, and so they would lock up their doors whenever she comes to visit. Although she was first thought to be an evil enchantress who could inflict curses, she is revealed to be very friendly and an expert herbalist. She is known for always talking in rhyme and speaks with an African accent.


NameSpeciesGenderBody ColorHair ColorEye ColorDebut YearAnimation DebutVoice ActorGeneration(s)Cutie Mark
AhggSpiderMaleBlackN/ARed1986My Little Pony: The MovieN/A1None
This character first appeared on The My Little Pony: The Movie. He is a giant cyclops spider pet of Hydia that has ticklish legs. Megan and the Ponies encounter him between Shadow Forest and Flutter Valley.
AhuizotlAhuizotlMaleBlue (with other colors)N/AYellow2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicBrian Drummond4None
Ahuizotl's name matches his species which are based from Aztec mythology. He is the main villain of the story Rainbow Dash was reading called "Daring-Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone". He has a relic to summon cats to do his bidding. These cats include a Tiger, a Panther, a Bobcat, a Cheetah, and a white kitten. Ahuizotl is apparently Daring-Do's rival that would try to steal the treasures she had recovered as part of his conquest only for her to steal them back therefore foiling his plans. He only appeared as in real life in Daring Don't, pun of the main character, Daring-Do.
ArabusCloud DemonMaleGrayN/AYellow1986My Little Pony (TV series)John R. Shaila1None
Arabus is a malevolent Cloud Demon whose intention is to devour everyone's shadows to give him strength. He met Knight Shade in the village grayvale one day, and promised he will boost his career and make him a star. Arabus indeed drew almost the entire village to Knight Shade's next concert, stealing all their shadows, including that of Knight Shade's mother, and used them to turn himself into a powerful cloud of magic. Since then, Knight Shade has toured to increasing success, stealing ever more shadows for Arabus, hoping to keep his own shadow long enough to figure out a way to stop Arabus. While hunting for shadows, Arabus calls to Megan to come out of hiding, and she steps up, announcing that she has a surprise for him. A vast army of Flutter Ponies, brought by Molly and Lofty, fills the skies, circling Arabus and blasting him with their Utter Flutter. Unable to withstand the onslaught, Arabus grows smaller and smaller, and the shadows he contains fly out, seeking their original owners, both he and Zeb were place in prison.
BeezenHuman WarlockMaleGrayish GreenWhiteYellow1986My Little Pony (TV series)Bob Holt1None
Beezen is introduced when Paradise and Sweet Stuff meet him. He had just what they needed, but gives them a free can of magic paint instead. When they get back at the estate, Cherries Jubilees think Paradise is crazy for believing in magic paint. But surprisingly, it works; everything the pant touches is magically restores. But even stranger, all the furniture also comes to life. Even Baby Cuddles' buggy is now her best friend. But to live with furniture that is also alive becomes too much for the little ponies. The furniture becomes hostile and demanding to the point where they drive the ponies out of their own home. But when Paradise tries to get Baby Cuddles to leave, she refuses to leave her Baby Buggy, who hasn't turned evil. The little ponies decide that the only way to get their home back is to find Beezen and get him to reverse the paint's effects. But Baby Cuddles sneaks away to go back to her buggy. The other furniture tries to drive them both away. On the road, Beezen is nowhere to be found. Ironically, he has just arrived at Paradise Estate and enslaves all the furniture. When the little ponies still find him, they ask the Moochick for help. He shows them what's going on at home, and they see the furniture, now frightened under Beezen's control. The Moochick explains that he planned to give the ponies the paint in order to steal their home. The ponies vow to get their home back, and are welcomed back by the furniture who realize how good they had it when the ponies lived there. Both the furniture and the ponies fight Beezen, but fail when Beezen starts turning the furniture back to normal. In a final attempt, Paradise dumps the whole can of magic paint on Beezen's magic wand, and brings it to life. The wand immediately turns against Beezen, and drives him away.
BrayDonkeyMaleBrownN/ANone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Frank Welker1None
Bray is a sneering donkey-like creature, who first appeared delivering the unicorns their disgusting meal and then reports to Grogar, the Ruler of Tambelon Megan has seen in her dreams. He is always loyal to Grogar but sometimes getting scolded by him when he makes mistakes.
CatrinaHumanoid Feline WitchFemaleDark BrownOrangeGreen1985Escape From CatrinaTammy Grimes1None
Catrina is a Humanoid Feline Witch. Catrina herself is a powerful witch who is dependent upon the Witchweed potion, which is the source of her power. She holds the Bushwoolies her slaves and forces them to make the potion for her. After the Bushwoolies escaped, she then planned on kidnapping the ponies to be her new slaves. But ends up kidnapping Baby Moondancer along with the Rainbow of Light to convince the Bushwoolies to go back for her. She was defeated by Rex and later redeemed herself of her bad ways by destroying the machine that produces the Witchweed Potion.
Chimera???FemaleOrange, gray and green with black stripesNoneGreen (tiger's)
Yellow (goat's)
Red (snake's)
2014Somepony To Watch Over Me???4Ellen Kennedy
The Chimera is the combination of a tiger, a goat and a snake. Applejack tricks this beast and tosses ricotta for the goat's head to eat.
CrankLobsterMalePurpleNoneYellow1986My Little Pony (TV series)Charlie Adler1None
Crank is the associate to Squirk. He is seen guarding the penna hostage Ruff. He is loyal to Squirk even though he tends to be annoying.
CrunchDogMaleGreyN/ARed1986My Little Pony (TV series)N/A1None
Crunch is a Rockdog a monster that can turn everything he touch in stone he turned in stone the bushwoolies and only one bushwoolie save himself and go to ponyland Crunch start following the bushwoolie Megan try but with the bushwoolie end turned in stone Gusty charge against Crunch but end like stone Crunch go to the purple mountain where he make an earthquake but Megan with Wind Whistler point the Hearth Stone at him and it transform into a small puppy Megan break a part of the Hearth Stone a places in a locked around Crunch is neck Crunch turns back into a rockdog but with the attitude of a friendly puppy.
Diamond DogsDogsMaleBrown (Spot)
Gray (Rover)
Azurish Gray (Fido)
NoneYellow (Spot and Fido)
Green (Rover)
2011My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicScott McNeil (Rover)
Garry Chalk (Fido)
Lee Tockar (Spot)
The Diamond Dogs are a gang of greedy jewel-finding dogs who want the jewels for themselves. They kidnapped Rarity and force her to find gems for them after they see her using magic to find gems. They tell Rarity they hunt for gems, and take her into their extensive system of underground mines, where some of them serve as guards and attack dogs while others find gems. But in the end, Rarity had them had even until her friends arrived to rescue her with spoils. The three main Diamond Dogs wear jackets and diamond-studded collars, while the guards wear armor and carry lances. They alternate between walking on their hind legs and all fours, their elongated forelegs giving them a gorilla-like appearance.also,when The Diamond Dogs ambush the ponies the tactics they used are similar to Guerilla Warfare. Their name is taken from David Bowie's album Diamond Dogs. They only appeared in A Dog and Pony Show.
DiscordDraconequusMaleMulticolored; Gray Head with White Antler, Light Blue Goat Horn and a White Fang, Reddish Brown Body, Red Dragon Tail, Orange Hoofed Leg, Marigold Lion Paw, Yellow Eagle Claw, Green Clawed Leg, Blue Bird Wing, and Purple Bat WingBlack with White Eyebrows and Chin BeardBrilliant crimson with light brilliant yellow2011My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicJohn de Lancie4None
Discord is the primary antagonist of Season 2's first 2 episodes "Return of Harmony". According to Princess Celestia, Discord is the ancient spirit of chaos who, before the reign of the sister goddesses, ruled the land of Equestria, making unicorns', pegasus', and earth ponies' lives miserable. He is referred to by Cheerilee as a "Draconequus," and has the appearance of a chimera; as far as can be discerned, he has the body and left foreleg of a gryphon, a lion's arm and paw for his right arm, the head of a pony with an oversized tooth and billy goat beard, a mismatched pair of antlers, asymmetrical eyes, the neck of a mule, a pair of wings (one bat, one pegasus), the left hind leg of a pony, the right hind leg of a dragon, and the tail of a snake. His personality is likewise chaotic as his body, desiring nothing more than to cause chaos for his own amusement, treating his confrontation with the heroes as if it were a game. This hides a far more malicious and sadistic aspect of his personality, shown by the outright glee he took in tormenting the group while they were playing his "game". He also gets enraged when his psychological manipulations fail to work, causing him to briefly drop his more playful aspects and simply hypnotize Fluttershy in a fit of rage when she proved too accepting of her faults to succumb to it. The most defining trait of Discord is his skill at manipulating the emotions and thoughts of his enemies. He's even depicted controlling ponies with puppeteer strings in one of the stain glass pictures in the royal palace.

In a battle over 1000 years ago, before Princess Luna had transformed into Nightmare Moon and was banished to the moon, the sisters wielded the Elements of Harmony and encased Discord in stone, leaving him as a statue of himself. This statue would be put on display in the gardens around the royal palace, until the inharmonious aura caused by the quarrels of the Cutie Mark Crusaders gave him enough strength to break free of his prison. The spell binding him inside the stone had broken when Princesses Celestia and Luna forfeit their control over the Elements of Harmony.

He managed to steal the Elements of Harmony from a special vault in the royal palace, challenging the Bearers of the Elements to find them in the hedge maze in the castle garden. He robs the Bearers of their flight and magical capabilities by removing Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's wings, and Twilight Sparkle's and Rarity's horns, citing the first rule of his "game" as prohibiting their use. The second rule of his game is that all of the Bearers must participate, or else the game is over with him as the victor by default.[5] The ponies proceed into the maze, only to be split up from each other at the start and independently confronted by Discord, who twists their thoughts by exploiting their personal insecurities, as well as using hypnosis, in order to coerce them into abandoning the qualities that make them Bearers of the Elements. As a result, Applejack becomes a compulsive liar, Pinkie Pie becomes hateful of laughter and joy, Rarity becomes avaricious, Fluttershy becomes cruel and insensitive, and Rainbow Dash abandons her loyalty to her friends and to Equestria when she accepts Discord's dubious offer to take back her wings and leave the maze, after being tricked into believing her home city of Cloudsdale is collapsing without her intervention.

At this point, Discord's gambit has proven successful in thwarting the ponies' efforts in completing his game, with the added effect of pitting them against one another, rendering the Elements of Harmony useless. However, despite his efforts, Twilight manages to revert all of her friend's true elements and face Discord using the Elements of Harmony, eventually defeating him by sealing him back to his original stone form, albeit this time with a look of horror frozen on his face.

In the Season 3 episode Keep Calm and Flutter On, Celestia asks the ponies to release and reform Discord. Fluttershy is able to do this by treating him like a friend, making him realize how important friendship is to him.

In the Season 4 premiere episode Princess Twilight Sparkle, destructive plants known as Plunderseeds start invading and causing mayhem in Ponyville. Knowing his natural nature, Twilight and her friends summon him with the Elements and command him to undo the mess. Although Discord denies the Plunderseeds to be his doing, at the end of the episode, Discord admits that the Plunderseeds were indeed created by him, having planted them before his imprisonment in stone. However, the seeds didn't grow due to the Tree of Harmony's magic shielding them, until that very day. When Twilight questions Discord as to why he didn't mention this earlier, Discord states that the whole experience had taught her a way of being a princess, much to her aggravation.

Discord later appears in the episode Three's A Crowd, apparently having fallen ill to a disease known as the blue flu. Discord later asks Twilight to take care of him, which unfortunately interrupts a visit with Princess Cadance. After retrieving a flower that can cure him, Discord reveals he faked being sick to see if Twilight would go to such great lengths to help him, again to her aggravation. Deservingly, Discord's actions backfire on him when he actually becomes sick due to a tatzlwurm sneezing on him.

In the Season 4 finale, "Twilight's Kingdom" Discord is tasked by Celestia with finding and capturing the recently released Tirek. He encounters Tirek who tricks him into betraying his pony friends, even giving him a necklace as a token of gratitude and loyalty. After he captures the non-princess ponies for Tirek, he is double-crossed by Tirek, who steals his powers and admits that the necklace has no meaning to him.

After a long fight between Quadruple-Princess Twilight Sparkle and Tirek that results in a draw, Tirek trades all of Twilight's Allicorn Power for her friends and Discord. Discord now understands the true meaning of friendship, and gives Twilight the necklace. The necklace turns out to be the sixth and final key needed to access the chest at the Tree of Harmony. The Mane 6 take it as Tirek causes destruction, and they use the Powers of Friendship to transport Tirek back to his imprisonment and save Equestria.

DraggleWitchFemaleNoneOrangeTeal1986My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony (TV series)
Madeline Kahn (movie)
Jennifer Darling (series)
Draggle is one of Hydia's two daughters. She is slimmer and taller than Reeka and struggles to do magic, and is thus seen as an embarrassment to the family.
The FloresFloresMale (Daisy, Rose, and Lily Flores)
Female (Marigold and Zinnia Flores)
GreenWhite with Yellow cap (Daisy Flore)
Red (Rose Flore)
Purple (Lily Flore)
Yellow (Marigold Flore)
Pink (Zinnia Flore)
None1986My Little Pony (TV series)Townsend Coleman (Daisy Flore)
Frank Welker (Rose Flore)
Charlie Adler (Lily Flore)
Tress Macneille (Marigold and Zinnia Flores)
The Flores, mobile sentient flowers, find their way onto Posey's garden to partake of its fertile soil. Posey feels sorry for them, and plants them in spot reserved for her prize roses. They introduce themselves to her, Megan, and Cherries Jubilee. As they tell them how the Crab Nasties are hunting them, Whizzer and Masquerade realize that the Crab Nasties are the creatures they saw earlier. Suddenly, the Crab Nasties arrive and Megan and the ponies protect the Flores from them by turning the Crab Nasties over on their backs and locking then in a cage of stone. The Crab Nasties plead with them that the Flores are criminals, but the ponies refuse to believe them. But Masquerade learns the truth when she sees the Flores devour the soil's nutrients and grow. They then find Masquerade, and binding her with roots, imprison her until Whizzer sets her free. The two ponies go to free the Crab Nasties, but they had already escaped. The next morning, Posey finds the Flores gone and automatically suspects the Crab Nasties. But Whizzer and Masquerade inform her of what they saw last night. Posey is heartbroken; she can't believe that Flores, as beautiful as her own beloved flowers, could be so evil. And even worse, that the horrible-looking Crab Nasties were not. Megan and Cherries Jubilee tell her not to judge creatures only by their appearance. When they finally locate the Crab Nasties, they refuse to help the ponies for not heeded their word yesterday. They finally agree when the Flores attack them. The Flores soon surrender and are taken into custody.
GildaGriffonFemaleWhite and Ash BrownWhite with Purple tipsGolden with a gray light purple around them2010My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicMaryke Hendrikse4None
Gilda is an old friend of Rainbow Dash from their days on the Junior Speedsters flight team and cares most about being cool, and deems Rainbow Dash as cool because they are old friends. Though she seems quite friendly when Rainbow Dash is around, she reveals her true personality when they are apart – bullying, mean, and rude. At a party, Gilda inadvertently falls victim to several pranks set up by Rainbow Dash and loses her composure, prompting Rainbow Dash to break off their friendship. She only appeared in Griffon the Brush-Off.
The GizmonksMonkeysMale (Gonk)
Female (Glouda)
BrownBrownNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Daniel Alla (Gonk) Claire Cleena (Glouda)1None
The Gizmonks are a pair of neurotic monkeys who have plans of their own for the rainbow of light. Meanwhile, Danny and Surprise decide to fly and take photos of Ponyland. When they stop and land a cage is dropped on them and they are carries away by a monster. It takes them the Gizmonks' lab where Gonk and Glouda send their slave, Drugde back to Dream Valley with a message concerning Danny and Surprise. Drudge tells Megan that the Gizmonks will hold them as prisoners until she turns over the Rainbow of Light to them. But Megan doesn't give in and sends he back, with Wind Whistler following. But Danny and Surprise are already planning their escape. They begin complimenting the Gizmonks on their great inventions, and when Glouda tells Drudge to let them out to look around, Danny and Surprise touch everything. As the place starts to self-destruct, Drudge decides to escape with them. By the time Megan, Wind Whistler, and North Star arrive, the Gizmonks have already surrendered, begging Megan to take Danny and Surprise home.
GrogarRam NecromancerMaleAsh GrayN/ARed1986My Little Pony (TV series)Michael Bell1None
Grogar is an evil Demon Ram Necromancer and the leader of Tambelon, who once ruled Ponyland with an iron fist 500 years ago before he was defeated when the ancient bell was ranged, banishing him and the city to the Shadow World. He then returned to Ponyland 500 years later, capturing all the Unicorn Ponies one by one and plans to capture everyone in Dream Valley to be banished to the Shadow World. He has a cold and antagonistic personality, always scolding Bray for his mistakes and sometimes abuses the Troggles so they can follow his orders and do what he wants. Grogar's powers comes from the bells on his neck, and he has superior magic skills even far beyond any Unicorn Pony ever existed. Grogar was defeated again by Megan after she rang the ancient bell for the second time, banishing him and the whole city back to the Shadow World.
HydiaWitchFemaleNoneGrayNone1986My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony (TV series)
Cloris Leachman (movie)
Tress Macneille (series)
Hydia a powerful witch. She lives in the Volcano of Gloom alongside her daughters Reeka and Draggle and despises anything that is nice, pretty and beautiful and instead wants to make everything gloomy and dreary to suit her taste on living. She unleashes the Smooze, unstoppable purple ooze that will eat and destroy everything in its path. Also is making anyone who is splashed by it grumpy and woeful. She and her daughters were defeated twice by Megan and the Ponies.
The Ice-Cream WitchWitchFemalePinkNoneNone1986Sweetie and The Wrong RecipeNone1None
The Ice-Cream Witch is the Ruler of the Ice-Cream Land who capture the Goblins making they to work with Ice Cream when the ponies enter to the Ice Cream Land she took them and making they to work but Sweetie use a magic spell making her, her friends and the globins escape.
Iron WillMinotaurMaleBlueGrayBlack with yellow sclera2012My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicTrevor Devall4None
Iron Will is a Minotaur who only appeared in Putting Your Hoof Down. He travels Equestria, holding assertiveness seminars. He has a habit of referring to himself in third person and using various catchphrases, such as "When somepony tries to block, show them that you rock!" He gives Fluttershy some helpful advice on how not to let anyone treat her as a doormat, with a supposed 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the user wasn't 100% satisfied however, the whole thing would be free.

He later comes to see Fluttershy because she owes him some bits for the advice program. However, because she was not satisfied at all after her new attitude drove away her friends, she refused to give payment. After trying to cut a deal, he was instead given a flat denial of "No means no" from Fluttershy. Proving to be a Minotaur of his word, he concedes. As he leaves, he comments that he should use that as a new catchphrase for his next seminar.

Jewel WizardHumanMaleNoneNoneWhite1987Applejack's Amazing AdventureNone1None
The Jewel Wizard is a Wizard who capture two ponies and Applejack to get gems for him but Applejack escapes and charges into his throne and breaks into a millon of pieces, making the wizard fall into a deep hole.
King CharlatanPenguinMaleBlack and White with a blue beakNoneNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Claire Cleena1None
King Charlatan believes that only those who can survive the cold are worthy of living. He plans to freeze the world over and get rid of anyone who can't. Charlatan begins by using his icy stare to freeze Sonny to keep him influencing Edgar. He continues by freezing all of Ponyland including the waterfall that is closing in on the Baby Sea Ponies. They warn the Little Ponies, who notice that the rainbow is freezing over too. Galaxy decides that Megan can help, and the pegasi all attempt to fly over the rainbow. Finally, Surprise succeeds and brings Megan to Ponyland. Surprise, Megan, Galaxy, Sundance, and North Star then begin to head north where it's the coldest, and where the source of the storm may be. While crossing the frozen river, Surprise sees Surf Rider and Sea Shimmer beneath the surface who want the ponies to follow them. They find their way into Charlatan palace, but are lost. They are cornered by the guards, and placed in the dungeon. Galaxy tries to melt the barn with her horn, and Edgar asks her if she can help him thaw Sonny out. When a guard arrives, Edgar tells him that Megan and the ponies are his prisoners, but he actually helps them escape and leads them to the throne room. King Charlatan can't believe it when Edgar confront him. When Charlatan tries to freeze the ponies, he accidentally aims his icy stare at Edgar, freezing him. Charlatan is devastated for doing this to his own son, especially since his stare is irreversible. But the love in his tears melt way the ice, and bring Edgar back to like. Seeing this, Galaxy magnified the heat from her horn with Charlatan's machine, and melted everything that had been frozen, including Sonny. With Edgar's help, his father would now be known as Good King Charlatan.
King SombraUnicornMaleDark greyBlackBrilliant scarlet (iris)
Luminous vivid green (sclera, occasionally)
2012My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'Big' Jim Miller4No seen cutie mark
King Sombra is an unicorn antagonist who appears in the two-art Season 3 opener "The Crystal Empire". He once ruled the Crystal Empire as a tyrant, with the Crystal Ponies under slavery. Princess Celestia and Luna banished him to the Frozen North, but not before he cast a spell that made the Crystal Ponies vanish for a thousand years and forget everything before he came to power. In the present day, Princess Cadance defends the Empire from him while Twilight Sparkle and her friends find the Crystal Heart needed to restore harmony to the Empire and defeat King Sombra. Although Sombra eventually invades the Crystal Empire, Spike retrieves the Crystal Heart, and Cadance and the crystal ponies use its power to restore the Crystal Empire and destroy Sombra. He only appeared in 'The Crystal Empire.
LavanLava DemonMaleRed (Lava form)
White and Blue (Crystal form)
NoneYellow (Lava Form)
White and Blue (Crystal form)
1987My Little Pony (TV series)Unknown1None
Lavan is a malevolent lava demon who kidnaps the Princess Ponies and steal their magic wands since they contain all the magic in ponyland. He uses them to transform himself into an all-powerful crystal being but then was eventually destroyed by the Princess Ponies who used their magic through working together.
Princess PorcinaPigFemalePinkAmberNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Bart Porgon1None
Porcina is a pig princess that uses magic. She needs material to replace her magic cloak, which is all but worn out – she uses its magic to turn things into glass, as she's obsessed with her own reflection. The Raptorians work for her with the promise that they'll soon receive their own kingdom. Porcina deems the washing to be useless and tells the Raptorians to find something better. They capture Gusty, Heart Throb, and Lickety-Split in hope to use their hair to make her cloak. Porcina receives her new cloak, and happily turns the Paradise Estate and every other non-living thing in Ponyland to glass, much to the Little Ponies' horror. The chief Raptorian praises her efforts, but suggests that it might be even better if every creature in Ponyland also bore her reflection. She agrees, and casts a second spell, turning every Little Pony in the Paradise Estate to glass. Shady, Molly, Megan, North Star, Paradise, Magic Star, and the Bushwoolies made a fake cloak in hopes of pulling off a switch with the real one only for the Raptorians to catch onto them. Porcina starts the spell to turn the Ponies into glass, but confronting them face to face makes her realize she has no right. The chief Raptorian snatches her cloak and tries the spell himself, but finds he's holding the fake. A tug-of-war ensues over the real cloak, and it tears in half, releasing a bolt of energy that hits the Raptorians and turns them all into glass. Regretting her selfish actions, Porcina uses the remains of the cloak to restore the Little Ponies and everything else in Ponyland. The Bushwoolies destroy the cloak, then offer to take Porcina on as their groomer, and she agrees.
Queen BumbleBeeFemaleYellow and BlackOrangeNone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Claire Cleena1None
Queen Bumble is the ruler of Bumbleland, a place located somewhere in Flutter Valley in which all the bees live after their exile. She usually has a cold personality and hated the Flutter Ponies for dumping her and her people in the freezing land and decided to work with Hydia to steal the Sunstone and use its power to direct the sun to allow plants and flowers to grow in Bumbleland, also slowly destroying Flutter Valley in the process. But she didn't knew that the Sunston can destroy her land due to too much heat, causing a fire that would burn everything in its path. In the end, she and the bees tried to reclaim the Sunstone from the Flutter Ponies, but Sting tries to stop Bumble. Rosedust intervenes and offers that if Bumble leaves the Flutter Ponies alone, she can come to Flutter Valley and take flowers anytime. She agrees, and Sting returns to Bumbleland with her and the other bees.
Queen ChrysalisChangelingFemaleBlackChathams BlueHarlequin Green2012My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicKathleen Barr4A blue heart (disguised as Princess Cadance)
Queen Chrysalis is the main antagonist of Season 2's two-part finale "A Canterlot Wedding". It is discovered that Chrysalis has taken the form of Princess Cadance and her true form is that of a Changeling, feeding off the love that Shining Armor has for his bride. Her main goal is to keep Shining Armor for herself so she and her Changeling subjects have a constant food supply and power, then wanting to take over Canterlot and soon after all of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle had seen all the signs throughout the organizing of the wedding, accusing her of being evil but it was dismissed as her being too possessive of her brother. To prevent Twilight Sparkle's further interference, and the threat of the Elements of Harmony being used against her, Queen Chrysalis forcibly teleports Twilight Sparkle to the forgotten diamond caves under Canterlot. However, the Queen makes a disastrous error taunting Twilight in an attempt to anger her to the point where she would kill the true Princess Cadance, who is also being held in the mines, by mistake. Instead, the prisoners recognized each other and escaped the mines to expose the Queen at the wedding ceremony. Even though the Queen had gained enough power to enable to her species to invade Canterlot while she personally struck down Princess Celestia, she had not counted on Twilight to enabling Cadance to free her fiance and using their combined power to cast out the Changelings from Equestria. She only appeared in A Canterlot Wedding.

Her true form looks like a pony with a twisted unicorn horn, a pair of insectoid wings and stands as tall as Princess Celestia herself, and has holes in her body. Queen Chrysalis is based on Sinisteeds, dark, horse-like creatures who thrive on feeding off of love and emotion in the novel Gossamer by Lois Lowry.

RaptoriansRaptoriansMaleRed (Shrock)
Orange (long-eared raptorian)
Yellow (sheepdog raptorian)
Red (Shrock)
None (long eared raptorian)
Yellow (sheepdog raptorian)
None1986My Little Pony (TV series)Cam Clarke
Charlie Adler
Townsend Coleman
The Raptorians are creatures with doglike heads and birdlike bodies. The are showing an unusual interest in a washing line, using a magic mirror to show it to their mistress, a magic pig named Porcina. The Raptorians work for her with the promise that they'll soon receive their own kingdom. They capture Gusty, Lickety-Split, and Heart Throb in hopes to make a new cloak from their hair. The Raptorians leave the Ponies almost bald, but their hair instantly grows back to its original length. Delighted, the Raptorians set the Ponies to work weaving their own hair into a new cloak for Porcina. After Porcina turns Ponyland into glass, the Raptorians are delighted that they won't have to put up with her any longer. They later caught Megan and the ponies trying to switch cloaks. Porcina starts the spell to turn the Ponies into glass, but confronting them face to face makes her realize she has no right. The chief Raptorian snatches her cloak and tries the spell himself, but finds he's holding the fake. A tug-of-war ensues over the real cloak, and it tears in half, releasing a bolt of energy that hits the Raptorians and turns them all into glass.
The Red CloudCloudN/ARedNoneRed1986Ponyland in DangerNone1None
The Red Cloud is a cloud monster who came to Ponyland to claim Ponyland if he found something red but luckily the ponies and Spike hid everything red and the Red Cloud disappeared.
ReekaWitchFemaleNoneBlackTeal1986My Little Pony: The Movie
My Little Pony (TV series)
Rhea Perlman (movie)
Jennifer Darling (series)
Reeka is one of Hydia's two daughters. She is fatter and shorter than Draggle and only thinks of food rather than magic.
RexShape Shifting LizardMaleBrownNoneOrange1985Escape From CatrinaPaul Williams1None
Rex is a Shape Shifting Lizard and Catrina's assistant. Unlike Catrina, he understands the Bushwoolies, who were being fed up with Catrina's orders and tells them to stay. He can turn himself into any form he wishes and even use it as a disguise to blend in. He later on helped Megan and the ponies defeat Catrina and later redeemed themselves in the end.
ScorpanDemon (Corrupted form)
Human (Purified form)
MaleAsh Brown (Corrupted form)
None (Purified form)
None (Corrupted form)
Brown (Purified form)
None (Corrupted form)
Blue (Purified form)
1984Rescue from Midnight CastleRon Taylor1,4None
Scorpan is a demon gargoyle (Originally a human being). As Spike mentioned in the special, Scorpan was once a human prince before Tirek destroyed his kingdom and corrupted him using the Rainbow of Darkness, turning him into his demonic form. Despite to his appearance, he shows sympathy to the ponies who were being turned into evil dragons. It was shown the reason why he helps Tirek kidnap ponies was because Tirek threatens to harm Spike if he didn't. During the finale of the special, he was turned back into his human form.
The Sea MonstersSea MonstersN/AGreenN/ANone1986Where is Seaspray?None1None
The Sea Monsters are horrible monsters that live in the sea. They capture Seaspray and one disguised as Mr. Dolphin and try to capture Surfdancer and Wawebreaker, but their plans was spoiled by the sea ponies.
The SmoozeSlime CreatureN/APurpleN/ANone1986My Little Pony: The MovieJon Bauman1None
The Smooze is a slimy multi-eyed creation of Hydia the witch. She once used it to wipe out the kingdom of Grundleland and plans to the same with Dream Valley which it does. The first ones to see it are the Bushwoolies who just met up with Magic Star, Shady, and Gusty. They escape it, but Gusty and two Bushwoolies are splashed. On their bodies, the Smooze hardens into a crusty coating that won't come off and that makes them miserable. The Moochic tells Megan and the ponies to seek out the Flutter Ponies, the only ones who can stop the Smooze. Megan and the ponies rescue Morning Glory who was trapped in a well. To thank them, Morning Glory brings then to Flutter Valley. They meet Rosedust, the Queen of the Flutter Ponies, but when they ask for help, she refuses. Just then, Baby Lickety-Split, Spike, and the Grundles arrive with Morning Glory. Morning Glory convinces Rosedust that they all have to work together and that it is everyone's fight. As the Smooze approaches Paradise Estate, Buttons tries to make everyone believe that the Flutter Ponies are there. When they open their eyes they really are there. The Flutter Ponies shift their wings into Utter Flutter and blow back the new Smooze and the witches back to the Volcano of Gloom.
SomnambulaHuman WitchFemaleNoneBlack (young form)
Grey (old form)
None1987My Little Pony (TV series)Paco Shakespeare1None
Somnambula is a witch who's powers are stronger when she is younger. She has a canary named Kyrie whom she holds prisoner. She makes Kyrie sing to attract the ponies in a trance. As soon as Somnambula was younger she creates a magical circus and leads the ponies to it. She takes away the youth of the earth and pegasus ponies to make her younger and the youth of the unicorn ponies to make her powers stronger and stores them in a crystal. She also created illusions of the Big Brother Ponies' fantasies to keep them distracted. Kyrie aids the Baby Ponies and Spike in rescuing the other ponies. Seeing Buttons in agony, Slugger destroys the crystal causing Somnambula to rapidly age back to an old woman. The circus disappears and the ponies regain their youth.
SquirkOctopusMaleRedNoneYellow-Green1986My Little Pony (TV series)Frank Welker1None
Squirk, a horrible sea creature who once ruled Dream Valley all the land was underwater. A cruel dictator, he forbade anyone to speak against him of they would feel the wrath of his flashstone amulet. As the water evaporated over the years, other creatures began to inhabit the land. One species was Pluma's people, the Pennas who were led by her grandfather, Ruff. Squirk refused to allow the Pennas to live there, and tries to fight them off. But Ruff stole the flashstone and broke it in two. He threw one half into the water and the other into the now-dry land which became Dream Valley. He knew Squirk could never retrieve the second half, making the first half useless. After centuries of waiting, Squirk had finally captured Ruff, who was now old and weak. Using him as a hostage, Squirk is forcing Pluma to work for him. While the ponies free themselves, Pluma uses her powers to destroy Paradise Estate leaving only the imprint of the foundation. She digs into the ground and uncovers the one half of the flashstone. Pluma tries to restore the estate, but with only half amulet, only half the estate appears. While Pluma tries contact Squirk, Fizzy creates bubbles for Molly, Danny, Megan, and herself to float and breathe in underwater. To guide them, Megan uses her shell signal to call the Baby Sea Ponies. But Pluma had already make contact with Squirk's associate, Crank. When Squirk catches up with, he takes the amulet half and captures Pluma, Buttons, and Spike. Underwater, Fizzy and the others find and free Ruff. But before they can escape, Squirk returns and captures them as well. He holds them all in giant skull, bound with seaweed. The top jaw is held open by seaweed strands that is quickly being eaten away by turtles. They would be crushed by the skull's teeth once all the strands were gnawed through. At the same time, Squirk finally finds the other half of the amulet and uses the whole flashstone to flood Dream Valley. When Buttons and the Pennas free themselves and the others, they are too late to stop Squirk. When they make it to land, they return to Paradise Estate, Danny devises a plan to catch Squirk and Crank. They lure and trap him, and take the flashstone. Megan and Wind Whistler use it to stop the flood and banish Squirk underwater.
TirekCentaur and/or DemonMaleDark Gray with Red arms and faceNoneYellow1984, 2014Rescue from Midnight Castle Twilight's KingdomVictor Caroli (G1)
Mark Acheson (G4)
1, 4None
Tirek is a demon (mainly a Baphomet) with elements of a centaur. Not much is revealed of his past or what connection he has to the ponies but by the time of the pilot episode, he has established himself as Master of Midnight Castle, assembled a small army, and has bested at least one human kingdom as seen by how he enslaved a human prince, Scorpan, and turned him into a monster. At some point he also acquired Spike as a minion; according to one fan, Tirek might have murdered the baby dragon’s parents.[6]

According to show’s writer’s Bible he’s a wizard;[7] his magic is most clearly manifest in his Rainbow of Darkness. The Rainbow of Darkness is a powerful force of black magic seemingly equal to the G1 ponies’ Rainbow of Light—which is itself a precursor to the Friendship is Magic's Elements of Harmony. The Rainbow of Darkness can also distort reality and transform living things into his bestial slaves, among other things.

In “Escape from Midnight Castle,” he has made the decision to use his Rainbow of Darkness to bring about never ending night and to that end dispatches Scorpan to kidnap four ponies. His plan is to turn them into freaks with his magic so that the deformed and now monstrous ponies will pull his chariot through the air and thus enable to bring about “The Night that Never Ends.” When Scorpan fails to bring enough ponies after a raid on Dream Castle, Tirek threatens to behead Scorpan’s foster son Spike. The centaur sees a chance, however, when a pony rescue party led by human heroine Megan Williams inadvertently brings the last ponies he needs to complete his scheme.

After transforming the last pony, Tirek flies into the air atop his demon-pony pulled chariot in order to complete his scheme. He also grievously injures Scorpan who had reformed by that point and takes back the pouch which contains his Rainbow. After a brief battle with his forces, Megan tries to use her Rainbow of Light against Tirek’s Rainbow of Darkness but it is quickly enveloped by Tirek’s magic. To the centaur’s shock however the Rainbow of Light overpowers his Rainbow, and brutally kills him; he dies screaming and is vaporized. Upon his death, those who had been under his power revert to their true form and Midnight Castle ceases to exist.

Tirek made his G4 debut in the season 4 finale "Twilight's Kingdom." Unlike the G1 Tirek, this one doesn't have control over an army, but bears a similar design. In this story, he arrived with Scorpan from a distant land with the intent of stealing magic from ponies. However, Scorpan eventually became friends with the ponies, even befriending Starswirl the Bearded. Scorpan tried to persuade his brother to stop his tyrannical attack on Equestria, but Tirek refused the request. Scorpan then went to Princess Celestia and Luna, who sapped Tirek's strength and banished him to Tartarus, an underground prison (see: Alcatraz) guarded by a Cerberus. After the Cerberus' escape (see the episode "It's About Time.") Tirek used his remaining strength to escape from Tartarus and hide among ponies, sapping their magic to gain his strength back.

After laying low for 2 seasons, he attacks unicorns and steals their magic. The Twin Princesses get visions of Tirek's attack, and decide to send the reformed Discord after him. Tirek learns of this and tricks Discord into helping him by offering him a position as second-in-command and controller of chaos. Discord accepts and helps Tirek get more magic. Over time, Tirek becomes able to steal flight from pegasi and strength from earth ponies. This causes fear in Celestia, who decides that she, Cadence, and Luna should give their powers over to Twilight.

Tirek and Discord capture the other members of the Mane 6 and Tirek betrays Discord, sapping his draconnequus magic. Twilight and Tirek fight, with them both being equally matched. Tirek makes a deal with Twilight: her friends for her Alicorn Magic. Twilight accepts, asking that Tirek releases all of her friends, including Discord. Discord gives Twilight the sixth key, and they use the magic of the chest to weaken Tirek and banish him to Tartarus.

Tirek is shown to be a sadist who delights in humiliating his followers and to be capable, not only of murder, but of infanticide. He is thus far the only villain explicitly shown in cannon as willing to kill and the only villain who in turn deliberately was killed by the series heroes. He is seen by various fans as the pony equivalent of Satan [8] and on a list of villains out of all proportion to the innocuous heroes they faced, he was ranked number one.[9]

WindigoesWinter SpiritsN/ATranslucent BlueN/APale Cyan2011My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicN/A4N/A
The Windigoes are malevolent "winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred; the more hate the spirit feels, the colder things become", according to the character Twilight Sparkle plays in the Hearth's Warming Eve play, Clover the Clever. The three windigoes feature three times throughout the episode: at the conclusion of the grand summit, after the pony leaders' snowball fight, and at the cave that the ponies took as shelter. The Windigoes look like ghostly and slightly translucent horses. In their first appearance the three windigoes only look down onto the grand summit from a passage in the clouds with glowing blue eyes, but in their second and third appearances they wail and fly in a circle of clouds. They are defeated by "the fire of friendship", a pink flame that takes the shape of a heart which was created in the play when Clover, Smart Cookie, and Pansy become friends. However, it is implied that they, or other members of their race, are still around in modern Equestria when one of their distinctive howls is heard through an open window when Rainbow Dash and Applejack start arguing about who has the responsibility of closing it. They are all based on the Wendigo, a malevolent cannibalistic Algonquian spirit strongly associated with the winter, the North, and coldness, as well as with famine and starvation. They only appeared in Hearths Warming Eve.
Wizard WantallHumanMaleNoneBrownNone1986Where is The Waterfall??None1None
Wizard Wantall is a Wizard who tried to take the rainbow and the waterfall of Ponyland but Bow Tie and Medley foil his plan and tied him with the rainbow.
ZebZebraMaleBlack and WhiteN/ANone1986My Little Pony (TV series)Dora Qina1None
Zeb is a Greedy Manager of Knight Shade, who is working with Arabus, he employs giant rats to do his dirty work. He usually collect shadows using a strange machine and collects them in his satchel. The Flutter Ponies help the Little Ponies by getting Arabus to chase them, overexerting himself until he used up all his energy. As Zeb tries to recapture the shadows, an army of Greyvaleans surrounds him, placing him in shackles. Aside from Zeb, the only other zebra character in My Little Pony is Zecora.


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