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This is a list of explorers, trappers, guides, and other frontiersman of the North American frontier known as "Mountain Men" from 1807–1848.

See also Mountain Men, explorers, trappers, guides


NameLifeYears activeCountry of originCommentsRef.
James "Grizzly" Adams1812–18601849–1856 United States
John Albert1806–18991834–1847 United States
William Henry Ashley1778–18381822–1828 United States
Jim Baker1818–18981839–1873 United States
James Beckwourth1798–18661824–1866 United States
Charles Bent1799–18471828–1846 United States
William Bent1809–18691826–1869 United States
Thomas Biggs1812–18551835–1855
Black Beaver1806–1880
Jim Bridger1804–18811822–1868 United States[1]
Joseph Bissonet dit Bijou1778–18361812–1836 France[2]
Joseph Bissonette1818–1894
Benjamin Bonneville1796–18781832–1835 France
Kootenay Brown1839–19161862–1910 Ireland
Robert Campbell1804–18791825–1835 Ireland
Kit Carson1809–18681825–1868 United States
Jean Baptiste Charbonneau1805–18661829–1866 United States
James Clyman1792–18801823–1848 United States
John Colter1774–18131803–1810 United States
William Craig1807–1869 United States
Alexander Culbertson1809–18791833–1879
Andrew Drips1789–1860
George Drouillard1774–18101804–1810 United States
George W. Ebbert1810–18901823–1836 United States
Warren Angus Ferris1810–1873 United States
Jacques Raphael "Jocko" Finlay1768–18281806–1828 Canada
William O. "LeGros" Fallond. 18481826–1848 United States
Thomas "Broken Hand" Fitzpatrick1799–1854
Henry Fraebd. 18411829–1841
Lucien Fontenelle1800–18401819–1840
John Charles Fremont1813–18901838–1849 United States
Andrew Garcia United States
Hugh Glass1780–18331800–1833
Antoine Godin1805–18361817–1836 Canada
Miles Goodyear1817–18491836–1847 United States
Isaac Graham1800–18631830–1840 United States
Caleb Greenwood1763–18501810–1834 United States
William Thomas Hamilton1822–1908[3]
Moses Harris1800–1849[4]
Boone Helm1828–18641850–1864 United States
Major Andrew Henry1775–18321809–1824 United States
Antoine Janis1822–18901836–1858
Seth Kinman1815–18881849–1864 United States
James Kirker1793–18521822–1849 Ireland
Zenas Leonard1809–18571831–1857 United States
Antoine Leroux1803-18611822-1861 United States
Liver-Eating Johnson1824–1900 United States
Ben Lilly1856–1936 United States
Manuel Lisa1772–18201789–1820
Lancaster Lupton1807–18851835–1844 United States
Mariano Medina1812–1878[1]
Joseph Meek1810–18751828–1850 United States
Stephen Meek1805–18891827–1889 United States
James "Bear" Moore1850–1924[5]
Robert "Doc" Newell1807–18691829–1869
George Nidever1802–18831830–1853 United States
Peter Skene Ogden1794–18541809–1847 Canada
James Ohio Pattie1804–1851?1824–1830 United States[6][7]
Etienne Provost1785-18501822-1830 Canada[8]
Osborne Russell1814–18921834–1845 United States[9]
George Ruxton1821–1848 United Kingdom
Rufus Sage1817–18931841–1844 United States
Jedediah Smith1799–18311822–1831 United States
"Blackfoot" John Smith1810–18??
Thomas L. "Pegleg" Smith1801–1866 United States
Nat Straw1857–1941[10]
Montague Stevens1859–1953 United Kingdom[5]
Ceran St. Vrain1802–1870 United States
Milton Sublette1801–18371823–1835 United States
William Sublette1799–18451823–1832 United States
Thomas Tate Tobin1823–19041837–1878 United States
Elbridge Trask1815–18631835–1852 United States
Louis Vasquez1798–18681723–1858[1]
Joseph R. Walker1798–18761832–1863 United States
Pauline Weaver1797–18671830–1867 United States
John Henry Weber1779–18591822–1840 Germany
William Sherley "Old Bill" Williams1787–18491812–1849 United States
Dick Wooten1816–1893 United States
Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth1802–18561832–1837 United States
Harry Yount1839–19241866–1924 United States


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