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Schematic map of the Metro-North system.

Metro-North Railroad (MNCR) is a commuter railroad system serving two of the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan and the Bronx), Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, and Orange Counties in New York, as well Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut. Some New Jersey Transit stations are also served by Metro-North. It was established by Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 1983 to acquire operation of all commuter rail service in New York and Connecticut from Conrail (or Consolidated Rail Corporation), which itself had been formed in 1976 through the merging of a number of financially troubled railroads, and previously operated commuter railroad service under contract from the MTA.[1]

Station origins[edit]

As with many commuter railroad systems of the late-20th Century in the United States, the stations exist along lines that were inherited from other railroads of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Stations on the east side of the Hudson River were originally part of either New York Central Railroad or New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, both of which became part of Penn Central Railroad in 1968 and 1969 respectively. Stations on lines on the west side of the Hudson River were originally part of Erie Railroad which was merged into the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad in 1960.

Historical preservation of stations[edit]

Dozens of active stations that serve Metro-North are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the most notable of which is Grand Central Terminal which is also a National Historic Landmark and a New York City Landmark. The majority of protected stations are on the New Haven Line, including two of the three branches. Four of the northern termini of each line contains stations that are on NRHP, but the only one that serves Metro-North trains is Poughkeepsie Station. The New Haven Line has been terminating northeast of the historic New Haven Union Station at State Street Station since 2002. The Danbury Branch, Waterbury Branch, and Port Jervis Lines stop at platforms just short of former stations that are listed on NRHP.

Some stations, such as Cannondale (Metro-North) are contributing properties to historic districts on NRHP. Other structures related to the railroad are listed on NRHP, but are not stations, such as the Housatonic River, Norwalk River, and Saugatuck River Railroad Bridges.

Station list[edit]

This is a list of train stations served by Metro-North Railroad. This includes stations shared with NJTransit, but only those within New York State. Stations are listed in alphabetical order. Stations along the Pascack Valley Line from Hoboken, NJ to Montvale, NJ and along the Port Jervis Line from Hoboken, NJ to Mahwah, NJ are operated solely by New Jersey Transit.

Handicapped/disabled accessStation is accessible by wheelchair[2]
Handicapped/disabled accessStation meets all ADA accessibility requirements[2]
StationLineMunicipalityCountyFormer railroadHandicapped/disabled accessOpenedNotes
AnsoniaWaterbury BranchAnsoniaNew Haven, CTNew Haven ????
Appalachian TrailHarlem LinePawlingDutchess, NYNew York Central1991Built by Metro-North
Ardsley-on-HudsonHudson LineIrvingtonWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled accessCirca 1900
BeaconHudson LineBeaconDutchess, NYNew York Central ????
Beacon FallsWaterbury BranchBeacon FallsNew Haven, CTNew Haven ????
Bedford HillsHarlem LineBedford FallsWestchester, NYNew York Central ????
BethelDanbury BranchBethelFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1996Replaced 1899-built NYNH&H Depot
Botanical GardenHarlem LineBedford ParkThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled accessCirca 1890s
BranchvilleDanbury BranchRidgefieldFairfield, CTNew Haven1905
Breakneck RidgeHudson LineTown of FishkillPutnam, NYNew York Central ????
BrewsterHarlem LineBrewsterPutnam, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1848Rebuilt in 1931; Also served Putnam Branch until 1959
BridgeportNew Haven Line+Waterbury BranchBridgeportFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1905Rebuilt in 1975 by Penn Central; Also serves Shore Line East and Amtrak's Northeast Regional and Vermonter trains
BronxvilleHarlem LineBedford ParkWestchester, NYNew York Central1916
Campbell HallPort Jervis LineTown of HamptonburghOrange, NYErie ????Also served the Wallkill Valley Railroad
CannondaleDanbury BranchCannondaleFairfield, CTNew Haven (D&N)1892Contributing property of the Cannondale Historic District
ChappaquaHarlem LineChappaquaWestchester, NYNew York Central1902Replaced 1846 NY&H Depot. Current station and plaza have been on NRHP since 1979
Cold SpringHudson LineCold SpringPutnam, NYNew York Central ????
CortlandtHudson LineCortlandt ManorWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1996Built by Metro-North; Replaced both Montrose and Crugers Stations
Cos CobNew Haven LineCos CobFairfield, CTNew Haven1894Replaced 1848-built NY&NH Depot
CrestwoodHarlem LineTuckahoeWestchester, NYNew York Central1901
Croton FallsHarlem LineCroton FallsWestchester, NYNew York Central1847Rebuilt by Metro-North
Croton–HarmonHudson LineCroton-on-HudsonWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????Also serves Amtrak's Adirondack, Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Lake Shore Limited, and Maple Leaf trains.
DanburyDanbury BranchDanburyFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled accessCirca 1993Replaced former Danbury Union Station.
DarienNew Haven LineDarienFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled accessCirca 1890s
Derby–SheltonWaterbury BranchDerbyNew Haven, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????
Dobbs FerryHudson LineDobbs FerryWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
Dover PlainsHarlem LineDover PlainsDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
East NorwalkNew Haven LineEast NorwalkFairfield, CTNew Haven ????
FairfieldNew Haven LineFairfieldFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1882
Fairfield MetroNew Haven LineFairfieldFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access2011Built by Metro-North and CDOT
FleetwoodHarlem LineMount VernonWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1924
FordhamHarlem Line+New Haven LineFordham PlazaThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled accessShared with New Haven Railroad since 1924.
GarrisonHudson LineGarrisonPutnam, NYNew York Central1892
GlenbrookNew Canaan BranchStamfordFairfield, CTNew HavenCirca 1868
GlenwoodHudson LineYonkersWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
Golden's BridgeHarlem LineGolden's BridgeWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
Grand Central TerminalHudson Line, Harlem Line and New Haven Lines, plus NH BranchesMidtown ManhattanNew York, NYNew York Central and New HavenHandicapped/disabled access1913
Green's FarmsNew Haven LineWestportFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????
GreenwichNew Haven LineGreenwichFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????
GreystoneHudson LineYonkersWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1899
Harlem Valley – WingdaleHarlem LineWingdaleDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1977Merging of former "State Hospital" and "Wingdale" NYC Stations
Harlem–125th StreetHudson Line, Harlem Line and New Haven Lines, plus NH BranchesHarlemNew York, NYNew York Central and New HavenHandicapped/disabled access1896
HarrimanPort Jervis LineHarrimanOrange, NYErieHandicapped/disabled access1983Built by Metro-North; Replaced former Erie Depot
HarrisonNew Haven LineHarrisonWestchester, NYNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????
HartsdaleHarlem LineHartsdaleWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1915
Hastings-on-HudsonHudson LineHastings-on-HudsonWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1910Replaced former Hudson River Railroad depot
HawthorneHarlem LineHawthorneWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
Highbridge FacilityHudson LineHighbridgeThe Bronx, NYNew York Central ????Converted to a maintenance facility by Penn Central during the 1970s.
IrvingtonHudson LineIrvingtonWestchester, NYNew York Central ????
KatonahHarlem LineKatonahWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1897Rebuilt by Metro-North in 1984; Also served Lake Mahopac Branch until 1959
LarchmontNew Haven LineLarchmontWestchester, NYNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????
LudlowHudson LineYonkersWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????Built for former Domino Sugar refinery in Ludlow Park
MamaroneckNew Haven LineMamaroneckWestchester, NYNew Haven1888
ManitouHudson LineManitouPutnam, NYNew York Central ????
Marble HillHudson LineMarble HillNew York, NYNew York Central ????
MelroseHarlem LineMelroseThe Bronx, NYNew York Central ????
Merritt 7Danbury BranchNorwalkFairfield, CTNew Haven1985Built by Metro-North
Middletown–Town of WallkillPort Jervis LineMiddletown/WallkillOrange, NYErieHandicapped/disabled access1983Built by Metro-North; Replacement for former Erie Depot
MilfordNew Haven LineMilfordNew Haven, CTNew Haven ????Also serves Shore Line East
Morris HeightsHudson LineMorris HeightsThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????Also served Putnam Line until 1958
Mount KiscoHarlem LineMount KiscoWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
Mount PleasantHarlem LineMount PleasantWestchester, NYNew York Central ????
Mount Vernon EastNew Haven LineMount VernonWestchester, NYNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????Rebuilt by Metro-North
Mount Vernon WestHarlem LineMount VernonWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1914
NanuetPascack Valley LineNanuetRockland, NYErieHandicapped/disabled access ????NJT station leased to Metro-North
NaugatuckWaterbury BranchNaugatuckNew Haven, CTNew Haven ????
New CanaanNew Canaan BranchNew CanaanFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1868
New HamburgHudson LineNew HamburgDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1981Rebuilt by MTA
New RochelleNew Haven LineNew RochelleWestchester, NYNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1877Also serves Amtrak's Northeast Regional
North White PlainsHarlem LineWhite PlainsWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1972Built by Penn Central; Replaced former Holland Avenue NYC station
Noroton HeightsNew Haven LineDarienFairfield, CTNew Haven ????
Old GreenwichNew Haven LineGreenwichFairfield, CTNew Haven1892
OssiningHudson LineOssiningWestchester, NYNew York Central1914Replaced 1848 Hudson River Railroad depot
OtisvillePort Jervis LineOtisvilleOrange, NYErie ????
PattersonHarlem LinePattersonPutnam, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
PawlingHarlem LinePawlingDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
Pearl RiverPascack Valley LinePearl RiverRockland, NYErie ????NJT station leased to Metro-North
PeekskillHudson LinePeekskillWestchester, NYNew York Central1874
PelhamNew Haven LinePelhamWestchester, NYNew Haven1893
Philipse ManorHudson LineSleepy HollowWestchester, NYNew York Central1910
PleasantvilleHarlem LinePleasantvilleWestchester, NYNew York Central ????
Port ChesterNew Haven LinePort ChesterWestchester, NYNew Haven1890
Port JervisPort Jervis LinePort JervisOrange, NYErie1980sReplacement for Erie Depot
PoughkeepsieHudson LinePoughkeepsieDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1918Also serves Amtrak's Adirondack, Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Lake Shore Limited, and Maple Leaf trains.
Purdy'sHarlem LinePleasantvilleWestchester, NYNew York Central ????
ReddingDanbury BranchReddingFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????Also called "West Redding Station."
RiverdaleHudson LineRiverdaleThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access ????
RiversideNew Haven LineGreenwichFairfield, CTNew Haven ????
RowaytonNew Haven LineNorwalkFairfield, CTNew Haven ????
RyeNew Haven LineRyeWestchester, NYNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????Rebuilt by Metro-North; Served Amtrak from 1972 to 1987.
Salisbury Mills-
Port Jervis LineBeaverdam Lake-Salisbury MillsOrange, NYErieHandicapped/disabled access1983
ScarboroughHudson LineScarboroughWestchester, NYNew York Central ????
ScarsdaleHarlem LineScarsdaleWestchester, NYNew York Central1904
SeymourWaterbury BranchSeymourNew Haven, CTNew Haven ????
SloatsburgPort Jervis LineSloatsburgRockland, NYErie1868
South NorwalkNew Haven Line+Danbury BranchNorwalkFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1994Rebuilt by Metro-North and CDOT; Replaced former New Haven Depot.
SoutheastHarlem LineTown of SoutheastPutnam, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1980Replacement for Dykeman's (NYCRR station)
SouthportNew Haven LineFairfieldFairfield, CTNew Haven1884
Spring ValleyPascack Valley LineSpring ValleyRockland, NYErie ????NJT station leased to Metro-North
SpringdaleNew Canaan BranchStamfordFairfield, CTNew Haven ????
Spuyten DuyvilHudson LineSpuyten DuyvilThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled accessCirca 1871
Stamford T.C.New Haven Line+New Canaan and Danbury BranchesStamfordFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1987Rebuilt by Metro-North and CDOT; Replaced former New Haven Depot; Also serves Shore Line East and Amtrak's Acela Express, Northeast Regional, and Vermonter trains.
State StreetNew Haven LineNew HavenNew Haven, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access2002Built by CDOT; Also serves Shore Line East and future New Haven-Springfield, MA Commuter line
StratfordNew Haven Line+Waterbury BranchStratfordFairfield, CTNew Haven ????Also serves Shore Line East
SuffernPort Jervis LineSuffernRockland, NYErie1941NJT station used by Metro-North.
Talmadge HillNew Canaan BranchNew CanaanFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access ????
TarrytownHudson LineTarrytownWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1925Replaced 1890 depot that was burned in a 1922 cigarette fire.
Tenmile RiverHarlem LineTown of AmeniaDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access2000Built by Metro-North; Replacement for State School NYC station
TremontHarlem LineTremontThe Bronx, NYNew York Central ????
TuckahoeHarlem LineTuckahoeWestchester, NYNew York Central1901
TuxedoPort Jervis LineTuxedoOrange, NYErie1885
Union StationNew Haven LineNew HavenNew Haven, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access1920Also serves Shore Line East and Amtrak's Acela Express, Northeast Regional, New Haven–Springfield Shuttle, and Vermonter trains.
University HeightsHudson LineUniversity HeightsThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled accessAlso served Putnam Branch until 1958
ValhallaHarlem LineValhallaWestchester, NYNew York Central1890
WakefieldHarlem LineWakefieldBronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access
WassaicHarlem LineWassaicDutchess, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access2000Built by Metro-North
WaterburyWaterbury BranchWaterburyNew Haven, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled accessReplaced former Waterbury Union Station
West HavenNew Haven LineWest HavenNew Haven, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access2013Also serves Shore Line East trains
WestportNew Haven LineWest HavenFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access
White PlainsHarlem LineWhite PlainsWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1987Built by Metro-North; Replaced former Warren & Wetmore-built NYC Depot
Williams BridgeHarlem LineWilliamsbridgeThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled accessCirca 1842
WiltonDanbury BranchWiltonFairfield, CTNew HavenHandicapped/disabled access
WoodlawnHarlem LineWoodlawnThe Bronx, NYNew York CentralCirca 1844Also served New Haven Line trains from 1848 to 1924
Yankees – East 153rd StreetHudson LineThe BronxBronx, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access2009Built by Metro-North; Also serves Harlem Line and New Haven Line on Yankee Game Days
YonkersHudson LineYonkersWestchester, NYNew York CentralHandicapped/disabled access1911Also serves Amtrak's Adirondack, Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, and Maple Leaf trains.

Former stations[edit]

NOTE: This list is for stations closed by Metro-North only. Any stations closed by New York Central Railroad, Penn Central Railroad, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, Erie Railroad, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, Conrail, or the MTA before 1983 will not be included on this list.

StationLineMunicipalityCountyFormer railroadOpenedClosedNotes
ChesterPort Jervis LineVillage of ChesterOrange, NYErie ????1983
Croton NorthHudson LineCroton-on-HudsonWestchester, NYNew York Central1890s
Re-opened briefly by Metro-North
CrugersHudson LineCrugersWestchester, NYNew York Central ????1996
GoshenPort Jervis LineGoshenOrange, NYErie ????1984
HarrimanPort Jervis LineHarrimanOrange, NYErie19111983Replaced stations built in 1838 and 1873
Kensico CemeteryHarlem LineValhallaWestchester, NYNew York Central ????1983
Kent RoadDanbury BranchWiltonFairfield, CTErie19761994Built by Penn Central; Replaced former South Wilton Station
MiddletownPort Jervis LineMiddletownOrange, NYErie18961983Replaced a station built in 1843; Now a local library
MonroePort Jervis LineMonroe TownshipOrange, NYErie ????1984
MontroseHudson LineMontroseWestchester, NYNew York Central ????1996
ThornwoodHarlem LineThornwoodWestchester, NYNew York Central ????1984
Union StationDanbury BranchDanburyFairfield, CTNew Haven19021993Now the Danbury Railway Museum

Divisions no longer in service[edit]


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