List of Medal of Honor recipients for World War II

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The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipient must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Due to the nature of this medal, it is commonly presented posthumously.[1]

World War II, or the Second World War, was a global military conflict, the joining of what had initially been two separate conflicts. The first began in Asia in 1937 as the Second Sino-Japanese War; the other began in Europe in 1939 with the German and Soviet invasion of Poland.[2] This global conflict split the majority of the world's nations into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis powers.

The United States, and its military, was drawn into World War II on December 7, 1941, when Axis-member Japan launched the Attack on Pearl Harbor and European territories in the Pacific Ocean.

During this war 464 United States military personnel received the Medal of Honor, 266 (57.3%) of them posthumously. Seventeen of these were Japanese-Americans fighting in both Europe and the Pacific, many of which were upgraded from Distinguished Service Crosses during the Clinton administration. Additionally, the only recipient, Douglas Albert Munro, from the United States Coast Guard received the Medal for his actions during this war.

The earliest action for which a US serviceman earned a World War II Medal of Honor was the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, for which seventeen US servicemen were awarded a Medal. The last action to earn a Medal of Honor prior to the August 15, 1945, end of hostilities in World War II, were those of Melvin Mayfield, on July 29, 1945 – though some honorees may have been cited for their Medal after Mayfield's recognition on May 31, 1946.


      This with the   indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Adams, LucianLucian AdamsArmyStaff Sergeantnear St. Die, FranceOctober 28, 1944For single-handedly destroying enemy machine gun emplacements to re-establish supply lines to U.S. Army companies
Head of a young man in military uniform with a quizzical look on his face. His garrison cap is tilted off to one side and a tuft of short hair sticks out from the other.Agerholm, Harold C.Harold C. Agerholm Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassSaipan, Marianas IslandsJuly 7, 1944For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the Fourth Battalion, Tenth Marines, SECOND Marine Division, in action against enemy Japanese forces on Saipan, Marianas Islands, 7 July 1944. When the enemy launched a fierce, determined counterattack against our positions and overran a neighboring artillery battalion, Private First Class Agerholm immediately volunteered to assist in the efforts to check the hostile attack and evacuate our wounded. Locating and appropriating an abandoned ambulance jeep, he repeatedly made extremely perilous trips under heavy rifle and mortar fire and single-handledly loaded and evacuted approximately 45 casualties, working tirelessly and with utter disregard for his own safety during a gruelling period of more than 3 hours. Despite intense, persistent enemy fire, he ran out to aid two men whom he believed to be wounded Marines but was himself mortally wounded by a Japanese sniper while carrying out his hazardous mission.
Anderson, Beauford T.Beauford T. AndersonArmyTechnical SergeantOkinawaApril 13, 1945Risked his life to save several of his fellow soldiers and repel an enemy attack single-handedly.
Head of a young man in a military jacket and tie, looking down and to the rightAnderson, Richard B.Richard B. Anderson Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassRoi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall IslandsFebruary 1, 1944For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the FOURTH Marine Division during action against enemy Japanese forces on Roi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, 1 February 1944. Entering a shell crater occupied by three other Marines, Private First Class Anderson was preparing to throw a grenade at an enemy position when it slipped from his hands and rolled toward the men at the bottom of the hole. With insufficient time to retrieve the armed weapon and throw it, Private First Class Anderson fearlessly chose to sacrifice himself and save his companions by hurling his body upon the grenade and taking the full impact of the explosion.
Antolak, SylvesterSylvester Antolak ArmySergeantnear Cisterna di Littoria, ItalyMay 24, 1944Near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy, he charged 200 yards over flat, coverless terrain to destroy an enemy machinegun nest during the second day of the offensive which broke through the German cordon of steel around the Anzio beachhead.
Head of a middle-aged man wearing a light-colored jacket with stripes and a star on shoulderboards, a dark colored tie, and a peaked cap with decorative leaves on the visor.Antrim, Richard N.Richard N. AntrimNavyLieutenantMakassar, Celebes, Netherlands East IndiesApril 1942During the early part of his imprisonment at Makassar in April 1942, he saw a Japanese guard brutally beating a fellow prisoner of war and successfully intervened, at great risk to his own life. For his conspicuous act of valor, Antrim later received the Medal of Honor.
Head of a smirking man wearing a large, metal, bucket helmet and a light-colored military jacket.Atkins, Thomas E.Thomas E. AtkinsArmyPrivate First ClassVilla Verde Trail, Luzon, PhilippinesMarch 10, 1945Remained in his fox hole for 4 hours bearing the brunt of each enemy assault and maintaining fire until each charge was repulsed.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Head of a young white man with neatly combed dark hair in a military jacket with a strap diagonally across the chest and badges pinned to his left breastBailey, Kenneth D.Kenneth D. Bailey Marine CorpsMajorHenderson Field, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsSeptember 12, 1942 – September 13, 1942For extraordinary courage and heroic conduct above and beyond the call of duty as Commanding Officer of Company C, First Marine Raider Battalion, during the enemy Japanese attack on Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, on 12–13 September 1942. Completely reorganized following the severe engagement of the night before, Major Bailey's company, within an hour after taking its assigned position as reserve battalion between the main line and the coveted airport, was threatened on the right flank by the penetration of the enemy into a gap in the main line. In addition to repulsing this threat, while steadily improving his own desperately held position, he used every weapon at his command to cover the forced withdrawal of the main line before a hammering assault by superior enemy forces. After rendering invaluable service to the battalion commander in stemming the retreat, reorganizing the troops and extending the reverse position to the left, Major Bailey, despite a severe head wound, repeatedly led his troops in fierce hand-to-hand combat for a period of 10 hours. His great personal valor while exposed to constant and merciless enemy fire, and his indomitable fighting spirit inspired his troops to heights of heroic endeavor which enabled them to repulse the enemy and hold Henderson Field. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country.
Profile of a white man leaning forward with a large phone handset pressed to his ear. He is wearing a leather jacket over a shirt and tie.Baker, Addison E.Addison E. Baker Army Air ForcesLieutenant Colonelover Ploiesti, Romania (Operation Tidal Wave)August 1, 1943For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action with the enemy on August 1, 1943. On this date he led his command, the 93d Heavy Bombardment Group, on a daring low-level attack against enemy oil refineries and installations at Ploesti, Rumania.
Portrait of a white man in a military uniform looking off to his left and smiling.Baker, Thomas A.Thomas A. Baker ArmyPrivateSaipan, Mariana IslandsJune 19, 1944 – July 7, 1944On Saipan in the Marianas Islands, he advanced ahead of his unit with a bazooka and destroyed a Japanese emplacement which was firing on his company. Several days later, he single-handedly attacked and killed two groups of Japanese soldiers. On July 7, Baker's position came under attack by a large Japanese force. Although seriously wounded early in the attack, he refused to be evacuated and continued to fight in the close-range battle until running out of ammunition. When a comrade was wounded while trying to carry him to safety, Baker insisted that he be left behind. At his request, his comrades left him propped against a tree and gave him a pistol, which had eight bullets remaining. When American forces retook the position, they found the pistol, now empty, and eight dead Japanese soldiers around Baker's body
Head and shoulders of a black man with full cheeks in military uniform. Rows of ribbon bars are on his left breast and his lapels and garrison cap are adorned with pins and badges.Baker, Vernon J.Vernon J. BakerArmySecond Lieutenantnear Viareggio, ItalyApril 5, 1945 – April 6, 1945Demonstrated outstanding courage and leadership in destroying enemy installations, personnel and equipment during his company's attack against a strongly entrenched enemy in mountainous terrain
Color photo of Barfoot wearing his Medal of Honor and a blue suit. He is facing the camera and smiling.Barfoot, Van T.Van T. BarfootArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Carano, ItalyMay 23, 1944For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on 23 May 1944, near Carano, Italy
Barrett, Carlton W.Carlton W. BarrettArmyPrivatenear St. Laurent-sur-Mer, FranceJune 6, 1944Joined the United States Army in Albany, New York, he was a member of, 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Barrett was one of four Medal of Honor recipients on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
Head of a young white man in a plain dark jacket with a star-shaped medal hanging from a ribbon around his neck. His garrison cap is tilted to the side and has a single round pin on its side.Basilone, JohnJohn BasiloneMarine CorpsSergeantLunga area, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsOctober 24, 1942 – October 25, 1942On the night of October 24–25, 1942 his unit engaged the Japanese in the Lunga area when their position came under attack by a regiment of approximately 3,000 soldiers. The Japanese forces began a frontal attack using machine guns, grenades and mortars against the American heavy machine guns. Basilone commanded two sections of machine guns that fought for the next 48 hours until only Basilone and two other men were still able to continue fighting. Basilone moved an extra gun into position and maintained continual fire against the incoming Japanese forces. He repaired another machine-gun and personally manned it, holding the defensive line until replacements arrived. With the continuous fighting, ammunition became critically low and supply lines were cut off. Basilone fought through hostile lines and returned with urgently needed ammunition for his gunners. He was killed on Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945. He was the first Enlisted Marine to receive The Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, and The Navy Cross.
Head and torso of a white man sitting with his right arm resting on something in front of him. He is wearing a military uniform with a wide belt, a strap diagonally across the chest, and a peaked cap.Bauer, Harold W.Harold W. Bauer Marine CorpsLieutenant ColonelSouth Pacific areaMay 10, 1942 – November 14, 1942For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous courage as Squadron Commander of Marine Fighting Squadron TWO TWELVE in the South Pacific Area during the period May 10 to November 14, 1942.
Head of a half-smiling white man wearing a shirt and tie and a garrison cap tilted over his right ear.Bausell, Lewis K.Lewis K. Bausell Marine CorpsCorporalPeleliu Island, Palau GroupSeptember 15, 1944During combat at Peleliu, he covered an exploding Japanese hand grenade in order to protect his comrades, and died of his wounds three days later. Bausell was the only enlisted Marine from the Nation's capital, Washington, D.C. to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during World War II.
Beaudoin, Raymond O.Raymond O. Beaudoin ArmyFirst LieutenantHamelin, GermanyApril 6, 1945By his intrepidity, great fighting skill, and supreme devotion to his responsibility for the well-being of his platoon, 1st Lt. Beaudoin single-handedly accomplished a mission that enabled a messenger to secure help which saved the stricken unit and made possible the decisive defeat of the German forces.
Bell, Bernard P.Bernard P. BellArmyTechnical SergeantMittelwihr, FranceDecember 18, 1944By his intrepidity and bold, aggressive leadership, T/Sgt. Bell enabled his 8-man squad to drive back approximately 150 of the enemy, killing at least 87 and capturing 42. Personally, he killed more than 20 and captured 33 prisoners.
Bender, StanleyStanley BenderArmyStaff Sergeantnear La Lande, FranceAugust 17, 1944He had sparked and led the assault company in an attack which overwhelmed the enemy, destroying a roadblock, taking a town, seizing intact 3 bridges over the Maravenne River, and capturing commanding terrain which dominated the area.
Benjamin, Jr., GeorgeGeorge Benjamin, Jr. ArmyPrivate First ClassLeyte, PhilippinesDecember 21, 1944severely wounded while leading an assault against a strongly defended Japanese position on the island of Leyte. After being evacuated to an aid station, he conveyed valuable information regarding the disposition of the Japanese emplacement to his superiors.
Bennett, Edward A.Edward A. BennettArmyCorporalHeckhuscheid, GermanyFebruary 1, 1945The fearless initiative, stalwart combat ability, and outstanding gallantry of Cpl. Bennett eliminated the enemy fire which was decimating his company's ranks and made it possible for the Americans to sweep all resistance from the town.
Head of a middle-aged white man with thinning hair, wearing a dark suit coat, white shirt, and dark tie.Bennion, Mervyn S.Mervyn S. Bennion NavyCaptainUSS West Virginia (BB-48), Pearl HarborDecember 7, 1941While mortally wounded, he remained in command of his ship. For conspicuous devotion to duty, extraordinary courage, and complete disregard of his own life, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.
Head and shoulders of a white man wearing a light colored shirt and tie and a peaked cap with a dark visor.Berry, Charles J.Charles J. Berry Marine CorpsCorporalIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 3, 1945He landed on Iwo Jima on D-Day, February 19, 1945, and was killed in action on March 3, 1945, during the action which earned him the Medal of Honor.
Bertoldo, Vito R.Vito R. BertoldoArmyMaster SergeantHatten, FranceJanuary 9, 1945 – January 10, 1945In Hatten, France, he manned a machine gun in defense of a command post being attacked by a numerically superior German force. When evacuation became necessary, he voluntarily stayed behind to cover the withdrawal. The next morning he moved to another command post, and again defended it against a continued assault by strong German forces and voluntarily covered the withdrawal of friendly forces when the post was abandoned. For these actions, he was awarded the Medal of Honor one year later, on January 10, 1946.
Beyer, Arthur O.Arthur O. BeyerArmyCorporalnear Arloncourt, BelgiumJanuary 15, 1945Near Arloncourt, Belgium, he used hand grenades and his carbine to single-handedly destroy two German machine gun positions before working his way through a honey-combed series of enemy foxholes—killing and capturing German soldiers as he went. For these actions, he was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Harry Truman seven months later, on August 30, 1945.
Head and torso of a smirking white man wearing a peaked cap and a military jacket, adorned with pins and badges and a strap running diagonally across his chest, over a shirt and tie.Bianchi, Willibald C.Willibald C. Bianchi ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Bagac, Bataan Province, PhilippinesFebruary 3, 1942After the action near Bagac in the Bataan Province, Bianchi was among the troops captured by the Japanese at the fall of Bataan, on April 9, 1942. He was part of the Bataan "Death March," and was imprisoned in several Japanese prisoner of war camps, enduring horrible conditions. He was known for his compassion and efforts to better the lot of his fellow prisoners by bartering with their captors for extra food and medicine. On January 9, 1945, while imprisoned in an unmarked Japanese prison ship, Bianchi was killed instantly when an American plane, unaware that the ship contained American prisoners, dropped a 1,000-pound bomb in the cargo hold.
Biddle, Melvin E.Melvin E. BiddleArmyPrivate First Classnear Soy, BelgiumDecember 23, 1944 – December 24, 1944When presenting the medal to Biddle, Truman whispered "People don't believe me when I tell them that I'd rather have one of these than be President." Biddle was decorated with 17 other soldiers that served in the Eastern Theater of Operations.
Head and shoulders of a smiling young white man wearing a naval uniform consisting of a white shirt with a dark scarf tied around the neck and running under the large, flat, collar, and a white "Dixie Cup" hat.Bigelow, Elmer C.Elmer C. Bigelow NavyWatertender First ClassUSS Fletcher, off Corregidor Island, PhilippinesFebruary 14, 1945While assisting minesweeping operations prior to landings on Manila Bay's Corregidor Island, Fletcher was hit by an enemy shell penetrated the No. 1 gun magazine, igniting several powder cases. Bigelow picked up a pair of fire extinguishers and rushed below in a resolute attempt to quell the raging flames. Refusing to waste the precious time required to don rescue-breathing apparatus, Bigelow plunged through the blinding smoke billowing out of the magazine hatch and dropped into the blazing compartment. Despite the acrid, burning powder smoke which seared his lungs, he succeeded in quickly extinguishing the fires and in cooling the cases and bulkheads, thereby preventing further damage to the ship. However Bigelow was badly injured and succumbed to his injuries the following day.
Bjorklund, Arnold L.Arnold L. BjorklundArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Altavilla, ItalySeptember 13, 1943Near Altavilla, Italy, he single-handedly attacked and destroyed two German machine gun emplacements and a mortar position.
Bloch, Orville E.Orville E. BlochArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Firenzuola, ItalySeptember 22, 1944Near Firenzuola, Italy, he led three soldiers in an attack on enemy positions which resulted in the capture of nineteen prisoners and the silencing of five machine gun nests.
Bolden, Paul L.Paul L. BoldenArmyStaff SergeantPetit-Coo, BelgiumDecember 23, 1944While his comrade provided covering fire from across the street, Bolden tossed grenades through a window, rushed to the door, and began firing. Wounded by the greatly superior number of German soldiers inside, he retreated from the house. Realizing that the Germans would not surrender, he returned to the house despite his serious wounds and killed the remaining soldiers. For these actions, he was awarded the Medal of Honor eight months later, on August 30, 1945.
Bolton, Cecil H.Cecil H. BoltonArmyFirst LieutenantMark River, HollandNovember 2, 1944
Head and shoulders of a stern-faced white man with his arms folded over his military jacket, standing in front of a wall map and an American flag. Rows of ribbon bars are on his left breast, pins adorn his lapels, and a star-shaped medal hangs from a ribbon around his neck.Bong, Richard I.Richard I. BongArmy Air ForcesMajorover Borneo and LeyteOctober 10, 1944 – November 15, 1944Fighter pilot with 40 kills. Top AAF score.
Head and shoulders of a young white man wearing a garrison cap and a plain military jacket over a shirt and tieBonnyman, Jr., AlexanderAlexander Bonnyman, Jr. Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantTarawa, Gilbert IslandsNovember 20, 1943 – November 22, 1943
Booker, Robert D.Robert D. Booker ArmyPrivatenear Fondouk, TunisiaApril 9, 1943
Head of a white man in a military jacket with dark hair, short on the sides and slightly longer, and ruffled, on top.Bordelon, William J.William J. Bordelon Marine CorpsStaff SergeantTarawa, Gilbert IslandsNovember 20, 1943
Boyce, Jr., George W. G.George W. G. Boyce, Jr. ArmySecond Lieutenantnear Afua, New GuineaJuly 23, 1944
Head of a squinting man wearing a shirt unbuttoned at the collar and a cloth aviator's cap with headphones built into the ear flaps, an unbuckled chin strap, and goggles pushed up onto his forehead.Boyington, PappyPappy BoyingtonMarine CorpsMajorCentral Solomons areaSeptember 12, 1943 – January 3, 1944Fighter pilot with 26 victories.
Briles, Herschel F.Herschel F. BrilesArmyStaff Sergeantnear Scherpenseel, GermanyNovember 20, 1944With a comrade at his side, Herschel left his vehicle and rescued 2 critically wounded soldiers from a burning destroyer and extinguished the fire, which had been hit by an artillery shell near Scherpenseel, Germany, on 20 November 1944. The next morning, he forced 55 Germans to surrender, armed with only a machine gun, allowing fellow Americans to pass through the junction the Nazis occupied. Later that day, another destroyer was hit by a concealed enemy tank, where he again rescued 2 allies from the wreckage with the help of a fellow soldier.
Britt, Maurice L.Maurice L. BrittArmyFirst LieutenantNorth of Mignano, ItalyNovember 10, 1943Played football for the Detroit Lions, later Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.
Brostrom, Leonard C.Leonard C. Brostrom ArmyPrivate First Classnear Dagami, Leyte, PhilippinesOctober 28, 1944
Brown, Bobbie E.Bobbie E. BrownArmyCaptainCrucifix Hill, Aachen, GermanyOctober 8, 1944
Head and torso of an elderly white man, in front of an American flag, with his hands folded and resting on a table in front of him. He is wearing a white jacket with a row of medals hanging from ribbons and a winged pin on his left breast, gold shoulder-boards, and a star-shaped medal hanging from a light blue ribbon around his neck. His peaked cap is white with a black visor decorated with gold leaves, a gold band around the brim, and an eagle-anchors-and-shield emblem on the front.Bulkeley, John D.John D. BulkeleyNavyLieutenant CommanderPhilippine watersDecember 7, 1941 – April 10, 1942
Burke, FrankFrank BurkeArmyFirst LieutenantNuremberg, GermanyApril 17, 1945Also known as Francis X. Burke.
Burr, Elmer J.Elmer J. Burr ArmyFirst SergeantBuna, New GuineaDecember 24, 1942
Burr, Herbert H.Herbert H. BurrArmyStaff Sergeantnear Dorrmoschel, GermanyMarch 19, 1945
Burt, James M.James M. BurtArmyCaptainnear Wurselen, GermanyOctober 13, 1944
Head and torso of a young white man with neatly combed hair wearing a dark military jacket with a wide belt and a few ribbon bars on the left breast. A star-shaped medal hangs from a ribbon around his neck.Bush, Richard E.Richard E. BushMarine CorpsCorporalMount Yaedake on Okinawa, Ryukyu IslandsApril 16, 1945
Profile of a young white man wearing a white sailor's cap and a dark sailor suit. A star-shaped medal hangs from a wide ribbon around his neck.Bush, Robert E.Robert E. BushNavyHospital Apprentice First ClassOkinawa Jima, Ryukyu IslandsMay 2, 1945Hospital Corpsman serving with Marines.
John E. ButtsButts, John E.John E. Butts ArmySecond LieutenantNormandy, FranceJune 14, 1944, June 16, 1944, and June 23, 1944Butts served with the U.S. Army, E Company, 60th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Division during the invasion of France in 1944. He was severely wounded on three occasions and continued leading his men until June 23 when he was killed. He was 21 years of age.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Head and shoulders of a young white man wearing a military jacket with a single cross-shaped pin on the left breast, one stripe on the upper sleeve, and a peaked cap with an eagle-globe-and-anchor emblem on the front.Caddy, William R.William R. Caddy Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 3, 1945
Head and shoulders of a man in a white jacket with black shoulderboards with binoculars hanging from around his neck. His eyes are shaded by a white peaked cap with a black visor.Callaghan, Daniel J.Daniel J. Callaghan NavyRear AdmiralNaval Battle of Guadalcanal, Savo IslandNovember 12, 1942 – November 13, 1942
Head of a man with dark hair and a defiant look on his face, wearing a garrison cap tilted over one ear and a shirt with a wide, flat collar.Calugas, JoseJose CalugasArmySergeantCulis, Bataan Province, PhilippinesJanuary 16, 1942
Head and shoulders of a young white man with wavy, neatly combed, hair wearing a dark jacket with large bright buttons, a high stiff collar, a strap laying diagonally across the chest, and two pins on his left breast.Cannon, George H.George H. Cannon Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantSand Island, Midway IslandsDecember 7, 1941
Carey, Alvin P.Alvin P. Carey ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Plougastel, Brittany, FranceAugust 23, 1944Mortally wounded while single-handedly attacking an enemy pillbox
Carey, Jr., Charles F.Charles F. Carey, Jr. ArmyTechnical SergeantRimling, FranceJanuary 8, 1945 – January 9, 1945
Carr, ChrisChris CarrArmySergeantnear Guignola, ItalyOctober 1, 1944 – October 2, 1944
Head and shoulders of a man wearing a peaked cap and a military jacket with a winged pin on the left breast and pins on the lapels.Carswell, Jr., Horace S.Horace S. Carswell, Jr. Army Air ForcesMajorover the South China SeaOctober 26, 1944
Head and shoulders of a black man, with a carefully trimmed mustache, standing erect and staring directly into the camera. He is wearing a peaked cap and a jacket with three rows of ribbon bars and a pin on the left breast, pins on the lapels, and a braided cord over the left shoulder.Carter, Jr., Edward A.Edward A. Carter, Jr. ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Speyer, GermanyMarch 23, 1945
Casamento, AnthonyAnthony CasamentoMarine CorpsCorporalGuadalcanal, Solomon IslandsNovember 1, 1942
Castle, Frederick W.Frederick W. Castle Army Air ForcesBrigadier GeneralGermanyDecember 24, 1944
Head and shoulders of a middle-aged white man with a round face wearing a garrison cap and a jacket with four rows of ribbon bars on the left breast and pins on both the lapels and on the collar of the undershirt.Chambers, Justice M.Justice M. ChambersMarine CorpsLieutenant ColonelIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 19, 1945 – February 22, 1945
Cheli, RalphRalph Cheli Army Air ForcesMajornear Wewak, New GuineaAugust 18, 1943
Childers, ErnestErnest ChildersArmySecond LieutenantOliveto, ItalySeptember 22, 1943
Choate, Clyde L.Clyde L. ChoateArmyStaff Sergeantnear Bruyeres, FranceOctober 25, 1944
Christensen, Dale E.Dale E. Christensen ArmySecond LieutenantDriniumor River, New GuineaJuly 16, 1944 – July 19, 1944
Christian, Herbert F.Herbert F. Christian ArmyPrivatenear Valmontone, ItalyJune 2, 1944 – June 3, 1944
Cicchetti, Joseph J.Joseph J. Cicchetti ArmyPrivate First ClassSouth Manila, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 9, 1945
Clark, Francis J.Francis J. ClarkArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Kalborn, Luxembourg and near Sevenig, GermanySeptember 12, 1944 and September 17, 1944
Head and shoulders of an elderly white man wearing glasses and a baseball cap with an image of a star-shaped medal and the words "Medal of Honor recipient". An actual star-shaped medal hangs from a light blue ribbon around his neck, over his dark suit coat and patterned tie.Colalillo, MikeMike ColalilloArmyPrivate First Classnear Untergriesheim, GermanyApril 7, 1945
Head and shoulders of a young white man with a broad smile. He is wearing a garrison cap tilted over his right ear and a plain military jacket on top of a shirt and tie.Cole, Darrell S.Darrell S. Cole Marine CorpsSergeantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 19, 1945Namesake of USS Cole (DDG-67).
Head and shoulders of a white man wearing a metal helmet with an oak leaf emblem on the front, the chin strap unbuckled and hanging loose, and a dark, heavy coat.Cole, Robert G.Robert G. Cole ArmyLieutenant Colonelnear Carentan, FranceJune 11, 1944For leading a charge across a field swept by German machineguns and artillery.
Connor, James P.James P. ConnorArmySergeantCape Cavalaire, southern FranceAugust 15, 1944
Cooley, Raymond H.Raymond H. CooleyArmyStaff Sergeantnear Lumboy, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 24, 1945
Two white men in military dress uniform shaking hands. One is an Older man and on is a young man.Coolidge, Charles H.Charles H. CoolidgeArmyTechnical SergeantEast of Belmont sur Buttant, FranceOctober 24, 1944 – October 27, 1944
Head of a stern-faced young white man with dark hair and full cheeks wearing a dark jacket with ribbon bars of the left breast.Courtney, Jr., Henry A.Henry A. Courtney, Jr. Marine CorpsMajorOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu IslandsMay 14, 1945 – May 15, 1945
Cowan, Richard E.Richard E. Cowan ArmyPrivate First Classnear Krinkelter Wald, BelgiumDecember 17, 1944
Craft, Clarence B.Clarence B. CraftArmyPrivate First ClassHen Hill, Okinawa, Ryukyu IslandsMay 31, 1945
Craig, RobertRobert Craig ArmySecond Lieutenantnear Favoratta, SicilyJuly 11, 1943Single-handedly destroyed an Italian machinegun nest before laying down covering fire for his entire platoon.
Crain, Morris E.Morris E. Crain ArmyTechnical SergeantHaguenau, FranceMarch 13, 1945
Craw, Demas T.Demas T. Craw Army Air ForcesColonelnear Port Lyautey, French MoroccoNovember 8, 1942
Crawford, William J.William J. CrawfordArmyPrivatenear Altavilla, ItalySeptember 13, 1943
Crews, John R.John R. CrewsArmyStaff Sergeantnear Lobenbacherhof, GermanyApril 8, 1945
Head and shoulders of a middle aged white man wearing a white peaked cap with a black visor and a dark jacket over a white shirt and dark tie. On his left breast is a winged pin and a single ribbon bar.Cromwell, John P.John P. Cromwell NavyCaptainUSS Sculpin, off Truk IslandNovember 19, 1943Stayed aboard a sinking submarine to prevent military secrets he possessed from falling into enemy hands.
Currey in 1945Currey, Francis S.Francis S. CurreyArmySergeantMalmedy, BelgiumDecember 21, 1944Rescued several men and women while destroying a building with enemy soldiers.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Dahlgren, Edward C.Edward C. DahlgrenArmySergeantOberhoffen, FranceFebruary 11, 1945
Dalessondro, Peter J.Peter J. DalessondroArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Kalterherberg, GermanyDecember 22, 1944
Daly, Michael J.Michael J. DalyArmyFirst LieutenantNuremberg, GermanyApril 18, 1945
Head and shoulders of a young white man wearing a peaked cap and a military jacket with large shiny buttons, two chevrons on the upper sleeves, and two medals and two ribbon bars on the left breast.Damato, Anthony P.Anthony P. Damato Marine CorpsCorporalEngebi Island, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall IslandsFebruary 19, 1944 – February 20, 1944
Head of a middle-aged white man wearing a white peaked cap, wire frame glasses, and a dark jacket over a shirt and tie.David, Albert L.Albert L. David NavyLieutenant, Junior Gradeoff French West AfricaJune 4, 1944For leading a boarding party that successfully captured the German submarine U-505.
Head of a smiling young man with dark hair wearing a military jacket with pins on the lapel over a shirt and tie.Davila, Rudolph B.Rudolph B. DavilaArmyStaff Sergeantnear Artena, ItalyMay 28, 1944
Davis, Charles W.Charles W. DavisArmyCaptainGuadalcanal IslandJanuary 12, 1943
Head and shoulders of a white man with carefully combed and parted wavy hair, wearing a dark jacket over a shirt and tie.Davis, George F.George F. Davis NavyCommanderUSS Walke, Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, PhilippinesJanuary 6, 1945
Head and shoulders of a middle-aged white man with a subdued smile wearing a garrison cap with two stars on either side and a military jacket with a large array of ribbon bars covering the entire left breast.Day, James L.James L. DayMarine CorpsCorporalOkinawa, Ryukya IslandsMay 14, 1945 – May 17, 1945
Head and shoulders of a white man with a thin mustache wearing a white peaked cap, its black visor decorated with oak leaves, and a white military jacket with dark shoulder boards and one medal and two winged pins on the left breast.Dealey, Samuel D.Samuel D. Dealey NavyCommanderUSS Harder, near PhilippinesJun 6, 1944 – Jun 10, 1944
Head and shoulders of a young white man with a peaked cap pushed high up on his forehead, wearing a military jacket with two rows of ribbon bars on the left breast and a star-shaped medal hanging from a ribbon around his neck.DeBlanc, Jefferson J.Jefferson J. DeBlancMarine CorpsCaptainoff Kolombangara Island, Solomons groupJanuary 31, 1943
DeFranzo, Arthur F.Arthur F. DeFranzo ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Vaubadon, FranceJune 10, 1944
Head and shoulders of a young white man with neatly combed hair wearing a military jacket with a round pin on each lapel over a shirt and tie.DeGlopper, Charles N.Charles N. DeGlopper ArmyPrivate First ClassMerderet River at la Fiere, FranceJune 9, 1944
Deleau, Jr., EmileEmile Deleau, Jr. ArmySergeantOberhoffen, FranceFebruary 1, 1945 – February 2, 1945
Dervishian, Ernest H.Ernest H. DervishianArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Cisterna, ItalyMay 23, 1944
Diamond, James H.James H. Diamond ArmyPrivate First ClassMintal, Mindanao, PhilippinesMay 8, 1945 – May 14, 1945
Dietz, Robert H.Robert H. Dietz ArmyStaff SergeantKirchain, GermanyMarch 29, 1945
Head and shoulders of a balding middle-aged white man wearing a light-colored military jacket with three stars on the shoulder and four rows of ribbon bars and a winged pin on the left breast.Doolittle, JimmyJimmy DoolittleArmy Air ForcesLieutenant Colonelover JapanApril 18, 1942For leading the Doolittle Raid over the Japanese mainland.
Head and shoulders of a young white man with a thin mustache wearing a garrison cap and a military jacket with two rows of ribbon bars and a round pin on the left breast.Doss, Desmond T.Desmond T. DossArmyPrivate First Classnear Urasoe Mura, Okinawa, Ryukyu IslandsApril 29, 1945 – May 21, 1945The first conscientious objector to receive a Medal of Honor, for saving many lives while acting as a medic.
Drowley, Jesse R.Jesse R. DrowleyArmyStaff SergeantBougainville, Solomon IslandsJanuary 30, 1944
Head of an older white man with gray hair wearing a dark suit coat over a white shirt. A star-shaped medal hangs from a light-blue ribbon around his neck.Dunham, Russell E.Russell E. DunhamArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Kayserberg, FranceJanuary 8, 1945
Head and shoulders of a young white man with neatly combed dark hair wearing a light-colored military jacket with three rows of ribbon bars and a parachute pin on the left breast.Dunlap, Robert H.Robert H. DunlapMarine CorpsCaptainIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 20, 1945 – February 21, 1945
Dutko, John W.John W. Dutko ArmyPrivate First Classnear Ponte Rotto, ItalyMay 23, 1944
Head and shoulders of a white man wearing a garrison cap with an oak leaf on the side and a dark military jacket a row of ribbon bars and two badges on the left breast.Dyess, Aquilla J.Aquilla J. Dyess Marine CorpsLieutenant ColonelNamur Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall IslandsFebruary 1, 1944 – February 2, 1944


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
EdsonMikeRed.jpgEdson, Merritt A.Merritt A. EdsonMarine CorpsColonelSolomon IslandsSeptember 13, 1942 – September 14, 1942
Ehlers speaking at D-Day anniversary.JPEGEhlers, Walter D.Walter D. EhlersArmyStaff Sergeantnear Goville, FranceJune 9, 1944 – June 10, 1944
Elrod HT USMC.jpgElrod, Henry T.Henry T. Elrod Marine CorpsCaptainWake IslandDecember 8, 1941 – December 23, 1941
Endl, Gerald L.Gerald L. Endl ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Anamo, New GuineaJuly 11, 1944
Epperson HG.jpgEpperson, Harold G.Harold G. Epperson Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassIsland of Saipan, MarianasJune 25, 1944
Erwin, Henry E.Henry E. ErwinArmy Air ForcesStaff SergeantKoriyama, JapanApril 12, 1945
Ray Eubanks.jpgEubanks, Ray E.Ray E. Eubanks ArmySergeantNoemfoor Island, Dutch New GuineaJuly 23, 1944
Evans, Ernest E.Ernest E. Evans NavyCommanderUSS Johnston, off SamarOctober 25, 1944
Everhart, Forrest E.Forrest E. EverhartArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Kerling, FranceNovember 12, 1944


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Fardy JP USMC.jpgFardy, John P.John P. Fardy Marine CorpsCorporalOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu IslandsMay 7, 1945
Femoyer, Robert E.Robert E. Femoyer Army Air ForcesSecond Lieutenantover Merseburg, GermanyNovember 2, 1944
Fields, James H.James H. FieldsArmyFirst LieutenantRechicourt, FranceSeptember 27, 1944
John William Finn.jpgFinn, John W.John W. FinnNavyChief Aviation OrdnancemanNaval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Fisher, Almond E.Almond E. FisherArmySecond Lieutenantnear Grammont, FranceSeptember 12, 1944 – September 13, 1944
Francis Charles Flaherty.jpgFlaherty, Francis C.Francis C. Flaherty NavyEnsignPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Fleming RE USMC.jpgFleming, Richard E.Richard E. Fleming Marine CorpsCaptainMidway AtollJune 4, 1942 – June 5, 1942
RAdm Eugene B Fluckey color.jpgFluckey, Eugene B.Eugene B. FluckeyNavyCommanderUSS Barb, along east coast of ChinaDecember 19, 1944 – February 15, 1945
Joe Foss DM-SD-03-09574.JPGFoss, Joseph J.Joseph J. FossMarine CorpsCaptainover GuadalcanalOctober 9, 1942 – November 19, 1942 and January 1943For shooting down 26 aircraft as leader of the Flying Circus. Later became a Governor of South Dakota. First commissioner of the American Football League.
Foster WA USMC.jpgFoster, William A.William A. Foster Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu IslandsMay 2, 1945
Fournier, William G.William G. Fournier ArmySergeantMount Austen, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsJanuary 10, 1943
Fowler, Thomas W.Thomas W. Fowler ArmySecond Lieutenantnear Carano, ItalyMay 23, 1944
JohnRFox.jpgFox, John R.John R. Fox ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Sommocolonia, ItalyDecember 26, 1944
Fryar, Elmer E.Elmer E. Fryar ArmyPrivateLeyte, PhilippinesDecember 8, 1944
Funk, Jr., Leonard A.Leonard A. Funk, Jr.ArmyFirst SergeantHolzheim, BelgiumJanuary 29, 1945
Samuel G Fuqua.jpgFuqua, Samuel G.Samuel G. FuquaNavyLieutenant CommanderPearl Harbor, Territory of HawaiiDecember 7, 1941For heroism aboard the USS Arizona.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Galer RE USMC.jpgGaler, Robert E.Robert E. GalerMarine CorpsMajorSolomon Islands areaAug 1942 – Sep 1942For service in the Solomon Islands as the leader of a Marine fighter squadron.
William Wylie Galt.jpgGalt, William W.William W. Galt ArmyCaptainVilla Crocetta, ItalyMay 29, 1944For his leadership and courage in directing an assault against an entrenched force that had repulsed two previous attacks.
Archer T. Gammon.jpgGammon, Archer T.Archer T. Gammon ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Bastogne, BelgiumJanuary 11, 1945While under fire from a German machine gun and tank, counterattacked the German force and forced them to retreat with grenade and small arms fire.
Marcario Garcia.jpgGarcia, MarcarioMarcario GarciaArmyPrivatenear Grosshau, GermanyNovember 27, 1944
Harold A Garman.jpgGarman, Harold A.Harold A. GarmanArmyPrivatenear Montereau, FranceAugust 25, 1944Medic, for braving enemy fire to tow a boat of wounded to safety.
Donald A. Gary;h94631.jpgGary, Donald A.Donald A. GaryNavyLieutenant, Junior GradeJapanese home islands near Kobe, JapanMarch 19, 1945For braving hazardous conditions on the USS Franklin when it was hit by enemy fire to save sailors trapped inside the vessel's hull.
Gerstung, Robert E.Robert E. GerstungArmyTechnical SergeantSiegfried Line near Berg, GermanyDecember 19, 1944
Gibson, Eric G.Eric G. Gibson ArmyTechnician Fifth Gradenear Isola Bella, ItalyJanuary 28, 1944
Gilmore, Howard W.Howard W. Gilmore NavyCommanderUSS Growler, southwest PacificJanuary 10, 1943 – February 7, 1943
Gonsalves H USMC.jpgGonsalves, HaroldHarold Gonsalves Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu ChainApril 15, 1945
DavidMGonzales cropped.jpgGonzales, David M.David M. Gonzales ArmyPrivate First ClassVilla Verde Trail, Luzon, PhilippinesApril 25, 1945
Gordon, Nathan Green.jpgGordon, Nathan G.Nathan G. GordonNavyLieutenant, Junior GradeBismarck SeaFebruary 15, 1944Later Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas
Gott, Donald J.Donald J. Gott Army Air ForcesFirst LieutenantSaarbrücken, GermanyNovember 9, 1944
Grabiarz, William J.William J. Grabiarz ArmyPrivate First ClassManila, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 23, 1945For using his body to shield a wounded officer from hostile fire.
Gray RF USMC.jpgGray, Ross F.Ross F. Gray Marine CorpsSergeantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 21, 1945
Gregg, Stephen R.Stephen R. GreggArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Montelimar, FranceAugust 27, 1944
Gruennert, Kenneth E.Kenneth E. Gruennert ArmySergeantnear Buna, New GuineaDecember 24, 1942
Gurkehenry.jpgGurke, HenryHenry Gurke Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassBougainville Island, Solomon Islands ArchipelagoNovember 9, 1943Fell on a grenade that landed in his foxhole, saving the man with him


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Barney F Hajiro.jpgHajiro, Barney F.Barney F. HajiroArmyPrivatenear Bruyeres and Biffontaine, eastern FranceOctober 19, 1944, October 22, 1944, and October 29, 1944
Hall, George J.George J. HallArmyStaff Sergeantnear Anzio, ItalyMay 23, 1944
Hall, LewisLewis Hall ArmyTechnician Fifth GradeMount Austen, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsJanuary 10, 1943
Hall, William E.William E. HallNavyLieutenant, Junior GradeCoral SeaMay 7, 1942 – May 8, 1942
Hallman, Sherwood H.Sherwood H. Hallman ArmyStaff SergeantBrest, Brittany, FranceSeptember 13, 1944
William D. Halyburton;hallybt.jpgHalyburton, Jr., William D.William D. Halyburton, Jr. NavyPharmacist's Mate Second ClassOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu ChainMay 10, 1945Corpsman serving with Marines
Hamilton, Pierpont M.Pierpont M. HamiltonArmy Air ForcesMajornear Port Lyautey, French MoroccoNovember 8, 1942
Owen F P Hammerberg.jpgHammerberg, Owen F. P.Owen F. P. Hammerberg NavyBoatswain's Mate Second ClassWest Loch, Pearl HarborFebruary 17, 1945
Hansen DM.jpgHansen, Dale M.Dale M. Hansen Marine CorpsPrivateOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu ChainMay 7, 1945
Hanson RM.jpgHanson, Robert M.Robert M. Hanson Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantBougainville Island and New Britain IslandNovember 1, 1943 and January 24, 1944
Harmon, Roy W.Roy W. Harmon ArmySergeantnear Casaglia, ItalyJuly 12, 1944
Harr, Harry R.Harry R. Harr ArmyCorporalnear Maglamin, Mindanao, PhilippinesJune 5, 1945
Harrell WG.jpgHarrell, William G.William G. HarrellMarine CorpsSergeantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 3, 1945
Harris, James L.James L. Harris ArmySecond LieutenantVagney, FranceOctober 7, 1944
Mikio Hasemoto.jpgHasemoto, MikioMikio Hasemoto ArmyPrivatenear Cerasuolo, ItalyNovember 29, 1943
Hastings, Joe R.Joe R. Hastings ArmyPrivate First ClassDrabenderhohe, GermanyApril 12, 1945
Hauge LJ.jpgHauge, Jr., Louis J.Louis J. Hauge, Jr. Marine CorpsCorporalOkinawa Shima in the Ryukyu ChainMay 14, 1945
Hawk, John D.John D. HawkArmySergeantnear Chambois, FranceAugust 20, 1944
Hawkins WD.jpgHawkins, William D.William D. Hawkins Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantTarawa, Gilbert IslandsNovember 20, 1943 – November 21, 1943
Lloyd C Hawks.jpgHawks, Lloyd C.Lloyd C. HawksArmyPrivate First Classnear Carano, ItalyJanuary 30, 1944
Joe Hayashi.jpgHayashi, JoeJoe Hayashi ArmyPrivatenear Tendola, ItalyApril 20, 1945 and April 22, 1945
Shizuya Hayashi.jpgHayashi, ShizuyaShizuya HayashiArmyPrivatenear Cerasuolo, ItalyNovember 29, 1943
Hedrick, Clinton M.Clinton M. Hedrick ArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Lembeck, GermanyMarch 27, 1945 – March 28, 1945
Hendrix, James R.James R. HendrixArmyPrivatenear Assenois, BelgiumDecember 26, 1944
Henry, Robert T.Robert T. Henry ArmyPrivateLuchem, GermanyDecember 3, 1944
Herrera, Silvestre S.Silvestre S. HerreraArmyPrivate First Classnear Mertzwiller, FranceMarch 15, 1945
Rufus G Herring.jpgHerring, Rufus G.Rufus G. HerringNavyLieutenant, Junior Gradeas commanding officer aboard a landing craft, USS LCI (G) 449, Iwo JimaFebruary 17, 1945
Edwin J. Hill;h49196.jpgHill, Edwin J.Edwin J. Hill NavyChief BoatswainPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Horner, Freeman V.Freeman V. HornerArmyStaff SergeantWurselen, GermanyNovember 16, 1944
Col James H Howard.jpgHoward, James H.James H. HowardArmy Air ForcesMajorover Oschersleben, GermanyJanuary 11, 1944only fighter pilot in the European Theater of Operations in World War II to be awarded the Medal of Honor
Paul Huff, MOH.jpgHuff, Paul B.Paul B. HuffArmyCorporalnear Carano, ItalyFebruary 8, 1944
Lloyd H Hughes.jpgHughes, Lloyd HerbertLloyd Herbert Hughes Army Air ForcesSecond LieutenantPloesti Raid, RomaniaAugust 1, 1943
Hutchins, Johnnie D.Johnnie D. Hutchins NavySeaman First Classaboard a landing ship, USS LST 473, off Lae, New GuineaSeptember 4, 1943


ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Head and shoulders portrait of an older Asian man wearing a business suit and tie.Inouye, Daniel K.Daniel K. InouyeArmySecond Lieutenantnear San Terenzo, ItalyApril 21, 1945Later became a U.S. Senator representing Hawaii. Served as President pro tempore of the United States Senate and was third in line to the Presidency of the United States; highest ranking Asian-American politician in U.S. history.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Jachman, Isadore S.Isadore S. Jachman ArmyStaff SergeantFlamierge, BelgiumJanuary 4, 1945
Jackson AJ.jpgJackson, Arthur J.Arthur J. JacksonMarine CorpsPrivate First ClassIsland of Peleliu, Palau groupSeptember 18, 1944
Jacobson DT.jpgJacobson, Douglas T.Douglas T. JacobsonMarine CorpsPrivate First ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 26, 1945
James, Jr., Willy F.Willy F. James, Jr. ArmyPrivate First Classnear Lippoldsberg, GermanyApril 7, 1945
Jerstad.jpgJerstad, John L.John L. Jerstad Army Air ForcesMajorPloiesti Raid, RomaniaAugust 1, 1943
Johnson, Elden H.Elden H. Johnson ArmyPrivatenear Valmontone, ItalyJune 3, 1944
Leon W Johnson.jpgJohnson, Leon W.Leon W. JohnsonArmy Air ForcesColonelPloiesti Raid, RomaniaAugust 1, 1943
Johnson, LeroyLeroy Johnson ArmySergeantnear Limon, Leyte, PhilippinesDecember 15, 1944
Johnson, Oscar G.Oscar G. JohnsonArmyPrivate First Classnear Scarperia, ItalySeptember 16, 1944 – September 18, 1944
Johnston, William J.William J. JohnstonArmyPrivate First Classnear Padiglione, ItalyFebruary 17, 1944 – February 19, 1944
Jones HC NH92307.jpgJones, Herbert C.Herbert C. Jones NavyEnsignPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Julian JR USMC.jpgJulian, Joseph R.Joseph R. Julian Marine CorpsPlatoon SergeantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 9, 1945


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Kandle, Victor L.Victor L. Kandle ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear La Forge, FranceOctober 9, 1944
Kane, John R.John R. KaneArmy Air ForcesColonelPloesti Raid, RomaniaAugust 1, 1943
Kearby, Neel E.Neel E. KearbyArmy Air ForcesColonelnear Wewak, New GuineaOctober 11, 1943For facing 12 to 1 odds at low fuel against Lieutenant Colonel Teranishi's force
Keathley, George D.George D. Keathley ArmyStaff SergeantMt. Altuzzo, ItalySeptember 14, 1944
Kefurt, GusGus Kefurt ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Bennwihr, FranceDecember 23, 1944 – December 24, 1944
Kelley, Jonah E.Jonah E. Kelley ArmyStaff SergeantKesternich, GermanyJanuary 30, 1945 – January 31, 1945
Kelley, Ova A.Ova A. Kelley ArmyPrivateLeyte, PhilippinesDecember 8, 1944
Kelly, Charles E.Charles E. KellyArmyCorporalnear Altavilla, ItalySeptember 13, 1943
Kelly, John D.John D. Kelly ArmyCorporalFort du Roule, Cherbourg, FranceJune 25, 1944
Thomas J Kelly, MOH.jpgKelly, Thomas J.Thomas J. KellyArmyCorporalAlemert, GermanyApril 5, 1945
Reinhardt Keppler;h85186a.jpgKeppler, Reinhardt J.Reinhardt J. Keppler NavyBoatswain's Mate First ClassUSS San Francisco, Solomon IslandsNovember 12, 1942 – November 13, 1942
Kerstetter, Dexter J.Dexter J. KerstetterArmyPrivate First Classnear Galiano, Luzon, PhilippinesApril 13, 1945
Kessler, Patrick L.Patrick L. Kessler ArmyPrivate First Classnear Ponte Rotto, ItalyMay 23, 1944
Isaac C. Kidd.NH50176.jpgKidd, Isaac C.Isaac C. Kidd NavyRear AdmiralPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Kimbro, TrumanTruman Kimbro ArmyTechnician Fourth Gradenear Rocherath, BelgiumDecember 19, 1944
Kiner, Harold G.Harold G. Kiner ArmyPrivatenear Palenberg, GermanyOctober 2, 1944
Kingsley, David R.David R. Kingsley Army Air ForcesSecond LieutenantPloesti Raid, RomaniaJune 23, 1944
Kinser EL.jpgKinser, Elbert L.Elbert L. Kinser Marine CorpsSergeantOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu ChainMay 4, 1945
Kisters, Gerry H.Gerry H. KistersArmySergeantnear Gagliano, SicilyJuly 31, 1943
Knappenberger, Alton W.Alton W. KnappenbergerArmyPrivate First Classnear Cisterna di Littoria, ItalyFebruary 1, 1944
Knight, Jack L.Jack L. Knight ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear LoiKang, BurmaFebruary 2, 1945
Knight, Raymond L.Raymond L. Knight Army Air ForcesFirst Lieutenantnorthern Po Valley, ItalyApril 24, 1945 – April 25, 1945
Yeiki Kobashigawa.jpgKobashigawa, YeikiYeiki KobashigawaArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Lanuvio, ItalyJune 2, 1944
Kraus RE.jpgKraus, Richard E.Richard E. Kraus Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassPeleliu, Palau IslandsOctober 3, 1944
Krotiak, Anthony L.Anthony L. Krotiak ArmyPrivate First ClassBalete Pass, Luzon, PhilippinesMay 8, 1945
Robert T Kuroda.jpgKuroda, Robert T.Robert T. Kuroda ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Bruyeres, FranceOctober 20, 1944


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
LaBelle JD.jpgLa Belle, James D.James D. La Belle Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 8, 1945
Elderly white man wearing a suit, tie, and glasses, with a medal hanging from a ribbon around his neck.Lawley, Jr., William R.William R. Lawley, Jr.Army Air ForcesFirst Lieutenantover EuropeFebruary 20, 1944
Laws, Robert E.Robert E. LawsArmyStaff SergeantPangasinan Province, Luzon, PhilippinesJanuary 12, 1945
Lee, Daniel W.Daniel W. LeeArmySecond LieutenantMontreval, FranceSeptember 2, 1944
Leims JH USMC.jpgLeims, John H.John H. LeimsMarine CorpsSecond LieutenantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 7, 1945
Leonard, Turney W.Turney W. Leonard ArmyFirst LieutenantKommerscheidt, GermanyNovember 4, 1944 – November 6, 1944
Lester, Fred F.Fred F. Lester NavyHospital Apprentice First ClassOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu ChainJune 8, 1945
Lindsey, Darrell R.Darrell R. Lindsey Army Air ForcesCaptainL'Isle Adam railroad bridge over the Seine, FranceAugust 9, 1944
Lindsey, Jake W.Jake W. LindseyArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Hamich, GermanyNovember 16, 1944
Lindstrom, Floyd K.Floyd K. Lindstrom ArmyPrivate First Classnear Mignano, ItalyNovember 11, 1943
Lloyd, Edgar H.Edgar H. Lloyd ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Pompey, FranceSeptember 14, 1944
Lobaugh, Donald R.Donald R. Lobaugh ArmyPrivatenear Afua, New GuineaJuly 22, 1944
Logan, James M.James M. LoganArmySergeantnear Salerno, ItalySeptember 9, 1943
Lopez, Jose M.Jose M. LopezArmySergeantnear Krinkelt, BelgiumDecember 17, 1944
Lucas JH.jpgLucas, Jacklyn H.Jacklyn H. LucasMarine CorpsPrivate First ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 20, 1945Youngest recipient since the Civil War (turned 17 just 5 days before Iwo Jima D-Day)
Jack Lummus in Uniform.jpgLummus, JackJack Lummus Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 8, 1945Had earlier played football for the New York Giants.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Mabry, Jr., George L.George L. Mabry, Jr.ArmyLieutenant ColonelHurtgen Forest near Schevenhütte, GermanyNovember 20, 1944
MacArthur Manila.jpgMacArthur, DouglasDouglas MacArthurArmyGeneralBataan Peninsula, PhilippinesApril 1, 1942With his father, Arthur MacArthur, Jr., became first father and son pair to both receive the Medal of Honor.
MacGillivary, Charles A.Charles A. MacGillivaryArmySergeantnear Woelfling, FranceJanuary 1, 1945Immigrant from Canada.
Pfcmagrath.gifMagrath, John D.John D. Magrath ArmyPrivate First Classnear Castel d'Aiano, ItalyApril 14, 1945
Mann, Joe E.Joe E. Mann ArmyPrivate First ClassBest, HollandSeptember 18, 1944
Martin HL.jpgMartin, Harry L.Harry L. Martin Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 26, 1945
Martinez, Joe P.Joe P. Martinez ArmyPrivateAttu, AleutiansMay 26, 1943
Mason LF USMC.jpgMason, Leonard F.Leonard F. Mason Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassAsan-Adelup Beachhead, Guam, Marianas IslandsJuly 22, 1944
Archibald-Mathies.pngMathies, ArchibaldArchibald Mathies Army Air ForcesSergeantover GermanyFebruary 20, 1944
Mathis, Jack W.Jack W. Mathis Army Air ForcesFirst Lieutenantover Vegesack, GermanyMarch 18, 1943
Bob Maxwell 2006 BBC MOH Scholarship Ceremony.jpgMaxwell, Robert D.Robert D. MaxwellArmyTechnician Fifth Gradenear Besançon, FranceSeptember 7, 1944
May, Martin O.Martin O. May ArmyPrivate First Classlegusuku-Yama, Ie Shima, Ryukyu IslandsApril 19, 1945 – April 21, 1945Defended his machine gun position for 3 days against Japanese attacks, even when wounded, thus maintaining the American lines. Refusing to withdraw when his machine gun was disabled, he used hand grenades to fight to his death.
Mayfield, MelvinMelvin MayfieldArmyCorporalCordillera Mountains, Luzon, PhilippinesJuly 29, 1945Mayfield's actions, on July 29, 1945, were the last to earn a Medal of Honor prior to the August 15, 1945, end of hostilities in World War II – though some honorees may have been cited for their Medal after Mayfield's recognition on May 31, 1946.
McCall, Thomas E.Thomas E. McCallArmyStaff Sergeantnear San Angelo, ItalyJanuary 22, 1944
David McCampbell.jpgMcCampbell, DavidDavid McCampbellNavyCommanderFirst and second battles of the Philippine SeaJune 19, 1944Top Navy flying ace. 34 kills.
McCandless, BruceBruce McCandlessNavyCommanderBattle off Savo IslandNovember 12, 1942 – November 13, 1942
McCard RH USMC.jpgMcCard, Robert H.Robert H. McCard Marine CorpsGunnery SergeantSaipan, Marianas IslandsJune 16, 1944For saving the lives of his tank crewmen.
Lloyd McCarter.jpgMcCarter, Lloyd G.Lloyd G. McCarterArmyPrivateCorregidor, PhilippinesFebruary 16, 1945 – February 19, 1945
Mccarthy(medal of honor).jpgMcCarthy, Joseph J.Joseph J. McCarthyMarine CorpsCaptainIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 21, 1945
McCool, Richard M.Richard M. McCoolNavyLieutenantoff OkinawaJune 10, 1945 – June 11, 1945
McGaha, Charles L.Charles L. McGahaArmyMaster Sergeantnear Lupao, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 7, 1945
McGarity, VernonVernon McGarityArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Krinkelt, BelgiumDecember 16, 1944
William D McGee.jpgMcGee, William D.William D. McGee ArmyPrivatenear Mulheim, GermanyMarch 18, 1945
McGill, Troy A.Troy A. McGill ArmySergeantLos Negros Islands, Admiralty GroupMarch 4, 1944
McGraw, Francis X.Francis X. McGraw ArmyPrivate First Classnear Schevenhütte, GermanyNovember 19, 1944
Cadet Thomas B. McGuire.jpgMcGuire, Jr., Thomas B.Thomas B. McGuire, Jr. Army Air ForcesMajorover Luzon, PhilippinesDecember 25, 1944 – December 26, 1944The second leading air ace in World War II before being killed in action in January 1945. McGuire Air Force Base is named for him.
McKinney, John R.John R. McKinneyArmyPrivateTayabas Province, Luzon, PhilippinesMay 11, 1945
McTureous RM.jpgMcTureous, Jr., Robert M.Robert M. McTureous, Jr. Marine CorpsPrivateOkinawa, Ryukyu ChainJune 7, 1945
McVeigh, John J.John J. McVeigh ArmySergeantnear Brest, FranceAugust 29, 1944
McWhorter, William A.William A. McWhorter ArmyPrivate First ClassLeyte, PhilippinesDecember 5, 1944
Meagher, John W.John W. MeagherArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Ozato, OkinawaJune 19, 1945
Merli, Gino J.Gino J. MerliArmyPrivate First Classnear Sars la Bruyere, BelgiumSeptember 4, 1944 – September 5, 1944Held off German troops overnight, even when his machine gun nest was captured.
Merrell, Joseph F.Joseph F. Merrell ArmyPrivatenear Lohe, GermanyApril 18, 1945
Messerschmidt, Harold O.Harold O. Messerschmidt ArmySergeantnear Radden, FranceSeptember 17, 1944
Metzger, Jr., William E.William E. Metzger, Jr. Army Air ForcesSecond LieutenantSaarbrücken, GermanyNovember 9, 1944
Portrait of a gray-haired white man wearing a dark blue suit and tieMichael, Edward S.Edward S. MichaelArmy Air ForcesFirst Lieutenantover GermanyApril 11, 1944
Michael, Harry J.Harry J. Michael ArmySecond Lieutenantnear Neiderzerf, GermanyMarch 14, 1945
Miller, AndrewAndrew Miller ArmyStaff Sergeantfrom Woippy, France to Kerprich Hemmersdorf, GermanyNovember 16, 1944 – November 29, 1944
Mills-photo-tn.jpgMills, James H.James H. MillsArmyPrivatenear Cisterna di Littoria, ItalyMay 24, 1944
Minick, John W.John W. Minick ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Hurtgen, GermanyNovember 21, 1944
Minue, NicholasNicholas Minue ArmyPrivatenear MedjezelBab, TunisiaApril 28, 1943
Jimmy Monteith.pngMonteith, Jr., Jimmie W.Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr. ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, FranceJune 6, 1944
Montgomery, Jack C.Jack C. MontgomeryArmyFirst Lieutenantnear, Padiglione, ItalyFebruary 22, 1944
Moon, Jr., Harold H.Harold H. Moon, Jr. ArmyPrivatePawig, Leyte, PhilippinesOctober 21, 1944
John C. Morgan.gifMorgan, John C.John C. MorganArmy Air ForcesSecond Lieutenantover GermanyJuly 28, 1943
Moskala, Edward J.Edward J. Moskala ArmyPrivate First ClassKakazu Ridge, Okinawa, Ryukyu IslandsApril 9, 1945
Kaoru Moto.jpgMoto, KaoruKaoru Moto ArmyPrivate First Classnear Castellina, ItalyJuly 7, 1944
Mower, Charles E.Charles E. Mower ArmySergeantnear Capoocan, Leyte, PhilippinesNovember 3, 1944
Muller, Joseph E.Joseph E. Muller ArmySergeantnear Ishimmi, Okinawa, Ryukyu IslandsMay 15, 1945 – May 16, 1945
Sadao Munemori.jpgMunemori, Sadao S.Sadao S. Munemori ArmyPrivate First Classnear Seravezza, ItalyApril 5, 1945For taking out two machine-gun emplacements and jumping onto a grenade to save 2 soldiers.
Munro.jpgMunro, Douglas A.Douglas A. Munro Coast GuardSignalman First Classoff Point Cruz, GuadalcanalSeptember 27, 1942Only member of the Coast Guard to receive the Medal of Honor.
Kiyoshi K Muranaga.jpgMuranaga, Kiyoshi K.Kiyoshi K. Muranaga ArmyPrivate First Classnear Suvereto, ItalyJune 26, 1944
Audie Murphy uniform medals.jpgMurphy, Audie L.Audie L. MurphyArmySecond Lieutenantnear Holtzwihr, FranceJanuary 26, 1945Highest number of decorations for US combatant.

Second Lt. Murphy commanded Company B, which was attacked by six tanks and waves of infantry. 2d Lt. Murphy ordered his men to withdraw to a prepared position in a woods, while he remained forward at his command post and continued to give fire directions to the artillery by telephone. Behind him, to his right, one of our tank destroyers received a direct hit and began to burn. Its crew withdrew to the woods. 2d Lt. Murphy continued to direct artillery fire, which killed large numbers of the advancing enemy infantry. With the enemy tanks abreast of his position, 2d Lt. Murphy climbed on the burning tank destroyer, which was in danger of blowing up at any moment, and employed its .50 caliber machine gun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to German fire from three sides, but his deadly fire killed dozens of Germans and caused their infantry attack to waver. The enemy tanks, losing infantry support, began to fall back. For an hour the Germans tried every available weapon to eliminate 2d Lt. Murphy, but he continued to hold his position and wiped out a squad that was trying to creep up unnoticed on his right flank. Germans reached as close as 10 yards, only to be mowed down by his fire. He received a leg wound, but ignored it and continued his single-handed fight until his ammunition was exhausted. He then made his way back to his company, refused medical attention, and organized the company in a counterattack, which forced the Germans to withdraw. His directing of artillery fire wiped out many of the enemy; he killed or wounded about 50. 2d Lt. Murphy's indomitable courage and his refusal to give an inch of ground saved his company from possible encirclement and destruction, and enabled it to hold the woods which had been the enemy's objective

Frederick C Murphy, MOH.jpgMurphy, Frederick C.Frederick C. Murphy ArmyPrivate First ClassSiegfried Line at Saarlautern, GermanyMarch 18, 1945
Head and shoulders of an elderly white man with a round face, wearing a tuxedo with military medals pinned to the chest and one medal hanging from a light blue ribbon around his neck.Murray, Jr., Charles P.Charles P. Murray, Jr.ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Kaysersberg, FranceDecember 16, 1944


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
MasatoNakae dateunknown.jpgNakae, MasatoMasato Nakae ArmyPrivatenear Pisa, ItalyAugust 19, 1944
Shinyei Nakamine.jpgNakamine, ShinyeiShinyei Nakamine ArmyPrivatenear La Torreto, ItalyJune 2, 1944
Head of a smiling young man wearing a peaked cap with a round medallion on the front and a military jacket over a shirt and tie.Nakamura, William K.William K. Nakamura ArmyPrivate First Classnear Castellina, ItalyJuly 4, 1944
Nelson, William L.William L. Nelson ArmySergeantDjebel Dardys, Northwest of Sedjenane, TunisiaApril 24, 1943
Neppel, Ralph G.Ralph G. NeppelArmySergeantBirgel, GermanyDecember 14, 1944
Robert Nett.jpgNett, Robert B.Robert B. NettArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Cognon, Leyte, PhilippinesDecember 14, 1944
New, John D.John D. New Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassPeleliu Island, Palau GroupSeptember 25, 1944
Newman, Beryl R.Beryl R. NewmanArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Cisterna, ItalyMay 26, 1944For single-handedly destroying three machine gun emplacements.
Alexander Nininger.jpgNininger, Alexander R.Alexander R. Nininger ArmySecond Lieutenantnear Abucay, Bataan, PhilippinesJanuary 12, 1942
Head and shoulders of a smiling young man with dimples and round wire-framed glasses wearing a garrison cap and a military jacket over a shirt and tie.Nishimoto, Joe M.Joe M. Nishimoto ArmyPrivate First Classnear La Houssiere, FranceNovember 7, 1944


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Obrien, William J.William J. O'Brien ArmyLieutenant ColonelSaipan, Marianas IslandsJune 20, 1944 – July 7, 1944
OCallahan JT h47538.jpgOcallahan, Joseph T.Joseph T. O'CallahanNavyLieutenant Commandernear Kobe, JapanMarch 19, 1945Chaplain aboard aircraft carrier USS Franklin.
Ogden, Carlos C.Carlos C. OgdenArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Fort du Roule, FranceJune 25, 1944
Edward Ohare.jpgOhare, Edward H.Edward H. O'HareNavyLieutenantoff Papua New GuineaFebruary 20, 1942O'Hare International Airport in Chicago was named in his memory.
Ohata, Allan M.Allan M. Ohata ArmySergeantnear Cerasuolo, ItalyNovember 29, 1943 – November 30, 1943
RichardOKane.jpgOkane, Richard H.Richard H. O'KaneNavyCommanderPhilippinesOctober 23, 1944 – October 24, 1944For submarine operations against two Japanese convoys.
Head and shoulders of a young man with a bright smile and neatly combed hair wearing what appears to be a graduation gown over a shirt and tie.Okubo, James K.James K. Okubo ArmyTechnician Fifth GradeForet Domaniale de Champ, near Biffontaine, FranceOctober 28, 1944 – October 29, 1944 and November 4, 1944
Head and shoulders of an elderly man wearing a white button shirt with an emblem on the left breast bearing the text "442" and "GO FOR BROKE".Okutsu, YukioYukio OkutsuArmyTechnical Sergeanton Mount Belvedere, ItalyApril 7, 1945
Olson, Arlo L.Arlo L. Olson ArmyCaptaincrossing of the Volturno River, ItalyOctober 13, 1943
Olson, Truman O.Truman O. Olson ArmySergeantnear Cisterna di Littoria, ItalyJanuary 30, 1944 – January 31, 1944
Head and shoulders of a young man with a garrison cap tilted over his right ear wearing a scarf tied around his neck and a military jacket with three ribbon bars and a pin on the left breast. Written over the lower right of the photo are the words "Your pal always, Frank".Ono, Frank H.Frank H. Ono ArmyPrivate First Classnear Castellina, ItalyJuly 4, 1944
Nicholas Oresko, Army Medal of Honor recipient 2001.jpgOresko, NicholasNicholas OreskoArmyMaster Sergeantnear Tettingen, GermanyJanuary 23, 1945For single-handedly destroying two bunkers while being seriously wounded. Was oldest living Medal of Honor recipient until passing on October 4th 2013.
Head and shoulders of a young man wearing a garrison cap and a military jacket with three chevrons on the upper left sleeve and a whistle hanging from a chain attached to his right shoulder. In the top left corner of the photo is written "To Mom & Dad" and in the lower right "your son! Kazuo".Otani, KazuoKazuo Otani ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Pieve Di S. Luce, ItalyJuly 15, 1944
Owens RA.jpgOwens, Robert A.Robert A. Owens Marine CorpsSergeantCape Torokina, Bougainville, Solomon IslandsNovember 1, 1943
Ozbourn JW.jpgOzbourn, Joseph W.Joseph W. Ozbourn Marine CorpsPrivateTinian Island, Marianas IslandsJuly 30, 1944Private Ozbourn saved the lives of four fellow Marines by jumping on the top of a live hand grenade.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Paige M.jpgPaige, MitchellMitchell PaigeMarine CorpsPlatoon SergeantBattle of Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsOctober 26, 1942
Parle, John J.John J. Parle NavyEnsignaboard a landing ship, USS LST 375, off SicilyJuly 9, 1943 – July 10, 1943
Laverne Parrish.jpgParrish, LaverneLaverne Parrish ArmyTechnician Fourth GradeBinalonan, Luzon, PhilippinesJanuary 18, 1945 – January 24, 1945
Pease, Jr., HarlHarl Pease, Jr. Army Air ForcesCaptainnear Rabaul, New BritainAugust 6, 1942 – August 7, 1942
Peden, Forrest E.Forrest E. Peden ArmyTechnician Fifth Gradenear Biesheim, FranceFebruary 3, 1945
Pendleton, Jack J.Jack J. Pendleton ArmyStaff SergeantBardenberg, GermanyOctober 12, 1944
Peregory.jpgPeregory, Frank D.Frank D. Peregory ArmyTechnical SergeantGrandcampe, FranceJune 8, 1944
Manuel Perez.jpgPerez, Jr., ManuelManuel Perez, Jr. ArmyPrivate First ClassFort William McKinley, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 13, 1945
Peters, George J.George J. Peters ArmyPrivatenear Fluren, GermanyMarch 24, 1945
Peterson, GeorgeGeorge Peterson ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Eisern, GermanyMarch 30, 1945
OscarPeterson.jpegPeterson, Oscar V.Oscar V. Peterson NavyChief WatertenderUSS Neosho, Battle of the Coral SeaMay 7, 1942
Frank J Petrarca.jpgPetrarca, Frank J.Frank J. Petrarca ArmyPrivate First ClassHorseshoe Hill, New Georgia, Solomon IslandsJuly 27, 1943
Pharris, Jackson C.Jackson C. PharrisNavyGunnerPearl Harbor, Territory of HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Phelps, WesleyWesley Phelps Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassBattle of Peleliu, Palau IslandsOctober 4, 1944
Phillips G.jpgPhillips, GeorgeGeorge Phillips Marine CorpsPrivateIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 14, 1945
Francis Pierce.jpgPierce, Francis J.Francis J. PierceNavyPharmacist's Mate First ClassIwo JimaMarch 15, 1945 – March 16, 1945
Joepinder.jpgPinder, Jr., John J.John J. Pinder, Jr. ArmyTechnician Fifth Gradenear Colleville-sur-Mer, FranceJune 6, 1944
Pope EP.jpgPope, Everett P.Everett P. PopeMarine CorpsCaptainPeleliu Island, Palau groupSeptember 19, 1944 – September 20, 1944
Power JV.jpgPower, John V.John V. Power Marine CorpsFirst LieutenantNamur Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall IslandsFebruary 1, 1944
John James Powers.jpgPowers, John J.John J. Powers NavyLieutenantover the Coral Sea and adjacent watersMay 4, 1942 – May 8, 1942
Powers, Leo J.Leo J. PowersArmyPrivate First Classnorthwest of Cassino, ItalyFebruary 3, 1944
Arthur Murray Preston.JPGPreston, Arthur M.Arthur M. PrestonNavyLieutenantWasile Bay, Halmahera IslandSeptember 16, 1944
Prussman, Ernest W.Ernest W. Prussman ArmyPrivate First Classnear Les Coates, Brittany, FranceSeptember 8, 1944
Pucket, Donald D.Donald D. Pucket Army Air ForcesFirst LieutenantPloesti Raid, RomaniaJuly 9, 1944


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
AdmiralRamage thumb.jpgRamage, Lawson P.Lawson P. RamageNavyCommanderUSS Parche, south of TaiwanJuly 31, 1944Sunk enemy ships in gallant action.
Ray, Bernard J.Bernard J. Ray ArmyFirst LieutenantHurtgen Forest near Schevenhütte, GermanyNovember 17, 1944
Reese, James W.James W. Reese ArmyPrivateMt. Vassillio, SicilyAugust 5, 1943Sent mortars into enemy position in the line of fire so that his comrades can get across the hill. Shot down after the mortars were finally used up.
Reese, Jr., John N.John N. Reese, Jr. ArmyPrivate First ClassPaco Railroad Station, Manila, PhilippinesFebruary 9, 1945
Thomas J Reeves (MOH).jpgReeves, Thomas J.Thomas J. Reeves NavyChief RadiomanUSS California, Pearl HarborDecember 7, 1941Died on the USS California.
Milton E Ricketts.jpgRicketts, Milton E.Milton E. Ricketts NavyLieutenantUSS Yorktown, Battle of the Coral SeaMay 8, 1942
Riordan, Paul F.Paul F. Riordan ArmySecond Lieutenantnear Cassino, ItalyFebruary 3, 1944 – February 8, 1944
SSgtRubenRivers.jpgRivers, RubenRuben Rivers ArmyStaff Sergeanttoward Guebling, FranceNovember 15, 1944 – November 19, 1944
Roan, Charles H.Charles H. Roan Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassPeleliu, Palau IslandsSeptember 18, 1944
Robinson, Jr., James E.James E. Robinson, Jr. ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Untergriesheim, GermanyApril 6, 1945
Cleto Rodriguez.jpgRodriguez, Cleto L.Cleto L. RodriguezArmyPrivatePaco Railroad Station, Manila, PhilippinesFebruary 9, 1945
Roeder, Robert E.Robert E. Roeder ArmyCaptainMt. Battaglia, ItalySeptember 27, 1944 – September 28, 1944
Albert Rooks;h93157.jpgRooks, Albert H.Albert H. Rooks NavyCaptainUSS HoustonFebruary 4, 1942 – February 27, 1942Commanded USS Houston during early days of war. Led during Battle of Java Sea. Killed in action while attempting to lead Houston and HMAS Perth to safety in Sunda Strait.
Ted Cane France.jpgRoosevelt, Jr., TheodoreTheodore Roosevelt, Jr. ArmyBrigadier GeneralUtah Beach, Normandy invasionJune 6, 1944With his father, Theodore Roosevelt, became second father and son pair to both receive the Medal of Honor. Died of a heart attack before he could receive the award.
Donald K. Ross;h97461.jpgRoss, Donald K.Donald K. RossNavyMachinistPearl Harbor, Territory of HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Ross, Wilburn K.Wilburn K. RossArmyPrivatenear St. Jacques, FranceOctober 30, 1944
Rouh CR.jpgRouh, Carlton R.Carlton R. RouhMarine CorpsFirst LieutenantPeleliu Island, Palau groupSeptember 15, 1944
Rudolph, Donald E.Donald E. RudolphArmyTechnical SergeantMunoz, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 5, 1945For destroying 8 pillboxes, a trench and a tank while under fire.
Ruhl DJ.jpgRuhl, Donald J.Donald J. Ruhl Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 19, 1945 – February 21, 1945
Alejandro Ruiz.jpgRuiz, Alejandro R.Alejandro R. RuizArmyPrivate First ClassOkinawa, Ryukyu IslandsApril 28, 1945


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Sadowski, Joseph J.Joseph J. Sadowski ArmySergeantValhey, FranceSeptember 14, 1944
Head and shoulders of a smiling young man wearing a peaked cap and, over a shirt and tie, a military jacket with a round pin on each lapel.Sakato, George T.George T. SakatoArmyPrivateHill 617, near Biffontaine, FranceOctober 29, 1944
Salomon, Benjamin L.Benjamin L. Salomon ArmyCaptainSaipan, Marianas IslandsJuly 7, 1944
Sarnoski, Joseph R.Joseph R. Sarnoski Army Air ForcesSecond Lieutenantover Buka area, Solomon IslandsJune 16, 1943
Sayers, Foster J.Foster J. Sayers ArmyPrivate First Classnear Thionville, FranceNovember 12, 1944
Schaefer, Joseph E.Joseph E. SchaeferArmyStaff Sergeantnear Stolberg, GermanySeptember 24, 1944
Schauer, HenryHenry SchauerArmyPrivate First Classnear Cisterna di Littoria, ItalyMay 23, 1944 – May 24, 1944
Schonland, Herbert E.Herbert E. SchonlandNavyCommanderSavo IslandNovember 12, 1942 – November 13, 1942Took command of USS San Francisco after captain had been killed, fought ship and led her to safety.
Schwab AE.jpgSchwab, Albert E.Albert E. Schwab Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassOkinawa Shima, Ryukyu IslandsMay 7, 1945
Donald K. Schwab.jpgSchwab, Donald K.Donald K. Schwab ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Lure, Haute-Saône, FranceSeptember 17, 1944Schwab distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions. His courage and determination resulted in the dismantling of a strong German position and he would take one prisoner of war.
ScottAdmiral.jpgScott, NormanNorman Scott NavyRear Admiraloff Savo IslandOctober 11, 1942 – October 12, 1942 and November 12, 1942 – November 13, 1942
Robert R Scott.jpgScott, Robert R.Robert R. Scott NavyMachinist's Mate First ClassPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Scott, Robert S.Robert S. ScottArmyLieutenantnear Munda Air Strip, New Georgia, Solomon IslandsJuly 29, 1943For single-handedly defeating a Japanese patrol.
Shea, Charles W.Charles W. SheaArmySecond Lieutenantnear Mount Damiano, ItalyMay 12, 1944
Sheridan, Carl V.Carl V. Sheridan ArmyPrivate First ClassFrenzenberg Castle, Weisweiler, GermanyNovember 26, 1944
William PFC.jpgShockley, William R.William R. Shockley ArmyPrivate First ClassVilla Verde Trail, Luzon, PhilippinesMarch 31, 1945
William A Shomo.jpgShomo, William A.William A. ShomoArmy Air ForcesMajorover Luzon, PhilippinesJanuary 11, 19457 victories in one action
Shoup, Curtis F.Curtis F. Shoup ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Tillet, BelgiumJanuary 7, 1945
GenDMShoup USMC.jpgShoup, David M.David M. ShoupMarine CorpsColonelBetio Island, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert IslandsNovember 20, 1943 – November 22, 1943Wrote battle plan for Tarawa assault, directed assault from trench on Betio beach as first waves came ashore.Twenty-second Commandant of the United States Marine Corps (January 1, 1960 – December 31, 1963)
Sigler FE.jpgSigler, Franklin E.Franklin E. SiglerMarine CorpsPrivateIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 14, 1945
Silk, Edward A.Edward A. SilkArmyFirst Lieutenantnear St. Pravel, FranceNovember 23, 1944
Sjogren, John C.John C. SjogrenArmyStaff Sergeantnear San Jose Hacienda, Negros, PhilippinesMay 23, 1945
Skaggs L.jpgSkaggs, Jr., LutherLuther Skaggs, Jr.Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassAsan-Adelup beachhead, Guam, Marianas IslandsJuly 21, 1944 – July 22, 1944
Slaton, James D.James D. SlatonArmyCorporalnear Oliveto, ItalySeptember 23, 1943
Smith, Furman L.Furman L. Smith ArmyPrivatenear Lanuvio, ItalyMay 31, 1944
John L. Smith USMC Fighter Ace.JPEGSmith, John L.John L. SmithMarine CorpsMajorSolomon Islands areaAugust 1942 – September 1942
Maynard-H-Smith.pngSmith, Maynard H.Maynard H. SmithArmy Air ForcesSergeantover Brest, FranceMay 1, 1943AKA- Snuffy Smith. On his first mission as a B-17 gunner Sgt. Smith helped save the lives of six of his wounded comrades, put out a fire, and drove off waves of German fighters.
Head and shoulders of a white man wearing a garrison cap tilted over his right ear and a military jacket with a badge and two ribbon bars on the left breast.Soderman, William A.William A. SodermanArmyPrivate First Classnear Rocherath, BelgiumDecember 17, 1944
Sorenson RK.jpgSorenson, Richard K.Richard K. SorensonMarine CorpsPrivateNamur Island, Kwajalein Atoll Marshall IslandsFebruary 1, 1944 – February 2, 1944
Specker, Joe C.Joe C. Specker ArmySergeantMount Porchia, ItalyJanuary 7, 1944
Spurrier, Junior J.Junior J. SpurrierArmyStaff SergeantAchain, FranceNovember 13, 1944
Squires, John C.John C. Squires ArmyPrivate First Classnear Padiglione, ItalyApril 23, 1944 – April 24, 1944
Stein T.jpgStein, TonyTony Stein Marine CorpsCorporalIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 19, 1945First Medal of Honor of Iwo Jima
Street, III, George L.George L. Street, IIINavyLieutenant Commanderharbor of Quelpart Island, off the coast of KoreaApril 14, 1945For torpedoing three enemy ships while captain of USS Triante.
Stryker, Stuart S.Stuart S. Stryker ArmyPrivate First Classnear Wesel, GermanyMarch 24, 1945
Swett JE.jpgSwett, James E.James E. SwettMarine CorpsFirst LieutenantSolomon Islands areaApril 7, 1943For downing eight Japanese Vals off the coast of Guadacanal


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Head and torso of a serious faced man wearing a garrison cap and a military jacket with bright buttons and a patch and stripes on the upper sleeve.Tanouye, Ted T.Ted T. Tanouye ArmyTechnical Sergeantnear Molino A Ventoabbto, ItalyJuly 7, 1944
Terry, Seymour W.Seymour W. Terry ArmyCaptainZebra Hill, Okinawa, Ryukyu IslandsMay 11, 1945
1stLtCharlesLThomas.jpgThomas, Charles L.Charles L. Thomas ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Climbach, FranceDecember 14, 1944
Thomas HJ USMC.jpgThomas, Herbert J.Herbert J. Thomas Marine CorpsSergeantKoromokina River, Bougainville Islands, Solomon IslandsNovember 7, 1943
Thomas, William H.William H. Thomas ArmyPrivate First ClassZambales Mountains, Luzon, PhilippinesApril 22, 1945
Thomason C.jpgThomason, Clyde A.Clyde A. Thomason Marine CorpsSergeantIsland of MakinAugust 17, 1942 – August 18, 1942
Thompson, MaxMax ThompsonArmySergeantnear Haaren, GermanyOctober 18, 1944
Thorne, Horace M.Horace M. Thorne ArmyCorporalnear Grufflingen, BelgiumDecember 21, 1944
Thorson, John F.John F. Thorson ArmyPrivate First ClassDagami, Leyte, PhilippinesOctober 28, 1944
Timmerman GF.jpgTimmerman, Grant F.Grant F. Timmerman Marine CorpsSergeantSaipan, Marianas IslandsJuly 8, 1944
Peter Tomich.jpgTomich, PeterPeter Tomich NavyChief WatertenderUSS Utah (BB-31), Pearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Tominac, John J.John J. TominacArmyFirst LieutenantSaulx de Vesoul, FranceSeptember 12, 1944
Towle, John R.John R. Towle ArmyPrivatenear Oosterhout, HollandSeptember 21, 1944
Treadwell, Jack L.Jack L. TreadwellArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Nieder-Wurzbach, GermanyMarch 18, 1945
Truemper, Walter E.Walter E. Truemper Army Air ForcesSecond Lieutenantover EuropeFebruary 20, 1944
Turner, Day G.Day G. Turner ArmySergeantDahl, LuxembourgJanuary 8, 1945
Turner, George B.George B. TurnerArmyPrivate First ClassPhilippsbourg, FranceJanuary 3, 1945 – January 4, 1945


ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Urban, MattMatt UrbanArmyCaptainRenouf, FranceJune 14, 1944 – September 3, 1944For bravery as a company commander during combat operations.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Jose F.jpgValdez, Jose F.Jose F. Valdez ArmyPrivate First Classnear Rosenkrantz, FranceJanuary 25, 1945
Van Noy, JuniorJunior Van Noy ArmyPrivatenear Finschafen, New GuineaOctober 17, 1943
VanValkenburgh h75840.jpgVan Valkenburgh, FranklinFranklin Van Valkenburgh NavyCaptainPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941Commanding officer of the USS Arizona.
Van Voorhis, Bruce A.Bruce A. Van Voorhis NavyLieutenant CommanderGreenwich Island, battle of the Solomon IslandsJuly 6, 1943
Leon vance.jpgVance, Jr., Leon R.Leon R. Vance, Jr. Army Air ForcesLieutenant Colonelover Wimereaux, FranceJune 5, 1944Died in unrelated air crash before receiving his Medal.
AAVandegrift.jpgVandegrift, Alexander A.Alexander A. VandegriftMarine CorpsMajor GeneralBattle of Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsAugust 7, 1942 – December 9, 1942Later became the 18th Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Viale, Robert M.Robert M. Viale ArmySecond LieutenantManila, Luzon, PhilippinesFebruary 5, 1945
Ysmael Villegas.jpgVillegas, Ysmael R.Ysmael R. Villegas ArmyStaff SergeantVilla Verde Trail, Luzon, PhilippinesMarch 20, 1945
Vlug, Dirk J.Dirk J. VlugArmyPrivate First Classnear Limon, Leyte, PhilippinesDecember 15, 1944
Forrest L. Vosler, medal of honour recipient.jpgVosler, Forrest L.Forrest L. VoslerArmy Air ForcesTechnical Sergeantover Bremen, GermanyDecember 20, 1943


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
George Wahlen.jpgWahlen, George E.George E. WahlenNavyPharmacist's Mate Second ClassIwo Jima, Volcano Islands groupMarch 3, 1945
Francis Brown Wai.jpgWai, Francis B.Francis B. Wai ArmyCaptainLeyte, PhilippinesOctober 20, 1944Deliberately exposed himself to fire from Japanese pillboxes and led men on the beachhead. Was killed in assault on last pillbox.
Jonathan Wainright.jpgWainwright, IV, Jonathan M.Jonathan M. Wainwright, IVArmyLieutenant GeneralPhilippinesMarch 12, 1942 – May 7, 1942
Genwalker.jpgWalker, Kenneth N.Kenneth N. Walker Army Air ForcesBrigadier GeneralRabaul, New BritainJanuary 5, 1943For Conspicuous Leadership above and beyond the call of Duty
Wallace, Herman C.Herman C. Wallace ArmyPrivate First Classnear Prümzurlay, GermanyFebruary 27, 1945
Walsh KA.jpgWalsh, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. WalshMarine CorpsFirst LieutenantSolomon Islands areaAugust 15, 1943 and August 30, 1943
Walsh WG.jpgWalsh, William G.William G. Walsh Marine CorpsGunnery SergeantIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 27, 1945
James R. Ward;h92309.jpgWard, James R.James R. Ward NavySeaman First ClassPearl Harbor, HawaiiDecember 7, 1941
Keith Ware.jpgWare, Keith L.Keith L. WareArmyLieutenant Colonelnear Sigolsheim, FranceDecember 26, 1944
Warner, Henry F.Henry F. Warner ArmyCorporalnear Dom Butgenbach, BelgiumDecember 20, 1944 – December 21, 1944
George WATSON.jpgWatson, GeorgeGeorge Watson ArmyPrivateat sea near New GuineaMarch 8, 1943"The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pride in presenting the Medal of Honor (Posthumously) to Private George Watson, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism in action on 8 March 1943, while serving with 29th Quarter Master Regiment, in action at Porloch Harbor, New Guinea. Private Watson was on board a ship which was attacked and hit by enemy bombers. When the ship was abandoned, Private Watson, instead of seeking to save himself, remained in the water assisting several soldiers who could not swim to reach the safety of the raft. This heroic action, which subsequently cost him his life, resulted in the saving of several of his comrades. Weakened by his exertions, he was dragged down by the suction of the sinking ship and was drowned. Private Watson's extraordinarily valorous actions, daring leadership, and self-sacrificing devotion to his fellow-man exemplify the finest traditions of military service."
Watson, Wilson D.Wilson D. WatsonMarine CorpsPrivateIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 26, 1945 – February 27, 1945
Waugh, Robert T.Robert T. Waugh ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Tremensucli, ItalyMay 11, 1944 – May 14, 1944
Waybur, David C.David C. WayburArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Agrigento, SicilyJuly 17, 1943
Weicht, Ellis R.Ellis R. Weicht ArmySergeantSt. Hippolyte, FranceDecember 3, 1944
Wetzel, Walter C.Walter C. Wetzel ArmyPrivate First ClassBirken, GermanyApril 3, 1945
Whiteley, Eli L.Eli L. WhiteleyArmyFirst LieutenantSigolsheim, FranceDecember 27, 1944
Whittington, Hulon B.Hulon B. WhittingtonArmySergeantnear Grimesnil, FranceJuly 29, 1944
Wiedorfer, Paul J.Paul J. WiedorferArmyPrivatenear, Chaumont, BelgiumDecember 25, 1944
Wigle, Thomas W.Thomas W. Wigle ArmySecond LieutenantMonte Frassino, ItalySeptember 14, 1944
Wilbur, William H.William H. WilburArmyColonelFedala, North AfricaNovember 8, 1942
Wilkin, Edward G.Edward G. Wilkin ArmyCorporalSiegfried Line in GermanyMarch 18, 1945
Wilkins, Raymond H.Raymond H. Wilkins Army Air ForcesMajornear Rabaul, New BritainNovember 2, 1943
Will, Walter J.Walter J. Will ArmyFirst Lieutenantnear Eisern, GermanyMarch 30, 1945
Williams HW.jpgWilliams, Hershel W.Hershel W. WilliamsMarine CorpsCorporalIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 23, 1945
Jack Williams, MOH.jpgWilliams, JackJack Williams NavyPharmacist's Mate Third ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsMarch 3, 1945
John H Willis.jpgWillis, John H.John H. Willis NavyPharmacist's Mate First ClassIwo Jima, Volcano IslandsFebruary 28, 1945For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as Platoon Corpsman serving with the 3d Battalion, 27th Marines, 5th Marine Division, during operations against enemy Japanese forces on Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 28 February 1945. Constantly imperiled by artillery and mortar fire from strong and mutually supporting pillboxes and caves studding Hill 362 in the enemy's cross-island defenses, Willis resolutely administered first aid to the many marines wounded during the furious close-in fighting until he himself was struck by shrapnel and was ordered back to the battle-aid station. Without waiting for official medical release, he quickly returned to his company and, during a savage hand-to-hand enemy counterattack, daringly advanced to the extreme frontlines under mortar and sniper fire to aid a marine lying wounded in a shellhole. Completely unmindful of his own danger as the Japanese intensified their attack, Willis calmly continued to administer blood plasma to his patient, promptly returning the first hostile grenade which landed in the shell-hole while he was working and hurling back 7 more in quick succession before the ninth exploded in his hand and instantly killed him. By his great personal valor in saving others at the sacrifice of his own life, he inspired his companions, although terrifically outnumbered, to launch a fiercely determined attack and repulse the enemy force. His exceptional fortitude and courage in the performance of duty reflect the highest credit upon Willis and the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.[1]
Alfred L Wilson.jpgWilson, Alfred L.Alfred L. Wilson ArmyTechnician Fifth Gradenear Bezange la Petite, FranceNovember 8, 1944
GEN Wilson, Louis Hugh Jr..jpgWilson, Jr., Louis H.Louis H. Wilson, Jr.Marine CorpsCaptainFonte Hill, GuamJuly 25, 1944 – July 26, 1944Later Became Commandant of the Marine Corps
Wilson RL USMC.jpgWilson, Robert L.Robert L. Wilson Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassTinian Island, Marianas GroupAugust 3, 1944
Homer wise wikipedia.jpgWise, Homer L.Homer L. WiseArmyStaff SergeantMagliano, ItalyJune 14, 1944
Witek F.jpgWitek, Frank P.Frank P. Witek Marine CorpsPrivate First ClassBattle of Finegayen, Guam, MarianasAugust 3, 1944
Woodford, Howard E.Howard E. Woodford ArmyStaff Sergeantnear Tabio, Luzon, PhilippinesJune 6, 1945By daring, skillful, and inspiring leadership, as well as by gallant determination to search out and kill the enemy, led an inexperienced unit in capturing and securing a vital objective, and was responsible for the successful continuance of a vitally important general advance. Transport ship named after him.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Head of middle-aged white man wearing a white jacket with black shoulderboards and a white peaked cap with a black visor.Young, CassinCassin YoungNavyCommanderUSS Vestal, Pearl Harbor, Territory of HawaiiDecember 7, 1941Moved his ship, the USS Vestal, away from the battleship USS Arizona, and subsequently beached it upon determining that such action was required to save his ship.
Head and shoulders of a smiling young white man wearing a peaked cap, wire-framed glasses, and, over a shirt and tie, a jacket adorned with pins on the lapels, stripes and a round badge on the shoulder, and a whistle on a chain hanging from a shoulder button.Young, Rodger W.Rodger W. Young ArmyPrivateNew Georgia, Solomon IslandsJuly 31, 1943After being pinned by enemy fire for a long time, he single-handedly attacked and destroyed an enemy machine-gun pillbox, although he died of his injuries right afterwards. His actions helped the rest of the unit return to base without taking any more casualties.


      This along with the  , indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously

ImageNameServiceRankPlace of actionDate of actionNotes
Head and shoulders of a man with wavy hair wearing a military jacket with rows of ribbon bars and a winged pin on his left breast, pins on the lapels, and a star-shaped medal hanging from a ribbon around his neck.Zeamer, Jr., JayJay Zeamer, Jr.Army Air ForcesCaptainover Buka area, Solomon IslandsJune 16, 1943Volunteered as pilot of a bomber on an important photographic mapping mission covering the formidably defended area in the vicinity of Buka, Solomon Islands
Zussman, RaymondRaymond Zussman ArmySecond LieutenantNoroy le Bourg, FranceSeptember 12, 1944In lead of a tank killed 18 enemy soldiers and captured 92

  N.B. A   in the citation indicates that the award was given posthumously.

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