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Jack Nicklaus, six-time Masters champion in 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, and 1986, which is a record, and he is one of three golfers to successfully defend his title. He is also one of four champions to win wire-to-wire, in 1972.

The Masters Tournament is a golf competition that was established in 1934, with Horton Smith winning the inaugural tournament.[1] The Masters is the first of four major championships to be played each year, with the final round of the Masters always being scheduled for the second Sunday in April.[2] The Masters is the only one of the four majors to use the same course every year; the Augusta National Golf Club.[3] Masters champions are automatically invited to play in the other three majors (the U.S. Open, the Open Championship (British Open), and the PGA Championship) for the next five years, and earn a lifetime invitation to the Masters. They also receive membership on the PGA Tour for the following five seasons and invitations to the Players Championship for the five years following their victory.[4] The champion also receives the "Green Jacket", the first one being won by Sam Snead in 1949. The champion takes the jacket home for a year and returns it thereafter. A multiple-time champion will only have one jacket unless his size changes dramatically.[5]

Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most Masters victories, winning the tournament six times during his career. Nicklaus is also the oldest winner of the Masters: he was 46 years 82 days old when he won in 1986.[6] Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, and Tiger Woods co-hold the record for most consecutive victories with two. Woods holds the distinction of being the youngest winner of the Masters, he was 21 years 104 days old when he won in 1997.[6] Woods also set the record for the widest winning margin (12 strokes), and the lowest winning score, with 270, 18 below par (-18) in 1997.[7] The highest winning score of 289 (+1) was originally set by Sam Snead in 1954, it was equalled by Jack Burke, Jr. in 1956, and Zach Johnson in 2007.[7] Four golfers have won the Masters wire-to-wire; Craig Wood in 1941, Arnold Palmer in 1960, Nicklaus in 1972, and Raymond Floyd in 1976.[8] Other players have led wire-to-wire if ties after a round are included, most recently Trevor Immelman in the 2008 Masters Tournament.


By year[edit]

Arnold Palmer, four-time Masters Champion 1958, 1960, 1962, and 1964. He is one of four champions to win wire-to-wire with his victory in 1960.
Tiger Woods, four-time Masters Champion in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2005, and is one of three golfers to successfully defend his title
Sam Snead, three-time Masters Champion in 1949, 1952, 1954
Gary Player, three-time Masters Champion in 1961, 1974, and 1978
Nick Faldo, three-time Masters Champion in 1989, 1990, and 1996, and is one of three golfers to successfully defend his title
Phil Mickelson, three-time Masters Champion in 2004, 2006, and 2010
Champion won in a playoffTournament won in a playoff
Masters Tournament champions
YearCountryChampionTotal scoreTo Par[9][a]
1934 United StatesSmith, HortonHorton Smith284−4
1935 United StatesSarazen, GeneGene SarazenChampion won in a playoff[c]282−6
1936 United StatesSmith, HortonHorton Smith285−3
1937 United StatesNelson, ByronByron Nelson283−5
1938 United StatesPicard, HenryHenry Picard285−3
1939 United StatesGuldahl, RalphRalph Guldahl279−9
1940 United StatesDemaret, JimmyJimmy Demaret280−8
1941 United StatesWood, CraigCraig Wood280−8
1942 United StatesNelson, ByronByron NelsonChampion won in a playoff[d]280−8
1946 United StatesKeiser, HermanHerman Keiser282−6
1947 United StatesDemaret, JimmyJimmy Demaret281−7
1948 United StatesHarmon, ClaudeClaude Harmon279−9
1949 United StatesSnead, SamSam Snead282−6
1950 United StatesDemaret, JimmyJimmy Demaret283−5
1951 United StatesHogan, BenBen Hogan280−8
1952 United StatesSnead, SamSam Snead286−2
1953 United StatesHogan, BenBen Hogan274−14
1954 United StatesSnead, SamSam SneadChampion won in a playoff[e]289+1
1955 United StatesMiddlecoff, CaryCary Middlecoff279−9
1956 United StatesBurke, Jr., JackJack Burke, Jr.289+1
1957 United StatesFord, DougDoug Ford283−5
1958 United StatesPalmer, ArnoldArnold Palmer284−4
1959 United StatesWall, Jr., ArtArt Wall, Jr.284−4
1960 United StatesPalmer, ArnoldArnold Palmer282−6
1961 South AfricaPlayer, GaryGary Player280−8
1962 United StatesPalmer, ArnoldArnold PalmerChampion won in a playoff[f]280−8
1963 United StatesNicklaus, JackJack Nicklaus286−2
1964 United StatesPalmer, ArnoldArnold Palmer276−12
1965 United StatesNicklaus, JackJack Nicklaus271−17
1966 United StatesNicklaus, JackJack NicklausChampion won in a playoff[g]288E
1967 United StatesBrewer, GayGay Brewer280−8
1968 United StatesGoalby, BobBob Goalby277−11
1969 United StatesArcher, GeorgeGeorge Archer281−7
1970 United StatesCasper, BillyBilly CasperChampion won in a playoff[h]279−9
1971 United StatesCoody, CharlesCharles Coody279−9
1972 United StatesNicklaus, JackJack Nicklaus286−2
1973 United StatesAaron, TommyTommy Aaron283−5
1974 South AfricaPlayer, GaryGary Player278−10
1975 United StatesNicklaus, JackJack Nicklaus276−12
1976 United StatesFloyd, RaymondRaymond Floyd271−17
1977 United StatesWatson, TomTom Watson276−12
1978 South AfricaPlayer, GaryGary Player277−11
1979 United StatesZoeller, FuzzyFuzzy ZoellerChampion won in a playoff[i]280−8
1980 SpainBallesteros, SeveSeve Ballesteros275−13
1981 United StatesWatson, TomTom Watson280−8
1982 United StatesStadler, CraigCraig StadlerChampion won in a playoff[j]284−4
1983 SpainBallesteros, SeveSeve Ballesteros280−8
1984 United StatesCrenshaw, BenBen Crenshaw277−11
1985 West GermanyLanger, BernhardBernhard Langer282−6
1986 United StatesNicklaus, JackJack Nicklaus279−9
1987 United StatesMize, LarryLarry MizeChampion won in a playoff[k]285−3
1988 ScotlandLyle, SandySandy Lyle281−7
1989 EnglandFaldo, NickNick FaldoChampion won in a playoff[l]283−5
1990 EnglandFaldo, NickNick FaldoChampion won in a playoff[m]278−10
1991 WalesWoosnam, IanIan Woosnam277−11
1992 United StatesCouples, FredFred Couples275−13
1993 GermanyLanger, BernhardBernhard Langer277−11
1994 SpainOlazábal, José MaríaJosé María Olazábal279−9
1995 United StatesCrenshaw, BenBen Crenshaw274−14
1996 EnglandFaldo, NickNick Faldo276−12
1997 United StatesWoods, TigerTiger Woods270−18
1998 United StatesO'Meara, MarkMark O'Meara279−9
1999 SpainOlazábal, José MaríaJosé María Olazábal280−8
2000 FijiSingh, VijayVijay Singh278−10
2001 United StatesWoods, TigerTiger Woods272−16
2002 United StatesWoods, TigerTiger Woods276−12
2003 CanadaWeir, MikeMike WeirChampion won in a playoff[n]281−7
2004 United StatesMickelson, PhilPhil Mickelson279−9
2005 United StatesWoods, TigerTiger WoodsChampion won in a playoff[o]276−12
2006 United StatesMickelson, PhilPhil Mickelson281−7
2007 United StatesJohnson, ZachZach Johnson289+1
2008 South AfricaImmelman, TrevorTrevor Immelman280−8
2009 ArgentinaCabrera, ÁngelÁngel CabreraChampion won in a playoff[p]276−12
2010 United StatesMickelson, PhilPhil Mickelson272−16
2011 South AfricaSchwartzel, CharlCharl Schwartzel274−14
2012 United StatesWatson, BubbaBubba WatsonChampion won in a playoff[q]278−10
2013 AustraliaScott, AdamAdam ScottChampion won in a playoff[r]279−9
2014 United StatesWatson, BubbaBubba Watson280−8

Multiple champions[edit]

Masters Tournament multiple champions
 Nicklaus, JackJack Nicklaus (USA)61963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, 1986
 Palmer, ArnoldArnold Palmer (USA)41958, 1960, 1962, 1964
 Woods, TigerTiger Woods (USA)41997, 2001, 2002, 2005
 Demaret, JimmyJimmy Demaret (USA)31940, 1947, 1950
 Snead, SamSam Snead (USA)31949, 1952, 1954
 Player, GaryGary Player (RSA)31961, 1974, 1978
 Faldo, NickNick Faldo (ENG)31989, 1990, 1996
 Mickelson, PhilPhil Mickelson (USA)32004, 2006, 2010
 Smith, HortonHorton Smith (USA)21934, 1936
 Nelson, ByronByron Nelson (USA)21937, 1942
 Hogan, BenBen Hogan (USA)21951, 1953
 Watson, TomTom Watson (USA)21977, 1981
 Ballesteros, SeveSeve Ballesteros (ESP)21980, 1983
 Langer, BernhardBernhard Langer (GER)21985, 1993
 Crenshaw, BenBen Crenshaw (USA)21984, 1995
 Olazábal, José MaríaJosé María Olazábal (ESP)21994, 1999
 Watson, BubbaBubba Watson (USA)22012, 2014

By nationality[edit]

Masters Tournament champions by nationality
 United States5835
 South Africa53





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