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Schematic diagram of Long Island Rail Road services and stations

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is a commuter railway system serving all four counties of Long Island, with one station in the Manhattan borough of New York City in the U.S. state of New York. Its operator is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York. Serving 301,763 passengers per day as of 2007[1] and 88.5 million riders for the year of 2008,[2] it is the busiest commuter railroad in the United States. With about 315 passenger route-miles, it spans Long Island from Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to Montauk station at the tip of the southern fork. Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan is the actual westernmost station of the Long Island Rail Road and its busiest station.

The system currently has 124 stations on eleven rail lines called "branches".[1] (Not included in this count are two additional stations that serve employees of the LIRR: Hillside Facility and Boland's Landing.) Two stations are open seasonally: Belmont Park and Mets – Willets Point; in addition, the Pinelawn station exclusively serves cemeteries in its area and is thus served during daytime hours. Hunterspoint Avenue, Long Island City, and the 5 stations on the West Hempstead Branch are open only on weekdays. The six stations on the Main Line east of Ronkonkoma get a few weekday-only trains. Jamaica is a major transfer station between branches, as it provides the interchange from the eastern Long Island stations to the western New York terminals and vice versa. Other inter-branch transfer stations include Woodside, Mineola, Hicksville, Valley Stream, Lynbrook and Babylon. The Huntington, Ronkonkoma and Babylon stations provide transfers between electric train service and diesel train service within their respective branches, the Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma/Greenport and Babylon/Montauk branches.



Jamaica and the two employees-only stations are not included in the station counts below.

 City Terminal Zone9Penn Station, Long Island City, Hunterspoint Avenue, Atlantic Terminal
 Port Washington Branch13[4]Great Neck, Port Washington
 Hempstead Branch9Hempstead
 Oyster Bay Branch11[5]Oyster Bay
 Port Jefferson Branch16Hicksville, Huntington, Port Jefferson
 Ronkonkoma Branch16[6]Farmingdale, Ronkonkoma, Greenport
 Belmont Park Branch1Belmont Park
 Far Rockaway Branch11Far Rockaway
 West Hempstead Branch7[7]West Hempstead
 Long Beach Branch7[7]Long Beach
 Babylon Branch14[8]Freeport, Babylon, Wantagh, Massapequa Park
 Montauk Branch17[9]Patchogue, Speonk, Montauk

Station types

The Long Island Rail Road has three types of stations. Most stations are about "10–12 car lengths" which means that they can fit 10–12 M1, M3, M7 cars (the electric trains that are primarily used), but several are shorter. Shorter stations are more common as you move east.

There are 4 main types of station construction:

Historical preservation of stations

Five LIRR stations are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Sea Cliff, Oyster Bay, Farmingdale, Greenport and East Hampton. Saint James and Southampton Stations are contributing property to historic districts on the NRHP. Other stations that aren't on the list are often cherished by local communities and treated as landmarks, such as Islip, Northport, Glen Street, and Great Neck. Roslyn, Glen Cove, and Locust Valley are other stations on the Oyster Bay Branch that are historic. Efforts to save the original East Williston station house in 2004 proved to be disappointing when the structure was found to be too unstable, while the demolition of Amagansett's in 1965 brought public outcry throughout the Hamptons as well as among local railfans that has lasted for decades.

The St. James station house, built in 1873, is the oldest such building constructed by the LIRR that remains standing. Hewlett's station house is older, but it was originally built by the South Side Railroad of Long Island in 1870. On the West Hempstead Branch, Malverne's station house is the only one originally built during the first two decades of the 20th Century, although it is not recognized an a historic landmark. The elaborate Forest Hills station house was one of the few to avoid modernization during the mid-to-late 20th Century and has retained the original grand decorative construction. When the Babylon Branch was elevated in the post-WW II era, former station houses in Wantagh and Lindenhurst were moved away from the tracks. The former Wantagh station was transformed into a museum, and also listed on the NRHP.

List of stations

This list contains all stations currently open on the Long Island Rail Road (including seasonal-use stations). Many stations are listed on two "branches"-- e.g. Merrick is shown as "Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch)". This means Merrick is actually on the stretch of railroad called the Montauk Branch but the trains stopping there are shown in the Babylon Branch public timetable. Similarly, Queens Village is on the Main Line but trains that stop there are en route to/from the Hempstead Branch and appear in that public timetable.

Handicapped/disabled accessStation is accessible by wheelchair[10]
Handicapped/disabled accessStation meets all ADA accessibility requirements[10]
NameLineCountyOpenedClosedHandicapped/disabled accessOther names
AlbertsonOyster Bay BranchNassau1875
presentHandicapped/disabled access
AmagansettMontauk BranchSuffolk1895presentHandicapped/disabled access
AmityvilleMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Suffolk1867present
Atlantic TerminalAtlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone)Brooklyn1877presentHandicapped/disabled accessBrooklyn
Flatbush Avenue (former name)
AuburndalePort Washington BranchQueens1901presentHandicapped/disabled access
BabylonMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Suffolk1867presentHandicapped/disabled accessSeaside (July 1868–1869)
BaldwinMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled accessBaldwinsville
Bay ShoreMontauk BranchSuffolk1868presentHandicapped/disabled accessPentaquit(1868)
BaysidePort Washington BranchQueens1866presentHandicapped/disabled accessBay Side
BelleroseHempstead BranchNassau1898present
BellmoreMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1870presentHandicapped/disabled access
BellportMontauk BranchSuffolk1882presentHandicapped/disabled access
Belmont ParkBelmont Park BranchQueens1905
BethpageMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Nassau1854presentHandicapped/disabled accessJerusalem Station (1854–1936)
Central Park (1867–1936)
Boland's LandingAtlantic BranchQueenspresent
BrentwoodMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1870
Handicapped/disabled access
BridgehamptonMontauk BranchSuffolk1870presentHandicapped/disabled access
BroadwayPort Washington BranchQueens1866presentHandicapped/disabled access
Carle PlaceMain Line (Port Jefferson Branch)Nassau1842PresentHandicapped/disabled accessCarll Place
CedarhurstFar Rockaway BranchNassau1869
Handicapped/disabled access
Central IslipMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1873
Handicapped/disabled access
Centre AvenueLong Beach BranchNassau1898presentHandicapped/disabled access
Cold Spring HarborPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1875
Handicapped/disabled access
CopiagueMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Suffolk1902
Country Life PressHempstead BranchNassau1911presentHandicapped/disabled access
Deer ParkMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1842
Handicapped/disabled access
DouglastonPort Washington BranchQueens1866presentHandicapped/disabled accessLittle Neck (1866–1870)
East HamptonMontauk BranchSuffolk1895presentHandicapped/disabled access
East New YorkAtlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone)Brooklyn1878present
East RockawayLong Beach BranchNassau1880presentHandicapped/disabled access
East WillistonOyster Bay BranchNassau1880presentHandicapped/disabled access
Far RockawayFar Rockaway BranchQueens1869presentHandicapped/disabled access
FarmingdaleMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Nassau1842presentHandicapped/disabled access
Floral ParkMain Line (Port Jefferson Branch) and Hempstead BranchNassau1878presentStewart Junction (1878–1879)
Hinsdale (1879–1887)
East Hinsdale (1887–1890)
Flushing Main StreetPort Washington BranchQueens1854present
Forest HillsMain Line (City Terminal Zone)Queens1906presentHandicapped/disabled access
FreeportMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled access
Garden CityHempstead BranchNassau1873presentHandicapped/disabled access
GibsonFar Rockaway BranchNassau1928presentHandicapped/disabled access
Glen CoveOyster Bay BranchNassau1895presentHandicapped/disabled access
Glen HeadOyster Bay BranchNassau1865presentHandicapped/disabled access
Glen StreetOyster Bay BranchNassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled access
Great NeckPort Washington BranchNassau1866presentHandicapped/disabled accessBrookdale(1869–1872)
Great RiverMontauk BranchSuffolk1897presentHandicapped/disabled access
GreenlawnPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1870
presentHandicapped/disabled access
GreenportMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1844
Handicapped/disabled access
GreenvaleOyster Bay BranchNassau1866presentHandicapped/disabled accessWeek's Station
Hampton BaysMontauk BranchSuffolk1871presentHandicapped/disabled accessGood Ground (1869–1922)
HempsteadHempstead BranchNassau1873presentHandicapped/disabled access
Hempstead GardensWest Hempstead BranchNassau1893presentHandicapped/disabled access
HewlettFar Rockaway BranchNassau1869presentHandicapped/disabled accessCedar Grove (July–October 1869)
Hewletts (1869-?)
HicksvilleMain LineNassau1837presentHandicapped/disabled access
Hillside FacilityMain LineQueens1991present
HollisMain Line (Hempstead Branch)Queens1885
Hunterspoint AvenueMain Line (City Terminal Zone)Queens18601902
HuntingtonPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1867
presentHandicapped/disabled access
InwoodFar Rockaway BranchNassau1911?presentHandicapped/disabled access
Island ParkLong Beach BranchNassau1898
presentHandicapped/disabled accessThe Dykes
IslipMontauk BranchSuffolk1868presentHandicapped/disabled access
JamaicaMain Line, Montauk Branch, and Atlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone)Queens1836
Handicapped/disabled access
Kew GardensMain Line (City Terminal Zone)Queens1910presentKew(1910–1912)
Kings ParkPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1872
presentHandicapped/disabled accessSt. Johnsland(1872–1891)
LakeviewWest Hempstead BranchNassaupresentHandicapped/disabled access
LaureltonAtlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch)Queens1907present
LawrenceFar Rockaway BranchNassau1869presentHandicapped/disabled access
LindenhurstMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Suffolk1868presentWellwood(1867–1870)
Little NeckPort Washington BranchQueens1870presentHandicapped/disabled access
Locust ManorAtlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch)Queens1869
Locust Avenue
Locust ValleyOyster Bay BranchNassau1869presentHandicapped/disabled access
Long BeachLong Beach BranchNassau1880
Handicapped/disabled access
Long Island CityMain Line and Montauk Branch (City Terminal Zone)Queens1854presentHandicapped/disabled access
LynbrookMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch) and Long Beach BranchNassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled access
MalverneWest Hempstead BranchNassau1913presentHandicapped/disabled access
ManhassetPort Washington BranchNassau1899
presentHandicapped/disabled access
MassapequaMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled access
Massapequa ParkMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1933present
Mastic – ShirleyMontauk BranchSuffolk1960presentHandicapped/disabled access
MattituckMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1845presentHandicapped/disabled access
MedfordMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1844presentHandicapped/disabled access
Merillon AvenueMain Line (Port Jefferson Branch)Nassau1912
presentHandicapped/disabled accessClowesville(1837–1874)
Garden City(1874–1876)
MerrickMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled access
Mets – Willets PointPort Washington BranchQueens1939
MineolaMain LineNassau1837presentHandicapped/disabled accessBranch (1837-?)
Hempstead Branch
MontaukMontauk BranchSuffolk1907presentHandicapped/disabled access
Murray HillPort Washington BranchQueens1889 or 1890present
Nassau BoulevardHempstead BranchNassau1907presentHandicapped/disabled access
New Hyde ParkMain Line (Port Jefferson Branch)Nassau1870presentHandicapped/disabled accessHyde Park
NorthportPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1873presentHandicapped/disabled access
Nostrand AvenueAtlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone)Brooklyn1877
OakdaleMontauk BranchSuffolk1868presentHandicapped/disabled access
OceansideLong Beach BranchNassau1897presentHandicapped/disabled access
Oyster BayOyster Bay BranchNassau1889presentHandicapped/disabled access
PatchogueMontauk BranchSuffolk1869
presentHandicapped/disabled access
Penn StationMain Line (City Terminal Zone)Manhattan1910presentHandicapped/disabled access
PinelawnMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1895presentHandicapped/disabled accessMelville (1895–1897)
Pinelawn (Melville) (1897–1899)
Pinelawn Cemetery (1904-?)
PlandomePort Washington BranchNassau1909presentHandicapped/disabled access
Port JeffersonPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1873presentHandicapped/disabled access
Port WashingtonPort Washington BranchNassau1898presentHandicapped/disabled access
Queens VillageMain Line (Hempstead Branch)Queens1881presentQueens
RiverheadMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1870
presentHandicapped/disabled access
Rockville CentreMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1867presentHandicapped/disabled access
RonkonkomaMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1883
Handicapped/disabled accessLake Ronkonkoma
RosedaleAtlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch)Queens1870presentHandicapped/disabled accessFoster's Meadow (1870–1892)
RoslynOyster Bay BranchNassau1865presentHandicapped/disabled access
Saint AlbansMontauk Branch (West Hempstead Branch)Queens1898
presentLocust Avenue
Saint JamesPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1873presentHandicapped/disabled access
SayvilleMontauk BranchSuffolk1868
presentHandicapped/disabled access
Sea CliffOyster Bay BranchNassau1867
presentHandicapped/disabled access
SeafordMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau18991968
SmithtownPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1872
presentHandicapped/disabled access
SouthamptonMontauk BranchSuffolk1871presentHandicapped/disabled access
SoutholdMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1845presentHandicapped/disabled access
SpeonkMontauk BranchSuffolk1870presentHandicapped/disabled accessRemsenberg
Stewart ManorHempstead BranchNassau1873
Handicapped/disabled accessHyde Park(1873–1876)
Hyde Park Central(1878–1879)
Stony BrookPort Jefferson BranchSuffolk1873 or 1888presentHandicapped/disabled access
SyossetPort Jefferson BranchNassau1854presentHandicapped/disabled access
Valley StreamAtlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch), Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch), and West Hempstead BranchNassau1869presentHandicapped/disabled access
WantaghMontauk Branch (Babylon Branch)Nassau1867present
WestburyMain Line (Port Jefferson Branch)Nassau1837Present.Handicapped/disabled access
WesthamptonMontauk BranchSuffolk1870
presentHandicapped/disabled access
West HempsteadWest Hempstead BranchNassau1928
Handicapped/disabled access
WestwoodWest Hempstead BranchNassau1929
presentHandicapped/disabled access
WoodmereFar Rockaway BranchNassau1869presentHandicapped/disabled accessWood's
WoodsideMain Line (City Terminal Zone)Queens1869presentHandicapped/disabled access
WyandanchMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1875
Handicapped/disabled access
YaphankMain Line (Ronkonkoma Branch)Suffolk1844presentHandicapped/disabled accessMilleville (1845–1846)

Disused and former stations

These stations are either demolished or existing but not currently in use by the Long Island Rail Road. Several stations of the Rockaway Beach Branch and Far Rockaway Branch were taken over by the New York City Subway as the IND Rockaway Line in 1956.

NameLineOpenedClosedHandicapped/disabled access
A&P Bronze, earlier A&PCentral Extension19281953
AdamsvilleAtlantic Branch18721876
Albany AvenueAtlantic Branch1877?1951
AquebogueMain Line18921967?
AqueductRockaway Beach Branch18831955
ArverneFar Rockaway Branch18881955
Atlantic AvenueLong Beach Branch18981951
Atlantic ParkFar Rockaway Branch18751887?
Autumn AvenueAtlantic Branch19051939
BabylonCentral Extension18731874
Baiting HollowMain Linesee Calverton
BartlettMontauk Branch19241928
BayportMontauk Branch18681980
Bay RidgeBay Ridge Branch1870s1904
BayvilleOyster Bay Branch18891892
Beach ChannelFar Rockaway Branch18881905
Beach House, earlier BeachFar Rockaway Branchsee South Side Pavilion
Beaver Street, merged with JamaicaAtlantic Branch18671913
BedfordAtlantic Branch18781905
BellaireMain Line19001972
Belmont JunctionCentral Extension and Montauk Branch1875?1876?
Berlin Switch, earlier BerlinAtlantic Branch1869
BethpageBethpage Branch18741942
Bethpage JunctionCentral Extension18731877
Bluepoint, earlier Blue PointMontauk Branch1870
BreslauCentral Extension18731875
BridgeportSouthern Hempstead Branch18701879
Bridge StreetWhitestone Branch18691932
Broad ChannelRockaway Beach Branch18801950
BrookhavenMontauk Branch1884
Brooklyn HillsRockaway Beach Branch18821911
Brooklyn ManorRockaway Beach Branch19111962
BrushvilleMain Line18371871
BushwickBushwick Branch1868?1924
Bushwick JunctionMontauk Branchsee Fresh Pond
Calvary CemeteryMontauk Branch1863????
CalvertonMain Line18801958
Camp BlackCentral Extension1896????
Camp UptonMain Line1917
Canal StreetMain Line18901899
Canoe PlaceMontauk Branch19391953
Carman's RiverMain Line18441845
Center Moriches, earlier MorichesMontauk Branch18811988
Central Islip State HospitalMain Line1911?1971
Central JunctionCreedmoor Branch18731879
Central ParkCentral Extension18731876
ClarencevilleAtlantic Branch1874
ClarencevilleMontauk Branchsee Richmond Hill
Clinton RoadCentral Extension19151953
Club HouseMontauk Branch18701897
Club HouseLong Beach Branch18981909
College PointWhitestone Branch18691932
Cooper AvenueEvergreen Branch18831894
CoronaPort Washington Branch18541964
Corona ParkWhite Line18731876
CreedmoorCreedmoor Branch18731879
CutchogueMain Line18451962?
Cypress Avenue, earlier RidgewoodBay Ridge Branch18831924
DeKalb AvenueEvergreen Branch18781894
DuntonAtlantic Branch18681939
East MorichesMontauk Branch18971958
East PatchogueMontauk Branch18901928
EastportMontauk Branch and Manorville Branch18811958
EdgemereFar Rockaway Branch18951955
EdgewoodMain Linec1890s1914
Eldert's GroveFar Rockaway Branch18721887?
ElmhurstPort Washington Branch18551985
Fanny BartlettMontauk Branchsee Bartlett
FarmingdaleCentral Extension18731876
Fashion Race CoursePort Washington Branchsee Corona
Fifth AvenueEvergreen Branch
Fire PlaceMain Line1844????
FlowerfieldWading River Branch19101958
Flushing Bridge StreetWhitestone Branchsee Bridge Street
Ford's CornersBay Ridge Branchsee Rugby
ForgeMontauk Branchsee Mastic
Frank AvenueFar Rockaway Branch19221955
FrankistonCreedmoor Branch18731879
Franklin AvenueAtlantic Branchsee Bedford
Fresh PondMontauk Branch18691998
Fulton StreetBay Ridge Branch
Gaston AvenueFar Rockaway Branchsee Arverne
General BronzeCentral Extensionsee A&P Bronze
GlendaleMontauk Branch18691998
Golf GroundsMontauk Branch19071939
Goose CreekRockaway Beach Branch18881935
Grand StreetMain Line19131925
Grand StreetEvergreen Branch18681885
GreenpointEvergreen Branch18781885
GrinnellWoodside Branch18741877
GrummanMain Line19421970s
HabermanMontauk Branch19101998
HagermanMontauk Branch18901928
Hamilton BeachRockaway Beach Branch19191955
Hammels, earlier HammelRockaway Beach Branch18801941
Hebbard'sMontauk Branch18701870
Hempsteadold Hempstead Branch
HempsteadSouthern Hempstead Branch18701879
HermitageMain Linesee Peconic
Higbie Avenue, earlier SpringfieldAtlantic Branch19081960
HillsideMain Line18901966
HillsideCreedmoor Branch18741879
HinsdaleCreedmoor Branch18731879
HolbrookMain Line19071962?
Holland, earlier HollandsRockaway Beach Branch18801955
Holland'sFar Rockaway Branch18721887?
HoltsvilleMain Line18431998
HopedaleMain Line18751884
Howard BeachRockaway Beach Branch????1955
Howard HouseAtlantic Branch18431905
Howard's Landing, also called HowardRockaway Beach Branch18981907
Hulse TurnoutMain Line
Humboldt StreetEvergreen Branch
Hunter's PointPort Washington Branch1854
Interstate ParkMain Linesee Bellaire
Island TreesCentral Extension18731876
Islip CentreMontauk Branch
Jamaica RacetrackAtlantic Branchsee Locust Manor
JamesportMain Line18451985
Jekyl Island, earlier Barnum IslandLong Beach Branch19011922
Kings HighwayManhattan Beach Branch18831924
Kings Park State HospitalPort Jefferson Branch1911?1970
Kissena Park, earlier KissenaCreedmoor Branch1873
KouwenhovenBay Ridge Branch18771924
Lakeland, earlier Lake RoadMain Line18431883
LandiaPort Jefferson Branch19521973
Lamb's CornerSag Harbor Branchsee Noyack Road
LaurelMain Line19011967
Laurel HillMontauk Branch18901900
Lefferts AvenueAtlantic Branch
Linwood StreetAtlantic Branch
Long Island Rail Road CrossingCentral Extension18751875
MalbaWhitestone Branch19081932
Manhattan BeachManhattan Beach Branch19091924
Manhattan CrossingAtlantic Branch
Manorville, earlier ManorMain Line and Manorville Branch1845
Maple GroveMain Line1879
MaspethMontauk Branch18951924
MaspethPort Washington Branch1855ca. 1858
MasticMontauk Branch18821960
MatawokRockaway Beach Branch19221925
MeadowbrookCentral Extension18731876
Metropolitan AvenueBushwick Branch
Miller's Place, earlier Miller PlaceWading River Branch18981938
Mill NeckOyster Bay Branch1892
Mitchell Field, earlier Mitchel FieldCentral Extension????1953
MorichesSag Harbor Branchsee Eastport
Morris Park, earlier Morris GroveAtlantic Branch1868
Myrtle AvenueBay Ridge Branch18931924
Myrtle AvenueEvergreen Branch18781882
Napeague BeachMontauk Branch18951927
National Rifle RangeCreedmoor Branchsee Creedmoor
Neck RoadBay Ridge Branch
Neptune HouseFar Rockaway Branch18751887?
New Bridge RoadCentral Extension18741876
New BrooklynAtlantic Branch
NewsdayCentral Extension19491953
NewtownPort Washington Branchsee Elmhurst
NewtownWhite Line18731876
New York AvenueMain Line18901905
Nichols RoadMain Line
Northport VillageNorthport Branch18681899
North RoslynOyster Bay Branch18981924
NorwoodSouthern Hempstead Branch18701879
NorwoodWest Hempstead BranchSee Malverne
Norwood AvenueAtlantic Branch
Noyack RoadSag Harbor Branch19061939
Ocean AvenueBay Ridge Branch
Ocean PointFar Rockaway Branchsee Cedarhurst
Old NorthportNorthport Branchsee Northport Village
Ozone ParkRockaway Beach Branch18841962
ParksideRockaway Beach Branch19271962
ParkvilleManhattan Beach Branch
Pearsall's, earlier Pearsall's CornersMontauk Branchsee Lynbrook
PeconicMain Line1844 or 1848c. 1970
PenataquitMontauk Branchsee Bay Shore
Penny BridgeMontauk Branch1854
Pilgrim State HospitalMain Line1929?1978
Pineaire, merged with Deer ParkMain Line19151986
PlaylandRockaway Beach Branch19031955
Promised LandMontauk Branch19241938
Queenswater, earlier Inner BeachLong Beach Branch18981936
QuogueMontauk Branch18751998
Railroad AvenueAtlantic Branchsee Autumn Avenue
Ralph AvenueAtlantic Branch
RamblersvilleRockaway Beach Branchsee Howard Beach
The RauntRockaway Beach Branch18881950
Rego ParkMain Line19281962
RepublicMain Line19401987?
Richmond HillMontauk Branch18681998
RidgewoodMontauk Branch
RidgewoodMontauk Branchsee Wantagh
RidgewoodEvergreen Branchsee DeKalb Avenue
Rochester AvenueAtlantic Branch
Rockaway AvenueAtlantic Branch
Rockaway JunctionMain Line and Montauk Branch (West Hempstead Branch)see Hillside
Rockaway Park earlier Rockaway BeachRockaway Beach Branch18821955
Rocky PointWading River Branch18951938
Roosevelt RacewayCentral Extension19391961
Roosevelt StreetBushwick Branch
RugbyBay Ridge Branch
Sag HarborSag Harbor Branch18711939
Saint George's ManorMain Linesee Manorville
Salisbury PlainsCentral Extension
Schenectady AvenueAtlantic Branch
Sea Side HouseFar Rockaway Branch18721887?
SeasideMontauk Branchsee Babylon
SeasideRockaway Beach Branch18801955
SetauketPort Jefferson Branch1877
or 1883
Shea StadiumPort Washington Branchsee Mets – Willets Point
Sheepshead BayManhattan Beach Branch
Shinnecock HillsMontauk Branch18871932
ShopsMontauk Branch
ShorehamWading River Branch18951938
Southampton College, earlier Southampton CampusMontauk Branch19761998
South Eighth StreetBushwick Branch18681876
South FarmingdaleCentral Branch1974
South GreenfieldManhattan Beach Branch
South LynbrookLong Beach Branchsee Centre Avenue
South Oyster BayMontauk Branchsee Massapequa
South Side PavilionFar Rockaway Branch18701876?
South Side Railroad CrossingBushwick Branch and Evergreen Branch18781890
South Side Railroad CrossingAtlantic Branchsee Berlin Switch
South StreetAtlantic Branch
SpringfieldAtlantic Branch1867
Springfield Gardens, earlier SpringfieldMontauk Branch18731979
SteeplechaseRockaway Beach Branchsee Playland
Stewart AvenueWest Hempstead Branch19231926
Stewart JunctionMain Linesee Floral Park
Straiton Avenue a.k.a.; Arverne-Straiton AvenueFar Rockaway Branch18921955
SuffolkMain Line18421873
Suffolk DownsMontauk Branch19071927
SunnysideWhite Line
Thompson'sMain Line18421869
Troy AvenueAtlantic Branch
Union CourseAtlantic Branch19051939
Union Hall StreetMain Line19131976
United NationsPort Washington Branchsee Mets – Willets Point
UnquaMontauk Branch18801893
Upton RoadMain Line19181922
Utica AvenueAtlantic Branch
Vanderbilt AvenueAtlantic Branch
Vanderveer ParkBay Ridge Branch18781924
Van WicklensAtlantic Branchsee Linwood Street
Van Wyck AvenueAtlantic Branchsee Berlin Switch
Wading RiverWading River Branch18951938
WainscottMontauk Branch18971938
WampmissickMain LineBy 1852Unknown
WardenclyffeWading River Branchsee Shoreham
Warwick StreetAtlantic Branch19051939
Washington AvenueAtlantic Branch1878????
Washington StreetCentral Extension
WatermillMontauk Branch18751940s
WavecrestFar Rockaway Branch19281955
WaverlyMain Linesee Holtsville
WellwoodMontauk Branchsee Lindenhurst
Westbridge, earlier High BridgeMain Line19161939
West Deer ParkMain Linesee Wyandanch
West FlushingPort Washington Branch1854
West FlushingPort Washington Branchsee Corona
Wheatley HillsOyster Bay Branchsee North Roslyn
WhitestoneWhitestone Branch18691932
Whitestone LandingWhitestone Branch18861932
Willow TreeMain Linec. 1837????
WinfieldPort Washington Branch18541929
WoodburyPort Jefferson Branchsee Cold Spring Harbor
WoodfieldSouthern Hempstead Branch
Woodhaven, earlier WoodvilleAtlantic Branch18481939
Woodhaven JunctionAtlantic Branch and Rockaway Beach Branch18951977
World's FairPort Washington Branchsee Mets – Willets Point
Wreck LeadLong Beach Branch18881927


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