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A list of brands that were or are still developed, owned or distributed by Kraft Foods.

The company's core businesses are in beverage, cheese and dairy foods, snack foods, confectionery, and convenience foods.

Current brands[edit]


  1. A1 Steak Sauce
  2. Africana (Romania)
  3. Air Crisps
  4. Ali Coffee
  5. Back to Nature
  6. Bagel-Fuls
  7. Better Cheddars
  8. Boca Burger
  9. Bonox
  10. Breakstone's
  11. Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce
  12. Café HAG
  13. Calumet Baking Powder Company
  14. Cameo (biscuits)
  15. Capri Sun (juice drink)
  16. Cheesybite
  17. Charada (Peru)
  18. Cheez Whiz
  19. Cheezels (Malaysia)
  20. Chicken in a Biskit
  21. Chipsmore (Malaysia, Singapore)
  22. Claussen (pickles)
  23. Clight
  24. Club Social (crackers)
  25. Cool Whip (non-dairy whipped cream)
  26. CornNuts (snack food)
  27. Coronita (Peru)
  28. Country Time (powdered drink mix)
  29. Cracker Barrel Cheese
  30. Crystal Light
  31. Dadák (Coffee) (Czech republic)
  32. Dairylea (Europe)
  33. Easy Cheese
  34. Eden Cheese (Philippines)
  35. El Caserío (Spain)
  36. Estrella (Sweden)
  37. Field (Peru)
  38. Figaro (Chocolate) (Slovakia)
  39. Filipinos (snack food) (Spain, Portugal)
  40. Fontaneda (biscuits) (Spain)
  41. Fudgee-O (Canada)
  42. General Foods International
  43. Gevalia (Sweden)
  44. Gyõri (biscuits Hungary)
  45. Grey Poupon (mustard)
  46. Handi-Snacks
  47. Harvest Crisps
  48. Honey Maid
  49. Hospitals
  50. In-A-Biskit (Australia)
  51. Jacob's (biscuits)
  52. Japp (Scandinavia)
  53. Jell-O (gelatin dessert)
  54. Jet-Puffed Marshmallows
  55. Jiagai (China)
  56. Knox (gelatin)
  57. Knudsen (dairy, California)
  58. Kong Haakon (Norway)
  59. Kolonáda (Czech republic)
  60. Kool-Aid (flavored drink mix)
  61. Korona (Ukraine)
  62. Kraft BBQ Sauce
  63. Kraft Caramels
  64. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
  65. Kraft Dinner (Canada)
  66. Kraft Easymac
  67. Kraft Mayo
  68. Kraft Bagelfuls
  69. Kraft Peanut Butter (Canada)
  70. Kraft Singles (pasteurized prepared cheese product)
  71. Kraft Sandwich Spread
  72. Kraker Bran
  73. Lacta (Brazil, Greece)
  74. Liga (Netherlands)
  75. Lucky crackers (Taiwan)
  76. Lunchables
  77. Lyuks (potato chips) (Ukraine)
  78. Maarud (potato chips) (Norway)
  79. Maxwell House (coffee)
  80. Mellow Bird's Coffee (United Kingdom)
  81. MiO
  82. Miracle Whip (salad dressing spread)
  83. Miracoli (Germany)
  84. Mostro (Peru)
  85. Nabob (coffee) (Canada)
  86. Non-Stop (Scandinavia)
  87. O'boy (Scandinavia, Estonia)
  88. O'smile (Taiwan)
  89. Onko (coffee)
  90. Opavia (Czech republic, Slovakia)
  91. Orchard Crisps
  92. ORO Saiwa
  93. Oscar Mayer
  94. Grated Parmesan cheese
  95. Pacific crackers (China)
  96. Philadelphia cream cheese
  97. Pigrolac
  98. Planters
  99. Poiana (Romania)
  100. Polly-O (cheese)
  101. Premium (a Nabisco brand of saltine crackers)
  102. Pretzels
  103. P'tit Québec
  104. Pure Kraft Salad Dressings
  105. Ritz Metro
  106. Royal baking powder
  107. Saiwa (Italian Division of Nabisco)
  108. Seven Seas (salad dressings)
  109. Saimaza (Spain)
  110. Sanka (decaffeinated coffee)
  111. Shake 'n Bake
  112. Simmenthal (canned meat)
  113. Snackabouts
  114. South Beach Living
  115. Starbucks (grocery store items)
  116. Stove Top stuffing
  117. Svoge (Bulgaria)
  118. Swiss Crackers
  119. Sugar Wafers
  120. Taco Bell (grocery store items)
  121. Tassimo (single-serve coffee machines using pods branded as T-Discs)
  122. Terrabusi (Kraft Foods Argentina)
  123. Tiger Energy Biscuits (Southeast Asian countries)
  124. Toasted Chips
  125. Twisties (Malaysia)
  126. Uguan (China)
  127. Vegemite (Australia)
  128. Velveeta


  1. Alpen Gold (chocolate) (Hungary, Russia)
  2. Arrowroot biscuits
  3. Baker's (chocolate)
  4. Bassett's (United Kingdom)
  5. Belvita
  6. Bubbaloo
  7. Cadbury
  8. Carte Noire
  9. Cheese Nips
  10. Chiclets
  11. Chips Ahoy!
  12. Chocolat Poulain
  13. Côte d'Or
  14. Daim (Sweden)
  15. Fig Newton
  16. Freia (Norway)
  17. Frys
  18. Green & Blacks (chocolate) (United Kingdom)
  19. Halls
  20. Hollywood Chewing Gum
  21. Jacobs (Europe)
  22. Kenco (United Kingdom)
  23. La Pie qui Chante
  24. Lefèvre-Utile
  25. Marabou (Sweden)
  26. Maynards (United Kingdom)
  27. Mikado (United Kingdom)
  28. Milka (Europe)
  29. Nabisco
  30. Natural Confectionery Company ('natural' sweets) (Australia & United Kingdom)
  31. Nilla
  32. Oreo
  33. Pascall
  34. Prince Polo
  35. Ritz Crackers
  36. SnackWells
  37. Suchard
  38. Tang
  39. Teddy Grahams
  40. Trakinas
  41. Terry's (chocolates)
  42. Terry's Chocolate Orange
  43. Thinsations
  44. Toblerone (Kraft Foods Switzerland)
  45. Triscuit (snack cracker)
  46. Trebor (sweets) (United Kingdom)
  47. Twist
  48. Wheat Thins

Brands table[edit]

Key:Kraft BrandDefunctOwned by others
NameAreaMarketYear AcquiredYear DisposedStatusNotes
AltoidsMintsUnited States2005Sold to Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Bird's CustardCustardNorth America, United Kingdom, Ireland2004Sold to Premier Foods
Bird's EyeFrozen foodsNorth America2004Sold to Dean FoodsNow owned by Pinnacle Foods
BoboliBaked GoodsNorth America1995Sold to BestfoodsCanadian rights owned by George Weston Limited; U.S. rights owned by Grupo Bimbo
BreyersIce creamNorth America1993Sold to UnileverOreo ice cream remains Kraft brand made by Breyers
BreyersYogurtNorth AmericaSold to CoolBrands
Budget GourmetFrozen foodsNorth America1994Sold to H.J. HeinzPart of Bellisio Foods under the Michelina's brand
California Pizza Kitchen (grocery)Frozen Pizza20002009Sold to Nestle
Caramel and marshmallow businessConfectioneryNorth America2000Reacquired by Kraft as part of Nabisco purchase in 2000Sold to Texas Pacific Group in 1995
Celestial SeasoningsTeaNorth America19841988Sold to original ownersAttempted sale to Lipton broke US anti-trust laws
CheddarieCheese spreadNorth AmericaDiscontinued
Cheese PotCheese spreadNorth AmericaDiscontinued
ChiffonMargarineNorth America1995Sold to Nabisco Brands, Inc.Nabisco's butter substitution business was sold to ConAgra Foods in 1999
Cream of Wheat
Cream of Rice
Breakfast cerealNorth America2007Sold to B&G Foods
Del MonteCanned foodGlobal2005Sold to CanGroIncluding Aylmer, Coronation and other grocery products in Canada
DiGiornoPizza2010Sold to Nestle
Entenmann'sBaked GoodsNorth America1995Sold to BestfoodsOwned by Grupo Bimbo
Farley's & SathersConfectioneryNorth America2002Sold out as independent
FreihofersBaked GoodsNorth America1995Sold to BestfoodsOwned by Grupo Bimbo
Fruit2OBeverageNorth America2007Sold to Sunny Delight
Frusen GladjeIce CreamNorth America1993Sold to Unilever
Golden CrownMargarineUnited KingdomDiscontinued
KooglePeanut butterNorth AmericaDiscontinued
Kraft Eating Rightfrozen entreesNorth AmericaDiscontinued
Kraft FoodserviceFoodserviceGlobal1995Sold to Clayton, Dubilier and Rice Inc.
Kraft RamekCream cheeseItaly, Middle East
Lender'sBagelsNorth America1996Sold to Pinnacle FoodsFinanced by Blackstone Group
Life SaversMintsCanada1987Sold to Hershey'sOwned by Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Life SaversMintsUnited States2005Sold to Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Light N' LivelyIce CreamNorth America1993Sold to Unilever
Light N' LivelyYogurtNorth AmericaSold to CoolBrands
Milk-BoneDog treatNorth America2006Sold to Del Monte Foods
Minute RiceInstant riceNorth America2006Sold to Riviana Foods
OroweatBaked GoodsNorth America1995Sold to BestfoodsOwned by Grupo Bimbo
ParkayButterNorth America1995Sold to Nabisco Brands, Inc.Nabisco's butter business was sold to ConAgra Foods in 1999
Post CerealsBreakfast cerealGlobal2008Sold to Ralcorp HoldingsBrands included Shredded Wheat to Honey Bunches of Oats
Postumhot cereal-based beverageNorth America2007Discontinued
RondeleCheese spreadNorth America1996Sold to Waterbury Holdings
Royal Lunch Milk CrackersCrackersNorth America2008Discontinued[1]
SealtestIce CreamNorth America1993Sold to Unilever
Shredded WheatBreakfast cerealGlobal2008Sold to Ralcorp HoldingsPart of Post Cereals sale
South Beach LivingPackaged FoodsGlobal2009Discontinued
Specialty oils businessEdible oilsGlobal1995Sold to Associated British Foods
SpreaderyCheese spreadNorth AmericaDiscontinued
Stella D'oroBiscuitNorth America2006Management buyout, financed by Brynwood PartnersNow owned by Lance Inc.
Stove Top Oven ClassicsFrozen foodNorth America2003Discontinued
Tombstone (pizza)PizzaNorth America2010Sold to NestleThe Kraft frozen pizza division is now part of Nestle D.S.D. (direct store delivery).
Touch of ButterButterNorth America1995Sold to Nabisco Brands, Inc.Nabisco's butter business was sold to ConAgra Foods in 1999. It is now discontinued.
Trolli U.S.ConfectioneryNorth America20002005Sold to Wm. Wrigley Jr. CompanyNow owned by Farley's & Sathers
Uneeda BiscuitsCrackersNorth AmericaDiscontinuedDefunct From Nabisco Brands
VegemiteSpreadAustraliaAlthough marketed in other countries, has failed to catch on outside home territory
VelveetaProcessed cheeseNorth America1927
VeryfineBeverageNorth America2007Sold to Sunny Delight
VizzoliniDry PastaNorth America
Wheat ThinsSnack foodNorth America


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