List of King Arthur class locomotives

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Below are the names and numbers of the LSWR N15 class/SR 'King Arthur' Class locomotives. Another successful publicity campaign by the Southern Railway when named from 1925 onwards, they represented the counties of Devon and Somerset, UK, due to their association with the legend of King Arthur. The batches have been separated for ease of reference.

The Urie Arthurs[edit]

BR No.SR No.SR Name [1]BuilderBuiltWithdrawnNotes
30736736ExcaliburLSWR, EastleighAugust 1918November 1956Lemaître exhaust
30737737King UtherLSWR, EastleighOctober 1918June 1956Lemaître exhaust
30738738King PellinoreLSWR, EastleighDecember 1918March 1958
30739739King LeodegranceLSWR, EastleighFebruary 1919May 1957
30740740MerlinLSWR, EastleighApril 1919December 1955Deliberately involved in crash staged for film at Longmoor Military railway[2]
30741741Joyous GardLSWR, EastleighApril 1919February 1956Lemaître exhaust
30742742CamelotLSWR, EastleighJune 1919February 1957
30743743LyonnesseLSWR, EastleighAugust 1919October 1955
30744744Maid of AstolatLSWR, EastleighSeptember 1919January 1956
30745745TintagelLSWR, EastleighNovember 1919February 1956
30746746PendragonLSWR, EastleighJune 1922October 1955
30747747ElaineLSWR, EastleighJuly 1922October 1956
30748748VivienLSWR, EastleighAugust 1922September 1957
30749749IseultLSWR, EastleighSeptember 1922June 1957
30750750Morgan le FayLSWR, EastleighOctober 1922July 1957
30751751EtarreLSWR, EastleighNovember 1922June 1957
30752752LinetteLSWR, EastleighDecember 1922December 1955Lemaître exhaust
30753753MelisandeLSWR, EastleighJanuary 1923March 1957
30754754The Green KnightLSWR, EastleighFebruary 1923February 1953
30755755The Red KnightLSWR, EastleighMarch 1923May 1957Lemaître exhaust

The Eastleigh Arthurs[edit]

BR No.SR No.SR Name[1]BuilderBuiltWithdrawnNotes
30448448Sir TristramSR, EastleighMay 1925August 1960
30449449Sir TorreSR, EastleighJune 1925December 1959
30450450Sir KaySR, EastleighJune 1925September 1960
30451451Sir LamorakSR, EastleighJune 1925June 1962
30452452Sir MeliagranceSR, EastleighJuly 1925August 1959
30453453King ArthurSR, EastleighFebruary 1925July 1961
30454454Queen GuinevereSR, EastleighMarch 1925October 1958
30455455Sir LancelotSR, EastleighMarch 1925April 1959
30456456Sir GalahadSR, EastleighApril 1925May 1960
30457457Sir BedivereSR, EastleighApril 1925May 1961
30793793Sir OntzlakeSR, EastleighMarch 1926September 1962
30794794Sir Ector de MarisSR, EastleighMarch 1926August 1960
30795795Sir DinadanSR, EastleighApril 1926August 1962
30796796Sir Dodinas le SavageSR, EastleighApril 1926March 1962
30797797Sir Blamor de GanisSR, EastleighJune 1926May 1959
30798798Sir HectimereSR, EastleighJune 1926June 1962
30799799Sir IronsideSR, EastleighJuly 1926February 1961
30800800Sir Meleaus de LileSR, EastleighSeptember 1926September 1961
30801801Sir Meliot de LogresSR, EastleighOctober 1926April 1959
30802802Sir DurnoreSR, EastleighOctober 1926July 1961
30803803Sir Harry le Fise LakeSR, EastleighNovember 1926September 1961
30804804Sir Cador of CornwallSR, EastleighDecember 1926February 1962
30805805Sir ConstatineSR, EastleighJanuary 1927June 1959
30806806Sir GalleronSR, EastleighJanuary 1927April 1961

The Scotch Arthurs[edit]

BR No.SR No.SR Name[1]BuilderBuiltWithdrawnNotes
30763763Sir Bors de GanisNorth British Loco 23209May 1925October 1960
30764764Sir GawainNorth British Loco 23210May 1925July 1961
30765765Sir GarethNorth British Loco 23211May 1925September 1962
30766766Sir GeraintNorth British Loco 23212May 1925December 1958
30767767Sir ValenceNorth British Loco 23213May 1925June 1959
30768768Sir BalinNorth British Loco 23214May 1925November 1961
30769769Sir BalanNorth British Loco 23215June 1925March 1960
30770770Sir PrianiusNorth British Loco 23216June 1925November 1962Interestingly, this locomotive was the subject of a spelling mistake, as the Knight of the same name in the book Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory was Sir Priamus.
30771771Sir SagramoreNorth British Loco 23217June 1925February 1961
30772772Sir PercivaleNorth British Loco 23218June 1925September 1961
30773773Sir LavaineNorth British Loco 23219June 1925February 1962
30774774Sir GaherisNorth British Loco 23220June 1925January 1960
30775775Sir AgravaineNorth British Loco 23221June 1925February 1960
30776776Sir GalagarsNorth British Loco 23222June 1925January 1959
30777777Sir LamielNorth British Loco 23223June 1925October 1961Preserved as part of the National Collection, back on mainline railtours after work done on firebox stays. Operational base is the Great Central Railway (preserved).
30778778Sir PelleasNorth British Loco 23224July 1925May 1959
30779779Sir ColgrevanceNorth British Loco 23225July 1925July 1959
30780780Sir PersantNorth British Loco 23226July 1925July 1959
30781781Sir AglovaleNorth British Loco 23227August 1925May 1962
30782782Sir BrianNorth British Loco 23228July 1925September 1962
30783783Sir GillemereNorth British Loco 23279August 1925March 1961
30784784Sir NerovensNorth British Loco 23280September 1925October 1959
30785785Sir Mador de la PorteNorth British Loco 23281September 1925October 1959
30786786Sir LionelNorth British Loco 23282September 1925August 1959
30787787Sir MenadeukeNorth British Loco 23283September 1925February 1959
30788788Sir Urre of the MountNorth British Loco 23284September 1925February 1962
30789789Sir Guy[disambiguation needed]North British Loco 23285September 1925December 1959
30790790Sir VilliarsNorth British Loco 23286September 1925November 1961
30791791Sir UwaineNorth British Loco 23287September 1925May 1960
30792792Sir Hervis de RevelNorth British Loco 23288September 1925February 1959


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