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The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Jessie. The series revolves around Jessie Prescott (Debby Ryan), an 18-year-old girl who travels from Texas to New York City and suddenly finds herself becoming a nanny to four unique children: Emma (Peyton List), Ravi (Karan Brar), Luke (Cameron Boyce) and Zuri Ross (Skai Jackson). The series first premiered on Disney Channel on September 30, 2011.[1]


Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiereSeason finale
126September 30, 2011 (2011-09-30)September 7, 2012 (2012-09-07)
2TBAOctober 5, 2012 (2012-10-05)[2]TBA

Episode list

Season 1: 2011–12

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
11"New York, New Nanny"Bob KoherrPamela Eells O'ConnellSeptember 30, 2011 (2011-09-30)101[3]4.6[4]
Jessie (Debby Ryan) arrives in New York, where she is dumped out of her cab at the Ross's condo building. Kindly taken upstairs by Zuri (Skai Jackson), Jessie meets her adoptive parents, Morgan and Christina Ross (Charles Esten and Christina Moore). They hire her to be a nanny to Zuri, Ravi (Karan Brar), Luke (Cameron Boyce) and Emma (Peyton List). After initially failing to win over each child, they attempt to run away. She soon makes up her mistakes to each child except Emma, who is upset that her parents can't attend her science fair. Jessie goes to the movie set where Morgan and Christina are, telling them that they need to spend more time with their kids, as their presence is important in their lives; this move gets her fired. Nevertheless, she attends Emma's science fair to support her. However, Emma's parents show up to the science fair as well, having taken Jessie's advice. Emma wins the science fair, and Jessie is rehired. 
22"The Talented Mr. Kipling"Bob KoherrValerie Ahern &
Christian McLaughlin
October 7, 2011 (2011-10-07)103[3]4.2[5]
Jessie comes to the rescue when the condominium owner Mrs. Chesterfield (Carolyn Hennesy) wants Ravi's pet lizard, Mr. Kipling, out of the building. After a comical chase and almost losing Mr. Kipling in the building, Jessie convinces Mrs. Chesterfield that Ravi loves his pet just as much as she loves 'Zeus', her pet chihuahua, and they are allowed to keep Mr. Kipling. In a subplot, Zuri brings home another imaginary "friend" named Genivieve, whom she claims is very mean to her. Jessie resolves the matter by telling her that Mr. Kipling "ate" the imaginary friend, convincing Zuri that the imaginary friend is gone. Meanwhile, Luke and Emma work together on a school photo class project, and their disagreements get them into a scuffle. In the end, Luke makes an amazing action shot involving Mr. Kipling flicking a hawk away with his tail, earning them an A. Note: This is Mrs.Chesterfields first apperence and it also show that she never gets Jessie's name right. Also when Jessie screams in the dream later when Mrs.Chesterfield brings Mr.Kipling into the elevator, she screams the same way 
33"Used Karma"Bob KoherrStory by: Silvia Olivas
Teleplay by: Chris Kula & Eric Schaar
October 14, 2011 (2011-10-14)102[3]3.9[6]
After Jessie accepts an invitation for lunch with Tony (Chris Galya), the building's doorman, Emma offers Jessie unsolicited love advice she reads from her favorite teen magazine. Jessie tries to convince Tony that she's just "one of the guys", but ends up making things awkward between them. Meanwhile, Ravi gets sick of being the target of Luke's practical jokes, deciding to get back at Luke by telling him that his karma will get him. Ravi then plays his own pranks on Luke, leading Luke to be miserable afterwards, and begs Ravi to fix his bad karma, but Ravi immediately stops once Jessie starts asking questions making her suspicious that Ravi did something bad to his brother, and so Jessie gives him her "guilty look", forcing Ravi to confess exactly what he did to Luke. After Ravi finally convinces Luke that he is free from karma, Luke affectionately declares him a really good brother. Jessie makes Ravi promise that the next time they have a problem, they will talk it out as a family. She and the kids get together to watch a movie, and Ravi suspects that Luke is trying to prank him again, yet it was Bertram (Kevin Chamberlin) playing his own prank on them by scaring them all out of the room. Jessie hints that she might have a crush on Tony when she is dreaming about his positive features before her lunch date with Tony, and Luke is now more aware of trying to cause mischief on his brother. 
44"Zombie Tea Party 5"Shelley JensenAdam LapidusOctober 21, 2011 (2011-10-21)104[3]4.0[7]
After Jessie embarrasses Luke in front of a bully, he doesn't want her to help him with anything in public. When the mean kid faces off with Luke in the neighborhood paintball contest, Luke has no one to be his partner (not including Ravi, who Luke chose from "the bottom of the barrel"). Upset, Jessie arrives at the park to prove to Luke that she can help him win the paintball war. Meanwhile, Zuri invites Emma to her tea party, but Emma turns down the invitation when her friend Jasmine gives her a free pass to a fashion show. Zuri invites Bertram and Mr. Kipling instead, but doesn't think that Bertram is a very good guest (though Bertram points out "that unlike Mr. Kipling, I haven't tried to eat the other guests."). On the day of the fashion show, Jasmine un-invites Emma, leading to her to decide, on Bertram's advice, to attend Zuri's tea party to cheer her up. Jessie helps Luke win the paintball competition after Luke's final shot on Trevor, and Ravi congratulates both Jessie and Luke for finishing the paintball game by giving them stickers. In the end, Emma goes to Zuri's room and apologizes for acting like a jerk, and so all ends well once both sisters decide to throw Jasmine's shoes away in the garbage chute. 
55"One Day Wonders"Phill LewisTim Maile & Douglas TuberOctober 28, 2011 (2011-10-28)105[3]3.9[8]
After J.J. Mayfield (Arvie Lowe, Jr.), a music producer spots Jessie and Luke performing in the park, he promises them fame and gets them to his studio to shoot a music video. However, Jessie and Luke fight over the spotlight, causing problems. Meanwhile, Bertram enlists Emma to help "style" him for his social network profile photo, while Zuri and Ravi take Tony's place at the reception desk to prove to Tony that his job is not as hard as he makes it seem. When Tony finds out about Jessie and Luke, he warns them that the "manager" is a fraud who fools people for their money, as he Tony was one of the fraud's victims. Jessie and Luke resolve their problems and abandon the manager, and Tony shoots a new music video for Jessie's song with Jessie and the kids starring in it. 
66"Zuri's New Old Friend"Leonard R. Garner, Jr.Sally Lapiduss & Erin DunlapNovember 4, 2011 (2011-11-04)107[3]4.5[9]
Jessie gets worried that Zuri may have imaginary friends her whole life, so she tries to find her an actual friend at the park. Zuri meets Nana Banana (Jo Anne Worley), a former clown with a colorful personality, but Zuri begins to favor Nana Banana over Jessie. Jealous, Jessie throws Nana Banana out after a banana peel is left on the stairs, which upsets Zuri. Meanwhile, Mr. Kipling falls in love with a plastic toy animal at the park, so Luke, Emma and Ravi rob it from the park, while trying to avoid Ranger Bill, the nearly-blind park security guard. When the toy is accidentally broken, Zuri fixes it and they try to return it to the park, but are caught by Ranger Bill (Ronnie Schell). However, Nana Banana saves them from getting in trouble, which makes Jessie realize her mistake and apologize to Nana Banana, leading to all of them becoming friends. 
77"Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'"Phill LewisEric Schaar & David BoothNovember 18, 2011 (2011-11-18)109[10]4.2[11]

Jessie believes Connie (Sierra McCormick), a math tutor she finds for Luke, will be the perfect scholarly influence, not realizing that "Creepy" Connie is obsessed with Luke. Connie asks Luke to a Harry Potter dance, and Jessie forces him to accept. Jessie soon realizes that Connie really is a creepy stalker and tries steering her away from Luke. In turn, Connie steals Luke's beloved stuffed animal, Kenny the Koala, in order to make Luke go to the dance. Once Jessie tells her that Luke has read none of the Harry Potter books, Connie, horrified, declares her love for Luke dead, and leaves. Meanwhile, Ravi is convinced that he can predict the future with his Mystical Eye-ball Application on his tablet. Zuri doesn't believe him at first, but after asking a question that gave her an unpredictable answer (Mr. Kipling destroying her pet pony stuffed animal), Zuri finally agrees with Ravi's Mystical iBall app. Yet once these younger Ross siblings make terrible predictions about Bertram's fate, they try and convince Bertram to stay alert, but he doesn't believe them until a very upset Luke throws his koala (which previously had its head ripped off), unaware of it making Bertram choke, which proves that Ravi and Zuri's predictions were right all along. After Connie leaves Luke still sad and confused about his bear, Jessie fixes it like she did with Zuri's pony. In the end, Bertram finally convinces Ravi that a simple iBall app cannot unravel all of life's mysteries in reality, while Zuri pretends to be Connie calling Luke that she forgives him, leading Luke to even more despair, and runs away to his bedroom.

Absent: Peyton List as Emma Ross 
88"A Christmas Story"Phill LewisPamela Eells O'ConnellDecember 9, 2011 (2011-12-09)106[10]4.0[12]
Jessie and Bertram are left in charge of bringing the Christmas spirit to Ravi, Emma, Luke, and Zuri. Luke wants to kiss Jessie under the mistletoe, but she refuses. After going ice skating, Zuri explains to Ravi about Santa Claus, leaving Ravi to arise his defense mechanisms. At the toy store, Jessie, Emma & Luke get caught in Toy Jail, leaving Jessie really mad, Emma freaking out, and Luke confused at both girls' reactions, and so the elf finally busts them out, but on one condition: They can never come to that store again. Meanwhile, Ravi is still afraid of Santa, and Zuri tries to convince him that he's a good guy and not a creepy stalker, but that still doesn't work, because when Jessie took a photo of Bertram in his Santa Claus suit, her hair gets stuck in the Christmas tree, and so Bertram tries to help her out, but Ravi goes downstairs to see what all the commotion is about, and concludes that Santa is trying to harm Jessie, ignoring the context of the problem. After he kicks Bertram out, Jessie tells Ravi that Santa was trying to help her, not beat the stuffing out of her. Emma, Luke, and Zuri go downstairs because they thought their parents were home, but Jessie admitted that Morgan and Christina couldn't make it, leaving the Ross kids upset, but unaware that Jessie was wrong, until they both showed up saying, "Merry Christmas!" In the end, the kids open up their presents, and they all take a family picture, concluding that Luke finally got his dream kiss on Jessie's cheek. 
99"Star Wars"Bob KoherrTim Maile & Douglas TuberJanuary 6, 2012 (2012-01-06)114[10]7.3[13]
Celebrity actor Jordan Taylor (Lachlan Buchanan) comes to stay at the Ross household. Emma and Jessie fight for his affection, while Zuri and Luke make prank phone calls on his phone. Bertram pretends to work while Morgan Ross is in town. When Morgan tells everyone not to tell people that Jordan is staying at the Ross penthouse, Emma tries to ruin Jessie's date with Jordan, disobeying her father's orders. After all that chaos, Morgans demands to know who told everyone that Jordan was in the Ross penthouse, leaving Jessie to admit that she did it, not only to protect Emma after what she did, but because it was the truth, but to Morgan's surprise, everyone admitted that they each took a role into saying Jordan's name in public, leading them all into one huge group hug, and blinded by all the love and happiness, Jordan changes his mind about leaving, and instead, he agrees to star in Morgan's movie. In the end, Jessie makes cookies, but accidentally spills them down the dumbwaiter shaft along with some milk. 
1010"Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader?"Kevin ChamberlinValerie Ahern &
Christina McLaughlin
January 20, 2012 (2012-01-20)111[10]3.3[14]
After Zuri's doll is ruined, she and Jessie attempt to raise two hundred dollars for a new one, despite attempts on being stopped by a cop and Mrs. Chesterfield. Meanwhile, Ravi starts as the new kid in Luke and Emma's school, although Luke expects him to act normal on his first day. Despite trying to fit in, Ravi's first unexpected attempt to embarrass Luke led him to lie to his friends about Ravi (Luke's "dad's friend's cousin's dog's neighbor"), because of his geeky cricket uniform. After that, Jessie gives Ravi advice on how to fit in and still be himself, but Ravi takes Jessie's advice a little too seriously, which makes him dress and act exactly like Luke, inadequately involving a school bully against him. Because of Ravi's second unexpected attempt to embarrass his brother, Luke becomes angry and tells Ravi that their brotherhood is over at school, which Emma warns Jessie about the next day only to distract her from looking at her high-heel shoes. Later on, during lunchtime in the cafeteria, the same school bully threatens Ravi into paying a price, which makes Luke feel guilty about what he said to Ravi the previous day. Luke tries to stand up for his brother, but it leads HIM to taking an unexpected risk. After all that chaos, Ravi saves him from more trouble by using his traditional Indian Dragonfire Peppers to scare the school bully away, and Luke quickly apologizes to him for acting like a jerk, and so both brothers start a clean slate. In the end, Zuri decides that selling lemonade wouldn't earn her a new doll, but Ravi's secret recipe would instead. Note: This is Kevin Chamberlin's first time directing an episode of Jessie, but he was not absent from the episode as when Mrs.Chesterfield was lecturing Zuri and Jessie's lemonade stand, Bertram walks by. 
1111"Take the A-Train.. I Think?"Sean McNamaraAdam LapidusJanuary 27, 2012 (2012-01-27)110[10]3.4[15]
Jessie notices that Emma is constantly doing her homework at the last minute, and now she's doing the same for her social studies report, which makes Jessie scold her just like her dad would do back at the military base. Finally, Jessie decides to take the Ross kids (except Luke, who is grounded) to the Annual Multicultural Fair in Battery Park. Unfortunately, on the way there, Jessie has a hard time finding the right train going to Battery Park, which leads her and Emma, Ravi, + Zuri getting lost in all other directions. After getting lost for the second time, Jessie leads Zuri into the train, but inadequately leaves Emma and Ravi behind in a German train station where they both meet a tall man named Fritz, who teaches them how to dance. Finally, after 20 minutes, Jessie and Zuri find Emma and Ravi (and so Ravi stops freaking out), and they enter the train together this time. To Emma's anxious surprise, Jessie is upset to find out that Ravi and Zuri never got to see what they wanted because of Jessie's unexplainable navigation issues, but Emma reassures her by showing the reactions on both Ravi and Zuri's happy faces, which cheers her up. Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Luke starts break-dancing again, but he hears a scream coming from the kitchen, so it must have been Bertram, because no one else was at home. Bertram falls unconscious at the sight of a poisonous spider called the speckled recluse (according to Bertram, the "deadliest spider on the planet!"), so both of them try and get rid of it by using their "winging-it" ideas (mostly Luke's), leading them to their final plan: dressing up like exterminators, but the spider escapes, until Mr. Kipling quickly eats it in one bite. After all that chaos, Bertram and Luke are relieved to see that there are no more spiders lurking around the kitchen, but they were both WRONG: When Luke decided to watch a movie with the butler, they find 2000 more spiders on a huge web blocking the screening room doorway, leading the duo in great shock. In the end, Jessie and the kids return home JUST to see Luke and Bertram chasing each other with the spiders (which turned out to be the recluse's orphan children). 
1212"Romancing the Crone"Bob KoherrValerie Ahern &
Christian McLaughlin
February 10, 2012 (2012-02-10)112[10]2.9[16]
Jessie and Zuri were making a video to send to Jessie's old friend Darla, so Zuri took Christina's tiara for Jessie to wear. Jessie accidentally knocks the tiara off her head and over the ledge, where it lands in Mrs. Chesterfield's hot tub. When Mrs. Chesterfield refuses to return the tiara, Jessie and Zuri convince Bertram to ask Mrs. Chesterfield on a date so they can take it from her apartment. Meanwhile, Ravi, Emma and Luke all see a video online and have an idea to make Mr. Kipling a star, but in the end, Luke decides that a lizard video wouldn't earn them a Webby Award, and so Zuri helps by posting a video about Jessie instead. 
1313"The Princess and the Pea Brain"Bob KoherrPamela Eells O'ConnellFebruary 24, 2012 (2012-02-24)113[10]3.1[17]
Normally, Jessie reads Zuri a bedtime story, but this time Zuri reads the story, which soon places all of them into a medieval world. Sir Tony will do anything to please Princess Jessie, though he is in competition with another guy fighting for her, who is supposed to represent a guy named Brody (Ben Bledsoe) in the real world. In the real world, a guy named Brody asks Jessie out on a date, which actually causes Tony to become jealous, just like in the medieval story. Both boys go on a great medieval "adventure" in the story to try to get Jessie to be their princess. They joust for Jessie, but Tony is obviously weaker than Brody. In the process, a dragon (Mr. Kipling) arrives which Tony manages to remove by throwing a ball. Meanwhile, Brody runs away. Besides the medieval storyline, Tony is conflicted about Jessie and Brody going on a date together. In the real world, Jessie finds out Brody also has another girlfriend and decides not to go out with him, accepting a date with Tony instead. Throughout the episode, Zuri relates her siblings and Jessie according to the characters in her story. 
1414"World Wide Web of Lies"Leonard R. Garner, Jr.Sally Lapiduss & Erin DunlapMarch 9, 2012 (2012-03-09)108[10]3.2[18]

Jessie competes with another nanny named Agatha (Jennifer Veal), who forbids her from taking the Ross kids to Central Park. She ends up putting pictures of Jessie online that makes her look like a bad nanny. When Christina finds out about the site, she believes Jessie and does not fire her; instead helping her get rid of Agatha. Meanwhile at the penthouse, Bertram is sick and tired of Luke and Ravi constantly "nurpling" each other, and so he teaches them a lesson by teaching them how to wrestle, thus making the Ross brothers too exhausted to fight anymore.

Absent: Peyton List as Emma Ross 
1515"The Kid Whisperer"Bob KoherrSally LapidussMarch 30, 2012 (2012-03-30)115[10]2.3[19]
Jessie thinks Luke needs strict discipline to keep him from misbehaving and enlists the help of fellow nanny, Samantha, who turns out to be a dog trainer. After Samantha is revealed to be a dog trainer Jessie questions whether to keep using the tactics on Luke, Jessie continues to use them after seeing Luke's attitude improve, but Luke starts to realize that Jessie isn't treating him right, and so he teaches her a lesson by acting like a dog (chewing on pillows, making a mess, scratching himself, etc). Meanwhile, Emma, Ravi, and Zuri break into Bertram's room, where his hobby of hoarding is revealed. Jessie makes them help clean it up, leading to Ravi getting stuck under a pile of Bertram's stuff, but when Ravi thought he was going to die, Luke finally rescues him, which makes Jessie realize that the way she was treating Luke earlier was wrong, and so she apologizes for HER misbehavior. In the end, the kids and Jessie rearrange and clean Bertram's room, but after the (dramatic music), the Rosslings find out Bertram didn't completely destroy his bad habit, and so they chase him downstairs. 
1616"Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation"Victor GonzalezValerie Ahern &
Christian McLaughlin
April 13, 2012 (2012-04-13)118[10]3.0[20]
When Luke and Ravi get into a sticky situation, Jessie finds out it's glue. But when Mrs. Chesterfield's hands get stuck to her head when her hair gel is switched with glue, she accuses all of the Ross kids. Now Jessie must find the real culprit, which could be any of the kids, Bertram, or Tony, but turns out to be Mrs. Chesterfield's pet chihuahua, Zeus. Meanwhile, Tony and Jessie attempt to go on a date, but in all the chaos, they miss the dinner reservation, movie, and a carriage ride. At the end, Jessie apologizes to Tony for them missing their third first date. Jessie thinks Tony is going to kiss her, but Tony slaps her to get a mosquito off between her neck and right cheek. Even though the Ross kids and Mr. Kipling were innocent for not pranking Chesterfield, they were guilty for only using the glue to resolve their problems or to cause mischief on Bertram, and so Jessie punishes them all, making them clean the kitchen with gloves, dusters, sprays, napkins, and mops. In the end, it was revealed that Zeus pranked Mrs. Chesterfield on purpose, not by accident or confusion. 
1717"Badfellas"Victor GonzalezEric Schaar & David J. BoothApril 27, 2012 (2012-04-27)120[10]3.1[21]
Emma gets a new boyfriend named Vincent (Garrett Backstrom), though Jessie thinks that he is a bad influence on her. She tells Emma to stay away from him, but Emma gets upset with her. Despite not being allowed to see Vincent anymore, Emma invites him over, even though Luke warns her that Jessie would find out once she comes back up the elevator after picking up Zuri, but Emma ignores him, and Vincent comes anyway, but what Emma didn't expect was that Vincent wasn't alone, but he invited almost all his schoolmates, leaving her confused, but still okay with it. Luke and Ravi also realize that Vincent is a bad influence when he tells both brothers to tell a guy to pay him back some money, leading Luke into being used as a seat cushion, and Ravi getting stuck in the piano. When Emma notices all this and seeing Bertram being swept away into the dumbwaiter shaft, she panics and calls Jessie to come home and help her. Jessie agrees, but despite trying to get Zuri to leave Central Park, they both make an agreement, and so Zuri goes home along with her young tree. Jessie teaches Vincent a lesson and demands everyone to leave, leading Emma into a week's grounding. In the end, after Luke gets Ravi out of the piano, Zuri gives her tree a tour across the penthouse, while Jessie and her older siblings help Bertram get unstuck from the dumbwaiter shaft. 
1818"Beauty & the Beasts"Phill LewisPamela Eells O'ConnellMay 4, 2012 (2012-05-04)2.6[22]
Zuri enters the Little Miss Big Apple Competition against Lindsey (Nikki Hahn), a kid who Agatha's watching, but when Jessie finds out that Zuri has no talent, she insists that Zuri should lip sync. When Zuri plans to cheat on her schoolwork, Jessie apologizes for teaching her that cheating seems right. Zuri ends up doing an acting scene, but she and Lindsey don't win, but remember that Jessie and Agatha made a bet. Both the nannies end up hanging upside down in monkey suits in Central Park, but Zuri and Emma see how long they can stay there, and leave them there for longer than their bet said to. Meanwhile, Luke helps Ravi with his science project, which leads them to experiment on Bertram, but later on, Bertram finds out about their little "plan," and tries getting them back by pretending to receive chest pain, in order to scare them both, but in the end, Luke and Ravi learn their lesson and from then on, they never experimented on Bertram again. 
1919"Evil Times Two"Bob KoherrAdam LapidusMay 11, 2012 (2012-05-11)2.9[23]
Nanny Agatha's twin sister named Angela visits, and Jessie suspects she is trying to steal her job and catch Tony's eye. Meanwhile, Emma copes with a giant pimple on her nose. Angela tries to take the kids away from Jessie while Jessie & her are fighting, but the children choose Jessie over Angela. In the end, Bertram, Luke, and Ravi are seen doing yoga. 
2020"Tempest in a Teacup"Victor GonzalezSally Lapidus & Erin DunlapJune 8, 2012 (2012-06-08)3.2[24]
Ravi and Luke are flying a model helicopter and it flies into a giant teacup on a billboard. Ravi, Luke, and Bertram also get stuck in the teacup trying to rescue the helicopter. Meanwhile, Jessie and Tony go on their 4th date and try to make it perfect because of their three dates all went wrong, and because of Jessie's bad experience with a previous prom date. Emma and Zuri help plan the date/prom make-up by doing a under the sea theme for the date. Jessie and Tony end up getting stuck in the giant teacup billboard. When Jessie gets soaking wet, just like her last prom date, it sets course for fiasco, but Tony considers her beautiful, no matter how she looks, and kisses her. The episode ends with them dancing the night away in the giant teacup in which Bertram, Luke, and Ravi get stuck in. 
2121"A Doll's Outhouse"Phill LewisValerie Ahern &
Christian McLaughlin
June 22, 2012 (2012-06-22)3.8[25]
After watching a scary movie about dolls, Zuri refuses to sleep in her room again. Jessie tells her to face her fear, revealing her own fear as well: Port-A-Potties. Meanwhile, Luke teaches Ravi how to impress a girl from his biology class (Tanya Weston), yet realizing that Tanya has a crush on Luke, not Ravi, after she gives him a rib-cracking hug. Ignoring the context, Ravi is angry and upset because he thinks Luke betrayed him by "moving in on his woman," and challenges his brother to an unnecessary duel two hours later. During all that mayhem, Bertram attempts to enter an opera contest to win a long vacation to Italy, or as he states it: "....thousands of miles away from here." While Luke and Ravi hit each other with large breaksticks, Bertram finds out he did win, but not for a vacation. After Luke "grinds" Ravi with sausage, Luke tells him what really happened two hours ago in Central Park, and so Ravi apologizes for not believing him in the first place. Finally, Emma solemly tells Tanya that she would end up as old maid with lots of cats. In the end, after receiving weird dreams about their greatest fears (including an opera singer, a lion, a port-a-potty, loads of dolls, a zombie-doll, and a nice-doll), Jessie and Zuri successfully conquer them. In the end, the Ross kids decide to ship away the port-a-potty back to the lobby, just to see that Bertram hid in there the whole time. 
2222"We Are So Grounded"Eric Dean SeatonValerie Ahern &
Christian McLaughlin
July 13, 2012 (2012-07-13)1243.7[26]
Jessie, Bertram and the kids head to Bali for a family vacation, but when their private jet starts to experience difficulties, Jessie takes control of the cockpit and makes an emergency landing on a tropical island. Jessie must figure out how to get the kids home safely, all while recovering from poisonous bug bites, escaping scary monsters and tracking down Mr. Kipling. When Jessie receives a bug bite, it makes her insane, and so Emma tries to cure her with a fork. Meanwhile, Luke warns Bertram and his sister, Zuri, about "monsters" living on this mysterious island, and so Luke and Zuri try to find Ravi to run away, while he pleads Mr. Kipling to go back to him. Jessie finds the kids in a small hut nearby, and find out that there is no monster after all, but just an idiot in an insect mask. When Emma finally navigates a helicopter to come and rescue her family, Jessie is relieved, and the kids hop on, while Ravi is so heartbroken without his pet, that he decides to stay on the island, until Mr. Kipling does actually return to him. In the end, Jessie and Emma find out that Bertram's cooked bird had babies before it was roasted. 
2323"Creepy Connie's Curtain Call"Leonard R. Garner, Jr.Adam LapidusJuly 26, 2012 (2012-07-26)1233.5[27]

Jessie directs a play she's written by herself at the kids' school, and because she thinks Luke has 'acting potential' she casts him as the leading male role. However, the play is a love story where the leading female role gets to kiss Luke and "Creepy" Connie is trying to get all the girls away from getting the leading female role so she can end up being the leading female role so she can kiss Luke. In the end, Connie stops trying to get Luke to like her and ends up going out with Ravi instead. Meanwhile, Zuri job-shadows Bertram for her school report.

Notes: Creepy Connie is back because in the end of the episode, Creepy Connie Comes a Callin', Connie says, "Lukey Pukey, its Connie, I decided to forgive you, I'm taking you back." Also, this is the first time that the series has aired on a Thursday night, since usually it airs on Friday nights. 
2424"Cattle Calls & Scary Walls"Leonard R. Garner, Jr.Sally Lapiduss & Erin DunlapAugust 10, 2012 (2012-08-10)1263.4[28]

Jessie leaves Emma in charge of Luke and Ravi, as Emma helps her brothers search for what they think are strange noises coming from the dumbwaiter shaft. Ravi attempts to go forth and search for this mysterious creature, shocking him once he finds it. When Ravi doesn't return back to the kitchen for quite a while, Luke dresses up like Indiana Jones to go and search for him. Emma also tries to help, but gets herself lost in the walls, making Luke finally explode in fury. Meanwhile, Jessie auditions for a role on a television show, yet Zuri's the one who impresses the director instead. Jealous and angry that she didn't get the part, Jessie tries to squirm herself into the spotlight, thus creating a Ross diva instead of fulfilling her acting dream. The producer gets mad and fires Zuri and Jessie.

Absent: Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram

Note: Jessie reveals her last name: Prescott. 
2525"Gotcha Day"Victor GonzalezDavid J. Booth & Eric SchaarAugust 24, 2012 (2012-08-24)1174.4[29]
While the Ross Family has their traditional "Gotcha Day", Jessie is left in charge to help celebrate the time when Zuri was first welcomed home in New York City. When Ravi tells the story when he first arrived in the United States, he tells Jessie that they thought Mr. Kipling was supposed to be a baby because his room was decorated like a nursery. Jessie accidentally blurts out that Morgan and Christina were probably expecting a baby instead of him. Ravi then gets incredibly upset and Christina gets infuriated with Jessie. The huge reveal almost ruins "Gotcha Day". Later on, Morgan and Christina tells them that his birth certificate had a typo and instead of Ravi being born in the year 2001, it said 2011, so that is why the Ross' were expecting a baby. In the end, Ravi forgives Morgan and Christina for the mishap, and they give Zuri a zebra as a "Gotcha Day" present. 
2626"The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling"[30][31]Eric Dean SeatonPamela Eells O'ConnellSeptember 7, 2012 (2012-09-07)125[32]3.6[33]

Mr. Kipling has been acting strangely for some time. He is mean to Ravi and has been having weird food cravings. It is revealed that Mr. Kipling is a female lizard guarding her twelve babies, and this startles the entire Ross family. Meanwhile, Zuri is upset when she announces that Millie the Mermaid has died (she accidentally got stabbed by a swordfish). The mailman accidentally ships Mr. Kipling's eggs to a restaurant. Jessie, Ravi, and Luke pretend to be waiters and try to get them back. At the restaurant, the eggs hatch and twelve little lizards are born. The episode ends with the entire family, including Bertram, attending Millie the Mermaid's funeral.

Notes: Ravi claims that Mr. Kipling had babies because of the lizard she met in the episode, "We Are So Grounded". Bertram reveals Zuri's middle name, Zanobia. 

Season 2: 2012

On March 11, 2012, it was announced that Jessie has been renewed for a second season and a telefilm is in development.[34] They started filming on July 9, 2012. In an interview with CleverTV, Debby Ryan said that season 2 of Jessie would show a lot more about Jessie. Season 1 showed more about the kids, and Jessie as a new nanny.[35]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
271"The Whining"[2]TBATBAOctober 5, 2012 (2012-10-05)[2]N/A


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