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This is the list of the episodes for the American cooking television series and competition Iron Chef America, produced by Food Network. The series is based on the Japanese series Iron Chef and is a cooking competition in which a challenger chef "battles" one of the resident "Iron Chefs" by cooking five or more dishes in a one-hour time slot based around a secret ingredient or ingredients, and sometimes theme. In most episodes, three judges score the meal in three categories, with 10 points available to each judge for taste, 5 points for creativity, and 5 points for presentation, for a possible total of 60 points. Exceptions are noted for individual episodes.


Battle of the Masters: 2004[edit]

Iron Chef America was first aired as a mini-series entitled Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters. For Battle of the Masters, two of the original Iron Chefs competed along with three Food Network personalities in various match ups with one another.

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallenger Iron ChefSecret ingredientWinnerFinal score [1]
0IASP05A special behind-the-scenes preview episode. No battles took place.
1IANS01Bobby FlayHiroyuki SakaiTroutBobby Flay55-51
2IANS02Mario BataliMasaharu MorimotoSpiny lobsterMario Batali57-51
3IANS03Wolfgang Puck[1]Masaharu MorimotoEggsWolfgang Puck52-47
4IANS04Bobby Flay & Masaharu MorimotoMario Batali & Hiroyuki SakaiFruits de mer (scallops, langoustine, and sea urchin)Bobby Flay & Masaharu Morimoto71-55[2]

^1 This is Wolfgang Puck's only battle as an Iron Chef.
^2 There were four judges for this battle, thus a highest possible score of 80, as compared to normal episodes which have three judges and a highest possible score of 60.

Season 1: 2005[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[2]
1IA1A01Masaharu MorimotoRoberto Donna[3]ItalianScallopsMasaharu Morimoto50-33
2IA1A02Mario BataliAnita LoAsian FusionMushroomsAnita Lo54-45
3IA1A03Masaharu MorimotoRob FeenieFrench-AsianCrabRob Feenie45-39
4IA1A04Mario BataliScott Q. CampbellNew AmericanCheese[4]Mario Batali53-40
5IA1A05Bobby FlayGovind ArmstrongSeasonal CalifornianSquashBobby Flay48-36
6IA1A06Bobby FlayMing TsaiChinese FusionDuckMing Tsai48-43
7IA1A07Mario BataliRoberto TrevinoLatin AmericanCatfishMario Batali52-43
8IA1A08Cat CoraAlex LeeFrenchPotatoesCat Cora47-46
9IA1A09Bobby FlayRick BaylessTraditional MexicanBuffaloBobby Flay50-49
10IA1A10Mario BataliMichael LaiskonisDessertChocolate and coconutMario Batali50-45

^3 Roberto Donna completed only two of the required five dishes.
^4 The cheeses in this battle consisted of five traditional Italian cheeses: mascarpone, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, gorgonzola and mozzarella.

Season 2: 2005[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[3]
1IA0204Mario BataliTodd EnglishMediterraneanPizza doughMario Batali47-45
2IA0213Cat CoraKerry SimonModern AmericanHamburgerKerry Simon49.1-49
3IA0201Bobby FlayAdam Perry LangBarbecueChickenBobby Flay49-48
4IA0203Masaharu MorimotoAarón SanchezLatin AmericanBlack bassDraw45-45
5IA0202Mario BataliTraci Des JardinsFrench-CaliforniaShrimpTraci Des Jardins47-41
6IA0211Cat CoraSam ChoyHawaiian/ChineseClamsCat Cora51.5-41.75
7IA0207Bobby FlayMichelle BernsteinNuevo Latin/FusionSweet onionMichelle Bernstein47-41
8IA0214Masaharu MorimotoMichael SymonAmerican/MediterraneanAsparagusMasaharu Morimoto53.5-44
9IA0208Mario BataliTamara Murphy[5]Pan-MediterraneanCrawfishMario Batali50-48
10IA0206Masaharu MorimotoTom DouglasNorthwest Pan PacificWild Chinook salmonTom Douglas48-45
11IA0205Bobby FlayMary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger[6]SouthwesternTurkeyDraw42-42
12IA0212Mario BataliWylie DufresneMolecular gastronomyTilapiaMario Batali46-43.5
13IA0209Bobby FlayDavid BurkeContemporary American/FrenchLambBobby Flay51-48
14IA0210Cat CoraNeal FraserNew AmericanPorkNeal Fraser47-41

^5 Tamara Murphy is the first female challenger to lose to the Iron Chef. The three previous female competitors won their respective battles.
^6 In this match Milliken and Feniger only had one sous-chef to adhere to the three-to-a-kitchen rule.

Season 3: 2006–2007[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[4]
1IA0301Mario BataliJohn BeshFrenchAndouilleJohn Besh55-49
2IA0302Bobby FlayBeau MacMillanOrganic Contemporary AmericanAmerican Kobe beefBeau MacMillan49-46
3IA0303Cat CoraJon Shook & Vinny DotoloEclecticEggplantCat Cora51-50
4IA0304Bobby FlayRalph PaganoNew AmericanBarramundiBobby Flay56-42
5IA0310Masaharu MorimotoRoberto Donna[7]ItalianSquidRoberto Donna54-48
6IA0306Bobby FlayLaurent TourondelFrenchGoat cheeseLaurent Tourondel52-43
7IA0305Mario BataliLudovic LefebvreFrenchBigeye tunaMario Batali53-47
8[8]IA0312Bobby FlaySusur LeeChinese FusionBaconDraw46-46
9IA0307Masaharu MorimotoChristophe Eme[9]FrenchLobsterMasaharu Morimoto53-40
10IA0315Bobby FlayMorou Ouattara[10]African / Middle Eastern / French FusionFrozen peasBobby Flay54-47
11IA0308Cat CoraWalter ScheibAmericanDungeness crabWalter Scheib55-49
12IA0309Bobby FlayJosh DechellisAsianChicken eggsBobby Flay47-43
13IA0311Cat CoraMichael PsilakisGreekPuff pastryCat Cora50-48
14IA0314Mario BataliRick Tramonto & Gale GandFrench (Tramonto), Pastry (Gand)FennelMario Batali54-46
15IA0316Masaharu MorimotoPatricia Yeo[11]Asian FusionTofuMasaharu Morimoto59-55
16IA0322Bobby FlayDavid BullAmerican RegionalWild boarBobby Flay49-43
17IA0317Cat CoraElizabeth Falkner[12]DessertsHoneyCat Cora39-38
18IA0313Cat CoraJoey CampanaroAmerican/MediterraneanVenisonCat Cora45-42
19[13]IASP19Giada De Laurentiis & Bobby FlayRachael Ray & Mario BataliItalian (De Laurentiis), Quick and Easy (Ray)CranberriesRachael Ray & Mario Batali53-46
20IA0318Mario BataliRichard BlaisModern AmericanChickpeasMario Batali51-48
21IA0320Cat CoraWalter Royal[14]Southern RegionalOstrichWalter Royal51-43
22[15]IA0324Bobby FlayJohnny VinczenczCaribbean cuisineCitrus fruitBobby Flay50-46
23IA0321Mario BataliIan ChalermkittichaiModern ThaiLentilsMario Batali53-48
24IA0323Masaharu MorimotoHomaro CantuMolecular gastronomyBeetsHomaro Cantu52-51

^7 Roberto Donna is the first chef to request a re-match.
^8 First aired on Food Network Canada on May 3, 2006.
^9 Eme brought only one sous-chef to the competition; his other sous-chef was needed to operate his restaurant in his absence. Eme is married to actress Jeri Ryan, who later served as a judge on ICA.
^10 Chef Morou won a Washington D.C. preliminary competition in December, 2005 for the chance to compete on the show.
^11 Patricia Yeo is the first former ICA sous chef (under Bobby Flay) to compete against an Iron Chef.
^12 Elizabeth Falkner was a sous chef under Cat Cora for several ICA episodes.
^13 This was a special 90-minute episode that pitted two guest Food Network personalities against each other. Each personality was paired with an Iron Chef.
^14 Walter Royal had a third sous chef for the first five minutes of the competition. This sous chef, who primarily participated by peeling potatoes, was a 12-year old working in a mentor program with Chef Royal.
^15 This first aired on the Throwdown! with Bobby Flay Marathon on January 1, 2007.

Season 4: 2007[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[5]
1[16]IA0403Bobby FlayGraham BowlesProgressiveChocolateBobby Flay49-47
2IA0404Bobby FlayLynn Crawford[17]Contemporary CanadianPeanutsBobby Flay51-48
3IA0409Mario Batali & Tony Abou-GanimRobert Gadsby & Bridget AlbertProgressive American (Gadsby), Cocktails (Abou-Ganim & Albert)MangoMario Batali & Tony Abou-Ganim80-63[18]
4IA0410Bobby FlayMarc MurphyFrench-ItalianBreakfast[19]Bobby Flay54-45
5IA0405Bobby FlayJosé AndrésModern SpanishGoatJosé Andrés55-48
6IA0406Masaharu MorimotoLinton HopkinsSouthernSablefishMasaharu Morimoto45-40
7IA0401Mario BataliChris CosentinoItalianGarlicMario Batali46-44
8IA0402Cat CoraDavid MyersModern FrenchOystersCat Cora55-54
9IA0408Masaharu MorimotoTim LoveUrban SouthwesternChilesTim Love48-47
10IA0407Bobby FlayPeter KellyModern AmericanCowboy ribeye[20]Peter Kelly51-48

^16 First aired on Food Network Canada on February 11, 2007.
^17 Lynn Crawford is the first Canadian woman to compete in Kitchen Stadium. She is a Food Network Canada personality as part of the series Restaurant Makeover.
^18 This episode featured a guest mixologist paired with each competing chef. The mixologists were required to prepare a drink to accompany each dish that also highlighted the secret ingredient. The drinks were judged on a 10 point scale (6 for taste, two each for presentation and creativity) which was added to the chef's score for the final score, thus giving a total possible score of 90 points per team.[6]
^19 Consisted of bacon, various breads, chicken eggs, maple syrup, orange juice, and pork sausage.
^20 Chosen to highlight grilling as a cooking method as part of Food Network's "Grillin' & Chillin'" Week.

Season 5: 2007[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[7]
1IA0502Bobby FlayBen FordRegional AmericanBlue foot chickenBobby Flay44-35
2IA0508Mario BataliTony LiuPan-EuropeanOpahMario Batali55-47
3IA0509Cat CoraAlexandra GuarnaschelliFrench-AmericanFarmers' Market[21]Cat Cora45-41
4IA0501Mario BataliAndrew CarmelliniUrban ItalianParmigiano-ReggianoMario Batali56-55
5IA0504Cat CoraMark TarbellSeasonal OrganicApplesMark Tarbell50-44
6IA0506Bobby FlayKurt BoucherFrench-AmericanArctic charBobby Flay46-39
7IA0510Mario BataliCharles ClarkNew AmericanHalibutMario Batali51-50
8IA0507Cat CoraMary DumontFrench-AmericanMilk and creamCat Cora51-46
9[22]IASP07Michael SymonRicky MooreContemporary American[23]Traditional Thanksgiving[24]Michael Symon51-43
10[25]IASP08Cat Cora & Paula DeenTyler Florence & Robert IrvineSouthern (Deen), Contemporary American (Florence), International (Irvine)SugarCat Cora & Paula Deen49-47
11IA0503Cat CoraTodd RichardsModern SouthernCarrotsCat Cora48-46
12[26]IA0505Masaharu MorimotoFortunato NicotraSeasonal ItalianKampachiMasaharu Morimoto59-50

^21 Consisted of fresh ingredients purchased from the Green Market at Union Square in New York City, including a variety of winter vegetables, fruit and guinea fowl.
^22 An ICA special based around Symon's debut battle as an Iron Chef.
^23 Other than his preference for farm-fresh ingredients, no formal specialty was announced for Moore. This is the cuisine style attributed to Agraria in Washington, D.C., where Moore is executive chef.[8]
^24 Consisted of traditional American Thanksgiving staples: turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, corn, and pumpkin.
^25 An ICA special which featured two teams of Food Network personalities facing off in a holiday dessert battle, with each team having one sous chef instead of the usual two.
^26 First aired on Food Network on January 20, 2008, after the first two episodes of Season 6 were broadcast.

Season 6: 2008[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[9]
1IA0601Mario BataliJamie Oliver[27]OrganicCobiaMario Batali50-47
2[28]IA0602Michael SymonGuy RubinoAsian FusionRabbitMichael Symon52-46
3[29]IA0603Cat CoraAlex StupakPastryChocolateAlex Stupak49-46
4IA0605Bobby FlayKent & Kevin RathbunSouthwesternElkKent & Kevin Rathbun50-46
5IA0607Cat CoraLee HillsonMediterraneanHamCat Cora51-50
6IA0608Bobby FlayAkira BackAsianSpinachBobby Flay45-38
7IA0604Masaharu MorimotoTyson ColeContemporary JapaneseGingerMasaharu Morimoto49-43
8IA0610Cat CoraKen OringerContemporary Euro-AsianCoffeeKen Oringer56-52
9IA0612Bobby FlayMartin RiosTraditional SouthwesternTomatoBobby Flay52-41
10IA0609Bobby FlayBob IacovoneContinental CreoleLangoustineBobby Flay51-42
11IA0611Mario BataliPaul BartolottaMediterraneanRiceMario Batali57-54
12IA0606Bobby FlayMarcus SamuelssonModern Scandinavian/World CuisineCornBobby Flay53-42
13IA0616Michael SymonApril BloomfieldSeasonal British and ItalianOliveApril Bloomfield56-53
14IA0613Masaharu MorimotoMichael CimarustiFrench and SeafoodBlackfishMichael Cimarusti45-41
15IA0614Bobby FlayGabrielle HamiltonContemporary AmericanZucchiniGabrielle Hamilton53-49
16IA0617Masaharu MorimotoTyson Wong OphasoChineseCurryMasaharu Morimoto53-44
17IA0618Bobby FlayJose GarcesModern Spanish and Latin AmericanMelon[30]Jose Garces50-49
18IA0615Bobby FlayFloyd CardozNew IndianSnailsBobby Flay51-45

^27 Oliver's sous chefs were Gennaro Contaldo, his mentor at London's Neal Street Restaurant and his "mate" Andrew Parkinson, also a trained chef, both of whom have previously appeared with him on his television programs.
^28 First aired on Food Network on January 1, 2008, following a marathon replay of The Next Iron Chef.
^29 First aired on Food Network Canada on February 10, 2008 as part of a chocolate-themed program marathon.
^30 First aired during "Brain Freeze Week". In keeping with the theme, the Chairman stipulated each dish must include a frozen element.

Season 7: 2008-2009[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score[10]
1IA0703Michael SymonDavid Adjey[31]EuropeanSturgeonDraw47-47
2IA0701Bobby FlayDaniel AngererEuropeanBeerDaniel Angerer47-45
3IA0702Cat CoraArt Smith[32]American organic with Southern influencesCheddar cheeseCat Cora49-44
4IA0704Michael SymonChris Cosentino[33]"Nose-to-tail" rustic ItalianOffal[34]Michael Symon46-38
5[35]IASP09Bobby Flay and Michael SymonCat Cora and Masaharu MorimotoIron ChefFirst Thanksgiving[36]Bobby Flay and Michael Symon55-54
6IASP10Michael SymonCat CoraIron ChefChocolateMichael Symon52-45
7IA0710Michael SymonNate ApplemanRegional Italian/PizzaSuckling pigMichael Symon52-50
8IA0705Bobby FlaySabrina TinsleyItalianFresh beansBobby Flay46-37
9IA0711Michael SymonFabio TrabocchiItalianBasilMichael Symon46-45
10IA0714Bobby FlayAmanda Freitag[37]AmericanAlaskan king crabBobby Flay50-49
11IA0709Cat CoraMourad LahlouMoroccanRedfishMourad Lahlou52-45
12IA0708Bobby FlayDavid KinchContemporary FrenchCabbageDavid Kinch52-42
13IA0712Cat CoraKoren GrievesonMediterraneanButterDraw54-54
14IA0707Masaharu MorimotoSam MasonSweet/savorySkirt steakMasaharu Morimoto53-46
15IA0713Michael SymonGavin Kaysen[38]FrenchOctopusGavin Kaysen55-50
16IA0706Bobby FlayPhillipe ExcoffierFrenchDoradeBobby Flay48-46
17IA0723Bobby FlaySue TorresMexicanBananasBobby Flay52-48
18IA0717Michael SymonAkhtar NawabNew AmericanPineappleMichael Symon50-41
19IA0716Michael SymonFrancois Kwaku-DongoAfrican/FrenchArtichokeMichael Symon50-45
20IA0720Cat CoraBrad FarmerieFreestyle FusionMaple syrupBrad Farmerie52-45
21IA0715Masaharu MorimotoJehangir MehtaIndianCoconutMasaharu Morimoto54-52
22IASP12HMichael Symon
Emily Tillman and Jacob Micale (apprentices)[11]
Katelyn Remick (lead chef)
Tyler Burke and Julie Fiedler (sous chefs)
World cuisinesBalsamic vinegarMichael Symon
Emily Tillman and Jacob Micale
23IA0722Bobby FlayDaisley GordonContemporary FrenchBerriesBobby Flay56-50
24IA0719Masaharu MorimotoAnthony AmorosoSeafoodBranzinoAnthony Amoroso49-47
25IA0718Cat CoraDavid WalzogSteakCherriesCat Cora48-45
26IA0721Masaharu MorimotoPaul VirantNew AmericanPheasantMasaharu Morimoto51-50
27IA0724Cat CoraCharles PhanVietnameseAlmondsCat Cora45-41
28IASP13HBobby Flay
& Shintaro Okamoto[39]
Masaharu Morimoto
& Takeo Okamoto
Iron Chef
Ice Sculpture
Eggnog with service on ice sculpturesMasaharu Morimoto
& Takeo Okamoto

^31 According to the program notes, Adjey and Symon were roommates at the Culinary Institute of America. Adjey is also a Food Network Canada personality as part of the series Restaurant Makeover.
^32 Art Smith is the first Iron Chef America judge to later appear as a challenger.
^33 Cosentino was a competitor with Symon on the first The Next Iron Chef, and was previously defeated by Mario Batali in Battle Garlic.
^34 A special Halloween episode, featuring organ meats (heart, kidney, sweetbreads, tripe, liver) from a variety of animals along with off-cuts such as pig's trotters and coxcomb. The episode also featured appearances by Igor and The Monster from the Broadway production of "Young Frankenstein."
^35 This is the first episode in which the new Iron Chef jackets are worn.
^36 Secret ingredients included duck, heritage turkey, venison, walnuts, Indian corn, lobster and leeks.
^37 One of Amanda Freitag's sous chefs was Ariane Duarte, a contestant on the fifth season of Top Chef. Duarte is not a chef at Freitag's restaurant.
^38 Kaysen was a former competitor on The Next Iron Chef; this was his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.
^39 Takeo and Shintaro Okamoto previously appeared on Will Work for Food, training Adam Gertler to sculpt ice for an event.

Season 8: 2010[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score
1[40]IA0815HMichael Symon & Michael PsilakisNicola & Fabrizio CarroGreek (Psilakis), Classic Italian (Carro)LemonsMichael Symon & Michael Psilakis77-70[41]
2[42]IASP14HMario Batali & Emeril LagasseBobby Flay & Cristeta ComerfordNew Orleans (Lagasse), American (Comerford)White House garden produce[43]Bobby Flay & Cristeta Comerford55-50
3IA0802HMasaharu MorimotoDena MarinoMediterraneanFigsMasaharu Morimoto49-41
4IA0827HJose Garces[44]Rachel Yang and Seif ChirchiModern Korean/French/AmericanHawaiian MoiJose Garces51-50
5IA0812HMasaharu MorimotoSameh WadiModern Middle EasternMackerelMasaharu Morimoto57-52
6IA0811HBobby FlayMichael Smith[45]Regional CanadianAvocadoBobby Flay54-40
7IA0829HMichael SymonDuff Goldman[46]CakeChocolate and chilesMichael Symon56-48
8IA0814HMichael SymonSpike MendelsohnEclecticProsciuttoMichael Symon55-45
9IA0822HCat Cora[47]Julieta BallesterosFrench influenced MexicanRicottaCat Cora55-46
10IA0804HMasaharu MorimotoManeet ChauhanLatin/Indian fusionLeeksMasaharu Morimoto56-40
11IA0819HCat CoraHolly Smith[48]SeasonalGrapesHolly Smith50-49
12IA0810HMasaharu MorimotoGeoffrey Zakarian[49]AmericanSardinesMasaharu Morimoto57-43
13IA0823HJose GarcesKelly LikenSeasonal AmericanBlue cheeseJose Garces53-48
14IA0803HMichael SymonJohn Fraser[50]Local SeasonalCauliflowerMichael Symon49-44
15[51]IA0809HBobby FlayCurtis StoneNatural organicSkipjack tunaBobby Flay49-37
16IA0813HBobby FlayPierre ThiamWest AfricanPapayaBobby Flay59-49
17IA0818HMichael SymonEd BrownModern AmericanWahooMichael Symon46-38
18IA0816HMichael SymonMakoto Okuwa[52]JapaneseUniMichael Symon56-43
19IA0817HMasaharu MorimotoMaria HinesNatural organicPacific codMaria Hines51-46
20IA0808HMichael SymonDominique Crenn[53]New AmericanYogurtDominique Crenn53-44
21IA0807HMasaharu MorimotoAmanda CohenVegetarianBroccoli[54]Masaharu Morimoto54-45
22IA0820HCat CoraChristopher KostowSeasonal CalifornianOatmealChristopher Kostow55-54
23IA0826HJose GarcesNaomi PomeroyFrenchTrufflesJose Garces40-37
24IA0824HCat CoraSeamus Mullen[55]Regional SpanishBarracudaCat Cora54-47
25IA0828HJose GarcesKatsuya Fukushima and Ruben GarciaContemporary AmericanMahi-MahiKatsuya Fukushima and Ruben Garcia55-50
26IA0805HMichael SymonMarc VetriNorthern ItalianVealMarc Vetri51-47
27IA0825HCat CoraPaul MirandaAmericanBourbonCat Cora51-47
28IA0821HJose GarcesEdward LeeNew AmericanTongue and cheekEdward Lee53-48
29IA0801HBobby FlayEric Greenspan[56]Bold AmericanGooseEric Greenspan44-39
30IA0830HMichael SymonSean BrockModern AmericanPork fatMichael Symon57-51
31IA0806HMasaharu MorimotoJohn SedlarModern SouthwesternQuailMasaharu Morimoto56-45

^40 A twin-themed battle, featuring Michael Symon lookalike Psilakis (who previously lost to Cat Cora in Battle Puff Pastry), the twin Carro brothers, and twin judges Tia and Tamera Mowry.
^41 There were four judges for this battle, thus a highest possible score of 80, as compared to normal episodes which have three judges and a highest possible score of 60.
^42 First Lady Michelle Obama appeared as a special guest at the beginning of this two-hour episode, where she welcomed the chefs and announced the secret ingredient. This is also the last battle featuring Batali as part of the regular cast; it was announced in September 2007 that Batali's contract with Food Network was not being renewed.
^43 In Kitchen Stadium, the Chairman supplemented the secret ingredient with a range of locally and sustainably grown meats and seafood, along with goat cheese, eggs, cider vinegar and honey from the White House beehive.
^44 Garces' debut as Iron Chef, having won the second season of The Next Iron Chef competition
^45 Michael Smith is the host of Food Network Canada's "Chef at Home".
^46 Goldman is also the host of Food Network's Ace of Cakes. His experiences on ICA are included in Ace of Cakes episode DB0808L ("Charm City Throwdown"). Goldman's sous chefs were his former mentor, Jean Llapitan, and Shawn Aoki from the Palace Hotel, San Francisco.
^47 Richard Blais, who previously competed against Iron Chef Batali in Battle Chickpeas, joins Cat Cora's team as a sous chef.
^48 Smith competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is her first battle in Kitchen Stadium
^49 Zakarian appears regularly as a judge on Chopped (TV series).
^50 Fraser requested permission to compete without sous chefs; Symon dismissed his upon learning Fraser was competing alone.
^51 This battle was a special grill battle, where each dish was to include a grilled element.
^52 Makoto Okuwa was a sous chef under Iron Chef Morimoto for several ICA episodes.
^53 Crenn competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is her first battle in Kitchen Stadium
^54 This episode was Iron Chef America's first vegetarian battle.
^55 Seamus Mullen competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.
^56 Eric Greenspan competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.

Season 9: 2010-2011[edit]

A modification to the judging was made this season. At the end of each chef's presentation, the Chairman asked each judge to sum up their impressions of the chef's dishes, although not every episode includes this segment.

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score
1IA0916HMarc Forgione[57]RJ CooperMid-Atlantic regionalBell pepperMarc Forgione54-45
2IASP15HJose GarcesMike LataClassicSparkling wineJose Garces70-67[58]
3IA0910HMichael Symon & Anne Burrell[59]Cat Cora & Robert Irvine[60]Italian (Burrell), International (Irvine)Deep freeze (multiple courses with a specified ingredient, containing a frozen element)Michael Symon & Anne Burrell50-46
4IA0902HBobby FlayChuck Hughes[61]QuébécoiseCanadian lobsterChuck Hughes45-41
5IA0914HMarc ForgioneNicholas CantrelFrench/MediterraneanGruyère cheeseNicholas Cantrel51-46
6IA0917HJose GarcesMichael SolomonovIsraeliPassion fruitJose Garces75-59[62]
7IA0912HJose GarcesJulian Medina[63]MexicanMexican chocolateJose Garces72-71[64]
8IA0909HMichael SymonEmma Hearst[65]ItalianMozzarellaMichael Symon53-48
9IA0913HCat CoraDavid SchneiderGreekLeg of lambCat Cora55-46
10IA0915HJose GarcesVitaly PaleyPacific NorthwesternRadishVitaly Paley51-46
11IA0903HMasaharu MorimotoDavid PasternackItalian-influenced SeafoodWreckfishMasaharu Morimoto47-40
12IA0908HBobby FlayTodd SteinModern ItalianMusselsBobby Flay49-48
13IA0907HMichael SymonRoger MookingMediterranean/Canadian fusionHot dogsMichael Symon74-61[66]
14IA0904HBobby FlayAshley ChristensenSouthernChum salmonBobby Flay45-35
15IA0918HMichael SymonWayne JohnsonPacific NorthwesternCucumberMichael Symon45-38
16IA0905HMasaharu MorimotoJet TilaPan-AsianSeaweedMasaharu Morimoto55-51
17IA0919HJose GarcesCesare CasellaItalianHawaiian snapperJose Garces60-54[67]
18IA0911HCat CoraRobert CarterSouthernOkraCat Cora51-44
19IA0901HBobby FlayWalter StaibTraditional American/CaribbeanShort ribsBobby Flay69-45[68]
20IA0906HBobby FlayJason Knibb"Earth-to-Table" JamaicanCaviarBobby Flay44-38

^57 Marc Forgione's debut as an Iron Chef, having won season three of The Next Iron Chef. Forgione previously served as a sous chef for Laurent Tourondel in Battle Goat Cheese during Season 3.
^58 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.
^59 Anne Burrell previously served as one of Mario Batali's sous chefs and hosts the Food Network show "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef".
^60 Iron Chef Cat Cora along with Paula Deen previously defeated Chef Robert Irvine along with Chef Tyler Florence in Battle Sugar.
^61 Chuck Hughes is the host of the Cooking Channel's "Chuck's Day Off".
^62 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.
^63 Chef Medina's sous chef, J.C. Pavlovich, previously served as a sous chef for Iron Chef Bobby Flay in multiple battles.
^64 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.
^65 At age 24, Hearst is the youngest challenger in series history.
^66 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.
^67 Iron Chef Jose Garces was the first to receive a perfect score.
^68 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.

Season 10: 2011-2012[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score
1IA1016HMarc ForgioneLee Anne Wong[69]JapaneseHalloween candyLee Anne Wong52-51
2IASP16HBobby Flay and Michael SymonJose Garces and Marc ForgioneIron ChefThanksgiving feastBobby Flay and Michael Symon59-54
3IASP17HMasaharu MorimotoMichael SymonIron ChefAlton Brown's fruitcake[70]Masaharu Morimoto56-51
4IA1018HMarc ForgioneNick CurtinContemporary AmericanTilapiaMarc Forgione52-49
5IA1015HGeoffrey Zakarian[71]Victor CasanovaModern ItalianBrook troutGeoffrey Zakarian60-53
6IA1006HBobby Flay and Marcela Valladolid[72]Masaharu Morimoto and Andrew ZimmernMexican (Valladolid), Bizarre foods (Zimmern)Sea Whistle salmon[73]Bobby Flay and Marcela Valladolid51-50
7IA1023HJose Garces and Tony Abou-GanimAlexandra Raij and Charlotte VoiseyContemporary SpanishTortillas and tequilaJose Garces and Tony Abou-Ganim83-66[74]
8IA1008HGeoffrey ZakarianJonathan Sawyer[75]Head to tail/top to bottomMintGeoffrey Zakarian49-40
9[76]IASP18HMasaharu MorimotoMichael SymonIron ChefWild boarMichael Symon52-48
10IA1017HMasaharu MorimotoJustin BogleContemporary AmericanPaicheMasaharu Morimoto60-43
11IA1004HBobby FlayChris HastingsContemporary SouthernSausageChris Hastings53-52
12IA1012HForgione Brothers (Marc and Bryan)Campanaro Brothers (Joey and Lou)[77]Italian AmericanParmigiano-ReggianoForgione Brothers53-43
13IA1001HMichael SymonTakashi YagihashiJapanese/FrenchEggsMichael Symon53-51
14IA1002HBobby FlayAlain AllegrettiFrenchCanned tunaBobby Flay51-41
15IA1003HJose GarcesMadison Cowan[78]InternationalKaleMadison Cowan53-48
16IA1024HGeoffrey ZakarianMichael FerraroComfort FoodPeachesGeoffrey Zakarian55-42
17IA1020HMasaharu MorimotoMarc ForgioneIron ChefMangalitsa pigMasaharu Morimoto50-48
EpisodeShow #Iron Chef 1Iron Chef 2Iron Chef 3Secret ingredientWinnerFinal score
18[79]IASP19HCat Cora/CS1 Michael Downey, USNMasaharu Morimoto/LCPL Eva Castillo, USMCMichael Symon/SPC Oscar Alvarado, USAAhiMichael Symon/SPC Oscar Alvarado, USA53(S)-51(M)-48(C)
EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or themeWinnerFinal score
19IA1010HJose GarcesFranklin BeckerContemporary AmericanHaddockJose Garces55-50
20IA1013HBobby FlayJoe IsidoriSustainable seafoodStrip steakBobby Flay55-50
21IA1007HMichael Symon[80]Jesus NunezModern SpanishOctopusMichael Symon69-68[81]
22IA1022HMarc Forgione and Charlotte VoiseyShawn McClain and Tony Abou-GanimContemporary AmericanTropical ingredients[82]Shawn McClain and Tony Abou-Ganim83-78
23IA1011HGeoffrey ZakarianJesse SchenkerModern AmericanPlantainsJesse Schenker53-52
24IA1005HMichael SymonStephanie IzardModern AmericanBreadMichael Symon56-52
25IA1009HMarc ForgioneAndrew ZimmermanModern AmericanCream cheeseAndrew Zimmerman49-47
26IA1021HGeoffrey ZakarianShea GallanteItalianPastaShea Gallante53-50
27IA1019HGeoffrey ZakarianEduard FraunederContemporary AustrianYakEduard Frauneder47-46
28IA1014HJose GarcesRebecca WeitzmanMediterranean AmericanSilkie chickenJose Garces57-45

^69 Chef Lee Anne Wong appears on Cooking Channel's "Unique Eats".
^70 The fruitcake used in the episode was Alton Brown's "Free Range Fruitcake" from the Good Eats episode "It's a Wonderful Cake".
^71 Zakarian's debut as an Iron Chef, having won season four of The Next Iron Chef. Iron Chef Zakarian received a perfect score.
^72 Chef Marcela Valladolid appear as the host of the Food Network show Mexican Made Easy. Chef Andrew Zimmern appears on Travel Channel's series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World.
^73 Chef Jonathan Sawyer was a sous chef under Iron Chef Michael Symon for several ICA episodes.
^74 Sea Whistle salmon is sustainably farmed salmon raised off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland in the North Atlantic.
^75 Each judge could award a maximum of 30 points, 20 for food and 10 for the paired cocktails, for a maximum possible score of 90 points.
^76 This battle was a special Tailgate Showdown battle. Each chef prepared five dishes to be prepared and served in the manner of tailgating. The battle was held at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kane'ohe Bay, Oahu.
^77 Chef Joey Campanaro previously defeated Iron Chef Cat Cora in Battle Venison; his brother Lou served as one of his sous chefs in the battle.
^78 Chef Madison Cowan previously appeared on Chopped, and is the first Chopped Grand Champion. His sous chefs were fellow Chopped competitor Lance Nitahara and Chopped judge Amanda Freitag, who competed against Iron Chef Jose Garces in The Next Iron Chef.
^79 A special three-way battle in which each Iron Chef was paired with a chef from a branch of the U.S. military. The battle was held at the U. S. Marine Base Hawaii at Kane'ohe Bay, Oahu. Each team made only three dishes instead of the usual five.
^80 Iron Chef Symon also battled in the pervious Battle Octopus, which he lost.
^81 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.
^82 Ingredients included whelk, hearts of palm, coconuts and drinking coconuts, pineapple and mango. Each dish was paired with a cocktail. Each judge could award a maximum of 30 points, 20 for food and 10 for the paired cocktails, for a maximum possible score of 90 points.

Season 11: 2012-2013[edit]

Starting in Season 11, the first dish is due to the judges 20 minutes after the start of the battle. Additionally, a culinary curveball is announced by the chairman part way through the battle. It can be an ingredient, piece of equipment or plating device. Each chef is required to integrate the item into their remaining dishes, and receives scoring from the judges based on their use. Up to 30 points are awarded for taste, 15 for plating, 15 for creativity, 15 for the first dish, and 15 for the use of the culinary curveball, for a possible total of 90 points.

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or theme"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
1IASP20HMichael Symon, Marc Forgione and Geoffrey ZakarianAarón Sanchez, Scott Conant and Marc Murphy[83]Mexican (Sanchez), Italian (Conant), French-American (Murphy)Thanksgiving leftoversLiquid nitrogenMichael Symon, Marc Forgione and Geoffrey Zakarian113-100
2IASP21H[84]Food Network: Masaharu Morimoto, Robert Irvine and Ted AllenThe Cooking Channel: Michael Symon, Nadia G, Ben SargentInternational (Irvine), American (Allen), Contemporary (Nadia G), Seafood (Sargent)GingerbreadEggnogFood Network82-78
3IA1111H[85]Alex GuarnaschelliJudy JooFrenchMortadellaEbelskiver panAlex Guarnaschelli80-75
4IA1101HBobby FlayViet PhamModern AmericanGround meatShrimpViet Pham80-73
5IA1120HGeoffrey ZakarianMichael ChiarelloRegional ItalianScotch whiskyScotch bonnet chileGeoffrey Zakarian78-70
6IA1114H[86]Marc ForgioneIan KittichaiModern ThaiTeaCoffee beansMarc Forgione78-69
7IA1102H[87]Michael SymonCelina TioModern AmericanPlumsMelon ballerMichael Symon88-75
8IA1112H[88]Masaharu MorimotoHomaru CantuMolecular gastronomyHerringDistilled white vinegarMasaharu Morimoto89-67
9IA1103HBobby FlayMicah WexlerContemporary MediterraneanWild striped bassSmoking gunBobby Flay79-74
10IA1105HBobby FlayHong ThaimeeThaiTamarindAlmondsBobby Flay72-65
11IA1118HJose GarcesRussell JacksonSubculture CuisineRhubarbApple juiceJose Garces71-62

Iron Chef America Tournament of Champions[edit]

In this first ever Iron Chef vs. Iron Chef tournament, the four newest Chefs compete to take on either Iron Chef Symon or Iron Chef Morimoto, with the winners of those battles going head-to-head. Bobby Flay served as head judge in the finale.

EpisodeShow#RoundIron Chef #1Iron Chef #2Secret ingredient(s) or theme"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
12IA1106H1Geoffrey ZakarianAlex GuarnaschelliPotato chipsFrench pressGeoffrey Zakarian83-76
13IA1104H1Marc ForgioneJose GarcesPeanut butter and jellyStrawsJose Garces79-66
14IA1108H2Geoffrey ZakarianMichael SymonWingsPeanutsMichael Symon82-76
15IA1107H2Masaharu MorimotoJose GarcesLiverElectric juicerJose Garces79-75
16[12]IA1110H3Michael SymonJose GarcesPretzelsBlow torchMichael Symon79-74

Season 11, con't.[edit]

EpisodeShow#Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or theme"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
17IA1109HBobby FlayMichael VoltaggioModern AmericanIberico porkAnti-griddleBobby Flay83-77
18IA1113HAlex GuarnaschelliRobert ClarkSeafoodMascarponeSkewersAlex Guarnaschelli82-78
19IA1115HGeoffrey ZakarianDale TaldeAsian AmericanSesamePastry bagsGeoffrey Zakarian71-62
20IA1119HJose GarcesJamie BissonnetteItalian-SpanishPistachiosBeerJose Garces81-73
21IA1116HAlex GuarnaschelliStephen KaltInternationalJerkyMason jarsStephen Kalt81-78
22IA1117H[89]Larry & Marc ForgioneJonathan WaxmanNew AmericanPeasAmarettiLarry & Marc Forgione74-68

^83 Chefs Aaron Sanchez, Scott Conant and Marc Murphy appear regularly as a judges on Chopped (TV series). Chef Aarón Sanchez previously tied Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto in Battle Black Bass (Season 2), and Chef Marc Murphy previously lost to Iron Chef Bobby Flay in Battle Breakfast (Season 4).
^84 This battle features three chefs representing Food Network versus three chefs representing The Cooking Channel. Chef Irvine has appeared twice previously on Iron Chef America, as well as competing in The Next Iron Chef season 4. Ted Allen is the host of Chopped, and a regular judge on Iron Chef America. Nadia G. hosts Bitchin' Kitchen, and Ben Sargent hosts Hook, Line and Dinner on The Cooking Channel.
^85 This battle is Guarnaschelli's debut as an Iron Chef, having won season 5 of The Next Iron Chef. She served as a sous chef for Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian during season 10. Chef Judy Joo appears as an Iron Chef on Iron Chef UK and was a judge on the fourth season of "The Next Iron Chef", in which Iron Chef Guarnaschelli previously competed.
^86 Chef Kittichai previously lost to Iron Chef Batali in Battle Lentils in season 3. Chef Kittichai appears as an Iron Chef on Iron Chef Thailand.
^87 Chef Tio was a participant in season three of "The Next Iron Chef", in which Iron Chef Symon was a Judge.
^88 This is a rematch between Iron Chef Morimoto and Chef Cantu. In Battle Beet, Chef Cantu defeated IC Morimoto by one point.
^89 Iron Chef Forgione served as the sous chef for his father during this match.

Season 12: 2013-2014[edit]

EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger specialtySecret ingredient(s) or theme"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
1IA1203HMichael Symon & Geoffrey ZakarianBernhard MairingerGerman and Austrian cuisineOktoberfestDried hopsMichael Symon & Geoffrey Zakarian77-75
2IA1211HGeoffrey Zakarian & Alex GuarnaschelliSpike Mendelsohn[90] & Marcel VigneronFrench and Molecular gastronomyScary Halloween combinations[91]Trick and treat: Spaetzle press (Trick: Challengers), Black truffle (Treat: Iron Chefs)Geoffrey Zakarian & Alex Guarnaschelli83-78
3IA1205HBobby Flay & Michael SymonGeoffrey Zakarian & Alex GuarnaschelliModern American (Zakarian)
American market garden (Guarneschelli)
Thanksgiving ingredients from the past and presentEscargot, grapes and parsleyBobby Flay & Michael Symon84-82
EpisodeShow #Iron Chef 1Iron Chef 2Iron Chef 3Secret ingredient"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
4IA1210HMichael Symon & Ching-He HuangMasaharu Morimoto & G. GarvinJose Garces & Bobby DeenGhosts of Holiday Ingredients Past[92]Holiday gifts[93]Jose Garces with Bobby Deen76(G)-73(S)-70(M)
EpisodeShow #Iron Chef 1Iron Chef 2Secret ingredient(s) or theme"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
5IA1201HBobby Flay & Jose GarcesMasaharu Morimoto & Geoffrey ZakarianFrozen foods, served on plates made of iceNoneBobby Flay & Jose Garces69-62
6IA1204HMichael Symon & Marc ForgioneMasaharu Morimoto & Jose GarcesGame day party food[94]Beer helmetsMichael Symon & Marc Forgione84-79
EpisodeShow #Iron ChefChallengerChallenger
Secret ingredient(s)
or theme
"Culinary curveball"WinnerFinal score
7IA1206HBobby FlayAngelo SosaAsianLas Vegas luxury foods [95]Cotton candy machineBobby Flay84-67
8IA1202ZHBobby Flay, Marc Forgione & Alex GuarnaschelliAdrian Richardson, Darren Robertson & Tobie PuttockMeat, French Japanese, ItalianSurf and turf [96]Table top grillsBobby Flay, Marc Forgione and Alex Guarnaschelli84-83
9IA1209ZHAlex Guarnaschelli & Johnny IuzziniGeoffrey Zakarian & Elizabeth Falkner[97]DessertDessert luau[98]Ice cream bicyclesAlex Guarnaschelli & Johnny Iuzzini84-79
10IA1208ZHBobby Flay & Anthony AndersonMasaharu Morimoto & Simon MajumdarProfessional + amateurBar food[99]zesting machinesMasaharu Morimoto & Simon Majumdar89-82
11IA1207ZHAlex Guarnaschelli & Jeremy OertelMark Forgione & Natasha DavidIron Chefs + BartendersIt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad 60s Meal[100]powdered orange drinkMark Forgione & Natasha David77-76

^90 Chef Spike Mendelsohn previously lost to Iron Chef Michael Symon in Battle Prosciutto in season 8.
^91 The secret ingredient consisted of five "scary" pairs of ingredient: avocado and coffee, chile and vanilla, pickle and peanut butter, mushrooms and apricots, and marrow bones and fruit candy. The chefs were required to prepare one dish using each combination of ingredients. The Culinary Curveball consisted of one trick and one treat hidden from the chefs' view; the challengers, having won the first dish, were given first choice of ingredient and chose the trick.
^92 The secret ingredient consisted of the chairman's favorite ingredients from past holiday competitions: fruitcake, gingerbread,egg nog, and champagne.
^93 The curveball consisted of three different presents. The winning team from the first dish picked first and got apple cider. The other two teams got candy canes and popcorn.
^94 Each of the dishes prepared must be eaten with one hand. The ingredients include artificial cheese, hero rolls, and hot dogs.
^95 The secret ingredient consisted of caviar, waygu beef, oysters, Maine lobsters, champagne, chocolate and truffles.
^96 The secret ingredient included shrimp, octopus, prosciutto, and beef.
^97 Chef Elizabeth Falkner previously lost to Iron Chef Cat Cora in Battle Honey in season 3.
^98 The secret ingredient included sucking pig, tuna, lichee, coconut, banana, pineapple, papaya, and Kona coffee from which the chefs must create five desserts. The chefs were required to use five of the ingredients from the table and no butter or sugar in the first dish.
^99 The secret ingredient includes gin, vermouth, tequila, pork rinds, cherries, and olives. It also includes anything found at a bar.
^100 The episode theme is a play on the 1960s film "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and the secret ingredient includes: water chesnuts, Granny Smith apples, iceberg lettuce, kumqats and more. Each dish had to have a take on drinks from the 1960s.

Win-loss records[edit]

The winning percentage for Iron Chefs participating on Iron Chef America is an average. The win/loss data is based solely on the performance of the participant as an Iron Chef in Iron Chef America: The Series and the Battle of the Masters.

Iron ChefSeasonsSpecialtyWinLossDrawTotalWin %[101]
Mario BataliBOM, 1 - 6Italian19502479.2%
Cat Cora1 - 10Greek/Mediterranean211213463.2%
Bobby FlayBOM, 1 -Southwestern431626172.1%
Marc Forgione[102]9 -Modern American8701453.0%
Jose Garces[103]8 -Latin Fusion16702369.6%
Alex Guarnaschelli[104]11 -Modern American540955.6%
Masaharu Morimoto[105]BOM, 1 -Japanese261714460.2%
Wolfgang Puck (retired)BOMCalifornia cuisine1001100%
Michael Symon[106]5 -Mediterranean34714282.1%
Geoffrey Zakarian[107]10 -Modern American9501464.3%

^101 Based on weighted average (.5 victory for a draw). The win/loss data is based on the performance of the Iron Chef in Iron Chef America: The Series and the Battle of the Masters.
^102 Forgione's record does not include his victory over Marco Canora in the finale of The Next Iron Chef as Forgione did not hold the title Iron Chef during that battle.
^103 Garces' record does not include his defeat of Flay in Battle Melon, or his victory over Jehangir Mehta in the finale of The Next Iron Chef as Garces did not hold the title Iron Chef during either battle.
^104 Guarnaschelli's record does not include her loss to Cora in Battle Farmer's Market, or her victory over Amanda Freitag in the finale of The Next Iron Chef as Guarnaschelli did not hold the title Iron Chef during either battle.
^105 Morimoto's record includes his battle as a competitor in the Battle of the Masters.
^106 Symon's record does not include his loss to Morimoto in Battle Asparagus, or his victory over John Besh in the finale of The Next Iron Chef as Symon did not hold the title Iron Chef during either battle.
^107 Zakarian's record does not include his loss to Morimoto in Battle Sardines, or his victory over Elizabeth Falkner in the finale of The Next Iron Chef as Zakarian did not hold the title Iron Chef during either battle.