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Intel Haswell i7-4771 CPU, sitting atop its original packaging that contains an OEM fan-cooled heatsink

This generational and chronological list of Intel processors attempts to present all of Intel's processors from the pioneering 4-bit 4004 (1971) to the present high-end offerings, which include the 64-bit Itanium 2 (2002), Intel Core 2, and Xeon 5100 and 7100 series processors (2006). Concise technical data are given for each product.


The 4-bit processors[edit]

Intel 4004[edit]

First microprocessor (single-chip IC processor)

MCS-4 Family:

Intel 4040[edit]

MCS-40 Family:

The 8-bit processors[edit]





They are ICs with CPU, RAM, ROM (or PROM or EPROM), I/O Ports, Timers & Interrupts

Intel 8048[edit]

MCS-48 family:

Intel 8051[edit]

MCS-51 Family:

Intel 80151[edit]

MCS-151 Family:

Intel 80251[edit]

MCS-251 Family:

MCS-96 Family[edit]

The bit-slice processor[edit]

3000 Family[edit]

Intel D3002

Introduced in the third quarter of 1974, these components used bipolar Schottky transistors. Each component implemented two bits of a processor function; packages could be interconnected to build a processor with any desired word length. Members of the family:

Bus width 2*n bits data/address (depending on number n of slices used)

The 16-bit processors: MCS-86 family[edit]






32-bit processors: the non-x86 microprocessors[edit]

iAPX 432[edit]

i960 aka 80960[edit]

i860 aka 80860[edit]


32-bit processors: the 80386 range[edit]




The Intel i376 is an embedded version of the i386SX.



32-bit processors: the 80486 range[edit]




Runs at twice the speed of the external bus (FSB). Fits on Socket 3



32-bit processors: P5 microarchitecture[edit]

Original Pentium[edit]

Pentium with MMX Technology[edit]

32-bit processors: P6/Pentium M microarchitecture[edit]

Pentium Pro[edit]

Pentium II[edit]

Celeron (Pentium II-based)[edit]

Pentium II Xeon (chronological entry)

Pentium III[edit]

Pentium II and III Xeon[edit]

Celeron (Pentium III Coppermine-based)[edit]

XScale (chronological entry - non-x86 architecture)

Pentium 4 (not 4EE, 4E, 4F), Itanium, P4-based Xeon, Itanium 2 (chronological entries)

Celeron (Pentium III Tualatin-based)[edit]

Pentium M[edit]

Celeron M[edit]

Intel Core[edit]

Dual-Core Xeon LV[edit]

32-bit processors: NetBurst microarchitecture[edit]

Pentium 4[edit]

Itanium (chronological entry - new non-x86 architecture)


Itanium 2 (chronological entry - new non-x86 architecture)

Mobile Pentium 4-M[edit]

Pentium 4 EE[edit]

Pentium 4E[edit]

Pentium 4F[edit]

64-bit processors: IA-64[edit]


Itanium 2[edit]

64-bit processors: Intel 64 – NetBurst microarchitecture[edit]

Pentium 4F[edit]

Pentium D[edit]

Pentium Extreme Edition[edit]


64-bit processors: Intel 64 – Core microarchitecture[edit]

Intel Core 2[edit]

Pentium Dual-Core[edit]


Celeron M[edit]

667 MHz FSB
  • 575 – 2.00 GHz
  • 585 – 2.16 GHz

64-bit processors: Intel 64 – Nehalem microarchitecture[edit]

Intel Pentium[edit]

Core i3[edit]

Core i5[edit]

Core i7[edit]

TODO: Westmere


64-bit processors: Intel 64 – Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge microarchitecture[edit]



Core i3[edit]

Core i5[edit]

Core i7[edit]

64-bit processors: Intel 64 – Haswell microarchitecture[edit]

Intel Tera-Scale[edit]

Intel 805xx product codes[edit]

Intel discontinued the use of part numbers such as 80486 in the marketing of mainstream x86-architecture microprocessors with the introduction of the Pentium brand in 1993. However, numerical codes, in the 805xx range, continued to be assigned to these processors for internal and part numbering uses. The following is a list of such product codes in numerical order:

Product codeMarketing name(s)Codename(s)
80500PentiumP5 (A-step)
80502PentiumP54C, P54CS
80503Pentium with MMX TechnologyP55C, Tillamook
80521Pentium ProP6
80522Pentium IIKlamath
80523Pentium II, Celeron, Pentium II XeonDeschutes, Covington, Drake
80524Pentium II, CeleronDixon, Mendocino
80525Pentium III, Pentium III XeonKatmai, Tanner
80526Pentium III, Celeron, Pentium III XeonCoppermine, Cascades
80528Pentium 4, XeonWillamette (Socket 423), Foster
80530Pentium III, CeleronTualatin
80531Pentium 4, CeleronWillamette (Socket 478)
80532Pentium 4, Celeron, XeonNorthwood, Prestonia, Gallatin
80533Pentium IIICoppermine (cD0-step)
80534Pentium 4 SFFNorthwood (small form factor)
80535Pentium M, Celeron M 310–340Banias
80536Pentium M, Celeron M 350–390Dothan
80537Core 2 Duo T5xxx, T7xxx, Celeron M 5xxMerom
80538Core Solo, Celeron M 4xxYonah
80539Core Duo, Pentium Dual-core T-seriesYonah
80542Itanium 2McKinley
80543Itanium 2Madison
80546Pentium 4, Celeron D, XeonPrescott (Socket 478), Nocona, Irwindale, Cranford, Potomac
80547Pentium 4, Celeron DPrescott (LGA 775)
80548canceledTejas and Jayhawk
80549Itanium 2 90xxMontecito
80550Dual-core Xeon 71xxTulsa
80551Pentium D, Pentium EE, Dual-core XeonSmithfield, Paxville DP
80552Pentium 4, Celeron DCedar Mill
80553Pentium D, Pentium EEPresler
80554Celeron 800/900/1000 ULVShelton
80555Dual-core Xeon 50xxDempsey
80556Dual-core Xeon 51xxWoodcrest
80557Core 2 Duo E4xxx. E6xxx, Dual-core Xeon 30xx, Pentium Dual-core E2xxxConroe
80560Dual-core Xeon 70xxPaxville MP
80562Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme QX6xxx, Quad-core Xeon 32xxKentsfield
80563Quad-core Xeon 53xxClovertown
80564Xeon 7200Tigerton-DC
80565Xeon 7300Tigerton
80566Atom Z5xxSilverthorne
80567Itanium 91xxMontvale
80569Core 2 Quad Q9xxx, Core 2 Extreme QX9xxx, Xeon 33xxYorkfield
80570Core 2 Duo E8xxx, Xeon 31xxWolfdale
80571Core 2 Duo E7xxx, Pentium Dual-core E5xxx, Pentium Dual-core E2210Wolfdale-3M
80573Xeon 5200Wolfdale-DP
80574Core 2 Extreme QX9775, Xeon 5400Harpertown
80576Core 2 Duo P7xxx, T8xxx, P8xxx, T9xxx, P9xxx, SL9xxx, SP9xxx, Core 2 Extreme X9xxxPenryn
80577Core 2 Duo P7xxx, P8xxx, SU9xxx, T6xxx, T8xxxPenryn-3M
80578EP80578Vermilion Range
80580Core 2 Quad Q8xxx, Q9xxx, Xeon 33xxYorkfield-6M
80581Core 2 Quad Q9xxxPenryn-QC
80582Xeon 74xxDunnington
80583Xeon 74xxDunnington-QC
80584Xeon X33x3 LVYorkfield CL
80585Core 2 Solo SU3xxx, Celeron 7xx, 9xxPenryn-L
80586Atom 2xx, N2xxDiamondville
80587Atom 3xxDiamondville DC
80588Xeon L3014, E3113Wolfdale-CL

Intel 806xx product codes[edit]

Product codeMarketing name(s)Codename(s)
80601Core i7, Xeon 35xxBloomfield
80602Xeon 55xxGainestown
80603Itanium 93xxTukwila
80604Xeon 65xx, Xeon 75xxBeckton
80605Core i5-7xx, Core i7-8xx, Xeon 34xxLynnfield
80607Core i7-7xx QM, Core i7-8xx QM, Core i7-9xx XMClarksfield
80609Atom Z6xxLincroft
80610Atom N400, D400, D500Pineview
80612Xeon C35xx, Xeon C55xxJasper Forest
80613Core i7-9xxX, Xeon 36xxGulftown
80614Xeon 56xxWestmere-EP
80615Xeon E7-28xx, Xeon E7-48xx, Xeon E7-88xxWestmere-EX
80616Pentium G6xxx, Core i3-5xx, Core i5-6xxClarkdale
80617Core i5-5xx, Core i7-6xxM/UM/LMArrandale
80618Atom E6x0Tunnel Creek
80619Core i7-3xxxSandy Bridge-EP
80620Xeon E5-24xx, Xeon E5-14xx, Pentium 14xxSandy Bridge-EN
80621Xeon E5-16xx, Xeon E5-26xx, Xeon E5-46xxSandy Bridge-EP-8, Sandy Bridge-EP-4
80622Sandy Bridge-EP-8
80623Xeon E3-xxxx, Core i3/i5/i7-2xxx, Pentium Gxxx, Xeon E3-12xxSandy Bridge-HE-4, Sandy Bridge-M-2
80627Core i3/i5/i7-2xxxM, Pentium Bxxx, Celeron BxxxSandy Bridge-HE-4, Sandy Bridge-H-2, Sandy Bridge-M-2
80631Itanium 95xxPoulson
80632Atom E6x5CStellarton
80633Core i7-48xx, -49xxIvy Bridge-E
80634Xeon E5-24xx-v2, E5-14xx-v2, Pentium-14xx-v2Ivy Bridge-EN
80635Xeon E5-26xx-v2, E5-16xx-v2Ivy Bridge-EP
80636Xeon E7-v2Ivy Bridge-EX
80637Core i5/i7-3xxx, Xeon-E3Ivy Bridge
80638Mobile Core i5/i7-3xxxMIvy Bridge
80640Atom Z24xxPenwell
80641Atom D2xxx, Atom N2xxxCedarview
80642Atom Z2xxxPenwell
80644Xeon E5-16xx/26xx-v3Haswell-EP
80646Core i3/i5/i7 - 4xxx, Pentium G3xxx, Celeron G18xx, Xeon E3-12xx-v3Haswell
80647Core i5/i7 - 4xxxMHaswell
80648Core i7-58xx, -59xxHaswell-E
80649Xeon PhiKnight's Corner
80650Atom Z27xxCloverview
80651Atom Z25xxCloverview
80652Atom Z33xxMerrifield
80653Atom Z37xxBay Trail-T
80654Atom C23xxAvoton
80655Atom C2356Rangeley
80661Quark SoC X1020DClanton
80663Atom Z35xxMoorefield

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