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I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! is a British reality television show in which celebrity contestants live together in a jungle environment for a few weeks, with no luxuries or contact from the outside world. The celebrities have to complete Bushtucker Trials to earn food for camp; else they have to survive off of basic rations. The first series aired in 2002, and thirteen complete series have aired on ITV up to the end of the latest series in December 2013. All series have been filmed in Queensland, Australia. During each series, contestants are progressively eliminated on the basis of public voting, with the eventual winner being crowned either King or Queen of the Jungle.

As of series 14, 158 celebrities have competed. Model and businesswoman Katie Price is the only celebrity to have competed in two separate series, whilst British band manager Malcolm McLaren is the only person to withdraw from the show before even entering the jungle. In the show's history, fifteen celebrities have withdrawn or walked, before being voted out. In total, there have been nine Kings and four Queens of the Jungle.


     Winner - King/Queen of the Jungle
     Third place
Malcolm McLaren, the only celebrity ever to withdraw from the show before entering the jungle (series 7)
Katie Price and Peter Andre met on the show in series 3 and later got married in 2005. In 2009, they had a divorce and Katie became the first celebrity to re-enter the jungle as a contestant that same year. Peter Andre later made a guest appearance in the 2011 series.
14Edwina CurriePoliticianParticipating
14Carl "Foggy" FogartySuperbike RacerParticipating
14Jake QuickendenSingerParticipating
14Tinchy StryderRapperParticipating
14Melanie SykesTV Presenter and ModelParticipating
14Kendra WilkinsonModel and Reality TV StarParticipating
1Tony BlackburnRadio DJ1st - Winner
1Tara Palmer-TomkinsonSocialite and TV Presenter2nd - Runner-up
1Christine HamiltonAuthor3rd - Third place
1Nell McAndrewModel and TV Presenter4th - Eliminated
1Rhona CameronComedienne5th - Eliminated
1Darren DayActor, Singer and TV Presenter6th - Eliminated
1Nigel BennBoxer7th - Eliminated
1Uri GellerParanormalist8th - Eliminated
2Phil TufnellCricketer and TV Presenter1st - Winner
2John FashanuFootballer and TV Presenter2nd - Runner-up
2Linda BarkerInterior Designer and TV Presenter3rd - Third place
2Wayne SleepDancer4th - Eliminated
2Antony Worrall ThompsonChef5th - Eliminated
2Toyah WillcoxActress and Singer6th - Eliminated
2Catalina GuiradoModel7th - Eliminated
2Chris BissonActor8th - Eliminated
2Danniella WestbrookActress and TV Presenter9th - Withdrew
2Siân LloydTV Presenter10th - Eliminated
3Kerry McFaddenSinger1st - Winner
3Jennie BondTV Presenter2nd - Runner-up
3Peter AndreSinger3rd - Third place
3Lord BrocketTV Presenter4th - Eliminated
3JordanModel5th - Eliminated
3Alex BestModel6th - Eliminated
3Neil RuddockFootballer7th - Eliminated
3John LydonSinger8th - Withdrew
3Diane ModahlOlympic Middle Distance Runner9th - Eliminated
3Mike ReadRadio DJ10th - Eliminated
4Joe PasqualeComedian1st - Winner
4Paul BurrellButler2nd - Runner-up
4Fran CosgraveNightclub Owner3rd - Third place
4Janet Street-PorterJournalist4th - Eliminated
4Sophie AndertonModel5th - Eliminated
4Antonio FargasActor6th - Eliminated
4Sheila FergusonSinger7th - Eliminated
4Vic ReevesComedian and TV Presenter8th - Eliminated
4Nancy SorrellModel9th - Eliminated
4Natalie AppletonSinger and Actress10th - Withdrew
4Brian HarveySinger11th - Withdrew
5Carol ThatcherJournalist1st - Winner
5Sheree MurphyActress and TV Presenter2nd - Runner-up
5Sid OwenActor and Singer3rd - Third place
5Jimmy OsmondSinger and Businessman4th - Eliminated
5Bobby BallActor and Comedian5th - Eliminated
5Antony CostaSinger6th - Eliminated
5Jenny FrostSinger7th - Eliminated
5David DickinsonTV Presenter8th - Eliminated
5Kimberley DaviesActress9th - Withdrew
5Jilly GooldenCritic10th - Eliminated
5Tommy CannonComedian11th - Eliminated
5Elaine LordanActress12th - Withdrew
6Matt WillisSinger and TV Presenter1st - Winner
6Myleene KlassModel, Singer and TV Presenter2nd - Runner-up
6Jason DonovanActor and Singer3rd - Third place
6David GestMusic Promoter4th - Eliminated
6Dean GaffneyActor5th - Eliminated
6Jan LeemingTV Presenter6th - Eliminated
6Malandra BurrowsActress and Singer7th - Eliminated
6Phina OrucheActress8th - Eliminated
6Lauren BoothJournalist9th - Eliminated
6Faith BrownComedienne10th - Eliminated
6Scott HenshallFashion Designer11th - Eliminated
6Toby AnstisRadio DJ12th - Eliminated
7Christopher BigginsActor1st - Winner
7Janice DickinsonModel2nd - Runner-up
7J BrownSinger3rd - Third place
7Cerys MatthewsSinger4th - Eliminated
7Gemma AtkinsonModel and Actress5th - Eliminated
7Anna Ryder RichardsonInterior Designer and TV Presenter6th - Eliminated
7Rodney MarshFootballer7th - Eliminated
7John Burton RaceChef8th - Eliminated
7Lynne FranksSpokeswoman9th - Eliminated
7Katie HopkinsReality TV Star10th - Eliminated
7Marc BannermanActor11th - Eliminated
7Malcolm McLarenMusic Manager12th - Withdrew
8Joe SwashActor1st - Winner
8Martina NavratilovaTennis Player2nd - Runner-up
8George TakeiActor3rd - Third place
8David Van DaySinger4th - Eliminated
8Simon WebbeSinger5th - Eliminated
8Nicola McLeanModel6th - Eliminated
8Brian PaddickPoliceman and Politician7th - Eliminated
8Esther RantzenTV Presenter8th - Eliminated
8Timmy MallettTV Presenter9th - Eliminated
8Carly ZuckerPersonal Trainer and Model10th - Eliminated
8Dani BehrModel, Singer and TV Presenter11th - Eliminated
8Robert Kilroy-SilkPolitician and TV Presenter12th - Eliminated
9Gino D'AcampoChef1st - Winner
9Kim WoodburnTV Presenter2nd - Runner-up
9Jimmy WhiteSnooker Player3rd - Third place
9Justin RyanInterior Designer and TV Presenter4th - Eliminated
9Stuart ManningActor5th - Eliminated
9Sabrina WashingtonSinger6th - Eliminated
9George HamiltonActor7th - Withdrew
9Joe BugnerBoxer8th - Eliminated
9Samantha FoxModel and Singer9th - Eliminated
9Colin McAllisterInterior Designer and TV Presenter10th - Eliminated
9Lucy BenjaminActress11th - Eliminated
9Katie PriceModel and Businesswoman12th - Withdrew
9Camilla DallerupProfessional Dancer13th - Withdrew
10Stacey SolomonSinger1st - Winner
10Shaun RyderSinger2nd - Runner-up
10Jenny EclairComedienne3rd - Third place
10Dom JolyComedian4th - Eliminated
10Kayla CollinsModel5th - Eliminated
10Aggro SantosRapper6th - Eliminated
10Linford ChristieOlympic Sprinter7th - Eliminated
10Gillian McKeithNutritionist and TV Presenter8th - Eliminated
10Britt EklandActress9th - Eliminated
10Alison HammondTV Presenter10th - Eliminated
10Lembit ÖpikPolitician11th - Eliminated
10Sheryl GascoigneAuthor12th - Eliminated
10Nigel HaversActor13th - Withdrew
11Dougie PoynterSinger1st - Winner
11Mark WrightReality TV Star2nd - Runner-up
11Fatima WhitbreadOlympic Javelin Thrower3rd - Third place
11Antony CottonActor4th - Eliminated
11Willie CarsonJockey5th - Eliminated
11Crissy RockActress6th - Eliminated
11Emily ScottModel and DJ7th - Eliminated
11Jessica-Jane ClementTV Presenter and Model8th - Eliminated
11Lorraine ChaseActress9th - Eliminated
11Pat SharpTV and Radio Presenter10th - Eliminated
11SinittaSinger11th - Eliminated
11Stefanie PowersActress12th - Eliminated
11Freddie StarrComedian13th - Withdrew
12Charlie BrooksActress1st - Winner
12Ashley RobertsSinger2nd - Runner-up
12David HayeBoxer3rd - Third place
12Eric BristowDarts Player4th - Eliminated
12Hugo TaylorReality TV Star5th - Eliminated
12Rosemary ShragerChef6th - Eliminated
12Helen FlanaganActress and Model7th - Eliminated
12Colin BakerActor8th - Eliminated
12Linda RobsonActress9th - Eliminated
12LimahlSinger10th - Eliminated
12Nadine DorriesPolitician11th - Eliminated
12Brian ConleyActor and Comedian12th - Withdrew
13Kian EganSinger1st - Winner
13David EmanuelFashion Designer2nd - Runner-up
13Lucy PargeterActress3rd - Third place
13Joey EssexReality TV Star4th - Eliminated
13Amy WillertonModel5th - Eliminated
13Rebecca AdlingtonOlympic Swimmer6th - Eliminated
13Alfonso RibeiroActor7th - Eliminated
13Steve DavisSnooker Player8th - Eliminated
13Matthew WrightTV Presenter9th - Eliminated
13Vincent SimoneProfessional Dancer10th - Eliminated
13Laila MorseActress11th - Eliminated
13Annabel GilesModel and TV Presenter12th - Eliminated
14Vicki MichelleActress7th - Eliminated
14Michael BuerkTV Presenter8th - Eliminated
14Nadia FordeModel and Singer9th - Eliminated
14Jimmy BullardFootballer10th - Eliminated
14Craig CharlesActor11th - Withdrew
14Gemma CollinsReality TV Star12th - Withdrew

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