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Hetalia: Axis Powers DVD volume 1 Limited edition cover

An anime adaptation of Hetalia: Axis Powers was announced on July 24, 2008.[1] It is directed by Bob Shirohata (Gravitation, Diamond Daydreams) and is animated by Studio Deen. It was originally scheduled for broadcast on Kids Station on January 24, 2009 but was later canceled. The cancellation only affected the Kids Stations broadcast; plans to make the series available through mobile phone and Internet streaming were not affected. The controversies arose when numerous Korean protesters called for the cancellation of the series, claiming that the personified character of Korea was an insulting representation of Koreans. Kids Station claimed that the Korea character does not appear in the anime and that it was "unaware of the criticism in Korea,"[2] and cited "various circumstances" as being behind the decision to cancel its airing of the anime, but they did not provide further information as to the nature of these circumstances.[3][4] The character for Korea can still be seen in the ending of the anime while all of the countries are rotating around the world. A second 26-episode season of Hetalia: Axis Powers was announced on April 16, 2009, and a third was announced on December 10, 2009.[5][6][7] For the third and fourth seasons of the anime, the title had been changed to Hetalia: World Series.[8] Since January 25, 2013, the title has been changed to Hetalia: A Beautiful World.

Episodes are available on mobile phone and Internet streaming for a period of eight days each; the Internet streaming period begins three days after the episode is first available on mobile phone. Dates given are the first day an episode is available on mobile phone.[8][9]

Most of the episodes did not have official titles given, unless they were stated in a next episode preview or in Comic Birz loglines.[citation needed]

FUNimation is currently having a hidden link on the Hetalia: Axis Powers page a free official download of the English version of Happy thought Museum and Sweet Summer Days. (Both the orange flowers in the background. Left one is HTM, and right one is SSD.)

In Gentosha's September issue, it was announced that a fifth season of the Hetalia anime has been green-lit.[10]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (Axis Powers Season 1)[edit]

1"Episode 01"  January 24, 2009[9]
When the nations gather to solve the world's problems, America presents his solution to global warming. Then everyone argues for a while, just before a flashback to WWI. 
2"Episode 02"  January 30, 2009[9]
Germany is prowling the woods of WWI in search of the enemy, when he happens upon a crate of tomatoes. Before he opens the crate, a panicking Italy is heard, pleading for his life. 
3"Episode 03"  February 6, 2009[9]
WWI is over, but Italy won't quit pestering Germany. With WWII right around the corner, Italy pledges his undying devotion to Germany, and a delightful Axis of Bromance is born. 
4"Episode 04"  February 13, 2009[9]
Italy and Germany have a new ally: Japan. After a "getting acquainted" soak in the hot springs, Japan shows the guys his value as an ally by. He doesn't really do much yet, but is very polite. 
5"Episode 05: Crying out S.O.S at the Center of the World!"  February 20, 2009[9]
Germany, Japan, and Italy are on a deserted island, making the most of such a pleasant environment. Italy, who is carefree, spends his free time making white flags and sand sculptures of pasta. 
6"Episode 06"  February 27, 2009[9]
Japan, Germany, and Italy roast marshmallows on the beach. The three guys may feel like the night belongs to them, but they are far from alone. 
7"Episode 07"  March 6, 2009[9]
America takes a break from stuffing hamburgers into his face just long enough (barely) to reveal his plans for attacking the Axis. Meanwhile, much to Germany's delight, Italy's got an obnoxious brother. 
8"Episode 08"  March 13, 2009[9]
Since Italy's kind of a moron, he keeps getting captured by the Allies. But because he's kind of annoying, he keeps getting sent back to the Axis. And in a shocking turn of events, Japan answers a telephone! 
9"Episode 09"  March 20, 2009[9]
The Allies get together to split up their responsibilities for the coming war, which really just means: America decides he'll be the hero and everyone else will act as his support. Meanwhile, isn't France dreamy? 
10"Episode 10"  March 27, 2009[9]
After he winds up uninvited to the second Allies meeting, France reflects on his history of past "glories" and "accomplishments". 
11"Episode 11"  April 3, 2009[9]
In the climax to the Chibitalia sub-storyline, Holy Roman Empire gives the younger Italy the ultimatum: Will he become the new Roman Empire with him or not? Later on, in 1940, England finds that he still has friends outside of the Allies to count on to cheer him up... 
12"Episode 12"  April 10, 2009[9]
"England, I have something to tell you," France says to England. In a brief jump forward to 1956, a gloomy and war-torn France proposes to England, who quickly learns the "joke" is indeed on him... and he won't go down that easily. Back in 1940, the Axis Powers train to take on England, and Italy gets a quick and confusing lesson in "culture clash". 
13"Episode 13"  April 17, 2009[9]
After being defeated by Germany, a frustrated England vows to get revenge with the strongest method known to man: summoning the devil to lay a curse on him. But it fails, and he ends up with someone even worse: Russia. 
14"Episode 14"  April 24, 2009[9]
The Germans' attempt at training the Italian Army doesn't go as planned, as they soon find that the men are quicker at the art of escape, rather than combat. Later: It's just another day in the life of Germany, as he attempts to brave the wait and chaos in a never-ending line at the supermarket. 
15"Episode 15"  May 1, 2009[9]
Japan struggles to fit in with the Axis and their strange foreign culture and behaviors, while Italy attempts to help him adjust to life outside of his own land. 
16"Episode 16"  May 8, 2009[9]
In a tale of times past, a younger China meets a strange small nation known as Japan. He takes it upon himself to try to raise Japan as his younger brother, but soon discovers that there's more to the growing youngster than he thought. And he may not be prepared to deal with the sudden changes... 
17"Episode 17: America's Cleaning Of The Storage, Part 1"  May 15, 2009[9]
America decides to finally enter his long-abandoned storage room to clean it out, but the memories he finds in there may prove to be too hard to let go of. 
18"Episode 18"  May 22, 2009[9]
The Allied Forces make their move and attempt to take down the Axis, but wind up constantly distracted by a "special guest" on the island, a supernatural stranger that Italy seems to know rather well... 
19"Episode 19"  May 29, 2009[9]
The Allied Forces attempt to get back to business, despite China arriving late for their meeting. But little do they know, they have a surprise guest (or two) in their room, listening in on their "top secret" plans. 
20"Episode 20: America's Cleaning Of The Storage, Part 2"  June 5, 2009[9]
Germany attempts to teach Italy how to throw a grenade, England focuses the wisdom of the British Empire on making new, cutting-edge cooking appliances, and the old musket in America's storage room brings back another memory of times long past: the Revolutionary War. 
21"Episode 21"  June 12, 2009[9]
Sealand, the world's smallest "nation", attends a world conference in an attempt to be recognized, but finds that respect and acknowledgment from the others is harder to obtain than he thinks. 
22"Episode 22"  June 19, 2009[9]
Holy Roman Empire gets ready to depart for war, but Chibitalia won't let him leave that easily, and not without one last gift. 
23"Episode 23"  June 26, 2009[9]
Liechtenstein adjusts to her new life with her brother Switzerland. Elsewhere, Italy gets stuck in an embarrassing situation with his own brother. 
24"Episode 24"  July 3, 2009[9]
While out shopping, Switzerland and Liechtenstein run into Austria, much to Switzerland's displeasure. Meanwhile, the Axis Powers are still deserted on an island, but come across a most unusual sight in the middle of a forest. 
25"Episode 25"  July 10, 2009[9]
In a past tale, England raises the young America and treats him to his own "special" brand of cooking. Meanwhile, as Liechtenstein and Her Beloved Brother arc comes to a close, Switzerland finds himself reminded of his lapsed friendship with Austria. 
26"Episode 26"  July 17, 2009[9]
America unveils a new plane, much to England's chagrin and lets out a secret. Later, England uses Busby's Chair to get revenge on America during an Allied summit, only for Russia to sit on the chair first and destroy it by out-evilling it. England reveals his drunk side when in a bar with America (who England is trying to coax information out of). Then Episode 18 is continued, with England attempting to use Busby's Chair once the Axis are surrounded, although Russia sits on it yet again... 

Season 2 (Axis Powers Season 2)[edit]

27"Episode 27"  July 24, 2009[9]
The Allied Forces, in their ongoing fight against the Axis Powers, manage to get a hold of one of Germany's prized possessions: an observation diary dealing with Italy's strange behavior, uselessness in combat, and a secret that he would never tell anyone about. 
28"Episode 28: :) In The World"  July 31, 2009[9]
The Axis are ambushed by the Allies once more, but another strange visitor arrives to break up the fight, with Christmas presents in tow. 
29"Episode 29"  August 7, 2009[9]
Russia decides to jump out of a plane without a parachute, and England and France comment on how he broke all his bones. Then, the audience is introduced to the Baltics, although Latvia has a tendency to say the wrong thing at times. After that, America injures himself when England offers him some ice cream. 
30"Episode 30: The Ghost Culture Of England And Japan"  August 14, 2009[9]
After having formed an alliance, England visits Japan's home but finds mysterious creatures that even Japan himself is unable to see or believe in anymore. 
31"Episode 31: Academy Hetalia Christmas"  August 21, 2009[9]
In a universe similar yet different from this one, three students at the World Academy W decide to survey the others on how they spend their winter holiday. 
32"Episode 32: With Grandpa Rome"  August 28, 2009[9]
Germany wakes up to find himself visited by Italy's grandfather, the Roman Empire. But didn't he fall long ago? And is it a dream, or something stranger? 
33"Episode 33"  September 4, 2009[9]
While camping out in the middle of a war front, Germany and Italy both make wishes on a shooting star, but which one will come true? 
34"Episode 34"  September 11, 2009[9]
(adapts more of Hello World, Hello Italy!) Italy shows Japan his combat recordbook (which turns out to be impressive in a different way), Germany decides to go sightseeing in Italy and attempts to blend in. The Axis are given special bentou, and Japan invents nikujaga. In another story, America ponders the mystery of who draws the sketches of the Axis and Allies on the blackboard... 
35"Episode 35"  September 18, 2009[9]
Canada arrives late to a G8 meeting, but his absence and identity are barely recognized by the other nations. In another story, France decides to resurrect the Olympics. 
36"Episode 36: Why Americans Love Spring"  September 25, 2009[9]
America and Japan both prepare for the New Year and the coming of spring. 
37"Episode 37"  October 2, 2009[9]
Russia and Germany form an alliance, while Italy fears that the other Axis Powers will eventually abandon him. 
38"Episode 38"  October 9, 2009[9]
Continuation of The Pact Of Steel, along with more of Fly, Canada-san, Fly! 
39"Episode 39: The Battle For America, Part 1"  October 16, 2009[9]
A baby America is discovered in the "New World", though this discovery also sets off a fight for ownership from France and England for him. 
40"Episode 40: The Battle For America, Part 2"  October 23, 2009[9]
(Continuation of The Battle For America) England and France continue their fight over the young America. 
41"Episode 41"  October 30, 2009[9]
Adapts Big Brother France And The Information Manipulation Activities! and Reduce Your Opponents' Willpower, American-style!. 
42"Episode 42"  November 6, 2009[9]
Russia talks about his 2 sisters, Ukraine and Belarus. 
43"Episode 43"  November 13, 2009[9]
Part two of Russia's Big And Little Sisters story. 
44"Episode 44"  November 20, 2009[9]
Switzerland tries to teach Liechtenstein self-defense. In other segments: Japan finds America's strange desserts photograph-worthy, while Canada (in more of Fly, Canada-san, Fly!) tries to tell America off but fails. 
45"Episode 45"  November 27, 2009[9]
The origin of Liechtenstein is detailed. 
46"Episode 46: Medieval England's Clothes And Hair"  December 4, 2009[9]
England is the perpetual bed-head, and we go back to the past to remember a time when France was at his most flamboyant and mischievous - teasing England by showing off his long hair, and then cutting England's hair when his own plan to grow his hair long doesn't go according to plan. 
47"Episode 47"  December 11, 2009[9]
England and France visit Poland, who has recently bought a fleet of ponies to help him in the war. In other stories: Chibitalia feels sad over the departure of Holy Roman Empire, while England finds that America grows up too fast. 
48"Episode 48"  December 18, 2009[9]
England's latest secret weapon to win the war is a failure. In another story, Chibitalia finally grows up, but one change is a shock to Austria. 
49"Episode 49"  December 25, 2009[9]
Adapts from Japan And The Footsteps Of Westernization, along with a segment from Fly, Canada-san, Fly!. 
50"Episode 50"  January 8, 2010[9]
More of Japan And The Footsteps Of Westernization'. 
51"Episode 51"  February 26, 2010[9]
Adapts America's Situation With Ghosts. 
52"Episode 52"  March 5, 2010[9]
Adapts more of Fly, Canada-san, Fly! and Holy Roman Empire's Playtime In The River. 

Season 3 (World Series Season 1)[edit]

53"Episode 1"  March 26, 2010[8]
Features the story of Prussia, when he was a child as the Teutonic Knights. In other stories: Romano attempts yet again to stop Germany from being with his younger brother, while Canada and America wind up playing a game of "catch" that becomes chaotic. 
54"Episode 2"  April 2, 2010[8]
Greece and Japan get to know each other more. In another story, Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire celebrate the Cat Festival. 
55"Episode 3"  April 9, 2010[8]
The continuation of Greece and Japan's story, featuring the first anime appearance of Turkey. 
56"Episode 4"  April 16, 2010[8]
An episode featuring Poland and Lithuania, adapting part of Pact of Steel. Also features the strip France vs. Italy. 
57"Episode 5"  April 23, 2010[8]
The continuation of Poland and Lithuania's story, plus part of the strip England Catches A Cold. 
58"Episode 6"  April 30, 2010[8]
Continues the story of England's cold. In another story: China is tired of being pushed around by the other Allies. 
59"Episode 7"  May 7, 2010[8]
Hungary hears a message from God telling her to hit France with a frying pan. In other stories: England attempts to become stronger, and Italy visits France. 
60"Episode 8"  May 14, 2010[8]
Germany details another observation diary about Italy, while a glimpse at the relationship of their ancestors is provided. The story of Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy also begins. 
61"Episode 9"  May 21, 2010[8]
The story of Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy continues, along with another story about Rome and Germania and one about Italy's reckless driving. 
62"Episode 10"  May 28, 2010[8]
Adapts from the strips In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy, as well as more of Boss Spain
63"Episode 11"  June 4, 2010[8]
China gets help from Japan on bootlegging, while in other stories: The Italy brothers wind up captured by England, and Germany learns that the Italian behavior is infectious. 
64"Episode 12"  June 11, 2010[8]
The War of Austrian Succession starts. 
65"Episode 13"  June 18, 2010[8]
The second part of the War of Austrian Succession. 
66"Episode 14"  June 25, 2010[8]
Tony lands at Roswell. 
67"Episode 15"  July 2, 2010[8]
More fun with Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia, and the story of Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy continues. Japan and Greece decide to get angry. 
68"Episode 16"  July 9, 2010[8]
Chibi Romano decides to travel home for three days, but Boss Spain is worried, so he follows him, only to find someone else showing interest. 
69"Episode 17"  July 16, 2010[8]
Japan and Greece try to get angry. Finland and Sweden are living together on the road. 
70"Episode 18"  July 23, 2010[8]
Finland and Sweden visit Poland, and also run into Estonia and Latvia, to Finland's delight. Sweden wants to take Latvia and Estonia which displeases Poland. 
71"Episode 19"  July 30, 2010[8]
Italy and Germany wait for Christmas Day. America brings his Christmas celebration to England, along with a surprise for the Christmas tree. 
72"Episode 20"  August 6, 2010[8]
Italy is worried that Germany hates him. However, on his way to talk with Germany, he accidentally stumbles dangerously into Switzerland's territory. In another story, America invites Japan to next year's Christmas party. 
73"Episode 21"  August 13, 2010[8]
England goes in search of friends, and while he hits it off well with Japan, Japan's boss has other plans. 
74"Episode 22"  August 20, 2010[8]
The Anglo-Japanese Alliance story continues. 
75"Episode 23"  August 27, 2010[8]
Austria winds up having to live with Germany in the story of The Austrian Anschluss. Chibi Romano is confronted by a mysterious masked man wielding a sword (Turkey). 
76"Episode 24"  September 3, 2010[8]
Spain sets out to rescue Romano from Turkey. 

Season 4 (World Series Season 2)[edit]

77"Episode 25"  September 10, 2010[8]
Finishes the story of Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy, part 2. 
78"Episode 26"  September 17, 2010[8]
Japan complains about how he feels run down, and Germany tells him to lay off the salt and changes his diet and exercise regime (The Salted Salmon story). Also Nekotalia is introduced. (If the World was Made Up of Cats...) 
79"Episode 27"  September 24, 2010[8]
Continues the Salted Salmon story. 
80"Episode 28"  October 1, 2010[8]
Finishes the Salted Salmon story. 
81"Episode 29"  October 8, 2010[8]
Austria and Germany argue over whether Beethoven is an Austrian or a German. Meanwhile, France spies on both of them and is then caught taking pictures of Austria at England's request. 
82"Episode 30"  October 15, 2010[8]
England discusses the G8. Meanwhile, Finland discusses his time with Russia to Sweden. Also, another Nekotalia story about the tuna crisis with the cat clan while Japaneko neglects. 
83"Episode 31"  October 22, 2010[8]
China goes back to his homeland and brings some souvenirs to the Emperor. Meanwhile in Nekotalia, Russicat tries to separate Romanoneko and Itaneko while Germouser wakes Caustria. 
84"Episode 32"  November 2, 2010[8]
Sealand searches for someone to join forces with. Meanwhile, Romano and Italy lock England up and argue over who will keep watch over him. 
85"Episode 33"  November 8, 2010[8]
England escapes once again after being caught by Germany. In order not to get caught easily, England disguises himself as a "handsome" Italian. Meanwhile, France talks to himself about how the world is going to end soon. 
86"Episode 34"  November 15, 2010[8]
Concludes of Can't Escape from Italy. 
87"Episode 35"  November 22, 2010[8]
Germany and Italy find that they've once more become shipwrecked on a mysterious island. 
88"Episode 36"  November 29, 2010[8]
Chibitalia puts a ban on boats in the Venice canal. In another story, Switzerland turns out to be a lot different than Japan had thought. 
89"Episode 37"  December 6, 2010[8]
The audience learns a bit more about the art of punchlines. Meanwhile, in the distant past, a young Lithuania meets a mysterious little boy... 
90"Episode 38"  December 13, 2010[8]
Prussia finds a wounded Hungary in a bush (The Awesome Frantic Me). 
91"Episode 39"  December 20, 2010[8]
Hungary remembered that Prussia was surrounded by men from birth and she realized why he acted like that.After Hungary experienced a few events,she settled down in Austria's home.In another story,Italy modified Germany's Kubelwagen without permission again. 
92"Episode 40"  December 27, 2010[8]
A young Lithuania learns about his neighbors from Hungary. America wants a convenience store like Japan unlike all the delis in his home. Spain and Romano are visited by a large number of baby sea turtles. 
93"Episode 41"  January 3, 2011[8]
11th century England is uncomfortable with France's fondness of dressing in girly clothes. 
94"Episode 42"  January 10, 2011[8]
Spain fights with France over Chibi Romano. Belgium and Netherlands comes to visit them. 
95"Episode 43"  January 17, 2011[8]
In the 15th century, the King of Lithuania gets married and the country forms an alliance with Poland. 
96"Episode 44"  January 24, 2011[8]
Poland and Lithuania share interesting stories about their capital cities. 
97"Episode 45"  January 31, 2011[8]
After intercepting a message, the Allies travel to a beach to meet up with the Axis Powers. However, America and China get separated from the others and have to survive on their own. Also, Poland and Lithuania play chess. 
98"Episode 46"  February 7, 2011[8]
America goes to Japan to becomes friends with him and to do some whaling. 
99"Episode 47"  February 14, 2011[8]
America continues on his mission to get Japan to open up. When England learns about his adventure, he offers to be America's friend. 
100"Episode 48"  February 21, 2011[8]
France is stranded on an island with Italy, only to discover that England and Russia are there too, and they're attacking Germany. So is Japan, America, China, and the native islander, Seychelles. During World War One, Germany and England play a football match making a 180 turn finale for the series. 

Season 5 (Beautiful World series)[edit]

101"Each Battlefield"
"Sorezore no Senjou" (それぞれの戦場) 
January 25, 2013
Japan explains the true nature of a ninja's shuriken. Wartime leaves the Axis with a lack of coffee, and Germany is assigned to come up with an alternative. Italy shows off his new tanks, which prove to be quite dangerous. 
102"Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half"
"Gakuen Hetalia: Susume! Shinbun-bu! Zenhansen" (学園ヘタリア 進め! 新聞部! 前半戦) 
February 1, 2013
The Newspaper Club, which consists of Germany, Italy, and Japan decide to interview all of the clubs in the school. The Choir Club, The Soviet Club, The Hero Club, The Gourmet Club, and the Magic Club are some of the clubs that they interview. 
103"Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half"
"Gakuen Hetalia: Susume! Shinbun-bu! Kouhansen" (学園ヘタリア 進め! 新聞部! 後半戦) 
February 8, 2013
The Newspaper Club goes on to interview the Nordic Club, the Canada Club, the Elephant Appreciation Club, the Music Club, the Swim Team, and the ... "Going Home" club...? 
104"Russia and Friends"
"Roshia to Otomodachi" (ロシアとおともだち) 
February 15, 2013
Little Russia is picked on by Mongolia, Denmark, and Sweden; is freaked out by Little Ukraine, is rejected by a hamster, and fights the Battle on the Ice against the Teutonic Order (Prussia). 
105"Though I May Depart, You Shall Remain"
"Watashi ga saro utomo anata wa nokoru" (私が去ろうとも貴方は残る) 
February 22, 2013
After meeting France, a Parisian mortal ponders what it means to live forever. 
106"Romano's Diary"
"Romāno nikki" (ロマーノにっき) 
March 1, 2013
In which Chibi Romano is a cute tsundere who really does care for Spain (even though he has an odd way of showing it). 
107"Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American"
"Amerika jin to kurashiteru to yoku aru koto" (アメリカ人と暮らしてるとよくあること) 
March 8, 2013
Japan stays over at America's place for a while. Extreme culture-conflict ensues. 
108"The Gentle Fight Between Russia and I"
"Roshia san to boku no yuruyaka na kenka" (ロシアさんと僕のゆるやかな喧嘩) 
March 15, 2013
Estonia finds all his websites hacked with each site displaying a drawing of Chibirussia. Immediately, Estonia accuses Russia of the dirty deed, but naturally Russia denies it. In order to solve the mystery, Estonia hires America to trace the hack. 
109"At Netherlands'"
"Oranda san chi" (オランダさんち) 
March 22, 2013
The reasoning behind Netherlands being so obsessively concerned over money is revealed. 
"Toruko to!" (とること!) 
March 29, 2013
Greece's philosophical side makes an appearance, and more is revealed about his strange relationship with Turkey. Meanwhile, Italy and Turkey discuss the times when Chibitalia used to beat up Turkey, much to the surprise and disbelief of Germany. 
111"Our Failure"
"Boku tachi no shippai" (僕たちの失敗) 
April 5, 2013
All of the countries are threatened with embarrassing photos to come to an April Fool's gathering in even more embarrassing costumes. England turns France into a little kid and they later find out the real culprits behind this joke. 
112"Merry Halloween!"
"Merī Harouīn!" (めりーはろうぃーん!) 
April 12, 2013
It's Halloween night, and America wants Japan to help him finally win a Halloween prank war against undefeated England. 
113"Finding Santa"
"Faindingu Santa" (ふぁいんでぃんぐ・サンタ) 
April 19, 2013
Santa's missing and Finland is in a crisis. So he pleads for the other nations to spread the holiday cheer this Christmas until Santa can be found. 
114"Brother, we are...!!"
May 10, 2013
The countries are rated by how fast they walk. Prussia and Germany infiltrate an American camp, and are caught doing so. 
115"A bientôt! Until We Meet Again!"
May 17, 2013
France meets a girl and takes her on a tour. They discuss the Hundred Years War, Joan of Arc, and what she means to France. 
116"What Italy Forgot"
May 24, 2013
England tells Seychelles that the Prince of England and his wife are going to her place for their honeymoon, but she must keep it secret. And during WWI, Italy forgets his gun, which is later found by Germany. 
117"Hetalia of the Dead - First Part"  May 31, 2013
The axis and allies as well as others watch and discuss horror films from their countries. 
118"Hetalia of the Dead - Second Part"  June 7, 2013
The countries watch more horror films, and realize that horror films from other countries are weird. India and New Zealand makes their appearance. 
119"Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!"
June 14, 2013
Sealand tries to make a new friend: the newest micro-nation, Wy. 
120"It's the First Anniversary! The Tripartite Pact"
June 21, 2013
The Axis Powers celebrate the first year anniversary of the Tripartite Pact. 

Extra episodes[edit]

35.5"Episode 1.5"  May 25, 2010[11]
Hungary celebrates the cat parade at Austria's house with chibitalia. Little Prussia discovers Hungary's weakness. 
101"Episode 49"  March 25, 2011[12]
Iceland meets up with the rest of the Nordic states to reveal the results of a test to find out who his ancestors were. 
102"Episode 50"  July 22, 2011[11]
The countries of the world celebrate Halloween. Also, Italy and Germany reminisce about old times. 
103"Episode 51"  September 16, 2011[11]
China worries about the other nations of the world trying to invade his land and force opium on him. America uses a nonexistent 1942 notebook computer to calculate a route from America to Germany. Also features adaptation of "Previously in Hetalia". 


"Paint it, White"  June 5, 2010
The main plot of the movie involves a vast majority of characters being transformed into grey-white faceless aliens called Pict. The eight main characters, as well as supporting characters, such as Canada, Cuba, Liechtenstein, Sealand, Prussia, Finland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Romano, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Poland, and Iceland are set to appear in the film 


1"America's Cleaning Of The Storage: Director's Cut"  March 12, 2010
A re-edited version of America's Cleaning Of The Storage, done as a full episode. First aired as a special between seasons 2 and 3, and later included on the Hetalia Fan Disc
2"Chibitalia"  May 25, 2010[13]
A re-edited version of the Chibitalia segments from the first season done as a full episode. Included on the Hetalia Fan Disc
3"Fantasia"  September 25, 2012[13]
Based on the Hetalia drama 'Hetalia Fantasia' starring the Axis Powers and the Allies, as they play their online MMORPG. 
4"I Was Overwhelmed by Heroines"  February 26, 2014
Estonia falls asleep at the World Meeting, and upon awaking he discovers that all the nations have turned into women. 


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