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Timeline of major Heartbeat characters (click to enlarge)

The British period police drama Heartbeat ran from 1992 to 2010. The 18th and final series ended on 12 September 2010.

Within each category, characters are listed in order of first appearance. Only regular and recurring characters are included. Each episode typically also features half a dozen or more actors whose characters appear in that episode only.


Aidensfield village "bobbies"[edit]

Ashfordly police sergeants[edit]

Other Ashfordly police[edit]

In one of the very first episodes, Sergeant Blaketon stated that the Ashfordly police force comprised 12 officers, but storylines never built on this fact, and only four (or at times five) officers ever featured in the show. These are the Ashfordly sergeant, the Aidensfield village constable of the day, plus Phil Bellamy (later replaced by Don Wetherby), Alf Ventress (later in a civilian capacity), and, from time to time, another rookie PC. Occasionally other anonymous police officers are seen in the background (for example when the force is required to police a large demonstration or undertake a search of the moors), but they are never given names or any dialogue. Otherwise, the small contingent of regulars appears able to provide a continuous 24-hour service for the whole area, with someone always available to respond to any call-out at any time of the day or night.

Medical staff[edit]

Aidensfield doctors[edit]

It is something of a tradition that Aidensfield doctors should die in the series. Only two of the seven serving doctors exited the series without meeting his or her maker. Dr Alex Ferrenby (Frank Middlemass) died by drowning; Dr Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack) died of leukaemia-related pneumonia; Dr Neil Bolton (David Michaels) died rescuing a baby from a house fire; Dr Tricia Summerbee (Clare Calbraith) died in a horse riding accident; and Dr Helen Walker (Sophie Ward) died in a bomb explosion that ruined the Police house. This leaves Dr Liz Merrick (Aislín McGuckin) and the very short-serving Dr James Alway (Francis Matthews) as the only characters to serve as the doctor in Aidensfield and make it out alive.

Other medical staff[edit]

Aidensfield Arms staff[edit]

The Aidensfield Arms, the village pub, was originally owned by Lord Ashfordly and run by George Ward. In the second series, George was assisted by his niece Gina Ward who became the pub licensee after his death between the sixth and the seventh series. Former Sergeant Oscar Blaketon later became the pub's owner, and he and Gina subsequently ran the pub jointly, assisted from time to time by members of Gina's family.

"Lovable rogue" lineage[edit]

Aidensfield Garage staff[edit]

In early series, Aidensfield Garage featured only peripherally; it was run by Malcolm Mostyn (as late as episode 7.6, long after his apparent departure, a sign outside the premises still read "Mostyn's Garage and Funeral Services"). In episode 4.3, "Mid Day Sun", the garage was apparently being run by Jim Swaby (played by Ray Ashcroft), who contracted rabies and died. Eventually the garage came into the hands of Bernie Scripps and took on a much more prominent role in the storylines. However, in episode 287 Bernie Scripps is asked by the police to check his old records and he produces a receipt for a repair he carried out on a car "fifteen years ago", thereby contradicting the supposed timeline.

Other regular characters[edit]

Recurring characters[edit]

This section lists other characters who have appeared in more than one episode.

Guest stars[edit]

Over the years, a number of well-known guest stars have made one-off appearances in Heartbeat, either in cameo roles or more substantial single-episode parts. These include Richard Todd (legendary actor and Second World War hero), David Essex (who played a traveller, or tinker), David McCallum, Charlotte Church, Michelle Dockery, John Nettles, Philip Jackson (actor), Geraldine Newman, Siobhan Finneran, John Simm, Gary Barlow, David Dickinson, Todd Carty, Philip Glenister, Lulu, George Cole (actor), Ray Illingworth, Brian Close, Margaret Tyzack, Roy Dotrice, Roland Gift, Ralf Little, Dickie Bird, Daniel Craig, Clive Swift, Jean Alexander, Geoffrey Bayldon, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Twiggy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Leslie Phillips, Lindsay Coulson, George Layton, Gabrielle Drake, Robin Ellis, Leslie Grantham, George Baker (actor), Paul Nicholas, Brigit Forsyth, Jan Francis, Peter Vaughn, Celia Imrie, Helen Lederer, singer Alan Price, Sam Kelly, Duncan Preston, Rodney Bewes,Bobby Ball, Russ Abbot and impressionist Jon Culshaw.

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