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The Grey Cup.

The Grey Cup is the championship of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the trophy awarded to the victorious team. The trophy is named after Albert Grey, the Governor General of Canada from 1904 until 1911. He donated the trophy to the Canadian Rugby Union in 1909 to recognize the top amateur rugby football team in Canada. By this time Canadian football had become markedly different from the rugby football from which it developed. Although it was originally intended to be awarded only to amateur teams (like the Stanley Cup), over time, the Grey Cup became the property of the Canadian Football League as it evolved into a professional football league. Amateur teams ceased competing for the Cup by 1954; since 1965, the top amateur teams, playing in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), have competed for the Vanier Cup.[1]

The Grey Cup game is Canada's largest annual sports and television event, regularly drawing a Canadian viewing audience of about 4 million.[2][3] Two awards are given for play in the game, Most Valuable Player and the Dick Suderman Trophy as most valuable Canadian player.[4]

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made the most appearances (24), while the Toronto Argonauts have won the most championships (16). The game has never been held outside of Canada, but the American-based Baltimore Stallions appeared in it twice, winning once. Although the first Grey Cup game was in 1909, there were none from 1916 to 1919, so the 2012 Grey Cup was the 100th.[5] The 102nd Grey Cup was played on November 30, 2014, at BC Place in Vancouver. The Calgary Stampeders defeated the Hamilton Tiger Cats 20–16 to win their seventh championship.[6]


GameDateWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamVenueCityAttendance
1stDecember 4, 1909University of Toronto Varsity Blues26–6Toronto Parkdale Canoe ClubRosedale FieldToronto3,807
2ndNovember 26, 1910University of Toronto Varsity Blues (2)16–7Hamilton TigersAAA GroundsHamilton12,000
3rdNovember 25, 1911University of Toronto Varsity Blues (3)14–7Toronto ArgonautsVarsity StadiumToronto (2)13,687
4thNovember 30, 1912Hamilton Alerts11–4Toronto ArgonautsAAA Grounds (2)Hamilton (2)5,337
5thNovember 29, 1913Hamilton Tigers44–2Toronto Parkdale Canoe ClubAAA Grounds (3)Hamilton (3)2,100
7thNovember 20, 1915Hamilton Tigers (2)13–7Toronto Rowing AssociationVarsity Stadium (3)Toronto (4)2,808
1916No game[A]
1917No game[A]
1918No game[A]
1919No game[B]
8thDecember 4, 1920University of Toronto Varsity Blues (4)16–3Toronto ArgonautsVarsity Stadium (4)Toronto (5)10,088
9thDecember 3, 1921Toronto Argonauts (2)23–0Edmonton EskimosVarsity Stadium (5)Toronto (6)9,558
10thDecember 2, 1922Queen's University13–1Edmonton ElksRichardson StadiumKingston4,700
11thDecember 1, 1923Queen's University (2)54–0Regina Rugby ClubVarsity Stadium (6)Toronto (7)8,629
12thNovember 29, 1924Queen's University (3)11–2Toronto Balmy BeachVarsity Stadium (7)Toronto (8)5,978
13thDecember 5, 1925Ottawa Senators24–1Winnipeg Tammany TigersLansdowne ParkOttawa6,900
14thDecember 4, 1926Ottawa Senators (2)10–7Toronto Varsity BluesVarsity Stadium (8)Toronto (9)8,276
15thNovember 26, 1927Toronto Balmy Beach9–6Hamilton TigersVarsity Stadium (9)Toronto (10)13,676
16thDecember 1, 1928Hamilton Tigers (3)30–0Regina RoughridersAAA Grounds (4)Hamilton (4)4,767
17thNovember 30, 1929Hamilton Tigers (4)14–3Regina RoughridersAAA Grounds (5)Hamilton (5)1,906
18thDecember 6, 1930Toronto Balmy Beach (2)11–6Regina RoughridersVarsity Stadium (10)Toronto (11)3,914
19thDecember 5, 1931Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers22–0Regina RoughridersMolson StadiumMontreal5,112
20thDecember 3, 1932Hamilton Tigers (5)25–6Regina RoughridersAAA Grounds (6)Hamilton (6)4,806
21stDecember 9, 1933Toronto Argonauts (3)4–3Sarnia ImperialsAthletic ParkSarnia2,751
22ndNovember 24, 1934Sarnia Imperials20–12Regina RoughridersVarsity Stadium (11)Toronto (12)8,900
23rdDecember 7, 1935Winnipeg 'Pegs18–12Hamilton TigersAAA Grounds (7)Hamilton (7)6,405
24thDecember 5, 1936Sarnia Imperials (2)26–20Ottawa Rough RidersVarsity Stadium (12)Toronto (13)5,883
25thDecember 11, 1937Toronto Argonauts (4)4–3Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (13)Toronto (14)11,522
26thDecember 10, 1938Toronto Argonauts (5)30–7Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (14)Toronto (15)18,778
27thDecember 9, 1939Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2)8–7Ottawa Rough RidersLansdowne Park (2)Ottawa (2)11,737
28th[C]November 30, 1940Ottawa Rough Riders8–2Toronto Balmy BeachVarsity Stadium (15)Toronto (16)4,998
December 7, 1940Ottawa Rough Riders (3)12–5Toronto Balmy BeachLansdowne Park (3)Ottawa (3)1,700
29thNovember 29, 1941Winnipeg Blue Bombers (3)18–16Ottawa Rough RidersVarsity Stadium (16)Toronto (17)19,065
30thDecember 5, 1942Toronto RCAF Hurricanes8–5Winnipeg RCAF BombersVarsity Stadium (17)Toronto (18)12,455
31stNovember 27, 1943Hamilton Flying Wildcats23–14Winnipeg RCAF BombersVarsity Stadium (18)Toronto (19)16,423
32ndNovember 25, 1944St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy7–6Hamilton Flying WildcatsCivic StadiumHamilton (8)3,871
33rdDecember 1, 1945Toronto Argonauts (6)35–0Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (19)Toronto (20)18,660
34thNovember 30, 1946Toronto Argonauts (7)28–6Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (20)Toronto (21)18,960
35thNovember 29, 1947Toronto Argonauts (8)10–9Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (21)Toronto (22)18,885
36thNovember 27, 1948Calgary Stampeders12–7Ottawa Rough RidersVarsity Stadium (22)Toronto (23)20,013
37thNovember 26, 1949Montreal Alouettes28–15Calgary StampedersVarsity Stadium (23)Toronto (24)20,087
38thNovember 25, 1950Toronto Argonauts (9)13–0Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (24)Toronto (25)27,101
39thNovember 24, 1951Ottawa Rough Riders (4)21–14Saskatchewan RoughridersVarsity Stadium (25)Toronto (26)27,341
40thNovember 29, 1952Toronto Argonauts (10)21–11Edmonton EskimosVarsity Stadium (26)Toronto (27)27,391
41stNovember 28, 1953Hamilton Tiger-Cats12–6Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (27)Toronto (28)27,313
42ndNovember 27, 1954Edmonton Eskimos26–25Montreal AlouettesVarsity Stadium (28)Toronto (29)27,328
43rdNovember 26, 1955Edmonton Eskimos (2)34–19Montreal AlouettesEmpire StadiumVancouver27,301
44thNovember 24, 1956Edmonton Eskimos (3)50–27Montreal AlouettesVarsity Stadium (29)Toronto (30)39,417
45thNovember 30, 1957Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2)32–7Winnipeg Blue BombersVarsity Stadium (30)Toronto (31)27,425
46thNovember 29, 1958Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4)35–28Hamilton Tiger-CatsEmpire Stadium (2)Vancouver (2)27,391
47thNovember 28, 1959Winnipeg Blue Bombers (5)21–7Hamilton Tiger-CatsCNE StadiumToronto (32)34,426
48thNovember 26, 1960Ottawa Rough Riders (5)16–6Edmonton EskimosEmpire Stadium (3)Vancouver (3)33,133
49thDecember 2, 1961Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6)21–14[D]Hamilton Tiger-CatsCNE Stadium (2)Toronto (33)36,592
50thDecember 1–2,[E] 1962Winnipeg Blue Bombers (7)28–27Hamilton Tiger-CatsCNE Stadium (3)Toronto (34)32,655
51stNovember 30, 1963Hamilton Tiger-Cats (3)21–10BC LionsEmpire Stadium (4)Vancouver (4)36,465
52ndNovember 28, 1964BC Lions34–24Hamilton Tiger-CatsCNE Stadium (4)Toronto (35)32,655
53rdNovember 27, 1965Hamilton Tiger-Cats (4)22–16Winnipeg Blue BombersCNE Stadium (5)Toronto (36)32,655
54thNovember 26, 1966Saskatchewan Roughriders29–14Ottawa Rough RidersEmpire Stadium (5)Vancouver (5)32,344
55thDecember 2, 1967Hamilton Tiger-Cats (5)24–1Saskatchewan RoughridersLansdowne Park (4)Ottawa (4)31,407
56thNovember 30, 1968Ottawa Rough Riders (6)24–21Calgary StampedersCNE Stadium (6)Toronto (37)33,185
57thNovember 30, 1969Ottawa Rough Riders (7)29–11Saskatchewan RoughridersAutostadeMontreal (2)33,172
58thNovember 28, 1970Montreal Alouettes (2)23–10Calgary StampedersCNE Stadium (7)Toronto (38)32,669
59thNovember 28, 1971Calgary Stampeders (2)14–11Toronto ArgonautsEmpire Stadium (6)Vancouver (6)34,584
60thDecember 3, 1972Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6)13–10Saskatchewan RoughridersIvor Wynne Stadium (2)Hamilton (9)35,950
61stNovember 25, 1973Ottawa Rough Riders (8)22–18Edmonton EskimosCNE Stadium (8)Toronto (39)36,475
62ndNovember 24, 1974Montreal Alouettes (3)20–7Edmonton EskimosEmpire Stadium (7)Vancouver (7)34,450
63rdNovember 23, 1975Edmonton Eskimos (4)9–8Montreal AlouettesMcMahon StadiumCalgary32,454
64thNovember 28, 1976Ottawa Rough Riders (9)23–20Saskatchewan RoughridersCNE Stadium (9)Toronto (40)53,389
65thNovember 27, 1977Montreal Alouettes (4)41–6Edmonton EskimosOlympic StadiumMontreal (3)68,205
66thNovember 26, 1978Edmonton Eskimos (5)20–13Montreal AlouettesCNE Stadium (10)Toronto (41)54,695
67thNovember 25, 1979Edmonton Eskimos (6)17–9Montreal AlouettesOlympic Stadium (2)Montreal (4)65,113
68thNovember 23, 1980Edmonton Eskimos (7)48–10Hamilton Tiger-CatsCNE Stadium (11)Toronto (42)54,661
69thNovember 22, 1981Edmonton Eskimos (8)26–23Ottawa Rough RidersOlympic Stadium (3)Montreal (5)52,478
70thNovember 28, 1982Edmonton Eskimos (9)32–16Toronto ArgonautsCNE Stadium (12)Toronto (43)54,741
71stNovember 27, 1983Toronto Argonauts (11)18–17BC LionsBC PlaceVancouver (8)59,345
72ndNovember 18, 1984Winnipeg Blue Bombers (8)47–17Hamilton Tiger-CatsCommonwealth StadiumEdmonton60,081
73rdNovember 24, 1985BC Lions (2)37–24Hamilton Tiger-CatsOlympic Stadium (4)Montreal (6)56,723
74thNovember 30, 1986Hamilton Tiger-Cats (7)39–15Edmonton EskimosBC Place (2)Vancouver (9)59,579
75thNovember 29, 1987Edmonton Eskimos (10)38–36Toronto ArgonautsBC Place (3)Vancouver (10)59,478
76thNovember 27, 1988Winnipeg Blue Bombers (9)22–21BC LionsLansdowne Park (5)Ottawa (5)50,604
77thNovember 26, 1989Saskatchewan Roughriders (2)43–40Hamilton Tiger-CatsSkyDomeToronto (44)54,088
78thNovember 25, 1990Winnipeg Blue Bombers (10)50–11Edmonton EskimosBC Place (4)Vancouver (11)46,968
79thNovember 24, 1991Toronto Argonauts (12)36–21Calgary StampedersWinnipeg StadiumWinnipeg51,985
80thNovember 29, 1992Calgary Stampeders (3)24–10Winnipeg Blue BombersSkyDome (2)Toronto (45)45,863
81stNovember 28, 1993Edmonton Eskimos (11)33–23Winnipeg Blue BombersMcMahon Stadium (2)Calgary (2)50,035
82ndNovember 27, 1994BC Lions (3)26–23Baltimore StallionsBC Place (5)Vancouver (12)55,097
83rdNovember 19, 1995Baltimore Stallions37–20Calgary StampedersTaylor FieldRegina52,564
84thNovember 24, 1996Toronto Argonauts (13)43–37Edmonton EskimosIvor Wynne Stadium (3)Hamilton (10)38,595
85thNovember 16, 1997Toronto Argonauts (14)47–23Saskatchewan RoughridersCommonwealth Stadium (2)Edmonton (2)60,431
86thNovember 22, 1998Calgary Stampeders (4)26–24Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Stadium (2)Winnipeg (2)34,157
87thNovember 28, 1999Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8)32–21Calgary StampedersBC Place (6)Vancouver (13)45,118
88thNovember 26, 2000BC Lions (4)28–26Montreal AlouettesMcMahon Stadium (3)Calgary (3)43,822
89thNovember 25, 2001Calgary Stampeders (5)27–19Winnipeg Blue BombersOlympic Stadium (5)Montreal (7)65,255
90thNovember 24, 2002Montreal Alouettes (5)25–16Edmonton EskimosCommonwealth Stadium (3)Edmonton (3)62,531
91stNovember 16, 2003Edmonton Eskimos (12)34–22Montreal AlouettesTaylor Field (2)Regina (2)50,909
92ndNovember 21, 2004Toronto Argonauts (15)27–19BC LionsFrank Clair Stadium (6)Ottawa (6)51,242
93rdNovember 27, 2005Edmonton Eskimos (13)38–35[F]Montreal AlouettesBC Place (7)Vancouver (14)59,157
94thNovember 19, 2006BC Lions (5)25–14Montreal AlouettesCanad Inns Stadium (3)Winnipeg (3)44,786
95thNovember 25, 2007Saskatchewan Roughriders (3)23–19Winnipeg Blue BombersRogers Centre (3)Toronto (46)52,230
96thNovember 23, 2008Calgary Stampeders (6)22–14Montreal AlouettesOlympic Stadium (6)Montreal (8)66,308
97thNovember 29, 2009Montreal Alouettes (6)28–27Saskatchewan RoughridersMcMahon Stadium (4)Calgary (4)46,020
98thNovember 28, 2010Montreal Alouettes (7)21–18Saskatchewan RoughridersCommonwealth Stadium (4)Edmonton (4)63,317
99thNovember 27, 2011BC Lions (6)34–23Winnipeg Blue BombersBC Place (8)Vancouver (15)[7]54,313
100thNovember 25, 2012Toronto Argonauts (16)35–22Calgary StampedersRogers Centre (4)Toronto (47)[8]53,208
101stNovember 24, 2013Saskatchewan Roughriders (4)45–23Hamilton Tiger-CatsMosaic Stadium (3)Regina (3)[9]44,710
102ndNovember 30, 2014Calgary Stampeders (7)20–16Hamilton Tiger-CatsBC Place (9)Vancouver (16)[G][10]52,056
103rdNovember 29, 2015Investors Group FieldWinnipeg (4)[11]

^ A. Game was not held due to World War I.
^ B. Game was not held due to a rules dispute with the Canadian Rugby Union.
^ C. Played as a two-game series; Ottawa won by a total score of 20-7.
^ D. Game was decided in overtime.
^ E. Game was suspended with 9:29 remaining in the fourth quarter due to extremely dense fog, and completed the next day.
^ F. Game was decided in double overtime.
^ G. Originally awarded to Ottawa, but declined due to lawsuits and delays on the renovation of Frank Clair Stadium.

Win/Loss records[edit]

Although the official website of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats counts them as the same team,[12] the Tiger-Cats, Hamilton Alerts, Hamilton Tigers and Hamilton Flying Wildcats are all listed separately because, when the latter three were active, the teams competed as separate franchises. The Tigers and Flying Wildcats merged in 1950 to create the Tiger-Cats.[13]

Active teams[edit]

AppearancesTeamWinsLossesWin %
24Winnipeg Blue Bombers1014.417
22Edmonton Eskimos139.591
22Toronto Argonauts166.727
20Hamilton Tiger-Cats812.400
19Regina / Saskatchewan Roughriders415.211
18Montreal Alouettes711.389
14Calgary Stampeders77.500
10BC Lions64.600
0Ottawa Redblacks00.000

Defunct and amateur teams[edit]

AppearancesTeamWinsLossesWin %
15Ottawa Rough Riders96.600
8Hamilton Tigers53.625
6University of Toronto Varsity Blues42.666
4Toronto Balmy Beach22.500
3Queen's University301.000
3Sarnia Imperials21.667
2Baltimore Stallions11.500
2Hamilton Flying Wildcats11.500
2Edmonton Elks / Edmonton Eskimos02.000
2Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club02.000
2Winnipeg RCAF Bombers02.000
1Hamilton Alerts101.000
1Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers101.000
1St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy101.000
1Toronto RCAF Hurricanes101.000
1Toronto Rowing Association01.000
1Winnipeg Tammany Tigers01.000

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