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This article lists the winners of the Grand National, a National Hunt horse race which is held annually at Aintree Racecourse in England.

It is a handicap steeplechase over 30 fences and a distance of 4 miles 3½ furlongs.

Aintree publish a roll of honour in their racecards each year based on a list compiled largely from the fading memories of aging racing enthusiasts sometime around 1880-1890. By their own admission, Aintree officials concede that their honours record prior to 1860 is notoriously inaccurate, therefore the British Horseracing Board's records taken from the press accounts of the time have been used as a more reliable source for the connections of winners prior to 1860.

Unofficial winners[edit]


The first official running of the "Grand National" is now considered to be the 1839 Grand Liverpool Steeplechase. There had been a similar race for several years prior to this, but its status as an official Grand National was revoked some time between 1862 and 1873.

Handicap (st-lb)
1836The Duke7Capt. Martin BecherMr Sirdefield
1837The Duke8Henry PottsMr Sirdefield
1838Sir William712-07Alan McDonoughMr Thompson


For three years during World War I, the Grand National could not be run at Aintree, and so a substitute event was held at another racecourse, Gatwick. This venue is now defunct, and it is presently the site of London Gatwick Airport. The course was modified to make it similar to Aintree, and the races were contested over the same distance, with one fence fewer to be jumped. The 1916 running was titled the Racecourse Association Steeplechase and for the next two years it was known as the War National.

Handicap (st-lb)
1916Vermouth611-10Jack ReardonJ. BellP. F. Heybourne
1917Ballymacad1009-12Edmund DriscollAubrey HastingsSir George Bullough
1918Poethlyn811-06Ernie PiggottHarry EscottGwladys Peel


Handicap (st-lb)
SPWinning time
1839Lottery912-00Jem MasonGeorge DockerayJohn Elmore1005 5/1 F14m 53.0s
1840Jerry1012-00Mr Bartholomew BrethertonGeorge DockerayHenry Villebois1012 12/112m 30.0s
1841Charity1112-00Mr A. PowellWilliam VeversLord Craven1014 14/113m 25.0s
1842Gaylad812-00Tom OlliverGeorge DockerayJohn Elmore1007 7/113m 30.0s
1843Vanguard811-10Tom Olliversee note below [a]Lord Chesterfield1012 12/1Not recorded
1844Discount610-12Mr John CrickmereNot recordedMr Quartermaine1005 5/1 JFJust under 14m
1845Cure-All711-05Mr William LoftKitty CrispW. S. Crawford10m 47.0s
1846Pioneer611-12William TaylorNot trained [1]Mr Adams10m 46.0s
1847Mathew910-06Denny WynneJohn MurphyJohn Courtenay1010 10/110m 39.0s
1848Chandler1211-12Capt. Josey Little [2]Tom EskrettJosey Little1012 12/111m 21.0s
1849Peter Simple1111-00Tom CunninghamT. CunninghamFinch Mason, Jr.1020 20/110m 56.0s
1850Abd-El-Kader809-12Chris GreenJoseph OsborneJoseph Osborne9m 57.5s
1851Abd-El-Kader910-04T. AbbottJoseph OsborneJoseph Osborne1007 7/19m 59.0s
1852Miss Mowbray710-04Mr Alec GoodmanGeorge DockerayT. F. Mason9m 58.5s
1853Peter Simple1510-10Tom OlliverTom OlliverJosey Little1009 9/110m 37.5s
1854Bourton1111-12John TaskerHenry WadlowWilliam Moseley1004 4/1 F9m 59.0s
1855Wanderer1009-08John HanlonNot knownMr Dunn1025 25/110m 25.0s
1856Freetrader709-06George StevensWilliam HolmanW. Barnett1025 25/110m 9.5s
1857Emigrant1109-10Charlie BoyceCharlie BoyceGeorge Hodgman1010 10/110m 6.0s
1858Little Charley1010-07William ArcherWilliam HolmanChristopher Capel1016.6666666667 100/611m 5.0s
1859Half Caste609-07Chris GreenChris GreenMr Willoughby1007 7/110m 2.0s
1860Anatis1009-10Mr Tommy PickernellH. E. MayChristopher Capel1003.5 7/2 FNot recorded
1861Jealousy709-12Joseph KendallCharles BalchinJ. Bennett1005 5/110m 14.0s
1862The Huntsman911-00Harry LamplughHarry LamplughViscount de Namur1003 3/1 F9m 30.0s
1863Emblem710-10George StevensEdwin WeeverLord Coventry1004 4/111m 20.0s
1864Emblematic610-06George StevensEdwin WeeverLord Coventry1010 10/111m 50.0s
1865Alcibiade511-04Capt. Henry CoventryCornellCherry Angell1014.2857142857 100/711m 16.0s
1866Salamander710-07Mr Alec GoodmanJ. WaltersEdward Studd1040 40/111m 5.0s
1867Cortolvin811-13John PageHarry LamplughDuke of Hamilton1016 16/110m 42.0s
1868The Lamb610-07Mr George EdeBen LandLord Poulett1009 9/1Not recorded
1869The Colonel610-07George StevensR. RobertsJohn Weyman1014.2857142857 100/711m 0.0s
1870The Colonel711-12George StevensR. RobertsMatthew Evans1003.5 7/2 F10m 10.0s
1871The Lamb911-05Mr Tommy PickernellChris GreenLord Poulett1005.5 11/29m 35.7s
1872Casse Tete710-00John PageA. CowleyTeddy Brayley1020 20/110m 14.5s
1873Disturbance611-11Mr J. M. RichardsonJames MachellJames Machell1020 20/1Watch stopped
1874Reugny610-12Mr J. M. RichardsonJames MachellJames Machell1005 5/1 F10m 4.0s
1875Pathfinder810-11Mr Tommy PickernellW. ReevesHubert Bird1016.6666666667 100/610m 22.0s
1876Regal511-03Joe CannonJames JewittJames Machell1025 25/111m 14.0s
1877Austerlitz510-08Mr Fred HobsonRobert I'AnsonFred Hobson1015 15/110m 10.0s
1878Shifnal910-12J. JonesJohn NightingallJohn Nightingall1007 7/110m 23.0s
1879The Liberator1011-04Mr Garrett MooreJ. MooreGarrett Moore1005 5/110m 12.0s
1880Empress510-07Mr Tommy BeasleyHenry LindePierre Ducrot1008 8/110m 20.0s
1881Woodbrook711-03Mr Tommy BeasleyHenry LindeT. Kirkwood1005.5 11/2 JF11m 50.0s
1882Seaman611-06Lord MannersJames Machell/James JewittLord Manners1010 10/110m 42.4s
1883Zoedone611-00Count Karel KinskyW. JenkinsCount Karel Kinsky1014.2857142857 100/711m 39.0s
1884Voluptuary610-05Mr Ted WilsonWilliam WilsonH. F. Boyd1010 10/110m 5.0s
1885Roquefort611-00Mr Ted WilsonArthur YatesArthur Cooper1003.3333333333 10/3 F10m 10.0s
1886Old Joe710-09Tommy SkeltonGeorge MulcasterA. J. Douglas1025 25/110m 14.6s
1887Gamecock811-00Bill DanielsJames GordonE. Jay1020 20/110m 10.2s
1888Playfair710-07George MawsonTom Cannon, Sr.Ned Baird1040 40/110m 12.0s
1889Frigate1111-04Mr Tommy BeasleyM. A. MaherMat Maher1008 8/110m 1.2s
1890Ilex610-05Arthur NightingallJohn NightingallGeorge Masterman1004 4/1 F10m 41.8s
1891Come Away711-12Mr Harry BeasleyHarry BeasleyWillie Jameson1004 4/1 F9m 58.0s
1892Father O'Flynn710-05Capt. Roddy OwenGordon WilsonGordon Wilson1020 20/19m 48.2s
1893Cloister912-07Bill DolleryArthur YatesCharles Duff1004.5 9/2 F9m 32.4s
1894Why Not1311-13Arthur NightingallWillie MooreC. H. Fenwick1005 5/1 JF9m 45.4s
1895Wild Man From Borneo710-11Mr Joe WidgerJames GatlandJohn Widger1010 10/110m 32.0
1896The Soarer709-13Lt. David CampbellWillie MooreWilliam Hall Walker1040 40/110m 11.2s
1897Manifesto911-03Terry KavanaghWillie McAuliffeHarry Dyas1006 6/1 F9m 49s
1898Drogheda610-12John GourleyDick DawsonC. G. M. Adams1025 25/19m 43.6s
1899Manifesto1112-07George WilliamsonWillie MooreJohn Bulteel1005 5/19m 49.8s
1900Ambush II611-03Algy AnthonyAlgy AnthonyPrince Edward VII1004 4/110m 1.4s
1901Grudon1110-00Arthur NightingallBernard BletsoeBernard Bletsoe1009 9/19m 47.8s
1902Shannon Lass710-01David ReadJames HackettAmbrose Gorham1020 20/110m 3.6s
1903Drumcree911-03Percy WoodlandSir Charles NugentJohn Morrison1006.5 13/2 F10m 9.4s
1904Moifaa810-07Arthur BirchW. HickeySpencer Gollan1025 25/19m 58.6s
1905Kirkland911-05Frank MasonE. ThomasFrank Bibby1006 6/19m 48.8s
1906Ascetic's Silver910-09Mr Aubrey HastingsAubrey HastingsPrince F. Hatzfeldt1020 20/19m 34.4s
1907Eremon710-01Alf NeweyTom CoulthwaiteStanley Howard1008 8/19m 47.5s
1908Rubio1010-05Henry BletsoeFred WithingtonF. Douglas-Pennant1066 66/110m 33.2s
1909Lutteur III510-11Georges ParfrementHarry EscottJames Hennessy1011.1111111111 100/99m 53.8s
1910Jenkinstown910-05Robert ChadwickTom CoulthwaiteStanley Howard1012.5 100/810m 44.2s
1911Glenside910-03Mr Jack AnthonyR. H. CollisFrank Bibby1020 20/110m 35.0s
1912Jerry M912-07Ernie PiggottRobert GoreSir C. Assheton-Smith1004 4/1 JF10m 13.4s
1913Covertcoat711-06Percy WoodlandRobert GoreSir C. Assheton-Smith1011.1111111111 100/910m 19.0s
1914Sunloch809-07Bill SmithTom TylerTom Tyler1016.6666666667 100/69m 58.8s
1915Ally Sloper610-06Mr Jack AnthonyAubrey HastingsLady Margaret Nelson1012.5 100/89m 47.8s
1916 1916-18 see above
1919Poethlyn912-07Ernie PiggottHarry EscottGwladys Peel1002.75 11/4 F10m 8.4s
1920Troytown711-09Mr Jack AnthonyAlgy AnthonyT. Collins-Gerrard1006 6/110m 20.4s
1921Shaun Spadah1011-07Fred ReesGeorge PooleMalcolm McAlpine1011.1111111111 100/910m 26.0s
1922Music Hall911-08Lewis ReesOwen AnthonyHugh Kershaw1011.1111111111 100/99m 55.8s
1923Sergeant Murphy1311-03Capt. Tuppy BennettGeorge BlackwellStephen Sanford1016.6666666667 100/69m 36.0s
1924Master Robert1110-05Bob TrudgillAubrey HastingsLord Airlie1025 25/19m 40.0s
1925Double Chance910-09Maj. John WilsonFred Archer, Jr.David Goold1011.1111111111 100/99m 42.6s
1926Jack Horner910-05William WatkinsonHarvey LeaderCharles Schwartz1025 25/19m 36.0s
1927Sprig1012-04Ted LeaderTom LeaderMary Partridge1008 8/1 F10m 20.2s
1928Tipperary Tim1010-00Mr Bill DuttonJoseph DoddHarold Kenyon1100 100/110m 23.4s
1929Gregalach711-04Robert W H EverettTom LeaderMargaret Gemmell1100 100/19m 47.4s
1930Shaun Goilin1011-07Tommy CullinanFrank HartiganWalter Midwood1012.5 100/89m 40.6s
1931Grakle911-07Bob LyallTom CoulthwaiteCecil Taylor1016.6666666667 100/69m 32.8s
1932Forbra710-07Tim HameyTom RimellWilliam Parsonage1050 50/19m 44.6s
1933Kellsboro' Jack711-09Dudley WilliamsIvor AnthonyMrs F. Ambrose Clark1025 25/19m 28.0s
1934Golden Miller712-02Gerry WilsonBasil BriscoeDorothy Paget1008 8/19m 20.4s
1935Reynoldstown811-04Mr Frank FurlongNoel FurlongNoel Furlong1022 22/19m 20.2s
1936Reynoldstown912-02Mr Fulke WalwynNoel FurlongNoel Furlong1010 10/19m 37.8s
1937Royal Mail811-13Evan WilliamsIvor AnthonyHugh Lloyd Thomas1016.6666666667 100/69m 59.8s
1938Battleship1111-06Bruce HobbsReg HobbsMarion Scott1040 40/19m 27.0s
1939Workman910-06Tim HydeJack RuttleSir Alexander Maguire1012.5 100/89m 42.2s
1940Bogskar710-04Mervyn JonesLord StalbridgeLord Stalbridge1025 25/19m 20.6s
1941 1941–45 no race [b]
1946Lovely Cottage910-08Capt. Bobby PetreTommy RaysonJohn Morant1025 25/19m 38.2s
1947Caughoo810-00Eddie DempseyHerbert McDowellJohn McDowell1100 100/110m 3.8s
1948Sheila's Cottage910-07Arthur ThompsonNeville CrumpJohn Procter1050 50/19m 25.4s
1949Russian Hero910-08Leo McMorrowGeorge OwenFearnie Williamson1066 66/19m 24.2s
1950Freebooter911-11Jimmy PowerBobby RentonLurline Brotherton1010 10/1 F9m 24.2s
1951Nickel Coin910-01John BullockJack O'DonoghueJeffrey Royle1040 40/19m 48.8s
1952Teal1010-12Arthur ThompsonNeville CrumpHarry Lane1014.2857142857 100/79m 21.5s
1953Early Mist811-02Bryan MarshallVincent O'BrienJoe Griffin1020 20/19m 22.8s
1954Royal Tan1011-07Bryan MarshallVincent O'BrienJoe Griffin1008 8/19m 32.8s
1955Quare Times911-00Pat TaaffeVincent O'BrienCecily Welman1011.1111111111 100/910m 19.2s
1956E.S.B.1011-03David DickFred RimellMrs Leonard Carver1014.2857142857 100/79m 21.4s
1957Sundew1111-07Fred WinterFrank HudsonMrs Geoffrey Kohn1020 20/19m 42.4s
1958Mr. What810-06Arthur FreemanTom Taaffe, Sr.David J. Coughlan1018 18/19m 59.8s
1959Oxo810-13Michael ScudamoreWillie StephensonJohn Bigg1008 8/19m 37.8s
1960Merryman II910-12Gerry ScottNeville CrumpWinifred Wallace1006.5 13/2 F9m 26.2s
1961Nicolaus Silver910-01Bobby BeasleyFred RimellCharles Vaughan1028 28/19m 22.6s
1962Kilmore1210-04Fred WinterRyan PriceNat Cohen1028 28/19m 50s
1963Ayala910-00Pat BuckleyKeith PiggottPierre Raymond1066 66/19m 35.8s
1964Team Spirit1210-03Willie RobinsonFulke WalwynJohn Goodman1018 18/19m 46.8s
1965Jay Trump811-05Mr Tommy SmithFred WinterMary Stephenson1016.6666666667 100/69m 30.6s
1966Anglo810-00Tim NormanFred WinterStuart Levy1050 50/19m 52.8s
1967Foinavon910-00John BuckinghamJohn KemptonCyril Watkins1100 100/19m 49.6s
1968Red Alligator910-00Brian FletcherDenys SmithJohn Manners1014.2857142857 100/79m 28.8s
1969Highland Wedding1210-04Eddie Harty, Sr.Toby BaldingThomas McCoy, Jr. (USA) & Charles Burns (CAN)1011.1111111111 100/99m 30.8s
1970Gay Trip811-05Pat TaaffeFred RimellTony Chambers1015 15/19m 38s
1971Specify910-13John CookJohn SutcliffeFred Pontin1028 28/19m 34.2s
1972Well to Do910-01Graham ThornerTim ForsterTim Forster1014 14/110m 8.4s
1973Red Rum810-05Brian FletcherGinger McCainNoel Le Mare1009 9/1 JF9m 1.9s
1974Red Rum912-00Brian FletcherGinger McCainNoel Le Mare1011 11/19m 20.3s
1975L'Escargot1211-03Tommy CarberryDan MooreRaymond R. Guest (USA)1006.5 13/29m 31.1s
1976Rag Trade1010-12John BurkeFred RimellPierre Raymond1014 14/19m 20.9s
1977Red Rum1211-08Tommy StackGinger McCainNoel Le Mare1009 9/19m 30.3s
1978Lucius910-09Bob DaviesGordon W. RichardsFiona Whitaker1014 14/19m 33.9s
1979Rubstic1010-00Maurice BarnesJohn LeadbetterJohn Douglas1025 25/19m 52.9s
1980Ben Nevis1210-12Mr Charlie Fenwick (USA)Tim ForsterR. C. Stewart, Jr. (USA)1040 40/110m 17.4s
1981Aldaniti1110-13Bob ChampionJosh GiffordNick Embiricos1010 10/19m 47.2s
1982Grittar911-05Mr Dick SaundersFrank GilmanFrank Gilman1007 7/1 F9m 12.6s
1983Corbiere811-04Ben de HaanJenny PitmanBryan Burrough1013 13/19m 47.4s
1984Hallo Dandy1010-02Neale DoughtyGordon W. RichardsRichard Shaw1013 13/19m 21.4s
1985Last Suspect1110-05Hywel DaviesTim ForsterAnne, Duchess of Westminster1050 50/19m 42.7s
1986West Tip910-11Richard DunwoodyMichael OliverPeter Luff1007.5 15/29m 33.0s
1987Maori Venture1110-13Steve KnightAndrew TurnellJim Joel1028 28/19m 19.3s
1988Rhyme 'n' Reason911-00Brendan PowellDavid ElsworthJuliet Reed1010 10/19m 53.5s
1989Little Polveir1210-03Jimmy FrostToby BaldingEdward Harvey1028 28/110m 6.9s
1990Mr Frisk1110-06Mr Marcus ArmytageKim BaileyLois Duffey (USA)1016 16/18m 47.8s record
1991Seagram1110-06Nigel HawkeDavid BaronsSir Eric Parker1012 12/19m 29.9s
1992Party Politics810-07Carl LlewellynNick GaseleePatricia Thompson1014 14/19m 6.4s
1941 1993 race void [c]
1994Miinnehoma1110-08Richard DunwoodyMartin PipeFreddie Starr1016 16/110m 18.8s
1995Royal Athlete1210-06Jason TitleyJenny PitmanG. & L. Johnson1040 40/19m 4.1s
1996Rough Quest1010-07Mick FitzgeraldTerry CaseyAndrew Wates1007 7/1 F9m 0.8s
1997Lord Gyllene910-00Tony DobbinSteve BrookshawStan Clarke1014 14/19m 5.9s
1998Earth Summit1010-05Carl LlewellynNigel Twiston-DaviesSummit Partnership1007 7/1 F10m 51.5s
1999Bobbyjo910-00Paul CarberryTommy CarberryBobby Burke1010 10/19m 14.1s
2000Papillon910-12Ruby WalshTed WalshMrs J. Maxwell Moran (USA)1010 10/19m 9.7s
2001Red Marauder1110-11Richard GuestNorman MasonNorman Mason1033 33/111m 0.1s
2002Bindaree810-04Jim CullotyNigel Twiston-DaviesRaymond Mould1020 20/19m 8.6s
2003Monty's Pass1010-07Barry GeraghtyJimmy ManganDee Racing Syndicate1016 16/19m 21.7s
2004Amberleigh House1210-10Graham LeeGinger McCainHalewood Int. Ltd1016 16/19m 20.3s
2005Hedgehunter911-01Ruby WalshWillie MullinsTrevor Hemmings1007 7/1 F9m 20.8s
2006Numbersixvalverde1010-08Niall MaddenMartin BrassilBernard Carroll1011 11/19m 41.0s
2007Silver Birch1010-06Robbie PowerGordon ElliottBrian Walsh1033 33/19m 13.6s
2008Comply or Die910-09Timmy MurphyDavid PipeDavid Johnson1007 7/1 JF9m 16.6s
2009Mon Mome911-00Liam TreadwellVenetia WilliamsVida Bingham1100 100/19m 32.9s
2010Don't Push It1011-05Tony McCoyJonjo O'NeillJ. P. McManus1010 10/1 JF9m 4.6s
2011Ballabriggs1011-00Jason MaguireDonald McCain, Jr.Trevor Hemmings1014 14/19m 1.2s
2012Neptune Collonges1111-06Daryl JacobPaul NichollsJohn Hales1033 33/19m 5.1s
2013Auroras Encore1110-03Ryan ManiaSue SmithDouglas Pryde, Jim Beaumont and David P van der Hoeven1066 66/19m 12.0s
2014Pineau De Re1110-06Leighton AspellRichard NewlandJohn Provan1025 25/19m 9.9s

a The 1843 winner Vanguard was trained at Lord Chesterfield's private stables at Bretby Hall.
b The race was abandoned from 1941 to 1945 because of World War II.
c The 1993 running was declared void after most of the field failed to be recalled after a false start and seven completed the course, with Esha Ness finishing first.


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