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The Governor of North Dakota is the chief executive of the U.S. state of North Dakota. The current Governor is Jack Dalrymple. The Governor has the power to sign or veto laws, and to call the Legislative Assembly into emergency session. The Governor is also chairman of the North Dakota Industrial Commission. He has an ex officio North Dakota Governor's Residence. There are no limits on the number of terms a governor may serve.

The following is a list of Governors of the state of North Dakota, United States.

List of North Dakota Governors[edit]


      Democratic/NPL       Democratic-Independent       Republican/NPL       Republican       Republican-IVA

Number of Governors of North Dakota by party affiliation
Current Governor Jack Dalrymple
1John MillerNovember 20, 1889–January 7, 1891Republican1843–1908
2Andrew H. BurkeJanuary 7, 1891–January 3, 1893Republican1850–1918
3Eli C. D. ShortridgeJanuary 3, 1893–January 10, 1895Democratic-Independent1830–1908
4Roger Allin[note 1]January 10, 1895–January 6, 1897Republican1848–1936
5Frank A. BriggsJanuary 6, 1897–August 15, 1898Republican1858–1898
6Joseph M. Devine[note 1]August 15, 1898–January 3, 1899Republican1861–1938
7Frederick B. FancherJanuary 3, 1899–January 10, 1901Republican1852–1944
8Frank White[note 2]January 10, 1901–January 4, 1905Republican1856–1940
9Elmore Y. SarlesJanuary 4, 1905–January 9, 1907Republican1859–1929
10John Burke[note 2][note 3]January 9, 1907–January 8, 1913Democratic1859–1937
11L. B. Hanna[note 4]January 8, 1913–January 3, 1917Republican1861–1948
12Lynn Frazier[note 5]January 3, 1917–November 23, 1921Republican/NPL1874–1947
13Ragnvald A. NestosNovember 23, 1921–January 7, 1925Republican/IVA1877–1942
14Arthur G. SorlieJanuary 7, 1925–August 28, 1928Republican/NPL1874–1928
15Walter Maddock[note 1]August 28, 1928–January 9, 1929Republican/NPL1880–1951
16George F. ShaferJanuary 9, 1929–December 31, 1932Republican/IVA1888–1948
17William Langer[note 6]December 31, 1932–June 21, 1934Republican/NPL1886–1959
18Ole H. Olson[note 1]June 21, 1934–January 7, 1935Republican/NPL1872–1954
19Thomas H. MoodieJanuary 7, 1935–February 2, 1935Democratic1878–1948
20Walter Welford[note 1]February 2, 1935–January 6, 1937Republican/NPL1868–1952
21William Langer[note 5][note 6]January 6, 1937–January 5, 1939Republican/NPL1886–1959
22John Moses[note 5]January 5, 1939–January 4, 1945Democratic1885–1945
23Fred George Aandahl[note 4]January 4, 1945–January 3, 1951Republican1897–1966
24Clarence Norman Brunsdale[note 5]January 3, 1951–January 9, 1957Republican1891–1978
25John E. DavisJanuary 9, 1957–January 4, 1961Republican1913–1990
26William L. GuyJanuary 4, 1961–January 2, 1973Democratic-NPL1919–2013
27Arthur A. Link[note 4]January 2, 1973–January 6, 1981Democratic-NPL1914–2010
28Allen I. OlsonJanuary 6, 1981–January 1, 1985Republican1938–
29George A. SinnerJanuary 1, 1985–December 15, 1992Democratic-NPL1928–
30Ed Schafer[note 7]December 15, 1992–December 15, 2000Republican1946–
31John Hoeven[note 5]December 15, 2000–December 7, 2010Republican1957–
32Jack Dalrymple[note 1]December 7, 2010–Republican1948–
  1. ^ a b c d e f Served as Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota prior to term as Governor
  2. ^ a b Served as Treasurer of the United States after term as Governor
  3. ^ Served as Chief Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court after term as Governor
  4. ^ a b c Served in the United States House of Representatives after term as Governor
  5. ^ a b c d e Served in the United States Senate after term as Governor
  6. ^ a b Served two nonconsecutive terms as Governor
  7. ^ Served as the United States Secretary of Agriculture after term as Governor

Other high offices held[edit]

This is a table of congressional seats, other federal offices, and other governorships held by governors. All representatives and senators mentioned represented North Dakota except where noted.

GovernorGubernatorial termU.S. CongressOther offices held
Frank White1901–1905Treasurer of the United States
John Burke1907–1913Treasurer of the United States
Lynn Frazier1917–1921S
William Langer1937–1939S
John Moses1939–1945S
Fred G. Aandahl1945–1951HUnited States Assistant Secretary of the Interior
Clarence Norman Brunsdale1951–1957S
Arthur A. Link1973–1981H
Ed Schafer1992–2000United States Secretary of Agriculture
John Hoeven2000–2010S

Living former governors[edit]

As of September 2014, four former governors of North Dakota are alive, the oldest being George Sinner (1985–1992, born 1928). The most recent death of a former governor was William L. Guy (1961–1973), on 26 April 2013. The death of a former governor who served most recently was that of Arthur Albert Link, who left office on January 6, 1981 and died on June 1, 2010 at the age of ninety-six.

GovernorGubernatorial termDate of birth
Allen I. Olson1981–1985(1938-11-05) November 5, 1938 (age 76)
George Sinner1985–1992(1928-05-19) May 19, 1928 (age 86)
Ed Schafer1992–2000(1946-08-08) August 8, 1946 (age 68)
John Hoeven2000–2010(1957-03-13) March 13, 1957 (age 57)

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