List of railroads in Georgia (U.S. state)

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The following railroads operate in the U.S. state of Georgia.

Common freight carriers[edit]

Passenger carriers[edit]

Defunct railroads[edit]

NameMarkSystem[nb 1]FromToSuccessorNotes
Abbeville and Waycross RailroadSAL18891896Georgia and Alabama Railway
Alabama and Chattanooga RailroadSOU18681877Alabama Great Southern Railroad
Alabama Midland RailwayACL18871901Savannah, Florida and Western Railway
Albany Bridge Company19931999Georgia and Florida RailNet
Albany, Florida and Northern RailwaySOU18891895Albany and Northern Railway
Albany and Northern RailwaySOU18951971Georgia Northern Railway
Albany Passenger Terminal CompanyACL/ CG/ SAL/ SOU1911
Americus and Atlantic Railroad
Americus, Preston and Lumpkin RailroadSAL18841888Savannah, Americus and Montgomery Railway
Athens Belt Line RailroadSOU1890
Athens Terminal CompanySAL19061981N/A
Atlanta and Birmingham Air Line RailwaySAL19031909Seaboard Air Line Railway
Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic RailroadACL19051916Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railway
Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic RailwayACL19151927Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast Railroad
Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast RailroadACL19261946Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line RailwaySOU18771996Norfolk Southern Railway
Atlanta and Florida RailroadSOU18871893Atlanta and Florida Railway
Atlanta and Florida RailwaySOU18931895Southern Railway
Atlanta and Hawkinsville RailroadSOU18861887Atlanta and Florida Railroad
Atlanta, Knoxville and Northern RailwayL&N18961905Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Atlanta and LaGrange RailroadACL/ L&N18471857Atlanta and West Point Railroad
Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwaySOU18701876Georgia Air Line Railway
Atlanta and Roswell RailroadSOU18631877Roswell Railroad
Atlanta, Stone Mountain and Lithonia RailwayASML19071997N/A
Atlanta Terminal CompanyACL/ CG/ L&N/ SOU1903
Atlanta and West Point RailroadA&WP, AWPACL/ L&N18571986Seaboard System Railroad
Atlantic and Birmingham RailroadACL19011903Atlantic and Birmingham Railway
Atlantic and Birmingham RailwayACL19031906Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad
Atlantic Coast Line RailroadACLACL19021967Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Atlantic and Gulf RailroadAGLF19911999Georgia and Florida RailNet
Atlantic and Gulf RailroadACL18561879Savannah, Florida and Western Railway
Atlantic and Gulf Short Line RailroadG&F19001907Georgia and Florida Railway
Atlantic Short Line RailwayCG18921896Bruton and Pineora Railway
Atlantic, Valdosta and Western RailwaySOU18971902Georgia Southern and Florida Railway
Atlantic, Waycross and Northern Railroad19111924St. Mary's Railroad
Augusta Belt RailwayACL/ L&N18961975Georgia Railroad and Banking Company
Augusta and Florida RailwayG&F19041910Georgia and Florida Railway
Augusta, Gibson and Sandersville RailroadG&F18841893Augusta Southern Railroad
Augusta and Knoxville RailroadACL18771886Port Royal and Western Carolina Railway
Augusta and Savannah RailroadCG18561948Central of Georgia Railway
Augusta Southern RailroadAUSG&F18931919Georgia and Florida Railway
Augusta, Tallahassee and Gulf RailroadSAL18881891Carrabelle, Tallahassee and Georgia Railroad
Augusta Terminal RailwayACL18971906Charleston and Western Carolina Railway
Augusta Union Station CompanyACL/ L&N/ SOU19011969N/A
Augusta and Waynesboro RailroadCG18381856Augusta and Savannah Railroad
Bainbridge Northeastern Railway
Bainbridge Northern Railway
Blakely Southern Railroad
Blue Ridge and Atlantic RailroadSOU18871897Tallulah Falls Railway
Boston and Albany RailroadSOU18911895Georgia Northern Railway
Bostwick Railroad1911Greene County Railroad
Bowden Lithia Springs Short Line Railroad1887N/A
Bowdon Railroad and Transportation Company19451953Bowdon Railway
Bowdon Railway19531963N/A
Bowdon Railway19101946Bowdon Railroad and Transportation Company
Brinson RailwayCG19061914Savannah and Northwestern Railway
Broxton, Hazlehurst and Savannah Railroad1907Fitzgerald, Ocilla and Broxton Railroad
Brunswick and Albany RailroadACL18611882Brunswick and Western Railroad
Brunswick and Birmingham RailroadACL19001904Atlantic and Birmingham Railway
Brunswick and Florida RailroadACL18351861Brunswick and Albany Railroad
Brunswick and Pensacola Railroad
Brunswick and Western RailroadACL18821901Savannah, Florida and Western Railway
Bruton and Pineora RailwayCG18971901Central of Georgia Railway
Buena Vista RailroadCG18801885Buena Vista and Ellaville Railroad
Buena Vista and Ellaville RailroadCG18851888Savannah and Western Railroad
Carrabelle, Tallahassee and Georgia RailroadSAL18911906Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway
Cartersville and Van Wert RailroadSAL18661870Cherokee Railroad
Central Railroad and Banking Company of GeorgiaCG18351895Central of Georgia Railway
Central Railroad and Canal Company of GeorgiaCG18331835Central Railroad and Banking Company of Georgia
Central of Georgia RailwayCGCG18951971Central of Georgia Railroad
Charleston and Savannah RailroadACL18541867Savannah and Charleston Railroad
Charleston and Savannah RailwayACL18801901Savannah, Florida and Western Railway
Charleston and Western Carolina RailwayC&WC, CWCACL18961959Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta RailroadSOU18691894Southern Railway
Chatham Terminal CompanyCG/ SAL1916Still exists as a joint subsidiary of CSX Transportation and the Norfolk Southern Railway.
Chattahoochee Terminal RailwaySAL19021903Atlanta and Birmingham Air Line Railway
Chattahoochee and Gulf RailroadCHAT20032006Chattahoochee Bay Railroad
Chattahoochee Valley Railroad18951900Chattahoochee Valley Railway
Chattahoochee Valley RailwayCHV19001992N/A
Chattanooga and Atlanta RailroadSOU19111911Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railroad
Chattanooga and Durham RailroadCG18971901Central of Georgia Railway
Chattanooga and Gulf RailroadCG18891891Chickamauga and Durham Railroad
Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain Railway
Chattanooga, Rome and Columbus RailroadCG18871897Chattanooga, Rome and Southern Railroad
Chattanooga, Rome and Southern RailroadCG18971901Central of Georgia Railway
Chattanooga Southern RailroadSOU18961911Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railroad
Chattanooga Southern RailwaySOU18871895Chattanooga Southern Railroad
Cherokee RailroadSAL18701879Cherokee Iron Company
Cherokee Iron CompanySAL18731882East and West Railroad of Alabama
Chickamauga and Durham RailroadCG18911897Chattanooga and Durham Railroad
Cincinnati and Georgia RailroadSOU18811881East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad
Collins and Glennville Railroad19211941N/A
Collins and Ludowici Railroad19201922Collins and Glennville Railroad
Collins and Reidsville Railroad18951906Georgia Coast and Piedmont Railroad
Colonel's Island RailroadCISD19691998Golden Isles Terminal Railroad
Columbia and Augusta RailroadSOU18641869Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad
Columbus and Florida RailwaySAL18851886Columbus Southern Railway
Columbus and Rome RailroadCG18791882Columbus and Rome Railway
Columbus and Rome RailwayCG18821888Savannah and Western Railroad
Columbus Southern RailwaySAL18861896Columbus and Southern Railway
Columbus and Southern RailwaySAL18961896Georgia and Alabama Railway
Columbus and Western RailwayCG18831888Savannah and Western Railroad
Covington and Macon RailroadCG18851891Macon and Northern Railroad
Cuyler and Woodburn Railroad18941897Savannah and Statesboro Railway
Dalton and Gadsden RailroadSOU18541859Dalton and Jacksonville Railroad
Dalton and Jacksonville RailroadSOU18591866Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad
Darien Short Line Railroad18851894Darien and Western Railroad
Darien and Western Railroad18941906Georgia Coast and Piedmont Railroad
Dooly Southern Railway
Douglas, Augusta and Gulf RailwayG&F19051907Georgia and Florida Railway
Douglas and McDonald Railroad
Dover and Statesboro RailroadCG18891901Central of Georgia Railway
Dublin and Southwestern RailroadCG19041907Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad
Dublin and Wrightsville RailroadCG18851886Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad
East Georgia Railway1916
East Georgia and Florida RailroadACL18811888Savannah, Florida and Western Railway
East Tennessee and Georgia RailroadSOU18481869East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia RailroadSOU18691886East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia RailwaySOU18861894Southern Railway
East and West RailroadSAL18961903Atlanta and Birmingham Air Line Railway
East and West Railroad of AlabamaSAL18821893East and West Railroad
Eatonton Branch RailroadCG18501896Middle Georgia and Atlantic Railway
Eatonton and Machen RailroadCG18891889Middle Georgia and Atlantic Railway
Elberton Air Line RailroadSOU18711908Elberton Southern Railway
Elberton and Eastern RailroadE&EACL/ L&N19161933N/A
Elberton and Eastern RailwayACL/ L&N19111916Elberton and Eastern Railroad
Elberton Southern RailwaySOU19081996Norfolk Southern Railway
Ellijay RailroadL&N18541859Marietta, Canton and Ellijay Railroad
Empire and Dublin RailroadCG18881892Oconee and Western Railroad
Fitzgerald, Ocilla and Broxton Railroad1907
Fitzgerald, Ocmulgee and Red Bluff Railway
Flint River and Gulf RailwaySOU19011907Gulf Line Railway
Flint River and Northeastern RailroadFR&N19031946N/A (affiliated with Georgia Northern Railway)
Florida Central Railroad19071914N/A (portion in Florida sold to Savannah, Florida and Western Railway)
Florida Central and Peninsular RailroadSAL18921903Seaboard Air Line Railway
Florida Midland and Georgia RailroadG&F18841894Valdosta Southern Railway
Florida Northern RailroadSAL18921893Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad
Flovilla and Indian Springs Railway1897
Foy Railroad
Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern RailroadACL/ L&N, SAL18721904Gainesville Midland Railway, Monroe Railroad
Gainesville Midland RailroadGMSAL1936Still exists as a subsidiary of CSX Transportation. On August 6, 2010, notice was published of the intent to merge the Gainesville Midland Railroad into CSX Transportation, effective August 20, 2010.[1]
Gainesville Midland Railway[2]SAL19041938Gainesville Midland Railroad
Gainesville and Northwestern Railroad19121934N/A
Gate City Terminal CompanyACL19061907Georgia Terminal Company
Georgia RailroadGAACL/ L&N18811982Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Georgia RailroadACL/ L&N18331835Georgia Railroad and Banking Company
Georgia Railroad and Banking CompanyACL/ L&N18351982Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Georgia Air Line RailroadSOU18561870Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line Railway
Georgia Air Line RailwaySOU18771877Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Railway
Georgia and Alabama RailroadGAAB19891995Georgia Southwestern Railroad
Georgia and Alabama RailroadSOU18541866Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad
Georgia and Alabama RailwaySAL18951902Seaboard Air Line Railway
Georgia and Alabama Terminal CompanySAL1898
Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester and Camilla RailwaySOU19221971Georgia Northern Railway
Georgia, Carolina and Northern RailwaySAL18861901Seaboard Air Line Railway
Georgia Coast and Piedmont Railroad19061919Collins and Glennville Railroad
Georgia Eastern RailroadGERY19871988Georgia Woodlands Railroad
Georgia Eastern RailwayBainbridge Northeastern Railway
Georgia and Florida RailNetGFRR19992005Georgia and Florida Railway
Georgia and Florida RailroadGFRR19951999Georgia and Florida RailNet
Georgia and Florida RailroadG&FG&F (SOU)19261963Georgia and Florida Railway
Georgia and Florida RailwayG&F, GFSOU19631971Central of Georgia Railroad
Georgia and Florida RailwayG&FG&F19061926Georgia and Florida Railroad
Georgia, Florida and Alabama RailroadGF&ASAL19271974Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Georgia, Florida and Alabama RailwayGF&ASAL19011928Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railroad
Georgia and Florida Terminal CompanyG&F19101920Georgia and Florida Railway
Georgia Great Southern RailroadGGS19911995Georgia Southwestern Railroad
Georgia Midland RailwaySOU18961996Norfolk Southern Railway
Georgia Midland and Gulf RailroadSOU18851896Georgia Midland Railway
Georgia Midland Terminal CompanySOU18901941Southern Railway
Georgia Northern RailwayGANOSOU18941993Georgia Southern and Florida Railway
Georgia Pacific RailroadSOU18761882Georgia Pacific Railway
Georgia Pacific RailwaySOU18821894Southern Railway
Georgia Western RailroadSOU18541877Georgia Pacific Railroad
Georgia Pine RailwaySAL18951901Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway
Georgia Southern RailroadSOU18751880East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad
Georgia Southern and Florida RailroadSOU18811895Georgia Southern and Florida Railway
Georgia Southwestern and Gulf RailroadGS&GSOU19061942N/ALeased the Albany and Northern Railway.
Georgia Terminal CompanyACL19071916Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railway
Girard RailroadCG18451854Mobile and Girard Railroad
Greene County RailroadGCY19111941N/A
Greenville and Newnan RailwayCG19051905Central of Georgia Railway
Griffin, Monticello and Madison Railroad18701891N/A
Gulf Line RailwaySOU19071913Hawkinsville and Florida Southern Railway
Hartwell Railroad18791898Hartwell Railway
Hartwell RailwayHRT18981990Hartwell Railroad
Hawkinsville and Florida Southern RailwaySOU18961922Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester and Camilla Railway
Hawkinsville and Western Railroad
Hiwassee RailroadSOU18471848East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad
Indian Springs and Flovilla Railroad18811897Flovilla and Indian Springs Railway
Iron Belt Railroad1903N/A
Lakeland Railway19281957N/A
Lawrenceville Branch RailroadSOU18771920N/A
Lexington Terminal RailroadACL/ L&N18871947N/A
Liberty City, Glennville and Manassas Railway1905Reidsville and Southeastern Railroad
Lithonia and Arabia Mountain Railway19131935N/A
Live Oak, Perry and Georgia Railroad19951999Georgia and Florida RailNet
Live Oak, Perry and South Georgia RailwayLPSGSOU19711993Georgia Southern and Florida Railway
Loganville and Lawrenceville RailroadSAL18981902Seaboard Air Line Railway
Louisville and Nashville RailroadL&N, LNL&N19051983Seaboard System Railroad
Louisville Branch RailroadCG18721879Louisville and Wadley Railroad
Louisville and Wadley RailroadL&WDCG18791961Louisville and Wadley Railway
Macon and Atlantic RailwayCG18901892Atlantic Short Line Railway
Macon and Augusta RailroadACL/ L&N18661880Georgia Railroad and Banking Company
Macon and Birmingham Railroad18881895Macon and Birmingham Railway
Macon and Birmingham Railway1896
Macon and Brunswick RailroadSOU18561881Cincinnati and Georgia Railroad
Macon and Dublin RailroadSAL18851890Macon, Dublin and Savannah Railroad
Macon, Dublin and Savannah RailroadMD&SSAL18901958Seaboard Air Line Railroad
Macon and Northern RailroadCG18911894Macon and Northern Railway
Macon and Northern RailwayCG18941895Central of Georgia Railway
Macon Terminal CompanyMTCOCG/ SOU1914
Macon and Western RailroadCG18451872Central Railroad and Banking Company of Georgia
Marietta, Canton and Ellijay RailroadL&N18591870Marietta and North Georgia Railroad
Marietta and North Georgia RailroadL&N18701887Marietta and North Georgia Railway
Marietta and North Georgia RailwayL&N18871895Atlanta, Knoxville and Northern Railway
McRae Terminal RailwaySAL1905
Memphis Branch Railroad18681877N/A
Memphis Branch Railroad and Steamboat Company of GeorgiaL&N18391850Rome Railroad
Middle Georgia and Atlantic RailwayCG18891896Central of Georgia Railway
Midland RailwayG&F19151923Statesboro Northern Railway
Midville, Swainsboro and Red Bluff RailroadG&F18881900Atlantic and Gulf Short Line Railroad
Milledgeville RailroadACL/ L&N18371866Macon and Augusta Railroad
Milledgeville RailwayACL/ L&N18961972N/A
Milledgeville and Asylum Dummy RailroadACL/ L&N18881893Old Capital Railway
Milledgeville and Gordon RailroadCG18471859Central Railroad and Banking Company of Georgia
Milledgeville Turnpike or Railroad CompanyCG18401847Milledgeville and Gordon Railroad
Millen and Southern RailwayG&F18901897Millen and Southwestern Railroad
Millen and Southwestern RailroadG&F18971907Georgia and Florida Railway
Milltown Air Line Railway19031928Lakeland Railway
Milstead RailroadMLST19091959
Mobile and Girard RailroadCG18541895Central of Georgia Railway
Monroe RailroadACL/ L&N19041975Georgia Railroad and Banking Company
Monroe RailroadCG18331836Monroe Railroad and Banking Company
Monroe Railroad and Banking CompanyCG18361845Central Railroad and Banking Company of Georgia
Montgomery RailroadACL/ L&N18341842Montgomery and West Point Railroad
Montgomery and West Point RailroadACL/ L&N18431870Western Railroad of Alabama
Nashville and Chattanooga RailroadL&N18451873Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway
Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis RailwayN&C, NCL&N18731957Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Nashville and Sparks RailroadG&F19001907Georgia and Florida Railway
North Eastern RailroadSOU18541895Southern Railway
North and South Railroad of GeorgiaCG18701878Columbus and Rome Railroad
Ocilla and Irwinville RailroadACL19001903Brunswick and Birmingham Railroad
Ocilla, Pinebloom and Valdosta RailroadG&F19051906Douglas, Augusta and Gulf Railway
Ocilla Southern RailroadOSO19081924N/A
Ocilla and Valdosta Railroad
Ocilla and Worth Railroad
Oconee and Western RailroadCG18921899Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad
Offerman and Western RailroadACL18991902Brunswick and Birmingham Railroad
Ogeechee RailwayOGEE1989Still exists as a lessor of the Georgia Midland Railroad and Heart of Georgia Railroad.
Old Capital RailwayACL/ L&N18931896Milledgeville Railway
Pelham and Havana Railroad19061924N/A
Plant SystemACL18941902Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Port Royal RailroadACL18591878Port Royal and Augusta Railway
Port Royal and Augusta RailwayACL18781896Charleston and Western Carolina Railway
Port Royal and Western Carolina RailwayACL18871896Charleston and Western Carolina Railway
Raleigh and Gaston RailroadSAL18891900Seaboard Air Line Railway
Register and Glenville Railroad1916East Georgia Railway
Reidsville and Southeastern Railroad19051906Georgia Coast and Piedmont Railroad
Richmond and Danville RailroadSOU18791894Southern Railway
Rogers and Summit RailroadG&F18891889Millen and Southern Railway
Rome RailroadL&N18501896Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway
Rome and Carrollton RailroadCG18811887Chattanooga, Rome and Columbus Railroad
Rome and Decatur RailroadSOU18831889East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway
Rome and Northern RailroadR&N19091923Rome and Northern Railway
Rome and Northern Railway19231924N/A
Roswell RailroadSOU18801920Roswell Branch Railroad
Roswell Branch Railroad19201921N/A
St. Marys and Kingsland Railroad19061911Atlantic, Waycross and Northern Railroad
Sandersville and Tennille RailroadG&F18751894Augusta Southern Railroad
Savannah and Albany RailroadACL18471854Savannah, Albany and Gulf Railroad
Savannah, Albany and Gulf RailroadACL18541863Atlantic and Gulf Railroad
Savannah, Americus and Montgomery RailwaySAL18881895Georgia and Alabama Railway
Savannah and Atlanta RailwaySACG19151971Central of Georgia Railroad
Savannah and Atlantic RailroadCG18901895Central of Georgia Railway
Savannah, Augusta and Northern Railway19061910Midland Railway
Savannah and Charleston RailroadACL18671880Charleston and Savannah Railway
Savannah and Columbus RailwaySAL18881888Savannah and Western Railroad
Savannah, Dublin and Western Short Line RailwayCG18861889Savannah and Western Railroad
Savannah, Florida and Western RailwayACL18761902Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Savannah, Griffin and North Alabama RailroadCG18541890Savannah and Western Railroad
Savannah and Northwestern RailwayS&NWCG19141917Savannah and Atlanta Railway
Savannah River Terminal CompanyACL/ L&N19161990CSX Transportation
Savannah and Southern Railway
Savannah State Docks RailroadSSDK19521998Savannah Port Terminal Railroad
Savannah and Statesboro RailwayG&F18971933Statesboro Terminal Company
Savannah, Thunderbolt and Isle of Hope Railway
Savannah and Tybee Island RailwayCG18851889Savannah and Atlantic Railroad
Savannah Union Railroad and Terminal CompanyCG19121914Savannah and Northwestern Railway
Savannah Union Station CompanyACL/ SAL/ SOU1900
Savannah Valley RailroadCG19081910Brinson Railway
Savannah and Western RailroadCG18851895Central of Georgia Railway
Seaboard Air Line RailroadSALSAL19461967Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Seaboard Air Line RailwaySAL19001945Seaboard Air Line Railroad
Seaboard Air Line SystemSAL18931900Seaboard Air Line Railway
Seaboard Air Line Belt RailroadSAL18921901Seaboard Air Line Railway
Seaboard Coast Line RailroadSCL19671983Seaboard System Railroad
Seaboard and Roanoke RailroadSAL18891900Seaboard Air Line Railway
Seaboard System RailroadSBD19831986CSX Transportation
Selma, Rome and Dalton RailroadSOU18661874Georgia Southern Railroad
Shearwood Railway19121937N/A
Smithonia, Danielsville and Carnesville Railroad1889
Smithonia and Dunlap Railroad
South Bound RailroadSAL18881901Seaboard Air Line Railway
South Carolina RailroadSOU18431881South Carolina Railway
South Carolina RailwaySOU18811894South Carolina and Georgia Railroad
South Carolina and Georgia RailroadSOU18941902Southern Railway – Carolina Division
South Georgia RailwaySOU18961971Live Oak, Perry and South Georgia Railway
South Georgia and Florida RailroadACL18571868Atlantic and Gulf Railroad
Southern RailwaySOUSOU18941990Norfolk Southern Railway
Southern Railway – Carolina DivisionSOU19021996Norfolk Southern Railway
Southwestern RailroadCG1845Still exists as a lessor of Norfolk Southern Railway operating subsidiary Central of Georgia Railroad.
Sparks, Moultrie and Gulf Railroad1903N/A
Sparks-Western RailroadG&F19081911Georgia and Florida Railway
Statenville Railway1924N/A
Statesboro Northern RailwayG&F19241951N/A
Statesboro Terminal CompanyG&F19331951N/A
Stillmore Air Line RailwayCG18921906Wadley Southern Railway
Sylvania RailroadCG18841902Sylvania Central Railway
Sylvania Railway19351944N/A (leased the Sylvania Central Railway)
Sylvania Central RailwaySYCCG19031954N/A
Sylvania and Girard Railroad19051915N/A (leased the Sylvania Central Railway)
Talbotton Branch Railroad18721881Talbotton Railroad
Talbotton Railroad18811956N/A
Tallulah Falls RailwayTFSOU18981961N/A
Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia RailroadTA&G, TAGSOU1922Still exists as a subsidiary of the Norfolk Southern Railway; all Georgia trackage has been leased to the Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway since 1989.
Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia RailwaySOU19111922Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railroad
Tennessee and Cohutta RailroadSOU18821882Tennessee State Line Railroad
Tennessee State Line RailroadSOU18821886East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad
Thomaston and Barnesville RailroadCG18391860Upson County Railroad
Thomasville RailroadSAL18791888Augusta, Tallahassee and Gulf Railroad
Thomasville, Tallahassee and Gulf RailroadSAL18821888Augusta, Tallahassee and Gulf Railroad
Tifton and Moultrie Railway1903N/A
Tifton and Northeastern RailroadACL18911903Atlantic and Birmingham Railway
Tifton Terminal Company
Tifton, Thomasville and Gulf RailwayACL18971903Atlantic and Birmingham Railway
Union Point and White Plains RailroadACL/ L&N18861927N/A
Upson County RailroadCG18601914Central of Georgia Railway
Valdosta, Moultrie and Western Railroad19091917Valdosta, Moultrie and Western Railway
Valdosta, Moultrie and Western Railway1917
Valdosta Southern RailroadVSO19511992Valdosta Railway
Valdosta Southern RailwayG&F18941907Georgia and Florida Railway
Villa Rica Branch RailwaySOU19011902Southern Railway
Wadley and Mount Vernon RailroadCG18891906Wadley Southern Railway
Wadley and Mount Vernon Extension RailroadG&F19021905Douglas, Augusta and Gulf Railway
Wadley Southern Railroad19621964N/A
Wadley Southern RailwayWDSCG19061962Wadley Southern Railroad
Walton RailroadACL/ L&N18721884Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern Railroad
Washington and Lincolnton Railroad19141932N/A
Washington Rail or Plank Road CompanyACL/ L&N18501852Georgia Railroad and Banking Company
Waycross Air Line RailroadACL18871901Atlantic and Birmingham Railroad
Waycross and Florida RailroadACL18791884Savannah, Florida and Western Railway
Waycross and Southern Railroad19101928N/A
Waycross and Western Railroad
Western Railroad of AlabamaACL/ L&N18701883Western Railway of Alabama
Western Railway of AlabamaWAACL/ L&N18832002CSX Transportation
Western and Atlantic RailroadL&N1836Still exists as a lessor of CSX Transportation.
Willacoochee and Dupont Railroad
Wills Valley RailroadSOU18541868Alabama and Chattanooga Railroad
Wrightsville and Sun Hill RailroadCG18831883Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad
Wrightsville and Tennille RailroadW&TR, WTRCG18831971Central of Georgia Railroad


  1. ^ This is one or more of the Class I railroads that the railroad became part of, if any.


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