List of Frank Lloyd Wright works

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Chronological list of houses, commercial buildings and other works by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are over 415 works by Wright on this list, which can be sorted individually by each column.

Table key[edit]

Beige Square Demolished or destroyed (also noted in "Other Information") Green Square Regularly open to the public Green Square Disputed authorship (unverified Wright design)

Completed works[edit]

Completed Works table
NameCityState/CountryDesignedBuiltOther InformationImage
Unity ChapelSpring GreenWisconsin18861886Collaboration with Joseph Lyman SilsbeeUnity Chapel.JPG
Hillside Home School ISpring GreenWisconsin18871887Collaboration with Joseph Lyman Silsbee
Demolished 1950
Frank Lloyd Wright HomeOak ParkIllinois18891889Playroom and kitchen addition 1895
Remodeled 1911
Restored 1974-1987
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio (west side zoom).JPG
William Storrs MacHarg HouseChicagoIllinois18901891Remodeled 1903 by Louis Sullivan
Demolished 1926
Louis Sullivan BungalowOcean SpringsMississippi18901890Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina
James A. Charnley BungalowOcean SpringsMississippi18901890Heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina 2005 (Photographs)
Undergoing reconstruction 2009 (Photographs)
James A. Charnley HouseChicagoIllinois18911892Collaboration with Louis SullivanJames Charnley Residence HABS ILL,16-CHIG,12-1.jpg
Dr. Allison W. Harlan House[1]ChicagoIllinois18911892Destroyed by fire 1963
Warren McArthur House[2]ChicagoIllinois18921892Remodeled 1900Warren McArthur House Front Elevation View.jpg
George Blossom House[3]ChicagoIllinois18921892Garage added 1907George Blossom House Corner View Through Trees.jpg
Robert G. Emmond House[4]La GrangeIllinois18921892RGEmmondHouse.JPG
Thomas H. Gale HouseOak ParkIllinois18921892Oak Park Il Thomas Gale House2.jpg
Robert P. Parker HouseOak ParkIllinois18921892Oak Park Il Parker House1.jpg
Albert Sullivan House[5]ChicagoIllinois18921892Collaboration with Louis Sullivan
Demolished 1970
Albert Sullivan House HABS.jpg
W. Irving Clark House[6]La GrangeIllinois18921893WIClarkHouse.JPG
Walter H. Gale HouseOak ParkIllinois18931893Oak Park Il Walter Gale House4.jpg
Robert M. Lamp Cottage
(Rocky Roost)[7]
MadisonWisconsin18931893Additions and alterations 1901
Destroyed by fire 1934
Rocky Roost.jpg
Lake Mendota Boathouse[8]MadisonWisconsin18931893Demolished 1926Lake Mendota Boathouse.jpg
Francis J. Woolley HouseOak ParkIllinois18931893Oak Park Il Woolley House2.jpg
William H. Winslow HouseRiver ForestIllinois18931894WinslowHouse.jpg
Peter Goan House[9]La GrangeIllinois18931894
Robert W. Roloson HousesChicagoIllinois18941894Robert W Roloson Houses (Adjusted).jpg
Frederick Bagley House[10]HinsdaleIllinois18941894
Henry and Lily Mitchell HouseRacineWisconsin18941894May be the work of Cecil Corwin,[11] or a collaboration between Corwin and Wright[12]
Dr. H. W. Bassett House[13]Oak ParkIllinois18941894Remodel
Demolished 1922
Francisco Terrace Apartments[14]ChicagoIllinois18951895Demolished 1974
Facade reconstructed and relocated[15] to Oak Park, IL in 1977
Francisco Terrace Entrance Arch.jpg
Edward C. Waller ApartmentsChicagoIllinois18951895One unit destroyed by fire 1968Edward C Waller Apts East End.jpg
Francis Apartments[16]ChicagoIllinois18951895Demolished 1971Francis Apartments, cropped, (HABS ILL,16-CHIG,74-4).jpg
Chauncey L. Williams HouseRiver ForestIllinois18951895Chauncey L Williams House Front.jpg
Nathan G. Moore House IOak ParkIllinois18951895Partially destroyed by fire 1922
Rebuilt and redesigned 1923 (see Nathan Moore House II)
Nathan G. Moore House I (East View).jpg
Harrison P. Young HouseOak ParkIllinois18951895RemodelOak Park Il Young House2.jpg
George W. Smith HouseOak ParkIllinois18951898Oak Park Il Smith House1.jpg
Romeo and Juliet Windmill[17]Spring GreenWisconsin18961896Rebuilt 1938Romeo and Juliet Windmill (Cropped).jpg
Isidore H. Heller HouseChicagoIllinois18961897Isidore Heller House - East (front) and North elevations - HABS ILL,16-CHIG,48-1.jpg
Harry C. Goodrich House[18]Oak ParkIllinois18961896Harry C. Goodrich House 2.jpg
Charles E. Roberts House[19]Oak ParkIllinois18961896RemodelCharles E. Roberts House.jpg
Charles E. Roberts StableOak ParkIllinois18961896Remodel
Converted to living quarters 1903-05
Moved to present location 1929
Oak Park Il Roberts Stable5.jpg
George W. Furbeck HouseOak ParkIllinois18971897-98Oak Park Il G Furbeck House3.jpg
Rollin Furbeck House[20]Oak ParkIllinois18971897Remodeled 1907Rollin Furbeck House Front.jpg
Thomas H. Gale CottageWhitehallMichigan1897Thomas H. Gale Cottage.jpg
River Forest Golf Club[21]River ForestIllinois1898Demolished
Frank Lloyd Wright Home (studio addition)Oak ParkIllinois18971898Interior and exterior modifications 1905
Remodeled 1911
Restored 1982-1987
Frank LLoyd Wright Studio Chicago Frontage.jpg
Joseph and Helen Husser House[22]ChicagoIllinois1899Demolished 1926
Edward C. Waller HouseRiver ForestIllinois1899Remodel
Demolished 1939
William and Jessie M. Adams HouseChicagoIllinois19001900-01William M Adams House Front.jpg
S. A. Foster House and StableChicagoIllinois19001900Stephen A. Foster House and Stable.jpg
B. Harley Bradley House
KankakeeIllinois1900B. Harley Bradley House and Stable.JPG
Warren Hickox HouseKankakeeIllinois19001900Warren Hickox House.JPG
E.H. Pitkin CottageSapper Island,[23] Desbarats, OntarioCanada1900
Henry Wallis CottageDelavanWisconsin1900
Edward C. Waller Gates, Poultry House, and StablesRiver ForestIllinois1901Poultry House demolished 1939
Stables demolished early 1970s
Gate posts and fence reused as entrance to a modern subdivision
Edward C Waller Gates (Cropped).jpg
Fred B. Jones House
DelavanWisconsin19011902Fred B Jones Estate 3335 S Shore Dr.JPG
Ward Winfield Willits HouseHighland ParkIllinois1901Willits House.jpg
F. B. Henderson HouseElmhurstIllinois19011901Frank B. Henderson House (Elmhurst, Illinois) 01.JPG
William G. Fricke House[24]Oak ParkIllinois1901William G Fricke House Iowa Street View.jpg
Buffalo Exposition Pavilion for the Universal Portland Cement Company[25]BuffaloNew York19011901Temporary structure
Frank W. Thomas HouseOak ParkIllinois19011901Oak Park Il Thomas House4.jpg
E. Arthur Davenport House[26]River ForestIllinois1901E Arthur Davenport House Front.jpg
William E. Martin House[27]Oak ParkIllinois1902William E Martin House Front.jpg
Lake Delavan Yacht Club[28]DelavanWisconsin1902
Hillside Home School IISpring GreenWisconsin1902Taliesin600.jpg
Francis W. Little House I[29]PeoriaIllinois19021902Stable added 1909Francis W Little House I (Modified).jpg
Arthur B. Heurtley HouseOak ParkIllinois19021902Oak Park Il Heurtley House4.jpg
Arthur B. Heurtley Summer HouseMarquette IslandMichigan19021902Remodel
Mrs. George Gerts Double House, Bridge CottageWhitehallMichigan1902Mrs. George Gerts Double House, Bridge Cottage.jpg
Dana-Thomas HouseSpringfieldIllinois19021902-04Dana Thomas Windows.jpg
Walter Gertz Bridge CottageWhitehallMichigan1902
Alfred W. Hebert HouseChicagoIllinois1902Remodel
Partially destroyed by fire 1959; all Wright elements were removed in reconstruction
George W. Spencer HouseDelavanWisconsin1902
Charles S. Ross HouseDelavanWisconsin1902
John A. Mosher HouseWellingtonOhio19021903-04Original unbuilt house designed for Mosher in Willmette, Illinois. No drawings exist at Taliesin for this house as built.[30] It is also not included in several complete lists of Wright works.[31]John A. Mosher House, April 2011.jpg
George F. Barton HouseBuffaloNew York19021903-04Frank Lloyd Wright - Barton House.jpg
Joseph J. Walser, Jr. HouseChicagoIllinois1903Joseph J Walser Jr House 2.jpg
Horse Show FountainOak ParkIllinois19031909Rebuilt 1969Oak Park Il Horse Show Fountain2.jpg
Abraham Lincoln Center[32]ChicagoIllinois1903Design completed by Dwight PerkinsAbraham Lincoln Center from Corner.jpg
Robert M. Lamp HouseMadisonWisconsin19031903Robert M. Lamp House.jpg
Darwin D. Martin Carriage House, Conservatory, and PergolaBuffaloNew York19031903-05Demolished 1962
Reconstructed 2004-2007
Darwin Martin Carriage House and Conservatory.jpg
Darwin D. Martin HouseBuffaloNew York19031904-05Restored 2004-ongoing (as of 2012)Darwin Martin House Front Zoom.jpg
Edwin H. Cheney HouseOak ParkIllinois19032010-04-10 3000x2000 oakpark edwin h cheney house.jpg
Larkin Administration BuildingBuffaloNew York1904Demolished 1950LarkinAdministrationBuilding1906.jpg
Unity TempleOak ParkIllinois19041905-08UnityTempleOakHill.jpg
Burton J. Westcott HouseSpringfieldOhio19041908Westcott house.jpg
William R. Heath HouseBuffaloNew York19041904-05Heath House Exterior.jpg
Ferdinand F. Tomek House
(The Ship House)
Harvey P. Sutton HouseMcCookNebraska19051905Sutton House (McCook, Nebraska) from SE 2.JPG
Hiram Baldwin HouseKenilworthIllinois19051905Hiram Baldwin House.jpg
Mary W. Adams HouseHighland ParkIllinois19051905Mary w adams house 1923LakeAve side.JPG
William A. Glasner HouseGlencoeIllinois19051905William A. Glasner House.jpg
Charles A. Brown House[33]EvanstonIllinois1905Charles A Brown House Front Zoom.jpg
Frank L. Smith BankDwightIllinois19051905Frank L. Smith Bank1.JPG
E. W. Cummings Real Estate OfficeRiver ForestIllinois1905Demolished 1925
E-Z Polish FactoryChicagoIllinois19051905E-Z Polish Factory Chicago.jpg
Lawrence Memorial LibrarySpringfieldIllinois1905
A. P. Johnson HouseDelavanWisconsin19051905
Thomas P. Hardy HouseRacineWisconsin19051905Thomas P Hardy House Racine, WI.jpg
Darwin D. Martin Gardener’s CottageBuffaloNew York19051909Martin Complex - Gardener's Cottage 2007.JPG
Mrs Thomas H. Gale Cottage I, II & IIIWhitehallMichigan19051909Mrs Thomas H. Gale Cottage III.jpg
Rookery BuildingChicagoIllinois19051907Lobby remodelingRookery Building interior view, Chicago USA.jpg
William H. Pettit Mortuary ChapelBelvidereIllinois19061907Belvidere Il Pettit Chapel1.jpg
Peter A. Beachy HouseOak ParkIllinois19061906RemodelOak Park Il Beachy House1.jpg
Frederick D. Nichols House[34]FlossmoorIllinois1906Frederick D. Nichols House.jpg
River Forest Tennis Club[35]River ForestIllinois1906Moved[36] 1920 to present location.RF Tennis Club.JPG
Edward R. Hills HouseOak ParkIllinois19061906Remodel
Reconstructed after fire 1977
Oak Park Il Hills House2.jpg
P. D. Hoyt HouseGenevaIllinois1906P. D. Hoyt House.JPG
Mrs. A. W. Gridley House
(Ravine House)
BataviaIllinois19061906Mrs. A. W. Gridley House (Batavia, IL) 02.JPG
Grace Fuller HouseGlencoeIllinois1906Uncertainty if ever built
K. C. DeRhodes HouseSouth BendIndiana19061906K. C. DeRhodes House, May 2011.jpg
George M. Millard HouseHighland ParkIllinois19061906George madison millard house 1689Lakeave.JPG
(Andrew T. Porter House)[37]
Spring GreenWisconsin19071907Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000"Tan Y Deri December 2011.jpg
Avery Coonley HouseRiversideIllinois1907Complex completed 1912Avery Coonley House, 300 Scottswood Road, 281 Bloomingbank Road, Riverside (Cook County, Illinois).jpg
Stephen M. B. Hunt House ILa GrangeIllinois19071907Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000"SMHuntHouse.JPG
Col. George Fabyan VillaGenevaIllinois19071907RemodelFabyan FLWright 1907.JPG
Fox River Country ClubGenevaIllinois1907Remodel
Destroyed by fire 1910
Larkin Company Exhibition PavilionJamestownVirginia19071907Temporary structure
Pebbles & Balch OfficeOak ParkIllinois19071907Remodel
Demolished by 1942
Frederick C. Robie HouseChicagoIllinois19081909-10Robie House.jpg
G. C. Stockman HouseMason CityIowa19081908Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000"G C Stockman House Front-Left.jpg
Raymond W. Evans HouseChicagoIllinois1908Raymond W Evans House.jpg
Browne’s BookstoreChicagoIllinois1908Interior design
Demolished 1912 (redesigned for a new tenant)
L. K. Horner House[38]ChicagoIllinois1908Demolished 1952
Eugene A. Gilmore House
(Airplane House)
MadisonWisconsin19081908Eugene A. Gilmore House.JPG
Edward E. Boynton HouseRochesterNew York19081908Edward E. Boynton House Aug 2007.JPG
Walter V. Davidson HouseBuffaloNew York19081908Walter V. Davidson House.JPG
Isabel Roberts HouseRiver ForestIllinois19081908ARCHITECTURAL PLAN OF ISOBEL ROBERTS HOUSE.gif
Meyer May HouseGrand RapidsMichigan19081908-09Completely restored, 1986-1987
Open for public tours
Meyer May House, south side, 2009.JPG
William H. Copeland HouseOak ParkIllinois19081908-09Garage 1908
Remodel 1909
Oak Park Il Copeland House1.jpg
City National Bank Building and Park Inn HotelMason CityIowa1908-091909-10Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank Building from State Street.jpg
Edmund F. Brigham HouseGlencoeIllinois1908–091915Edmund F. Brigham House.JPG
Mrs. Thomas H. Gale HouseOak ParkIllinois19091909Oak Park Il Mrs. Gale House4.jpg
Como Orchard Summer ColonyDarbyMontana1909
Bitter Root Inn[39]StevensvilleMontana1909Destroyed by fire 1924
Frank J. Baker HouseWilmetteIllinois19091909Frank J. Baker House.jpg
Oscar M. Steffens House[40]ChicagoIllinois1909Demolished 1963Oscar Steffens House, cropped, (HABS ILL,16-CHIG,64-1).jpg
W. Scott Thurber Art GalleryChicagoIllinois1909Interior design
Demolished by 1917 (redesigned for a new tenant)
George C. Stewart House
(Butterfly Woods)[41]
J. Kibben Ingalls House[42]River ForestIllinois1909J Kibben Ingalls House Front (Cropped).jpg
Peter C. Stohr Arcade Building[43]ChicagoIllinois1909Demolished 1922
Edward P. Irving House[44]DecaturIllinois1909
Edward C. Waller Bathing PavilionCharlevoixMichigan1909Destroyed by fire c1922
Rev. Jessie R. Zeigler HouseFrankfortKentucky19091910Based on "A Fireproof House for $5000"Jesse R. Zeigler House.JPG
New York City Exhibition for the Universal Portland Cement CompanyNew York CityNew York19101910Temporary structure
Ingwald Moe House[45]GaryIndiana1910
Oscar B. Balch HouseOak ParkIllinois19111911Oak Park Il Balch House2.jpg
Herbert Angster HouseLake BluffIllinois1911Demolished 1956
Sherman M. Booth CottageGlencoeIllinois1911
Banff National Park PavilionBanff, AlbertaCanada19111913-14Demolished 1939Banff National Park Pavillion, circa 1920.jpg
Lake Geneva Hotel[46]Lake GenevaWisconsin1911Demolished 1970
Taliesin ISpring GreenWisconsin19111911Partially destroyed by fire 1914
The Avery Coonley School Playhouse[47]RiversideIllinois19111912Coonley Playhouse New.jpg
Francis W. Little House II[48]WayzataMinnesota19121912-14Demolished 1972
Living room displayed at The Met, NYC
Library displayed at The Allentown Art Museum, PA
Hallway displayed at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN
Observation Platform for Island Woolen Mills[49]BarabooWisconsin1912
William B. Greene House[50]AuroraIllinois1912
Park Ridge Country ClubPark RidgeIllinois19121912Remodel
Demolished 1930
Harry S. Adams House[51]Oak ParkIllinois1913Harry S Adams House Oblique Front.jpg
Midway GardensChicagoIllinois1913Demolished 1929
Taliesin IISpring GreenWisconsin1914Partially destroyed by fire 1925
Mori Oriental Art StudioChicagoIllinois1914
Women’s Building at Inter-County FairgroundsSpring GreenWisconsin1914Demolished 1924
American System-Built HomesVariousLocations1914–1915
Arthur L. Richards Small HouseMilwaukeeWisconsin1915(American System-Built Home)
Arthur L. Richards BungalowMilwaukeeWisconsin1915(American System-Built Home)
Lewis E. Burleigh HouseWilmetteIllinois1915(American System-Built Home)Lewis E. Burleigh House (J.J. O'Connor House).jpg
Ida and Grace McElwain HouseLake BluffIllinois1915(American System-Built Home)
Thomas E. Sullivan HouseWilmetteIllinois19151916(American System-Built Home)
Originally thought to be the work of John S. Van Bergen;
Most recently (in 2008) determined to be a Wright design with addition by Van Bergen.[52] Other sources have yet to confirm William A. Storrer's finding.
Thomas E Sullivan House SE View.jpg
Arthur R. Munkwitz Duplex ApartmentsMilwaukeeWisconsin19151916Two structures
(American System-Built Homes)
Demolished 1973
Arthur L. Richards Duplex ApartmentsMilwaukeeWisconsin19151916Four structures
(American System-Built Homes)
Wright System3 Milw Apr09.jpg
Arthur L. Richards Small HouseMilwaukeeWisconsin19151916(American System-Built Home)
Wilbur Wynant HouseGaryIndiana19151916(American System-Built Home)
Destroyed by fire 2006
Wynant House Reconstruction NW View.jpg
Stephen M. B. Hunt House IIOshkoshWisconsin19151917(American System-Built Home)Stephen M.B. Hunt House II OshkoshWisconsin.jpg
Guy C. Smith HouseChicagoIllinois19151917(American System-Built Home)Guy C Smith House Front.jpg
H. Howard Hyde HouseChicagoIllinois19151917(American System-Built Home)H Howard Hyde House Front.jpg
Oscar A. Johnson HouseEvanstonIllinois19151917(American System-Built Home)Oscar A Johnson House Front.jpg
Delbert W. Meier HouseMononaIowa19151917(American System-Built Home)
Charles Heisen HouseVilla ParkIllinois19151917(American System-Built Home)
A. D. German WarehouseRichland CenterWisconsin19151921A. D. German Warehouse Richland Center Wisconsin-born Frank Lloyd Wright.jpg
Ravine Bluffs DevelopmentGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)Hollis R. Root House.JPG
Ravine Bluffs Development SculpturesGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)Ravine Bluffs Development Sculptures.JPG
Ravine Bluffs Development Bridge
(Sylvan Road Bridge)
GlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)
Rebuilt 1980s
Ravine Bluffs Development Bridge, cropped, (HAER, ILL, 16-GLENC, 3-7).jpg
Sherman M. Booth HouseGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)
Charles R. Perry HouseGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)
Hollis R. Root HouseGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)Hollis R. Root House.JPG
William F. Kier HouseGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)William F. Kier House.JPG
William F. Ross HouseGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)William F. Ross House.JPG
Lute F. and Daniel Kissam HouseGlencoeIllinois1915(Ravine Bluffs Development)Lute F. and Daniel Kissam House.JPG
Emil Bach HouseChicagoIllinois19151915Emil Bach House.jpg
Imperial HotelTokyoJapan1915Completed 1923Demolished 1968 (Lobby and pool reconstructed in 1976 at Meiji Mura)Imperial Hotel Wright House.jpg
Frederick C. Bogk HouseMilwaukeeWisconsin1916BogkHouse-frt-Apr09.jpg
Ernest Vosburgh House[53]Grand BeachMichigan1916
Joseph J. Bagley House[54]Grand BeachMichigan1916
William S. Carr House[55]Grand BeachMichigan1916Demolished 2004 (The first demolition of a Wright structure in 30 years [1])
Henry J. Allen HouseWichitaKansas1917Allen-Lambe House.JPG
Aisaku Hayashi HouseTokyoJapan1917
Hollyhock House
(Aline Barnsdall House)
Little Armenia, Los AngelesCalifornia19171919-21Hollyhock House.JPG
Arinobu Fukuhara HouseKanagawa-KenJapan1918Destroyed by earthquake 1923
Tazaemon Yamamura HouseHyogo-KenJapan1918Completed 1924Yamamura house06s3200.jpg
Imperial Hotel Annex[56]TokyoJapan1919Temporary structure
Demolished 1923
Barnsdall Residence BLittle Armenia, Los AngelesCalifornia1920Demolished 1954
Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ SchoolTokyoJapan19211921Jiyu gakuen myonichikan.JPG
Harper Avenue Studio for Frank Lloyd WrightWest HollywoodCalifornia1922
Nathan G. Moore House IIOak ParkIllinois19231923Reconstruction of Nathan Moore House I2010-04-10 3000x2000 oakpark nathan g moore house.jpg
Alice Millard House
(La Miniatura)
PasadenaCalifornia19231923Millard House, Pasadena.JPG
Dr. John Storer HouseHollywoodCalifornia19231923Storer House, Hollywood 02.JPG
Samuel Freeman HouseHollywood HillsCalifornia19231923Samuel Freeman House, Hollywood, California.JPG
Charles Ennis HouseLos FelizCalifornia19231924Ennis House front view 2005.jpg
Taliesin IIISpring GreenWisconsin1925Looking at Taliesin from Hill Crown.jpg
Graycliff Estate
(Isabelle R. Martin House)
DerbyNew York19261926-29Isabelle R. Martin House.JPG
Arizona Biltmore HotelPhoenixArizona19271929Consulting architect 1928Azbiltmore.jpg
Beach Cottages at Dumyat
DumyatEgypt1927Uncertainty if ever built
Ocotillo Desert Camp[57]ChandlerArizona1928Partially destroyed by fire and abandoned 1929
Chandler Land Improvement Company Camp CabinsChandlerArizona1929Demolished by 1934
(Richard L. Jones House)
Malcolm E. Willey HouseMinneapolisMinnesota19341934WilleyHouse 002.jpg
(Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. Residence)
Bear RunPennsylvania19351936-38Wrightfallingwater.jpg
Herbert Jacobs House IMadisonWisconsin19361937First Jacobs House front.jpg
Abby Beecher Roberts House (Deertrack)[58]MarquetteMichigan1936
Johnson Wax HeadquartersRacineWisconsin19361936-39Johnsonwax600.jpg
Hanna-Honeycomb HousePalo AltoCalifornia19371937At Stanford UniversityHanna House 10.JPG
(Herbert F. Johnson House)
Wind PointWisconsin19371938-39WingspreadFrankLloydWrightKenoshaWisconsin.jpg
Ben Rebhuhn HouseGreat Neck EstatesNew York19371937
Taliesin WestScottsdaleArizona19371937Taliesinpan.jpg
Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. OfficePittsburghPennsylvania1937Relocated
Displayed at The V&A London, U.K.
Suntop HomesArdmorePennsylvania19381939Suntop Houses, cropped, (HABS, PA,46-ARD,2-1).jpg
Charles L. Manson HouseWausauWisconsin19381938-41Frank-lloyd-wright-wausau.jpg
Child of the SunLakelandFlorida1938–1954(Child of the Sun)
At Florida Southern College
Child of the Sun, Master plan, 1957, cropped, (HABS FLA,53-LAKE,1-4).jpg
Annie M. Pfeiffer ChapelLakelandFlorida19381941(Child of the Sun)Pfeiffer Chapel HABS, FLA,53-LAKE,1A-14.jpg
John C. Pew House[59]Shorewood HillsWisconsin1939
Sidney Bazett House[60]HillsboroughCalifornia1939
Andrew F. H. Armstrong House[61]Ogden DunesIndiana1939Andrew F. H. Armstrong House, May 2011.jpg
Stanley Rosenbaum HouseFlorenceAlabama19391940Rosenbaum House Front Pano.jpg
Lloyd Lewis HouseLibertyvilleIllinois19391939
Loren B. Pope ResidenceFalls ChurchVirginia19391940Relocated to Alexandria, VA in 2001Pope-Leighey House - North east facade - HABS VA,30-FALCH,2-10.jpg
Goetsch-Winckler HouseOkemosMichigan19391940Goetsch Winckler House, 2009.jpg
Joseph Euchtman House[62]PikesvilleMaryland1939
Bernard Schwartz House
(Still Bend)
Two RiversWisconsin19391940This home is available for rentals[63]Bernard Schwartz House Still Bend Two Rivers Wisconsin.jpg
George D. Sturges HouseBrentwood HeightsCalifornia19391939052707-032-SturgesHouse.jpg
Clarence Sondern HouseKansas CityMissouri19391940
Rose Pauson House
(Shiprock ruins)
PhoenixArizona19391940Destroyed by fire 1942Rose Pauson House 1979 cropped (HABS ARIZ,7-PHEN,13-2).jpg
Seminar Buildings I, II, & IIILakelandFlorida19401949(Child of the Sun)Lakeland FSC Seminar Building01.jpg
Auldbrass Plantation
(C. Leigh Stevens House)
YemasseeSouth Carolina19401940-51Auldbrass Living Room HABS SC,7-YEMA,1-6.jpg
Gregor S. Affleck HouseBloomfield HillsMichigan19401940Gregor S and Elizabeth B Affleck House Bloomfield Hills MI.JPG
Arch Oboler House Complex[64]
MalibuCalifornia1940Completed 1955
Theodore Baird ResidenceAmherstMassachusetts19401940
James B. Christie HouseBernardsvilleNew Jersey19401940
Community Christian ChurchKansas CityMissouri19401940-42Community Christian Church KCMO.jpg
E. T. Roux LibraryLakelandFlorida19411946(Child of the Sun)Lakeland FSC Buckner Bldg01.jpg
Stuart Richardson HouseGlen RidgeNew Jersey19411951
Carlton D. Wall House
Industrial Arts BuildingLakelandFlorida19421952(Child of the Sun)Lakeland FSC Ordway Bldg01.jpg
Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumManhattanNew York1943–1956Completed 1959Guggenheim museum exterior.jpg
Herbert Jacobs House IIMiddletonWisconsin19441946-48Second Jacobs House driveway.JPG
Administration BuildingLakelandFlorida19451949(Child of the Sun)Child of the Sun, Admin Building, cropped, (HABS FLA,53-LAKE,1C-2).jpg
Lowell Walter Residence
(Cedar Rock)
QausquetonIowa1945CedarRock LivingRoom.JPG
Arnold Friedman Lodge[65]
(Fir Tree)
PecosNew Mexico1945
EsplanadesLakelandFlorida19461946-58(Child of the Sun)FSC Esplanade HABS.jpg
Melvyn M. Smith HouseBloomfield HillsMichigan19461949Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Stein Smith House Bloomfield TwpMI B.JPG
Douglas Grant HouseMarionIowa19461946Grant Home Cedar Rapids Iowa (Frank Lloyd Wright) NW View.jpg
Alvin L. Miller HouseCharles CityIowa194619462012-0610-AlvinMillerHouse.jpg
Chauncey L. Griggs Residence[66]TacomaWashington1946
Amy Alpaugh Studio Residence[67]NorthportMichigan1946
Unitarian Society Meeting HouseShorewood HillsWisconsin19471949-511st-Unitarian.jpg
A. H. Bulbulian ResidenceRochesterMinnesota19471947AHBulbulianHouse2006-05-16.JPG
J. Edgar Wall Water DomeLakelandFlorida19481949(Child of the Sun)Lakeland FSC Water Dome pool pano01.jpg
Galesburg Country Homes
(The Acres)
GalesburgMichigan19481949(Galesburg Country Homes)The Acres sign.jpg
David Weisblat ResidenceGalesburgMichigan19481949(Galesburg Country Home)
Eric and Pat Pratt ResidenceGalesburgMichigan19481949(Galesburg Country Home)Eric and Pat Pratt Residence.jpg
Samuel Eppstein ResidenceGalesburgMichigan19481949(Galesburg Country Home)Samuel Eppstein Residence.jpg
Curtis Meyer ResidenceGalesburgMichigan19481949(Galesburg Country Home)
Herman T. Mossberg ResidenceSouth BendIndiana19481948Herman T. Mossberg Residence, May 2011.jpg
(J. Willis Hughes House)
Carroll Alsop HouseOskaloosaIowa19481948
Jack Lamberson HouseOskaloosaIowa19481948
Mrs. Clinton Walker ResidenceCarmelCalifornia1948
Albert Adelman HouseFox PointWisconsin19481948Landmk-0904-adelmann.jpg
Maynard P. Buehler HouseOrindaCalifornia19481948Maynard and Katharine Buehler House (Orinda, CA).JPG
Charles E. Weltzheimer ResidenceOberlinOhio19481948-49Frank Lloyd Wright Weltzheimer Johnson House.jpg
Erling P. Brauner ResidenceOkemosMichigan1948Erling P. Brauner Residence, 2009.jpg
V. C. Morris Gift ShopSan FranciscoCalifornia19481948-49Frank Lloyd Wright - V.C. Morris Gift Shop, SF - 1.jpg
Parkwyn VillageKalamazooMichigan19481949–1950(Parkwyn Village Homes)Parkwyn Village sign.jpg
Robert Levin HouseKalamazooMichigan19481949(Parkwyn Village Home)Levin house exterior 1.jpg
McCartney ResidenceKalamazooMichigan19481949(Parkwyn Village Home)
Eric V. Brown ResidenceKalamazooMichigan19481949(Parkwyn Village Home)Eric V. Brown Residence.jpg
Robert D. Winn ResidenceKalamazooMichigan19481950(Parkwyn Village Home)Robert D. Winn Residence.jpg
Usonia HomesPleasantvilleNew York19481948–1951(Usonia Homes)
Sol Friedman House
PleasantvilleNew York19481948(Usonia Homes)
Edward Serlin HousePleasantvilleNew York19481949(Usonia Homes)
Roland Reisley HousePleasantvilleNew York19481951(Usonia Homes)
James Edwards ResidenceOkemosMichigan1949James Edwards Residence, 2009.JPG
Howard E. Anthony ResidenceBenton HarborMichigan1949Howard E. Anthony Residence, 2009.jpg
Kenneth Laurent HouseRockfordIllinois1949Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House.JPG
Henry J. Neils HouseMinneapolisMinnesota19491951061907-NeilHouse01.jpg
Wilbur C. Pearce ResidenceBradburyCalifornia1950
Thomas E. Keys ResidenceRochesterMinnesota19501950ThomasKeysHouseRochesterMN2006-05-16.JPG
David Wright ResidencePhoenixArizona1950David Wright Residence, 2010.JPG
Russell W. Kraus HouseKirkwoodMissouri19501952-60
John Haynes HouseFort WayneIndiana19501952John and Dorothy Haynes House, May 2011.jpg
Dr. Richard Davis House
MarionIndiana19501955Dr. Richard Davis House (Woodside), May 2011.jpg
J. A. Sweeton ResidenceCherry HillNew Jersey19501950
John O. Carr ResidenceGlenviewIllinois1950
Donald Schaberg HouseOkemosMichigan19501957-58Schaberg House 2.jpg
Dr. R. Bradford Harper ResidenceSt. JosephMichigan1950Dr. R. Bradford Harper Residence, 2009.jpg
Robert Berger ResidenceSan AnselmoCalifornia1950
Arthur C. Mathews ResidenceAthertonCalifornia1950
Dr. Isadore J. Zimmerman HouseManchesterNew Hampshire1950ManchesterNH ZimmermanHouse.jpg
Robert Muirhead ResidencePlato CenterIllinois1950
Karl A. Staley HouseNorth MadisonOhio19501951Karl A. Staley House, April 2011.jpg
S. P. Elam ResidenceAustinMinnesota1950
Richard C. Smith HouseJeffersonWisconsin19501950Richard C. Smith House.jpg
John A. Gillin ResidenceDallasTexas19501958Pool view of John Gillins house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.jpg
Raymond Carlson ResidencePhoenixArizona1950Raymond Carleson Residence (Carport).JPG
Seamour Shavin HouseChattanoogaTennessee19501952
Wetmore Auto Service StationFerndaleMichigan19511951Remodel
Patrick Kinney ResidenceLancasterWisconsin1951
Charles F. Glore ResidenceLake ForestIllinois1951
Nathan Rubin ResidenceCantonOhio1951Nathan Rubin Residence, May 2011.jpg
Benjamin Adelman ResidencePhoenixArizona1951FLW - Benjamin Adelman House - SEC - 2011-03-05.JPG
Welbie L. Fuller ResidencePass ChristianMississippi1951Destroyed by Hurricane Camille 1969
Frank Lloyd Wright Field OfficeSan FranciscoCalifornia1951
Broad Margin
(Gabrielle Austin Residence)
GreenvilleSouth Carolina19511954Broad Margin, 9 West Avondale Drive, Greenville (Greenville County, South Carolina).jpg
A. K. Chahroudi CottageLake MahopacNew York1951
William Palmer ResidenceAnn ArborMichigan1952WilliamandMaryPalmerHouseAnnArborMI.JPG
Arthur Pieper ResidenceParadise ValleyArizona1952Arthur Pieper Residence, 2010.JPG
Ray Brandes HouseSammamish[68]Washington19521952
Quintin Blair HouseCodyWyoming19521952-53
Archie B. Teater Studio
(Teater's Knoll)
R. W. Lindholm Residence
Frank S. Sander Residence
Anderton Court ShopsBeverly HillsCalifornia19521952AndertonBeverlyHills.jpg
George Lewis HouseTallahasseeFlorida19521954George Lewis House (Spring House).jpg
Luis Marden HouseMcLeanVirginia1952Completed 1959
Price TowerBartlesvilleOklahoma19521952-56PriceTower.jpg
Polk County Science BuildingLakelandFlorida19531958(Child of the Sun)Child of the Sun, Science Building, cropped, (HABS FLA,53-LAKE,1F-4).jpg
Andrew B. Cooke HouseVirginia BeachVirginia1953Completed 1959
Jorgine Boomer ResidencePhoenixArizona1953FLW - Jorgine Boomer House - SEC - 2011-03-05.JPG
Robert Llewellyn Wright HouseBethesdaMaryland19531957Robert Llewellyn Wright House.JPG
Lewis H. Goddard ResidencePlymouthMichigan1953
John and Syd Dobkins HouseCantonOhio19531954
Kentuck Knob
(I.N. Hagan House)
ChalkhillPennsylvania19531953-56Kentuck Knob 1.jpg
Harold Price Jr. ResidenceBartlesvilleOklahoma1953
Louis A. Penfield HouseWilloughby HillsOhio19531955(Original plans were for a main and guest house,which only the guest house was built.) This home is available for renting[69]Louis Penfield House, April 2011.jpg
Riverview Terrace Restaurant
(Frank Lloyd Wright Visitors' Center)
Spring GreenWisconsin1953Riverview Terrace Restaurant Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center.jpg
Usonian Exhibition House and PavilionNew York CityNew York19531953Temporary structure
William H. Danforth ChapelLakelandFlorida19541955(Child of the Sun)Lakeland FSC Danforth Chapel pano01.jpg
Ellis A. Feiman HouseCantonOhio1954Ellis A. Feiman House, May 2011.jpg
E. Clarke and Julia Arnold HouseColumbusWisconsin19541955-56EClarkeJuliaArnoldHouseColumbusWisconsin.jpg
Dr. Maurice Greenberg HouseDousmanWisconsin1954
Hoffman Auto Showroom
(Mercedes-Benz Manhattan)
ManhattanNew York1954Demolished 2013
Beth Sholom SynagogueElkins ParkPennsylvania1954Completed 1959FLW Beth Sholom exterior.jpg
Exhibition PavillionLos AngelesCalifornia19541954Temporary structure
Bachman-Wilson HouseMillstoneNew Jersey19541954-56
William L. Thaxton Jr. HouseBunker Hill VillageTexas1954
(John E. Christian Residence)
West LafayetteIndiana19541954-56Samara (John E Christian House) Entrance.jpg
Gerald B. and Beverley Tonkens HouseCincinnatiOhio1954Gerald B. and Beverley Tonkens House, May 2011.jpg
Cedric G. and Patricia Boulter ResidenceCincinnatiOhio19541956Cedric G. and Patricia Neils Boulter House.jpg
Louis B. Frederick HouseBarrington HillsIllinois1954
Keland HouseRacineWisconsin1954
Don E. Lovness Studio & CottageStillwaterMinnesota1955Cottage built 19722013-0326-LovnessFrankLloydWright.jpg
Dorothy H. Turkel HouseDetroitMichigan1955Dorothy Turkel house.jpg
William B. Tracy HouseNormandy ParkWashington19551956William B. Tracy House, October 2011.jpg
Toufic H. Kalil HouseManchesterNew Hampshire19551955
Kalita Humphreys TheaterDallasTexas1955Completed 1959KHTPre62-1.jpg
Randall Fawcett HouseLos BanosCalifornia1955Completed 1961
John L. Rayward House
New CanaanConnecticut19551955
Max Hoffman HouseRyeNew York1955Completed 1972Max Hoffman House1.jpg
Theodore A. Pappas HouseSt. LouisMissouri19551960-64
Dr. Karl Kundert Medical ClinicSan Luis ObispoCalifornia1955
Robert H. Sunday HouseMarshalltownIowa19551957Robert Sunday House 1.jpg
R. W. Lindholm Service StationCloquetMinnesota19561956-58LindholmServiceStation.jpg
Frank Bott ResidenceKansas CityMissouri1956
Harold C. Price Sr. HouseParadise ValleyArizona1956Harold C. Price Sr. House, 2010.JPG
Allen Friedman HouseBannockburnIllinois1956
Dr. Kenneth L. Meyers Medical ClinicDaytonOhio1956Dr. Kenneth L. Meyers Medical Clinic, May 2011.jpg
Dudley Spencer House
WilmingtonDelaware19561956-61Laurel FLW DE.JPG
Annunciation Greek Orthodox ChurchMilwaukeeWisconsin19561959-61Annunciation Church Apr09.jpg
Wyoming Valley Grammar School[70]Spring GreenWisconsin1956
Marshall Erdman Prefab HousesVariousLocations19561956–1961(Marshall Erdman Prefab Houses)
Eugene Van Tamelen HouseMadisonWisconsin19561956(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Arnold Jackson House
MadisonWisconsin19561957(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Relocated to Beaver Dam, WI in 1985
Donald C. Duncan HouseLisleIllinois19561957(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Relocated to Polymath Park, PA in 2002
Frank Iber HousePloverWisconsin19561957(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Carl Post HouseBarrington HillsIllinois19561957(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)Carl Post House.JPG
James B. McBean ResidenceRochesterMinnesota19561957(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #2)McBeanHouseRochesterMN2006-05-24.JPG
Walter Rudin HouseMadisonWisconsin19561957-59(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #2)Rudin-house.jpg
Joseph Mollica HouseBaysideWisconsin19561958(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
The Crimson Beech
(William Cass House)
Staten IslandNew York19561959(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)Crimson Beech Partial Front View.jpg
Dr. Edward & Laura Jane LaFond HouseSt. JosephMinnesota19561960(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Socrates Zaferiou HouseBlauveltNew York19561961(Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Marin County Civic CenterSan RafaelCalifornia1957Completed 1976Marinciviccenter01.JPG
William P. Boswell ResidenceIndian HillOhio1957Completed 1961
C. E. Gordon HouseWilsonvilleOregon1957Completed 1963Relocated to Silverton, OR in 2001Gordon House southeast side.jpg
Paul J. and Ida Trier HouseJohnstonIowa19571957
Robert G. Walton House[71]ModestoCalifornia1957
Dr. Herman T. Fasbender Medical ClinicHastingsMinnesota19571959Fasbender Clinic.jpg
Wichita State University Juvenile Cultural Study Center[72]WichitaKansas1957Completed 1963
Sterling Kinney Residence[73]AmarilloTexas1957
Carl E. Schultz House[74]St. JosephMichigan19571957Carl E. Schultz House, 2009.jpg
Duey and Julia Wright HouseWausauWisconsin19571959Duey and Julia Wright House.jpg
Eddie's HouseSan AnselmoCalifornia19571963Doghouse
Demolished 1973
Eddie's House.jpg
Dr. George Ablin House[75]BakersfieldCalifornia1958
Pilgrim Congregational ChurchReddingCalifornia19581960-63
Don M. Stromquist HouseBountifulUtah19581959Don M. Stromquist House (Garage-Office-Lab).JPG
Seth C. Peterson CottageMirror LakeWisconsin19581958
Lockridge Medical Clinic[76]WhitefishMontana1958Lockridge Medical Clinic (former), October 2011.jpg
Paul Olfelt House[77]St. Louis ParkMinnesota19582013-0401-PaulOlfeltHouse.jpg
Norman Lykes House[78]PhoenixArizona1959Completed 1968Norman Lykes House, 2010.JPG

Posthumous constructions[edit]

NameCity, State/CountryDesignedBuiltOther InformationImage
Grady Gammage Memorial AuditoriumTempe, Arizona19591962-64FLW Gammage Auditorium ASU PHX AZ 20186.JPG
First Christian ChurchPhoenix, Arizona19501973(Unbuilt Southwest Christian Seminary)First Christian Church, Phoenix, Arizona.JPG
Arthur and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer HouseScottsdale, Arizona19381974(Unbuilt Ralph Jester House)
Whiteford-Haddock HouseAnn Arbor, Michigan19411979(Unbuilt Roy Peterson House)
King Kamehameha Golf Course ClubhouseWaikapu, Maui, Hawaii1949
Revised 1952
Revised 1957
1993King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse from the S.jpg
Monona Terrace Community & Convention CenterMadison, Wisconsin1938-591997MononaTerraceClose.jpg
Blue Sky MausoleumBuffalo, New York19282004Blue Sky Mausoleum, July 2007.JPG
Massaro HouseLake Mahopac, New York19492004-07(On Petra Island. Unbuilt A. K. Chahroudi House planned for the same location)MassaroHouse.JPG
Rowing BoathouseBuffalo, New York19052007FLW Fontana Boathouse 8545.jpg
Scottsdale SpireScottsdale, Arizona19572004(Part of the unbuilt Arizona State Capitol Project. Design adapted by Taliesin Architects)FLW - Scottsdale Spire - 2008-04-14.jpg
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Wieland HouseGreystones, County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland19592007(Original Design from 1959 for a house in Maryland - rebuilt by Marc Coleman in Ireland. The only Wright structure in Europe[79])

Notable unbuilt works[edit]


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