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For other records relating to Formula One motorsport, see List of Formula One records.

This is a list of driver records in the FIA World Championships, since 1950. Drivers who have competed in the 2014 Formula One season are highlighted in bold.

This page is accurate up to the 2014 Formula One season.

Races entered and started[edit]

Drivers are considered to be "entered" into a race if they attempt to compete in at least one official practice session with the intent of entering the race. These drivers are noted on the "entry list" for that race. A driver is considered to have started a race if they line-up on the grid (or at the pitlane exit) for the start of a race. If a race is stopped and restarted, participation in any portion of the race is counted, but only if that portion was in any way counted towards the final classification (e.g., most races stopped before the end of the leader's 2nd lap had the first part declared null and void in the 1990s and early 2000s, but the first part did count if it was run for more than 1 complete lap before the race was stopped).

Total entries[edit]

1Brazil Rubens Barrichello19932011326
2Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 20102012308
3United Kingdom Jenson Button20002014268
4Italy Riccardo Patrese19771993257
5Italy Jarno Trulli19972011256
6United Kingdom David Coulthard19942008247
7Spain Fernando Alonso2001, 20032014236
8Italy Giancarlo Fisichella19962009231
9Australia Mark Webber20022013217
10Italy Michele Alboreto19811994215

Total starts[edit]

1Brazil Rubens Barrichello19932011322
2Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 20102012307
3United Kingdom Jenson Button20002014266
4Italy Riccardo Patrese19771993256
5Italy Jarno Trulli19972011252
6United Kingdom David Coulthard19942008246
7Spain Fernando Alonso2001, 20032014235
8Italy Giancarlo Fisichella19962009229
9Australia Mark Webber20022013215
10Finland Kimi Räikkönen20012009, 20122014212

Youngest drivers to start a race[edit]

1Spain Jaime Alguersuari19 years, 125 days15th2009 Hungarian Grand Prix
2New Zealand Mike Thackwell19 years, 182 daysRet1980 Canadian Grand Prix
3Mexico Ricardo Rodriguez19 years, 208 daysRet1961 Italian Grand Prix
4Spain Fernando Alonso19 years, 218 days12th2001 Australian Grand Prix
5Argentina Esteban Tuero19 years, 320 daysRet1998 Australian Grand Prix
6New Zealand Chris Amon19 years, 324 daysRet1963 Belgian Grand Prix
Russia Daniil Kvyat9th2014 Australian Grand Prix
8Germany Sebastian Vettel19 years, 349 days8th2007 United States Grand Prix
9United States Eddie Cheever20 years, 53 daysRet1978 South African Grand Prix
United Kingdom Jenson ButtonRet2000 Australian Grand Prix

Oldest driver to enter a race[edit]

1Monaco Louis Chiron58 years, 288 daysDNQ1958 Monaco Grand Prix
2Italy Luigi Platé56 years, 0 daysDNA1950 Italian Grand Prix
3France Philippe Étancelin55 years, 191 days8th1952 French Grand Prix
4Belgium Arthur Legat54 years, 232 daysRet1953 Belgian Grand Prix
5West Germany Kurt Kuhnke53 years, 96 daysDNQ1963 German Grand Prix
6Italy Luigi Fagioli53 years, 22 days1st1951 French Grand Prix
7Italy Piero Dusio52 years, 330 daysDNQ1952 Italian Grand Prix
8West Germany Adolf Brudes52 years, 293 daysRet1952 German Grand Prix
9West Germany Hans Stuck52 years, 260 days14th1953 Italian Grand Prix
10United States Jack Ensley52 years, 225 daysDNQ1959 Indianapolis 500[N 1]

Oldest drivers to start a race[edit]

1Monaco Louis Chiron55 years, 292 days6th1955 Monaco Grand Prix
2France Philippe Étancelin55 years, 191 days8th1952 French Grand Prix
3Belgium Arthur Legat54 years, 232 daysRet1953 Belgian Grand Prix
4Italy Luigi Fagioli53 years, 22 days1st1951 French Grand Prix
5West Germany Adolf Brudes52 years, 293 daysRet1952 German Grand Prix
6West Germany Hans Stuck52 years, 260 days14th1953 Italian Grand Prix
7United Kingdom Bill Aston52 years, 127 daysRet1952 German Grand Prix
8Italy Clemente Biondetti52 years, 16 daysRet1950 Italian Grand Prix
9France Louis Rosier50 years, 274 days5th1956 German Grand Prix
10Switzerland Rudolf Schoeller50 years, 98 daysRet1952 German Grand Prix


Total wins[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 201020123089129.55%
2France Alain Prost19801991, 19932025125.25%
3Brazil Ayrton Senna198419941624125.31%
4Germany Sebastian Vettel200720141393928.05%
5United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton200720141483322.30%
6Spain Fernando Alonso2001, 200320142363213.56%
7United Kingdom Nigel Mansell19801992, 199419951913116.23%
8United Kingdom Jackie Stewart196519731002727.00%
9United Kingdom Jim Clark19601968732534.25%
Austria Niki Lauda19711979, 1982198517714.12%

Percentage wins[edit]

1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio19501951, 1953195852[N 2]2446.15%
2Italy Alberto Ascari1950195533[N 3]1339.39%
3United Kingdom Jim Clark19601968732534.25%
4United States Lee Wallard[N 1]19501951, 19543133.33%
United States Bill Vukovich[N 1]1950195562
6Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 201020123089129.55%
7Germany Sebastian Vettel200720141393928.05%
8United Kingdom Jackie Stewart196519731002727.00%
9Brazil Ayrton Senna198419941624125.31%
10France Alain Prost19801991, 19932025125.25%

Most wins in a season[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher2004131872.22%
Germany Sebastian Vettel20131968.42%
3Germany Michael Schumacher2002111764.70%
Germany Sebastian Vettel20111957.89%
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2014
6United Kingdom Nigel Mansell199291656.25%
Germany Michael Schumacher19951752.94%
10Brazil Ayrton Senna198881650.00%
Germany Michael Schumacher19941457.14%
United Kingdom Damon Hill19961650.00%
Finland Mika Häkkinen1998

Highest percentage of wins in a season[edit]

1Italy Alberto Ascari195275.00%86
2Germany Michael Schumacher200472.22%1813
3United Kingdom Jim Clark196370.00%107
4Germany Sebastian Vettel201368.42%1913
5Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio195466.67%96
6Germany Michael Schumacher200264.70%1711
7United Kingdom Jim Clark196560.00%106
8Germany Sebastian Vettel201157.89%1911
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2014
10Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio195557.14%74

Most consecutive wins[edit]

DriverSeason(s)WinsConsecutive races won
1Germany Sebastian Vettel20139Belgian, Italian, Singapore, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Abu Dhabi, United States, Brazilian
2Italy Alberto Ascari195219537Belgian, French, British, German, Dutch, Italian, 1953 Argentine[N 4]
Germany Michael Schumacher2004European, Canadian, United States, French, British, German, Hungarian
4Germany Michael Schumacher200020016Italian, United States, Japanese, Malaysian, 2001 Australian, Malaysian
5Australia Jack Brabham19605Dutch, Belgian, French, British, Portuguese
United Kingdom Jim Clark1965Belgian, French, British, Dutch, German
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1992South African, Mexican, Brazilian, Spanish, San Marino
Germany Michael Schumacher2004Australian, Malaysian, Bahrain, San Marino, Spanish
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2014Italian, Singapore, Japanese, Russian, United States
10United Kingdom Jim Clark19634Belgian, Dutch, French, British
Australia Jack Brabham1966French, British, Dutch, German
Austria Jochen Rindt1970Dutch, French, British, German
Brazil Ayrton Senna1988British, German, Hungarian, Belgian
1991United States, Brazilian, San Marino, Monaco
France Alain Prost1993Canadian, French, British, German
Germany Michael Schumacher1994Brazilian, Pacific, San Marino, Monaco
United Kingdom Damon Hill19951996Australian, 1996 Australian, Brazilian, Argentine
Germany Michael Schumacher2002Brazilian, San Marino, Spanish, Austrian
Spain Fernando Alonso2006Spanish, Monaco, British, Canadian
United Kingdom Jenson Button2009Bahrain, Spanish, Monaco, Turkish
Germany Sebastian Vettel20102011Brazilian, Abu Dhabi, 2011 Australian, Malaysian
2012Singapore, Japanese, Korean, Indian
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2014Malaysian, Bahrain, Chinese, Spanish

Most consecutive wins from first race of season[edit]

DriverSeasonConsecutive races wonWins
1United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1992South AfricanSan Marino5
Germany Michael Schumacher2004AustralianSpanish
3Brazil Ayrton Senna1991United StatesMonaco4
Germany Michael Schumacher1994BrazilianMonaco
5United Kingdom Damon Hill1996AustralianArgentine3
Germany Michael Schumacher2000AustralianSan Marino
7Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio1957ArgentineMonaco2
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1969South AfricanSpanish
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi1973ArgentineBrazilian
Austria Niki Lauda1976BrazilianSouth African
France Jacques Laffite1979ArgentineBrazilian
France Alain Prost1982South AfricanBrazilian
Finland Mika Häkkinen1998AustralianBrazilian
Germany Michael Schumacher2001AustralianMalaysian
United Kingdom Jenson Button2009AustralianMalaysian
Germany Sebastian Vettel2011AustralianMalaysian

Most wins in first championship season[edit]

1Canada Jacques Villeneuve19964
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2007
3Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[N 5]19503
Italy Nino Farina[N 6]1950
5United States Johnnie Parsons[N 1]19501
New Zealand Bruce McLaren[N 7]1959
Italy Giancarlo Baghetti1961
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1965
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi1970
Switzerland Clay Regazzoni1970
Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya2001

Youngest winners[edit]

(only the first win for each driver is listed)

1Germany Sebastian Vettel21 years, 73 days2008 Italian Grand Prix
2Spain Fernando Alonso22 years, 26 days2003 Hungarian Grand Prix
3United States Troy Ruttman[N 1]22 years, 80 days1952 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
4New Zealand Bruce McLaren22 years, 104 days1959 United States Grand Prix
5United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton22 years, 154 days2007 Canadian Grand Prix
6Finland Kimi Räikkönen23 years, 157 days2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
7Poland Robert Kubica23 years, 184 days2008 Canadian Grand Prix
8Belgium Jacky Ickx23 years, 188 days1968 French Grand Prix
9Germany Michael Schumacher23 years, 240 days1992 Belgian Grand Prix
10Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi23 years, 296 days1970 United States Grand Prix

Oldest winners[edit]

(only the last win for each driver is listed)

1Italy Luigi Fagioli53 years, 22 days1951 French Grand Prix
2Italy Nino Farina46 years, 276 days1953 German Grand Prix
3Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio46 years, 41 days1957 German Grand Prix
4Italy Piero Taruffi45 years, 219 days1952 Swiss Grand Prix
5Australia Jack Brabham43 years, 339 days1970 South African Grand Prix
6United States Sam Hanks[N 1]42 years, 321 days1957 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
7United Kingdom Nigel Mansell41 years, 97 days1994 Australian Grand Prix
8United States Lee Wallard[N 1]40 years, 264 days1951 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
9France Maurice Trintignant40 years, 200 days1958 Monaco Grand Prix
10United Kingdom Graham Hill40 years, 92 days1969 Monaco Grand Prix

Fewest races before first win[edit]

11st raceItaly Nino Farina1950 British Grand Prix
United States Johnnie Parsons[N 1]1950 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
Italy Giancarlo Baghetti1961 French Grand Prix
42nd raceArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio1950 Monaco Grand Prix
United States Lee Wallard[N 1]1951 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
63rd raceUnited States Troy Ruttman[N 1]1952 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
United States Bill Vukovich[N 1]1953 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
United Kingdom Tony Brooks[N 8]1957 British Grand Prix
94th raceUnited States Bob Sweikert[N 1]1955 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
Canada Jacques Villeneuve1996 European Grand Prix

Most races before first win[edit]

1130th raceAustralia Mark Webber2009 German Grand Prix
2123rd raceBrazil Rubens Barrichello2000 German Grand Prix
3119th raceItaly Jarno Trulli2004 Monaco Grand Prix
4113th raceUnited Kingdom Jenson Button2006 Hungarian Grand Prix
5111th raceGermany Nico Rosberg2012 Chinese Grand Prix
6110th raceItaly Giancarlo Fisichella2003 Brazilian Grand Prix
796th raceFinland Mika Häkkinen1997 European Grand Prix
895th raceBelgium Thierry Boutsen1989 Canadian Grand Prix
991st raceFrance Jean Alesi1995 Canadian Grand Prix
1082nd raceUnited Kingdom Eddie Irvine1999 Australian Grand Prix

Most races without a win[edit]

1Italy Andrea de Cesaris214208
2Germany Nick Heidfeld185183
3United Kingdom Martin Brundle165158
4United Kingdom Derek Warwick162147
5France Jean-Pierre Jarier143134
United States Eddie Cheever132
7Germany Adrian Sutil128128
8Italy Pierluigi Martini124119
9France Philippe Alliot116109
10Finland Mika Salo111109
Italy Piercarlo Ghinzani76

Most points without a win[edit]

1Germany Nick Heidfeld185183259†
2France Romain Grosjean6464236†
3Germany Nico Hülkenberg7776232†
4Finland Valtteri Bottas3838190†
5Mexico Sergio Pérez7774188†
6Japan Kamui Kobayashi7675125†
7Germany Adrian Sutil128128124†
8United Kingdom Paul di Resta5858121†
9United Kingdom Martin Brundle16515898
10Sweden Stefan Johansson1037988

† Includes points with 25–18–15–12–10–8–6–4–2–1 point scoring system.

Most podiums without a win[edit]

1Germany Nick Heidfeld18518313
2Sweden Stefan Johansson1037912
3New Zealand Chris Amon1089711
4United Kingdom Martin Brundle1651589
United States Eddie Cheever143132
France Romain Grosjean6464
France Jean Behra5352
8Italy Luigi Villoresi34318
9Finland Valtteri Bottas38386
10Italy Andrea de Cesaris2142085

Wins from farthest back on the start grid[edit]

DriverRaceStart pos.
1United Kingdom John Watson1983 United States Grand Prix West22nd
2United States Bill Vukovich1954 Indianapolis 50019th
3Brazil Rubens Barrichello2000 German Grand Prix18th
4United Kingdom John Watson1982 Detroit Grand Prix17th
Finland Kimi Räikkönen2005 Japanese Grand Prix
6United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1973 South African Grand Prix16th
Germany Michael Schumacher1995 Belgian Grand Prix
8Spain Fernando Alonso2008 Singapore Grand Prix[N 9]15th
9United States Bob Sweikert1955 Indianapolis 50014th
Australia Alan Jones1977 Austrian Grand Prix
France Olivier Panis1996 Monaco Grand Prix
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert1999 European Grand Prix
United Kingdom Jenson Button2006 Hungarian Grand Prix

Most wins at the same Grand Prix[edit]

DriverWinsGrand PrixSeasons
1Germany Michael Schumacher8French Grand Prix1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006
2Germany Michael Schumacher7Canadian Grand Prix1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004
San Marino Grand Prix1994, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006
4France Alain Prost6Brazilian Grand Prix1982, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990
Brazil Ayrton SennaMonaco Grand Prix1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
France Alain ProstFrench Grand Prix1981, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993
Germany Michael SchumacherBelgian Grand Prix1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002
Spanish Grand Prix1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Japanese Grand Prix1995, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004
European Grand Prix1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006

Most consecutive wins at the same Grand Prix[edit]

DriverWinsGrand PrixSeasons
1Brazil Ayrton Senna5Monaco Grand Prix1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
2Argentina Juan-Manuel Fangio4Argentine Grand Prix1954, 1955, 1956, 1957
United Kingdom Jim ClarkBritish Grand Prix1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
Belgian Grand Prix1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
Brazil Ayrton SennaBelgian Grand Prix1988, 1989, 1990, 1991
Germany Michael SchumacherSpanish Grand Prix2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
United States Grand Prix2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
8Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio3Italian Grand Prix1953, 1954, 1955
United Kingdom Graham HillMonaco Grand Prix1963, 1964, 1965
United Kingdom Jim ClarkDutch Grand Prix1963, 1964, 1965
United Kingdom Graham HillUnited States Grand Prix1963, 1964, 1965
United Kingdom Jackie StewartSpanish Grand Prix1969, 1970, 1971
France Alain ProstMonaco Grand Prix1984, 1985, 1986
French Grand Prix1988, 1989, 1990
Brazil Ayrton SennaGerman Grand Prix1988, 1989, 1990
Germany Michael SchumacherBelgian Grand Prix1995, 1996, 1997
Finland Mika HäkkinenSpanish Grand Prix1998, 1999, 2000
Germany Michael SchumacherAustralian Grand Prix2000, 2001, 2002
Japanese Grand Prix2000, 2001, 2002
San Marino Grand Prix2002, 2003, 2004
Canadian Grand Prix2002, 2003, 2004
Finland Kimi RäikkönenBelgian Grand Prix2004, 2005, 2007[1]
Brazil Felipe MassaTurkish Grand Prix2006, 2007, 2008
Germany Sebastian VettelSingapore Grand Prix2011, 2012, 2013
Korean Grand Prix2011, 2012, 2013
Indian Grand Prix2011, 2012, 2013


^ No Belgian Grand Prix was held in 2006

Most Grand Prix wins by drivers that have not won a World Championship[edit]

1United Kingdom Stirling Moss195119616716
2United Kingdom David Coulthard1994200824713
3Argentina Carlos Reutemann1972198214612
4Brazil Felipe Massa2002201421211
Brazil Rubens Barrichello19932011326
6Sweden Ronnie Peterson1970197812310
Austria Gerhard Berger19841997210
8Australia Mark Webber200220132179
9Belgium Jacky Ickx196719791228
Germany Nico Rosberg20062014166

Pole positions[edit]

Total pole positions[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 201020123086822.08%
2Brazil Ayrton Senna198419941626540.12%
3Germany Sebastian Vettel200720141394532.37%
4United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton200720141483825.68%
5United Kingdom Jim Clark19601968733345.21%
France Alain Prost19801991, 199320216.34%
7United Kingdom Nigel Mansell19801992, 199419951913216.75%
8Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio19501951, 19531958522955.77%
9Finland Mika Häkkinen199120011652615.76%
10Austria Niki Lauda19711979, 198219851772413.56%
Brazil Nelson Piquet1978199120711.59%

Percentage pole positions[edit]

1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio19501951, 19531958522955.77%
2United Kingdom Jim Clark19601968733345.21%
3Italy Alberto Ascari19501955331442.42%
4Brazil Ayrton Senna198419941626540.12%
5Germany Sebastian Vettel200720141394532.37%
6United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton200720141483825.68%
7United Kingdom Stirling Moss19511961671623.88%
8Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 201020123086822.08%
9United States Jerry Hoyt19501951, 195319555120.00%
United States Duke Nalon1950195451

Most consecutive pole positions[edit]

1Brazil Ayrton Senna819881989SpanishUnited States
2Brazil Ayrton Senna719901991SpanishMonaco
France Alain Prost1993South AfricanCanadian
Germany Michael Schumacher20002001ItalianBrazilian
5Austria Niki Lauda61974DutchItalian
Brazil Ayrton Senna1988BrazilianDetroit
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1992South AfricanMonaco
Finland Mika Häkkinen1999BritishItalian
10United Kingdom Stirling Moss519591960PortugueseMonaco
United States Phil Hill1961DutchGerman
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1992BelgianAustralian
France Alain Prost1993BritishItalian
Canada Jacques Villeneuve19961997JapaneseSan Marino
Finland Mika Häkkinen1999AustralianSpanish
Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya2002MonacoFrench
Spain Fernando Alonso2006EuropeanCanadian
Germany Sebastian Vettel20102011Abu DhabiTurkish

Most pole positions at the same Grand Prix[edit]

DriverPolesGrand PrixSeasons
1Brazil Ayrton Senna8San Marino Grand Prix1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994
Germany Michael SchumacherJapanese Grand Prix1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004
3Germany Michael Schumacher7Spanish Grand Prix1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Hungarian Grand Prix1994, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005
5Brazil Ayrton Senna6Australian Grand Prix1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993
Brazilian Grand Prix1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994
Germany Michael SchumacherCanadian Grand Prix1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001
8Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio5Italian Grand Prix1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956
French Grand Prix1950, 1951, 1954, 1956, 1957
United Kingdom Jim ClarkBritish Grand Prix1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967
Brazil Ayrton SennaMonaco Grand Prix1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991
Italian Grand Prix1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991
Germany Michael SchumacherMalaysian Grand Prix1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004

Most pole positions in a season[edit]

1Germany Sebastian Vettel201119151st
2United Kingdom Nigel Mansell19921614[13]1st
3Brazil Ayrton Senna198816131st
Brazil Ayrton Senna1989162nd
France Alain Prost1993161st
6Finland Mika Häkkinen199916111st
Germany Michael Schumacher2001171st
Germany Nico Rosberg2014192nd
9Brazil Ayrton Senna199016101st
Canada Jacques Villeneuve1997171st
Germany Sebastian Vettel2010191st

* Season in progress

Highest percentage of pole positions in a season[edit]

1United Kingdom Nigel Mansell19921614[13]88%
2Brazil Ayrton Senna1988161381%
France Alain Prost1993
5Germany Sebastian Vettel2011191579%
6Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio19568675%
7United Kingdom Jim Clark196310770%
8Finland Mika Häkkinen1999161169%
9United Kingdom Jim Clark19629667%
Italy Alberto Ascari1953

Youngest polesitters[edit]

(only the first pole position for each driver is listed)

1Germany Sebastian Vettel21 years, 72 days2008 Italian Grand Prix
2Spain Fernando Alonso21 years, 236 days2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
3Brazil Rubens Barrichello22 years, 97 days1994 Belgian Grand Prix
4United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton22 years, 153 days2007 Canadian Grand Prix
5Italy Andrea de Cesaris22 years, 308 days1982 United States Grand Prix West
6Germany Nico Hülkenberg23 years, 79 days2010 Brazilian Grand Prix
7Poland Robert Kubica23 years, 120 days2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
8Belgium Jacky Ickx23 years, 216 days1968 German Grand Prix
9Finland Kimi Räikkönen23 years, 255 days2003 European Grand Prix
10United Kingdom David Coulthard24 years, 13 days1995 Argentine Grand Prix

Oldest polesitters[edit]

1Italy Nino Farina47 years, 79 days1954 Argentine Grand Prix
2Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio46 years, 209 days1958 Argentine Grand Prix
3Australia Jack Brabham44 years, 17 days1970 Spanish Grand Prix
4United States Mario Andretti42 years, 196 days1982 Italian Grand Prix
5United Kingdom Nigel Mansell41 years, 97 days1994 Australian Grand Prix
6Argentina Carlos Reutemann39 years, 188 days1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
7United Kingdom Graham Hill39 years, 156 days1968 British Grand Prix
8United States Fred Agabashian[N 1]38 years, 283 days1952 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
9France Alain Prost38 years, 241 days1993 Japanese Grand Prix
10Italy Riccardo Patrese38 years, 121 days1992 Hungarian Grand Prix

Note: Michael Schumacher was aged 43 years, 144 days when he set the fastest time in qualifying for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix but due to a grid penalty he did not start the race from pole position.

Fastest laps[edit]

Total fastest laps[edit]

DriverFastest lapsRace startsPercentage
1Germany Michael Schumacher7730725.08%
2France Alain Prost4119920.60%
3Finland Kimi Räikkönen4021218.87%
4United Kingdom Nigel Mansell3018716.04%
5United Kingdom Jim Clark287238.88%
6Finland Mika Häkkinen2516115.52%
7Austria Niki Lauda2417114.03%
Germany Sebastian Vettel13917.26%
9Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio235145.09%
Brazil Nelson Piquet20411.27%

Most fastest laps in a season[edit]

DriverSeasonEntriesFastest lapsPercentageWDC
1Germany Michael Schumacher2004181055.55%1st
Finland Kimi Räikkönen20083rd
4Finland Mika Häkkinen200017952.94%2nd
5United Kingdom Nigel Mansell199216850.00%1st
Germany Michael Schumacher19941st
8Brazil Nelson Piquet198616743.75%3rd
France Alain Prost19882nd
Germany Michael Schumacher20021741.17%1st
Australia Mark Webber20111936.84%3rd
Germany Sebastian Vettel20131st
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton20141st


Highest percentage of fastest laps in a season[edit]

DriverFastest lapsRacesSeasonPercentage
1Italy Alberto Ascari68195275.00%
2Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio58195162.50%
3United Kingdom Jim Clark610196360.00%
5United Kingdom Jim Clark59196255.55%
Germany Michael Schumacher10182004
Finland Kimi Räikkönen2008
8Finland Mika Häkkinen917200052.94%
9Finland Kimi Räikkönen1019200552.63%
10Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio48195650.00%
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell8161992
Germany Michael Schumacher1994

Youngest drivers to set fastest lap[edit]

(only the first fastest lap for each driver is listed)

1Germany Nico Rosberg20 years, 258 days2006 Bahrain Grand Prix
2Mexico Esteban Gutiérrez21 years, 280 days2013 Spanish Grand Prix
3Spain Fernando Alonso21 years, 321 days2003 Canadian Grand Prix
4New Zealand Bruce McLaren21 years, 322 days1959 British Grand Prix
5Germany Sebastian Vettel21 years, 353 days2009 British Grand Prix
6United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton22 years, 91 days2007 Malaysian Grand Prix
7Mexico Sergio Pérez22 years, 125 days2012 Monaco Grand Prix
8Finland Kimi Räikkönen22 years, 137 days2002 Australian Grand Prix
9United Kingdom David Coulthard23 years, 126 days1994 German Grand Prix
10Germany Michael Schumacher23 years, 240 days1992 Belgian Grand Prix

Most fastest laps at the same Grand Prix[edit]

DriverFastest lapsGrand PrixSeasons
1United Kingdom Nigel Mansell7British Grand Prix1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
Germany Michael SchumacherSpanish Grand Prix1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004
3France Alain Prost6Belgian Grand Prix1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1993
4United Kingdom Jim Clark5Dutch Grand Prix1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967
Germany Michael SchumacherBrazilian Grand Prix1993, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2006
French Grand Prix1993, 1995, 1997, 2004, 2006
German Grand Prix1993, 1995, 2002, 2006, 2012
Monaco Grand Prix1994, 1997, 2004, 2005, 2006
European Grand Prix1995, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006
San Marino Grand Prix1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005
United Kingdom David CoulthardFrench Grand Prix1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Finland Kimi RäikkönenAustralian Grand Prix2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2013

Podium finishes[edit]

Total podium finishes[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 2010201230815550.32%
2France Alain Prost19801991, 199320210652.47%
3Spain Fernando Alonso2001, 200320142369741.10%
4Brazil Ayrton Senna198419941628049.38%
5Finland Kimi Räikkönen20012009, 201220142137736.15%
6United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton200720141487047.30%
7Brazil Rubens Barrichello199320113266820.85%
8Germany Sebastian Vettel200720141396647.48%
9United Kingdom David Coulthard199420082476225.10%
10Brazil Nelson Piquet197819912076028.98%

Percentage podium finishes[edit]

1Italy Dorino Serafini195011100.00%
2Italy Luigi Fagioli195019517685.71%
3Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio19501951, 1953195852[N 2]3567.31%
4Italy Nino Farina195019553420[N 10]58.82%
5Argentina José Froilán González19501957, 1960271555.56%
6France Alain Prost19801991, 199320210652.48%
7Italy Alberto Ascari1950195533[N 3]1751.52%
8Germany Michael Schumacher19912006, 2010201230815550.32%
10United States Sam Hanks195019578[N 1]450.00%
United States Mauri Rose195019512[N 1]1
United States George Amick19582[N 1]1

Most podium finishes in a season[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher20021717
Germany Sebastian Vettel201119
3Germany Sebastian Vettel20131916
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2014
5Germany Michael Schumacher20041815
Spain Fernando Alonso200519
Germany Nico Rosberg2014
8France Alain Prost19881614
Germany Michael Schumacher200117
Brazil Rubens Barrichello200418
Spain Fernando Alonso2006

Most consecutive podium finishes[edit]

DriverSeasonConsecutive podium finishesPodiums
1Germany Michael Schumacher200120022001 United States2002 Japanese19
2Spain Fernando Alonso200520062005 Turkish2006 Canadian15
3Germany Sebastian Vettel201020112010 Brazilian2011 British11
20132013 German2013 Brazilian
5United Kingdom Jim Clark19631963 Belgian1963 South African9
Austria Niki Lauda197519761975 Italian1976 Swedish
Brazil Nelson Piquet19871987 Monaco1987 Portuguese
Germany Michael Schumacher200020012000 Hungarian2001 Brazilian
20042004 European2004 Italian
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton20072007 Australian2007 British

Most consecutive podium finishes from first race of season[edit]

DriverSeasonConsecutive podium finishesPodiums
1Germany Michael Schumacher2002AustralianJapanese17
2Spain Fernando Alonso2006BahrainCanadian9
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2007AustralianBritish
Germany Sebastian Vettel2011AustralianBritish
5Germany Nico Rosberg2014AustralianAustrian8
6Austria Niki Lauda1976BrazilianSwedish7
France Alain Prost1988BrazilianFrench
Germany Michael Schumacher1994BrazilianFrench
United Kingdom Jenson Button2009AustralianTurkish
10Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi1973ArgentineMonaco6
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1992South AfricanMonaco

Youngest drivers to score a podium finish[edit]

(only the first podium finish for each driver is listed)

1Germany Sebastian Vettel21 years, 73 days1st2008 Italian Grand Prix
2Denmark Kevin Magnussen21 years, 162 days2nd2014 Australian Grand Prix
3Spain Fernando Alonso21 years, 237 days3rd2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
4Poland Robert Kubica21 years, 278 days3rd2006 Italian Grand Prix
5Germany Ralf Schumacher21 years, 287 days3rd1997 Argentine Grand Prix
6Italy Elio de Angelis21 years, 307 days2nd1980 Brazilian Grand Prix
7New Zealand Bruce McLaren21 years, 322 days3rd1959 British Grand Prix
8Brazil Rubens Barrichello21 years, 329 days3rd1994 Pacific Grand Prix
9Mexico Sergio Pérez22 years, 60 days2nd2012 Malaysian Grand Prix
10United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton22 years, 70 days3rd2007 Australian Grand Prix


Throughout the history of the World Championship, the points-scoring positions and the number of points awarded to each position have varied – see the List of Formula One World Championship points scoring systems for details.

Career points[edit]

DriverPointsWith 9 or 10 points per winWith 25 points per win
1Spain Fernando Alonso17675771190
2Germany Sebastian Vettel16181251493
3Germany Michael Schumacher15661369197
4United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton14862561230
5United Kingdom Jenson Button1198327871
6Australia Mark Webber1047.5169.5878
7Finland Kimi Räikkönen1024579445
8Brazil Felipe Massa950320630
9Germany Nico Rosberg887.575.5812
10France Alain Prost798.5798.50

Total races finished in the points[edit]

DriverPoints finishes
1Germany Michael Schumacher221
2Spain Fernando Alonso177
3United Kingdom Jenson Button151
4Brazil Rubens Barrichello140
Finland Kimi Räikkönen
6France Alain Prost128
7Brazil Felipe Massa126
8United Kingdom David Coulthard121
9United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton115
10Australia Mark Webber112

Most consecutive points finishes[edit]

DriverPoints finishesRaces
1Finland Kimi Räikkönen272012 Bahrain Grand Prix2013 Hungarian Grand Prix
2Germany Michael Schumacher242001 Hungarian Grand Prix2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
3Spain Fernando Alonso232011 European Grand Prix2012 Hungarian Grand Prix
4Germany Sebastian Vettel192010 Brazilian Grand Prix2011 Indian Grand Prix
5Germany Michael Schumacher182003 San Marino Grand Prix2004 Spanish Grand Prix
Spain Fernando Alonso2005 Turkish Grand Prix2006 German Grand Prix
7Spain Fernando Alonso172006 Chinese Grand Prix2007 Belgian Grand Prix
Germany Nico Rosberg2013 Belgian Grand Prix2014 Austrian Grand Prix
9Argentina Carlos Reutemann151980 Belgian Grand Prix1981 Belgian Grand Prix
Spain Fernando Alonso2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix2014 Belgian Grand Prix
Australia Daniel Ricciardo2014 Bahrain Grand Prix2014 United States Grand Prix

Highest average points per race entered[edit]

DriverEntriesPointsAverage points
per race entered
Average pre-2010[N 11]
1Germany Sebastian Vettel139161811.642.91
2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton148148610.044.92
3Spain Fernando Alonso23617677.494.12
4Germany Nico Rosberg166887.55.351.08
5Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio52277.645.345.34
6Germany Michael Schumacher30815665.085.48
7Australia Mark Webber2171047.54.831.21
8Finland Kimi Räikkönen21310244.813.69
9Italy Luigi Fagioli7324.574.57
10United Kingdom Jenson Button26811984.471.90

Highest percentage of races finished in the points[edit]

DriverEntriesPoints finishesPercentage
1Italy Dorino Serafini11100.0%
United Kingdom Eric Thompson11
Argentina Oscar Alfredo Gálvez11
4Italy Luigi Fagioli7685.71%
5Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio524382.69%
6United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton14811577.70%
7Germany Sebastian Vettel13910776.98%
8Spain Fernando Alonso23617775.00%
9Italy Nino Farina342573.53%
10Germany Michael Schumacher30822171.75%

Most championship points in a season[edit]

DriverPointsSeasonWDCRaces % of max
points possible
1Germany Sebastian Vettel39720131st1983.58%
2Germany Sebastian Vettel39220111st1982.53%
3United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton38420141st1976.80%
4Germany Nico Rosberg31720142nd1963.40%
5Germany Sebastian Vettel28120121st2056.20%
6Spain Fernando Alonso27820122nd2055.60%
7United Kingdom Jenson Button27020112nd1956.84%
8Australia Mark Webber25820113rd1954.32%
9Spain Fernando Alonso25720114th1954.11%
10Germany Sebastian Vettel25620101st1953.89%

Youngest drivers to score points[edit]

(only the first points finish for each driver is listed)

DriverAgePlaceRaceCareer Race Number
1Russia Daniil Kvyat19 years, 324 days9th2014 Australian Grand Prix1st race
2Germany Sebastian Vettel19 years, 349 days8th2007 United States Grand Prix1st race
3Spain Jaime Alguersuari20 years, 12 days9th2010 Malaysian Grand Prix11th race
4United Kingdom Jenson Button20 years, 67 days6th2000 Brazilian Grand Prix2nd race
5Mexico Ricardo Rodríguez20 years, 123 days4th1962 Belgian Grand Prix3rd race
6Switzerland Sébastien Buemi20 years, 149 days7th2009 Australian Grand Prix1st race
7Germany Nico Rosberg20 years, 258 days7th2006 Bahrain Grand Prix1st race
8New Zealand Chris Amon20 years, 309 days5th1964 Dutch Grand Prix8th race
9Brazil Felipe Massa20 years, 326 days6th2002 Malaysian Grand Prix2nd race
10Mexico Sergio Pérez21 years, 117 days9th2011 Spanish Grand Prix5th race

Most career points without being World Champion[edit]

DriverPointsBest WDC finish
1Australia Mark Webber1047.53rd in 2010, 2011 and 2013
2Brazil Felipe Massa9502nd in 2008
3Germany Nico Rosberg887.52nd in 2014
4Brazil Rubens Barrichello6582nd in 2002 and 2004
5United Kingdom David Coulthard5352nd in 2001
6Austria Gerhard Berger3853rd in 1988 and 1994
7Germany Ralf Schumacher3294th in 2001 and 2002
8Argentina Carlos Reutemann3102nd in 1981
9Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya3073rd in 2002 and 2003
10Italy Riccardo Patrese2812nd in 1992

World Champions with fewest career points[edit]

DriverPointsWorld Champion year(s)
1United States Phil Hill981961
2Austria Jochen Rindt1091970
3Italy Nino Farina127.331950
4United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn127.641958
5Italy Alberto Ascari140.141952 and 1953
6Finland Keke Rosberg159.51982
7United Kingdom James Hunt1791976
8United States Mario Andretti1801978
United Kingdom John Surtees1964
10Australia Alan Jones2061980

Most races before scoring points[edit]

144th raceItaly Nicola Larini1994 San Marino Grand Prix
242nd raceUnited Kingdom Jonathan Palmer1987 Monaco Grand Prix
332nd raceFrance Philippe Alliot1986 Mexican Grand Prix
Italy Alessandro Nannini1988 San Marino Grand Prix
531st raceItaly Alex Caffi1989 Monaco Grand Prix
Japan Ukyo Katayama1994 Brazilian Grand Prix
726th raceUnited States Harry Schell1956 Belgian Grand Prix
825th raceDenmark Jan Magnussen1998 Canadian Grand Prix
France Jules Bianchi2014 Monaco Grand Prix
1024th raceBrazil Pedro Diniz1996 Spanish Grand Prix

Race leaders[edit]

Every lap, total[edit]

1Brazil Ayrton Senna19
2United Kingdom Jim Clark13
3Germany Sebastian Vettel12
4Germany Michael Schumacher11
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
6United Kingdom Nigel Mansell9
7Italy Alberto Ascari7
France Alain Prost
9Austria Niki Lauda6
10United States Mario Andretti5
Australia Jack Brabham
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
United Kingdom Stirling Moss
Spain Fernando Alonso
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton

For at least one lap, total[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher142
2Brazil Ayrton Senna86
3France Alain Prost84
Spain Fernando Alonso
5United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton68
6Germany Sebastian Vettel66
7United Kingdom David Coulthard62
Finland Kimi Räikkönen
9Brazil Nelson Piquet58
10United Kingdom Nigel Mansell55

For at least one lap, youngest leader[edit]

(only the first race led for each driver is listed)

1Germany Sebastian Vettel20 years, 89 days2007 Japanese Grand Prix
2Switzerland Sébastien Buemi21 years, 225 days2010 Canadian Grand Prix
3Spain Fernando Alonso21 years, 237 days2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
4Poland Robert Kubica21 years, 278 days2006 Italian Grand Prix
5Mexico Esteban Gutiérrez21 years, 280 days2013 Spanish Grand Prix
6United States Jimmy Davies[N 1]21 years, 285 days1951 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
7Mexico Sergio Pérez22 years, 60 days2012 Malaysian Grand Prix
8United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton22 years, 70 days2007 Australian Grand Prix
9United States Troy Ruttman[N 1]22 years, 80 days1952 Indianapolis 500[N 1]
10New Zealand Bruce McLaren22 years, 104 days1959 United States Grand Prix

Most laps led, total[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher5,111
2Brazil Ayrton Senna2,931
3France Alain Prost2,683
4Germany Sebastian Vettel2,438
5United Kingdom Nigel Mansell2,091
6United Kingdom Jim Clark1,943
7United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1,919
8United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton1,836
9Spain Fernando Alonso1,767
10Brazil Nelson Piquet1,600

Longest distance led, total[edit]

DriverDistance (km)
1Germany Michael Schumacher24,148
2Brazil Ayrton Senna13,430
3Germany Sebastian Vettel12,883
4France Alain Prost12,477
5United Kingdom Jim Clark10,125
6United Kingdom Nigel Mansell9,651
7Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio9,316
8United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton9,235
9United Kingdom Jackie Stewart9,183
10Spain Fernando Alonso8,640

Most laps led without a win[edit]

1New Zealand Chris Amon183
2France Jean Behra107
3France Jean-Pierre Jarier79
4United States Jack McGrath70
5United States Johnny Thomson55
6United States Pat O'Connor46
7Italy Ivan Capelli46
8Germany Nico Hülkenberg43
9France Romain Grosjean40
10Argentina Carlos Menditeguy39

Most consecutive laps in the lead[edit]

DriverLaps in the leadRaces
1Italy Alberto Ascari[16]3041952 Belgian Grand Prix1952 Dutch Grand Prix
2Brazil Ayrton Senna2641988 British Grand Prix1988 Italian Grand Prix
3Brazil Ayrton Senna2371989 San Marino Grand Prix1989 United States Grand Prix
4United Kingdom Nigel Mansell2351992 Brazilian Grand Prix1992 Monaco Grand Prix
5Germany Sebastian Vettel2052012 Singapore Grand Prix2012 Indian Grand Prix
6United Kingdom Jim Clark1861963 Mexican Grand Prix1964 Monaco Grand Prix
7United Kingdom Jim Clark1651963 Belgian Grand Prix1963 French Grand Prix
8Finland Kimi Räikkönen1622005 Spanish Grand Prix2005 European Grand Prix
9Australia Mark Webber1592010 Spanish Grand Prix2010 Turkish Grand Prix
10France Alain Prost1561988 Portuguese Grand Prix1988 Japanese Grand Prix

Multiple driver records[edit]

Pole & win in same race[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher40
2Brazil Ayrton Senna29
3Germany Sebastian Vettel27
4France Alain Prost18
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
6United Kingdom Nigel Mansell17
7United Kingdom Jim Clark15
8Spain Fernando Alonso14
9Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio13
10Finland Mika Häkkinen10

Most wins from pole position in a season[edit]

DriverSeasonEntriesWins from pole
1United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1992169
Germany Sebastian Vettel201119
3Germany Michael Schumacher2004188
Germany Sebastian Vettel201319
5Brazil Ayrton Senna1988167
7Brazil Ayrton Senna1989166
France Alain Prost199316
Germany Michael Schumacher200117
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton201418

Pole, win & fastest lap in same race[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher22
2United Kingdom Jim Clark11
3Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio9
4France Alain Prost8
Germany Sebastian Vettel
6Italy Alberto Ascari7
Brazil Ayrton Senna
8United Kingdom Nigel Mansell5
United Kingdom Damon Hill
Finland Mika Häkkinen
Spain Fernando Alonso
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton

Pole, win, fastest lap, and led every lap[edit]

This is sometimes referred to as a "grand slam" or "grand chelem".[17]

Note: Only Ascari (Germany–Netherlands 1952), Clark (France–Germany 1965) and Vettel (Singapore–Korea 2013) have achieved the feat consecutively.


Pole and winGermany Sebastian Vettel21 years, 73 days2008 Italian Grand Prix
Pole, win and fastest lapGermany Sebastian Vettel21 years, 353 days2009 British Grand Prix
Pole, win, fastest lap, and led every lapGermany Sebastian Vettel24 years, 119 days2011 Indian Grand Prix


Pole and winArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio45 years, 42 days1956 German Grand Prix
Pole, win and fastest lapArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio45 years, 42 days1956 German Grand Prix
Pole, win, fastest lap, and led every lapArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio45 years, 42 days1956 German Grand Prix

Drivers' championships[edit]

Total championships[edit]

1Germany Michael Schumacher71994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
2Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio51951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957
3France Alain Prost41985, 1986, 1989, 1993
Germany Sebastian Vettel2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
5Australia Jack Brabham31959, 1960, 1966
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1969, 1971, 1973
Austria Niki Lauda1975, 1977, 1984
Brazil Nelson Piquet1981, 1983, 1987
Brazil Ayrton Senna1988, 1990, 1991
10Italy Alberto Ascari21952, 1953
United Kingdom Jim Clark1963, 1965
United Kingdom Graham Hill1962, 1968
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi1972, 1974
Finland Mika Häkkinen1998, 1999
Spain Fernando Alonso2005, 2006
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2008, 2014

Fewest world championship seasons before first title[edit]

(excluding drivers that competed from the very first championship season of 1950; including winning season)

DriverSeasons[N 12]First championshipDebut year
1Canada Jacques Villeneuve219971996
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton20082007
3New Zealand Denny Hulme319671965
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi19721970
5United States Phil Hill419611958
United Kingdom Jim Clark19631960
United Kingdom James Hunt19761973
Brazil Nelson Piquet19811978
Germany Michael Schumacher19941991
Spain Fernando Alonso20052001[N 13]
Germany Sebastian Vettel20102007

Youngest world drivers' championship winners[edit]

(at the moment they clinched the title)

1Germany Sebastian Vettel23 years, 134 days2010
2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton23 years, 300 days2008
3Spain Fernando Alonso24 years, 59 days2005
4Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi25 years, 303 days1972
5Germany Michael Schumacher25 years, 314 days1994
6Austria Niki Lauda26 years, 197 days1975
7Canada Jacques Villeneuve26 years, 200 days1997
8United Kingdom Jim Clark27 years, 174 days1963
9Finland Kimi Räikkönen28 years, 4 days2007
10Austria Jochen Rindt28 years, 169 days[N 14]1970

Driver's championships with most constructors[edit]

1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio4Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes, Ferrari
2Australia Jack Brabham2Cooper, Brabham
United Kingdom Graham HillBRM, Lotus
United Kingdom Jackie StewartMatra, Tyrell
Brazil Emerson FittipaldiLotus, McLaren
Austria Niki LaudaFerrari, McLaren
Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabham, Williams
France Alain ProstMcLaren, Williams
Germany Michael SchumacherBenetton, Ferrari
United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMcLaren, Mercedes

Most world championship seasons as runner-up[edit]

Below is a list of the drivers that have finished runners-up on multiple seasons. Added are the numbers of championships that the driver won, if any.

1United Kingdom Stirling Moss40
France Alain Prost4
3United Kingdom Graham Hill32
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1
Spain Fernando Alonso2
6Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio25
Belgium Jacky Ickx0
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart3
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi2
Sweden Ronnie Peterson0
Brazil Ayrton Senna3
United Kingdom Damon Hill1
Brazil Rubens Barrichello0
Finland Kimi Räikkönen1
Germany Michael Schumacher*7

Note*: Schumacher finished second in 1997 for what would have been his third runner-up finish overall, but was later disqualified from the championship due to his on-track attacking manoeuvre against contender Jacques Villeneuve.

Other driver records[edit]

World Champion with most races left in the season6 racesGermany Michael Schumacher (2002 in round 11 of 17)
World Champion having been championship leader for most races in the season19 racesGermany Sebastian Vettel (2011)
Most consecutive races as championship leader37 racesGermany Michael Schumacher (2000 United States Grand Prix2002 Japanese Grand Prix)
Most points between first and second in the World Championship155 pointsbetween Germany Sebastian Vettel (397 pts.) and Spain Fernando Alonso (242 pts.) in 2013
(In pre-2010 scoring format: 160-100 = 60; in pre-2003 scoring format: 150-69 = 81)
Record holder before 2010: 67 points between Germany Michael Schumacher (144 pts.) and Brazil Rubens Barrichello (77 pts.) in 2002 (157 points in post-2009 scoring format)
Highest percentage points difference between first and second in the World Championship48.15%between United Kingdom Nigel Mansell (108 pts.) and Italy Riccardo Patrese (56 pts.) in 1992
Fewest points between first and second in the World Championship0.5 pointsbetween Austria Niki Lauda (72 pts.) and France Alain Prost (71.5 pts.) in 1984
Longest time between successive World Championship Titles7 yearsAustria Niki Lauda (between 1977 and 1984)
Youngest World Championship leader22 years, 126 daysUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (at 2007 Spanish Grand Prix)
Oldest World Champion46 years, 41 daysArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio (1957)
Highest Championship finishing position for a rookie (not including 1950)2nd

Canada Jacques Villeneuve (1996)
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2007)

Most championship points for a driver in his rookie season109United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2007)
Most races before becoming World Champion180 racesUnited Kingdom Nigel Mansell (1992)
Most runner-up championship finishes before becoming World Champion3 timesUnited Kingdom Nigel Mansell (1992)
Most championship leader changes in a season10 times2010 Formula One season (Spain Fernando Alonso, Brazil Felipe Massa, United Kingdom Jenson Button, Australia Mark Webber, United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton, Australia Mark Webber, United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton, Australia Mark Webber, Spain Fernando Alonso, Germany Sebastian Vettel)
Most championship contenders going into the final race of the season4 drivers2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Spain Fernando Alonso, Australia Mark Webber, Germany Sebastian Vettel and United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton)
Most World Champions competing in a season6 drivers2012 Formula One season (Germany Sebastian Vettel (2010, 2011), United Kingdom Jenson Button (2009), United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2008), Finland Kimi Räikkönen (2007), Spain Fernando Alonso (2005, 2006), Germany Michael Schumacher (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004))
Most different Grands Prix won22 Grands PrixGermany Michael Schumacher
Most wins with the same team72 winsGermany Michael Schumacher / Italy Ferrari
Wins with most different constructors5United Kingdom Stirling Moss (Germany Mercedes, Italy Maserati, United Kingdom Vanwall, United Kingdom Cooper, United Kingdom Lotus)
Longest time between first and last wins5,145 daysGermany Michael Schumacher (1992 Belgian Grand Prix2006 Chinese Grand Prix)
Longest time between successive wins2,402 daysItaly Riccardo Patrese (1983 South African Grand Prix1990 San Marino Grand Prix)
Most (total and consecutive) seasons with at least one win15 seasonsGermany Michael Schumacher (19922006)
Most consecutive seasons with at least one win from debut season8United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (20072014)
Most hat tricks (pole, win & fastest lap in same race) in a season5Italy Alberto Ascari (1952)

Germany Michael Schumacher (2004) ||

Most race winners in one year11 (1982)France Alain Prost, Austria Niki Lauda, France Didier Pironi, United Kingdom John Watson, Italy Riccardo Patrese, Brazil Nelson Piquet, France René Arnoux, France Patrick Tambay, Italy Elio de Angelis, Finland Keke Rosberg, Italy Michele Alboreto
Fewest race winners in one year3

1950 Italy Giuseppe Farina, Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio, United States Johnnie Parsons
1952 Italy Alberto Ascari, Italy Piero Taruffi, United States Troy Ruttman
1963 United Kingdom Jim Clark, United Kingdom Graham Hill, United Kingdom John Surtees
1988 Brazil Ayrton Senna, France Alain Prost, Austria Gerhard Berger
2014 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton, Germany Nico Rosberg, Australia Daniel Ricciardo

Most different race winners in consecutive races9

Italy Giancarlo Baghetti (1961 French Grand Prix), Germany Wolfgang Von Trips (1961 British Grand Prix), United Kingdom Stirling Moss (1961 German Grand Prix), United States Phil Hill (1961 Italian Grand Prix), United Kingdom Innes Ireland (1961 United States Grand Prix), United Kingdom Graham Hill (1962 Dutch Grand Prix), New Zealand Bruce McLaren (1962 Monaco Grand Prix), United Kingdom Jim Clark (1962 Belgian Grand Prix), United States Dan Gurney (1962 French Grand Prix)
Italy Riccardo Patrese (1982 Monaco Grand Prix), United Kingdom John Watson (1982 Detroit Grand Prix), Brazil Nelson Piquet (1982 Canadian Grand Prix), France Didier Pironi (1982 Dutch Grand Prix), Austria Niki Lauda (1982 British Grand Prix), France René Arnoux (1982 French Grand Prix), France Patrick Tambay (1982 German Grand Prix), Italy Elio de Angelis (1982 Austrian Grand Prix), Finland Keke Rosberg (1982 Swiss Grand Prix)

Most different race winners in consecutive races from first race of the season7

United Kingdom Jenson Button (2012 Australian Grand Prix), Spain Fernando Alonso (2012 Malaysian Grand Prix), Germany Nico Rosberg (2012 Chinese Grand Prix), Germany Sebastian Vettel (2012 Bahrain Grand Prix), Venezuela Pastor Maldonado (2012 Spanish Grand Prix), Australia Mark Webber (2012 Monaco Grand Prix), United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2012 Canadian Grand Prix)

Fewest race wins in World Championship winning year1

United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn (1958)
Finland Keke Rosberg (1982)

World Champion with fewest career wins3

United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn, United States Phil Hill

Most race wins in one season without becoming World Champion7

France Alain Prost (1984)
France Alain Prost (1988)
Finland Kimi Räikkönen (2005)
Germany Michael Schumacher (2006)

Highest percentage of podium finishes in one season100%Germany Michael Schumacher, 17 podium finishes out of 17 races in 2002
Longest time between successive podium finishes2,870 daysAustria Alexander Wurz (1997 British Grand Prix2005 San Marino Grand Prix)
Most consecutive podium finishes from début9United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2007 Australian Grand Prix2007 British Grand Prix)
Youngest average age of podium finishers23 years, 350 daysItaly 2008 Italian Grand Prix (Germany Sebastian Vettel, Finland Heikki Kovalainen, Poland Robert Kubica)
Oldest average age of podium finishers46 years, 263 daysSwitzerland 1950 Swiss Grand Prix (Italy Giuseppe Farina, Italy Luigi Fagioli, France Louis Rosier)
Most podium finishes before a victory15France Jean Alesi, Finland Mika Häkkinen, United Kingdom Eddie Irvine and France Patrick Depailler
Most races before first podium91United Kingdom Martin Brundle
Most races without a podium127Germany Adrian Sutil
Most second places43Germany Michael Schumacher
Most third places28Brazil Rubens Barrichello, Finland Kimi Räikkönen and Spain Fernando Alonso
Most second places during a season10Germany Nico Rosberg (2014)
Most third places during a season7Australia Mark Webber (2011)
Pole position
Most pole positions in a debut season6United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2007)
Fewest pole positions scored in a Championship winning season0New Zealand Denny Hulme (1967)[N 15]
Austria Niki Lauda (1984)
Pole positions at most different Grands Prix20France Alain Prost, Germany Sebastian Vettel
Longest time between successive pole positions2,940 daysUnited States Mario Andretti (1968 United States Grand Prix1976 Japanese Grand Prix)
Most races before first pole position131Australia Mark Webber
Most races without a pole position165United Kingdom Martin Brundle, United Kingdom Johnny Herbert
Most pole positions without a victory5New Zealand Chris Amon
Laps in the lead
Most laps led in a season739Germany Sebastian Vettel (2011)
Highest percentage of laps led in a season71.47%United Kingdom Jim Clark (1963)
Most consecutive races with at least one lap in the lead17United Kingdom Jackie Stewart (1968 United States Grand Prix1970 Belgian Grand Prix)
Most races before the first lap in the lead91Germany Nick Heidfeld, Germany Adrian Sutil
Most races without leading165United Kingdom Martin Brundle
Race starts (entries)
Longest time between first and last starts7,763 daysGermany Michael Schumacher (1991 Belgian Grand Prix2012 Brazilian Grand Prix)
Longest time between successive starts3,767 daysNetherlands Jan Lammers (1982 Dutch Grand Prix1992 Japanese Grand Prix)
Most races for the same team181 racesGermany Michael Schumacher / Italy Ferrari
Entries with most constructors13New Zealand Chris Amon (United Kingdom Lola, United Kingdom Lotus, United Kingdom Brabham, United Kingdom Cooper, Italy Ferrari, United Kingdom March, France Matra, Italy Tecno, United Kingdom Tyrrell, New Zealand Amon, United Kingdom BRM, United Kingdom Ensign, United Kingdom Williams)
Most entries without starting14 entriesItaly Claudio Langes (1990 United States Grand Prix1990 Spanish Grand Prix)
Most failed attempts to pre-qualify25 failed attemptsItaly Gabriele Tarquini
Most races without scoring points58 races (50 starts)Italy Luca Badoer
Most consecutive race starts without scoring points62 racesFinland Heikki Kovalainen
Most races before scoring first points69 races (43 starts)Italy Nicola Larini
Longest time between first and last points finishes7,749 daysGermany Michael Schumacher (1991 Italian Grand Prix2012 Brazilian Grand Prix)
Longest time between successive points finishes2,898 daysBelgium Lucien Bianchi (1960 Belgian Grand Prix1968 Monaco Grand Prix)
Shortest Formula One career (having qualified for at least one race)a little over 800 metres (1/2 mile)Italy Marco Apicella (1993 Italian Grand Prix)[N 16]
Most seasons with at least one start19 seasonsBrazil Rubens Barrichello (19932011)
Germany Michael Schumacher (19912006, 20102012)
Youngest driver to drive at a Grand Prix meeting17 years, 3 daysNetherlands Max Verstappen (2014 Japanese Grand Prix)
Most classified finishes239 racesGermany Michael Schumacher
Most race finishes235 racesGermany Michael Schumacher
Most consecutive classified finishes41 racesGermany Nick Heidfeld (2007 French Grand Prix2009 Italian Grand Prix)
Most consecutive finishes from start of career25 racesUnited Kingdom Max Chilton (2013 Australian Grand Prix2014 Monaco Grand Prix)
Most retirements (did not finishes)148 DNFsItaly Andrea de Cesaris
Most consecutive retirements (did not finishes)14 DNFsItaly Ivan Capelli (1990 Italian Grand Prix1991 German Grand Prix)
Most consecutive retirements (did not finishes) from first race of season11 DNFsCanada Jacques Villeneuve (1999 Australian Grand Prix1999 Hungarian Grand Prix)
Most retirements (did not finishes) in a season14 DNFs

Italy Andrea de Cesaris (from 16 races in 1986)
Italy Piercarlo Ghinzani (from 16 races in 1986)
Italy Andrea de Cesaris (from 16 races in 1987)
Italy Ivan Capelli (from 16 races in 1989)
Brazil Rubens Barrichello (from 17 races in 1997)

Most pit stops by a driver in a single race7 pit stopsFrance Alain Prost in the 1993 European Grand Prix
Most pit stops by a winning driver in a single race6 pit stops (including 1 penalty)United Kingdom Jenson Button in the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix
Most (driving) penalties in a season9Venezuela Pastor Maldonado (2012)
Shortest time elapsed before earning a penalty9 secondsGermany Sebastian Vettel (2006 Turkish Grand Prix; recorded speeding in pit lane nine seconds into his career as a Formula One driver)[18]
Driver who was passed more than any other in season70 timesFrance Charles Pic (2012)[19]
Most races as team mates104Germany Michael Schumacher and Brazil Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari, 2000–2005)

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