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A man in a black jacket and silver cap with his left arm held aloft
Michael Schumacher, seven-time Formula 1 Champion.

The Formula One World Drivers' Championship (WDC) is awarded by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) to the most successful Formula One racing car driver over a season, as determined by a points system based on Grand Prix results.

The Drivers' Championship was first awarded in 1950, to Giuseppe Farina. The first driver to win multiple Championships was Alberto Ascari, in 1952 and 1953. The current Drivers' Champion is Sebastian Vettel, who won his first World Championship in 2010 and successfully defended it in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He is the second German to win the title, after Michael Schumacher.

A driver becomes the World Champion as soon as it is no longer mathematically possible for another to obtain more points than he has, even if the former driver were to not compete in the remaining races of the season, and the latter to score the maximum number of points possible. The Drivers' Championship has been won in the final race of the season 27 times in the 64 seasons it has been awarded. The earliest in a season that the Drivers' Championship has been clinched was in 2002, when Michael Schumacher secured the title with six races remaining.

Overall, thirty two different drivers have won the Championship, with German Michael Schumacher holding the record for most titles, at seven. Schumacher also holds the record for most consecutive Drivers' Championships, winning five from 2000 to 2004. The United Kingdom has produced the most World Championship winning drivers with ten; Brazil and Finland are next with three each. Of the 32 drivers to win the World Championship, 20 are still alive. The most recently deceased is Sir Jack Brabham (1926–2014).

By season[edit]

SeasonDriverTeamEngineTyresPolesWinsPodiumsFastest LapsPointsClinchedPoint Margin
1950Italy Giuseppe Farina[1]Italy Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoP233330Race 7 of 73
1951Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[2]Italy Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoP435531Race 8 of 86
19521Italy Alberto Ascari[3]Italy FerrariFerrariF P566636Race 6 of 812
19531Italy Alberto Ascari[3]Italy FerrariFerrariP655434.5Race 8 of 96.5
1954Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[2]Italy Maserati2MaseratiP567342Race 7 of 916.86
West Germany Mercedes2MercedesC
1955Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[2]West Germany MercedesMercedesC345340Race 6 of 716.5
1956Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[2]Italy FerrariFerrariE635430Race 8 of 83
1957Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[2]Italy MaseratiMaseratiP446240Race 6 of 815
1958United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn[4]Italy FerrariFerrariE417542Race 11 of 111
1959Australia Jack Brabham[5]United Kingdom Cooper*ClimaxD125131Race 9 of 94
1960Australia Jack Brabham[5]United Kingdom Cooper*ClimaxD355343Race 8 of 109
1961United States Phil Hill[6]Italy Ferrari*FerrariD526234Race 7 of 81
1962United Kingdom Graham Hill[7]United Kingdom BRM*BRMD146342Race 9 of 912
1963United Kingdom Jim Clark[8]United Kingdom Lotus*ClimaxD779654Race 7 of 1021
1964United Kingdom John Surtees[9]Italy Ferrari*FerrariD226240Race 10 of 101
1965United Kingdom Jim Clark[8]United Kingdom Lotus*ClimaxD666654Race 7 of 1014
1966Australia Jack Brabham[5]United Kingdom Brabham*RepcoG345142Race 7 of 914
1967New Zealand Denny Hulme[10]United Kingdom Brabham*RepcoG028251Race 11 of 115
1968United Kingdom Graham Hill[7]United Kingdom Lotus*FordF236048Race 12 of 1212
1969United Kingdom Jackie Stewart[11]France Matra*FordD267563Race 8 of 1126
1970Austria Jochen Rindt[12]United Kingdom Lotus*FordF355145Race 12 of 1335
1971United Kingdom Jackie Stewart[11]United Kingdom Tyrrell*FordG667362Race 8 of 1129
1972Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi[13]United Kingdom Lotus*FordF358061Race 10 of 1216
1973United Kingdom Jackie Stewart[11]United Kingdom TyrrellFordG358171Race 13 of 1516
1974Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi[13]United Kingdom McLaren*FordG237055Race 15 of 153
1975Austria Niki Lauda[14]Italy Ferrari*FerrariG958264.5Race 13 of 1419.5
1976United Kingdom James Hunt[15]United Kingdom McLarenFordG868269Race 16 of 161
1977Austria Niki Lauda[14]Italy Ferrari*FerrariG2310372Race 15 of 1717
1978United States Mario Andretti[16]United Kingdom Lotus*FordG867364Race 14 of 1613
1979South Africa Jody Scheckter[17]Italy Ferrari*FerrariM136051Race 13 of 154
1980Australia Alan Jones[18]United Kingdom Williams*FordG3510567Race 13 of 1413
1981Brazil Nelson Piquet[19]United Kingdom BrabhamFordM G437150Race 15 of 151
1982Finland Keke Rosberg[20]United Kingdom WilliamsFordG116044Race 16 of 165
1983Brazil Nelson PiquetUnited Kingdom BrabhamBMWM138459Race 15 of 152
1984Austria Niki LaudaUnited Kingdom McLaren*TAGM059572Race 16 of 160.5
1985France Alain ProstUnited Kingdom McLaren*TAGG2511573Race 14 of 1620
1986France Alain ProstUnited Kingdom McLarenTAGG1411272Race 16 of 162
1987Brazil Nelson PiquetUnited Kingdom Williams*HondaG4311473Race 15 of 1612
1988Brazil Ayrton SennaUnited Kingdom McLaren*HondaG13811390Race 15 of 163
1989France Alain ProstUnited Kingdom McLaren*HondaG2411576Race 15 of 1616
1990Brazil Ayrton SennaUnited Kingdom McLaren*HondaG10611278Race 15 of 167
1991Brazil Ayrton SennaUnited Kingdom McLaren*HondaG8712296Race 15 of 1624
1992United Kingdom Nigel MansellUnited Kingdom Williams*RenaultG149128108Race 11 of 1652
1993France Alain ProstUnited Kingdom Williams*RenaultG13712699Race 14 of 1626
1994Germany Michael SchumacherUnited Kingdom BenettonFordG6810892Race 16 of 161
1995Germany Michael SchumacherUnited Kingdom Benetton*RenaultG49118102Race 15 of 1733
1996United Kingdom Damon HillUnited Kingdom Williams*RenaultG9810597Race 16 of 1619
1997Canada Jacques VilleneuveUnited Kingdom Williams*RenaultG1078381Race 17 of 1739 (3)4
1998Finland Mika HäkkinenUnited Kingdom McLaren*MercedesB98116100Race 16 of 1614
1999Finland Mika HäkkinenUnited Kingdom McLarenMercedesB11510676Race 16 of 162
2000Germany Michael SchumacherItaly Ferrari*FerrariB99122108Race 16 of 1719
2001Germany Michael SchumacherItaly Ferrari*FerrariB119143123Race 13 of 1758
2002Germany Michael SchumacherItaly Ferrari*FerrariB711177144Race 11 of 1767
2003Germany Michael SchumacherItaly Ferrari*FerrariB568593Race 16 of 162
2004Germany Michael SchumacherItaly Ferrari*FerrariB8131510148Race 14 of 1834
2005Spain Fernando AlonsoFrance Renault*RenaultM67152133Race 17 of 1921
2006Spain Fernando AlonsoFrance Renault*RenaultM67145134Race 18 of 1813
2007Finland Kimi RäikkönenItaly Ferrari*FerrariB36126110Race 17 of 171
2008United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonUnited Kingdom McLarenMercedesB7510198Race 18 of 181
2009United Kingdom Jenson ButtonUnited Kingdom Brawn*MercedesB469295Race 16 of 1711
2010Germany Sebastian VettelAustria Red Bull*RenaultB105103256Race 19 of 194
2011Germany Sebastian VettelAustria Red Bull*RenaultP1511173392Race 15 of 19122
2012Germany Sebastian VettelAustria Red Bull*RenaultP65106281Race 20 of 203
2013Germany Sebastian VettelAustria Red Bull*RenaultP913167397Race 16 of 19155


* Indicates the team also won the Constructors' Championship (awarded since 1958).
  1. ^ The 1952 and 1953 championships were run to Formula Two regulations.
  2. ^ Fangio competed in the 1954 Argentine and Belgian Grands Prix with Maserati, then completed the season with Mercedes.
  3. ^ Rindt died during practice for the 1970 Italian Grand Prix (the tenth round of the season) but his Championship was not confirmed until two rounds later.
  4. ^ Michael Schumacher scored 78 points during the 1997 season, only 3 points behind Villeneuve. However, Schumacher was disqualified from the championship for colliding with Villeneuve at the final race of the season, the European Grand Prix. This left Villeneuve with a 39 point margin over Heinz-Harald Frentzen with 42 points.

By driver[edit]

Michael Schumacher has won the World Drivers' Championship a record seven times – two at Benetton and five at Ferrari.
Juan Manuel Fangio won the World Drivers' Championship five times with Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes and Ferrari. He held the record from 1955 until 2003.
Alain Prost has four titles, three for McLaren and one for Williams. He also came close to winning the title for Renault and for Ferrari.
Sebastian Vettel currently has four consecutive titles to his name, winning them all with Red Bull Racing.
DriverTotalSeason(s)Championship Winner
Germany Michael Schumacher71994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 200424th
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio51951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 19572nd
France Alain Prost41985, 1986, 1989, 199321st
Germany Sebastian Vettel42010, 2011, 2012, 201332nd
Australia Jack Brabham31959, 1960, 19665th
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart31969, 1971, 197311th
Austria Niki Lauda31975, 1977, 198414th
Brazil Nelson Piquet31981, 1983, 198719th
Brazil Ayrton Senna31988, 1990, 199122nd
Italy Alberto Ascari21952, 19533rd
United Kingdom Graham Hill21962, 19687th
United Kingdom Jim Clark21963, 19658th
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi21972, 197413th
Finland Mika Häkkinen21998, 199927th
Spain Fernando Alonso22005, 200628th
Italy Giuseppe Farina119501st
United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn119584th
United States Phil Hill119616th
United Kingdom John Surtees119649th
New Zealand Denny Hulme1196710th
Austria Jochen Rindt1197012th
United Kingdom James Hunt1197615th
United States Mario Andretti1197816th
South Africa Jody Scheckter1197917th
Australia Alan Jones1198018th
Finland Keke Rosberg1198220th
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1199223rd
United Kingdom Damon Hill1199625th
Canada Jacques Villeneuve1199726th
Finland Kimi Räikkönen1200729th
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton1200830th
United Kingdom Jenson Button1200931st

Drivers in bold are competing in the 2014 World Championship.

By nationality[edit]

CountryTotalDriversSeasonsDrivers by Name (titles)
 United Kingdom14101958, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1992, 1996, 2008, 2009Jackie Stewart (3), Jim Clark (2), Graham Hill (2), Mike Hawthorn (1), John Surtees (1), James Hunt (1), Nigel Mansell (1), Damon Hill (1), Lewis Hamilton (1), Jenson Button (1)
 Germany1121994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013Michael Schumacher (7), Sebastian Vettel (4)
 Brazil831972, 1974, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991Nelson Piquet (3), Ayrton Senna (3), Emerson Fittipaldi (2)
 Argentina511951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957Juan Manuel Fangio (5)
 Finland431982, 1998, 1999, 2007Mika Häkkinen (2), Keke Rosberg (1), Kimi Räikkönen (1)
 Australia421959, 1960, 1966, 1980Jack Brabham (3), Alan Jones (1)
 Austria421970, 1975, 1977, 1984Niki Lauda (3), Jochen Rindt (1)
 France411985, 1986, 1989, 1993Alain Prost (4)
 Italy321950, 1952, 1953Alberto Ascari (2), Giuseppe Farina (1)
 United States221961, 1978Phil Hill (1), Mario Andretti (1)
 Spain212005, 2006Fernando Alonso (2)
 New Zealand111967Denny Hulme (1)
 South Africa111979Jody Scheckter (1)
 Canada111997Jacques Villeneuve (1)

Drivers in bold are competing in the 2014 World Championship.

By constructor[edit]

Ferrari Italy15
McLaren United Kingdom12
Williams United Kingdom7
Lotus United Kingdom6
Brabham United Kingdom4
Red Bull Austria4
Cooper United Kingdom2
Benetton United Kingdom2
Tyrrell United Kingdom2
Renault France2
Mercedes1 West Germany2
Alfa Romeo Italy2
Maserati1 Italy2
BRM United Kingdom1
Matra France1
Brawn United Kingdom1

Constructors in bold are competing in the 2014 World Championship.

  1. ^ Fangio competed in the 1954 Argentine and Belgian Grands Prix with Maserati, then completed the season with Mercedes. This shared championship is counted for each of these constructors.

By constructor nationality[edit]

 United Kingdom37
 West Germany2

By engine[edit]

Ferrari Italy15
Ford United States13
Renault France11
Mercedes West Germany
Honda Japan5
Climax United Kingdom4
TAG Luxembourg3
Alfa Romeo Italy2
Maserati Italy2
Repco Australia2
BMW West Germany1
BRM United Kingdom1

Engine manufacturers in bold are competing in the 2014 World Championship.

By tyre manufacturer[edit]

1GGoodyear United States24 (7)119661967, 1971, 19731978, 1980, 1982, 19851997
2BBridgestone Japan11 (6)219982004, 20072010
3PPirelli Italy9 (3)3195019544 5, 1957, 20112013
4DDunlop United Kingdom819591965, 1969
5MMichelin France61979, 1981, 19831984, 20052006
6FFirestone United States419525, 1968, 1970, 1972
7CContinental West Germany2195441955
EEnglebert Belgium21956, 1958

Tyre manufacturers in bold are competing in the 2014 World Championship. Numbers in parentheses indicate championships won as the sole tyre supplier.


  1. ^ Goodyear was the sole tyre supplier for the 1987, 1988 & 1992–1996 seasons
  2. ^ Bridgestone was the sole tyre supplier for the 1999, 2000 & 2007–2010 seasons
  3. ^ Pirelli was the sole tyre supplier for the 2011–2013 seasons
  4. ^ Fangio competed in the 1954 Argentine and Belgian Grands Prix on Pirelli with Maserati, then completed the season on Continental with Mercedes
  5. ^ Ascari competed in the 1952 Indianapolis 500 on Firestone tyres, then completed the season on Pirelli


Youngest Drivers' Champion[edit]

1Germany Sebastian Vettel23 years, 133 days2010
2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton23 years, 301 days2008
3Spain Fernando Alonso24 years, 58 days2005
4Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi25 years, 273 days1972
5Germany Michael Schumacher25 years, 314 days1994
6Austria Niki Lauda26 years, 197 days1975
7Canada Jacques Villeneuve26 years, 200 days1997
8United Kingdom Jim Clark27 years, 188 days1963
9Finland Kimi Räikkönen28 years, 4 days2007
10Austria Jochen Rindt28 years, 140 days1970 (posthumously)

* Bold text indicates driver competed in the 2013 World Championship
** Measured at the race where the driver secured the championship

Oldest Drivers' Champion[edit]

1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio46 years, 41 days1957
2Italy Giuseppe Farina43 years, 308 days1950
3Australia Jack Brabham40 years, 155 days1966
4United Kingdom Graham Hill39 years, 262 days1968
5United Kingdom Nigel Mansell39 years, 8 days1992
6France Alain Prost38 years, 214 days1993
7United States Mario Andretti38 years, 193 days1978
8United Kingdom Damon Hill36 years, 26 days1996
9Austria Niki Lauda35 years, 242 days1984
10Germany Michael Schumacher35 years, 239 days2004

Bold text indicates driver competed in the 2013 World Championship.

Consecutive Drivers' Championships[edit]

Nine separate drivers have achieved consecutive wins in the Formula One Drivers' Championship. Michael Schumacher is the only driver to have won two sets of consecutive Formula One Drivers' Championships.

5Germany Michael Schumacher20002004
4Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio19541957
Germany Sebastian Vettel20102013
2Italy Alberto Ascari19521953
Australia Jack Brabham19591960
France Alain Prost19851986
Brazil Ayrton Senna19901991
Germany Michael Schumacher19941995
Finland Mika Häkkinen19981999
Spain Fernando Alonso20052006

Bold text indicates driver competed in the 2013 World Championship.

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