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This is a list of Filipino millionaires since 1996 up to the present.

SteadyHas not changed from the list or his/her asset.
IncreaseHas increased from the list.
DecreaseHas decreased from the list.

2007 List[edit]


RankNameAgeCountry PhilippinesWorth (USD)Source of Wealth
1 SteadyJaime Zobel de Ayala73Philippines2 billionAyala Corporation (Ayala Land, Inc., Bank of the Philippine Islands, Globe Telecom, Inc., Manila Water Company Inc., Integrated Microelectronics, Inc. & Azalea Technology Investments, Inc.)
2 DecreaseHenry Sy83Philippines1.7 billionSM Group of Companies (SM Prime Holdings, SM Investments Corporation, SM Development Corporation, Highlands Prime Holdings, Banco de Oro Universal Bank & China Banking Corporation)
3 DecreaseLucio Tan73Philippines1.6 billionAsia Brewery, Tanduay Distillers, Inc., Fortune Tobacco, Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express, University of the East, Philippine National Bank, Allied Bank & Eton Properties Philippines
4 IncreaseAndrew Tan55Philippines1.1 billionMegaworld Corporation, Emperador Distillers Inc. & Golden Arches Development Corporation (McDonald's Philippines)
5 IncreaseManuel Villar57Philippines940 millionReal estate such us Vista Land.
6 IncreaseGeorge Ty74Philippines870 millionMetropolitan Bank and Trust Company
7 IncreaseAndrew Gotianun79Philippines860 millionFilinvest Development Corporation & East West Bank
8 IncreaseEnrique Razon47Philippines820 millionInternational Container Terminal Services Inc.
9 IncreaseTony Tan Caktiong & Family57Philippines790 millionJollibee, Greenwich Pizza, Chowking, Red Ribbon & Delifrance Philippines
10 IncreaseOscar Lopez & Family77Philippines775 millionMeralco, ABS-CBN Corporation, Bayan Telecommunications
11 IncreaseVivian Que Azcona & FamilyNAPhilippines670 millionMercury Drug
12 IncreaseInigo & Mercedes ZobelNAPhilippines660 millionShares of stocks in Ayala Land Corporation
13 DecreaseEduardo Cojuangco Jr.74Philippines540 millionSan Miguel Corporation, Bank of Commerce
14 IncreaseEmilio Yap & Family81Philippines445 millionManila Bulletin & PhilTrust Bank
15 DecreaseJohn Gokongwei Jr. & Family81Philippines430 millionJG Summit Holdings
16 IncreaseJose Maria E. Cacho & Family76Philippines430 millionJMEC Corporation
17 IncreaseAlfonso Uy & Family84Philippines365 million
18 IncreaseBilly David Dalapu Sr.61Philippines220 millionUnilab
19 IncreaseAugusto Uy & Family43Philippines210 million
20 IncreaseLuis Virata53Philippines200 millionPhilippine Airlines
21 DecreaseGilberto Duavit Jr. & Family43Philippines191 millionShare Holder of GMA Network
22 DecreaseMenardo Jimenez & FamilyNAPhilippines190 millionShare Holder of GMA Network
23 DecreaseFelipe Gozon & Family67Philippines165 millionShare Holder of GMA Network
24 IncreaseMariano Tan & FamilyNAPhilippines140 million
25 DecreaseRamon del Rosario Jr.63Philippines137 millionMicrotel Inns and Suites
26 IncreaseRolando & Rosalinda Hortaleza48/50Philippines110 millionSplash Holdings
27 IncreaseManuel Zamora68Philippines105 million
28 DecreaseBetty AngNAPhilippines100 millionMonde Nissin
29 IncreaseTomas Alcantara & Family61Philippines90 millionAlsons Consolidated Resources Inc.
30 IncreaseFrederick Dy51Philippines70 millionSecurity Bank
31 IncreaseWilfred Steven Uytengsu Sr.80Philippines60 millionAlaska Milk Corporation
32 IncreaseSalvador Zamora61Philippines55 millionHinatuan Mining Corp.
33 DecreaseOscar Hilado & Family69Philippines51 million
34 IncreasePhilip T. Ang66Philippines50 millionTaganito Mining Corp.
35 DecreaseMagdaleno Albarracin Jr.71Philippines49 millionHolcim Philippines, Inc.
36 DecreaseJesus Tambunting70Philippines47 millionPlanters Development Bank
37 DecreaseAntonio Roxas65Philippines36 millionRoxas Holdings Inc.
38 IncreaseManuel Pangilinan61Philippines35 millionPLDT and ABC Development Corporation
39 IncreaseMarixi Rufino-Prieto & Family67Philippines33 millionPhilippine Daily Inquirer and Rufino Pacific Tower
40 DecreaseLourdes Montinola79Philippines30 millionFar Eastern University, Chair of the Board of Trustees & FERN Realty Corporation
38 IncreaseEmilio Gatacalio30Philippines36 millionFrontrow Philippines Inc. and MacMac Custom Pints and Baddy kets

2008 Billionaire List[edit]

ĂNo. PhNo. WorldNameNet worth (USD)AgeCitizenshipResidenceSources of wealth
1Increase785DecreaseTan, LucioLucio Tan & Family$1.5 billion Decrease73 Philippines Philippinessee here
2Steady843DecreaseSy, HenryHenry Sy & Family$1.4 billion Decrease83 Philippines PhilippinesSM Prime Holdings

2009 Billionaire List[edit]

No. PhNo. WorldNameNet worth (USD)AgeCitizenshipResidenceSources of wealth
1Increase234IncreaseSy, HenryHenry Sy & Family$3.8 billion Increase84 Philippines PhilippinesSM Group of Companies
2Decrease522IncreaseTan, LucioLucio Tan & Family$1.7 billion Decrease75 Philippines Philippinessee here
3Decrease-DecreaseZobel de Ayala, JaimeJaime Zobel de Ayala$1.2 billion Decrease75 Philippines Philippinessee here


2010 Billionaire List[edit]

No. PhNo. WorldNameNet worth (USD)AgeCitizenshipResidenceSources of wealth
1SteadyIncreaseSy, HenryHenry Sy$5 billion Increase85 Philippines PhilippinesSM Prime Holdings
2SteadyIncreaseTan, LucioLucio Tan$2.1 billion Increase76 Philippines PhilippinesPhilippine Airlines
3IncreaseIncreaseGokongwei, JohnJohn Gokongwei$1.5 billion Increase83 Philippines PhilippinesJG Summit
4DecreaseIncreasede Ayala, Jaime ZobelJaime Zobel de Ayala$1.4 billion Increase76 Philippines PhilippinesAyala Corporation
5IncreaseIncreaseTan, AndrewAndrew Tan$1.2 billion Increase58 Philippines PhilippinesAlliance Global Group


2011 Billionaire List[edit]

No. PhNo. WorldNameNet worth (USD)AgeCitizenshipResidenceSources of wealth
1Steady173IncreaseSy, HenryHenry Sy$8 billion Increase86 Philippines PhilippinesSM Prime Holdings
2Steady512IncreaseTan, LucioLucio Tan$2.3 billion Increase77 Philippines PhilippinesPhilippine Airlines
3Increase540IncreaseTan, AndrewAndrew Tan$2.2 billion Increase59 Philippines PhilippinesAlliance Global Group
4Increase1,057IncreaseRazon, EnriqueEnrique Razon$1.1 billion Increase51 Philippines PhilippinesInternational Container Terminal Services


2012 Billionaire List[edit]

No. PhNo. WorldNameNet worth (USD)AgeCitizenshipResidenceSources of wealth
1Increase173IncreaseSy, HenryHenry Sy$9.1 billion Increase87 Philippines PhilippinesSM Prime Holdings
2Increase512IncreaseLucio Tan$4.5 billion Increase79 Philippines PhilippinesPhilippine Airlines
4Increase528Increasede Ayala, Jaime ZobelJaime Zobel de Ayala$2.5 billion Increase78 Philippines PhilippinesAyala Corporation
3Increase540IncreaseTan, AndrewAndrew Tan$2.3 billion Increase60 Philippines PhilippinesAlliance Global Group
4Increase1,057IncreaseRazon, EnriqueEnrique Razon$1.9 billion Increase52 Philippines PhilippinesInternational Container Terminal Services


2013 Billionaire List[edit]

No. PhNo. WorldNameNet worth (USD)AgeCitizenshipResidenceSources of wealth
1Increase68IncreaseSy, HenryHenry Sy$13.2 billion Increase89 Philippines PhilippinesSM Prime Holdings
2Increase248IncreaseLucio Tan$5 billion Increase79 Philippines PhilippinesPhilippine Airlines
3Increase258Increase{{{last}}}, Jaime Zobel de Ayala[[Jaime Zobel de Ayala {{{last}}}|Jaime Zobel de Ayala {{{last}}}]]$4.9 billion Increase58 Philippines PhilippinesInternational Container Terminal Services
4Increase345Increase{{{last}}}, Andrew Tan[[Andrew Tan {{{last}}}|Andrew Tan {{{last}}}]]$3.95 billion Increase61 Philippines PhilippinesAlliance Global Group
5Increase503Increase{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]] and family$2.8 billion Increase52 Philippines Philippinesconstruction
6Increase736Increase{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]]$2 billion IncreaseNA Philippines Philippinesretailing
7Increase931Increase{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]]$1.6 billion Increase61 Philippines Philippinespower
8Increase1,031Increase{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]] & family$1.4 billion Increase61 Philippines Philippinesfast food
9Increase1,175Increase{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]] & family$1.2 billion Increase86 Philippines Philippinesreal estate
10Increase1,175Increase{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]]$1.2 billion Increase77 Philippines Philippinesdiversified
 |align="center"|10Increase||align="center"|1,175Increase||{{{last}}},[[{{{last}}}| {{{last}}}]] ||align="center"|$1.2 billion Increase||align="center"|77|| Philippines|| Philippines||diversified   




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