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Eagle Scout
  • Eagle Scouts
    • 56,841 (2013)[1]
    • 2,265,841 (total 2013)

    Distinguished Eagle Scouts

    • 2,051 (total 2013)[2]
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Eagle Scout
  • Eagle Scouts
    • 56,841 (2013)[1]
    • 2,265,841 (total 2013)

    Distinguished Eagle Scouts

    • 2,051 (total 2013)[2]
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Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program division of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Since it was first awarded to Arthur Rose Eldred on August 21, 1912, Eagle Scout has been earned by more than two million young men.[3] The list below includes notable recipients.

As of 2014, requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit, leadership, and service. The requirements include an Eagle Scout Service Project where the Scout must further demonstrate service and leadership.[4] Eagle Scouts are recognized with a medal and badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Eagle Palms are a further recognition, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.

The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) is bestowed to Eagle Scouts for nationally renowned distinguished service in their profession and to the community for a period of at least 25 years after earning the Eagle Scout rank.[5] Since its introduction in 1969 by the National Eagle Scout Association, the DESA has been awarded to just under 2000 Eagle Scouts.[a]

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) is bestowed to Eagle Scouts who have distinguished themselves at a local-to-regional level or who have not yet met the 25 year tenure requirement to be considered for a DESA. This award was introduced in 2011.[6]

Eagle Scouts[edit]


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Ackerman, GaryGary Ackerman1960 c.Representative from New York (1983–2013)[7]
Adamson, James C.James C. Adamson1961Army colonel and astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-28 and STS-43[8]
Agre, PeterPeter Agre1964Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMedical doctor, professor, and molecular biologist who was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of aquaporin; president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science[a][9][10]
Alexander, Jr., William VollieWilliam Vollie Alexander, Jr.1950 c.Representative from Arkansas (1969–1993)[11]
Alexander, LamarLamar Alexander1954Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Tennessee (1979–1987); Secretary of Education (1991–1993); Senator from Tennessee (2003–)[a][7]
Amend, BillBill Amend1968 c.Cartoonist, best known for his comic strip FoxTrot[12]
Anderson, John EdwardJohn Edward Anderson deceased1931Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFounder of Topa Equities, namesake of UCLA Anderson School of Management[a]
Arnold, Phillip Andrew "Pip"Phillip Andrew "Pip" Arnold2009Singer; semi-finalist on The Glee Project; competitor on The Voice[13]
Armstrong, NeilNeil Armstrong deceased1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAstronaut who flew on the Gemini 8 and Apollo 11 missions; test pilot and naval aviator; first human to set foot on the Moon[a][8][14]
Arndt, GaryGary Arndt1987Award winning travel photographer and writer.[15]
Arnold, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. Arnold deceased1929 c.Aviator and businessman, known especially for early UFO sightings[16]
Ashton, Alan C.Alan C. Ashton deceased1957Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCo-founder of WordPerfect; former professor at Brigham Young University[a][17]
Ashton, Marvin J.Marvin J. Ashton deceased1963Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMember of the Quorum of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; businessman; Utah state senator[a][18]
Augustine, Norman R.Norman R. Augustine1952Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAerospace businessman; former CEO of Martin Marietta Aerospace[a][19]
Avakian, BradBrad Avakian1975Commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries; former Oregon state representative and senator[20]
man with mustache in astronaut uniform, model of space shuttle to side, U.S. flag in background
James Adamson
man wearing a gray shirt
Bill Amend
man in spacesuit holding helmet, large image of the moon in the background
Neil Armstrong


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Bacow, Lawrence S.Lawrence S. Bacow1966Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFormer President of Tufts University and former Chancellor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology[a][14]
Bader, David A.David A. Bader1985Georgia Tech professor[21]
Bagian, James P.James P. Bagian1967Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPhysician and astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-29 and STS-40[8]
Banks, WillieWillie Banks1971Olympic competitor and world-record-holding track star[22]
Barber, Alden G.Alden G. Barber deceased1933Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardProfessional Scouter, fifth Chief Scout Executive (1967—1976)[a]
Barnhart, RayRay Barnhart deceased1944 c.Texas state representative; Texas state Republican chairman; director of Federal Highway Administration[23]
Barry, MarionMarion Barry deceased1954Mayor of Washington, D.C. (1979–1991) and (1995–1999); Member of the Council of the District of Columbia (2000-2014)[24]
Baughan, MaxieMaxie Baughan1952

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Retired football linebacker in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and the Washington Redskins[25][26]
Bass, Harry BrinkleyHarry Brinkley Bass deceased1930Navy fighter pilot killed in action over France during World War II; awarded the Navy Cross twice and the Silver Star; USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887) was named in his honor[27]
Bayless, Charles E.Charles E. Bayless1958Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPresident of West Virginia University Institute of Technology; regional vice-president of West Virginia University[a][28]
Beard, Daniel CarterDaniel Carter Beard deceased1915Author, illustrator, founding pioneer of the Boy Scouts of America[29]
Bechtel, Jr., StephenStephen Bechtel, Jr.1940Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChairman Emeritus and Director of Bechtel[a]
Beck, JohnJohn Beck1997 c.National Football League quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens[30]
Bellard, EmoryEmory Bellard deceasedHead coach at Texas A&M University from 1972 to 1978 and at Mississippi State University from 1979 until 1985[31]
Belle, AlbertAlbert Belle1981Major League Baseball outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, and Baltimore Orioles; first player to hit 50 doubles and 50 home runs in a single season[32][33]
Bennett, Charles EdwardCharles Edward Bennett deceased1925Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Florida (1949–1993)[a]
Benson, SteveSteve Benson1970U.S. editorial cartoonist for The Arizona Republic[citation needed]
Bentsen, LloydLloyd Bentsen deceased1938Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative (1948–1955) from Texas; senator from Texas (1971–1993); nominee for Vice President of the United States (1988); chairman of the Senate Finance Committee; Secretary of the Treasury (1993–1994)[a][22]
Berger, Lee RogersLee Rogers Berger1983Internationally renowned paleoanthropologist, physical anthropologist and archeologist[34]
Berns, SamSam Berns deceased2014Suffered from progeria; helped raise awareness of the disease[35]
Beyer, DickDick Beyer1946Professional wrestler; schoolteacher; coach[36]
Bingaman, JeffJeff Bingaman1958Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSenator from New Mexico (1983–); attorney general of New Mexico (1979–1983)[a][37]
Birkby, RobertRobert Birkby1966Adventure guide, author, photographer, speaker and trail designer; wrote the 10th, 11th and 12th editions of the Boy Scout Handbook and the 4th edition of the Fieldbook[38]
Bishop, Arthur GaryArthur Gary Bishop deceased1967Serial killer[39]
Bishop, SanfordSanford Bishop1962Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Georgia (1993–)[a][40]
Blair, Frank S.Frank S. Blair deceased1930Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNews Anchor for NBC's Today Show 1953 to 1975[a][14][41]
Bloomberg, MichaelMichael Bloomberg1954Mayor of the City of New York (2002–2014); businessman and the founder of Bloomberg L.P.[14][42][43]
Bluford, GuionGuion Bluford1958 c.Air Force colonel; astronaut who participated in four flights of the Space Shuttle-STS-8, STS-39, STS-53, and STS-61-A; first African American in space; designated as the emissary to return the Challenger flag to a Boy Scout troop[8]
Bogusz, MatthewMatthew Bogusz2004Mayor of Des Plaines, Illinois[44]
Bonesteel III, Charles H.Charles H. Bonesteel III deceased1925Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardArmy general who commanded the US forces in Korea (1966–1969)[a]
Bowersox, KenKen Bowersox1972 c.Navy captain; astronaut; test pilot; veteran of seven space flights-STS-50, STS-61, STS-73, STS-82, STS-113, Expedition 6, and Soyuz TMA-1[8]
Bowser, Alpha L.Alpha L. Bowser deceased1925Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardUnited States Marine Corps lieutenant general, combat veteran of World War II and the Korean War, decorated for his actions during the Battle of Iwo Jima and in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir[a]
Bradley, William W.William W. Bradley1957Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRhodes Scholar; National Basketball Association basketball player with the New York Knicks (1967–1977); Senator from New Jersey (1979–1997); US presidential candidate (2000)[a][14][22][43]
Brady, Jr., Charles E.Charles E. Brady, Jr. deceased1966Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAstronaut who flew on shuttle mission STS-78[a][8]
Brady, JamesJames Brady deceased1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGun control advocate; White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan; shot and became permanently disabled during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan[a]
Breyer, StephenStephen Breyer1952Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAssociate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1994–)[a][14][45]
Brock, WayneWayne Brock1965Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America[a][46]
Brown, SherrodSherrod Brown1968Representative (1993–2007) and senator from Ohio (2007–)[47]
Burnham, Russell AdamRussell Adam Burnham1995Great-grandson of Frederick Russell Burnham; U.S. Army's Soldier of the Year in 2003 and Medical Corps Non-commissioned officer of the Year in 2007[48]
Butler, M. CaldwellM. Caldwell Butler deceased1941Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardU.S. Representative from Virginia[a]
Bybee, JayJay Bybee1969 c.Federal judge on United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit[49]
man in business suit
Marion Barry
man in business suit
Lloyd Bentsen
man in business suit, American flag in background
Sanford Bishop
man wearing polo shirt and cargo pants, holding Penn State pennant, background interior of Space Shuttle
Guy Bluford
man in business suit
Bill Bradley
man in business suit
Stephen Breyer


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Caffery, Patrick T.Patrick T. Caffery deceased1950Representative from Louisiana (1969–1973)[50]
Caldwell, John TylerJohn Tyler Caldwell deceased1926Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChancellor of North Carolina State University (1959–1975)[a][51]
Campbell, William D.William D. Campbell deceased1922Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFounder of the World Scout Foundation, member of World Scout Committee[a]
Caniff, MiltonMilton Caniff deceased1923Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCartoonist for the Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon comic strips[a][22]
Carnahan, RussRuss Carnahan1971Representative from Missouri (2005–)[7][52]
Carr, Gerald P.Gerald P. Carr1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMarine Corps colonel; astronaut who commanded Skylab 4[a]
Carter, SonnySonny Carter deceased1962Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAstronaut who flew on shuttle mission including STS-33; medical doctor; Navy officer; test pilot; professional soccer player[a]
Cech, ThomasThomas Cech1962Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChemist and 1989 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry[a][53]
Chaffee, Roger B.Roger B. Chaffee deceased1951 c.Navy lieutenant commander; pilot and astronaut; killed in the Apollo 1 training exercise[8]
Chambers, KirkKirk Chambers1997National Football League offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns (2004–2005) and Buffalo Bills (2007–)[54]
Chamitoff, GregoryGregory Chamitoff1980Astronaut who flew on missions STS-124, Expedition 17, Expedition 18, STS-126[8]
Chapman, JakeJake ChapmanMember of the Iowa Senate[55]
Cheatham, Jr., Eugene CalvinEugene Calvin Cheatham, Jr. deceased1931Air Force lieutenant colonel; fighter pilot with the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II; then flew over 100 missions during the Korean War[56]
Clark, Kim B.Kim B. Clark1964Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDean of the Faculty at Harvard Business School (1995–2005); president of Brigham Young University–Idaho (2005–)[a]
Cloud, PrestonPreston Cloud deceased1929 c.Earth scientist, biogeologist, cosmologist, and palaeontologist[57]
Clark, Tom C.Tom C. Clark deceased1914Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAssociate justice of the Supreme Court (1949–1967)[a]
Cochran, ThadThad Cochran1952Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSenator from Mississippi (1978–)[a]
Coker, George ThomasGeorge Thomas Coker1959Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy commander; honored with the Navy Cross for his leadership as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War[a][14][43][58]
Coleman, Dr. Frank "Tick"Dr. Frank "Tick" Coleman deceased1926Community activist and namesake of the Dr. Frank "Tick" Coleman National Service Award; one of the first three known African-American Eagle Scouts[59]
Collie, AustinAustin Collie2004Wide receiver for the National Football League's Indianapolis Colts[60]
Conable, BarberBarber Conable deceased1937Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from New York (1965–1985); president of the World Bank (1986–1991)[a]
Cooper, JimJim Cooper1970 c.Representative from Tennessee (2003–)[61]
Corddry, RobRob Corddry1987 c.Actor[62][63]
Cotter, TomTom Cotter1989American environmentalist, renewable energy advocate, social entrepreneur, clergyman[64]
Covey, Richard O.Richard O. Covey1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAstronaut who was the pilot for the first Return to Space flight and flew shuttle missions STS-26, STS-38, STS-51-I, STS-61[a]
Cozza, StevenSteven Cozza2000Co-founder of the advocacy group Scouting for All, professional road bicycle racer[65]
Crapo, MikeMike Crapo1966Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSenator from Idaho (1999–)[a]
Crawley, Edward F.Edward F. Crawley1972Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardProfessor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and of Engineering Systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ford Professor of Engineering[a][66]
Creighton, John OliverJohn Oliver Creighton1958Navy captain; fighter pilot veteran of the Vietnam War; test pilot; astronaut who flew shuttle missions STS-51-G, STS-36 and STS-48[8]
Creighton, Jr., John W.John W. Creighton, Jr.1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCivilian aide to the Secretary of the Army; CEO of Weyerhaeuser and United Airlines; National President of the BSA[a]
Crouch, Roger K.Roger K. Crouch1956 c.Astronaut who flew on missions STS-83 and STS-94[67][68]
Cunningham, EdgarEdgar Cunningham deceased1926One of the earliest known African American Eagle Scouts[69][70]
Curtis, BenBen Curtis1996 c.Actor best known for his Dell ads[71]
Cussler, CliveClive Cussler1946Adventure novelist and successful amateur marine archaeologist, founder of National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA)[72]
man in business suit, microphones in foreground
Milton Caniff
man in business suit, clasped hands in front
Thad Cochran
man in business suit wearing medal around neck
George Coker, receiving his DESA
man in flight suit holding Space Shuttle mode, American flag in background
John Creighton


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Dale, JamesJames Dale1986 c.Litigant in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, a landmark case decision by the Supreme Court of the United States on the rights of private organizations[73]
Dannemeyer, William E.William E. Dannemeyer1944Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardHonorary national chairman of Citizens for a Better America; Representative from California (1979–1993)[a]
Daub, HalHal Daub1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Nebraska (1981–1989); lawyer; Mayor of Omaha (1995–2001)[a]
Daughdrill, Jr., James H.James H. Daughdrill, Jr.1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPresident of Rhodes College (1973–1999)[a]
DeVries, WilliamWilliam DeVries1959 c.Cardiothoracic surgeon who performed the first successful permanent artificial heart implant[22]
Devey, JordanJordan Devey2006Football offensive lineman for the New England Patriots[26]
Dold, RobertRobert Dold1986

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Representative from Illinois (2011–2013)[7][74]
Dukakis, MichaelMichael Dukakis1949Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Massachusetts (1975–1979) and (1983–1991); US Presidential candidate (1988)[a][14]
Duke, CharlesCharles Duke1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force brigadier general; astronaut, as a member of Apollo 16 he became one of only twelve men who have walked on the moon[a][14]
Duke, James "Red"James "Red" Duke1951Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRenowned surgeon; host of his own medical TV series and Texan icon who founded Houston's Life Flight using a model that was adopted nationally[a][75]
Dunne, Michael P.Michael P. Dunne deceased1962Award-winning newspaper reporter; author; professor[76]
Dyess, Aquilla J.Aquilla J. Dyess deceased1925 c.Lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps during World War II who was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life" during the Battle of Kwajalein[14][77]
man in space suit, hands on globe, American flag in background
Charles Duke
man in Marine green uniform, wearing garrison cap
Aquilla J. Dyess


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Earle, RonnieRonnie Earle1957District attorney for Travis County, Texas; known for bringing to light the Jack Abramoff scandals and for filing charges against House majority leader Tom DeLay[78]
Ebright, Richard H.Richard H. Ebright1975Molecular biologist, researcher, and professor[79][80][81]
Ehrlichman, JohnJohn Ehrlichman deceased1942Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAssistant to President Richard Nixon (1969–1973)[a]
Eisele, Donn F.Donn F. Eisele deceased1945Air Force colonel; Apollo 7 astronaut[8]
Eldred, Arthur RoseArthur Rose Eldred deceased1912First Eagle Scout; agricultural official and executive; Navy veteran of World War I; received BSA's Bronze Honor Medal for lifesaving; first of four generations of Eagle Scouts[82]
Enzi, MikeMike Enzi1957Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSenator from Wyoming (1997–)[a][14]
Erickson, JohnJohn Erickson1958Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFounder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of Retirement Living TV and served for 28 years as CEO of Erickson Living, formerly Erickson Retirement Communities[a][83]
Estess, RoyRoy Estess deceased1953Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDirector of John C. Stennis Space Center (1989–2002)[a][84]
Evans, Daniel J.Daniel J. Evans1941Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Washington (1965–1977); Senator (1983–1989)[a]
young man in canvas coat and trousers, arms crossed
Arthur Eldred


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Farabee, DavidDavid Farabee1982 c.Insurance agent and vice-president; representative from Texas (1998–2011)[85]
Farnsworth, PhiloPhilo Farnsworth deceased1932Inventor, holder of first patent for an electronic television; Eagle award presented to his wife in 2006 as it had been earned but not presented[86]
Feldkamp, JimJim Feldkamp1980Politician; Navy aviator; Gulf War veteran; FBI agent[87]
Femoyer, Robert EdwardRobert Edward Femoyer deceased1937Army Air Forces navigator during World War II who was awarded the Medal of Honor[88]
Ferlinghetti, LawrenceLawrence Ferlinghetti1935 c.Poet best known as the co-owner of the City Lights Bookstore and publishing house, which published early literary works of the Beat Generation[89]
Fitch, Alva R.Alva R. Fitch deceased1923Army lieutenant general; survivor of the Bataan Death March; deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (1961–1964)[90]
Fitch, James P.James P. Fitch1914 c.First Region Scout Executive, Region Nine (Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico), B.S.A. (1919-1945); Silver Antelope Award recipient; General Manager of Philmont Scout Ranch and Phillips Properties, B.S.A. (1945-1949); Assistant to the Chief Scout Executive (1949-1952).[91]
Fitzpatrick, MikeMike Fitzpatrick1979 c.Congressman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania (2005–2007, 2011–Present); Silver Beaver Award recipient[92]
Fleming, CharlesCharles Fleming1971Author, reporter and teacher[93]
Fluckey, Eugene B.Eugene B. Fluckey deceased1948Navy submarine commander during World War II who received the Medal of Honor[94]
Foley, TomTom Foley1945 c.Representative from Washington (1965–1995); Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (1989–1995); ambassador to Japan (1998–2001)[22]
Fogt, ChristopherChristopher Fogt2000Olympic bobsledder[95]
Ford, GeraldGerald Ford deceased1927Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Michigan (1949–1973); 40th Vice President of the United States (1973–1974); 38th President of the United States (1974–1977)[a][14][22]
Foreman, DavidDavid Foreman1963 c.Co-founder of environmental activist group Earth First![96]
Forrester, Patrick G.Patrick G. Forrester1971Astronaut who flew on STS-105[8]
Fossett, SteveSteve Fossett deceased1957Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAviator and adventurer known for his five world record non-stop circumnavigations of the Earth: as a long-distance solo balloonist, as a sailor, and as a solo airplane pilot; president of the National Eagle Scout Association; Silver Buffalo Award recipient[a][22]
Fossum, Michael E.Michael E. Fossum1975Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force Reserve colonel; astronaut who flew on STS-121 as a mission specialist[a][8][97][98]
Foster, Jr., Murphy J.Murphy J. Foster, Jr.1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPolitician; Governor of Louisiana (1996–2004)[a][99]
Freeh, LouisLouis Freeh1963Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAttorney; 10th director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1993–2001)[a][100]
Frisa, DanielDaniel Frisa1969Journalist; Representative from New York (1995–1997)[101]
Frye, PhyllisPhyllis Frye1962First transgender woman to be appointed as a judge in Texas[102]
Fullerton, C. GordonC. Gordon Fullerton1952Research pilot; Air Force colonel; astronaut who flew STS-3 and STS-51-F[8]
man in business suit, American flag and Presidential flags in background
Gerald Ford
man in flight suit with Virgin Atlantic emblems
Steve Fossett
man in space suit holding helmet, American flag in background
Michael Fossum


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Gailey, ChanChan Gailey1966Offensive coordinator for the New York Jets; head coach of the Buffalo Bills (2010–2012), Dallas Cowboys (1998–1999) and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2002–2007)[14][103]
Garamendi, JohnJohn Garamendi1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDeputy United States Secretary of the Interior (1995–1998); California Insurance Commissioner (2003–2007); 46th Lieutenant Governor of California (2007–)[a]
Garlits, DonDon Garlits1946Considered to be the "Father of Drag Racing", created first successful rear-engined Top Fuel dragster.[104]
Garrahy, J. JosephJ. Joseph Garrahy deceased1947Distinguished Eagle Scout Award69th Governor of Rhode Island (1977–1985)[105]
Gates, RobertRobert Gates1958Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCIA director (1991–1993); President of Texas A&M University (2002–2007); President of the National Eagle Scout Association; Secretary of Defense (2006–2011); National President of the Boy Scouts of America (2014-Present)[a][22]
Gates, Sr., William H.William H. Gates, Sr.1941Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer and CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; father of Bill Gates[a][14][43]
Gee, GordonGordon Gee1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPresident of several universities and law professor[a]
Gephardt, DickDick Gephardt1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMajority leader of the United States House of Representatives (1989–1995); Representative from Missouri (1977–2005); 2004 presidential candidate[a]
Gerard, GilGil Gerard1959 c.Actor best known for his portrayal of Buck Rogers in the 1979–1981 television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century[106]
Gillick, PatPat Gillick1951Retired professional baseball executive; general manager of four Major League Baseball teams with three World Series championships; inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2011.[33]
Gohmert, LouieLouie Gohmert1969Representative from Texas (2005–)[107]
Goldsmith, StephenStephen Goldsmith1959Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAuthor, politician, professor, and educator; mayor of Indianapolis (1992–2000)[a]
Gonzalez, MattMatt Gonzalez1981 c.Politician, attorney, and editorial writer; member and president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from the Green Party (2001–2005)[108]
Gordon, Bernard MarshallBernard Marshall Gordon1941Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardInventor and philanthropist[a]
Gould, Ronald M.Ronald M. Gould1962Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardProfessor at the University of Washington; judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (1999–)[a]
Graves, SamSam Graves1981 c.Representative from Missouri (2001–present)[7]
Green, ErnestErnest Green1956Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCivil rights activist; one of the Little Rock Nine[a]
Gregory, William G.William G. Gregory1974 c.Air Force lieutenant colonel; astronaut who served on shuttle mission STS-67[8]
Griggs, S. DavidS. David Griggs deceased1953Navy Reserve rear admiral; astronaut who served on shuttle mission STS-51-D[8]
Groberg, John H.John H. Groberg1948Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardEmeritus member of the Seventy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[a]
Guthrie, JeremyJeremy Guthrie1994Major League Baseball pitcher, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals[33][109]
man in business suit, American flag and Department of Defense flag in background
Robert Gates
man in business suit
Dick Gephardt


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Haddock, BradleyBradley Haddock1973Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardVice president, general counsel, and secretary of Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC[a]
Hahn, DavidDavid Hahn1994"Radioactive Boy Scout" who attempted to build a nuclear reactor at age seventeen[110]
Haldeman, H. R.H. R. Haldeman deceasedc. 1942White House Chief of Staff (1969–1973)[111]
Hall, BobBob Hallc. 1959Incoming Republican member of the Texas State Senate from Van Zandt County, Texas, elected 2014[112]
Halloran, DanDan Halloran1989Politician, member of the New York City Council[113]
Ham, CarterCarter Ham1964Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFormer United States Army general[a]
Hammergren, JohnJohn Hammergren1975Chairman, president and CEO of McKesson Corporation[114]
Hanna, WilliamWilliam Hanna deceased1924Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAnimator, director, producer, cartoon artist, and co-founder of Hanna-Barbera[a]
Hannemann, JacobJacob HannemannBaseball player[115]
Hansen, Zenon C.R.Zenon C.R. Hansen deceased1921Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChairman and CEO of Mack Trucks (1965–1974)[a]
Harbert, John M.John M. Harbert1937Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardBusinessman who founded Harbert Management Corporation[a]
Hart, Michael S.Michael S. Hart deceasedAuthor, creator of the eBook, founder of Project Gutenberg[116]
Hartzog, William W.William W. Hartzog1956Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFormer U.S. Army general; CEO of Burdeshaw Associates; member of the Board of Directors of the Army Historical Foundation; member of the Defense Science Board[a]
Harvey, AlfredAlfred Harvey deceased1929 c.Founder of Harvey Comics[117]
Hayes, John BriggsJohn Briggs Hayes deceased1940Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCommandant of the United States Coast Guard (1978–1982)[a]
Hayworth, J. D.J. D. Hayworth1973Representative from Arizona (1995–2007); television and radio journalist[118]
Heder, JonJon Heder1994Actor, filmmaker and screenwriter best known for Napoleon Dynamite[119][120]
Hensarling, JebJeb Hensarling1971Representative from Texas (2003–)[121]
Herman, RichardRichard Herman1956Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (2005–)[a]
Herres, Robert T.Robert T. Herres deceased1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChairman of USAA Group (1993–2002); Air Force general who was the first Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, first commander of the United States Space Command, astronaut and flight crew chief of the canceled Manned Orbiting Laboratory; recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award[a]
Herschbach, Dudley R.Dudley R. Herschbach1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFrank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University; won the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry[a]
Higgs, William G.William G. Higgs1967Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardEnergy executive[a]
Hillcourt, William "Green Bar Bill"William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt deceased1918Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDanish Knight-Scout considered to be the father of American Boy Scouting and the Scoutmaster to the World due to his prolific writings and teachings in the areas of troop and patrol structure, training, and the development of the original American adaptation of the Wood Badge program[a]
Hittner, DavidDavid Hittner1955 c.United States federal judge; former Army captain[122]
Hofmann, MarkMark Hofmann1970 c.Forger and murderer[123]
Hoffman, Jeffrey A.Jeffrey A. Hoffman1960 c.Co-director of the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium at MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics; astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-51-D, STS-35, STS-46, STS-61 and STS-75[124]
Holcomb, StevenSteven Holcomb1996 c.Olympic bobsledder[95]
Holland, Jeffrey R.Jeffrey R. Holland1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMember of the Quorum of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; 9th president of Brigham Young University[a]
Hooks, GeorgeGeorge Hooks1961Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPolitician Georgia State Senate (1991– )[a][125]
Hubbard, L. RonL. Ron Hubbard deceased1924Pulp fiction and science fiction writer and founder of Scientology and Dianetics[126][127]
Hummel, Donald KeithDonald Keith Hummel1965Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRoman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Newark[128]
Hunter, Howard W.Howard W. Hunter deceased1935Distinguished Eagle Scout Award14th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[a]
Huntsman, Jr., JonJon Huntsman, Jr.1975Distinguished Eagle Scout Award16th Governor of Utah, 9th Ambassador to China, 11th U.S. Ambassador to Singapore[129][130]
man in Navy uniform with cap, American flag in background
John Hayes
man in Air Force uniform, American flag in background
General Robert Herres
two men outdoors, both wearing Scout uniforms: short sleeve shirt, shorts and knee socks, the older man on the right wearing a campaign hat and holding a cane
"Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt with Baden-Powell
man in business suit, American flag in background
Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.



NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
James, GrantGrant James2003Rower who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics[131]
James, RossRoss James2003Rower who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics[131]
Johnson, Gregory H.Gregory H. Johnson1978 c.Astronaut who flew on shuttle mission STS-123[124]
Johnson, Jay L.Jay L. Johnson1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy admiral and fighter pilot, 26th Chief of Naval Operations (1996–2000)[a]
Johnston, Jr., James VannJames Vann Johnston, Jr.1975 c.Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau[132]
Jones, E. FayE. Fay Jones deceased1937 c.Navy pilot during World War II; architect and designer; apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright; University of Arkansas School of Architecture is named in his honor[133]
Jones, Thomas DavidThomas David Jones1969Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAstronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-59, STS-68 and STS-80[124]
Judge, DarwinDarwin Judge deceased1971Marine who was an embassy security guard and was one of the last two US servicemen killed in the Vietnam War[134]
man in Marine uniform wearing cap, American flag in background
Darwin Judge


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Kauffman, EwingEwing Kauffman deceased1931Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFounder of Marion Laboratories and owner of the Kansas City Royals[a]
Keegan, John C.John C. Keegan1966

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Retired judge, military officer and political leader.[135]
Keeler, William HenryWilliam Henry Keeler1952Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCardinal Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore[a]
Kimura, DarrenDarren Kimura1992American businessman, inventor, and investor, know for inventing MicroCSP solar technology[136]
Kinder, PeterPeter Kinder1969Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLieutenant governor of Missouri (2005–)[a]


Kinsey, AlfredAlfred Kinsey deceased1913Biologist and professor of entomology and zoology who is known for his research on human sexuality[138]
Knowles, HarryHarry Knowles1987Internet film critic[139]
Kohntopp, GusGus Kohntopp1977Commercial pilot with Southwest Airlines and colonel in the Idaho Air National Guard who was identified as one of the pilots involved in the 190th Fighter Squadron, Blues and Royals friendly fire incident[140]
Koncak, JonJon Koncak1977Professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic (1985–1996)[22]
Kramer, RoyRoy Kramer1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCommissioner of the Southeastern Conference from 1990 to 2002 where he created the Bowl Championship Series[141]
gray-haired man with glasses wearing clerical shirt and collar
William Keeler


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Lake, I. BeverlyI. Beverly Lake1949Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardJurist and public official; Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court (1994–2000); Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court (2000–2006)[a]
Landgraf, BrooksBrooks Landgrafc. 1999Incoming Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives from Odessa, Texas[142]
Langford, Carl T.Carl T. Langford deceased1934Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMayor of Orlando, Florida (1967–1980)[a]
Larson, Charles R.Charles R. Larson1950Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy admiral; submariner; twice Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy (1983–1986) and (1994–1998); commander United States Pacific Command; member of the board of Northrop Grumman[a]
Lashutka, GregGreg Lashutka1958Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer; 51st mayor of Columbus, Ohio (1992–2000); American Football League player for the Buffalo Bills (1966)[a]
Lee, Mark C.Mark C. Lee1968 c.Air Force colonel and astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-30, STS-47, STS-64, and STS-82[124]
Lee, MikeMike Lee1989

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Attorney and senator from Utah (2011–present)[7][143][144]
Leebron, DavidDavid Leebron1973 c.Lawyer; academic, 7th president of Rice University[145]
Leonard, SheldonSheldon Leonard deceased1923 c.Pioneering film and television producer, director, writer, and actor[146]
Lewis, AndyAndy Lewis2003World champion in slacklining with three Guinness World Records; performed at Super Bowl XLVI[147]
Lincoln, HowardHoward Lincoln1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCEO of Seattle Mariners baseball team; chairman of Nintendo of America; in 1956 he posed as one of the Boy Scouts for The Scoutmaster painting by Norman Rockwell[a][33]
Lind, Don L.Don L. Lind1945Astronaut who flew Spacelab mission STS-51-B[124]
Lindsey, StevenSteven Lindsey1976Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force colonel; astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-87, STS-95, and STS-104[124]
Locke, GaryGary Locke1964Distinguished Eagle Scout Award36th United States Secretary of Commerce; lawyer; 21st Governor of Washington (1997–2005)[a][14]
Lovell, JamesJames Lovell1943Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAstronaut who flew on missions Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, and Apollo 13, former president of National Eagle Scout Association[a][14][22][43]
Loy, JamesJames Loy1959Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCommandant of the Coast Guard (1998–2002); Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (2003–2005); first administrator of the Transportation Security Administration[a]
Lugar, RichardRichard Lugar1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSenator from Indiana (1977–2013)[a][7][14]
Lutui, DeuceDeuce Lutui1999Offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals (2006–)[148]
Lynch, DavidDavid Lynch1961 c.Award winning filmmaker and actor[149]
man in business suit, American flag in background
Gary Locke
man in space suit, model of the moon in foreground
James Lovell


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Mack, TomTom Mack1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardOffensive left guard for Los Angeles Rams and member of Pro Football Hall of Fame[a]
Madsen, MarkMark Madsen1992 c.NBA basketball player with Minnesota Timberwolves; coach of youth basketball camp[14]
Malavasi, RayRay Malavasi deceased1944Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardHead coach of NFL's Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Rams[a]
Manatt, Charles TaylorCharles Taylor Manatt deceased1954Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer, politician and businessman; chairman of the Democratic National Committee (1981–1985); Ambassador to the Dominican Republic (1999–2001)[a]
Marriott, Jr., J. W.J. W. Marriott, Jr.1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChairman and CEO of Marriott International[a][14][22][43]
Matte, TomTom Matte1955 c.Pro Bowl and Super Bowl running back for the Baltimore Colts[150]
McLoughlin, PeterPeter McLoughlin1971Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCEO of Vulcan Sports & Entertainment; president of the National Football League's Seattle Seahawks; president of CenturyLink Field's management branch, First & Goal; serves on the Portland Trail Blazers Board of Directors[a][151]
Matson, BoydBoyd Matson1962Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCreator and host of Wild Chronicles, host of National Geographic Weekend, columnist for National Geographic Traveler; former host of National Geographic Explorer former co-anchor of World News Now (ABC), former host of The Real Story (CNBC), former correspondent for Real Life with Jane Pauley, former co-anchor of USA Today: The Television Show, original co-anchor of Sunday Today (NBC), former senior correspondent for Today (NBC).[152]
Mazzuca, Robert J.Robert J. Mazzuca1964Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardProfessional Scouter and former Chief Scout Executive (2007–2012)[153][154]
McCool, William CameronWilliam Cameron McCool deceased1977 c.Pilot of the Columbia shuttle mission STS-107[14][124]
McCulley, Michael J.Michael J. McCulley1959 c.Chief executive officer of United Space Alliance; astronaut who flew on shuttle mission STS-104[122][124]
McDowell, Charles T.Charles T. McDowell deceased1937 c.Army colonel; combat paratrooper in World War II; Soviet Union scholar and professor of Russian language[155]
McGee, CharlesCharles McGee1940Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardTuskegee Airman and a career officer in the Air Force for 30 years; holds an Air Force record of 409 fighter combat missions flown in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam[156]
McGeehan, Albert H.Albert H. McGeehan1960 c.Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMayor of Holland, Michigan (1993–)[157]
McGehee, EugeneEugene McGehee deceasedc. 1945Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMember of the Louisiana House of Representatives, 1960-1972; Louisiana state district court judge, 1972-1978[158]
McKenna, RobRob McKenna1979Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardWashington state attorney general (2005–)[a][159]
McLaughlin, GlenGlen McLaughlin1949Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardVenture philanthropist, founder of the McLaughlin Prize for Research in Ethics in Accounting and Taxation, head of the order of the Knights of St. John[160]
McMath, SidSid McMath deceased1928 c.Decorated Marine Corps combat veteran of World War II, retired as major general; renowned attorney and progressive reform Governor of Arkansas (1949–1953)[161]
McNamara, RobertRobert McNamara deceased1932 c.Business executive; Secretary of Defense (1961–1968); President of the World Bank (1968–1981)[162]
McNulty, Michael R.Michael R. McNulty1963 c.Representative from New York (1989–2009)[163]
Menninger, Roy W.Roy W. Menninger1941Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPhysician and former leader of the Menninger Foundation, older brother of Walter[a]
Menninger, W. WalterW. Walter Menninger1951Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPhysician and former leader of the Menninger Foundation, younger brother of Roy[a]
Merkley, JeffJeff Merkley1972 c.United States Senator from Oregon (2009–present)[7]
Metcalf, Charles D.Charles D. Metcalf1949Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force major general; director, National Museum of the United States Air Force (1996–)[a][164]
Meyer, GeorgeGeorge Meyer1973 c.Writer and producer of The Simpsons[165]
Miller Jr., Edward D.Edward D. Miller Jr.1959Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDean of the Medical Faculty at Johns Hopkins University and the Chief Executive Officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine=[a]
Miller, RichardsRichards Miller1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDentist; one of the founders of Venturing; one of the authors of Wood Badge in the 21st century and the 2003 Field Book[a]
Miller, TonyTony Miller1964 c.Lawyer; Secretary of State of California (1994–1995)[166]
Mitchell, ScottScott Mitchell1984 c.NFL quarterback (1990–2001)[167]
Moerner, William E.William E. Moerner1967Physical chemist and chemical physicist; awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2014)[168]
Moniz, MattMatt Moniz2012American mountaineer and speaker; 2010 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year; recipient of the Outdoor Inspiration Award[169]
Monserratt, LloydLloyd Monserratt deceased1984Political and community leader in California[170]
Moody, DaveDave Moody1978Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning artist, producer, songwriter and filmmaker[171]
Moore, MichaelMichael Moore1970 c.Academy Award-winning (2002) film director, author, social commentator, and comedian[172]
Mora, Jim E.Jim E. Mora1950Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSport radio commentator and analyst. Former head coach of the Baltimore Stars, New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts[a]
Morrison, BillBill Morrison1975 c.Cartoon illustrator; art director of Bongo Comics; creator of the mural A Century of Values celebrating the BSA's centennial[173]
Moses, MerrillMerrill Moses1990 c.Water polo player in the 2008 Summer Olympics who won silver[174]
Mull, BrandonBrandon Mull1993Writer who is best known as the author of the Fablehaven fantasy series[175]
Murtha, JohnJohn Murtha deceased1948 c.Representative from Pennsylvania (1973–2010); Korean War-era drill instructor and later colonel of the Marine Corps; decorated war veteran of the Vietnam War[7]
man in space suit holding helmet, American flag in background
William McCool
man wearing combat helmet
Sid McMath in WWII
man in business suit, American flag in background
Robert McNamara
man in Venturer uniform with medals, painting in background
Richards Miller with his DESA and Silver Buffalo awards
man wearing baseball cap
Michael Moore


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Nelson, BenBen Nelson1956Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Nebraska (1991–1999); Senator from Nebraska (2001–2013)[a]
Nelson, OzzieOzzie Nelson deceased1920Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardActor and band leader[a]
Newby, Paul MartinPaul Martin Newby1971 c.Justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court (2004–)[176]
Nicols, HenryHenry Nicols deceased1989 c.International AIDS activist[177]
Nixon, JayJay Nixon1969Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Missouri[178]
Norris, Thomas R.Thomas R. Norris1959Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRetired Navy SEAL who received the Medal of Honor for actions in Viet Nam; retired FBI agent and member of the Hostage Rescue Team[179]
Nunn, SamSam Nunn1951Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardBusinessman and politician; senator from Georgia (1972–1997); co-chairman and CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative[a][22]
Man in business suit, American flag in background
Ben Nelson


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
O'Brien, Thomas J.Thomas J. O'Brien1981 c.Treasurer of Plymouth County, former Massachusetts State Representative, CEO and President of Bay Colony Baseball & Athletics[180]
O'Leary, BrianBrian O'Leary1956Astronaut who was the deputy team leader for Mariner 10[124]
Oaks, Dallin H.Dallin H. Oaks1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMember of the Quorum of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; former Utah Supreme Court justice; 8th president of Brigham Young University[a]
Oates, Daniel J.Daniel J. Oates1969Chief of police in Aurora, Colorado, former chief of police in Ann Arbor, Michigan and member of the New York Police Department[181]
Oerther, DanielDaniel Oerther1987American social entrepreneur; professor of Environmental Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Cincinnati.[182][183]
Olson, Arlo L.Arlo L. Olson deceased1934 c.Army captain during World War II who was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for service in Italy[184][185]
Onizuka, EllisonEllison Onizuka deceased1962 c.Air Force lieutenant colonel and astronaut who flew on shuttle mission STS-51-C; died onboard Space Shuttle Challenger[14][124]
Oswald, Stephen S.Stephen S. Oswald1967Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy rear admiral; astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-42, STS-56, and STS-67[a][124]
Ownby, DanDan Ownby1984

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Houston energy executive; World Scout Committee Member[186][187]
man in fight suit holding helmet, space shuttle model and American flag in background
Ellison Onizuka


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Paige, MitchellMitchell Paige deceased1936Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMarine Corps colonel who was awarded the Medal of Honor while a sergeant for actions during the Guadalcanal Campaign[a][14]
Pantelides, MikeMike Pantelides2000 c.Mayor of Annapolis (2013-)[188]
Parater, Francis J.Francis J. Parater deceased1913 c.Catholic seminarian from Virginia nominated for sainthood[189][190]
Parazynski, Scott E.Scott E. Parazynski1977

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Medical doctor; astronaut who flew missions STS-66, STS-86, STS-95 and STS-100[124]
Paulson, HenryHenry Paulson1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCEO of Goldman Sachs (1998–2006); president of The Nature Conservancy, Secretary of the Treasury (2006–2009)[a][14][43]
Pease, Edward A.Edward A. Pease1966Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Indiana (1997–2001); former chairman of the National Order of the Arrow Committee[a]
Peay III, J. H. BinfordJ. H. Binford Peay III1954Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardArmy general; 14th superintendent of Virginia Military Institute[a][14]
Perot, RossRoss Perot1943Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardBusinessman, CEO of EDS and Perot Systems; politician who ran for President of the United States in 1992 and 1996[a][14][22][43]
Perry, James Richard "Rick"James Richard "Rick" Perry1964Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Texas (2000–)[a][191][192]
Pettit, DonaldDonald Pettit1971 c.Astronaut who participated in missions STS-113, Expedition 6 and Soyuz TMA-1[124]
Phelps, FredFred Phelps deceased1936 c.Leader of Westboro Baptist Church[193]
Pickle, J. J.J. J. Pickle deceased1931Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Texas (1963–1995)[a]
Pierce, SamuelSamuel Pierce deceased1936Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1981–1989)[a]
Pitta, DennisDennis Pitta2000National Football League tight end for the Baltimore Ravens[194]
Pocalyko, MichaelMichael Pocalyko1968Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCEO of Monticello Capital, corporate director, financial novelist, Beirut veteran[a]
Poe II, BryceBryce Poe II deceased1940Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardUnited States Air Force general; Commander, Air Force Logistics Command (1978–1981)[a]
Powers, JonJon Powers1994 c.Co-star of Gunner Palace; founder of War Kids Relief; Iraq War veteran; Congressional candidate[195]
Pugh, Robert G.Robert G. Pugh deceased1940 c.Louisiana lawyer and gubernatorial advisor[196]
man in Marine uniform with cap, medal around neck
Mitchell Paige
man in business suit
Rick Perry
man in business suit
Samuel Pierce



NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Ratcliffe, JereJere Ratcliffe1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America (1993–2000)
Reece, BeasleyBeasley Reece1967Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSports announcer and former NFL defensive back[a][197]
Reightler, Jr., Kenneth S.Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr.1967 c.Astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-48 and STS-60[124]
Reines, FrederickFrederick Reines deceased1934 c.Physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1995[198]
Reynolds, DanielDaniel Reynolds2005 c.Lead singer of international recording artists Imagine Dragons[199]
Rice, L. ScottL. Scott Rice1972Air Force major general; commander of Massachusetts Air National Guard[200]
Rice, Michael A.Michael A. Rice1972Biologist; Rhode Island House of Representatives (2009–2011)[201]
Richardson, Robert ColemanRobert Coleman Richardson deceased1950 c.Physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1996[202]
Rivera, Jr., ManuelManuel Rivera, Jr. deceased1975 c.Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II pilot and first casualty of the Gulf War[203]
Robinson, John EdwardJohn Edward Robinson1957Serial killer[204]
Rodrigue, GeorgeGeorge Rodrigue deceased1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardArtist[205]
Roe, PhilPhil Roe1963Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Tennessee (2009–present)[7]
Rogers, James D.James D. Rogers1965Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCEO of Kampgrounds of America, brother of T. Gary[a]
Rogers, T. GaryT. Gary Rogers1956Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCEO of Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, brother of James[a]
Rohrabacher, DanaDana Rohrabacher1963Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardSpecial assistant to President Ronald Reagan (1976–1988); Representative from California (1989–)[a]
Rose, KevinKevin Rose1993 c.Founder of Digg and co-host of Diggnation[206]
Rowan, Edward L.Edward L. Rowan1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPsychiatrist, sex therapist, author, Scouting leader[a]
Rowe, MikeMike Rowe1979Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardHost of Dirty Jobs; narrator[207][208]
Rudman, WarrenWarren Rudman deceased1945Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAttorney General of New Hampshire (1970–1976); senator from New Hampshire (1980–1993)[a]
Rumsfeld, DonaldDonald Rumsfeld1949Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Illinois (1963–1969); White House Chief of Staff (1974–1975); Secretary of Defense (1975–1977, 2001–2006); Ambassador to NATO (1973–1974)[a][22]
man in flight suit and helmet
Manuel Rivera
man wearing jacket
Kevin Rose
man in business suit, American flag in background
Donald Rumsfeld


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Said, StephanStephan Said1985 c.Singer-songwriter, musician, poet and political activist[209]
Salisbury, HarrisonHarrison Salisbury deceased1924Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardJournalist who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize (1955); twice received the George Polk Award for Foreign Reporting (1957 and 1966)[a][22]
Salomon, Benjamin L.Benjamin L. Salomon deceased1930 c.Army dentist during World War II who was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for defense of his medical aid station during the Battle of Saipan[210][211]
Sanderson, JamesJames Sanderson1943Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy vice admiral; commanding officer of USS Rainier (AE-5) and USS Saratoga (CV-60)[a]
Sandstrom, Dale V.Dale V. Sandstrom1965Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardJustice on the North Dakota Supreme Court (1992–)[a]
Sanford, MarkMark Sanford1965Representative from South Carolina (1995–2001, 2013-present); Governor of South Carolina (2003–2011)[14]
Sanford, TerryTerry Sanford deceased1932Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of North Carolina (1961–1965); president of Duke University (1969–1985); senator from North Carolina (1986–1993)[a][14]
Schroeder, William KnoxWilliam Knox Schroeder deceased1966 c.Victim of the Kent State shootings[212]
Scott, RickRick Scott1970 c.Governor of Florida (2011–)[213]
Scott, Jr., Robert LeeRobert Lee Scott, Jr. deceased1923Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force brigadier general, World War II fighter ace, commander of Flying Tigers, and author of God is My Co-Pilot[a][14]
Scott, Jr., WalterWalter Scott, Jr.1946Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCivil engineer, philanthropist, and former CEO of Peter Kiewit Sons' Incorporated[a][214]
Searfoss, Richard A.Richard A. Searfoss1972 c.Air Force colonel and astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-58, STS-76, and STS-90[124]
See, ElliotElliot See deceased1943 c.Astronaut who was the backup pilot for Gemini 5 before his death[124]
Sellers, ClevelandCleveland Sellers2007Civil rights activist[215]
Sessions III, Jefferson B.Jefferson B. Sessions III1963Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAttorney General of Alabama (1995–1997); senator from Alabama (1997–)[a]
Sessions, PetePete Sessions1970Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Texas (1997–)[a][14]
Sessions, William S.William S. Sessions1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardDistrict judge and former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1987–1993)[a][14]
Shafer, Raymond P.Raymond P. Shafer deceased1931Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer; Governor of Pennsylvania (1967–1971)[a]
Sheehan, CaseyCasey Sheehan deceased1996Army specialist who was killed in action during the Iraq War; son of activist Cindy Sheehan[216]
Shell, EddyEddy Shell deceased1953 c.Educator and politician in Louisiana[217]
Shelton, Mark M.Mark M. Shelton1974 c.Fort Worth pediatrician, specialist in pediatric infectious diseases, and former member of the Texas House of Representatives[218]
Shepard, Randall T.Randall T. Shepard1962Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court[a]
Silber, JohnJohn Silber deceased1944Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPresident of Boston University (1971–1996); Chancellor of Boston University (1996–2003); President Emeritus of Boston University (2003–2012); candidate for governor of Massachusetts (1990)[a][219]
Silberkraus, StephenStephen Silberkraus1999Nevada State assemblyman; multimedia professional, author[220]
Siple, PaulPaul Siple deceased1923Antarctic explorer and geographer who took part in six Antarctic expeditions, having first gone representing the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout; later helped develop the principle of wind chill[221]
Skelton, IkeIke Skelton deceased1948Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Missouri (1977–2011)[a]
Skinner, Samuel K.Samuel K. Skinner1953Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPolitician and businessman; Secretary of Transportation (1989–1991); White House Chief of Staff (1991–1992); CEO of Commonwealth Edison; CEO of US Freightways; on the board of directors of Odetics ITS; on the board of directors of Dade Behring[a]
Smith, ChuckChuck Smith1959Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPresident and CEO of AT&T West[a]
Smith, ChrisChris Smith1967

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Representative from New Jersey (1981–present)[7][a]
Smith, David MilnDavid Miln Smith1954 c.Motivational speaker and adventure athlete[222]
Smith, Gordon H.Gordon H. Smith1968Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer and businessman; senator from Oregon (1997–2009)[a]
Sorensen, Wilson W.Wilson W. Sorensen deceased1932Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardPresident of Utah Technical College, now Utah Valley University (1946–1982)[a]
Sorley, LewisLewis Sorley1950Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardArmy lieutenant colonel; writer; military historian[223]
Spencer, F. RichardF. Richard Spencer1968 c.Roman Catholic Bishop; Army chaplain[224]
Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg1961Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAcademy Award-winning film director, film producer, and screenwriter[a]
Stegner, WallaceWallace Stegner deceased1925 c.Historian, novelist, short story writer, and environmentalist; "The Dean of Western Writers"; won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1972 for Angle of Repose[225]
Stivers, SteveSteve Stivers1983Representative for Ohio's 15th congressional district[226]
Stout, RyanRyan Stout1997Comedian[227]
Strange, LutherLuther Strange1965Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardLawyer; Attorney General of Alabama (2011–present)[228]
Stupak, BartBart Stupak1968 c.Lawyer; representative from Michigan (1993–2011)[7]
Suarez, RayRay Suarez1975Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNews correspondent and author[a]
Sullivan, Michael QuinnMichael Quinn Sullivan1984Conservative activist; president, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility[229]
Sutton, PercyPercy Sutton deceased1936Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCivil rights activist; pilot with Tuskegee Airmen; lawyer; entrepreneur who co-founded the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation and revitalized the Apollo Theater[a]
Swainson, JohnJohn Swainson deceasedca 1939Politician; 42nd Governor of Michigan and Michigan Supreme Court Justice.[230]
Symmonds, NickNick Symmondsca 2000Track and field athlete[231]
man in business suit
Terry Sanford
man in business suit
Elliott See
man in business suit
Pete Sessions
man in business suit, American flag in background
Samuel Skinner
man in business suit
Steven Spielberg
man in business suit
Chuck Smith
man in business suit
Ray Suarez


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Tanner, Joseph R.Joseph R. Tannerc. 1966Astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-66, STS-82, STS-97, add STS-115[124]
Tarpley, EdEd Tarpleyc. 1971District Attorney of Grant Parish, Louisiana from 1991 to 1997[232]
Tarr, J. L.J. L. Tarr deceased1935Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardProfessional Scouter for 43 years who served as the seventh Chief Scout Executive of the BSA[a][233]
Te'o, MantiManti Te'o2008All-American linebacker for the University of Notre Dame[234]
Tesh, JohnJohn Tesh1968 c.New Age and contemporary Christian musician and nationally syndicated radio host[a][235]
Thao, CyCy Thao1988 c.Laotioan-born Hmong state representative (DFL) in Minnesota[14]
Theroux, PaulPaul Theroux1955Travel writer and novelist[236]
Thompson, GlennGlenn Thompson1977Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardRepresentative from Pennsylvania (2009–present)[7]
Thorsness, Leo K.Leo K. Thorsness1948 c.Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force fighter pilot, Vietnam War prisoner of war, Medal of Honor recipient[a][237]
Tillerson, RexRex Tillerson1968 c.Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil[238]
Tofalo, Joseph E.Joseph E. Tofalo1977 c.Navy admiral; Commander, Submarine Group 10; 1977 American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year[239]
Toomey, PatPat Toomey1977 c.Senator from Pennsylvania (2011–present).[240]
Townley, AlvinAlvin Townley1993Writer, author of Legacy of Honor[14]
Trick, DavidDavid Trick1969Canadian public servant, university administrator and author[241]
Trimble, ScottScott Trimble1993Location scout and location manager on such Hollywood movies as Transformers, Star Trek, and Iron Man 2[242]
Trost, CarlisleCarlisle Trost1947Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy admiral; submariner; graduated first in his class in 1953 from both the United States Naval Academy and submarine officer school, 23rd Chief of Naval Operations (1996–2000)[a]
Truly, Richard H.Richard H. Truly1952Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy vice admiral; astronaut who flew on shuttle missions STS-2 and STS-8 and first former astronaut to head NASA[a]
man in space suit holding helmet, American flag in background
Joseph Tanner
man in Navy uniform
Carlisle Trost
man in business suit, American flag in background
Richard Truly


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Ulbricht, RossRoss Ulbricht2002Founder of the Silk Road black market[243][244]


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Valentine, JamesJames Valentine1996Guitarist for Maroon 5[245]
Vandiver, J. KimJ. Kim Vandiver1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardMassachusetts Institute of Technology professor & engineer[a][246]
Van Riper, Paul K.Paul K. Van Riper1953Marine Corps lieutenant general; Vietnam War veteran; commander 2nd Marine Division; commander Marine Corps Combat Development Command[247]
Veysey, VictorVictor Veysey deceased1929Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAssistant secretary for Civil Works for the Army; secretary for industrial relations for California; representative from California (1971–1975); member of the California state assembly; professor at Caltech and Stanford University[a]
Vinroot, RichardRichard Vinroot1955Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAttorney and politician from Charlotte, North Carolina; former mayor of Charlotte[a]
Victorino, ShaneShane Victorino1996Major League Baseball player, past member of 2008 World Series and 2009 National League Championship Series-winning Philadelphia Phillies, current member of the 2013 World Series winning Boston Red Sox.[33][248][249]
man in baseball uniform and cap holding mitt
Shane Victorino


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Wahls, ZachZach Wahls2009LGBT equality activist[250]
Waihee III, John D.John D. Waihee III1960Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFirst Native Hawaiian Governor of Hawaii (1986–1994)[a]
Walden, GregGreg Walden1975 c.Representative from Oregon (1999–present)[7]
Walker, David M.David M. Walker deceased1960 c.Astronaut who flew missions STS-51-A, STS-30, STS-53 and STS-69[124]
Walker, ScottScott Walker1985Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardGovernor of Wisconsin (2011–)[251]
Walton, SamSam Walton deceased1934Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFounder of Walmart and Sam's Club, the world's largest employers[a]
Watada, EhrenEhren Watada1994 c.Army first lieutenant; first commissioned officer in the U.S. armed forces to publicly refuse deployment to Iraq, saying that he believed the Iraq War to be illegal[252]
Weekley, DavidDavid Weekley1969Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardFounder and Chairman of David Weekley Homes, the largest privately held homebuilder in America[a]
Welch, Larry D.Larry D. Welch1948Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAir Force general; president of the Institute for Defense Analyses; fighter pilot; Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force (1986–1990)[a]
West, Jr., Togo D.Togo D. West, Jr.1957Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardAttorney and public official, president of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies; Secretary of the Army (1993–1997); Secretary of Veterans Affairs (1998–2000)[a][22]
Westmoreland, WilliamWilliam Westmoreland deceased1930Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardArmy general; commanded US military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak; served as Army Chief of Staff (1968–1972)[a]
Whisenhunt, KenKen Whisenhunt1976Football coach for the Tennessee Titans; head coach of the Arizona Cardinals (2007–2012); Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII[253]
Whitehead, John C.John C. Whitehead1937Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChairman of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum; former chairman of Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and Goldman Sachs; veteran of WWII[a]
Whitman, CharlesCharles Whitman deceased1953–54Spree killer known as the University of Texas tower sniper[254]
Wilson, BrandonBrandon Wilson1967Author and explorer[255][256]
Wilson, E. O.E. O. Wilson1944Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardBiologist, researcher, theorist, naturalist; two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize[a][257]
Wilson, JoeJoe Wilson1963 c.Representative from South Carolina (2001–present)[7]
Wriston, WalterWalter Wriston deceased1934Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardChairman of Citicorp[a]
Wurster, Charles D.Charles D. Wurster1967Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardCoast Guard vice admiral; National Commodore of the Sea Scouting division of the Boy Scouts of America[a]
man in flight suit
John Waihee
man in business suit, American flag in background
Togo D. West
man in Army uniform
William Westmoreland



NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Young, Robert O.Robert O. Young1966Microbiologist; health and diet author[258]
Young, Ronald D.Ronald D. Young1994Motivational speaker; former Army warrant officer pilot who became a prisoner of war in the 2003 invasion of Iraq[259][260]


NameEagle ScoutAwardsNotabilityReferences
Zeamer, Jr., JayJay Zeamer, Jr. deceased1932Army Air Forces lieutenant colonel; pilot during World War II who was awarded the Medal of Honor[261]
Zumwalt, ElmoElmo Zumwalt deceased1937Distinguished Eagle Scout AwardNavy admiral; 19th Chief of Naval Operations (1970–1974)[a]
Elmo Zumwalt

Incorrectly regarded as Eagle Scout[edit]

These persons, while notable in themselves, are sometimes incorrectly listed as having earned the award:

See also[edit]


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