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This is a list of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The first section is devoted to free and open-source software, and the second is for proprietary software.

Free and open-source ERP software[edit]

NamePlatform technologySoftware licenseDescriptionCountries of origin
Adaxa SuiteJavaGPLIntegrated ERP built on AdempiereAustralia/New Zealand
AdempiereJavaGPLBegan as a fork of CompiereSpain
CompiereJavaGPL/CommercialAcquired by Consona Corporation in June 2010US
DolibarrPHP, MySQLGPLFrance
EduERPDrupal, MySQL, PHPGPLERP for schools/universitiesNigeria
EpesiBIMPHP, MySQLMIT licenseWeb applicationPoland, USA
ERP5Python, Zope, MySQLGPLBased on unified model[vague]Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Sénégal
ERPNEXTPython, JavaScript, MySQLGPLERP for small and medium-size businessesIndia
FedenaRuby, MySQLApache LicenseERP for schools/universitiesIndia
FrontAccountingPHP, MySQLGPLv3Web application?
GNU EnterprisePythonGPLv3?
HeliumVJavaAGPLERP for small and medium-size businessesAustria, Germany
LedgerSMBPerl, PostgreSQLGPLBegan as a fork of SQL-Ledger in 2006Distributed development
Apache OFBizJava, Apache HTTP ServerApache License 2.0ERP and e-commerce suite from the Apache Software FoundationUSA
OpenbravoJava, PostgreSQL, OracleOBPL1OB 3.0 release is available since Jan, 31st 2013Spain
OpenERPPython, Javascript, PostgreSQLAGPLv3OpenERP version 7.0 was released on 12/21/12, OpenERP was formerly known as Tiny ERPBelgium, India, USA, Luxembourg, Hong Kong
PhreedomPHP, Javascript, MySQLGPLv3Expanded from Phreebooks accounting engineUSA
PostbooksC++, JavaScript, PostgreSQLCPALProduced by XTuple; uses the Qt frameworkUS
SQL-LedgerPerl, PostgreSQLGPLCanada
TrytonPythonGPLv3Originally forked from OpenERP, cleaned-up code base with continious update/migration path?
WebERPPHP, MySQLGPLv2LAMP-based system?

1.^ The Openbravo Public License (OBPL) is based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL).[1]

Proprietary ERP software[edit]

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