List of EMS Services in Ontario

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This is a list of emergency medical services providers in the Canadian province of Ontario. In 1999 emergency medical services were downloaded from the province to the upper tier municipalities (counties). The municipality had the choice of either providing service themselves or to contract it out to a private provider. While most decided to operate ambulance services in house some chose to contract it out. If you would like to know more about what it means to be a paramedic in Ontario and in Canada you can visit these Wikipedia pages Paramedics in Canada and Emergency medical services in Canada.

EMS in the South[edit]

EMS in the North[edit]

Emergency medical services in the north have been delegated to district social service boards which can choose to run the service themselves or contract it out to a private provider

First Nations[edit]

Operators that provide service to first nations communities are directly funded by the provincial government.

Air Ambulance Providers[edit]

Transfer Services[edit]

These are private companies which provide non-emergency transportation between healthcare facilities or residences. These services are hired either directly by the patient or occasionally by facilities/hospitals to facilitate the movement of patients to scheduled appointments or discharging home. These services are operated for profit and are not regulated by the Ministry of Health. They should not be confused with Ambulances, Emergency Medical Services or Paramedics. Though generally operating ambulance style vehicles, the skill set of the staff and equipment carried varies greatly between companies. Staff are generally trained however to an Emergency First Responder standard and have basic first aid and oxygen equipment.

Event Medical[edit]