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This is a list of soundtracks to motion pictures released by Walt Disney Productions and Walt Disney Pictures according to release date, format, edition and record label.

The following soundtracks were released by Walt Disney Records, Hollywood Records, Buena Vista Records, Disneyland Records or non-Disney record labels. This list does not include soundtrack releases from Disney's other films labels or Disney Channel Original Movies.


YearSoundtrackOriginal ReleaseReissue
1937Snow White and the Seven DwarfsJanuary 1938 (three 78rpm singles)June 8, 1993 (CD)
September 25, 2001 (CD) (Remastered)
1940PinocchioFebruary 9, 1940 (three 78rpm singles)n/k


Original Soundtrack Series[edit]

Throughout the 1990s and the 2000s, Disney re-issued many of their film soundtracks as what are known as Disney Original Soundtracks. All of these releases have "Original Soundtrack" on the spine.

Other soundtrack albums[edit]






TitleDate of original releaseNotes
Popeye1981[note 1]
The Fox and the Hound1981[note 2]
TronJuly 9, 1982[note 3][note 4]
The Black CauldronOctober 14, 1988[note 3][note 4]
The Great Mouse DetectiveJuly 2, 1986[note 4]
Flight of the NavigatorJanuary 1, 1993[note 1]
The Brave Little ToasterJuly 12, 2005[note 1]
Oliver & CompanyNovember 18, 1988[note 5]
Honey, I Shrunk the KidsMarch 6, 2009[note 1]
The Little MermaidDecember 13, 1989[note 5]


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TitleDate of original releaseNotes
Alice in WonderlandMarch 2, 2010[note 1]
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeMay 17, 2010[note 1]
Toy Story 3June 15, 2010[note 1]
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeJuly 6, 2010[note 1]
TangledNovember 16, 2010[note 1]
Tron: LegacyDecember 6, 2010[note 1]
PromApril 26, 2011[note 2]
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesMay 17, 2011[note 1]
Cars 2June 14, 2011[note 1]
Winnie the PoohJuly 12, 2011[note 1]
The MuppetsNovember 22, 2011[note 1]
John CarterMarch 6, 2012[note 1]
The AvengersMay 1, 2012[note 2]
BraveJune 19, 2012[note 1]
The Odd Life of Timothy GreenAugust 14, 2012[note 1]
FrankenweenieSeptember 25, 2012[note 1]
Wreck-It RalphOctober 30, 2012[note 1]
Oz the Great and PowerfulMarch 8, 2012[note 1]
Iron Man 3May 3, 2013[note 2]
Monsters UniversityJune 18, 2013[note 1]
The Lone RangerJuly 2, 2013[note 1]
PlanesAugust 6, 2013[note 1]
Thor: The Dark WorldNovember 12, 2013[note 2]
FrozenNovember 25, 2013[note 1]
Saving Mr. BanksDecember 10, 2013[note 1]


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