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An oven-roasted brine-soaked turkey.

This page is a list of Christmas dishes as eaten around the world. These food items are traditionally eaten at or associated with the Christmas season.


Traditional Albanian pumpkin and walnut pie – Byrek me kungull dhe arre

This is a traditional Albanian pie cooked usually on Christmas Eve, especially in the Roman Catholic Albanian families. The ingredients are wheat flour, pumpkin, walnuts, vegetable oil (if fasting is considered) or butter, a pinch of salt and black pepper. Sometimes oregano is added. The pastry layers are traditionally homemade, filled with baked pumpkin mixture, which contains butter, salt and pepper. On top of the mixture, chopped walnuts are sprinkled. Layers are then folded up, put on a flat baking dish in a circular shape and baked. It makes a very delicious and light side dish for Christmas or any other occasion.


Vitel toné


Candy Cane can be hung as edible decorations.




Gingerbread house


Pan de pascua


Colombian Buñuelos
Colombian natilla

Colombian Christmas dishes are mostly sweets and desserts. Some of the most popular dishes include:


Czech Republic[edit]

Christmas cookies (vánoční cukroví)

The traditional meal (served as dinner on Christmas Eve) consists of either fish soup or pea soup and fried fish (traditionally carp) served with potato salad. The recipe for potato salad differs slightly among every Czech family. The main ingredients are: potato cooked with jacket, canned peas, onions, cooked carrots, parsley and celery, pickled gherkins, cooked eggs and mayonnaise. Some families may add grated apples or salami. The best potato salad is prepared a day before Christmas Eve so that all the ingredients can "mellow" for a day. The Christmas dinner should be the first food consumed that day. Those who do not break the Christmas shrove are believed to be able to see a golden pig on a wall.

Before the Christmas holidays, many kinds of sweet biscuits are prepared. The Christmas cookies are then served during the whole Christmas period and exchanged among friends and neighbours. Very popular is also a preparation of small ginger breads garnished by sugar icing.


Danish Christmas meal
Main article: Danish cuisine

Dominican Republic[edit]




Main article: Cuisine of Finland

Christmas smorgasbord from Finland, "Joulupöytä", (translated "Yule table"), a traditional display of Christmas food)[21] served at Christmas in Finland, similar to the Swedish smörgåsbord, including:

Other meat dishes could be:




Foie gras en cocotte


A Christmas Stollen


Hong Kong[edit]


Töltött káposzta





Main article: Italian cuisine






Christmas roast

New Zealand[edit]

A homemade Christmas pavlova decorated with pomegranate seeds and Chantilly cream.


Scandinavian-style gingerbread



Large bibingka from the Philippines


12 dishes are served as a reminder of the 12 Apostoles on Christmas Eve, 24 December. Polish people don't eat meat on this day, instead they choose from variety of fish and vegetable dishes. The meal begins when the first star is seen. An extra place is left at the table for an unexpected guest, and some hay is put under the table cloth as a reminder of the stable where Jesus was born.



Puerto Rico[edit]






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Julbord Christmas dinner in Sweden

United Kingdom and Ireland[edit]

Main article: British cuisine
Christmas pudding

In the United Kingdom, what is now regarded as the traditional meal consists of roast turkey with cranberry sauce, served with roast potatoes and parsnips and other vegetables, followed by Christmas pudding, a heavy steamed pudding made with dried fruit, suet, and very little flour. Other roast meats may be served, and in the nineteenth century the traditional roast was goose. The same carries over to Ireland with some variations.

United States[edit]

Roast turkey

chicken with rice

See also: Thanksgiving (the dishes tend to be similar)



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