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For more information on the yearly results of the Chicago Bears, see List of Chicago Bears seasons


All-Time Series

This is a list of the all-time series record for the Chicago Bears against all current NFL franchises in competitive play and how they fared against defunct franchises. That includes all regular season and postseason matchups between the years of 1920 and the 2012 season.

TeamWonLostTiedWin %Last Meeting(s)
Current Franchises
Arizona Cardinals57276.6672009: Cardinals 41, Bears 21
Atlanta Falcons13120.5202011: Bears 30, Falcons 12
Baltimore Ravens220.5002009: Ravens 31, Bears 7
Buffalo Bills740.6362010: Bears 22, Bills 19
Carolina Panthers430.5712011: Bears 34, Panthers 29
Cincinnati Bengals360.3332009: Bengals 45, Bears 10
Cleveland Browns590.3572009: Bears 30, Browns 6
Dallas Cowboys9130.4092010: Bears 27, Cowboys 20
Denver Broncos770.5002011: Broncos 13, Bears 10 (OT)
Detroit Lions94655.5882011: Lions 24, Bears 13; Bears 37, Lions 13
Green Bay Packers92876.5142012: Packers 23, Bears 10
Houston Texans02002008: Texans 31, Bears 24
Indianapolis Colts19230.4522012: Bears 41, Colts 21
Jacksonville Jaguars320.6002008: Bears 23, Jaguars 10
Kansas City Chiefs650.5452011: Chiefs 10, Bears 3
Miami Dolphins470.3642010: Bears 16, Dolphins 0
Minnesota Vikings48522.4802011: Bears 39, Vikings 10; Bears 17, Vikings 13
New England Patriots480.3332010: Patriots 36, Bears 7
New Orleans Saints15120.5562011: Saints 30, Bears 13
New York Giants32222.5892010: Giants 17, Bears 3
New York Jets730.7002010: Bears 38, Jets 34
Oakland Raiders670.4622011: Raiders 25, Bears 20
Philadelphia Eagles30111.7262011: Bears 30, Eagles 24
Pittsburgh Steelers2071.7322009: Bears 17, Steelers 14
St. Louis Rams51353.5902009: Bears 17, Rams 9
San Diego Chargers650.5452011: Bears 31, Chargers 20
San Francisco 49ers29311.4832009: 49ers 10, Bears 6
Seattle Seahawks690.4002011: Seahawks 38, Bears 14
Tampa Bay Buccaneers36180.6672011: Bears 24, Buccaneers 18
Tennessee Titans550.5002008: Titans 21, Bears 14
Washington Redskins23231.5002010: Redskins 17, Bears 14
Defunct Franchises
Akron Pros/Indians301.875
Boston Yanks3001.000
Brooklyn Dodgers1001.955
Buffalo Bisons420.667
Canton Bulldogs220.500
Champaign Legion1001.000
Chicago Tigers2001.000
Cincinnati Reds2001.000
Cleveland Bulldogs210.667
Cleveland Indians2001.000
Columbus Tigers2001.000
Dallas Texans110.500
Dayton Triangles4001.000
Detroit Panthers211.625
Detroit Tigers1001.000
Detroit Wolverines0200
Duluth Eskimos2001.000
Frankford Yellow Jackets742.615
Hammond Pros3001.000
Kewanee Walworths1001.000
Louisville Colonels1001.000
Milwaukee Badgers301.875
Minneapolis Marines3001.000
Minneapolis Red Jackets3001.000
Moline Universal Tractors1001.000
New York Yankees210.667
New York Yanks310.750
Oorang Indians2001.000
Pottsville Maroons3001.000
Providence Steam Roller011.250
Racine Legion202.750
Rochester Jeffersons2001.000
Rock Island Independents814.769
Rockford A.C.1001.000
Staten Island Stapletons101.750
Toledo Maroons1001.000
Total64052228.550Combined record versus current franchises
901714.802Combined record versus defunct franchises

Primetime Football

Sunday Night Football

DayDateYearVisiting TeamFinal ScoreHost TeamStadium
SundayDecember 61987Chicago Bears30–24Minnesota VikingsHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
SundayDecember 31989Chicago Bears16–27Minnesota VikingsHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
SundayDecember 161990Chicago Bears21–38Detroit LionsPontiac Silverdome
SundayNovember 81992Cincinnati Bengals31–28(OT)Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayNovember 141993Chicago Bears16–13San Diego ChargersJack Murphy Stadium
SundaySeptember 251994Chicago Bears19–7New York JetsGiants Stadium
SundayOctober 51997New Orleans Saints20–17Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayDecember 141997Chicago Bears13–10St. Louis RamsTrans World Dome
SundayNovember 151998Chicago Bears3–26Detroit LionsPontiac Silverdome
SundayDecember 61998Chicago Bears22–48Minnesota VikingsHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
SundayOctober 152000Minnesota Vikings28–16Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayDecember 32000Green Bay Packers28–6Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayNovember 252001Chicago Bears13–6Minnesota VikingsHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
SundayDecember 292002Tampa Bay Buccaneers15–0Chicago BearsMemorial Stadium
SundaySeptember 142003Chicago Bears13–24Minnesota VikingsHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
SundayOctober 312004San Francisco 49ers13–23Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayDecember 182005Atlanta Falcons3–16Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayOctober 12006Seattle Seahawks6–37Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayNovember 122006Chicago Bears38–20New York GiantsGiants Stadium
SundayDecember 312006Green Bay Packers26–7Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundaySeptember 232007Dallas Cowboys34–10Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayOctober 72007Chicago Bears27–20Green Bay PackersLambeau Field
SundaySeptember 72008Chicago Bears29–13Indianapolis ColtsLucas Oil Stadium
SundaySeptember 282008Philadelphia Eagles20–24Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayNovember 302008Chicago Bears14–34Minnesota VikingsHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
SundaySeptember 132009Chicago Bears15–21Green Bay PackersLambeau Field
SundayOctober 182009Chicago Bears14–21Atlanta FalconsGeorgia Dome
SundayNovember 222009Philadelphia Eagles24–20Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayOctober 32010Chicago Bears3–17New York GiantsNew Meadowlands Stadium
SundayOctober 162011Minnesota Vikings39–10Chicago BearsSoldier Field
SundayDecember 252011Chicago Bears21–35Green Bay PackersLambeau Field

Monday Night Football

1970-10-05Bears 14Lions 28Tiger Stadium
1971-11-29Bears 3Dolphins 34Miami Orange Bowl
1972-10-23Vikings 10Bears 13Soldier Field
1973-11-12Bears 7Chiefs 19Arrowhead Stadium
1974-10-21Packers 9Bears 10Soldier Field
1975-10-27Vikings 13Bears 9Soldier Field
1977-10-10Rams 23Bears 24Soldier Field
1978-09-25Vikings 24Bears 20Soldier Field
1978-10-16Bears 7Broncos 16Mile High Stadium
1978-12-04Bears 7Chargers 40San Diego Stadium
1980-10-06Buccaneers 0Bears 23Soldier Field
1980-11-03Bears 21Browns 27Cleveland Stadium
1981-10-19Bears 17Lions 48Pontiac Silverdome
1981-09-28Rams 24Bears 7Soldier Field
1984-12-03Bears 7Chargers 20Jack Murphy Stadium
1985-10-21Packers 7Bears 23Soldier Field
1985-12-02Bears 24Dolphins 38Miami Orange Bowl
1986-09-22Bears 25Packers 12Lambeau Field
1986-11-03Rams 20Bears 17Soldier Field
1986-12-15Bears 16Lions 13Pontiac Silverdome
1987-09-14Giants 19Bears 34Soldier Field
1987-11-16Bears 29Broncos 31Mile High Stadium
1987-12-14Bears 049ers 41Candlestick Park
1988-10-2449ers 9Bears 10Soldier Field
1988-12-05Bears 3Rams 23Anaheim Stadium
1988-12-19Bears 27Vikings 28Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
1989-10-02Eagles 13Bears 27Soldier Field
1989-10-23Bears 7Browns 27Cleveland Stadium
1991-09-23Jets 13Bears 19(OT)Soldier Field
1991-11-11Bears 34Vikings 17Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
1991-12-23Bears 1449ers 52Candlestick Park
1992-09-21Giants 27Bears 14Soldier Field
1992-11-02Vikings 38Bears 10Soldier Field
1992-12-07Bears 7Oilers 24Houston Astrodome
1993-10-25Vikings 19Bears 12Soldier Field
1994-09-12Bears 22Eagles 30Veterans Stadium
1994-10-31Packers 33Bears 6Soldier Field
1995-09-11Packers 27Bears 24Soldier Field
1995-10-30Bears 14Vikings 6Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
1995-12-04Bears 7Lions 27Pontiac Silverdome
1996-09-02Cowboys 6Bears 22Soldier Field
1996-10-28Bears 15Vikings 13Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
1997-09-01Bears 24Packers 38Lambeau Field
1997-10-27Bears 36Dolphins 33(OT)Pro Player Stadium
2002-10-07Packers 34Bears 21Memorial Stadium
2002-11-18Bears 16Rams 21Edward Jones Dome
2002-12-09Bears 9Dolphins 27Pro Player Stadium
2003-09-29Packers 38Bears 23Soldier Field
2006-10-16Bears 24Cardinals 23University of Phoenix Stadium
2006-12-11Bears 42Rams 27Edward Jones Dome
2007-12-17Bears 13Vikings 20Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
2008-12-22Packers 17Bears 20Soldier Field
2009-12-28Vikings 30Bears 36 (OT)Soldier Field
2010-09-27Packers 17Bears 20Soldier Field
2010-12-20Bears 40Vikings 14TCF Bank Stadium
2011-10-10Bears 13Lions 24Ford Field
2011-11-07Bears 30Eagles 24Lincoln Financial Field

Thursday Night Football

Holiday Football

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

SeasonVisiting TeamScoreHome TeamTV
2005Chicago Bears24–17Green Bay PackersFox
2011Chicago Bears21-35Green Bay PackersNBC

Other holidays