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The following is a list of notable alumni, faculty and affiliates that are associated with Brock University in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Notable Brock alumni[edit]

Academic leaders[edit]

Actors, film, and media[edit]


Business leaders and entrepreneurs[edit]

Literature and the arts[edit]

Political leaders[edit]

Notable Brock faculty members and affiliates[edit]


  1. Dr. James Alexander Gibson (1965–1973)
  2. Dr. Alan Earp (1973–1988)
  3. Dr. Terrence White (1988–1997)
  4. Dr. David W. Atkinson (1997–2005)
  5. Dr. Jack N. Lightstone (2007–present)


  1. Richard L. Hearn (1967–1969)
  2. Dr. Charles Sankey (1969–1974)
  3. Dr. Cecil Shaver (1974–1980)
  4. Ralph S. Misener (1980–1985)
  5. Robert S. K. Welch (1985–2000)
  6. Dr. Raymond Moriyama (2001–2007)
  7. Ned Goodman (2007–present)


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