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This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Bones. The article deals with the series' main, recurring, and minor characters.


Main characters

The following characters have been featured in the opening credits of the program.

Temperance "Bones" Brennan

Portrayed by Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Season 1–) works as a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and is also a best–selling novelist. Nicknamed "Bones" by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, who is also her on and off love interest. Brennan and Booth work together on FBI cases concerning recently found human remains. Although she is an expert in her field, Brennan is socially awkward and has limited knowledge about pop culture. Her birth name was Joy Keenan. Brennan's parents had left her and her older brother Russ when she was fifteen. She also thinks herself to be extremely rational. She is never (barring one episode, the Doctor in the Photo) the one to get the most emotionally attached to the cases and/or the people involved. She and Booth became a couple and have a daughter, Christine.

Seeley Booth

Portrayed by David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth (Season 1–) is a former Army sniper with the Rangers, who is currently an agent with the FBI. He frequently consults with Dr. Brennan and her team in his investigations but prefers a more humane and interpersonal approach than Dr. Brennan's hard, objective and analytical approach. He is shown to be world–wise and socially at ease with people. Booth has a son, Parker, with his ex. At the end of Season 4, it is revealed Booth has a brain tumor causing him to hallucinate. In season 5, Booth admits to Dr. Saroyan that he is in love with Brennan. It is also revealed that he is a direct descendant of presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth, a fact that upsets him greatly. In the season 6 finale it is revealed that Dr. Brennan was expecting Booth's child after they had spent the night together both suffering from the death of Vincent Nigel–Murray and sleeping together. He and Brennan became a couple and have a daughter, Christine.

Angela Montenegro

Portrayed by Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro (Season 1–) works as a forensic artist at the Jeffersonian Institute and is Dr. Brennan's best friend. She changed her name in her late teens, but only one girl knows her real name. Angela is Dr. Brennan's team specialist in craniofacial reconstruction and can generate holograms using her 3–dimensional graphics program (The Angelatron) to simulate various scenarios of a crime. She is open, friendly and caring, and constantly tries to draw Dr. Brennan out of the lab. In the episode "The Man in the Fallout Shelter", it was revealed Angela's father is Billy Gibbons, a member of the band ZZ Top. Her middle name is supposedly "Pearly Gates", which is also the name of Billy Gibbons' 1959 Les Paul Guitar. In Season five she marries Dr. Jack Hodgins while in jail for an outstanding warrant. During the ceremony, she whispers her real name to the justice of the peace, though it is never revealed to the viewers. In season 6 we learn that she is pregnant with her first child, and her son, Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins was born during the season finale.

Zack Addy

Portrayed by Eric Millegan

Dr. Zack Addy (Season 1–3; recurring afterward) is introduced as Dr. Brennan's graduate student and assistant at the Jeffersonian Institute at the start of the series. In the second season, he receives his doctorate in Forensic Anthropology and applied engineering and becomes a professional forensic anthropologist. Zack is closer to the stereotypical geek than anyone else on the team. Although well–meaning, helpful and friendly, when a situation calls for social interaction or intuition, he is often lost. During the course of events leading up to the death of Howard Epps, Zack was nearly killed after he unwittingly triggered a pressure sensor tied to a bomb affixed to the headless body of Caroline Epps. He is extremely intelligent, in episode 11 it is said his IQ is significantly above 163 (which is already a genius level). He is also Hodgins' best friend, and lives in the upper part of Hodgins' garage. At the end of Season 3, he was revealed to be an accomplice to "Gormogon". He was admitted to a psychiatric institution following his confession to murdering the Lobbyist ("The Knight on the Grid").

While in the psychiatric institute, Zack was regularly visited by Hodgins and Dr. Sweets. Some time later, Zack broke out of the psychiatric ward in order to help his friends solve a case. After the case was solved, Zack willingly returned to the psychiatric facility. Zack later told Sweets that he did not kill anyone, but told Gormogon where the victim was in order to murder and cannibalize them. Sweets wanted to tell the others, but Zack told him not to do so to avoid being sent to a "regular jail" as he "would not do well in prison".

Jack Hodgins

Portrayed by T. J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins (Season 1–) is an entomologist and is also an expert on spores and minerals, but conspiracy theories are his hobby. He is one of the more normal person(s) in the group, and helps teach Zack how to be socially normal.

His family is extremely wealthy as he is the last living heir to leader of the Cantalever Group but Hodgins wishes for his wealth to stay a secret as he wants to be treated like everyone else. In season 5, he marries Angela Montenegro while in jail for an eight–year–old warrant. His son with Angela, Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins, was born in the season 6 finale.

Camille Saroyan

Portrayed by Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan (Season 2–), always called Cam, is a pathologist and the Head of the Forensic Division at Jeffersonian Institute. She was born in The Bronx, although she does not have a noticeable New York accent, and was previously a coroner in New York. Dr. Goodman appeared only as an administrator, but Cam is a full partner with Brennan's team, handling bodies with flesh attached. She was introduced Season 2, Episode 1, after being hired by Dr. Goodman while Dr. Brennan was on vacation. At first, she and the team have an uneasy working relationship because she is a hands–on manager and insists on being kept informed at all times. She had a romantic relationship with Booth when she was still in New York, which was briefly rekindled until Booth decided that his "high risk" life put anyone close to him in danger.

Lance Sweets

Portrayed by John Francis Daley

Dr. Lance Sweets (Season 3–) is an F.B.I. psychologist assigned to Booth and Brennan after Booth arrests Brennan's father and later her brother. The character made his first appearance in Season 3, Episode 4, "The Secret in the Soil", and became a main cast member in Episode 9, "The Santa in the Slush". When he joins the cast, he is 22 years old, which is remarkable for a Ph.D.; but he looks much younger, which causes Booth to be rude and condescending. While he is annoyed at Booth, Sweets stands his ground, even coaxing Booth and Brennan into going on a double date with him and his tropical–fish specialist girlfriend, April. Sweets and April break up shortly after the date, and Booth and Brennan become something of a "crying shoulder" in a reciprocal relationship. He later falls in love with lab assistant Daisy Wick. Also, Sweets is trained as a profiler and has assisted Booth and Bones, finding even dull lab–work new and exciting. As part of Season 3's storyline concerning the serial killers collectively known as The Gormogon, Sweets helps Booth and Brennan identify possible victims and profile the Gormogon. He can talk effectively with Booth and Brennan in the language appropriate to each; but he has an unfortunate tendency to use language similar to Valleyspeak when testifying in court, which is inappropriate for someone of his age and accomplishments. He is also a big part in the matchmaking for Brennan and Booth and writes a book about them, which he discards when he learns from them that it was based on a false premise. He makes a guest appearance on the second episode of The Finder to assess Walter Sherman.

Daniel Goodman

Portrayed by Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman (Season 1) is the director of the Jeffersonian Institute who is an archaeologist. He is a loving husband and the father to a pair of five–year–old twin girls. His way of working leads Hodgins to think of him as subjective, long–winded, and lacking the qualities of a pure scientist; however, the antagonism between the two develops into a friendly rivalry as the season progresses. Dr. Goodman has not made any appearances beyond Season 1; and, as of Episode 23, "The Titan on the Tracks", he is said to be on sabbatical. In an interview, Hart Hanson said that Camille Saroyan was added to the show because she proved to be a much better fit with the team instead of Goodman, hinting that Goodman may never return to the show.

Recurring characters

Finn Abernathy

Portrayed by Luke Kleintank

Finn Abernathy (Season 7-) is an intern at the Jeffersonian Institute first introduced in the episode "The Hot Dog in the Competition." He is a sweet southern boy who is trying to live without the shadow of his past haunting him. Finn had a criminal record with charges including attacking his stepfather with a knife when he abused his mother, but was later expunged. Finn decided to quit, but he came back and received a warning from Brennan. After he returns to his work, Brennan asks him if his interest in forensic anthropology was related to a plan to kill his stepfather, to which he answered yes. She also asked him if he actually killed his stepfather, to which he answered no because after reading a paper she had published, he knew there was no possible way to cover up the murder if he had actually committed it. He is the youngest of the interns at 18. In Bump in the Road, he and Cam's daughter Michelle go on a date, much to Cam's dismay.

Hank Booth

Portrayed by Ralph Waite

Hank Booth (Season 5–) is Seeley and Jared Booth's Paternal Grandfather. Hank raised both brothers after their father left, following Hank telling him to go after he caught his son hitting Seeley. In "The Foot in the Forclosure", Hank confides this secret to Seeley's work partner, Temperance Brennan, telling her that she should tell Seeley this and to hold him when she does. In the same episode, Hank stays at Seeley's apartment after getting into trouble with the nursing staff at the "Willow River Retirement community", where he was staying at, due to having recently had heart surgery. During his stay, he bonds with Brennan and Lance Sweets, however he realizes he needs to go back after he nearly burns down Seeley's apartment while making grilled cheese. Hank reappears in Season 7, Episode 4, ("The Male in the Mail") and gives Booth some really unexpected news involving Booth's father dying of liver failure. Hank tries to get Booth to realize that even though his father was an abusive alcoholic, he was still his father. He tells Booth to love Brennan and their unborn daughter and gives him a box from his son. Booth refuses to open it at first, but Brennan convinces him and Booth finally looks at the good memories of his father within, with Brennan at his side comforting him, at the end of the episode.

Jared Booth

Portrayed by Brendan Fehr

Jared Booth (Season 4–) is Seeley’s younger brother and a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy. His first appearance was in the fourth season episode, "The Con Man in the Meth Lab", where he arrived in Washington, D.C. to take a new job at The Pentagon. He charms Brennan when the two go out on a date. Despite seeming as capable and responsible as his brother, Jared has a history of getting into trouble and Seeley taking the blame for him. In subsequent episodes of season 4, Jared risked his job to help Brennan save his brother when a serial killer abducted Seeley and left him to die, after which he is court–martialled and dishonorably discharged for misusing his position to save his brother's life. The tension between them has cooled off somewhat since then. In the season 5 episode "The Dentist in the Ditch", it is revealed that he has been sober and went traveling around India. He later introduces his new girlfriend (later fiancee) to Seeley and asks him to be his best man at their wedding.

Parker Booth

Portrayed by Ty Panitz

Parker Matthew Booth (Season 1–) is Seeley Booth and Rebecca Stinson's son. Four years old at the start of the series, Parker and Booth are very close. He is currently under custody of his mother. Rebecca threatened to never let Booth see Parker during Season 2 when he investigated her boyfriend Drew intensively (although in the following season 2 episode, Rebecca and Booth have a short fling when she and Drew are not seeing each other.) In Season 3's Christmas episode, Parker doesn't get to spend the day with Booth as is typical and has to stay with his mother and go skiing with her and her boyfriend Brent in Vermont; Parker has said that he hated Brent, which his mother believes to be a result of Booth's influence. In the fourth season episode "The Hero in the Hold" Booth reveals that he named Parker after his spotter, a friend who was slain in the line of duty. In "The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck", in season 6, Parker names Wizards of Waverly Place as his favorite TV show. In episode 10 of Season 7, Parker returns from England to visit Booth and his new half–sister, Christine. Booth and Brennan are both apprehensive about how Parker will react to Christine, and their worries appear to be justified when Parker starts locking himself in his room and cutting up family photos in what appears to be a fit of jealousy. However, at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Parker loves Christine very much and was actually building a mobile which he hangs over her crib.

Wendell Bray

Portrayed by Michael Grant Terry

Wendell (Season 4–) is one of Dr.Brennan's interns who she described as her "brightest scholarship student". He first appears in "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond". During the episode he misinterprets Dr. Brennan's question about dating older women (it dealt with the episode's case) as a come–on, and he asks Angela about it. He says he is not sure what to do, as he needs the job as intern/graduate assistant because he owes people money. Angela assumes this means he owes money to the mob, but when she discovers him with a cigarette (which he uses as a method of concentrating after witnessing his father smoking while thinking, although he does not smoke himself as his father died of lung cancer) it is revealed Wendell needs the money to pay back his old working–class neighborhood, who donated money in order for him to go to college. In that episode, he revealed that he boxed golden gloves in his teens. His second appearance is in "The Bone That Blew".

During his third appearance on the show ("The Fire in the Ice"), it is revealed Wendell is now a member of Booth's amateur hockey team, "The Fed Cases". Later in the episode, while on a "field trip" with Hodgins to get evidence from a suspect's apartment, he inadvertently mentions he once spent a night "in juvie". He also confirms Hodgins' assessment- when acting agent Peyton Perotta referred to the squints as her people- that they were Booth's people. In "The Girl in the Mask", as Dr. Brennan is reviewing her personnel files, she comments "Wendell has the most potential"; and Booth describes him as being "Sort of normal", which Dr. Brennan acknowledges he likes.

In the fourth season finale, Wendell was re–imagined as the bouncer at Booth and Brennan's night club.

In the season 5 episode "The Bond in the Boot", everyone in Brennan's team but Wendell comes to know that Wendell can no longer work as an intern as his scholarship had run out of money due to the recession. This fact is kept from him as Cam tries to figure out another scholarship for him until Brennan breaks the news to him assuming he was aware of it. Wendell manages to work impressively on the case and by the time he was bidding everyone farewell, Camille told him due to an anonymous donation, he did not lose his scholarship after all. A visibly affected Wendell thanks everyone, suspecting them of the good deed and leaves when he found it difficult to maintain composure. Then Camille tells Brennan, Hodgins and Angela that the scholarship party received enough donations to fund the scholarship for 3 people. As everyone exchanges knowing smiles, and leaves, Brennan glances at Angela's appreciative smile indicating that she was proud that Brennan finally used her newly earned wealth for her request of funding Wendell's scholarship. It can be assumed that Camille and Hodgins along with Brennan all made the anonymous donations for Wendell.

In the same season episode "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken", Wendell and the sex–deprived Angela, who has been celibate for almost six months, on the advice of Dr. Sweets, end up sleeping together. However, Angela breaks it off with him later in the episode, "The Death of the Queen Bee", after Wendell learns that Angela mistakenly thought she might have been pregnant with his child. Angela realized that had she been pregnant, Wendell would have "done his duty" while Hodgins' offer was to stay with her because of love. The breakup between the two was mutual and amicable and they remained friends after the ordeal.

In the sixth season episode "The Mastodon in the Room", the fellowship program of the interns was closed down on Dr. Brennan's departure from the Jeffersonian Institute. Wendell got a job working at a mechanic shop to save money for tuition. When Brennan came back and tried looking for an assistant, she came to know all had branched out and left. She came down to the mechanic shop to rehire Wendell who agreed to come back if the job was not a one–off. At Brennan's querying how much would he need for his "Tuition" since all her money "was not much use in Maluku", he smiles back and later is found to be working in the episode's case, indicating Brennan might have agreed to his terms. He has appeared the most times of Dr. Brennan's interns.

During Season 6, Wendell grows closer to Hodgins and Angela who are expecting their first child solidifying that there is no residual regret or angst left from Angela and Wendell's failed relationship. Wendell shows several times that he is happy for the two, and it is insinuated the three have become very close friends over the duration of Season 6.

In season 7, in the "The Crack in the Code", at the end of the episode, Booth mentions that he is going to recruit Wendell in the restoration of Booth and Brennan's new house, as Wendell needs the money.

Christine Angela Brennan

Christine Angela Brennan[citation needed] (Season 7–) is the infant daughter of Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan. Christine was conceived the morning following the death of Vincent Nigel–Murray. She's named after her maternal grandmother, Christine Brennan, and her mother's best friend, Angela Montenegro. Brennan goes into labor a couple of weeks before she is due, during a prison riot, in the episode "The Prisoner in the Pipe", but the nearest hospital is a half hour away; time that Temperance does not have, which forces Booth to drive to an inn. At first, the owner refuses to allow them inside, but after some threats and pleas from a pained Brennan, the owner allows them to use a stable so that Brennan can deliver her safely. Christine is born amid tearful laughter from her mother, and both Booth and Brennan admire the baby. Brennan later allows her closest friend, Angela, to be the first to hold Christine. She has thus–far been nicknamed "Baby Bones", "Baby Booth", and "Stapes", (after the smallest bone in the human body). She started attending day care when she was six-weeks old, but when things at the day care didn't work out, Brennan and Booth hired Max, Brennan's father, to watch her while the two of them worked. Christine has an older half–brother via Booth called Parker and they get along very well on their first meeting, with Parker building a mobile for her. She is baptized at the end of the season, shortly before Brennan takes her and flees town for their safety.

Matthew Brennan / Max Keenan

Portrayed by Ryan O'Neal

Max (Season 2–) is the father of Temperance and Russ Brennan. He took the identity of a deceased man named Matthew Brennan and changed the identities of his family to protect them from the violent bank robbers whom he and his wife worked with as career criminals. As Matthew Brennan, he worked as a science teacher, while his wife worked as a bookkeeper. At Christmas in 1991, Max and his wife left for the safety of their children and never returned to the home in order to keep Russ and Temperance hidden. After Dr. Brennan solved the murder of her mother, Max warned her to stop looking for him in a message left on her home phone. When Russ became the target of corrupted Director of the FBI, Max was forced to resurface and to kill the man. Max resurfaces a second time during the episode "The Killer in the Concrete" when Dr. Brennan asks for his help to find Booth who was kidnapped during the course of the investigation.

After freeing Booth, Max escapes in Dr. Brennan's car. Max was later arrested by Booth at the conclusion of "Stargazer in a Puddle". Max was tried and acquitted for the murder of Deputy Director Kirby in the episode entitled "The Verdict in the Story" (although this was only because the defense revealed that the choice of murder weapon—an ornamental dagger in Brennan's apartment rather than Max's trademark copper pipe—cast doubts that Max had committed the murder, while simultaneously suggesting that Temperance could have done it herself for the safety of her brother). Now referred to as "Max Brennan", he obtained a job at Jeffersonian Institute teaching children; at first, Temperance objected to him working there, claiming he would interfere, but she finally relented, as a favor to Booth (though she knows it was for her). He asked Booth if he was sleeping with his daughter, and seemed quite surprised to learn Booth wasn't, asking whether it was because Booth was gay, Temperance wasn't attractive enough, or because her father was a killer, believing he was stopping their relationship.

In Season 5, Max reveals that he is in contact with some of his late wife's relatives, when he invites Brennan's cousin, Margaret, to Christmas dinner ("The Goop on the Girl"). He also attempts to kill Heather Taffet during her trial, when he perceives her as a threat to Dr. Brennan ("The Boy with the Answer"). This leads Booth to believe Max has not abandoned his criminal ways, and to suspect Max's involvement in two murders in Season 6 (those of Heather Taffet and a member of his bowling team), although Max is exonerated in both cases. He also indicates that he has begun dating again and that he always expected Brennan and Booth to "settle down together" ("The Bullet in the Brain").

In Season 7, he offers to take care of Booth and Brennan's daughter Christine. Despite Brennan's initial reservations, she eventually agrees. In the Season finale, he helps Brennan and Christine get out of town, after Christopher Pellant frames Brennan for the murder of Ethan Sawyer. When confronted by Booth, Max explains that Brennan has to stay outside the system if she's to be safe. He also encourages Booth to stay in the system and help prove Brennan's innocence.

Russ Brennan

Portrayed by Loren Dean

Russ Brennan (Season 1–) is Temperance Brennan's older brother, whose birth name was Kyle Keenan. He abandoned Temperance when she was fifteen years old (him nineteen), shortly after the disappearance of their parents. After he left home, Russ committed various misdemeanor crimes and felonies. He worked as a mechanic in North Carolina. However, after his father resurfaced, he went into hiding. Russ resurfaced during the course of "The Knight on the Grid" after learning his stepdaughter Hayley had been hospitalized with complications related to her cystic fibrosis; he was arrested by Booth and subsequently sentenced to thirty days in the county jail, with the term of his probation extended and amended to include the wearing of an ankle monitor.

Jacob Broadsky

Portrayed by Arnold Vosloo

An ex–military sniper turned vigilante, Broadsky was once a friend and fellow soldier alongside Seeley Booth. He served in the Gulf War before switching to a Hostage Rescue Team. During this time, he developed a reputation as being the "Hand of God". After one incident in which he killed a gunman without authorization, Broadsky went into hiding and began living his life under the aliases of other famous snipers. He also developed a personal agenda to assassinate anyone he believed didn't deserve to live, and was willing to kill innocent people who got in his way or defied him (referring to their deaths as "collateral damage"). Broadsky would often contact a victim or former associate of a chosen target and offer his services in exchange for payment, (sometimes the amount of money would be symbolic of the chosen target's crimes).

Broadsky first appears in the Season 6 episode "The Bullet in the Brain" in which he kills Heather Taffet, the Grave Digger on her way to an appeal, after getting himself hired by James Kent – the father of two of the Grave Digger's victims. He also killed a prostitute in order to use her apartment to assassinate the Grave Digger. Booth tracks Broadsky down but he escapes. Broadsky appears again in "The Killer in the Crosshairs" in which he kills another criminal – a counterfeiter named Walter Coolidge. Booth and Brennan are able to stop him from claiming another victim, but Broadsky manages to escape again. Broadsky returns again in the episode "The Hole in the Heart", in which he kills a former army associate for his rifle (to replace the one Booth destroyed in the previous episode). He then shoots and kills Jeffersonian intern Vincent Nigel–Murray with a bullet meant for Booth. Booth and the Jeffersonian team finally track Broadsky down to his hiding place on a cargo ship. Booth then confronts and shoots Broadsky in the leg, and captures him.

One can argue that Broadsky wanted to be stopped, and that he knew that only the likes of a fellow sniper of the same caliber, like Booth, could have stopped him; that Broadsky wanted Booth involved, after having gone to such lengths to ensure that he got Booth's attention.

Hannah Burley

Portrayed by Katheryn Winnick

Hannah Burley is a recurring character in Season 6 of Bones. She was Booth's girlfriend, a journalist he met in Afghanistan.

Booth meets Hannah in Afghanistan after saving her from a situation with armed men. Since Booth had been rejected by Brennan in Season 5, the two form a bond and start a relationship. Booth tells Brennan that their relationship is as "serious as a heart attack" and that he is in love with her. Hannah transfers to D.C. and moves in with Booth, even meeting his son and becoming friends with Bones. Although Bones has lingering feelings for Booth, she tries to be happy for their relationship and maintains her friendship with Hannah. However from Season 6 Episode 11 (The Bullet in the Brain), Booth showed signs that he wasn't as in love with Hannah as he thought he was and he still holds his feelings for Brennan. In "The Daredevil in the Mold", Booth, scared of being alone for the rest of his life and spurred on by a night of drinking with Sweets, proposes to Hannah, who gently turns him down, telling him that she is not the marrying kind. Now knowing that their relationship was going nowhere and has no future, Booth breaks up with her and after trying to persuade him to change his mind (unsuccessfully), she reluctantly accepts the break–up and moves out of his apartment. Hannah's rejection demonstrated Booth's flaw in finding relationships with women who want to maintain their independence but the proposal showed how desperate Booth was to try and forget his strong feelings for Brennan and did it for that reason, not because he loved Hannah.

Charlie Burns

Portrayed by Nathan Dean

Charlie Burns (Season 2–3) is a Special Agent of the FBI who sometimes assists Booth. His first appearance is in the second season episode, "The Truth in the Lye".[1]

Sam Cullen

Portrayed by John M. Jackson

Sam Cullen (Season 1) is a Deputy Director of the FBI. Little is known about him, other than he has a wife and a daughter diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The episode "The Graft in the Girl" revealed she contracted the disease from an illegally sourced bone graft; Brennan and Booth discovered and arrested the criminal responsible. He does his best to keep Agent Booth on track and frequently disapproves of Dr. Brennan's involvement in FBI field investigations. He has not been seen since the first season.

Clark Edison

Portrayed by Eugene Byrd

Dr. Clark Edison (Season 3–) is a recurring character who first appeared in the Season 3 premiere where he tried to become Dr. Brennan's assistant in Zack's absence. However, Zack returned in that very episode. Clark returned twice more; in Season 3, Episode 13, "The Verdict in the Story", working with the defense of Brennan's father, who was on trial for murder, Clark proved one of Zack's conclusions about the murder weapon wrong.

In Season 4, Episode 1, "Yanks in the UK", he made an appearance as the first of the group of six revolving assistants assigned to replace Zack. At the end of the episode, however, he reveals he cannot tolerate the informal attitudes of Dr. Brennan's team and quits. He does retain a recurring role throughout the series, still harboring some ill–feelings towards the informal behavior of his co–workers even as he recognizes the Jeffersonian's exceptional reputation. In "The Girl in the Mask", Brennan compares Clark with Wendell and Vincent, saying Clark is the "most astute". Clark Edison is a vegan. While Angela was trying to remain celibate after breaking up with Roxie, she flirted very heavily with Clark, prompting him to introduce her to his girlfriend, Nora Oldhouse, a professor of Women's Studies and a fellow vegan, (who describes Clark as 'Dynamite'), to fend her off.

In the Season 4 alternate reality finale, Clark was re–imagined as a rap musician, ('C–Synch'), hoping to play at Booth and Brennan's night club, 'The Lab'. Booth refused to book him because his brother, (a re–imagined Grayson Barasa,) was a gang leader.

In season 5, the first hint of Clark's sentimental side shows when he expresses approval of Agent Booth's willingness to let his Grandfather, Hank Booth, stay with him after his triple bypass surgery. Clark also mentions his own late–grandfather, and reveals that his pursuing a career in Forensic Anthropology is in his Grandfather's memory.

In the Season 6 premiere, which is a year after the Season 5 finale, it is revealed he left the Jeffersonian for a position in Chicago. He rejoined Dr. Brennan's team in the Season 6, Episode 2, "The Couple in the Cave", after learning of her return. During Season 6, at the encouragement of his girlfriend, Clark has changed, from being unwilling to reveal personal information, to sharing many details of his life, but with little tact, much to the team's chagrin. In "The Couple in the Cave", it is discovered that he is highly allergic to Lonicera sempervirens, (Trumpet Honeysuckle,) a species of honeysuckle. Clark continues to open–up in "The Body in the Bag", he reveals that he comes from a large family, (about nine brother–and–sisters, and that he could never get a word in with them,) and that his parents travelled away from home a lot, (he speculates that he has abandonment issues because of this,) all of which he attributes to his being so withdrawn and private. Clark has also expressed the desire to become a father and to start a large family.

In the season 8 premiere, with Brennan on the run Clark has been appointed to her position of Chief Forensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian. He is running a tighter ship than Brennan did, which Angela and Hodgins are resisting. Cam supports him and reminds the pair that all of them, including Clark, are working to clear Brennan's name so that she can return home.

Howard Epps

Portrayed by Heath Freeman

Howard Epps (Season 1–2) is a serial killer, who appeared in one episode of Season 1 and two episodes of Season 2. Epps was introduced in the episode "A Man on Death Row", where he was a prisoner scheduled to be executed in two days, while his lawyer enlisted Brennan and Booth to try and clear his name. They were successful in delaying his execution pending a further review of new evidence; but the evidence was two dead bodies, killed the same way as the original suspected victim of Epps. Booth realized Epps hoped that they would find these bodies, as the execution would be delayed until it could be determined if he murdered the two as well (which he had). While in prison, he married a woman named Caroline, who knew he was guilty, but believed him to be a good person underneath it all. Most of his victims were blond teenage girls, though Caroline had brown hair and was about Epps`s age herself, whom he bludgeoned with a tire iron.

Epps' second appearance was in episode "The Blonde in the Game", where he is still in jail but has been directing a copycat accomplice, leaving clues for Brennan and the team to solve to lead them to the next victims. When Brennan and Booth corner the accomplice, Brennan is forced to shoot him to save the lives of Booth and the final victim. When questioned, Epps reveals the objective of "the game" was to force Brennan to kill. As Epps had planned, Brennan feels deeply guilty for killing the man; but she eventually comes to terms with it.

In his final appearance of the series, "The Man in the Cell", Epps escapes from prison by setting a fire and killing a fireman, stealing his uniform and leaving his body in his own cell with a broken wrist like his own. It is revealed that he had an IQ of 180 and that his mother was highly religious and would wash him in ammonia whenever he was around women she perceived as "loose". Over time, he developed intense love–hate feelings and would write to her almost every day from prison. After his escaped, he becomes obsessed with Brennan, using mind games to make her feel like she was responsible for the deaths of his victims. He tests her and the rest of her team by leaving clues leading them to more victims, one of whom was his wife, Caroline. He also leaves traps in the clues, almost killing Zack and Dr. Saroyan. After being cornered in Brennan's apartment by her and Booth, he runs for the balcony and leaps off. Despite Booth's attempt to save him, he purposefully lets go of Booth's hands, slipping out of his grip and falling to his death.

Colin Fisher

Portrayed by Joel Moore

Colin Fisher (Season 4–) is a perpetually pessimistic lab assistant 'squintern', who manages to even depress Cam. Fisher debuts in the episode "The Crank in the Shaft". In regards to his pessimism, he was once asked by Cam if he had ever tried Prozac, to which he answered 'yes' but that it had had not much effect on him. In spite of his pessimism, he seems to find Dr. Brennan's blunt, radical honesty and factual–ness to be more 'awesome' than anyone else's attempts at kindness, even though she wasn't making an attempt at kindness, she was just being factual, (and it is this that is why he considers her to be 'awesome').

In "The Princess and the Pear", he admitted to being a "geek" and went undercover for a case at Imagicon, a fantasy convention. His future at the Jeffersonian however, was placed in doubt after he admitted to sleeping with one of the suspects. In "The Critic in the Cabernet", he offers to let Brennan use his "discount sperm" for the baby she decides to have. He is turned down, however, in favor of Booth.

In the fourth season finale, Fisher was re–imagined as the chef at Booth and Brennan's night club, 'The Lab'.

Fisher appears again in "The Gamer in the Grease", in season 5, where, having won three free tickets, he invites Hodgins and Sweets to the premiere of the science fiction film Avatar, where each must take turns standing in line in order to maintain their position, but Fisher ends up missing the movie, as he was having sex with a woman in a tent on the sidewalk outside the theater.

In Episode 1 of Season 6, Caroline reveals that Fisher checked himself into a clinic with a case of the "hopeless vapors". He was re–instated in Episode 3 of Season 6; after correcting Hodgins that he was never suicidal, Fisher discloses that as he was sleeping 20–hours a day for a period of 2 months, his shrink had said that it was a serious warning sign. His then–shrink also thinks that Fisher should get out of the Forensic anthropology business; but as Fisher mentions to Cam, he tried to explain to his shrink that "it is not violent death that makes [Fisher] morbidly depressed, it was life itself", and that he is actually quite positive about his job. Later, in Episode 13 of Season 6, "The Daredevil in the Mold", he works to cure himself of his depression, listening to calming music or the sounds of the sea, and drinking foul–smelling teas. Fisher also reveals that he can read lips.

Fisher returns in "The Twist in the Twister", in season 7, and reveals that he has recently had a stay at another mental health facility, "Verdant Valley" (which he says, as 'nuthouses' or 'Loony–bins' go, he gives a personal rating of "4 out of 5 nuts; fantastic game room, but the nightgowns chafed"), and that, as a condition of his release, he is currently living with his mother, who, although has yet to make a physical appearance, is put across as chipper, the opposite of her son, and who causes him bother by constantly phoning him at the Jeffersonian.

Marcus Geier

Portrayed by David Greenman

Marcus Geier (Season 2–) is a forensic technician with the FBI. His first broadcast appearance was as an unnamed tech in the second season episode "Spaceman in a Crater". (He had previously been in "Player Under Pressure", an episode which was not aired until the following year.) In the third season, the character was given a name and used in several episodes, starting with "Soccer Mom in the Mini–Van". His role is to present evidence discovered at a crime scene to Booth and/or the squints.[2]

The Grave Digger/Heather Taffet

Portrayed By Deirdre Lovejoy

United States Attorney Heather Taffet was the serial killer and kidnapper known as The Grave Digger (Season 2, 4, 5, and 6). As The Grave Digger she would often kidnap people and contact their families for ransom. If the family provided the funds she would tell them where the person was buried before the air in the grave ran out; if the funds were not provided the body would be discovered later dead. Not much is known about her. She led a very quiet life and was an FBI agent. She took over the Grave Digger case after the previous attorney assigned to it was killed. She was married at some point for a month in order to rent a storage locker under a false identity. She used the locker to hide her kidnapping equipment. In the episode "Aliens in a Spaceship", she kidnapped Brennan and Hodgins and held them for ransom. While the rest of the team succeeded in rescuing them, the Grave Digger's identity was never discovered.

Two seasons later, in "The Hero in the Hold", she kidnapped Booth in order to get evidence that Hodgins had stolen from the FBI. She killed Thomas Vega, who wrote a book on the Grave Digger, but Brennan deduces that Vega broke at least one of his killer's ribs during the fatal struggle. Brennan is suspicious when Taffet brings a warrant to retrieve Vega's body but cannot seem to lift her arm. Brennan confirms Taffet has a broken rib by hitting her in the right place. Jared Booth interrogates her to find out where she took his brother but she refuses to talk. He accesses a government database with secret, illegal files on every United States citizen (referred to as "'spring cleaning' – because everything is brought out and turned upside–down", by Hodgins). He uses this information to determine that she was married for one month before she had the marriage annulled. She used this information to rent a storage locker in Spring Hill. Jared sends an FBI task force to the locker. They find her three–million volt, modified stun gun, gloves, and boots. Hodgins tests the boots to find that there are paint chips in them that were used in US Navy vessels prior to 1961. Again, accessing the "spring cleaning" files, they find Taffet volunteered at an aquarium that had just sent out a US Navy vessel to be sunk to a reef. Brennan strikes Taffet with a briefcase, knocking her over. Brennan then leaves on a chopper arranged by Jared to go retrieve Booth. Although Jared is arrested for illegally accessing the government database, Seeley Booth is located in time.

In the fifth season episode "The Boy with the Answer", Taffet is tried and convicted for the kidnapping and murder of a 10–year–old boy. After the kidnapping equipment recovered from Taffet's storage locker in "The Hero in the Hold" is disallowed as illegally obtained, Booth, Bones, and Hodgins drop their own kidnapping charges so that the Jeffersonian scientists can focus on investigating the newly discovered body of the 10–year–old victim. Believing Taffet will not get convicted, Brennan's father Max tries to kill her with a sniper rifle, but Booth is able to stop him and Max is put in jail until the trial is over. Despite Taffet ably representing herself in court, DNA evidence showing that the boy bit Taffet during his abduction is enough to convict her. After the trial, she tells Brennan that "this isn't over".

In the Season 6 episode "The Bullet in the Brain", while being taken to court for a final appeal, Taffet is killed by renegade sniper Jacob Broadsky – a former mentor to Booth – who shoots Taffet in the head from a distant building after having been hired by James Kent, the father of Matthew and Ryan Kent, two of Taffet's victims.

Andrew Hacker

Portrayed by Diedrich Bader

Andrew Hacker (Season 5–) is Seeley Booth's boss and the Assistant Director of the FBI. In Season 5, he expressed a romantic interest in Brennan, to the consternation of Booth. He and Brennan dated several times, though nothing really developed from it. In one episode, he attempted to "rescue" Brennan, Booth, and their friends who were being held at the Jeffersonian by a group of mysterious government agents, only to arrive a few seconds after Booth had already subdued the agents – much to Hacker's disappointment as he had hoped to impress Brennan.

Hacker does not appear in Season 6, although he does call Booth on his cell phone in one episode to inform him about a new case. Brennan does not mention him in Season 6, and with the recent events at the end of the season, it would seem that Brennan and Hacker's relationship ended off screen.

Michael Hodgins

Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins (Season 6–) is the infant son of Angela Montenegro and Jack Hodgins. His name comes from several sources: "Michael" was his parents' choice, "Staccato" was his grandfather's, and "Vincent" is for the late Vincent Nigel–Murray, who was killed shortly before Michael's birth; Michael is also known as "Michael-Vincent". While Angela was pregnant, it was discovered that Michael could be blind because of a recessive gene both his parents carry; however, to the relief of his parents, Michael was born with no vision problems. In Season 7, Angela sneaks him into the lab after taking him out of daycare. After Cam catches them, Michael works his charm and she relents, but warns them not to bring him into the forensic labs again. Additionally, it's revealed that Michael relaxes best when being played rock music, (presumably, his grandfather's is the most soothing), a fact discovered when Angela and Hodgins reluctantly allow her father to babysit Michael. In "The Memories in the Shallow Grave", Michael is 5–months–old, in "The Male in the Mail", he is 6–months–old, and in "The Twist in the Twister", he is 8–months–old.

Caroline Julian

Portrayed by Patricia Belcher

Caroline Julian (Season 1–) is a prosecutor and works in the U.S. Attorney's office. Her first appearance was in the first season episode, "The Man in the Morgue", which was followed by three more appearances in the second season in "Judas on a Pole", "The Man in the Mansion", and "Stargazer in a Puddle". She has a very demanding and bossy attitude, and often uses heavy sarcasm (even when speaking to people above her), which overpowers even Brennan to a point where Brennan does not even argue with her. She has a deep understanding of the workings of the government and the way cases should be handled, and seems to have a friendship history with Booth and trusts his instincts and beliefs when working on cases, although she often seems wary of his and Brennan's less orthodox methods. She has appeared numerous times to have Booth and Brennan in court and to solve their cases. She blackmailed Brennan into kissing Booth on the lips under some mistletoe so Brennan could have use of a trailer where her imprisoned father could have a Christmas with their family, though the result was not what any of them anticipated. She has a slight Southern accent and calls people "cherie", suggesting a New Orleans background. She is characterized as having eccentric personal style. Her personal vehicle is an AMC Gremlin with leopard print accents to the interior.

In the fourth season finale, Caroline was re–imagined as Booth and Brennan's night club's attorney.

Oliver Laurier

Portrayed by Chris Conner

Oliver Laurier's first appearance in the series is in the Pilot episode as a suspect in the murder of Cleo Louise Eller, with whom he was obsessed. Towards the end of the episode, Oliver becomes obsessed with Dr. Brennan, who he stalks from scene to scene. His next appearance was in the second season's episode, "The Bodies in the Book", where he is again suspected of murder. He confesses to being a "Brennanite" – a loyal fan of Dr. Brennan's crime novels – but was proved not to be the killer due to his fainting at the sight of blood. He tells Booth on multiple occasions he has a fight–or–flight response that almost inevitably turns to "flight" usually after locking the door to house. He is not known to have ever done anything violent.

Paul Linder

Portrayed by Elon Gold

Dr. Paul Linder (Season 5–) is a gynecologist whom Cam met when bringing Michelle for an OBY/GYN appointment in Season 5. Cam and Paul developed an attraction to each other, though Cam was unsure of how to proceed. Their work schedules interfered with their budding relationship; but, in Season 6, they managed to set aside time for each other. Cam now appears to be much more comfortable in the relationship. Her adopted daughter Michelle was OK with this but asked that someone else besides Linder be her gynecologist from now on.

Vincent Nigel–Murray

Portrayed by Ryan Cartwright

Vincent (Seasons 4–6) was always styled as 'Mr.' Nigel–Murray by Drs. Brennan and Saroyan (a subtle reminder he had not yet earned his doctorate). Vincent was a lab assistant and had a habit of reciting trivia only tangentially relevant to the situation at hand. An Englishman and a graduate of the University of Leeds, he was one of the several rotating lab assistants who take on the duties of Dr. Zack Addy after Season 3. Vincent's first appearance was in "The He in the She", when Dr. Saroyan took him into the field. Dr. Brennan insisted his place was in the lab and sent him back. At the end of the episode, he and Dr. Saroyan agreed he would resign as Dr. Brennan's lab assistant because he didn't fit in with the rest of the team; but he returned in "Double Trouble in the Panhandle". In "The Bones that Foam", we learn that his thoughts sometimes froze when he was nervous so he would bring himself back to focus by reciting random facts: "Facts are the stitches that hold the fabric of existence together". In "The Girl in the Mask", as Dr. Brennan reviews her personnel files, she comments "Vincent is the most intelligent", prompting Booth to say she should pick him because that's what she likes.

In the alternate reality Season 4 finale, Vincent was re–imagined as the DJ at Booth and Brennan's night club.

In the Season 6 premiere, it is revealed he left the Jeffersonian Institute after winning one million dollars on Jeopardy and embarking on a round–the–world trip. He returned in "The Babe in the Bar", having finished his trip around the world. In Season 6, it is hinted that Vincent may have had a romantic interest in Cam.

In the episode "The Hole in the Heart", which aired May 12, 2011, he was killed by renegade sniper Jacob Broadsky, who shot him in the heart. His last words, spoken to Booth and Brennan, were "Don't make me leave." Brennan initially interprets Vincent's last words as a plea to not be fired from his job at the Jeffersonian, although Booth later tells her that Vincent was declaring that he did not want to die. Vincent's death acts as a catalyst for Brennan and Booth to sleep together, which results in a pregnancy. Vincent is later honored by Angela and Hodgins, who name their son Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins.

Christopher Pelant

Portrayed by Andrew Leeds

Christopher Pelant (Season 7) is a villain introduced before the show's hiatus in the seventh season. He is described as extremely intelligent, a computer genius, and is a recurring foe who will cause unusual difficulty for the team. Pelant is a hacktivist living under house arrest for shutting down the Department of Defense's communications network. Somehow, he is able to kill at least two people despite his ankle monitor showing that he has not left his residence. He returns again in the Season 7 finale, in which he frames Brennan for the murder of her friend Ethan Sawyer, which forces Brennan into hiding.

Payton Perotta

Portrayed by Marisa Coughlan

FBI Special Agent Payton Perotta (Season 4) is an FBI agent who appeared in three episodes beginning with "Fire in the Ice". She filled in for Booth as liaison with the Jeffersonian team when Booth was a murder suspect and when he was incapacitated by a back injury. She also encountered the Jeffersonian team when Booth was kidnapped by the Gravedigger. Although Perotta's presence was specifically requested when Booth was off with his back trouble, Brennan stated that this was simply because it was easier to work with somebody who already knew how they worked rather than any appreciation for Perotta as an Agent. While competent, she lacked the bond with the Jeffersonian team that Booth had developed—when she commented that "her" people had found potentially important evidence for the current case, Hodgins and Wendell, speaking in unison, informed her that they were "Booth's" people.

Sid Shapiro

Portrayed by Heavy D

Sid Shapiro (Season 1) is the owner of a Chinese restaurant, Wong Fu's. He has a talent for knowing exactly what to get a customer without even asking, although he will take orders. Booth is a frequent customer and a personal friend; in "The Man in the Fallout Shelter", he brought Booth's son, Parker, to visit him while quarantined at the Jeffersonian. He has made no appearances since season 1 and it is unlikely that he will ever return given that Heavy D, the actor who plays him has passed away.

Genny Shaw

Portrayed by Tina Majorino

A young female FBI agent who appears in Episode 6x22, in which she assists Booth in the capture of renegade sniper Jacob Broadsky. Since then, she has appeared in two additional episodes in Season 7 working alongside Agent Booth. She frequently looks up to Booth and is always eager to please him. She also has a three–year old son who her mother looks after while she's at work.

Rebecca Stinson

Portrayed by Jessica Capshaw

Rebecca Stinson (Season 2) is Booth's ex–girlfriend and the mother of his son, Parker. When Seeley discovered Rebecca was pregnant, he asked her to marry him but she refused. It is later revealed she refused the proposal because she did not want to be "one of those women" and did not want to be judged. She later tells Temperance she now wishes she had not missed her and Seeley's "one true moment" and wonders if he feels the same way, which is shown throughout the series. It is now obvious that Booth has moved on given his current relationship with Temperance.

Tim Sullivan

Portrayed by Eddie McClintock

FBI Special Agent Tim "Sully" Sullivan (Season 2) is introduced in Season 2 to be Dr. Brennan's love interest. He makes four consecutive appearances starting with the episode "The Girl in the Gator", where he works with Dr. Brennan while Booth was sidelined because he shot an ice cream truck clown. At first, Brennan doubted his sincerity because of his wide variety of interests and hobbies—He has a minor in kinesiology and a major in art history, is a certified EMT, a finish carpenter, and a criminal profiler; but Booth assured her Sully is serious about his job and mentions he lost his previous partner. After the case, Sully asked Brennan out on a date, which she eagerly accepted. Their relationship becomes more serious; and, in the episode "The Boneless Bride In The River", Sully asks Brennan to go with him to the Caribbean in his new boat, which he named "Temperance"; but she refuses. He tells Brennan he will come back in a year's time, but he has not returned.

Arastoo Vaziri

Portrayed by Pej Vahdat

Arastoo Vaziri (Season 4–) is yet another temporary lab assistant, first appearing in the episode "The Salt in the Wounds". He is of Iranian heritage and is a devout Muslim who prays five times a day. Expecting others would find it odd that he is both a scientist and very religious, which his co–workers later confirmed, Vaziri decides to put on a false accent to sound "fresh off the boat" and thus make his religious devotion seem like an irrelevant byproduct of his heritage. In Season 5 episode "The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", he slips up, and his secret is revealed to the team (and the audience). Cam promptly sends him to Dr. Sweets, who helps Vaziri work through the issues. His fears subside as the team accepts him as a fellow scientist after he gives them an honest explanation on how he reconciles his faith with science. It is assumed that Vaziri is a US citizen, as implied by his love for baseball and the fact that he served in Iraq as a translator.

In the Season 5 episode, "Devil in the Details", Vaziri says he served as a military translator in Iraq, where he killed an insurgent while defending his life after surviving an IED. His fellow squad members did not survive. He still harbors guilt over having killed the attacker, despite having acted in self–defense.

In the Season 4 alternate–reality finale, Arastoo was re–imagined as a potential buyer of Booth and Brennan's night club.

In the Season 6 premiere, it is revealed he switched majors from forensic science to cultural anthropology and is interning at the Baghdad Museum. Later, he returns in episode "The Bones That Weren't" as Dr. Brennan's assistant and again in "The Signs in the Silence", in which he helps to identify a mysterious deaf–mute girl found covered in blood.

He is also skilled in using nunchucks, causing Jack Hodgins to remark, "What are you? Some kind of Persian ninja?".

Michelle Welton

Portrayed by Dana Davis and Tiffany Hines

Dr. Camille Saroyan's teenage adopted daughter. Cam was once engaged to and lived with Michelle's father, Dr. Andrew Welton, a cardiac surgeon, and helped to raise Michelle. However, because Michelle's mother died in childbirth, he was never able to fully commit to their relationship and was constantly cheating. Though Cam did love him, she ended the engagement, leaving Welton and the young Michelle behind. Ten years later, in the Season 4 episode "The Doctor in the Den", his remains are found in a tiger exhibit at a zoo. Upon learning the identity of the remains, Cam takes it upon herself to inform Michelle of her father's death. Michelle claims to barely remember Cam and treats her coldly. Later in the episode, Michelle admits she had been very deeply hurt by Cam's apparent abandonment, and she had waited at the window for weeks, "for [Cam] to come home". At the end of the episode, Michelle and Cam are reconciled and Michelle accepts Cam's offer to move in with her.

In Seasons 5 and 6, Cam experiences frequent trouble with Michelle over such teenage issues as Michelle's new boyfriend, smoking, and school. When Michelle decides to go to a small state school to be with her boyfriend, Cam reluctantly agrees but secretly fills out an application in Michelle's name for a more prestigious university, much to the disapproval of her colleagues. When Michelle's relationship with her boyfriend falls apart, Cam reveals that she had successfully, but dishonestly, gotten Michelle into the better school. To her credit, Michelle interprets this as a test of her own honesty, and decides to spend a year working and applying for the next academic year.

Margaret Whitesell

Portrayed by Zooey Deschanel

Margaret Whitesell (Season 5) is a distant cousin of Dr. Brennan on her mother's side whom Brennan's father invited to spend Christmas with them in the episode "The Goop on the Girl". Initially, Dr. Brennan dislikes Margaret, which Dr. Sweets would tell her is because Margaret's off–putting personality is too similar to Dr. Brennan's own antisocial difficulties. Booth notes a striking physical similarity between Dr. Brennan and Margaret, suggesting that they could easily pass for sisters, which the actresses are. During Christmas dinner, Dr. Brennan finally expresses her irritation with Margaret's habit of quoting Benjamin Franklin, explaining that it is not really communication and that she would prefer to hear what Margaret has to say herself (without using Franklin as a proxy). Margaret replies, "that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."

Daisy Wick

Portrayed by Carla Gallo

Daisy Wick (Season 4–) is a lab assistant who regards Brennan as her mentor, idol and role–model, unknown to Dr.Brennan. She annoys the entire team with her poor impulse control, lack of consideration for the personal space of others, non–stop talking, and inadvertent insensitivity; eventually leading them to fire her, (twice so far).

Daisy is later shown to be dating Lance Sweets, who fires her on behalf of Cam so that they will no longer have to be discreet about their relationship. He later persuades Dr. Brennan to re–hire Daisy, (whom he has taught self–control techniques,) on a 24–hour probationary period. Daisy and Dr. Brennan bond over the identification of the mummy of Anukh, an Egyptian prince; and, when she is talking slowly enough to be understood, she proves herself to be a very knowledgeable and astute assistant.

In the episode, "The Bones on the Blue Line", Daisy mentions that she can speed read, (as she has been doing so to read Dr. Brennan's new book, "Bone of Contention",) later, after a near–death experience, Sweets proposes to Daisy, who accepts. However, in the Season 5 finale, "The Beginning in the End", Daisy decides to leave on a year–long anthropological dig with Dr. Brennan and Sweets says that he would not wait for her.

Upon the reassembly of the team in the Season 6 premiere, her relationship with Sweets is unclear since he adamantly rejects her request to return to their engaged status. At the end of the episode, Sweets and Daisy reconcile, having been unable to keep their hands off each other.

In season 7, in "The Prisoner in the Pipe", she reveals that she is also becoming a certified Doula.

In the Season 4 alternate reality finale, Daisy was re–imagined as a coat–check girl at Booth and Brennan's night club.

Gordon Wyatt

Portrayed by Stephen Fry

Dr. Gordon Wyatt, Ph.D. (Season 2, recurring after) is the psychiatrist trained in forensic psychology who was assigned to evaluate Agent Seeley Booth in the episode "The Girl in the Gator" after Booth shoots at an ice cream truck. At first, Booth regards his therapy with skepticism but eventually comes to befriend Dr. Wyatt and affectionately call him "Gordon Gordon", based on Dr. Wyatt's way of introducing himself as "Gordon, Gordon Wyatt". According to Booth, Dr. Wyatt is "so English". Dr. Wyatt eventually tells Booth that his first and middle name are both Gordon, proving that his name is actually Gordon Gordon Wyatt. Dr. Wyatt also became involved in the lives of the "squints" in episode "The Priest in the Churchyard", when Booth asked Brennan to come to therapy with him to work out some partnership problems. Brennan, who has repeatedly shown an aversion to psychology, seems to have taken a liking to Dr. Wyatt because what he says makes sense so much so that she even takes Angela to see him when Angela is unsure of how to respond to Hodgins' request for her to move in with him.

Dr. Wyatt returned in the episode "Mayhem on the Cross" after a time working with Interpol. He points out that Dr. Sweets observations of Booth and Brennan's relationship are off and in turn, points out to Booth and Brennan that Sweets' might be more complex than his chipper demeanor portrays. Dr. Wyatt announced his retirement as a forensic psychiatrist and has enrolled in cooking school. He also reveals his past as "Noddy Comet", a glam rock guitarist, who "wore spandex, pancake makeup, silver lamé and played a guitar shaped like a spaceship." He briefly returned in Season 5 when Booth was having trouble with his marksmanship after his recent tumor, during which he learned that Booth was in love with Brennan; unlike Sweets, who speculated that the tumor was the reason for Booth's feelings, Dr. Wyatt did not discourage Booth from feeling this way, but instead suggested that Booth has built up an 'idea' of him and Brennan as a family, suggesting that she accompany him to his marksmanship test as she would enable him to pass by reminding him that he has her to protect.