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The list of friends for the popular Barbie line of dolls that began in 1959. Since character continuity has not been consistent over time, there is no real "canon" lineup. At different times, different groups of dolls were offered, and the naming and apparent age relationships of the characters has varied considerably.

Barbie family and other principal characters[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][edit]

Barbie-sized female friends[edit]

Real-world celebrity and movie character doll friends[edit]

Skipper's friends[edit]

Tutti and Todd's friends[edit]

Stacie's friends[edit]

Chelsea's friends[edit]

Francie's friends[edit]

Jazzie's friends[edit]

Ken's family and friends[edit]

Shani's friends[edit]

When first introduced, the Shani line of dolls existed outside of the Barbie character continuity. After a couple of years the Shani character was introduced into the Barbie line.

The Heart Family (friends of Barbie)[edit]



Midge and Alan's Family[edit]

From Happy Family Playline Series

S.I.S./So In Style characters[edit]

The S.I.S./So In Style characters are largely unrelated to the Barbie character continuity, except for text on the packaging that describes the Grace character moving to Chicago, away from her friend Barbie in Malibu.


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