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This page contains a list of issuer identification numbers and to which bank or institution they are assigned.



The first 6 digits of a credit card number are known as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), previously known as bank identification number (BIN), issued under the ISO/IEC 7812 standard. These identify the institution that issued the card to the card holder. Some cards numbers may look like they conform to the standard but they are just numbers given by the issuer of the card examples of this could be a privalage shopping card.

The IIN ranges used by the major card schemes are:

IIN Ranges[edit]

ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments (0*****)[edit]

Airlines (1*****)[edit]

Airlines and other future industry assignments (2*****)[edit]

Travel and entertainment and banking/financial (3*****)[edit]

Diners Club and others (30****)[edit]




American Express (34****)[edit]

Presently unused. Probably being held in reserve for when ranges in the 37**** number space start to be exhausted. As at 4th Nov 2013 it IS being used now by Amex

JCB (35****)[edit]

Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
354269JPWest Japan Railway CompanyJ-WEST JCB Credit Card
3560**KRBC CardJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356210HKHSBCJCB Credit Card
356239HKBank of East AsiaJCB Credit Card
356296KRShinhan CardJCB Debit Card
356297KRShinhan CardJCB URS Credit Card (Local)
3563**KRBC CardJCB Credit Card (Gold)
356316KRNH CardJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356317KRNH CardJCB Credit Card (Gold)
3565**KRBC CardJCB Credit Card (Corporate)
3566**USJCB Bank USAJCB Credit Card
356800KRKorea Exchange BankJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356801KRKorea Exchange BankJCB Credit Card (Gold)
356803KRKorea Exchange BankJCB Credit Card (Corporate, Silver)
356804KRKorea Exchange BankJCB Credit Card (Corporate, Gold)
356820KRWoori Bank BC CardJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356835CNBank of ChinaJCB Credit Card
356895CNChina Construction BankChina UnionPay/JCB Credit Card
356900KRShinhan CardJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356901KRShinhan CardJCB Credit Card (Gold)
356902KRShinhan CardJCB Credit Card (Corporate)
356910KRKookmin BankJCB Credit Card (Corporate)
356911KRKookmin BankJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356912KRKookmin BankJCB Credit Card (Gold)
356914KRLotte CardJCB Credit Card (Silver)
356915KRLotte CardJCB Credit Card (Gold)
356916KRLotte CardJCB Credit Card (Corporate)
358413JPAEON Credit ServiceAEON JCB Credit Card
358419JPAEON Credit ServiceAEON View Suica JCB Credit Card
358761JPFamima Credit CorporationFamima T Card

Diners Club International (36****)[edit]

Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
3600**ECDiners Club International Credit Card
3614**FIDiners Club International Credit Card
3616**KRDiners Club International Credit CardIssued by Hyundai Card
3617**AUDiners Club International Credit Card
3633**CADiners Club International Credit CardDefunct
3634**CADiners Club International Credit CardIssued by IBM. Defunct.
3635**SGDiners Club International Credit Card
3640**ILDiners Club International Credit CardIssued by Israel Credit Cards (ICC).
3641**VEDiners Club International Credit Card
3607**UKDiners Club International Credit Card
360769RUDiners Club International Credit CardIssued by Russian Standard Bank
3648**ATDiners Club International Credit Card
3670**INDiners Club International Credit Card

American Express (37****)[edit]

Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
337912PLBank MillenniumAmerican Express Gold Credit Card
337913PLBank MillenniumAmerican Express Gold Credit Card
370266USAmerican ExpressPrepaid Card
370267USAmerican ExpressPrepaid Card
3712**American ExpressCostco Wholesale Executive Card
371241USAmerican ExpressPremier Rewards Gold Card / Platinum Card
371248USAmerican ExpressPlatinum Card
3713**American ExpressPlatinum Card
37156*American ExpressCenturion Card
3717**American ExpressPlatinum Card
3723**American ExpressCostco Wholesale Platinum Card
372311CAAmerican ExpressGift Card
372377American ExpressBlue Cash Express Card
372540American ExpressStarwood Preferred Guest hotel loyalty credit card
3727**CAAmerican ExpressGold Air Miles Card
372734American ExpressBlue for Business credit (small business)
372744USAmerican ExpressSERVE Preferred Client Card
372898USAmerican ExpressGold Card
372866USAmerican ExpressPlatinum Card
372867USAmerican ExpressPlatinum Card
3732**CAAmerican ExpressBlue Airmiles cash back card
373213American ExpressBusiness
3733**CAAmerican ExpressBlue Airmiles Card / SPG Credit Card / Aeroplan Plus Platinum / Business Platinum Charge Card
3735**CAAmerican ExpressGold Cash Back Card / Platinum Charge Card
3742**UKAmerican ExpressCharge Card
374201UKAmerican ExpressPreferred Rewards Gold Card
374285UKAmerican ExpressCenturion Charge Card
374286UKAmerican ExpressPlatinum Charge Card
3743**UKAmerican ExpressInternational Euro Charge Card
374317USBank of AmericaAmerican Express
374323USBank of AmericaAmerican Express
374324USAmerican ExpressGift Card
374329USAmerican ExpressGift Card
374334USCitibankAmerican Express Cards
374344USCitibankAmerican Airlines credit card
3745**UKAmerican ExpressInternational Dollar Charge Card
374604American ExpressPlatinum Credit Card (UK)
374604American ExpressPlatinum Credit Card (UK)
374619American ExpressBritish Airways Premium Plus card
374635FRAmerican ExpressOptima Credit Card
374659DEAmerican ExpressBlue Card
374660American Express[BMW] card
374661American ExpressBMW card
374671American ExpressBlue card
374681UKAmerican ExpressPlatinum credit card
374682UKAmerican ExpressPlatinum credit card
374766USFIA Card ServicesFidelity Rewards American Express card
374801FIAmerican ExpressGold Charge card
374888FIAmerican ExpressPlatinum Charge card
374951FRAmerican ExpressAir France KLM Flying Blue co-branded Gold Charge Card
374997FRAmerican ExpressCorporate Card
3750**DEAmerican ExpressAmerican Express Germany Products
3751**FIAmerican Express
375177CNAmerican ExpressTencent Holdings TenPay Prepaid Card
3752**ITAmerican Express
3753**NLAmerican Express
375415 0AUCommonwealth Bank of Australia
375415 1AUCommonwealth Bank of AustraliaGold card
375415 5AUCommonwealth Bank of AustraliaGold card
375416 5AUCommonwealth Bank of AustraliaPlatinum card
375541 0ESSwedbankAmerican Express Blue
375542 2ESSwedbankAmerican Express Gold
375622TRGaranti BankAmerican Express Green Card
375628TRGaranti BankAmerican Express Shop&Miles co-branded Gold Card
375790SEAmerican ExpressCorporate card
3758**CHAmerican ExpressCorporate card
3759**HKAmerican Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card
376014UKAmerican ExpressBritish Airways British Airways Premium Plus Black Card
376211SGSingapore Airlines Krisflyer American Express Gold Credit Card
3763**HKAmerican Express
376317SGUOBPRVI Miles
3764**American ExpressCredit Card
3766**MXAmerican Express, Platinum, Sri LankaCharge card
3767**MXAmerican ExpressPlatinum Black card
376966CNChina CITIC BankAmerican Express Card
376968CNChina CITIC BankAmerican Express Gold Card
370286CNChina Merchants BankAmerican Express Gold Card
3770**UKLloyds TSBAirmiles American Express Card
377021VEAmerican Express Corp-Banca / Banco Occidental de Descuento
377081UKLloyds TSBAirmiles Premier American Express Card
377100HKAmerican ExpressPlatinum credit card
377107HKStandard Chartered (Hong Kong)
377128UKMBNA Europe Bank (Bank of America)bmi Credit Card
377165HKCitibank (Hong Kong)Citibank Cash Back American Express® Card
3772**American ExpressStarwood Preferred Guest hotel loyalty credit card
377315UKMBNA Europe Bank (Bank of America)bmi plus Credit Card
377316UKMBNA Europe Bank (Bank of America)Virgin Atlantic Credit Card
377437NZWestpachotpoints Gold American Express
377443NZAmerican ExpressBlack Card
377445NZBMW American Express Card
377663TWChinatrust Commercial Bank寰遊美國運通卡
377690UKLloyds TSBAvios Premier American Express Card (Project Verde)
377666, 374757LVCitadeleCitadele bank American Express debit and credit cards
377705, 377706, 377735, 377736, 377737, 377738, 377739, 377745, 377746, 377747, 377748, 377749AUAmerican ExpressDavid Jones Storecard, David Jones American Express Card or David Jones American Express Platinum Card
377750PEBanco InterbankAmerican Express Interbank Lifemiles card, Avianca Lifemiles Program
377826CLBanco SantanderClub de Lectores El Mercurio
377876AUNational Australia Bank
377883AUNational Australia Bank
377982KRShinhan AMEX Card
377989KRSamsung AMEX Card
379192KRHana SK Card
3797**USAmerican ExpressDelta SkyMiles Gold Card


Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
384100BRItaú UnibancoHipercard
384140BRItaú UnibancoHipercard
384160BRItaú UnibancoHipercard


Banking and financial (4*****)[edit]

Visa (40****)[edit]

Visa (41****)[edit]

Visa (42****)[edit]

Visa (43****)[edit]

Visa (44****)[edit]

Visa (45****)[edit]

Visa (46****)[edit]

Visa (47****)[edit]

Visa (48****)[edit]

Visa (49****)[edit]

Banking and financial (5*****)[edit]

Mastercard (50****)[edit]

Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
500235CANational Bank of CanadaATM/Debit Card
500766CABank of MontrealATM/Debit Card
501007AUWestpac Banking CorporationHandycard ATM (including Cirrus) and eftpos card
501008AUWestpac Banking CorporationMondex purse card (2000 trial - no longer used)
501012CAMeridian Credit UnionDebit and Exchange Network Card
502029∅ASPIDERSmartcards for Mobile Telecommunications∅
502123KRKB Kookmin CardCheck Card (Maestro Debit Card)
502849CAChase BankStore credit/charge card
503615ZAStandard Bank of South AfricaMaestro Debit Card
504507Barnes & NobleGift Card
504834INING Vysya BankMaestro Debit/ATM Card
504837USFleet BankATM Only Card.
5049**USCitiBankSears Card
507683USMissouri EBT Card
5077**USMaestro EBT Card
507704USMaestro Indiana EBT Card
507708USMaestro Wisconsin EBT Card
507709USMaestro Kentucky EBT Card
507711USMaestro Michigan EBT Card
507717USMaestro Texas EBT Card
507719USMaestro California EBT Card
507720USMaestro West Virginia EBT Card∤

Mastercard (51****)[edit]

Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
510000ROAmro Bank
510001GRAgricultural Bank of Greece
510002EEEstonia Credit Bank
510003KRSamsung Card Co
510008NLVSB International
510010PLPowszchny Bank Kredytowy Warszawie
510015-510016GRAgricultural Bank of Greece
510017ESFimestic Bank
510018PLPKO Savings Bank
510019HUBudapest Bank LtdInvestment Card, embossed.
510029NLVSB International
510030FISEB Kort
510034ESFimestic Bank
510035BYBelarus Bank
510036ADSabadell Bank of Andorra
510037GRGeneral Bank of Greece
510038-510039RUBank of Trade Unions Solidarity and Social Investment (Solidarnost)
510040US5-Star Bank
510047RUJSC Russian Standart BankMastercard Standart Credit Card
510069RURaiffeisen BankMasterCard Debit
510082RUCommercial Bank Master-BankMastercard Gold Credit Card
510087ESSantander BankDebit Card
510092RUJSC Russian Standart BankMastercard Gold Credit Card
510136CZCitiBankGold Credit Card
510197UBS AGMasterCard
510259PLAlior SyncMasterCard Debit Card
510737KRShinhan CardMasterCard Check
510782USFirstMerit CorporationMasterCard Debit Card
5108**INGDirectElectric Orange Debit Card
510840The Bancorp BankHigher One MasterCard Debit Card
510875USLake Michigan Credit UnionMasterCard Debit Card
510982USUSAAUSAA Cash Rewards Debit MasterCard
511000-511199USChase Manhattan Bank USA
5112**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 00-22, 24, 27, 28, 30-35, 39, 42-44, 61-68, 73-79, 81-84, 88, 93, 94, 96, 98
511300-511499USChase Manhattan Bank USA
5115**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 00-10, 14, 14, 19-24, 28, 30, 32-34, 36, 38-40, 43-44, 48, 53, 55, 59, 62-64, 66-68, 72-74, 78-79, 85-86, 90, 92-95
5116**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 00-05, 07-10, 14, 20, 22, 42, 47, 50, 54, 56, 61, 64-65, 67-69, 71, 73-74, 76-86, 88-96, 98-99
5117**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 12, 16, 21, 26, 30,32-34, 40, 42-44, 46-49, 56, 60, 62-63, 65-67, 70-71, 74-75, 78-85, 88, 90-91, 93-94, 96, 99
5118**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 00, 07-09
511810USPayPalPayPal Secure Credit Card
511842PEScotiaBank PerúMastercard debit Card
5118**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 12-34, 36-44, 47-53, 56-57, 59-61, 64-67, 69-72, 74-76, 78-82, 85, 87-99
5119**USChase Manhattan Bank USASubCodes: 00-02, 04, 10, 11, 13, 16-17, 20-21, 32, 34, 37-39, 42, 53, 58, 64, 67, 72 74, 81, 87-88, 95, 98-99
512000USWestern States BankCard Association
512005USWestern States BankCard Association
512010USWestern States BankCard Association
512012USChase Manhattan Bank USA
512015USWestern States BankCard Association
512022USWestern States BankCard Association
512023JOInternational Card
512024USWestern States BankCard Association
512105USWestern States BankCard Association
512106-512108USSears National BankCiti Sears MasterCard
512109CLCorp Banca
512110-512111USWestern States BankCard Association
512127AUBankWest Business Debit MasterCard
512136USWestern States BankCard Association
5122**USWestern States BankCard AssociationSubCodes: 07, 10, 11, 13, 21, 40, 44, 62, 65, 68, 77, 78, 81-83, 87-89, 90, 93, 95, 97
5123**USWestern States BankCard AssociationSubCodes: 44, 56, 69, 75, 87-88, 90
512462Lotte CardMasterCard Gold Card
5125**USWestern States BankCard AssociationSubCodes: 00, 02-09, 11-50
512551-512555ESEuropay 6000
512568PLCitiGold MasterCard Citi Poland
512569UKLloyds TSB
512607Continental FinanceMasterCard $300 Limit Card
512622INSBITata Card Mastercard Credit Card
512687UKSainsburySainsbury Credit Card
5130**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 11, 15-18, 20-38
513100FREuropay France
513101FREuropay France Crédit AgricoleGold MasterCard Credit Card
5131**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 02-40
513141FREuropay France Crédit AgricoleMasterCard Credit Card
513142FREuropay France
513143FREuropay France Advanzia BankMasterCard Credit Card
5131**FREuropay France Advanzia BankSubCodes: 44-99
5132**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00-03, 07-21, 24-25, 30-49, 50-58, 61-79, 83-88, 90-94, 96-97, 99
5133**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00, 10, 20, 50
5134**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00, 11-13
513453FRBNP ParibasMasterCard Credit Card
5135**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00-34
513536FREuropay France BRED Banque PopulaireAffinity MasterCard Credit Card
5135**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 37-70
5136**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00-23
513624FREuropay France - Barclays Bank PLCMasterCard Platinum
5136**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 24-53, 55, 62-70, 98-99
513691RURussian Standard Bank, RussiaMasterCard Unembossed (Instant Issue)
5137**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00, 04, 07-08, 10-14
5138**FREuropay FranceSubCodes: 00-35
513900FREuropay France
514011USIntegra Bank
514012USCitiBank South Dakota
514013USElgin First Credit Union
514016USMiramar First Credit Union
514017USFranklin Templeton Bank and Trust
514019-514020USWells Fargo
514021USJuniper BankNow known as Barclays Bank PLC
514022USNavy Federal Credit Union
514045AUAussieMastercard Credit Card
514102USPark National Bank
514108USParadigm Bank Texas
514250AUCommonwealth SecuritiesDebit Mastercard
514253USEDS Employees First Credit Union
514700Mascoma Savings BankBusiness Mastercard Debit Card
514876KRCitiBankPlatinum MasterCard
514889USJuniper BankNow known as Barclays Bank PLC
514923USChase Manhattan Bank USA
515462USBankcorp Bank "Vanilla" Sams Club Gift PrePaid
515682NZWestpac New ZealandWestpac Titanium Mastercard
515854RUCitibank Citigold Debit Card
517644USMiramar First Credit Union
516010PLPolbank EFGMasterCard Credit Card
516029CitiFinancialShell/CitiFinancial Europe MasterCard
516300AUWestpac Banking Corporation
516310AUWestpac Banking Corporation
516315AUWestpac Banking Corporation
516331RUSvyaznoy Bank
516335AUWestpac Banking Corporation
516321AUWestpac Banking CorporationAustralia Mastercard Credit Card
516337AUWestpac Banking CorporationAustralia Platinum MasterCard
516361AUWestpac Banking CorporationDebit MasterCard
516366AUWestpac Banking CorporationDebit MasterCard
516390AUWestpac Banking CorporationMasterCard
517044IEEBS Building SocietyDebit MasterCard
517651US5-Star Bank
517652HDFC BankMasterCard Gold Credit Card
517669UKHSBC(formerly Household) MasterCard Credit Card
517805USCapital One BankMasterCard Credit Card
517869USUnion Bank[disambiguation needed]MasterCard Debit Card
518126Utility WarehouseMasterCard PrePaid Card
518127CAPresident's Choice FinancialMasterCard Credit Card
518142UKMBNAMasterCard[citation needed]
518145UKRoyal Bank of ScotlandTesco Bank Classic MasterCard Credit Card
518152UKTesco Bank ClubCard MasterCard Credit Card
518175UKMBNABritish Midland Airways MasterCard
518346DEUnicredit Bank AGUnicredit Bank AG Mastercard
518390USCitibankSunoco or Conoco Mastercard
518396NZWarehouse Financial ServicesThe Warehouse MasterCard
518542HKHSBCPremier Banking World Mastercard
518676IEAvantCardAvantCard (formerly MBNA Ireland) Platinum MasterCard
518681RUAvangard BankMasterCard Credit Card Platinum
518756AUME Bank Mastercard
518791Lloyds TSBMasterCard CreditCard
518868AUBendigo Bankbendigoblue MasterCard Debit
518901RUTinkoff Credit SystemsYandex Money Card
518996RussiaUniCredit Bank,
519000CABank of Montreal
519113CABank of Montreal
519120-519123CABank of Montreal
519129CABank of Montreal
519133CABank of Montreal
519140-519143CABank of Montreal
519154CABank of Montreal
519161-519162CABank of Montreal
519173CABank of Montreal
519180-519183CABank of Montreal
519200-519202CABank of Montreal
519220-519223CABank of Montreal
519240-519242CABank of Montreal
519244AUBendigo BankBusiness Blue Debit Mastercard
519259CABank of Montreal
519269CABank of MontrealUSD Mastercard
519281CABank of Montreal
519283CABank of Montreal
519290CABank of Montreal
519293-519294CABank of Montreal
519322-519323CABank of Montreal
519332CABank of Montreal
519342CABank of Montreal
519371CABank of Montreal
519373CABank of Montreal
519381CABank of Montreal
519383CABank of Montreal
519390-519391CABank of Montreal
519393-519395CABank of Montreal
519398CAHSBC Canada
519400CABank of Montreal
519403CABank of Montreal
519409CABank of Montreal
519430-519431CABank of Montreal
519433-519434CABank of Montreal
519443CABank of Montreal
519463PHBanco De OroMasterCard Debit Card
519490-519491CABank of Montreal
519493-519494CABank of Montreal
519520AltairPrepaid Cards
519525Contis Group & EZPayPrepaid Cards
519540-519544CABank of Montreal

Insufficient Digits[edit]

Mastercard (52****)[edit]

Mastercard (53****)[edit]

Mastercard (54****)[edit]

Mastercard (55****)[edit]

Maestro and others (56****)[edit]




Merchandising and banking/financial (6*****)[edit]



This series is presently not used by any known issuer.


China UnionPay (6200**-6250**)[edit]




Discover (65****)[edit]

Card NumberIssuing CountryIssuing AuthorityNotes
6541**KRBC CardBC Global[2]
6556**KRBC CardBC Global[2]


Maestro (67****)[edit]



Petroleum and other future industry assignments (7*****)[edit]

Healthcare, telecommunications and other future industry assignments (8*****)[edit]

Telecommunications (89****)[edit]

United States (8901**, 8914**)[edit]

Egypt (8920**)[edit]

Spain (8934**)[edit]

Austria (8943**)[edit]

Great Britain (8944**)[edit]

Germany (8949**)[edit]

Mexico (8952**)[edit]

National assignment (9*****)[edit]

Assigned by national standards bodies. The three digits after the leading 9 are an ISO 3166-1 numeric country code.

Estonia (9233**)[edit]

Sweden (9752**)[edit]

South Korea (944***)[edit]

United Kingdom (9826**)[edit]

Others (9*****)[edit]

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  2. ^ a b c d Final two digits of BC Card BIN refers to its member bank/credit card company: 03-Industrial Bank of Korea, 06-Kookmin Card, 11- Nonghyup Bank, 12-Agricultural CO-OP, 20-Woori Bank, 23-Standard Chartered Korea, 25-Hana SK Card, 27-Citibank Korea, 31-Daegu Bank, 32-Busan Bank, 39-Kyongnam Bank, 78-Shinhan Card

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