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BBC News employs many presenters and correspondents who appear across TV, radio and contribute to BBC Online. BBC News provides TV journalism to BBC One bulletins and the rolling news channels BBC World News and the BBC News Channel in the UK. In addition BBC News runs rolling news network BBC Radio 5 Live and the international BBC World Service. They also contribute to strands across BBC Radio 4 and bulletins on all radio networks. The BBC has over 200 correspondents based both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

TV news presenters[edit]

National presenters[edit]

PresenterProgramme(s)Regular hours
Bill TurnbullBBC Breakfast0600–0915 Monday–Wednesday
Louise MinchinBBC Breakfast0600–0915 Monday–Wednesday
Charlie StaytBBC Breakfast0600–0915 Thursday & Friday, 0600–1000 Saturday
Naga MunchettyBBC Breakfast
The Andrew Marr Show
0600–0915 Thursday & Friday, 0600–1000 Saturday & Sunday
Sophie RaworthBBC News at One
BBC News at Six
1300–1330 Monday–Thursday
1800–1830 Monday–Thursday (Cover for George Alagiah)
Kate SilvertonBBC News at One
BBC Weekend News
1300–1330 Friday (On maternity leave)
Various times Saturday & Sunday (alternate)
George AlagiahBBC News at Six1800–1830 Monday–Thursday (On health leave)
Fiona BruceBBC News at Six
BBC News at Ten
1800–1830 Friday
2200–2230 Friday
Huw EdwardsBBC News at Ten2200–2230 Monday–Thursday
Ellie CrisellBBC News 8pm summaryMonday–Thursday
Riz LateefBBC News 8pm summaryFriday
Evan DavisNewsnight2230–2320 Monday–Wednesday
Kirsty WarkNewsnight2230–2320 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Emily MaitlisNewsnight
Laura KuenssbergNewsnight
Maxine MawhinneyBBC Weekend NewsVarious times Saturday & Sunday
Mishal HusainBBC Weekend NewsVarious times Sunday (alternate)

BBC News Channel presenters[edit]

PresenterProgramme(s)Regular hours
Simon McCoyBBC News0830–1100 Monday–Thursday, Friday (alternate)
Sophie LongBBC News0830–1100 Monday, 1100–1400 Friday
Annita McVeighBBC News0830–1100 Tuesday–Friday
Joanna GoslingBBC News1100–1400 Monday–Thursday
Ben BrownBBC News1400–1700 Monday–Thursday
Emily Maitlis[A]BBC News1400–1700 Monday
Jane HillBBC News1400–1700 Tuesday–Friday
Chris EakinBBC News1400–1700 Friday, 1600–2000 Saturday & Sunday
Victoria DerbyshireTBA (Outside Source or Victoria Derbyshire)TBC (From Autumn 2014)
Huw EdwardsBBC News at Five1700–1800 Monday–Thursday
Maxine MawhinneyBBC News1000–1600 Saturday, 1300–1600 Sunday, 1830–2100 Monday
Gavin EslerBBC News, BBC News at Five1830–2100 Tuesday–Thursday, 1700–1800 Friday
Julian WorrickerBBC News1830–2100 Friday
Clive MyrieBBC News at Nine, BBC News, The Papers2100–0100 Monday–Wednesday, Thursday (alternate)
Martine CroxallBBC News at Nine, BBC News, The Papers2100–0100 Thursday (alternate) & Friday, 2000–0030 Saturday & Sunday
Nicholas OwenBBC News, The Papers0900–1300 Sunday


The BBC News Channel simulcasts BBC World News from 0100–0600. All week Hardtalk can usually be seen from 1230–0100. Sometimes other programmes such as the Politics Show are shown. Part of this programming is usually shown on BBC One overnight during its 'closedown' hours. The 11:30 UK edition of BBC World News is shown on BBC Two Monday–Friday but not on Wednesdays, when Parliament is sitting. On weekdays, a version of World News Today at 19:00 British Time. The first half hour of this programme can be seen in the UK on BBC Four.

BBC World News presenters[edit]

PresenterProgramme(s)Regular hours
Mike EmbleyBBC World News, BBC News0200–0500 Tuesday–Friday
Adnan NawazBBC World News, BBC News0200–0500 Monday, 0200–0600 Saturday, 0100–0600 Sunday (on rota),
0800–1200 Monday–Thursday (alternate), Friday (alternate) (on rota)
TBABBC World News, BBC News0500–0800 Monday–Wednesday (alternate)
TBABBC World News, BBC News0500–0800 Friday, 0600–1200 Saturday & Sunday
David EadesBBC World News0800–1200 Monday–Thursday (alternate), Friday (alternate) (on rota)
Geeta Guru-MurthyBBC World News0800–1200 Monday–Thursday (alternate), Friday (alternate) (on rota)
George AlagiahGMT1200–1300 Monday–Thursday (On leave due to health reasons)
Stephen SackurGMT1200–1300 Most Fridays
Karin GiannoneBBC World News1300–1400 Monday–Thursday (Currently on an assignment covering the Oscar Pistorius murder trail)
Yalda HakimImpact1400–1530 Monday–Thursday
Lucy HockingsImpact1400–1530 Friday (Monday–Thursday alternate)
Matthew AmroliwalaGlobal1600–1730 Monday–Thursday
Tim WillcoxGlobal(Alternate presenter)
Chloe TilleyWorld Have Your Say1600–1700 Friday
Ros AtkinsOutside Source1800–1830 Monday–Thursday
Sophie IkneyeFocus on Africa1830–1900 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Peter OkwocheFocus on Africa1830–1900 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Philippa ThomasWorld News Today1900–2030 Monday–Thursday
Tanya BeckettBusiness Edition2100–2200 Monday–Thursday
Jamie RobertsonBBC World News, Business Edition2000–2200 Friday
Katty KayBBC World News America2200–2300 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Laura TrevelyanBBC World News America2200–2300 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Babita SharmaNewsday2300–0200 Monday–Thursday
Rico HizonNewsday2300–0200 Monday–Thursday
Kasia MaderaNewsday, World News Today, BBC News1900–2000 Friday, 2300–0200 Friday & Saturday
Sharanjit LeylNewsday2300–0200 Friday
TBCBBC World News1200–1800 Saturday & Sunday
Peter DobbieBBC World News1800–2300 Sunday

Relief presenters[edit]

Roger JohnsonBBC BreakfastBBC One
Jon KayBBC BreakfastBBC One
Sian LloydBBC BreakfastBBC One
John MaguireBBC BreakfastBBC One
Steph McGovernBBC BreakfastBBC One
Sally NugentBBC BreakfastBBC One
Reeta ChakrabartiBBC News, BBC News at One, BBC News at Six, BBC News at TenBBC One, BBC News Channel
Sian WilliamsBBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, BBC NewsBBC One, BBC News Channel
Alice BaxterBBC World News, World News Today, BBC NewsBBC One, BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Sally BundockBBC World News, BBC NewsBBC One, BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Rajesh MirchandaniBBC News, BBC World News, World News Today,BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Tim WillcoxBBC News, BBC World NewsBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Adam ParsonsBBC News, BBC World News, NewsdayBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Gavin GreyBBC News, BBC World News, NewsdayBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Chris RogersBBC News, BBC World News, NewsdayBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Fiona ArmstrongBBC NewsBBC News Channel
Christian FraserBBC News, BBC BreakfastBBC One, BBC News Channel
Rebecca JonesBBC NewsBBC News Channel
Ian PannellBBC NewsBBC News Channel
Matthew PriceBBC NewsBBC News Channel
Rachel SchofieldBBC NewsBBC News Channel
Carole WalkerBBC NewsBBC News Channel
Lucy HockingsBBC World NewsBBC World News
Nik GowingBBC World NewsBBC World News
Dani SinhaBBC World NewsBBC World News
Maleen SaeedBBC World NewsBBC World News
Daniela RitortoBBC World News, World News Today, BBC NewsBBC World News, BBC News Channel
Nuala McGovernBBC World NewsBBC World News
James MenendezBBC World NewsBBC World News
Lyse DoucetBBC World News, Impact, NewsnightBBC Two, BBC World News
Mariko Oi (On maternity leave)BBC News, BBC World NewsBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Shaun LeyBBC News, BBC World NewsBBC News Channel, BBC World News

Radio news presenters[edit]

BBC Radio 4[edit]

PresenterProgramme(s)Regular hours
John HumphrysToday0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
James NaughtieToday0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Sarah MontagueToday0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Justin WebbToday0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Mishal HusainToday0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Martha KearneyThe World at One1300–1345 Monday–Thursday
Shaun LeyThe World at One, The World This Weekend1300–1345 Friday, 1300–1330 Sunday (Until Autumn 2014)
Mark MardellThe World at One, The World This Weekend1300–1345 Friday, 1300–1330 Sunday (From Autumn 2014)
Eddie MairPM1700–1800 Monday–Friday
Ritula ShahThe World Tonight2200–2245 Monday–Tuesday
Philippa ThomasThe World Tonight2200–2245 Friday
Carolyn QuinnSaturday PM, The Westminster Hour1700–1730 Saturday, 2200–2300 Sunday
Paddy O'ConnellBroadcasting House0900–1000 Sunday

BBC Radio 5 Live[edit]

PresenterProgramme(s)Regular hours
Nicky Campbell5 Live Breakfast0600–1000 Monday–Friday
Rachel Burden5 Live Breakfast0600–1000 Monday–Friday
Caroline BakerSaturday Breakfast0600–0900 Saturday
Phil GayleSaturday Breakfast0600–0900 Saturday
Tony LiveseySunday Breakfast0600–0830 Sunday
Garry RichardsonSportsweek0830–0930 Sunday
Danny BakerThe Danny Baker Show0900–1100 Saturday
Victoria DerbyshireVictoria Derbyshire1000–1200 Monday–Friday
Shelagh FogartyShelagh Fogarty1200–1400 Monday–Friday
Richard BaconRichard Bacon1400–1600 Monday–Thursday
Mark KermodeKermode and Mayo's Film Review1400–1600 Friday
Simon MayoKermode and Mayo's Film Review1400–1600 Friday
Peter Allen5 Live Drive1600–1900 Monday–Friday
Louise Minchin5 Live Drive1600–1900 Monday–Tuesday
Anna Foster5 Live Drive1600–1900 Wednesday–Friday
Chris WarburtonSaturday Edition2000–2200 Saturday
Declan CurryOn the Money2000–2030 Sunday
Adrian Goldberg5 Live Investigates[1]2100–2200 Sunday
Phil WilliamsPhil Williams2230–0100 Monday–Wednesday
Stephen NolanQuestion Time Extra Time
Stephen Nolan
2200–0100 Thursday
2200–0100 Friday–Sunday
Rhod SharpUp All Night0100–0500 Monday–Wednesday
Dotun AdebayoUp All Night0100–0500 Thursday–Sunday

BBC World Service presenters[edit]

PresenterProgramme(s)Regular hours (GMT)
Pascale HarterFrom Our Own Correspondent1950–2000 Monday–Friday (UK/Europe)
Alan KasujjaNewsday0200–0500 Monday–Wednesday
Bola MosuroNewsday0200–0500 Thursday–Friday
Julian KeaneNewsday, The Newsroom0200–0500 Thursday–Friday, 2300 Friday; 0200, 0300, 0400 Saturday
Nuala McGovernNewsday0500–0730 Monday–Friday
Lawrence PollardNewsday0500–0730 Monday–Friday
Nkem IfejikaNewsday0200–0500; 0500–0730 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Tom HaglerNewsday0200–0500; 0500–0730 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Rajesh MirchandaniNewsday0200–0500; 0500–0730 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Shelagh FogartyNewsday0200–0500; 0500–0730 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Bilkisu LabaranNewsday0200–0500; 0500–0730 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Julian WorrickerWeekend0500–0730; Saturday–Sunday (alternate)
Fergus NicollWeekend0500–0730; Saturday–Sunday (alternate)
Andrew PeachNewshour, The Newsroom and WeekendVarious times; 0500–0730 Saturday–Sunday (alternate)
Dan DamonWorld Update0900–1000 Monday–Friday
Ros AtkinsOutside Source1000–1100 Monday–Thursday
Karin GiannoneOutside Source1000–1100 Friday
Krupa PadhyOutside SourceAlternate presenter
Ben JamesWorld: Have Your Say1700–1800 Monday–Friday
Jill McGiveringWorld: Have Your SayAlternate presenter
Peter DobbieWorld: Have Your SayAlternate presenter
Owen Bennett-JonesNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
James CoomarasamyNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
James MenendezNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
Lyse DoucetNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
Razia IqbalNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
Julian MarshallNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
Tim FranksNewshourAlternate presenter (on rota)
Jonathan SavageThe NewsroomAlternate presenter (on rota)
Valerie SandersonThe NewsroomAlternate presenter (on rota)
Frederick DoveThe NewsroomAlternate presenter (on rota)
Oliver ConwayThe NewsroomAlternate presenter (on rota)
Mark ColesThe NewsroomAlternate presenter (on rota)
Roger HearingBusiness Matters0000–0100 Tuesday–Saturday (alternate presenter - on rota)
Mark WhittakerBusiness Matters0000–0100 Tuesday–Saturday (alternate presenter - on rota)
Jon BithreyBusiness Matters0000–0100 Tuesday–Saturday (alternate presenter - on rota)
Susannah StreeterBusiness Matters0000–0100 Tuesday–Saturday (alternate presenter - on rota)
Manuela SaragosaBusiness Matters0000–0100 Tuesday–Saturday (alternate presenter - on rota)


Foreign correspondents[edit]

The list below reflects correspondents' normal postings. During major international events, such as the Libyan crisis of 2011 and the Gaza conflict of 2014, foreign correspondents may be redeployed from their normal bases to cover such stories temporarily on a rota (when they are usually branded "World Affairs Correspondents"), before returning to their normal base.

World Affairs[edit]


Chief International Correspondent & Contributing Editor:

International Correspondent:

Diplomatic Correspondent & Contributing Editor:


Middle East[edit]



U.S. & Canada[edit]









Latin America[edit]


Asia Pacific Editor:

South Asia Editor:

China Editor:



Specialist correspondents[edit]




Deputy Editor:

Assistant Editor:

Chief Correspondents:


National Editors:




Contributing Editor:

  • Branwen Jeffreys


Home Affairs[edit]


Contributing Editor:



  • Ben Ando

Social Affairs[edit]

Contributing Editor:

  • Alison Holt

Disability Correspondent:

Legal Affairs[edit]




  • Gillian Hargreaves
  • Sean Coughlan

Religious Affairs[edit]

Contributing Editor:

Diplomatic and Royal[edit]






Business and Economics[edit]


Chief Correspondents and Contributing Editors:


  • Jonty Bloom[5]
  • Andrew Walker – Economics
  • Simon Gompertz – Personal Finance
  • Joe Lynam
  • John Moylan
  • Rob Pittam
  • Emma Simpson







Rural Affairs[edit]

  • Vacant


  • Richard Westcott




  • Nick Higham
  • Emma Jones
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Tim Masters
  • Lizo MzimbaEntertainment
  • David Sillito
  • Alex Stanger
  • Jobe Bruzas




National/Regional correspondents[edit]

Northern England[edit]

  • Danny Savage
  • Dan Johnson
  • Nick Ravenscroft
  • Judith Moritz
  • Ed Thomas

Eastern England[edit]


West & South of England[edit]

  • Jon Kay (West of England)
  • Duncan Kennedy (South of England)
  • Andrew Plant
  • Ben Moore


  • Lorna Gordon
  • Laura Bicker
  • James Cook
  • Colin Blaine
  • James Shaw

Northern Ireland[edit]

  • Chris Buckler
  • Andy Martin


  • Hywel Griffith

Contributing Editors[edit]

Mainly for BBC News: The Editors

News correspondents[edit]

News Editor:

Deputy News Editor:

  • Toby Castle


  • Anna Adams – Interactive Reporter
  • Daniel Boettcher
  • Jon Brain
  • Colin Campbell
  • Sabet Choudhury – Bristol
  • Jeremy Cooke
  • Jordan Davies
  • Keith Doyle
  • Jane Frances-Kelly
  • Christian Fraser
  • Lisa Hampele
  • Sophie Hutchinson
  • Emma-Jane Kirby
  • Richard Lister
  • Lisa McAllister
  • Andy Moore
  • Sangita Myska
  • Emma North
  • Jane Peel
  • Robert Pigott
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Terry Stiastny
  • Philippa ThomasWorld Affairs
  • Philippa Young

Programme correspondents[edit]


  • John Maguire
  • Tim Muffett
  • Graham Satchell

Daily Politics


PM / The World at One

  • Andrew Bomford
  • Michael Buchanan
  • Becky Milligan
  • Hugh Sykes

The World Tonight

  • Charlotte Ashton
  • Paul Moss


Segment presenters[edit]

BBC News employs a number of business and sports presenters to anchor sections of news programmes.


PresenterRegular shifts
John BennettSport Today, BBC News Channel
Rob BonnetToday
Mike BushellBBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel[6]
Reshmin ChowdhuryBBC World News
Jenny CulshawBBC News Channel[6]
Frances DonovanBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Katherine DownesBBC News Channel[6]
Azi FarniBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Olly FosterBBC News Channel,[6] BBC Weekend News
Russell FullerBBC World Service, BBC News Channel, 5 Live
Karthi GnanasegaramBBC News Channel, BBC World News[6]
Katie GornallBBC News Channel[6]
Lizzie Greenwood-HughesBBC News Channel, BBC Weekend News, Saturday Sportsday
Amelia Harris-LindsayBBC News Channel, BBC World News[6]
Mandy HenryBBC News Channel
Damian JohnsonBBC News Channel[6]
Phil JonesBBC World News[6]
Jonathan LegardToday, 5 Live, BBC News Channel
Andrew LindsayBBC News Channel, BBC World News[6]
Sally NugentBBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel[6]
Ore OdubaBBC News Channel
Will Perry5 Live, BBC News Channel
Garry RichardsonToday
George Riley5 Live, BBC News Channel
Claire RourkeBBC News Channel
Tulsen TollettBBC World News


PresenterRegular shiftsRegular hours
Alice BaxterBBC World News, BBC News Channel0500–0930 Friday
Tanya BeckettBBC World News,[7] Business Edition1800–2200 Monday–Thursday
Sally BundockBBC World News[8]0500–0930 Monday–Thursday
Mickey ClarkWake Up to Money, 5 Live Breakfast[9]
Sara CoburnBBC World News
Declan CurryBBC News Channel, Radio 5 Live[10][11]
Lesley CurwenBusiness Daily, Today
Sally EdenBBC World News
Juliette FosterBBC World News1400–2300 Monday–Friday
Victoria FritzBBC Business, BBC News Channel,1400–1800 Monday–Friday
Philip HampsheirBBC World News
Penny HaslamBBC Breakfast
Aaron HeslehurstBBC World News[12]0900–1700 Monday–Friday
Rico HizonAsia Business Report, World Business Report[13][14]2300–0600 Monday–Thursday
Simon JackToday[15]0500–1000 Monday–Friday
Dominic LaurieBBC Breakfast, Wake Up to Money, Radio 5 Live[16][17]
Theo LeggettWorld Business Report
Paul LewisBBC Breakfast, Money Box[18][19]
Sharanjit LeylAsia Business Report, World Business Report[20]2300–0600 Friday
Lerato MbeleAfrica Business Report[21]
Steph McGovernBBC Breakfast[22]0600–0915 Monday–Friday
Maryam MoshiriBBC News Channel, BBC World News
Jeremy NaylorWake Up to Money[17]
Adam ParsonsBBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel, Radio 5 Live[23]
Rebecca PikeRadio 2[24]
Jamie RobertsonBBC World News, BBC Business, BBC News Channel,[25] Business Edition1600–2200 Friday
Justin RowlattBusiness Daily[26]
Manuela SaragosaWorld Business Report
Ben ThompsonBBC Breakfast, BBC Business, BBC News Channel, BBC World News0830–1400 Monday–Friday
Andrew VerityNewsnight, Wake Up to Money, 5 Live Breakfast[9][27]

Weather forecasters[edit]

BBC Weather employs a number of broadcast meteorologists to deliver forecasts across its range of television and radio services. Most forecasters work across all mediums and shifts.

Programme presenters[edit]

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  • A ^ There is no fixed presenter for this shift at the present moment. Jon Sopel left this slot in December 2012; a new presenter will be instated in the March 2013 presenter reshuffle. Currently Clive Myrie, Ben Brown and Julian Worricker regularly alternate on this slot.
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