List of birds of Australia

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The list scope includes outlying islands:
    1. Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    2. Christmas Island
    3. Ashmore Reef
    4. Torres Strait Islands
    5. Lord Howe Island
    6. Norfolk Island
    7. Macquarie Island
    8. Heard Island and McDonald Islands

This is a list of the wild birds found in Australia including its outlying islands and territories, but excluding the Australian Antarctic Territory. The outlying islands covered include: Christmas, Cocos (Keeling), Ashmore, Torres Strait, Coral Sea, Lord Howe, Norfolk, Macquarie, and Heard/McDonald. The list includes introduced species, common vagrants and recently extinct species. It excludes extirpated introductions (e.g. Ostrich), some very rare vagrants (seen once) and species only present in captivity. Eight hundred and forty-two extant species are listed.

The taxonomy followed is from Christidis and Boles, 2008.[1] Their system has been developed over nearly two decades[2] and has strong local support[3], but deviates in important ways from more generally accepted schemes.

Table of contents

Non-passerines: Emu and cassowaries . Mound-builders . Guineafowl . Partridges, pheasants, quail . Magpie Goose . Ducks, geese and swans . Tropicbirds . Grebes . Pigeons and doves . Frogmouths . Nightjars . Owlet-nightjar . Swifts . Storm-petrels . Albatross . Shearwaters and petrels . Penguins . Frigatebirds . Boobies and gannets . Darters . Cormorants . Pelicans . Storks . Bitterns, herons and egrets . Ibis and spoonbills . Hawks, kites and eagles . Osprey . Falcons . Cranes . Rails, crakes, and coots . Bustards . Sheathbills . Stone-curlews (thick-knees) . Oystercatchers . Avocets and stilts . Plovers and lapwings . Plains Wanderer . Jacanas . Painted Snipe . Waders . Buttonquails . Pratincoles . Skuas . Gulls and terns . Parrots and allies . Cuckoos . True owls . Barn owls . River kingfishers . Tree kingfishers . Bee-eaters . Rollers .

Passerines: Pittas . Lyrebirds . Scrub-birds . Treecreepers . Bowerbirds and catbirds . Fairy-wrens, emu-wrens and grasswrens . Bristlebirds . Scrubwrens, thornbills and allies . Pardalotes . Honeyeaters . Babblers . Logrunner and chowchilla . Quail-thrush, whipbirds and wedgebills . Sittella . Cuckoo-shrikes and trillers . Whistlers and allies . Figbird and orioles . Currawongs, woodswallows, butcherbirds & allies . Drongo . Fantails . Shrikes . Magpie, crows and ravens . Monarch Flycatchers . Chough and apostlebird . Birds of Paradise, riflebirds . Australasian robins . Larks . Cisticolas and allies . Reed-Warblers . Grassbirds, songlarks and allies . White-eyes . Old World warblers . Leaf-warblers . Swallows . Bulbuls . Old World flycatchers . Thrushes and allies . Starlings . Sunbirds and spiderhunters . Australasian finches, firetails and waxbills . Old World sparrows . Wagtails and pipits . Finches, crossbills and allies . Buntings, seedeaters and allies .

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Cassowaries and relatives

Order: Casuariformes. Family: Casuariidae This family of flightless ratite birds is represented by two living species in Australia, another two having perished since human settlement.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Southern CassowaryCasuarius casuarius
EmuDromaius novaehollandiae
King Island EmuDromaius aterextinct
Kangaroo Island EmuDromaius baudinianusextinct


Order: Galliformes. Family: Megapodidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian Brush-turkeyAlectura lathami
MalleefowlLeipoa ocellata
Orange-footed ScrubfowlMegapodius reinwardt


Order: Galliformes. Family: Phasianidae

The Phasianidae is a family of birds which consists of the pheasants and their allies. These are terrestrial species, variable in size but generally plump, with broad, relatively short wings. Many species are gamebirds, or have been domesticated as a food source for humans. Three species are native to Australia, and five commonly domesticated species are feral.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Stubble QuailCoturnix pectoralis
Brown QuailCoturnix ypsilophora
King QuailExcalfactoria chinensis
Indian PeafowlPavo cristatusintroduced
Red JunglefowlGallus gallusintroduced
Green JunglefowlGallus variusintroduced, Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Common PheasantPhasianus colchicusintroduced
Wild TurkeyMeleagris gallopavointroduced


Order: Galliformes. Family: Numididae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Helmeted GuineafowlNumida meleagrisintroduced

Magpie Goose

Order: Anseriformes. Family: Anseranatidae

The family contains a single species, the Magpie Goose. It was an early and distinctive offshoot of the anseriform family tree, diverging after screamers and before all other ducks, geese and swans, sometime in the late Cretaceous. The single species is found across Australia.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Magpie GooseAnseranas semipalmata

Ducks, geese, and swans

Order: Anseriformes. Family: Anatidae

The family Anatidae includes the ducks and most duck-like waterfowl, such as geese and swans. These are adapted for an aquatic existence, with webbed feet, bills that are flattened to a greater or lesser extent, and feathers that are excellent at shedding water due to special oils. In Australia, 26 species have been recorded, of which three have been introduced, and three are vagrants.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Spotted Whistling-DuckDendrocygna guttata
Plumed Whistling-DuckDendrocygna eytoni
Wandering Whistling-DuckDendrocygna arcuata
Musk DuckBiziura lobata
Freckled DuckStictonetta naevosa
Cape Barren GooseCereopsis novaehollandiae
Black SwanCygnus atratus
Mute SwanCygnus olorintroduced
Canada GooseBranta canadensisvagrant, introduced
Radjah ShelduckTadorna radjah
Australian ShelduckTadorna tadornoides
Paradise ShelduckTadorna variegatavagrant, Lord Howe Island
Australian Wood DuckChenonetta jubata
Pink-eared DuckMalacorhynchus membranaceus
Cotton Pygmy-gooseNettapus coromandelianus
Green Pygmy-gooseNettapus pulchellus
GarganeyAnas querquedula
Australasian ShovelerAnas rhynchotis
Northern ShovelerAnas clypeatavagrant
Grey TealAnas gracilis'
Chestnut TealAnas castanea
Northern PintailAnas acutavagrant
Northern MallardAnas platyrhynchosintroduced
Pacific Black DuckAnas superciliosa
HardheadAythya australis
Blue-billed DuckOxyura australis


Order: Pelecaniformes. Family: Phaethontidae

Tropicbirds are slender white birds of tropical oceans, with exceptionally long central tail feathers. Their long wings have black markings, as does the head. Two species have been recorded from Australian waters.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Red-tailed TropicbirdPhaethon rubricauda
White-tailed TropicbirdPhaethon lepturus


Order: Podicipediformes. Family: Podicipedidae

Grebes are small- to medium-large-sized freshwater diving birds. They have lobed toes, and are excellent swimmers and divers. However, they have their feet placed far back on the body, making them quite ungainly on land. Three species have been regularly recorded in Australia, and a fourth is a vagrant.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australasian GrebeTachybaptus novaehollandiae
Little GrebeTachybaptus ruficollisvagrant
Hoary-headed GrebePoliocephalus poliocephalus
Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus

Pigeons and doves

Order: Columbiformes. Family: Columbidae

Pigeons and doves are stout-bodied birds with short necks and short slender bills with a fleshy cere. 31 species have been recorded in Australian territory, five of which have been introduced, and another three are vagrants. Three have become extinct since European colonisation.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Rock PigeonColumba liviaintroduced
White-throated PigeonColumba vitiensisextinct, Lord Howe Island
White-headed PigeonColumba leucomela
Barbary DoveStreptopelia roseogriseaintroduced
Red Collared DoveStreptopelia tranquebaricaintroduced, Christmas Island
Laughing DoveStreptopelia senegalensisintroduced
Spotted DoveStreptopelia chinensisintroduced
Brown Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia amboinensis
Emerald DoveChalcophaps indica
Common BronzewingPhaps chalcoptera
Brush BronzewingPhaps elegans
Flock BronzewingPhaps histrionica
Crested PigeonOcyphaps lophotes
Spinifex PigeonGeophaps plumifera
Partridge PigeonGeophaps smithii
Squatter PigeonGeophaps scripta
White-quilled Rock-PigeonPetrophassa albipennis
Chestnut-quilled Rock-PigeonPetrophassa rufipennis
Diamond DoveGeopelia cuneata
Peaceful DoveGeopelia striata
Bar-shouldered DoveGeopelia humeralis
Wonga PigeonLeucosarcia picata
Norfolk Island Ground-DoveGallicolumba norfolciensisextinct, Norfolk Island
Banded Fruit-DovePtilinopus cinctus
Wompoo Fruit-DovePtilinopus magnificus
Superb Fruit-DovePtilinopus superbus
Rose-crowned Fruit-DovePtilinopus regina
Orange-bellied Fruit-DovePtilinopus iozonusvagrant, Torres Strait
Elegant Imperial-PigeonDucula concinnavagrant
Christmas Island Imperial PigeonDucula whartoniChristmas Island
Collared Imperial-PigeonDucula mulleriivagrant, Torres Strait
Torresian Imperial-pigeonDucula spilorrhoa
Topknot PigeonLopholaimus antarcticus
New Zealand PigeonHemiphaga novaeseelandiaelocally extinct, Norfolk Island


Order: Podargiformes. Family: Podargidae

The frogmouths are a distinctive group of small nocturnal birds related to swifts found from India across southern Asia to Australia. Three species are found in Australia.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Tawny FrogmouthPodargus strigoides
Papuan FrogmouthPodargus papuensis
Marbled FrogmouthPodargus ocellatus


Order: Caprimulgiformes Families: Eurostopodidae and Caprimulgidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
White-throated NightjarEurostopodus mystacalis
Spotted NightjarEurostopodus argus
Large-tailed NightjarCaprimulgus macrurus
Savanna NightjarCaprimulgus affinisvagrant, Christmas Island
Grey NightjarCaprimulgus indicusvagrant, Ashmore Reef


Order: Aegotheliformes. Family: Aegothelidae

The owlet-nightjars are a distinctive group of small nocturnal birds related to swifts found from the Maluku Islands and New Guinea to Australia and New Caledonia. There are eleven species, one of which is found in Australia.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian Owlet-nightjarAegotheles cristatus


Order: Apodiformes. Family: Apodidae

Swifts are small aerial birds, spending the majority of their lives flying. These birds have very short legs and never settle voluntarily on the ground, perching instead only on vertical surfaces. Many swifts have long swept-back wings that resemble a crescent or a boomerang. There are 98 species worldwide, with eight recorded in Australian territory, four of which are vagrants.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Glossy SwiftletCollocalia esculentavagrant
Linchi SwiftletCollocalia linchiChristmas Island
Australian SwiftletAerodramus terraereginae
Uniform SwiftletAerodramus vanikorensisvagrant
White-throated NeedletailHirundapus caudacutus
Papuan Spine-tailed SwiftMearnsia novaeguineaevagrant, Torres Strait
Fork-tailed SwiftApus pacificus
House SwiftApus affinisvagrant


Order: Procellariiformes. Family: Hydrobatidae

The storm-petrels are the smallest of seabirds, relatives of the petrels, feeding on planktonic crustaceans and small fish picked from the surface, typically while hovering. Their flight is fluttering and sometimes bat-like. One species has been regularly recorded in Tasmania's waters, and two more are vagrants.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Swinhoe's Storm-PetrelHydrobates monorhisvagrant
Leach's Storm-PetrelHydrobates leucorhoavagrant
Tristram's Storm-PetrelHydrobates tristramivagrant
Matsudaira's Storm-PetrelHydrobates matsudairaevagrant
Polynesian Storm-petrelNesofregetta fuliginosavagrant
Wilson's Storm-PetrelOceanites oceanicus
Grey-backed Storm-PetrelGarrodia nereis
White-faced Storm-PetrelPelagodroma marina
Black-bellied Storm-PetrelFregetta tropica
White-bellied Storm-PetrelFregetta grallaria


Order: Procellariiformes. Family: Diomedeidae

The albatrosses are a family of 21 species of large seabird found across the Southern and North Pacific Oceans. The largest are among the largest flying birds in the world. Nine species are regularly seen in Australian waters, with another recorded as a vagrant.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Wandering AlbatrossDiomedea exulans
Royal AlbatrossDiomedea epomophora
Laysan AlbatrossPhoebastria immutabilisvagrant
Black-browed AlbatrossThalassarche melanophris
Shy AlbatrossThalassarche cauta
Grey-headed AlbatrossThalassarche chrysostoma
Yellow-nosed AlbatrossThalassarche chlororhynchos
Buller's AlbatrossThalassarche bulleri
Sooty AlbatrossPhoebetria fusca
Light-mantled Sooty AlbatrossPhoebetria palpebrata

Fulmars, petrels and shearwaters

Order: Procellariiformes. Family: Procellariidae

The procellariids are the main group of medium-sized "true petrels", characterized by united nostrils with medium nasal septum, and a long outer functional primary flight feather. 51 species have been recorded from Australian waters.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Southern Giant-PetrelMacronectes giganteus
Northern Giant-PetrelMacronectes halli
Southern FulmarFulmarus glacialoides
Antarctic PetrelThalassoica antarctica
Cape PetrelDaption capense
Snow PetrelPagodroma niveavagrant, Heard Island
Blue PetrelHalobaena caerulea
Broad-billed PrionPachyptila vittata
Salvin's PrionPachyptila salvini
Antarctic PrionPachyptila desolata
Slender-billed PrionPachyptila belcheri
Fairy PrionPachyptila turtur
Fulmar PrionPachyptila crassirostrisvagrant; Heard Island
White-chinned PetrelProcellaria aequinoctialis
Westland PetrelProcellaria westlandicavagrant
Black PetrelProcellaria parkinsoni
Grey PetrelProcellaria cinerea
Bulwer's PetrelBulweria bulweriivagrant
Jouanin's PetrelBulweria fallaxvagrant
Wedge-tailed ShearwaterArdenna pacifica
Buller's ShearwaterArdenna bulleri
Flesh-footed ShearwaterArdenna carneipes
Pink-footed ShearwaterArdenna creatopusvagrant
Great ShearwaterArdenna gravisvagrant
Sooty ShearwaterArdenna grisea
Short-tailed ShearwaterArdenna tenuirostris
Streaked ShearwaterCalonectris leucomelas
Manx ShearwaterPuffinus puffinusvagrant
Newell's ShearwaterPuffinus newellivagrant
Fluttering ShearwaterPuffinus gavia
Hutton's ShearwaterPuffinus huttoni
Audubon's ShearwaterPuffinus lherminierivagrant
Little ShearwaterPuffinus assimilis
Tahiti PetrelPseudobulweria rostrata
Kerguelen PetrelLugensa brevirostris
Barau's PetrelPterodroma barauivagrant
Juan Fernandez PetrelPterodroma externavagrant
Kermadec PetrelPterodroma neglectavagrant; Lord Howe Island; Norfolk Island
Herald PetrelPterodroma heraldica
Soft-plumaged PetrelPterodroma mollis
White-headed PetrelPterodroma lessonii
Great-winged PetrelPterodroma macroptera
Providence PetrelPterodroma solandri
Mottled PetrelPterodroma inexpectata
Gould's PetrelPterodroma leucoptera
Cook's PetrelPterodroma cookiivagrant
White-necked PetrelPterodroma cervicalisvagrant; Norfolk Island
Vanuatu PetrelPterodroma occultavagrant
Black-winged PetrelPterodroma nigripennis
Atlantic PetrelPterodroma incertavagrant
Common Diving-PetrelPelecanoides urinatrix
South Georgian Diving-PetrelPelecanoides georgicusvagrant; Macquarie Island; Heard Island


Order: Sphenisciformes. Family: Spheniscidae

A wild Little Penguin returning to its burrow to feed its chicks on Bruny Island

Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. One species breeds on the Australian coast, while another ten have been recorded as vagrants.

Common nameBinomialNotes
King PenguinAptenodytes patagonicusvagrant; Macquarie Island; Heard Island
Emperor PenguinAptenodytes forsterivagrant, Heard Island
Gentoo PenguinPygoscelis papuavagrant; Macquarie Island; Heard Island
Adelie PenguinPygoscelis adeliaevagrant, Macquarie Island, Heard Island
Chinstrap PenguinPygoscelis antarcticusvagrant
Rockhopper PenguinEudyptes chrysocomevagrant; Macquarie Island; Heard Island
Fiordland PenguinEudyptes pachyrhynchusvagrant
Erect-crested PenguinEudyptes sclaterivagrant
Macaroni PenguinEudyptes chrysolophusvagrant; Macquarie Island; Heard Island
Little PenguinEudyptula minor
Magellanic PenguinSpheniscus magellanicusvagrant


Order: Pelecaniformes. Family: Fregatidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Lesser FrigatebirdFregata ariel
Great FrigatebirdFregata minor
Christmas Island FrigatebirdFregata andrewsivagrant; Christmas Island

Boobies and gannets

Order: Pelecaniformes. Family: Sulidae

The sulids comprise the gannets and boobies. Both groups are medium-large coastal seabirds that plunge-dive for fish.Six species have been recorded from Australian territory.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Abbott's BoobyPapasula abbottivagrant; Christmas Island
Cape GannetMorus capensisvagrant
Australasian GannetMorus serrator
Masked BoobySula dactylatra
Red-footed BoobySula sula
Brown BoobySula leucogaster


Order: Pelecaniformes. Family: Anhingidae

Darters are cormorant-like water birds with long necks and long, straight bills. They often swim with only the neck above water, and are fish-eaters. One species is found in Australia.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australasian DarterAnhinga novaehollandiae


Order: Pelecaniformes. Family: Phalacrocoracidae

Cormorants are medium-to-large aquatic birds, usually with mainly dark plumage and areas of colored skin on the face. The bill is long, thin, and sharply hooked. Their feet are four-toed and webbed, a distinguishing feature among the Pelecaniformes order. Six species occur in Australian territory, with a seventh as a vagrant.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Little Pied CormorantMicrocarbo melanoleucos
Great CormorantPhalacrocorax carbo
Little Black CormorantPhalacrocorax sulcirostris
Pied CormorantPhalacrocorax varius
Black-faced CormorantPhalacrocorax fuscescens
Imperial ShagLeucocarbo atricepsMacquarie Island, Heard Island
Kerguelen ShagLeucocarbo verrucosusvagrant


Order: Pelecaniformes. Family: Pelecanidae

Pelicans are large water birds with a distinctive pouch under the bill. Like other birds in the order Pelecaniformes, they have four webbed toes. One species has been recorded in Australia.

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian PelicanPelecanus conspicillatus


Order: Ciconiiformes. Family: Ciconiidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Black-necked StorkEphippiorhynchus asiaticus

Bitterns, herons and egrets

Order: Ciconiiformes. Family: Ardeidae

Australian Little Egret
Common nameBinomialNotes
Australasian BitternBotaurus poiciloptilus
Australian Little BitternIxobrychus dubius
Yellow BitternIxobrychus sinensisvagrant
Schrenck's BitternIxobrychus eurhythmusvagrant, Christmas Island
Cinnamon BitternIxobrychus cinnamomeusvagrant, Christmas Island
Black BitternIxobrychus flavicollis
Grey HeronArdea cinereavagrant
White-necked HeronArdea pacifica
Eastern Great EgretArdea modesta
Intermediate EgretArdea intermedia
Great-billed HeronArdea sumatrana
Cattle EgretArdea ibis
Striated HeronButorides striatus
Chinese Pond HeronArdeola bacchusvagrant, Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Javan Pond HeronArdeola speciosavagrant
Pied HeronEgretta picata
White-faced HeronEgretta novaehollandiae
Little EgretEgretta garzetta
Eastern Reef EgretEgretta sacra
Black-crowned Night HeronNycticorax nycticoraxvagrant, Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Nankeen Night HeronNycticorax caledonicus
Malayan Night HeronGorsachius melanolophusvagrant, Christmas Island

Ibis and spoonbills

Order: Ciconiiformes. Family: Threskiornithidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Glossy IbisPlegadis falcinellus
Australian White IbisThreskiornis molucca
Straw-necked IbisThreskiornis spinicollis
Royal SpoonbillPlatalea regia
Yellow-billed SpoonbillPlatalea flavipes

Hawks, kites and eagles

Order: Acciptriformes. Family: Accipitridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Black-shouldered KiteElanus axillaris
Letter-winged KiteElanus scriptus
Square-tailed KiteLophoictinia isura
Black-breasted BuzzardHamirostra melanosternon
Oriental Honey-buzzardPernis ptilorhynchusvagrant
Pacific BazaAviceda subcristata
White-bellied Sea-EagleHaliaeetus leucogaster
Whistling KiteHaliastur sphenurus
Brahminy KiteHaliastur indus
Black KiteMilvus migrans
Brown GoshawkAccipiter fasciatus
Collared SparrowhawkAccipiter cirrocephalus
Variable GoshawkAccipiter hiogasterChristmas Island
Grey GoshawkAccipiter novaehollandiae
Spotted HarrierCircus assimilis
Swamp HarrierCircus approximans
Red GoshawkErythrotriorchis radiatus
Gurney's EagleAquila gurneyivagrant, Torres Strait
Wedge-tailed EagleAquila audax
Little EagleHieraaetus morphnoides


Order: Acciptriformes. Family: Pandionidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Eastern OspreyPandion haliaetus / Pandion cristatus


Order: Falconiformes. Family: Falconidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Nankeen KestrelFalco cenchroides
Brown FalconFalco berigora
Australian HobbyFalco longipennis
Grey FalconFalco hypoleucos
Black FalconFalco subniger
Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus


Order: Gruiformes. Family: Gruidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Sarus CraneGrus antigone
BrolgaGrus rubicunda

Rails, crakes, and coots

Order: Gruiformes. Family: Rallidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Purple SwamphenPorphyrio porphyrio
White GallinulePorphyrio albusextinct, Lord Howe Island
Chestnut RailEulabeornis castaneoventris
Red-necked CrakeRallina tricolor
Red-legged CrakeRallina fasciatavagrant
Lewin's RailLewinia pectoralis
Buff-banded RailGallirallus philippensis
Lord Howe WoodhenGallirallus sylvestrisLord Howe Island
CorncrakeCrex crexvagrant
Baillon's CrakePorzana pusilla
Australian Spotted CrakePorzana fluminea
Ruddy-breasted CrakePorzana fuscavagrant, Christmas Island
Spotless CrakePorzana tabuensis
White-browed CrakeAmaurornis cinerea
Pale-vented Bush-henAmaurornis moluccana
White-breasted WaterhenAmaurornis phoenicurusvagrant, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands
WatercockGallicrex cinereavagrant, Christmas Island
Black-tailed Native-henTribonyx ventralis
Tasmanian Native-henTribonyx mortierii
Dusky MoorhenGallinula tenebrosa
Eurasian CootFulica atra


Order: Gruiformes. Family: Otididae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian BustardArdeotis australis


Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Chionididae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Black-faced SheathbillChionis minorHeard Island

Stone-curlews (thick-knees)

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Burhinidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Bush Stone-curlewBurhinus grallarius
Beach Stone-curlewEsacus magnirostris


Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Haematopodidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
South Island Pied OystercatcherHaematopus finschivagrant
Australian Pied OystercatcherHaematopus longirostris
Sooty OystercatcherHaematopus fuliginosus

Avocets and stilts

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Recurvirostridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Black-winged StiltHimantopus himantopus
Red-necked AvocetRecurvirostra novaehollandiae
Banded StiltCladorhynchus leucocephalus

Plovers and lapwings

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Charadriidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Pacific Golden PloverPluvialis fulva
American Golden PloverPluvialis dominicusvagrant
Grey PloverPluvialis squatarola
Ringed PloverCharadrius hiaticulavagrant
Little Ringed PloverCharadrius dubiusvagrant
Kentish PloverCharadrius alexandrinusvagrant
Red-capped PloverCharadrius ruficapillus
Double-banded PloverCharadrius bicinctus
Lesser Sand PloverCharadrius mongolus
Greater Sand PloverCharadrius leschenaultii
Caspian PloverCharadrius asiaticusvagrant
Oriental PloverCharadrius veredus
Inland DotterelCharadrius australis
Black-fronted DotterelElseyornis melanops
Hooded PloverThinornis rubricollis
Red-kneed DotterelErythrogonys cinctus
Banded LapwingVanellus tricolor
Masked LapwingVanellus miles
Grey-headed LapwingVanellus cinereusvagrant

Plains Wanderer

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Pedionomidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Plains WandererPedionomus torquatus


Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Jacanidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Comb-crested JacanaIrediparra gallinacea
Pheasant-tailed JacanaHydrophasianus chirurgusvagrant

Painted Snipe

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Rostratulidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian Painted SnipeRostratula australis

Waders or shorebirds

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Scolopacidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Latham's SnipeGallinago hardwickii
Pin-tailed SnipeGallinago stenuravagrant; Christmas Island
Swinhoe's SnipeGallinago megala
Black-tailed GodwitLimosa limosa
Hudsonian GodwitLimosa haemasticavagrant
Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponica
Little CurlewNumenius minutus
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus
Eastern CurlewNumenius madagascariensis
Upland SandpiperBartramia longicaudavagrant
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereus
Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucos
Green SandpiperTringa ochropusvagrant
Grey-tailed TattlerTringa brevipes
Wandering TattlerTringa incana
Spotted RedshankTringa erythropusvagrant
Nordmann's GreenshankTringa guttifervagrant
Common GreenshankTringa nebularia
Lesser YellowlegsTringa flavipesvagrant
Marsh SandpiperTringa stagnatilis
Common RedshankTringa totanus
Wood SandpiperTringa glareola
Ruddy TurnstoneArenaria interpres
Asian DowitcherLimnodromus semipalmatus
Short-billed DowitcherLimnodromus griseusvagrant
Great KnotCalidris tenuirostris
Red KnotCalidris canutus
SanderlingCalidris alba
Little StintCalidris minuta
Red-necked StintCalidris ruficollis
Long-toed StintCalidris subminuta
White-rumped SandpiperCalidris fuscicollisvagrant
Baird's SandpiperCalidris bairdiivagrant
Pectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotos
Sharp-tailed SandpiperCalidris acuminata
DunlinCalidris alpinavagrant
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferruginea
Stilt SandpiperCalidris himantopusvagrant
Buff-breasted SandpiperTryngites subruficollisvagrant
Broad-billed SandpiperLimicola falcinellus
RuffPhilomachus pugnax
Wilson's PhalaropeSteganopus tricolorvagrant
Red-necked PhalaropePhalaropus lobatus
Grey PhalaropePhalaropus fulicariusvagrant


Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Turnicidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Red-backed Button-quailTurnix maculosus
Black-breasted Button-quailTurnix melanogaster
Chestnut-backed Button-quailTurnix castanotus
Buff-breasted Button-quailTurnix olivii
Painted Button-quailTurnix varius
Red-chested Button-quailTurnix pyrrhothorax
Little Button-quailTurnix velox


Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Glareolidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Oriental PratincoleGlareola maldivarum
Australian PratincoleStiltia isabella


Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Stercorariidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
South Polar SkuaStercorarius maccormicki
Brown SkuaStercorarius antarcticus
Pomarine JaegerStercorarius pomarinus
Arctic JaegerStercorarius parasiticus
Long-tailed JaegerStercorarius longicauda

Gulls and terns

Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Laridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Common NoddyAnous stolidus
Black NoddyAnous minutus
Lesser NoddyAnous tenuirostris
White TernGygis albavagrant; Lord Howe Island; Cocos (Keeling) Islands; Norfolk Island
Grey TernletProcelsterna ceruleavagrant; Lord Howe Island; Norfolk Island
Bridled TernOnychoprion anaethetus
Sooty TernOnychoprion fuscata
Little TernSternula albifrons
Fairy TernSternula nereis
Gull-billed TernGelochelidon nilotica
Caspian TernHydroprogne caspia
Whiskered TernChlidonias hybrida
White-winged Black TernChlidonias leucopterus
Black TernChlidonias nigervagrant
Roseate TernSterna dougallii
White-fronted TernSterna striata
Black-naped TernSterna sumatrana
Common TernSterna hirundo
Arctic TernSterna paradisaea
Antarctic TernSterna vittatavagrant; Macquarie Island; Heard Island
Lesser Crested TernThalasseus bengalensis
Crested TernThalasseus bergii
Pacific GullLarus pacificus
Lesser Black-backed GullLarus fuscusvagrant, Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Kelp GullLarus dominicanus
Mew GullLarus canusvagrant, Christmas Island
Black-tailed GullLarus crassirostrisvagrant
Laughing GullLeucophaeus atricillavagrant
Franklin's GullLeucophaeus pipixcanvagrant
Silver GullChroicocephalus novaehollandiae
Black-headed GullChroicocephalus ridibundusvagrant
Sabine's GullXema sabinivagrant

Parrots and allies

Order: Psittaciformes Families: Strigopidae, Cacatuidae and Psittacidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Norfolk Island KakaNestor productusextinct, Norfolk Island
Palm CockatooProbosciger aterrimus
Red-tailed Black-CockatooCalyptorhynchus banksii
Glossy Black-CockatooCalyptorhynchus lathami
Yellow-tailed Black-CockatooCalyptorhynchus funereus
Carnaby's Black-CockatooCalyptorhynchus latirostris
Baudin's Black-CockatooCalyptorhynchus baudinii
Gang-gang CockatooCallocephalon fimbriatum
Major Mitchell's CockatooLophochroa leadbeateri
GalahEolophus roseicapilla
Long-billed CorellaCacatua tenuirostris
Western CorellaCacatua pastinator
Little CorellaCacatua sanguinea
Sulphur-crested CockatooCacatua galerita
CockatielNymphicus hollandicus
Rainbow LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus
Scaly-breasted LorikeetTrichoglossus chlorolepidotus
Varied LorikeetPsitteuteles versicolor
Musk LorikeetGlossopsitta concinna
Little LorikeetGlossopsitta pusilla
Purple-crowned LorikeetGlossopsitta porphyrocephala
Double-eyed Fig-ParrotCyclopsitta diophthalma
Eclectus ParrotEclectus roratus
Red-cheeked ParrotGeoffroyus geoffroyi
Australian King-ParrotAlisterus scapularis
Red-winged ParrotAprosmictus erythropterus
Superb ParrotPolytelis swainsonii
Regent ParrotPolytelis anthopeplus
Princess ParrotPolytelis alexandrae
Green RosellaPlatycercus caledonicus
Crimson RosellaPlatycercus elegans
Eastern RosellaPlatycercus eximius
Pale-headed RosellaPlatycercus adscitus
Northern RosellaPlatycercus venustus
Western RosellaPlatycercus icterotis
Australian RingneckBarnardius zonarius
Red-capped ParrotPurpureicephalus spurius
BluebonnetNorthiella haematogaster
Swift ParrotLathamus discolor
Red-rumped ParrotPsephotus haematonotus
Mulga ParrotPsephotus varius
Golden-shouldered ParrotPsephotus chrysopterygius
Hooded ParrotPsephotus dissimilis
Paradise ParrotPsephotus pulcherrimusextinct
Tasman ParakeetCyanoramphus cookii
Norfolk Island Green ParrotNorfolk Islandlocally extinct
Lord Howe Red-crowned ParakeetLord Howe Island
Red-fronted ParakeetCyanoramphus novaezelandiaelocally extinct, Macquarie Island
BudgerigarMelopsittacus undulatus
Bourke's ParrotNeopsephotus bourkii
Blue-winged ParrotNeophema chrysostoma
Elegant ParrotNeophema elegans
Rock ParrotNeophema petrophila
Orange-bellied ParrotNeophema chrysogaster
Turquoise ParrotNeophema pulchella
Scarlet-chested ParrotNeophema splendida
Eastern Ground ParrotPezoporus wallicus
Western Ground ParrotPezoporus flaviventris
Night ParrotPezoporus occidentalis


Order: Cuculiformes. Family: Cuculidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Lesser CoucalCentropus bengalensisvagrant, Ashmore Reef
Pheasant CoucalCentropus phasianinus
Asian KoelEudynamys scolopaceusvagrant, Christmas Island
Eastern KoelEudynamys orientalis
Long-tailed CuckooEudynamys taitensisLord Howe Island, Norfolk Island
Channel-billed CuckooScythrops novaehollandiae
Horsfield's Bronze CuckooChalcites basalis
Black-eared CuckooChalcites osculans
Shining Bronze CuckooChalcites lucidus
Little Bronze CuckooChalcites minutillus
Pallid CuckooCacomantis pallidus
Chestnut-breasted CuckooCacomantis castaneiventris
Fan-tailed CuckooCacomantis flabelliformis
Brush CuckooCacomantis variolosus
Oriental CuckooCuculus optatus
Large Hawk-CuckooHierococcyx sparverioidesvagrant, Christmas Island

True owls

Order: Strigiformes. Family: Strigidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Powerful OwlNinox strenua
Rufous OwlNinox rufa
Barking OwlNinox connivens
Southern BoobookNinox novaeseelandiae
Brown Hawk-OwlNinox scutulatavagrant, Ashmore Reef
Christmas Island Hawk-OwlNinox natalisChristmas Island
Buffy Fish-OwlBubo ketupuvagrant, Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Barn owls

Order: Strigiformes. Family: Tytonidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Sooty OwlTyto tenebricosa
Masked OwlTyto novaehollandiae
Eastern Barn OwlTyto javanica
Eastern Grass OwlTyto longimembris

River kingfishers

Order: Coraciiformes. Family: Alcedinidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Common KingfisherAlcedo atthisvagrant, Christmas Island
Azure KingfisherCeyx azureus
Little KingfisherCeyx pusilla

Tree kingfishers

Order: Coraciiformes. Family: Halcyonidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Buff-breasted Paradise-KingfisherTanysiptera sylvia
Little Paradise-kingfisherTanysiptera hydrocharisvagrant
Common Paradise-kingfisherTanysiptera galateavagrant
Laughing KookaburraDacelo novaeguineae
Blue-winged KookaburraDacelo leachii
Yellow-billed KingfisherSyma torotoro
Forest KingfisherTodiramphus macleayii
Red-backed KingfisherTodiramphus pyrrhopygia
Sacred KingfisherTodiramphus sanctus
Collared KingfisherTodiramphus chloris
Black-capped KingfisherHalcyon pileatavagrant


Order: Coraciiformes. Family: Meropidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Rainbow Bee-eaterMerops ornatus


Order: Coraciiformes. Family: Coraciidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
DollarbirdEurystomus orientalis



Order: Passeriformes. Family: Pittidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Red-bellied PittaPitta erythrogaster
Blue-winged PittaPitta moluccensisvagrant
Noisy PittaPitta versicolor
Rainbow PittaPitta iris
Fairy PittaPitta nymphavagrant


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Menuridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Albert's LyrebirdMenura alberti
Superb LyrebirdMenura novaehollandiae


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Atrichornithidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Rufous Scrub-birdAtrichornis rufescens
Noisy Scrub-birdAtrichornis clamosus


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Climacteridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
White-throated TreecreeperCormobates leucophaea
White-browed TreecreeperClimacteris affinis
Red-browed TreecreeperClimacteris erythrops
Brown TreecreeperClimacteris picumnus
Black-tailed TreecreeperClimacteris melanura
Rufous TreecreeperClimacteris rufa

Bowerbirds and catbirds

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Ptilonorhynchidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Spotted CatbirdAiluroedus melanotis
Green CatbirdAiluroedus crassirostris
Tooth-billed BowerbirdScenopoeetes dentirostris
Golden BowerbirdAmblyornis newtonianus
Regent BowerbirdSericulus chrysocephalus
Satin BowerbirdPtilonorhynchus violaceus
Spotted BowerbirdPtilonorhynchus maculatus
Western BowerbirdPtilonorhynchus guttatus
Great BowerbirdPtilonorhynchus nuchalis
Fawn-breasted BowerbirdPtilonorhynchus cerviniventris

Fairy-wrens, emu-wrens and grasswrens

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Maluridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Superb Fairy-wrenMalurus cyaneus
Splendid Fairy-wrenMalurus splendens
Purple-crowned Fairy-wrenMalurus coronatus
Red-backed Fairy-wrenMalurus melanocephalus
White-winged Fairy-wrenMalurus leucopterus
Variegated Fairy-wrenMalurus lamberti
Lovely Fairy-wrenMalurus amabilis
Blue-breasted Fairy-wrenMalurus pulcherrimus
Red-winged Fairy-wrenMalurus elegans
Southern Emu-wrenStipiturus malachurus
Mallee Emu-wrenStipiturus mallee
Rufous-crowned Emu-wrenStipiturus ruficeps
Grey GrasswrenAmytornis barbatus
Striated GrasswrenAmytornis striatus
Short-tailed GrasswrenAmytornis merrotsyi
White-throated GrasswrenAmytornis woodwardi
Carpentarian GrasswrenAmytornis dorotheae
Thick-billed GrasswrenAmytornis textilis
Dusky GrasswrenAmytornis purnelli
Kalkadoon GrasswrenAmytornis ballarae
Eyrean GrasswrenAmytornis goyderi
Black GrasswrenAmytornis housei


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Dasyornithidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Eastern BristlebirdDasyornis brachypterus
Western BristlebirdDasyornis longirostris
Rufous BristlebirdDasyornis broadbenti

Scrubwrens, thornbills and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Acanthizidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
PilotbirdPycnoptilus floccosus
RockwarblerOrigma solitaria
FernwrenOreoscopus gutturalis
Yellow-throated ScrubwrenSericornis citreogularis
White-browed ScrubwrenSericornis frontalis
Tasmanian ScrubwrenSericornis humilis
Atherton ScrubwrenSericornis keri
Large-billed ScrubwrenSericornis magnirostra
Tropical ScrubwrenSericornis beccarii
ScrubtitAcanthornis magna
Chestnut-rumped HeathwrenHylacola pyrrhopygia
Shy HeathwrenHylacola cauta
Striated FieldwrenCalamanthus fuliginosus
Rufous FieldwrenCalamanthus campestris
RedthroatPyrrholaemus brunneus
Speckled WarblerChthonicola sagittatus
WeebillSmicrornis brevirostris
Brown GerygoneGerygone mouki
Norfolk Island GerygoneGerygone modestaNorfolk Island
Lord Howe GerygoneGerygone insularisextinct, Lord Howe Island
Mangrove GerygoneGerygone levigaster
Western GerygoneGerygone fusca
Dusky GerygoneGerygone tenebrosa
Large-billed GerygoneGerygone magnirostris
Green-backed GerygoneGerygone chloronota
Fairy GerygoneGerygone palpebrosa
White-throated GerygoneGerygone albogularis
Slaty-backed ThornbillAcanthiza robustirostris
Striated ThornbillAcanthiza lineata
Yellow ThornbillAcanthiza nana
Yellow-rumped ThornbillAcanthiza chrysorrhoa
Chestnut-rumped ThornbillAcanthiza uropygialis
Buff-rumped ThornbillAcanthiza reguloides
Western ThornbillAcanthiza inornata
Slender-billed ThornbillAcanthiza iredalei
Tasmanian ThornbillAcanthiza ewingii
Inland ThornbillAcanthiza apicalis
Brown ThornbillAcanthiza pusilla
Mountain ThornbillAcanthiza katherina
Southern WhitefaceAphelocephala leucopsis
Chestnut-breasted WhitefaceAphelocephala pectoralis
Banded WhitefaceAphelocephala nigricincta


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Pardalotidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Spotted PardalotePardalotus punctatus
Forty-spotted PardalotePardalotus quadragintus
Red-browed PardalotePardalotus rubricatus
Striated PardalotePardalotus striatus


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Meliphagidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Eastern SpinebillAcanthorhynchus tenuirostris
Western SpinebillAcanthorhynchus superciliosus
Pied HoneyeaterCerthionyx variegatus
Lewin's HoneyeaterMeliphaga lewinii
Yellow-spotted HoneyeaterMeliphaga notata
Graceful HoneyeaterMeliphaga gracilis
White-lined HoneyeaterMeliphaga albilineata
Kimberley HoneyeaterMeliphaga fordiana
Bridled HoneyeaterLichenostomus frenatus
Eungella HoneyeaterLichenostomus hindwoodi
Yellow-faced HoneyeaterLichenostomus chrysops
Singing HoneyeaterLichenostomus virescens
Varied HoneyeaterLichenostomus versicolor
Mangrove HoneyeaterLichenostomus fasciogularis
White-gaped HoneyeaterLichenostomus unicolor
Yellow HoneyeaterLichenostomus flavus
White-eared HoneyeaterLichenostomus leucotis
Yellow-throated HoneyeaterLichenostomus flavicollis
Yellow-tufted HoneyeaterLichenostomus melanops
Purple-gaped HoneyeaterLichenostomus cratitius
Grey-headed HoneyeaterLichenostomus keartlandi
Yellow-plumed HoneyeaterLichenostomus ornatus
Grey-fronted HoneyeaterLichenostomus plumulus
Fuscous HoneyeaterLichenostomus fuscus
Yellow-tinted HoneyeaterLichenostomus flavescens
White-plumed HoneyeaterLichenostomus penicillatus
White-fronted HoneyeaterPurnella albifrons
Bell MinerManorina melanophrys
Noisy MinerManorina melanocephala
Black-eared MinerManorina melanotis
Yellow-throated MinerManorina flavigula
Spiny-cheeked HoneyeaterAcanthagenys rufogularis
Western WattlebirdAnthochaera lunulata
Little WattlebirdAnthochaera chrysoptera
Regent HoneyeaterAnthochaera phrygia
Red WattlebirdAnthochaera carunculata
Yellow WattlebirdAnthochaera paradoxa
Brown-backed HoneyeaterRamsayornis modestus
Bar-breasted HoneyeaterRamsayornis fasciatus
Rufous-banded HoneyeaterConopophila albogularis
Rufous-throated HoneyeaterConopophila rufogularis
Grey HoneyeaterConopophila whitei
Black HoneyeaterSugomel niger
Dusky HoneyeaterMyzomela obscura
Red-headed HoneyeaterMyzomela erythrocephala
Scarlet HoneyeaterMyzomela sanguinolenta
Green-backed HoneyeaterGlycichaera fallax
Tawny-crowned HoneyeaterGlyciphila melanops
Banded HoneyeaterCissomela pectoralis
Brown HoneyeaterLichmera indistincta
Crescent HoneyeaterPhylidonyris pyrrhoptera
New Holland HoneyeaterPhylidonyris novaehollandiae
White-cheeked HoneyeaterPhylidonyris nigra
White-streaked HoneyeaterTrichodere cockerelli
Black-chinned HoneyeaterMelithreptus gularis
Strong-billed HoneyeaterMelithreptus validirostris
Brown-headed HoneyeaterMelithreptus brevirostris
White-throated HoneyeaterMelithreptus albogularis
White-naped HoneyeaterMelithreptus lunatus
Black-headed HoneyeaterMelithreptus affinis
Blue-faced HoneyeaterEntomyzon cyanotis
Helmeted FriarbirdPhilemon buceroides
Silver-crowned FriarbirdPhilemon argenticeps
Noisy FriarbirdPhilemon corniculatus
Little FriarbirdPhilemon citreogularis
Macleay's HoneyeaterXanthotis macleayana
Tawny-breasted HoneyeaterXanthotis flaviventer
Striped HoneyeaterPlectorhyncha lanceolata
Painted HoneyeaterGrantiella picta
Crimson ChatEpthianura tricolor
Orange ChatEpthianura aurifrons
Yellow ChatEpthianura crocea
White-fronted ChatEpthianura albifrons
GibberbirdAshbyia lovensis


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Pomatostomidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Grey-crowned BabblerPomatostomus temporalis
Hall's BabblerPomatostomus halli
White-browed BabblerPomatostomus superciliosus
Chestnut-crowned BabblerPomatostomus ruficeps

Logrunner and chowchilla

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Orthonychidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian LogrunnerOrthonyx temminckii
ChowchillaOrthonyx spaldingii

Quail-thrush, whipbirds and wedgebills

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Psophodidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Spotted Quail-thrushCinclosoma punctatum
Chestnut Quail-thrushCinclosoma castanotum
Cinnamon Quail-thrushCinclosoma cinnamomeum
Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrushCinclosoma castaneothorax
Eastern WhipbirdPsophodes olivaceus
Western WhipbirdPsophodes nigrogularis
Chirruping WedgebillPsophodes cristatus
Chiming WedgebillPsophodes occidentalis


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Neosittidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Varied SittellaDaphoenositta chrysoptera

Cuckoo-shrikes and trillers

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Campephagidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Ground Cuckoo-shrikeCoracina maxima
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikeCoracina novaehollandiae
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikeCoracina papuensis
Barred Cuckoo-shrikeCoracina lineata
CicadabirdCoracina tenuirostris
White-winged TrillerLalage sueurii
Varied TrillerLalage leucomela
Long-tailed TrillerLalage leucopygaextinct, Norfolk Island

Whistlers and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Pachycephalidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Crested Shrike-titFalcunculus frontatus
Olive WhistlerPachycephala olivacea
Red-lored WhistlerPachycephala rufogularis
Gilbert's WhistlerPachycephala inornata
Golden WhistlerPachycephala pectoralis
Mangrove Golden WhistlerPachycephala melanura
Grey WhistlerPachycephala simplex
Rufous WhistlerPachycephala rufiventris
White-breasted WhistlerPachycephala lanioides
Little Shrike-thrushColluricincla megarhyncha
Bower's Shrike-thrushColluricincla boweri
Sandstone Shrike-thrushColluricincla woodwardi
Grey Shrike-thrushColluricincla harmonica
Crested BellbirdOreoica gutturalis

Figbird and orioles

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Oriolidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australasian FigbirdSphecotheres vieilloti
Yellow OrioleOriolus flavocinctus
Olive-backed OrioleOriolus sagittatus

Currawongs, woodswallows, butcherbirds & allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Artamidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
White-breasted WoodswallowArtamus leucorynchus
Masked WoodswallowArtamus personatus
White-browed WoodswallowArtamus superciliosus
Black-faced WoodswallowArtamus cinereus
Dusky WoodswallowArtamus cyanopterus
Little WoodswallowArtamus minor
Black ButcherbirdCracticus quoyi
Grey ButcherbirdCracticus torquatus
Black-backed ButcherbirdCracticus mentalis
Pied ButcherbirdCracticus nigrogularis
Australian MagpieCracticus tibicen
Pied CurrawongStrepera graculina
Black CurrawongStrepera fuliginosa
Grey CurrawongStrepera versicolor


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Dicruridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Spangled DrongoDicrurus bracteatus


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Rhipiduridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Rufous FantailRhipidura rufifrons
Arafura FantailRhipidura dryas
New Zealand FantailRhipidura fuliginosaextinct, Lord Howe Island
Grey FantailRhipidura albiscapa
Mangrove Grey FantailRhipidura phasiana
Northern FantailRhipidura rufiventris
Willie WagtailRhipidura leucophrys


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Laniidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Brown ShrikeLanius cristatusvagrant, Christmas Island
Tiger ShrikeLanius tigrinusvagrant

Magpie, crows and ravens

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Corvidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian RavenCorvus coronoides
Forest RavenCorvus tasmanicus
Little RavenCorvus mellori
Little CrowCorvus bennetti
Torresian CrowCorvus orru
House CrowCorvus splendensvagrant

Monarch Flycatchers

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Monarchidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Broad-billed FlycatcherMyiagra ruficollis
Leaden FlycatcherMyiagra rubecula
Satin FlycatcherMyiagra cyanoleuca
Shining FlycatcherMyiagra alecto
Restless FlycatcherMyiagra inquieta
White-eared MonarchCarterornis leucotis
Black-faced MonarchMonarcha melanopsis
Black-winged MonarchMonarcha frater
Island MonarchMonarcha cinerascensvagrant, Ashmore Reef
Spectacled MonarchMonarcha trivirgatus
Magpie-LarkGrallina cyanoleuca
Frilled MonarchArses telescophthalmus
Pied MonarchArses kaupi
Yellow-breasted BoatbillMachaerirhynchus flaviventer

Chough and apostlebird

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Corcoracidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
White-winged ChoughCorcorax melanorhamphos
ApostlebirdStruthidea cinerea

Birds of Paradise, riflebirds

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Paradisaeidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Trumpet ManucodePhonygammus keraudrenii
Paradise RiflebirdPtiloris paradiseus
Victoria's RiflebirdPtiloris victoriae
Magnificent RiflebirdPtiloris magnificus

Australasian robins

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Petroicidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Jacky WinterMicroeca fascinans
Lemon-bellied FlycatcherMicroeca flavigaster
Yellow-legged FlycatcherMicroeca griseoceps
Pacific RobinPetroica multicolor
Scarlet RobinPetroica boodang
Red-capped RobinPetroica goodenovii
Flame RobinPetroica phoenicea
Rose RobinPetroica rosea
Pink RobinPetroica rodinogaster
Hooded RobinMelanodryas cucullata
Dusky RobinMelanodryas vittata
Pale-yellow RobinTregellasia capito
White-faced RobinTregellasia leucops
Eastern Yellow RobinEopsaltria australis
Western Yellow RobinEopsaltria griseogularis
White-breasted RobinEopsaltria georgiana
Mangrove RobinPeneonanthe pulverulenta
Grey-headed RobinHeteromyias cinereifrons
White-browed RobinPoecilodryas superciliosa
Buff-sided RobinPoecilodryas cerviniventris
Northern Scrub-robinDrymodes superciliaris
Southern Scrub-robinDrymodes brunneopygia


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Alaudidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Horsfield's BushlarkMirafra javanica
Eurasian SkylarkAlauda arvensisintroduced

Cisticolas and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Cisticolidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Zitting CisticolaCisticola juncidis
Golden-headed CisticolaCisticola exilis


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Acrocephalidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australian Reed-WarblerAcrocephalus australis
Oriental Reed-WarblerAcrocephalus orientalisvagrant

Grassbirds, songlarks and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Megaluridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Tawny GrassbirdMegalurus timoriensis
Little GrassbirdMegalurus gramineus
Rufous SonglarkCincloramphus mathewsi
Brown SonglarkCincloramphus cruralis
SpinifexbirdEremiornis carteri


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Zosteropidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Christmas Island White-eyeZosterops natalisChristmas Island
Pale White-eyeZosterops citrinella
Yellow White-eyeZosterops luteus
SilvereyeZosterops lateralis
Robust White-eyeZosterops strenuusLord Howe Island, extinct
Slender-billed White-eyeZosterops tenuirostrisNorfolk Island
White-chested White-eyeZosterops albogularisNorfolk Island, possibly extinct

Old World warblers

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Sylviidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Middendorff's Grasshopper-warblerLocustella ochotensisvagrant - Ashmore Reef
Pallas's Grasshopper-warblerLocustella certhiolavagrant - Christmas Island


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Phylloscopidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Arctic WarblerPhylloscopus borealisvagrant
Dusky WarblerPhylloscopus fuscatusvagrant


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Hirundinidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
White-backed SwallowCheramoeca leucosternus
Barn SwallowHirundo rustica
Welcome SwallowHirundo neoxena
Fairy MartinPetrochelidon ariel
Tree MartinPetrochelidon nigricans
Red-rumped SwallowCecropis dauricavagrant
Asian House MartinDelichon dasypusvagrant, Christmas Island


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Pycnonotidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Red-whiskered BulbulPycnonotus jocosusintroduced

Old World flycatchers

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Muscicapidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Blue Rock ThrushMonticola solitariusvagrant
Isabelline WheatearOenanthe isabellinavagrant
Narcissus FlycatcherFicedula narcissinavagrant
Blue-and-white FlycatcherCyanoptila cyanomelanavagrant
Dark-sided FlycatcherMuscicapa sibiricavagrant
Asian Brown FlycatcherMuscicapa dauuricavagrant

Thrushes and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Turdidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Bassian ThrushZoothera lunulata
Russet-tailed ThrushZoothera heinei
BlackbirdTurdus merulaintroduced
Island ThrushTurdus poliocephalusChristmas Island
Song ThrushTurdus philomelosintroduced


Order: Passeriformes. Family: Sturnidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Singing StarlingAplornis cantoroidesTorres Strait
Tasman StarlingAplornis fuscaextinct, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island
Metallic StarlingAplornis metallica
Common StarlingSturnus vulgarisintroduced
Purple-backed StarlingSturnus sturninusvagrant, Christmas Island
Rosy StarlingSturnus roseusvagrant
Common MynaSturnus tristisintroduced

Sunbirds and spiderhunters

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Nectariniidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Red-capped FlowerpeckerDicaeum geelvinkianumTorres Strait
MistletoebirdDicaeum hirundinaceum
Olive-backed SunbirdNectarinia jugularis

Australasian finches, firetails and waxbills

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Estrildidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Zebra FinchTaeniopygia guttata
Double-barred FinchTaeniopygia bichenovii
Long-tailed FinchPoephila acuticauda
Black-throated FinchPoephila cincta
Masked FinchPoephila personata
Crimson FinchNeochmia phaeton
Star FinchNeochmia ruficauda
Plum-headed FinchNeochmia modesta
Red-browed FinchNeochmia temporalis
Diamond FiretailStagonopleura guttata
Beautiful FiretailStagonopleura bella
Red-eared FiretailStagonopleura oculata
Painted FinchEmblema pictum
Blue-faced Parrot-FinchErythrura trichroa
Gouldian FinchErythrura gouldiae
Nutmeg MannikinLonchura punctulataintroduced
Pale-headed MuniaLonchura pallidavagrant, Ashmore Reef
Yellow-rumped MannikinLonchura flaviprymna
Chestnut-breasted MannikinLonchura castaneothorax
Java SparrowLonchura oryzivoraintroduced, Christmas Island
Pictorella MannikinHeteromunia pectoralis

Old World sparrows

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Passeridae

Common nameBinomialNotes
House SparrowPasser domesticusintroduced
Eurasian Tree SparrowPasser montanusintroduced

Wagtails and pipits

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Motacillidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Australasian PipitAnthus novaeseelandiae
Red-throated PipitAnthus cervinusvagrant
Pechora PipitAnthus gustavivagrant, Ashmore Reef
Eastern Yellow WagtailMotacilla tschutschensis
Green-headed Yellow WagtailMotacilla taivana
Citrine WagtailMotacilla citreolavagrant
Grey WagtailMotacilla cinereavagrant
White WagtailMotacilla albavagrant

Finches, crossbills and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Fringillidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
Common ChaffinchFringilla coelebsintroduced vagrant, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island
European GoldfinchCarduelis carduelisintroduced
Common RedpollAcanthis flammeaintroduced vagrant, Lord Howe Island, Macquarie Island
European GreenfinchChloris chlorisintroduced

Buntings, seedeaters and allies

Order: Passeriformes. Family: Emberizidae

Common nameBinomialNotes
YellowhammerEmberiza citrinellavagrant, Lord Howe Island


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