List of Armenian kings

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This is a list of the kings and queens of Armenia, for more information on ancient Armenia and Armenians, please see History of Armenia. For information on the medieval Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia, please see the separate page Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

See List of Kings of Urartu for kings of Urartu (Ararat), the predecessor state of Greater Armenia.

Greater Armenia[edit]

This is the historical designation of the largest and longest-lasting Armenian kingdom.

Orontid Kings and Satraps[edit]

In Armenian tradition[edit]

Early kings in traditional Armenian chronology according to Moses of Chorene.

Note that the early dates are traditional and of uncertain accuracy.

Attested satraps[edit]

Yervandian (Yervanduni or Orontid) Dynasty[edit]

Artashesian (Artaxiad) Dynasty[edit]

Roman and Parthian non-dynastic candidates[edit]

Arshakuni (Arsacid) Kings of Armenia[edit]


Vasak, king of Siunik 442-451

Vartan Mamikonian[AKA Vartan Zoravar, legendary Armenian general killed in battle but preserved Armenia as first Christian nation in the world]

Military occupation by General Mihran 482

Presiding Princes of Armenia[edit]

Bagratuni Kings[edit]

Lesser Armenia[edit]

Orontid Dynasty[edit]

Kings of Sophene[edit]

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