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American Idol is an American talent reality television series that first aired in 2002. As of May 2014, there have been thirteen seasons. Each Season, the final round of competition features ten to thirteen singers. A total of 156 contestants have reached the finals of their season. The show's age requirements have varied year-to-year. Of the finalists, 44 of them were under the age of 20, including three winners and five runners-up. Season one winner Kelly Clarkson currently holds the record for the highest-selling album sales around the world, with more than 25 million copies. Whereas Season four winner Carrie Underwood currently holds the record for the highest-selling album sales in the United States, with more than thirteen million copies.

In season one, Jim Verraros, an openly gay contestant, was told by Fox to remove all mentions of his homosexuality from his online journal as producers "thought [he] was trying to gain more votes".[1] During the second season, finalist Corey Clark was disqualified when it was revealed that he had been arrested and charged with resisting arrest, battery upon his sister, and criminal restraint. In season five, voters claimed that phone calls dialed for Chris Daughtry during the first few minutes of voting were misrouted to Katharine McPhee's lines, when they heard her recorded message thanking them for voting for McPhee.[2] In season seven, it was revealed that Carly Smithson held a prior label record deal with MCA Records. Reports suggested that MCA spent over $2 million promoting Smithson's previous album which she made under the name Carly Hennessy. The album sold less than 400 copies.[3] Smithson remained on the show, and placed sixth in her season. Jermaine Jones of season eleven was disqualified for having theft cases and outstanding warrants on Top 11 week.


Day, EJayEJay Day20Lawrenceville, Georgia19th-10th
Verraros, JimJim Verraros19Chicago, Illinois19th-10th
Gil, A. J.A. J. Gil17San Diego, California18th
Starr, RyanRyan Starr19Sunland, California17th
Christian, ChristinaChristina Christian21Brooklyn, New York16th
Helton, R. J.R. J. Helton21Cumming, Georgia15th
Gray, TamyraTamyra Gray23Takoma Park, Maryland14th
McKibbin, NikkiNikki McKibbin23Grand Prairie, Texas13rd
Guarini, JustinJustin Guarini23Doylestown, Pennsylvania1Runner-up
Clarkson, KellyKelly Clarkson20Burleson, Texas1Winner
Olivarez, VanessaVanessa Olivarez22Atlanta, Georgia212th
Grigsby, CharlesCharles Grigsby24Oberlin, Ohio211th
DeMato, JuliaJulia DeMato24Brookfield, Connecticut210th
Clark, CoreyCorey Clark22Nashville, Tennessee29th
Smith, RickeyRickey Smith23Keene, Texas28th
Caldwell, KimberlyKimberly Caldwell21Katy, Texas27th
Rasmusen, CarmenCarmen Rasmusen18Bountiful, Utah26th
Trenyce23Memphis, Tennessee25th
Gracin, JoshJosh Gracin22Oceanside, California24th
Locke, KimberleyKimberley Locke25Nashville, Tennessee23rd
Aiken, ClayClay Aiken24Raleigh, North Carolina2Runner-up
Studdard, RubenRuben Studdard25Birmingham, Alabama2Winner
LaBelle, LeahLeah LaBelle17Seattle, Washington312th
Rogers, MatthewMatthew Rogers25Rancho Cucamonga, California311th
Adams, AmyAmy Adams24Bakersfield, California310th
Velasco, CamileCamile Velasco18Haiku, Hawaii39th
Lewis, Jon PeterJon Peter Lewis24Rexburg, Idaho38th
Hudson, JenniferJennifer Hudson22Chicago, Illinois37th
Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens16East Amherst, New York36th
Huff, GeorgeGeorge Huff22New Orleans, Louisiana35th
London, LaToyaLaToya London25Oakland, California34th
Trias, JasmineJasmine Trias17Mililani, Hawaii33rd
DeGarmo, DianaDiana DeGarmo16Snellville, Georgia3Runner-up
Barrino, FantasiaFantasia Barrino19High Point, North Carolina3Winner
Cardinale, LindseyLindsey Cardinale20Ponchatoula, Louisiana412th
Gordon, MikalahMikalah Gordon17Las Vegas, Nevada411th
Sierra, JessicaJessica Sierra19Tampa Bay, Florida410th
Smith, NikkoNikko Smith22Town & Country, Missouri49th
Turner, NadiaNadia Turner28Miami, Florida48th
Robinson, AnwarAnwar Robinson25East Orange, New Jersey47th
Maroulis, ConstantineConstantine Maroulis29New York, New York46th
Savol, ScottScott Savol28Shaker Heights, Ohio45th
Fedorov, AnthonyAnthony Fedorov19Trevose, Pennsylvania44th
Solomon, VonzellVonzell Solomon21Fort Myers, Florida43rd
Bice, BoBo Bice29Helena, Alabama4Runner-up
Underwood, CarrieCarrie Underwood21Checotah, Oklahoma4Winner
McGhee, MelissaMelissa McGhee21Tampa, Florida512th
Covais, KevinKevin Covais16Levittown, New York511th
Tucker, LisaLisa Tucker16Anaheim, California510th
Mandisa29Antioch, Tennessee59th
Covington, BuckyBucky Covington28Rockingham, North Carolina58th
Young, AceAce Young25Denver, Colorado57th
Pickler, KellieKellie Pickler19Albemarle, North Carolina56th
Bennett, ParisParis Bennett17Fayetteville, Georgia55th
Daughtry, ChrisChris Daughtry26McLeansville, North Carolina54th
Yamin, ElliottElliott Yamin27Richmond, Virginia53rd
McPhee, KatharineKatharine McPhee21Los Angeles, California5Runner-up
Hicks, TaylorTaylor Hicks29Birmingham, Alabama5Winner
Rogers, BrandonBrandon Rogers28North Hollywood, California612th
Edwards, StephanieStephanie Edwards19Savannah, Georgia611th
Sligh, ChrisChris Sligh28Greenville, South Carolina610th
Glocksen, GinaGina Glocksen22Naperville, Illinois69th
Scarnato, HaleyHaley Scarnato24San Antonio, Texas68th
Malakar, SanjayaSanjaya Malakar17Federal Way, Washington67th
Stacey, PhilPhil Stacey29Jacksonville, Florida65th-6th
Richardson, ChrisChris Richardson22Chesapeake, Virginia65th-6th
Jones, LaKishaLaKisha Jones27Fort Meade, Maryland64th
Doolittle, MelindaMelinda Doolittle29Brentwood, Tennessee63rd
Lewis, BlakeBlake Lewis25Bothell, Washington6Runner-up
Sparks, JordinJordin Sparks17Glendale, Arizona6Winner
Hernandez, DavidDavid Hernandez24Glendale, Arizona712th
Overmyer, AmandaAmanda Overmyer23Mulberry, Indiana711th
Chikezie22Inglewood, California710th
Malubay, RamieleRamiele Malubay20Miramar, Florida79th
Johns, MichaelMichael Johns29Buckhead, Georgia78th
Cook, Kristy LeeKristy Lee Cook24Selma, Oregon77th
Smithson, CarlyCarly Smithson24San Diego, California76th
White, BrookeBrooke White24Mesa, Arizona75th
Castro, JasonJason Castro20Rockwall, Texas74th
Mercado, SyeshaSyesha Mercado21Sarasota, Florida73rd
Archuleta, DavidDavid Archuleta17Murray, Utah7Runner-up
Cook, DavidDavid Cook25Blue Springs, Missouri7Winner
Murray, JasmineJasmine Murray16Starkville, Mississippi812th-13th
Núñez, JorgeJorge Núñez21Carolina, Puerto Rico812th-13th
Grace, AlexisAlexis Grace21Memphis, Tennessee811th
Sarver, MichaelMichael Sarver27Jasper, Texas810th
Joy, MeganMegan Joy22Sandy, Utah89th
MacIntyre, ScottScott MacIntyre23Scottsdale, Arizona88th
Rounds, LilLil Rounds23Memphis, Tennessee86th-7th
Desai, AnoopAnoop Desai21Chapel Hill, North Carolina86th-7th
Giraud, MattMatt Giraud23Kalamazoo, Michigan85th
Iraheta, AllisonAllison Iraheta16Los Angeles, California84th
Gokey, DannyDanny Gokey28Milwaukee, Wisconsin83rd
Lambert, AdamAdam Lambert27San Diego, California8Runner-up
Allen, KrisKris Allen23Conway, Arkansas8Winner
Brown, LaceyLacey Brown24Amarillo, Texas912th
Miles, PaigePaige Miles24Naples, Florida911th
Benami, DidiDidi Benami23Hollywood, California910th
Garcia, AndrewAndrew Garcia24Moreno Valley, California98th-9th
Stevens, KatieKatie Stevens17Middlebury, Connecticut98th-9th
Urban, TimTim Urban20Duncanville, Texas97th
Magnus, SiobhanSiobhan Magnus19Cape Cod, Massachusetts96th
Kelly, AaronAaron Kelly16Sonestown, Pennsylvania95th
Lynche, MichaelMichael Lynche26St. Petersburg, Florida94th
James, CaseyCasey James27Fort Worth, Texas93rd
Bowersox, CrystalCrystal Bowersox23Elliston, Ohio9Runner-up
DeWyze, LeeLee DeWyze23Mount Prospect, Illinois9Winner
Jones, AshthonAshthon Jones24Goodlettsville, Tennessee1013th
Rodriguez, KarenKaren Rodriguez21New York, New York1012th
Megia, ThiaThia Megia16Mountain House, Alameda County, California1010th-11th
Adedapo, NaimaNaima Adedapo26Milwaukee, Wisconsin1010th-11th
Toscano, PiaPia Toscano22Howard Beach, New York109th
McDonald, PaulPaul McDonald26Nashville, Tennessee108th
Langone, StefanoStefano Langone21Kent, Washington107th
Abrams, CaseyCasey Abrams20Idyllwild, California106th
Lusk, JacobJacob Lusk23Compton, California105th
Durbin, JamesJames Durbin22Santa Cruz, California104th
Reinhart, HaleyHaley Reinhart20Wheeling, Illinois103rd
Alaina, LaurenLauren Alaina16Rossville, Georgia10Runner-up
McCreery, ScottyScotty McCreery17Garner, North Carolina10Winner
Rosado, JeremyJeremy Rosado19Valrico, Florida1113th
Jones, JermaineJermaine Jones25Pine Hill, New Jersey1112th
Magrane, ShannonShannon Magrane16Tampa, Florida1111th
Van Pelt, ErikaErika Van Pelt26South Kingstown, Rhode Island1110th
Han, HeejunHeejun Han22Flushing, New York119th
Brackensick, DeAndreDeAndre Brackensick17San Jose, California118th
Dixon, ColtonColton Dixon20Murfreesboro, Tennessee117th
Testone, EliseElise Testone28Mount Pleasant, South Carolina116th
Laine, SkylarSkylar Laine18Brandon, Mississippi115th
Cavanagh, HollieHollie Cavanagh18McKinney, Texas114th
Ledet, JoshuaJoshua Ledet19Westlake, Louisiana113rd
Sanchez, JessicaJessica Sanchez16San Diego, California11Runner-up
Phillips, PhillipPhillip Phillips21Leesburg, Georgia11Winner
Finch, Jr., CurtisCurtis Finch, Jr.24St. Louis, Missouri1210th
Jolley, PaulPaul Jolley23Palmersville, Tennessee129th
Velez, DevinDevin Velez18Chicago, Illinois128th
Taylor, BurnellBurnell Taylor19New Orleans, Louisiana127th
Arbos, LazaroLazaro Arbos22Naples, Florida126th
Arthur, JanelleJanelle Arthur23Oliver Springs, Tennessee125th
Holcomb, AmberAmber Holcomb19Houston, Texas124th
Miller, AngieAngie Miller19Beverly, Massachusetts123rd
Harrison, KreeKree Harrison22Woodville, Texas12Runner-up
Glover, CandiceCandice Glover23St. Helena Island, South Carolina12Winner
O'Connor, KristenKristen O'Connor24Sebastian, Florida1313th
Piriz, EmilyEmily Piriz18Orlando, Florida1312th
Briley, BenBen Briley24Gallatin, Tennessee1311th
Nobilette, MKMK Nobilette20San Francisco, California1310th
Rose, MajestyMajesty Rose21Goldsboro, North Carolina139th
Watson, MalayaMalaya Watson16Southfield, Michigan138th
Roberts, DexterDexter Roberts22Fayette, Alabama137th
Harris, CJCJ Harris23Jasper, Alabama136th
Woolf, SamSam Woolf17Bradenton, Florida135th
Meuse, JessicaJessica Meuse23Slapout, Alabama134th
Preston, AlexAlex Preston20Mont Vernon, New Hampshire133rd
Irene, JenaJena Irene17Farmington Hills, Michigan13Runner-up
Johnson, CalebCaleb Johnson23Asheville, North Carolina13Winner



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